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the belief system of “before the beginning”

Paul’s note: the following are the ten primary belief systems according to Elias. He adds that there are many, many, many aspects to each belief system. However, these are not discrete, separated parts, but primary aspects that all work together seamlessly in the conscious mind of every individual. For example, aspects of the belief system of duplicity are present, in varying degrees, in each of the other nine.

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Here’s the excerpt from the session in which Elias delivered this important information (I have underlined each belief system for clarity, as Elias did not originally instruct for this to be done):

JAMES: “Would you tell me what the belief systems are?” (12-second pause)

ELIAS: “You are inquiring of the belief systems in conjunction with this blocking of action?”

JAMES: “No. I was inquiring in general; the belief systems in total that we hold; the bird cages.”

ELIAS: “Ah! You are inquiring of a listing of all of your belief systems!” (Grinning)

JAMES: “Yes, correct.”

ELIAS: “I shall express to you that you hold fewer belief systems than you think, although within these belief systems, you hold many more aspects than you think.

“In this, (pause) you hold belief systems of relationship. You hold belief system of duplicity. You hold belief system of sexuality. You hold belief system of truth.

“... This being also those in conjunction with emotion, and perception. You also hold the belief system of certain senses. You hold religious belief system, which we shall identify as spirituality, and you hold scientific belief system, which shall be the designation of physical reality and the elements of it.

“These are the basic belief systems that you hold within this particular reality.

“You hold one other belief system also, which may be viewed to be more encompassing, and this would be the belief system of your physical creation of your universe, which is slightly different from your scientific belief system or your religious belief system. In this, that particular belief system involves the aspects of coincidences and accidents.

“As I have stated, these are the basic creations of your belief systems within this dimension, but each of these expressed holds a tremendous amount of aspects within them. Therefore, although the designation of the belief systems – the cages themselves – may be few, the aspects or the birds within them are very many, and many of these birds may appear in manners that you do not even associate with these particular belief systems.” [session 364, February 24, 1999]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “‘Before the beginning,’ I have expressed that some essences of these essence families chose to remain partially manifest; not entirely physically manifest. Some chose to be physically manifest and continue. Some of those choosing to partially manifest have allowed elements of their consciousness to form your planet. Therefore, the elements of your planet, your oceans, your mountains, your trees, your vegetation, your deserts, are all aspects of consciousness, within cooperation of yourself, of these essences; deposits, so to speak, which form physical matter. Therefore, you are connected, in your terms, to all of these elements, for you have created them, within cooperation.” [session 143, December 29, 1996]

ELIAS: “‘Before the beginning,’ pools of consciousness arranged within cooperation and intent in choosing to be creating yet another physical focus within another dimension – that being this dimension. In this, nine pools of consciousness, that you designate now as the nine essence families, formed together in conjunction with this physical reality, to be directing of it and creating it. A physical, linear, sequential time framework was chosen to be inserted into this reality. The essences within these nine pools of consciousness chose, for what you may view to be a time period, to be functioning outside of the physical time framework, but inserting objects that you view as physical matter into the time framework. In this, it was organized and chosen that there be designations of intent within these nine pools, to be carrying out specialized actions sequentially and psychically.” [session 208, August 17, 1997]

ELIAS: “Essence has always been, for consciousness has always been, for there is no element other than the continual now. Therefore, I express to you ‘before the beginning’ only for your own understanding within your terminology and your language. There is no ‘before the beginning’.” [session 208, August 17, 1997]

ELIAS: “Let me present an overview of your physical reality within this dimension. At its inception, nine essence families organized, so to speak, to be creating of this particular dimensional reality. These essence families are comprised of many essences of like intent within each family. These essences initially were known as Dream Walkers; partially physically focused, but not entirely. Now, also in relation to these Dream Walkers, they are interactive with you continually, and presently also. They have not chosen to be entirely physically manifest throughout the entirety of the existence of this particular dimension. Therefore, they may be interactive with you and even appear to you, in relation to the essence family that you are belonging to.” [session 270, March 19, 1998]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Each physical reality holds their own equivalent of essence families. Some realities may have fewer essence families; some may have the same number of essence families. These families, as we have discussed previously, are related directly to the individual physical realities. Just as you together in a group would cooperate and volunteer to exercise your individual talents and your individual contributions if you were to be planning and creating a town or a city, these essence families also cooperate in creating this reality. This is voluntary action. Groups of essences choose individual physical realities to align with and be creating of.

We have spoken little of your essence families to this point. We will offer an introduction to the action of the essence families this evening. You already possess a base with the Sumafi. Each of the essence families that are within your game (1) are directly involved with this particular physical reality and dimension.

We shall use wording within time frames, as this is also incorporated within your reality and your understanding. Therefore, I shall express that within the time ‘before your beginning,’ the essence families were, as were you.

I shall state to you this evening another boat-rocking concept, in that there was no original God. There is no God, per se. There is what we have discussed previously as The Creating Universal One And Whole, which is named many different names by different essences and by different focuses. This term, as I have stated previously, is an action. This is not a being. In this, I wish you to understand that this action is all of consciousness. It is everything.

You have been familiarized with the term All-That-Is. (2) This also is correct in terminology, as to consciousness. There is no singularity of consciousness that may be separated out to be designated as God. Therefore, God did not create your planet, or you. You created you, and you also created your planet and your universe. If you wish to place the terminology of God upon any separate entity, you may apply this term to yourselves, for you are!

Returning to our essence families: Before what you recognize as your beginning, you were within consciousness, and aligned with the different essence families. The action of creating of this physical reality came from these nine essence families, within cooperation. Their intents during this experimental time period were different than you perceive them to be presently, for their reality was different than your reality is presently. Presently, you are physically focused. You are focused. Underline ‘focused!’ You are highly specialized, and you are singularly directed.

Within the original, so to speak, action of these essence families, they were not so specialized. They were not so singularly focused. These, as we have stated previously, would be likened to Dream Walkers. You may identify with this terminology, for you understand the action of dreaming. The action of dreaming, or similar to this action, would have been the entirety of the reality of all of these families.

In this reality, there was less separation. Therefore, there was more knowing of the action of counterparts of self, of consciousness. In this, the concept of you creating your reality was reality. It was not a concept. In this, the actions that you view presently as the intent of these essence families was unnecessary.

Let us view some of your essence families.

Milumet; presently, this essence family is designated as spiritualists. You have been offered a description of the basis of your present interpretation of this family. I have offered you also the word signifying Milumet, which is Watchers. This may seem inconsistent. What shall they be watching? Presently, Milumet watches within a different action. They watch your world, your species, and they hold to your present understanding of spirituality.

This is not to express a religion, for within the consciousness of the mass presently, you all hold a very similar definition of spirituality regardless of your civilization. You may be civilized, as you think of yourselves, within developed countries, or you may be tribal peoples within small areas in jungles; but within this present now, the consciousness conceives of spirituality in a certain direction.

‘Before the beginning,’ spirituality in this respect was unnecessary, for essence was known. Therefore, as experimentation was produced within objectifying physical focus, the Watchers, the Milumet, were those that were reminding of essence. They were watchful of all of the families, of all of the experiments within physical focus, and offering of knowledge and information to be connecting with essence; a continuation of communication between focus and essence; a continuation of understanding of consciousness.

Presently, those belonging to this essence family hold a similar action, but modified; for the interpretation has changed from essence to a supreme being. All cultures throughout your globe hold the belief system of an ‘other’; a supreme being; a God. This is an interpretation, which has been modified throughout the centuries, of what became [of] the concept of essence; for as you moved into physical focus, focused, as you chose the type of experiment within physical focus that you desired to continue, you moved away from memory. In moving away from your memory, you chose to be forgetful of essence, but within you, you continue to hold knowings; small urgings. These are what create your questions, for there are elements within you that you know, but you cannot remember.

Therefore, you ask questions; and when you ask questions, you offer yourselves answers; and within these answers, within your time periods, you take truths, such as essence, that you have forgotten, and translate them into Gods; just as you translate your dream activity into physical objectivity.

This family of Milumet is counterpart to Zuli. Many of you who have played our game are familiar with the counterpart action of these families. You have been aware of the connections for a time period, this being for you your most obvious connecting families.

