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Glossary of Elias’ Terms
compiled by Luana Alika

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Note: numbers in parentheses indicate sessions.

– A –

ABSOLUTE: that which is unchanging or unchangeable. (415)

ACCEPTANCE: is the lack of judgment, and also incorporates a lack of expectation, for acceptance is a genuine expression of ‘it matters not.’ ‘It matters not’ is not incorporated into tolerance, for there IS a mattering in your expressions in the area of tolerance. (510)

ACCEPTANCE: is. (47b)

ACCOMPLISHMENT: allowing yourself the recognition of choice and permission to generate choice intentionally to create the outcome that you want. (1029)

ACTION: are your creations, what you are choosing, and is an expression of your direction. (942)

AGGRESSION: is not bad. It is not negative. It is merely a surge of energy. (660)

ALIENS: these are focuses of your essence. They are reality! (183)

ALIENS (EXTRATERRESTRIALS): are aspects of yourself that you present to yourselves and appear to you within a manifestation that is familiar and acceptable to you, but in actuality they are not ‘visiting creatures’ from other planets within this particular dimension. They ARE bleed-throughs of other focuses of yourselves within other dimensions. (Digests: extraterrestrials)

ALL THAT IS: Seth has presented this concept of All-That-Is and I (Elias) express a similar concept in the terminology of all of consciousness, which is essentially the same expression. (This also applies to The Creating Universal One and Whole.) Matter did not appear ‘cosmically’ within this explosion, and then create consciousness. Consciousness was; is. Before the organization and orchestration of your universe that you view it was consciousness. Whatever you choose to call it, is not a being. It is all consciousness. It is an action. It incorporates all. (Digests: Creating Universal One And Whole/all of consciousness.)

... all of consciousness. (749)

ALTERNATE STATES/CHANNELS/FOCUSES: altered states, as you term these, are all alternate channels of consciousness, subjective activities beneath your waking consciousness. The channels are alternate probabilities and selves which directly affect you. They are translated differently. (122a)

ALTERNATE SELVES: are numberless but they are all you; they are all the you’s of you in a particular focus. (1018)

ANGER: as a communication, an emotional communication, it defines that the individual is expressing to themselves a lack of choice. (915)

... is an extreme of frustration in which you move your association from the knowing that you do incorporate choice to an expression in which you view you no longer incorporate any choice and your attention AUTOMATICALLY projects outward and you become victim. (997)

... is an extreme in the outward expression of frustration. (680)

APPRECIATION: is ultimate acceptance. It is a recognition of the value of whatever you move your attention to in relation to appreciation, the genuine expression of knowing its value without fear, without resistance, in resignation to it. It is beyond thankfulness. The appreciation may not be expressed without the knowing.

I may express to you, in the expressions in which you genuinely offer your energy in appreciation and you do not incorporate an expectation, you may surprise yourself and create the reflection of what you offer in that appreciation. That, my friend, as love is a truth. (1167)

ASPECTS: the you’s of you. (Digests: aspects of essence)

... are all elements of yourself within all areas of consciousness, within all dimensions. “You hold countless aspects. In the like manner that you within this particular physical focus may express countless thoughts which project from you and are elements of you, you also hold countless you’s within this particular dimension and also within other dimensions.” These are all aspects of self. (279)

ARROGANCE: is a false expression of confidence, and a false expression and camouflage of acceptance and appreciation. (1551)

ASPECTS OF ESSENCE: those that are incorporated within all other individuals. (Digests: aspects of essence)

ASTRAL BODY: this is a creation you have engaged as a means to be continuing with your identification of self as you move through consciousness. (See ‘projection’.) (674)

... this is your consciousness body, which you do possess; this body being that form that you incorporate when you experience an out-of-body. You will travel with another body. This is the form that is more identified with the Seers. You may express this as a ‘light body,’ for it is basically comprised of light. This is not what you understand as light, for it is not visual light. (72)

ATLANTIS: Atlantis is an alternate reality, not part of this reality that you experience. (135)

ATTENTION: your attention is you. It is your awareness. It is the combined expression of your subjective and your objective awarenesses, those expressions of you that create you as you. Your attention is the wheel that steers you, as being your own individual ship, and your ship moves you through your experiences. (986)

... your attentions are all focuses of essence, all present in your physical location, but not within time. Focuses are merely different attentions of you as essence, in other dimensions, in other areas of consciousness, physical and nonphysical. They are countless! (891)

... what you are, who you are, what generates you as being you. (1290)

... your attention is you, what generates you as being you, who you are, what you are. (1290)

... receiving information, (awareness being what acknowledges or recognizes that information.) (1290)

AUTOMATIC RESPONSES: responses that require no noticing and no thought process.