Zuli focused upon physical manifestation. Within your present time period, this is translated into the perfection of physical body; athletes, dancers, individuals that in your terms are prideful of physical form, that view the aesthetic beauty of the physical body. Within the Zuli family ‘before the beginning,’ the intent was the creation of physical form. Many experiments were accomplished, within ages of your planet, in creating physical forms; the Imagers. They have created many images. Not all look as you do. Many looked quite different throughout your ages.

I have expressed briefly previously that you have experimented with many different types of forms. You have created your creatures also; but as nature, as you term it, and yourselves are one and are not separate, it was not inconsistent to combine different elements and imagination in imaging and creating of forms quite unlike your own. Many of these forms which were created were highly efficient within their time period, but as the Imagers continued with experimentation of form, and within cooperation and agreement with the other essence families, you have agreed upon this form, choosing this as what you view presently to be the most efficient.

Within the action of counterpart, the Milumet provides the subjective and the Zuli provides the objective. These two essence families you may view to be comparable, within your present time period, to those of you in the counterpart action of opposites. ‘Before the beginning,’ these were not opposite and were not repelling to each other. Within your present time period, those counterparts that are opposite to you, as we have stated previously, you will repel. They add to your experience within physical focus, but you choose to not be engaged with them. They provide what you think of as the extreme, in focus, to yourself; just as within your thinking presently, the spiritual and the physical appear to be the extremes; the opposites.

The counterpart action within the other essence families are different. They are not opposites. Within the Ilda and Sumari, they are quite close, in your terms. They offer each other complementary actions. These counterparts would be likened to those of you that are aware of counterparts; those of you that know and interact with other counterparts. You are compatible. You offer additional information to each other. You offer helpfulness to each other. You may be interacting with little conflict. These essence families are very close within their action. They also bear words that are symbolic of this; Speakers and Tellers. Both families are communicative, but within different actions. ‘Before the beginning,’ these two families were those that created social interaction. Within physical focus, [within] physical manifestations and these experimentations of physical manifestations, within your consciousness, as you forgot essence, you also forgot intersection with each other. Therefore, the action of these two families is to be creating communication and social activity.

Within your present now, the Ilda family serves to be continuing in communication. The Sumari serves to be communicating, but within what you may term to be ‘agitating’ of your societies. This word of agitation, I do not use in what you may view to be a negative terminology. It is used to be meaning a ‘pushing and mixing’ of individuals and ideas. Presently, within your now, the Sumari are not quite as social as originally, but their interaction within society continues. They are very focused within social action, although they may not be social individuals. As contrary with Ilda, within the counterpart action, presently these individuals care little of social action, but are quite communicative; therefore are complementary with the Sumari. One may choose involvement with government, and another may choose to speak about government. One may choose to be carrying a cause. The other will be choosing to be communicating the cause, to be furthering it.

Within the time of ‘before the beginning,’ (grinning) there were no causes, so to speak, but there were establishments of societies; interactions and establishments of what you may view to be government. Government does not necessarily hold the meaning of what you view within your present day. Very primitive individuals also held what you may term as government within their societies, although you may not recognize their government! There was social order.

Please understand that we are not speaking of cave men! ‘Before the beginning’ was not what your archeologists have uncovered within artifacts of ape-like humans, in their terms. ‘Before the beginning,’ these essence families were not completely manifest. Therefore, you may think of them as light bodies or astral bodies or translucent bodies, fading in and out. You blink in and out, as we have stated, but you are unaware, within your objective consciousness, of this action. They were aware. This was physically visible.

... Continuing; before we engage your questions for this evening, I shall be adding to this initial information in regards to these essence families. Let us examine Zuli as an example. Within your present now, you identify these essence families and those aligned with them as individuals. You identify groups of individuals specifically oriented to individual essence families. ‘Before the beginning,’ there were no such designations. There were no lines, so to speak.

We have spoken of the experimentation of manifestations within physical focus, and different forms that were experimented with. In this, I shall express to you, Zuli is the family that is concerned with physical form. Therefore, each family, within their own choice of experimentation, also joined in cooperation with Zuli for manifestation of form.

The actions ‘before the beginning’ you may liken to many artists cooperating, each adding their individual talents to create the whole. Therefore, instead of the designation of physical attributes or abilities or focusing upon physical body, as individuals within the Zuli family presently, ‘before the beginning’ the Zuli family was interested in the creation of physical form; not just this physical form that you recognize presently, but all of the physical forms that were experimented with. In like manner, we may look to the Milumet family, and you may see that they provide the connection of essence regardless of the manifestation.

Therefore, I explain to you that what you recognize presently as divisions were not thus ‘before the beginning.’ As you individually identify with each of the essence families within certain elements of your being, each of the essence families served artistically to be creating of the physical manifestations, in agreement, that you now hold. Is this clear? (Pause)

CELIA: Will you please repeat just the last part that you just said?

ELIAS: Identify what you are unclear with.

CELIA: That we are the manifestation of what was previously known as, and is known now as, those essence families.

ELIAS: The form that you recognize now, your physical body, has been agreed upon and created in cooperation of all of the essence families. Therefore, as you look to your game and attempt to align yourselves with an individual essence family, you also recognize certain elements of all of the essence families within you. You align with one within an individual focus, but you hold elements of all of the essence families, for there are no divisions. You look to the essence families within a different interpretation presently than was ‘before the beginning.’

VICKI: So are you saying that ‘before the beginning,’ the intents were shared, so to speak?

ELIAS: Not in the manner that you may understand. The intents are individual to the families, but the action of the intents are shared amongst all of the families; not intertwining, but intersecting.

Think of a sculpture. You may create the sculpture alone. You, I shall say, are Sumafi. You may create a Sumafi sculpture. It shall hold only Sumafi elements. ‘Before the beginning,’ you create an element of the sculpture. Another essence family adds another element. Another essence family adds another element, and so on, until within cooperation and agreement, the creation is accomplished. In this, there is all of the elements within the one manifestation of all of the families equally. Within your present now, you identify elements of all of the essence families within you not equally. You align with one; this being part of the action of separation.

I am offering this evening the beginnings of information of ‘before the beginning’ of your essence families originally, in your terms. The importance of this information is that it is relevant to your shift, for as you move within consciousness, you move into more of an alignment with the families in the action of ‘before the beginning’; this being what I have expressed to you many times in saying the Seers are past, but they are future and they are present, as are also all of the essence families.

I have expressed to you within terms of time elements this evening, and will continue to do so throughout our discussion of the essence families and their counterpart action, for your understanding. Do not lose sight that these are physical terms; for all of these actions, including also ‘before the beginning,’ is now. It was not. It occurs presently.” [session 138, December 08, 1996]

ELIAS: “‘Before the beginning,’ I express that these Dream Walkers were focused within many locations of your planet. Therefore, the exchange of communication, as directed by the Ilda family, was necessary for information between different groups of individuals partially focused upon your planet. As I have stated previously, these essences were not entirely physically focused. They were translucent, and much of their occupation of this planet was likened to a dream state.

The Sumari offers the artistic element; the creative element. They continue with this intent within your present time period also, although the interpretation is altered within your present time period. Now, you look to Sumari artistically in definite, singular forms that you term art; artistic expressions such as painting, or writing, or dance, or theater, sculpture also; any type of artistic expression.

I expressed to you at our last meeting that both of these families were social communicators. Within the time of ‘before the beginning,’ these two families were social interactors, but within different angles, so to speak; one being expressive artistically, one being communicative verbally and telepathically; the Ilda family being the family originating language, this being your first physical forms of communication between different peoples, and the Sumari being the expressive. Therefore, within counterpart action you may also view these as the emotional and the intellectual; those creating of communication within languages, those creating communication within artistic expression or feeling.

Within your present time period, you may view slight alterations of these families. The Sumari are not quite as interactive socially, as has been stated, as once they were; although they are, as we have said, instigators. They are mixers, as are also the Ilda family mixers. They exchange. Within your present now, the Ilda family serves mainly as communicators. Many explorers within your history have been of the Ilda family, exchanging ideas and cultures with other cultures.

As we move into another expression of counterpart action, we shall view the Gramada family and the Sumafi.

Presently, within this time period, you may view individuals of the Gramada family as initiators; behind the scene individuals; those individuals that may be inventing of elements, discovering ideas, initiating actions in many different areas, but are generally little-known. These individuals do not enjoy the spotlight, so to speak. They prefer to be quiet individuals; instigating movement, but not marching in the forefront of the parade.

Presently, the Sumafi will appear to you, in most instances, as intellectual types; those individuals that are preoccupied with learning and teaching. They are perfectionists. Most Sumafi within your present time period are very rigid individuals within whichever focus of direction they choose, for they strive for excellence. This is a response to an inner knowing of an expression of the least amount of distortion within physical focus. Most of your Sumafi within present time period are not aware of this underlying, driving force, but will be displaying these characteristics.

‘Before the beginning’, the Gramada were also initiators, but once again, in a different angle. They were not initiators of inventions or technology, but were initiators of your societies. They were initiators of your creation of becoming physically focused from dream focus. They were the leaders in the manifestations physically.

You will notice within these explanations that none of these families would be operating singularly, for without the cooperation of all of the other families there would be incomplete manifestations, in your terms. Therefore, each family contributed vital elements.

‘Before the beginning’, the Sumafi were not teachers, so to speak, in the respect that you view them presently; therefore, the word Seers. They were seers of probabilities. They were knowers of reality creations. They were holders of information, as to physical manifestation.

Within the small example offered in our written text of Seven (3), you are given a small example of Speakers and the action symbolically that you may connect with, within an element of ‘before the beginning.’ In recalling this information within the example of the Speakers, you may also view the elements of the tiles and the symbols. These would be a creation of the Seers. The Speakers, as indicated by their designating word, were communicators also, as has been stated. The action of these families was quite similar to this action if you are viewing within mundane daily life, as you view it, as has been offered within this text of this book.

The Seers, within a knowing and dream communication of all peoples, were those that were instructional in probabilities and creating of reality. Therefore, you may view a resemblance to a teaching form for they were offering of information to be efficiently accomplishing certain probabilities, but the action of teaching ‘before the beginning’ was different from the interpretation within your present now.

This is valuable to most of these individuals within this forum, as you also are Seers; and within the action of the shift, you are moving into an area of consciousness of recreating the action which was accomplished ‘before the beginning.’ Just as you have entered into your game of returning to natural state, this is applicable to all of the families within your shift. This is not to say that your state presently is unnatural! It is only to state that you are choosing, within consciousness, to be regaining the remembrance of ‘before the beginning’ within consciousness.

As I have stated, your individual planet of this Earth, as you term it, has been created and uncreated and recreated many times. It blinks in and out, as you blink in and out, although your observation of its blinking in may be for many, many, many thousands and thousands of years; but within other areas of consciousness which hold no time element, this holds little meaning. The time element is relevant to you only, for this is your creation specifically.

Moving to Vold and Tumold: Within your present now, your individuals of the Vold family are viewed as revolutionaries; reformers. These individuals are those within the forefront of uprisings of political change. They are always involved quite directly within actions of upheaval and wars. They are cause-fighters. Within your present now, the action of the Tumold family are healers. They are quite focused upon the action of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. ‘Before the beginning,’ both of these interpretations of intent were unnecessary.

‘Before the beginning,’ the Tumold family, as Readers, did not hold the action of altering any other individual, within cooperation, in the area of healing; for the understanding was quite obvious within the individuals that whatever your creation, you have created for your experience and for your own reasons and your own responses to yourself. Their action was to be reminding elements of consciousness to reestablish harmony. Within this, if an individual chose to be manifesting of dis-ease, there was a recognition of the action and the reasoning for this, understanding that this action was created in response to subjective activity. There was no lack of communication within the individual of the action being created. Therefore, the action of the individuals of the Tumold family were to be supportive and helpful in furthering the action that the individual had chosen.

In some instances, as individuals became more physically focused, if choosing within physical activity to be injuring of their physical form, the action of the Tumold family was to be reestablishing communication between the body consciousness and the consciousness of the individual, not to be ‘fixing’; but just as you, within excitement presently, may lose sight of certain subject matter and may not be listening to or hearing what is occurring about you, in this same manner, within an action of injury physically, the physical body consciousness experiences trauma and what you term to be shock. In actuality, it is a disorientation temporarily. Therefore, the consciousness of the physical form was connected with and instructed gently to be reestablished, essentially calming of the physical form consciousness and reminding that consciousness of its natural, uninterrupted state, allowing its knowing to reestablish itself in alignment with your consciousness.

... Therefore, the action of healing ‘before the beginning’ was unnecessary. Within your present now, the action of healing is unnecessary; but as you have developed belief systems, you view dis-ease and injury as negative and you desire to ‘fix’ these conditions.

Within the present now, the Tumold, in many situations, have confused the action. They have translated, now, this action of communication into an action of altering physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual form.

Individuals belonging to the Tumold family presently, in alignment with your mass belief systems, will hold a natural healing ability. These will be your individuals that you shall view as miraculous. Individuals aligned with Tumold will be those individuals that recognize talents in manipulation of energy within the area of healing, and shall develop this ability.

The individuals belonging to the Tumold family, within your present now, hold a clearer understanding partially, within their objective consciousness, of the action of healing; and you will recognize within these individuals that they all will be stating, they do not heal you. Within those individuals aligned with the Tumold family, the distortion furthers; for these individuals may confuse the actual actions, and may believe that their action and manipulation of energy is actually physically altering of certain conditions, which it is not. You, individually, only, heal yourselves. Another individual, as we have stated, may be helpful in allowing a remembrance or lending of energy or communication within different areas of consciousness to be affecting of certain manifestations, but you perform the actual alteration yourself.

The Vold family presently are quite intuitive, hold telepathic abilities, and are activists. They are changers. They change continuously. Within those not aligned with political or religious causes, a mundane individual will display traits themselves, within their individual lifestyle, of continuous change; much movement. These individuals are highly prone to emotional expressions. These individuals within this present now also display a common action of disregarding impulses and distrustfulness of impulses, for they are so changeable they incorporate a duality and also a duplicity within themselves more extremely than other individuals of other families. They are highly sensitive. Those individuals that are aligned with political or religious causes are within the forefront of the marchers. They shall be those individuals that speak the loudest, that fight the hardest, for the causes. They are quite impassioned individuals. ‘before the beginning’, there were no causes. Therefore, this action was unnecessary.

The contribution of the Vold family is the Hearers, the listeners. Their telepathic ability, within emotion, was quite creative and instructional. It also served quite efficiently within what you would view now to be speed; for as the Gramada family was initiating of language and this type of communication, the Vold family were those that were quite adept at projection through space, through your time element, and through consciousness, connecting with other individuals in communication. These also would be the beginnings of the continuation of your dream artists, for these individuals held a continuation of subjective activity which has been translated within Regional Area 2 as feeling. This allows these individuals a continuation of great intuitiveness. They hold a deeper subjective understanding of subjective motion. This is not to say that these individuals presently, within your now, objectively understand all of this activity, although they shall display unusual characteristics that they may not hold an explanation for. (Pause) We shall break, and we shall continue momentarily.

... ‘Before the beginning’, there was no occurrence of physical reproduction, as you know of this presently. Therefore, each manifestation was a new creation within consciousness, and a new cooperation of all of these essence families. These were all manipulations and experimentations in consciousness. They were not automatic reproductions, as you view within your present now. Therefore, there was a constant exchange and interaction objectively known within all of the families. There is a constant subjective knowing presently within you of the interaction of all of the families, but you are not always objectively aware of all of the interaction. Or, of any of the interaction! (Laughter)

Within the time period of ‘before the beginning’ and the Dream Walkers, the slight objective consciousness and knowing which was held was aware of all subjective activity and understanding of all subjective activity. For the most part, all of the manifestations, within this time period of which we speak, were more subjectively oriented than objectively; this being why the terminology of Dream Walkers.

Also, your time element was not fully developed. Therefore, time was perceived much differently, and appeared much more elastic. In this, time could be projected and reversed at will; just as within your dream state presently, you may experience this same action. You may notice the elasticity of time elements within your dream state. You hold the ability to manipulate time elements within your dream state, for this is subjective activity.

These beings, so to speak, partially manifest ‘before the beginning’ of each of these essence families, were more subjectively based than objectively. You have created, through your time element, a movement into almost, not quite, complete objectivity. In this state, you have reached what you term as your “ending point". You have experienced fully objectively. You have created your focus within this dimension to be manifest in almost complete objectivity, allowing for this type of experience within its purity. Therefore, having experienced this action, you choose now to move into incorporating a balance of subjective and objective activity and knowing; holding the experience of objective focus and creativity, understanding the mechanics and manipulation of objective consciousness, and creating an allowance within your shift now to incorporate also your subjective knowing and creativity; allowing yourselves the opportunity to move within your established created time element, but knowing its relativity and allowing yourselves the creativity to manipulate through your time element. This allows you an expanded freedom, in your terms.

We shall be discussing the action and the counterpart situation of the Borledim family at our next meeting. We shall be reserving this family to itself. This family, for Lawrence’s [Vicki’s] benefit, not the Rose family, (grinning) holds much significance within this present shift in consciousness; and just as specific manifestations were created to be instrumental within your religious-focus, there also have been established specific manifestations to be heralding in your shift, so to speak. Also, this family holds counterpart action to all of the essence families within your dimensional focus. Therefore, there are intricacies with this particular family different than the other essence families. They are not quite so singularly focused within their intent, although the intent of this Borledim family is quite specific at the same time.” [session 140, December 15, 1996]

ELIAS: “Good evening! (Smiling) As we continue with our discussion of counterpart action, we move to the action of the Borledim family.

Within the action of a Source Event, all of the families participate creatively. All of the families interpret into mass events their own renditions of elements of a Source Event. Each Source Event also is orchestrated by a particular family and its counterpart. There have been mass movements or Source Events previously within your history which have been orchestrated by other essence families. Within your shift, the Borledim family is very instrumental.

Now; this family is the counterpart family involved within this Source Event. As I have mentioned, one family will be mainly orchestrating a Source Event, and it shall work within cooperation of its counterpart. Therefore, another family initiates this mass event, which is a very large interpretation of a Source Event. And shall you offer an impression of the family that orchestrates this shift?

VICKI: ... It would have to be the Vold family.

ELIAS: Yes. These individuals belonging to this essence family are those responsible for initiating this shift. As I have expressed, all of the essence families play a part in the action of the mass events and the Source Events. Therefore, all of the families are involved within the action of this shift.

As to the Borledim family: ‘before the beginning,’ the intent of this family was to provide an Earth stock. These individual essences were to be reproducing. Within your game, look to your Source Event which has been attributed to this family; for within Source Events, although your interpretation does not encompass the actual Source Events, this family was one orchestrating one of the other Source Events connected with your dimension and your planet. In this, the creation of all reproduction is including your planet, which has been reproduced also. All of your species of animals, and of plant life also, has been a contribution of this family. (The Source Event connected in our game is ‘The creation of all reproduction’)

‘Before the beginning,’ as has been stated, you did not reproduce as you do presently. Therefore, one family was designated to be introducing new essences into this dimensional framework. This would be the Borledim family, offering the action of fragmentation to be populating your planet. Within your present time period, members of this family serve continued in the area of providing Earth stock and reproduction, but you reproduce yourselves. Therefore, within the knowing of an individual belonging to this family, there shall be a very strong desire and urging for reproduction. This shall be the main concern.

Now; as with the initiation of your religious time period, one essence chose to be initiating a movement within consciousness. This was an agreement with all essences familiarized with this dimension. This one essence manifest within three physical manifestations. (4) Within your present time period, you approach a very large shift in consciousness. In this, the Borledim family has manifest one, in cooperation with the Sumafi, which has divided into nine manifestations. These are physically manifest presently upon your planet.

The objective, so to speak, of the Borledim family presently is to be producing new individuals more consciously aware, in your terms. Therefore, from the onset of their manifestation, they shall display unusual, to your way of thinking, traits. They shall display activity that you are not used to. Within the nine manifestations of the one essence, which has chosen through desire to manifest in this manner for this shift, each of these manifestations exhibit obvious inner senses working equal to outer senses.

These small individuals presently you may think of as paving your way. They, within consciousness, are being helpful to the accomplishment of your shift. As I have stated, each one shall exhibit unusual behavior; small things that you look to and notice as out of the ordinary. As these small ones grow and move more within consciousness into the action of this shift, they shall be very affecting. They shall also be very helpful within your shift.

For the same reason as within your initiation of your religious element, this essence also has manifest within more than one physical manifestation within one time period; for the action required, within energy and consciousness, to be moving of an entirety of your planet requires more physical manifestation than only physical expression. This shift you may view as larger, within a mass event, than your religious movement. It shall continue longer. It also is requiring of much concentrated energy. Therefore, not three but nine have been manifest.

This also is significant, for each of these nine are representative of each of the essence families. Therefore, each of these small ones shall belong to a different essence family. They are not manifest all as Sumafi or Borledim, aligned with different families. They have each chosen to be a representative of each of these essence families, in the effort to be concentrating energy in the direction of returning your intents of each family to that of your Dream Walkers.

NORM: ... “According to some of the books that were written by Jane Roberts and Seth, The Universal One And Whole, or he called it All-That-Is, was contained energy that attempted to figure out how to create other essences. It was a very frustrating time or action for him, The Universal One And Whole, and he finally figured it out, and out of that came all essences that had the similarity and some of the attributes that he has. I was thinking that the containment of the cabbage heads was like that in The Universal One And Whole, before the original creation of all the essences. Does that work?

ELIAS: Within early explanations, within this forum also, was offered very simplistic explanations of the action of essence creation, so to speak. This followed similarly, briefly, very briefly, to this explanation of which you speak. This explanation of which you speak was offered within an acceptance in consciousness that would allow only that information. It is similar in kind to your story of creation within your bible, of your Adam and Eve. It is an illustration for your understanding. This was held to, as I have stated, very briefly within this forum also, but has been moved through and expanded, that you do not view All-That-Is or The Creating Universal One And Whole as an entity. It is not. It is an action. There was in actuality no specific creation of essence, for essence always has been, just as consciousness always has been. There is no containment. To liken consciousness to the cabbage is to be placing a containment around an entity. There is no entity. It is all.

NORM: Action is everything too. Action is the universal dimension.

ELIAS: Motion. Change. Movement.

NORM: Creativity.

ELIAS: All of these words within your language signify action, which is all of consciousness. There is no separation. There was no ‘one before another.’” [session 141, December 22, 1996]

ELIAS: “We shall begin, once again, ‘before the beginning.’ I shall clarify once more that the essence of Rose, which is designated within your game, is of the family Sumafi and represents the Borledim family within your game. This essence of Rose was Seer ‘before the beginning.’ Many essences have fragmented from this essence of Rose. This essence expressed or expresses a unique desire and intent within the Sumafi. This essence is very initiating, quite in alignment with the family of Gramada, but is Sumafi. ‘Before the beginning,’ this essence of Rose was initiating of the Sumafi, which were Seer and which were not completely physically manifest. This essence of Rose has not been completely physically manifest until now.

We spoke of a parallel within mass events of the three essences which were initiating of your Christian movement, the three manifestations of one essence, and how these parallel with this essence of Rose in this mass event of your shift. The manifestation of this essence into physical focus is divided into nine expressions. In this, these nine expressions are nine different families. This is unusual. Normally speaking, in your terms, as you manifest and fragment you will most likely fragment a new essence which shall be of the same family as you, for it is part of your essence and therefore holds similar tone. This is not to say that this is the rule; but normally, fragmented essences shall be closely aligned with the fragmenting essence.

This one essence chooses to diversify itself into each of the essence families. In this, it also holds its focus of Sumafi underlying. Each of these manifestations do not belong to the Sumafi family, except one; but they hold all the quality of the Sumafi family, for this is the essence which is manifest. Each of these manifestations are not a fragment. They are all an expression of one essence. All of your expressions of essence are Sumafi. They may align with different families within different focuses, but your essence is Sumafi. Therefore, all of your focuses are Sumafi. Rose is Sumafi. All nine of these manifestations, which are focuses, are not Sumafi. This is what you may term as a unique event.

As you view your young ones within your present time period, you have already noticed that they move farther away from religious alignments. You already notice the subjectiveness of small ones. You may recognize the intuitiveness of your young people within this present now. These nine manifestations hold a great intuitive power. Each, as has been stated, will be representative of each family. In this, they shall display the qualities and characteristics of each of these families as they were, in your terms, ‘before the beginning.’ Their individual lives, to your way of thinking, shall be greatly affecting physically and also greatly within consciousness, for each of them is quite directed within their focus and their intent. Each of them holds an understanding of the intent of the individual family to which they belong. They shall be affecting of all that they encounter physically, in regard to the family that they represent. Even within very small children, as they are presently, they have already begun. Each of them has already made choices that are affecting of great numbers of individuals, although you may not see this.

I shall express of one, of Ryan; this seemingly to be an ordinary child, but already within this small life span, this small individual has already been so dramatically affecting of the individual parents that the parents have expanded outward and initiated contact and interaction with many other individuals in concern for this infant. This is the rippling affect that these small ones already display. Within one other of these children, within the location of Scotland, this child offers already, at very small age, medical helpfulness to another within the family, which the family extends outward to many other individuals, touching their lives also with concern to this small infant.

These children, from the moment of their births, within consciousness, are very affecting in a directing manner leading into your shift. You have inquired as to the fame of these children. These children will not be world-wide famous individuals, but these children, scattered throughout your globe, shall be intensely helpful and affecting of the movement of your shift; for within consciousness, they shall be helpful to your movement into returning to your natural state.

This is not to say that you are not within a natural state presently! You are in an altered natural state. (Grinning) What you view now as altered states are natural to essence. What you experience is an altered state! It is also part of your confusion; for as you move into more expressed communication with essence, you begin to experience the multidimensionality of essence, which you may feel as an altered state continuously throughout your day. In actuality, this is natural. It has been expressed to you many times that you are much more than you view. You are not one singular entity. There are myriads of aspects of yourself. You are only familiar with one. [session 150, January 26, 1997]

VICKI: “Actually, the term ‘simultaneous time’ is rather contradictory in itself.

ELIAS: This is quite true, but you deal with a time framework. Shall I express to you, simultaneous nothing? (Laughter) You would not understand. Therefore, I express to you terms that you do understand. You involve yourselves within a reality that is within a time framework. All of your reality is intimately involved with time. There is no aspect of your reality that is not affected by time. Therefore, we deal with time within our discussions and our explanations; although I play with your terminology, as ‘before the beginning.’” (Grinning) [#152, February 09, 1997]

ELIAS: “‘Before the beginning,’ pools of consciousness arranged within cooperation and intent in choosing to be creating yet another physical focus within another dimension – that being this dimension. In this, nine pools of consciousness, that you designate now as the nine essence families, formed together in conjunction with this physical reality, to be directing of it and creating it. A physical, linear, sequential time framework was chosen to be inserted into this reality. The essences within these nine pools of consciousness chose, for what you may view to be a time period, to be functioning outside of the physical time framework, but inserting objects that you view as physical matter into the time framework. In this, it was organized and chosen that there be designations of intent within these nine pools, to be carrying out specialized actions sequentially and psychically. Also it was chosen that these nine pools of consciousness, within their sequences, would also cycle in these sequences, therefore rotating within their functions.

Initially, the pool of consciousness designated within the intent of the Formers, which has been designated as the Gramada family, initiated; inserting into your physical reality the ideas which gathered energy and formed matter.

This shall not proceed along the lines of your religious belief systems or your scientific knowledge to this moment in your present time framework, for each holds belief systems of how your focus has been formed, and each are misinformed.

The Gramada family initiates the formation of the focus, the dimension, the direction of the time framework, and the instruction to the links of consciousness to be forming physical matter. In response to this action, the Hearers (Vold) respond, this being the second pool of consciousness that inserts into your physical reality, this being a response in creating elements not necessarily having to do with your physical matter; inserting into this dimensional reality the emotional-focus which is directing of your planetary conditions.

As you move into the creation of creatures, or what you view to be life-bearing elements, you move into the action of the Bearers, (Borledim) which insert the energy into your dimension which shall be creating of all of what you view to be life. This is not limited to you and your species, but to all elements of what you view as holding life – vegetation and creatures also. They are responsible for organizing the links of consciousness which shall form into this element of living things, within the construct of matter in conjunction with your Formers, and also in conjunction with the emotional aspect which is inserted.

Each family, each pool of consciousness is in complete harmony with the other pools of consciousness in forming the whole; but in designing a time framework which operates sequentially within the workings of moments, it has been chosen to also sequentially be creating of each element that is inserted into your physical reality.

In response to the Bearers that insert the energy to be creating of physical life, the Zuli family or pool of consciousness (Imagers) enters their intent to the design of the forms within experimentation throughout your known history from what you view to be your beginning of time. Therefore, this pool of consciousness is responsible for all experimentations of all forms and the design of all forms within each era of your physical history – all plant life, all creatures, and all of the designs that have been chosen within experimentation of your species – not as evolution, but in separate, individual designs of each species, and the removal of those and the insertion of different designs.

As each species continues and chooses to continue within this physical dimension, not choosing extinction, each species may alter its physical appearance within your time framework. In this, a new experiment is offered within physical form. It is not an evolution. It is a new creation. You have not evolved from your apes. You are unique within your species, and you have experimented with different forms throughout your history. So also have other creatures, each expression being new.

As you move on within the action of your Dream Walkers and their creations, you have inserted your life. Now you move to your initiators within thought and creativity, and subsequently into communication. This would be the action of the Sumari family; the pool of consciousness of the Speakers. This pool inserts the creativity and the action of this creativity. The Ilda follows in response within the action of communication; the intent of the Tellers.

You move now to your family of Milumet, which follows the communicators within the intent of the Watchers. They are the holders of the truth. They are your spiritualists. They insert into your physical reality that element of essence and the knowledge of essence and consciousness, that this may continue within your reality and not entirely be forgotten, even within your forgetfulness for the purity of your experience.

In response to this pool of consciousness is inserted the intent of the Sumafi; to be the Seers, to be overseeing the information within truth that it remains undistorted and that essence is not compromised within a physical dimension. Although you hold belief systems that essence may be compromised within physical focuses, it is not.

And lastly follows what you view on your game as your indigo, your Readers; the family of Tumold. These choose to move lastly, to be reminding you in instruction to be returning to natural states. The intent within the Tumold is not healing in the idea that you hold. It is to be directing of energy within your physical focus to be continuing to return elements to their natural state within physical focus.

There you have the sequence of the Dream Walkers within the actions of their intents, which they insert into this physical dimension in creating your reality. In this, these Dream Walkers experienced what you would term to be in physical focus much time period, millenniums, of being not completely physically focused. Within this, physical time elements continue, but the essences partially manifesting as the Dream Walkers did not experience time within the same manner that you experience time. The allowance for manipulation of time elements within their own individual consciousness was such to be altering time in many directions, and also allowing its freedom of movement more quickly or more slowly, dependent upon the action of their choosing.

The physical form of many, but not all, of these essences of the Dream Walkers would be quite different from what you recognize as yourselves within your species. There was not the solidity that you hold presently, for they have chosen not to be inserting themselves completely into this physical dimension. Therefore, they are partially manifest, holding the ability to create physical form that appears solid temporarily, but also holding the ability to not physically manifest solidly within matter; this being what you may term to be ‘ghost images’ at times. These essences also retained the choice to be altering of form throughout the entirety of your existence within this dimension, choosing not to be physically manifest completely ever within this dimension.

Therefore, I express to you that throughout your history, you may hold encounters with these Dream Walkers within different forms. I have expressed mainly in the direction of the Seers, simply for the reason that most of the individuals attending this forum are Sumafi. Therefore, you identify with the Seers. This is the manifestation of the family that you belong to.

Also within this forum, some individuals hold an aspect of Seer. I make a distinction in this which I shall explain presently. (To Vic) Excuse! (Vic is cracking up) Such seriousness! A true Seer within the aspect of the scribe, in always noticing! And you may continue!

(Vic’s note: When Elias said the word ‘explain,’ he started to say ‘express.’ As a result, it came out sounding pretty funny. This has kind of turned into a joke between myself and Elias, as I find the phenomenon itself fascinating, and therefore observe very carefully.)

‘Before the beginning,’ these essences choosing to be the Dream Walkers were initiating of your physical dimension, but held no intent to be physically experiencing within this physical dimension. Therefore, they may be considered your initiators, but they are only a part of the whole. They are elements within pools of consciousness similar to your points of your pyramid, merely directing energy within certain intents. Within consciousness, which is unlimited – underline – many, many other essences were choosing to physically manifest within this dimension. These essences may be belonging to the same families or aligned with the same families, but not a Dream Walker; therefore physically inserting themselves within actual matter into this dimension for the experience of this physical dimension. These essences hold a difference from the Dream Walkers, choosing to be completely physically manifest within this dimension within focuses. In this, as the Dream Walkers did not hold and do not hold to your time framework and did not create the separation for experience within physical focus, knowledge of essence and probabilities that are simultaneous, but you view to be future, was continued to be held. Therefore, knowledge of your shift, as it is simultaneous, was understood and also provided for.

Knowing within simultaneous time – I am understanding that this is a very difficult concept – but knowing within simultaneous time that the action of the shift is an experimentation in consciousness that has not occurred otherwise, aspects of the Dream Walkers merged with focuses of other essences which were not Dream Walkers. Therefore, I may express to you that the Seers or the Speakers or the Watchers have never been entirely physically manifest, and I may also express to you that you are Seers; for you hold the aspect within you of these Dream Walkers, as provided within mergence of essences, in recognition of the shift within consciousness that you are accomplishing presently. These individuals within consciousness, not necessarily objectively but within consciousness, provide the same action as the Dream Walkers ‘before the beginning,’ in being the directing points of energy to be connecting with all of your physical reality to accomplish this shift in consciousness.

NORM: ... May I clarify one thing? ‘Before the beginning’ is before the creation of this physical dimension. That’s how you’re terming it. That’s what you mean by that term?

ELIAS: Correct; for you view a beginning with your physical elements and your physical planet and your physical selves, although there is no beginning, for all is simultaneous.

RETA: What would you call it, going back to before the formation of the pools of essence, back to intents that were gathering, or ...

ELIAS: Essence has always been, for consciousness has always been, for there is no element other than the continual now. Therefore, I express to you ‘before the beginning’ only for your own understanding within your terminology and your language. There is no ‘before the beginning’.” [session 208, August 17, 1997]

ELIAS: “This evening we shall be discussing the connective tissue of consciousness; that element of consciousness that provides communication through different dimensions and through different time dimensions, with particular respect to this dimension throughout its time periods and alternate realities that are connected to this particular dimension.

Many individuals hold many questions as to what you view to be mythology within this particular dimension. I have mentioned previously in these sessions that your mythology is reality, although all of your mythology is not necessarily reality which has been inserted into this particular officially accepted reality within this dimension. Some of this mythology stems from a knowing of parallel dimensions to this particular dimension, which this knowledge is passed through generations in your particular dimension.

One in particular is your mythology concerning your ‘lost continent’ of Atlantis. This has invoked many questions with individuals throughout your ages. You continue to pursue archeological endeavors to be uncovering evidence of this so-called ‘lost civilization.’ There are other elements in conjunction with this civilization that also enter into your stories of mythology.

I shall express to you that this civilization is a reality. It is NOT inserted into this particular physical dimension. It occupies a parallel dimension. Therefore, you may continue to be searching for your ages for evidences of this particular civilization – which you view to be ‘lost’ – and you shall not be uncovering the ruins of this civilization, for it is not occupying physical space within this particular dimension. It is within a parallel dimension to yourselves.

Within this particular dimension, THIS physical dimension, I have stated many times: you hold countless other dimensions within this dimension. You hold time dimensions and you hold alternate dimensions. These are not probable dimensions. That would be a different subject matter entirely, for probable realities are those realities which you within this dimension create and insert elsewhere in consciousness. These of which I speak this evening are dimensions in themselves.

Now; let us move back to what I term to be ‘before the beginning.’ ‘Before the beginning’ of what you know of your species presently, in the creation of this particular physical dimension were those essences representative of each of the nine essence families, which we term to be Dream Walkers. These were essences not entirely physically focused. They inserted themselves into this dimension to be creating of this particular dimension, but were not choosing to be entirely physically focused. Therefore, your physical view of these individuals would be more of a translucent form. Some essences chose to be entirely physically manifesting. This was the beginning of your creation of this particular dimension.

Now; in this also, these Dream Walkers have been interactive in parallel dimensions to your own. In this, there have been civilizations created such as your civilization of Atlantis, and these continue within your present now.

As to the connective tissue of consciousness, this particular subject holds importance, for it is affecting of you and it may offer you answers to many of your questions that you have held throughout your ages. Within this same dimension that your Atlanteans exist, other civilizations continue their existence, as they have moved out of this particular dimension and into that particular dimension; just as I have expressed to you previously that creatures upon your planet, when exhibiting the choice of what you term to be extinction, they merely move from one dimension to another dimension. They are not non-existent any longer. They are merely not existent within your officially accepted reality. In this same manner, cultures also have moved in what you may term to be extinction into another dimension, and continue.

There are many myths surrounding your civilization of Atlantis. Many of these stories are more accurate than you realize. There are stories surrounding this particular civilization, of essences that appeared initially in the form similar to what I have expressed to you as the Dream Walkers. These essences were those that religiously have been classified as ‘the sons of light’ or ‘the supreme beings’ or many other terminologies that set them apart as ‘the creators.’

Be remembering that these terminologies and these stories are influenced by belief systems, and are handed to generations and MORE influenced by belief systems, especially in the areas of religious belief systems. Therefore, you shall find much material upon this subject which shall express to you many religious overtones.

Within the dimension that these individuals occupy, they have been interactive with the Dream Walkers, as have you also, and these Dream Walkers continue their interaction to this present now, as they do also with you.

I have spoken previously of experiments within physical forms. Your evolutionary process that you are taught is incorrect. You have not evolved in the manner that you believe yourselves to have evolved. Your sciences look for what they term to be ‘missing links’ within your evolutionary process, for there are gaps in their findings of artifacts that do not explain certain changes and what they view to be ‘jumps’ in the evolutionary chain of developments for your species, and also for some other species. The reason there are ‘missing links’ is that you have developed new belief systems in the area of your sciences. In this, you have accepted this reality that you have evolved through a certain time framework.

Let me express to you, you as individuals blink in and out continuously. You blink so quickly that your ‘in’ time, which you are aware of, seems completely uninterrupted. You are unaware objectively of your ‘out’ time. As you blink out, you are interactive with other dimensions, but your attention moves to this dimension. I mention this to you, for your planet and your existence upon this planet also blinks in and out.

Your sciences express that your world holds a definite age. Your sciences do not allow for much information within consciousness that they may not hold evidence physically of, although as your time progresses they discover more and more physical evidences that are inconsistent with their original beliefs. Your particular planet is much, much older than your sciences believe. It has blinked in and blinked out many times. In this, you as a species have occupied this particular ‘blink in’ for much longer than you realize. In this, I have expressed previously that even within what you now term to be your Americas, your existence of your species extends beyond fifty thousand years previous to this present now. Your sciences shall be recovering evidences of this, and are in the process of these discoveries presently.

Another myth which is in conjunction with your Atlantean culture is that your Atlantis was sunk into the depths of your seas, but not before its inhabitants would be fleeing their native land and scattering to different areas of your globe, establishing new cultures, creating what you may term the origins of new civilizations.

I express to you that within the knowledge of this parallel dimension, you use information that you hold within consciousness to be explaining to yourselves your own existence and your own civilizations, and answering questions to yourselves that your sciences and your religions are inadequate for answering. I express to you that this concept, this story of these Atlanteans escaping and repopulating in different areas of your globe, is closer to truthfulness than what your sciences express to you.

Atlantis has not occupied this dimension. It did not sink into your ocean and its inhabitants did not scatter, creating new cultures throughout your globe; but the element of the story that IS correct is that you have originated your species within each of your main continents upon your globe. You did not originate your species singularly in one area upon one continent and populate and then migrate northerly to what you term to be Europe and Asia, and you did not migrate across a strait and populate downward into what you view to be your Americas presently. These Dream Walkers – which you are a part of, make no mistake of that – have created the existence of your species in each of your continents simultaneously. Therefore, you view differences in appearances. These also are elements of the experimentations within physical form of these Dream Walkers.

You have experimented with physical form in many manners. You have chosen to be experimenting with different types of forms, which also shows itself within your mythology. Now, these HAVE been inserted into this particular dimension and this officially accepted reality. Your paintings and your sculptures of creatures that appear to be partially man and partially creature are not projections of imagination. They are re-creations of that which you know has been within existence upon your particular planet within this officially accepted reality in this dimension, and have existed as experimental forms which were not continued and were not adopted as your final officially accepted form, for they were inefficient. This is not to say that they were ‘bad’; merely inefficient for what you have been choosing to be creating within your civilizations.

Therefore, I express to you that each of your continents has also held its own experimentations in forms, of your species and of other species. You have chosen to be creating of different types of appearances within different locations of your planet to be offering yourselves a wondrous variety. Your basic form and its functioning is the same, but your coloration, your expression of these forms, is slightly different. This offers you variety visually, and also offers you the opportunity to assign differences in cultures to these differences in appearances.

The mythology of your Atlantean civilization also suggests connections between these individuals scattered throughout your planet and certain creations that you as a species have created upon your planet. This offers you the explanation for your pyramids and their appearance within different areas of your planet. I express to you, this be the area of your connective tissue of consciousness.

You hold much more awareness and knowledge than you THINK you hold. You are continually tapping into what I have termed to be Regional Area 3 of consciousness, which is a collective conscious. In this collective, you may access very much information and you may cross dimensions to be accessing information.

In this crossing of dimensions, you allow yourselves as individuals and as cultures to be connecting with other cultures and other individuals within your dimension and expressing yourselves in like kind. This offers you an objective connection that you may objectively view, that no matter that you be upon what you term to be opposite sides of your planet or that you do not hold communication within the technology that you hold in this present now, you continue to be connected and not separated within consciousness, and you continue to offer each other information and the confirmation of this through your objective expressions.

Atlanteans did not teach Egyptians or South Americans or Central Americans to build pyramids. You within this dimension have built these marvels yourselves and have tapped into the collective consciousness to be sharing of information, that you may validate yourselves and also remind yourselves that there is no separation in consciousness, that although you manifest yourselves encased in a form and you view yourselves to be separated from each other and from all that you create, you are not, and there are very strong elements within consciousness that bind you all together, and that you share the same creativity and the same direction within this dimension.

I express these subjects to you, that you may look to your history within this dimension and you may view the interconnectedness of all of yourselves, and you may also look to your present now and your future in conjunction with this shift in consciousness and recognize that as all before you has not been separated, All-That-Is presently is not separated, and as you have moved in like expression and creations in what you term to be past, you continue to move in like expressions and creations presently and futurely.

Therefore, although objectively you may view what you think of as very slow or a lack or movement and involvement of individuals within this shift in consciousness, be assured that it escalates and it IS within great movement within this present now. Just as individuals within your Americas built pyramids and held no objective knowledge that these similar structures occupy lands halfway across your globe and that other individuals have created these same structures, it matters not that you hold an objective awareness of the vastness of movement. You move in your spheres, so to speak, presently, within this present now within your location, and the movement within consciousness accelerates and is occurring throughout your globe. This also offers you elements within consciousness, that you may tap into information that shall be helpful to yourselves in your sojourn in this action of this shift, and you may be also helpful to other individuals.

MARGO: ... I recently read something about studies of mitochondrial DNA indicating that the mitochondrial DNA of all humans that were non-African was identifiable as a subset of the mitochondrial DNA of people of African descent, and I was wondering how that fits in with the arising of the human species in entirely separate places.

ELIAS: I have offered information previously in the area of genetics and your DNA and RNA. In this, you choose upon entering into this physical focus what elements of DNA that you shall manifest within you physically. You also choose elements of your DNA to not be manifesting. This be the reason that there appears to be inconsistencies within certain genetic lines, so to speak, in which some individuals do not fit within the genetic heritage that they are within.

I may also express to you that it matters not that you have created different expressions throughout your globe, or what you may term to be separate origins of your species, for you are all intermingled regardless. Therefore, you also may be sharing of your DNA qualities, and it matters not. It is not suggestive that all of your species has sprung from this one particular area and the manifestations of that particular area. Certain individuals, and also en masse, choose to be adopting different qualities genetically which may be beneficial to them within their physical expression. This is not an indication of their lineage in what you think of as an evolutionary process.

As I have expressed, you have not moved through an evolutionary process upon your planet. You have created different separate expressions of forms throughout your ages, but you have not in actually moved in the direction of an evolutionary process. In this, though, you also lend energy to the perpetuation of your scientific belief systems by offering yourselves information that shall be supportive of what you believe.

MARGO: So are you saying that the interpretation that’s been made of this, all the same mitochondrial DNA everywhere else except for Africans, the interpretation has been wrong?

ELIAS: Correct. This is quite common within physical focus. You may be offered much information and you shall selectively view what you choose to view, which shall be supportive of your own thought processes and your own belief systems, and you will deny the information that is not supportive of these belief systems.

You are quite adept at focusing your attention singularly within the areas of your belief systems; and those element that are in agreement with these belief systems and supportive of these belief systems you accept, and those elements that are not, you do not allow yourselves to even view. You ignore. This be the reason also why there may be expressed trauma within this shift in consciousness, for individuals are continuing within the direction of their belief systems, and more elements of consciousness are becoming known to them, but as surprise, unexpectedly. Therefore, it is information outside of their officially accepted reality and belief systems.

This be also the reason that I speak with you, that you may hold the information and that you may offer this information to other individuals, and thereby lessen the amount of trauma that individuals shall be experiencing in regard to this shift in consciousness.

You offer yourselves many opportunities to view the limitedness of your explorations and your discoveries. You view that certain discoveries are wondrously amazing, but they are merely a small piece, and only that which supports what you already accept within your belief systems.

For much time framework, you have accepted that your origins spring from one location. Your sciences and your religions support this, that you hold your origins of your species upon one continent and that you have branched from there. Therefore, in this you also allow yourselves discoveries limitedly that shall support this belief system, but in widening your awareness and offering yourselves more information, opening to your consciousness and recognizing that there is much more available to you than you allow yourselves, you may also be noticing of much more information which is much more supportive of the vaster picture than merely the small picture that you allow yourselves to view presently.” [session 280, May 14, 1998]

DON: “You may remember in my first session I gave you a platitude and asked you if you would express it to me in terms of least distortion. So, I have a very small creation myth. I wonder if you could find some truth in that, as we speak of truth, and express it to me with least distortion. If the answer is ‘next question,’ that’s fine. (Don laughs) Maybe there is nothing to this but distortion. So, ready?

‘All of Consciousness does not know how it came to exist, and because of this, All of Consciousness has a fundamental insecurity – or another way to put it would be an existential discomfort; and this is a truth, then, common to All of Consciousness. And it is (in this creation myth) the fundamental truth of Consciousness. Now, in immediate response (speaking in linear terms) to this, All of Consciousness created three other truths. It created love to provide comfort within this insecurity, to comfort itself. It created action (or becoming) to continually reassure itself of its existence. And it created color (or expressed another way, variety in tone) to provide a distraction and to provide pleasure in light of this existential dilemma. But this fundamental truth still remains, and it is the primary motivator of Consciousness: it still seeks to understand the fundamental dilemma of how it came to exist. The end.’ (Pause)

ELIAS: Interesting interpretation. (Pause) I may express to you, this may be a translation in association with what you generate and is known to you within this physical existence, and therefore in association with this physical reality, it may be viewed in this manner.

Now; in association with all of consciousness, not limited to the expressed reality in this physical dimension which incorporates emotion, I may express to you that figuratively speaking, you are somewhat accurate in your assessment that all of consciousness does not know how it came to be and therefore there is a continuous action of exploration of it.

Let me clarify. That is a distortion, for there is no ‘it.’ But in terms of what you associate with in this dimension, and associating that consciousness is an ‘it,’ there is a continuous action of exploration – as I have expressed previously, a type of folding in which is the exploration which creates the expansion. There is a continuous expansion. (Long pause)

Consciousness, as I have stated, figuratively speaking, may not know how it came to be for it never came to be, which I am understanding is a difficult and challenging concept in association with your physical reality, for it is contrary to how you create, in a manner of speaking, within your dimension. For you create manifestations, although you create these manifestations from no thing and create things. That is one function or one exploration of consciousness.

It does not concern in actuality with how it came to be, for this is a moot point, for there has been no beginning point. Therefore, it continually expresses becoming, which is the action of continuous exploration of itself. Once again, this is a distortion, for it is not an ‘it.’ It is an action.

There is no actual manifestation of consciousness outside of expressed physical realities, and those are expressions of explorations in the tremendous expression of creativity of this action, expressing the action in any and all manners that may be possible, which is, in a manner of speaking, never-ending.

DON: Thank you. Yeah, I really run into language problems, I’m very aware. More than language problems, because the language is just reflecting the nature of how I think in this dimension.

ELIAS: Correct. But in association with your physical dimension, I am understanding your analogy and your myth, so to speak, for this is associated with what is known and in alignment with the design of your physical reality, which incorporates emotion. Consciousness itself does not necessarily express emotion outside of physical realities, and there are some physical realities that do not express emotion either. But this is a base element of this particular physical dimension, and therefore there is an automatic association with that expression.” [session 1255, January 20, 2003]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Elias plays a game with forum participants, in which they try and connect their impressions of various categories of objects, people, even concepts to the nine essence families. The goal is to learn how to recognize the working together of our intuitions and our intellect through our impressions.

In each public session, participants can offer their impressions and Elias usually responds with an answer of one point, acceptable, or less probable.

Digests: find out more about the game.

(2) Paul’s note: Seth/Jane Roberts’ term for expressing the concept of God as an action of eternal becoming, inseparable from and contained within Everything, incomprehensible in Its Totality.

This information was first introduced in The Seth Material, Chapter 18, The God Concept – The Creation – The Three Christs, (1970), sessions #426-428, (no date given.)

Elias initially used the term “Creating Universal One And Whole” to describe the same Reality. This was subsequently replaced by “all of consciousness.”

Digests: find out more about Creating Universal One And Whole/all of consciousness.

(3) Paul’s note: a reference to The Education of Oversoul Seven (1973), a “fictional” book, written by Jane Roberts, that depicts the action of the essence family of Sumari and their intent as Speakers within an element of “before the beginning.”

Jane Roberts also “channeled” an energy personality essence named Seth from 1963 to her passing in 1984. Jane wrote three Oversoul Seven books that are primers for the information contained in the Seth Material. All of Seth’s fundamental concepts and ideas, for example simultaneous time, probabilities, the cycle of manifestation, essence families, altered states, etc., are covered in the information presented here by Elias/Mary Ennis.

Digests: find out more about Seth/Jane Roberts.

(4) Paul’s note: I’m including information from the Seth Material, channeled by Jane Roberts from 1963 – 1984, in this note because so many Elias readers are also Seth readers and these two sources share interesting similarities.

Jane first published some of, what she termed, “Christ material” in The Seth Material (1970), Chapter 18, The God Concept – The Creation – The Three Christs. However, Seth only actually names John the Baptist and Jesus Christ saying that he would offer the third name at a later date.

In Seth Speaks, (1972), Chapter 21, The Meaning of Religion, session 586, Seth talks about the ‘Christ entity’ in terms of three physical focuses: John the Baptist, Jesus Christ, and Paul or Saul of Tarsus. Seth also mentions that the twelve disciples were fragment personalities of the ‘Christ entity’ and the historical figure named “the teacher of righteousness” was a probable self. All this to say that Seth’s version of the ‘Christ entity’ phenomenon is multidimensional and multipersonal in nature.

Now, according to Elias, these three primary physical focuses – whom we know today as John, Jesus, and Paul – were also manifestations of a single essence. But in addtion, Elias has offered that this ‘Christ essence,’ so to speak, belongs to the Milumet essence family.

(Vic’s transcript note: Jene expressed irritation during the break with Elias’ refusal to answer [my earlier] question about essence naming [for the focus of Jesus Christ]. She also said that this is the first time she has felt irritation with Elias during a session. I am sharing this for the benefit of folks who don’t attend sessions because quite often, information delivered after a break is directly related to conversation during the break.

ELIAS: “Continuing: (To Jene) I shall offer, for your clarification and curiosity ...

JENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: ... essence family.

JENE: Okay. That’s cool.

ELIAS: For you are correct that we are focused upon the actions of essence families, and this holds significance. Therefore, I shall express the essence family. This particular essence in question, which was manifest within three physical manifestations, is of the family of Milumet.

As to a distortion, you are partially correct in that the manifestation within the intent of the family of Milumet was to be expressing of what you now term to be spirituality. In the actual expression, it was to be reminding you of your connections with essence. You are correct, in a sense, that this information has been distorted, although you have purposefully chosen the progression that you have created throughout your history, leading you within your progression of probabilities to this experience of your present shift.

Therefore, you may in one respect express that you have distorted the information offered of essence, but within another respect you have changed the information for your own experience. This essence family, within initiating of your religious time period, focused upon the intent of a remembrance of no separation of essence. This was translated symbolically, physically.” [session 141, December 22, 1996]

Later, Elias also provided the essence name for this ‘Christ essence’ during a later session :

VIVIEN: “The other thing I wanted to ask is the essence names of Mary and of Jesus. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name held by the focus of Mary, Sheen. Essence name held by the focus of Jesus, Telleth.

VIVIEN: Telleth. Okay, thank you.” [session 382, April 12, 1999]

According to Seth, it was Paul who, in creating the organization of the church that was left unsatisfied, in that he had not fulfilled his original intent. Both John and Jesus succeeded in fulfilling theirs’. So that unfulfilled intent forms the basis for Paul’s “return,” so to speak, to help make human kind more aware of their connection with All-That-Is, no longer requiring the direct mediation of priesthoods and calcified beauracracies to directly experience the Divine Within.

While Seth speaks of this so-called “return” in very singular terms, Elias expands and diverges at this point. According to Elias, that unfulfilled intent forms the basis for the focus of Paul’s mergence with the essence of Rose to remanifest as nine male children and lend energy to our shift.

Digests: find out more about the nine children of Rose.

Digests: find out more about mergence.

Finally, for those interested, Paul (Patel) offered the essence family alignments for the three primary focuses of the ‘Christ essence’ during an online chat, dated March 10, 1998:

PATEL: “Greetings this energy has been quite encompassing of you all tonight.

PAUL: Hi Patel!

TOM: Greetings Paul (Patel).

MJ: Hello Paul (Patel).

PAUL: Yes it has!

TOM: Yes, we have felt you.

PATEL: Certain questions have arisen that may well be answered by yourselves but I shall be available to you if you so choose.

PAUL: ... A question from Tyl [Joanne]; what are the family alignments of the three focuses of the Milumet essence?

PATEL: Apologizing for delay, Olivia [Ron] has issues within this exchange.

PATEL: Focus of Jesus, Vold.

PATEL: Focus of John, also Tumold.

PATEL: Focus of Paul, Tumold.

PAUL: Thank you very much!”

Digests: find out more about Paul (Patel).

Summary of the ‘Christ essence’
names and family connections
essence name: Telleth (source: Elias)
essence family belonging to: Milumet (source: Elias)
essence family alignment: John the Baptist/Tumold (source: Patel)
essence family alignment: Jesus Christ/Vold (source: Patel)
essence family alignment: Paul/Saul of Tarsus/Tumold (source: Patel)

Digests: find out more about essence families; belonging to/aligning with.

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