AWARENESS: what acknowledges or recognizes the information that attention receives. (1290)

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– B –

BASE LINE: is the underlying expression and the underlying subject matter. (680)

BECOMING: the action of becoming is merely an exploration and a creation of experience. It is not the movement in attainment. (549)

BELIEF: that which is changing or changeable. (415)

... they are objective expressions, explanations so to speak, of the interpretation of your physical reality, of every aspect of your physical reality. (975)

BELIEF SYSTEMS: belief systems are not an aspect of essence. They are a creation, a tool to be manipulating perceptions within physical dimensions that influence and create your reality. (311)

BELIEVE: when you express that you believe some expression or manifestation or that you do not believe, that is an opinion. That is not necessarily an identification of beliefs. It is associated with thought and the translation of preferences and opinions, but it is not necessarily an accurate assessment of beliefs. (1437)

BENEFICIAL: is an ‘adding to’ experience. You view the word of benefit to be an element that is good. You are benefiting from this relationship. Therefore, you are receiving a good element from this relationship. You are always benefiting. You may not recognize the benefit, but you are always gaining. You gain information from all of your experiences. (173)

BENEFIT: is an “adding to” experience. You view the word of benefit to be an element that is good. You are benefiting from this relationship. Therefore, you are receiving a good element from this relationship. You are always benefiting. You may not recognize the benefit, but you are always gaining. You gain information from all of your experiences.
BOB: But all experience is an adding to.
ELIAS: It is an element of adding to the experience within the accomplishment of the intent, which is your value fulfillment. (173)

BLEED-THROUGHS: subjective awareness merging into objective awareness. Some individuals within your present now encounter what they term to be aliens. These are focuses of their essence. Some individuals experience what they term to be walk-ins. These are exchanges of focuses of other dimensions. (See Digests: bleed-through for further explanations.) They are reality. Some individuals experience information and imagery of focuses from that which you classify as past lives. These are all natural, normal elements of essence which you are allowing yourself to objectively become aware of. (183)

BLUE: translates into ‘truth within consciousness’. (591)

(The) BODY: is not a vessel. It is the physical expression projection of YOU. Therefore, what it does, what it manifests is a reflection of what you are doing. It is a communication. It is an expression of you. (1970)

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– C –

CARING: is associated with your genuine responsibility and recognition of your responsibility to self. Therefore, you do not generate an energy that is intentionally hurtful to another individual, but you, in a manner of speaking, honor your own choices also. (1551)

CHANNELING/ENERGY EXCHANGE: Elias says that these two actions are somewhat different. Channeling involves an interaction with aspects of one’s own essence, and an energy exchange involves a mergence and an exchange with another essence. (Digests: energy exchanges; Elias, Paul (Patel))

CHOICE: a configuration of energy. (592)

COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS: the collective consciousness is the whole of the physically focused consciousness. This incorporates your entire globe, All of you are involved with all other individuals upon your planet, and all of their experiences. Regional Area 3 is the area to which you connect with all of these individuals. (64)

COLOR: color may be translated into action. It may be translated into personality. It may be translated into manifestations, thought processes... ANY element within your physical dimension that is expressed as any type of creation – interactions, emotion, thought, action, any event, any situation, any creation – for they all hold a quality of vibrational action, for all is energy. Therefore, as color is also energy within a vibrational speed, so to speak, it may be used in conjunction with any type of expression within your physical focus. (412)

COMMON ORIENTATION: you create outwardly and you assimilate information objectively. For instance, in regards to impressions, you offer to yourself much information through objective imagery. (582)

COMMUNICATION AVENUES: your communication avenues are all of your outer and inner senses, plus your intuition, emotions and impulses. Also your body incorporates a consciousness which is directed by your subjective awareness, and this creates communications to you also. Communication is offered to you so you can be identifying what you are exploring, creating, and engaging in your moment to moment participation in this physical dimension. (901)

COMPASSION: compassion is the act of understanding. (902)

CONCENTRATION: concentration is the area where your attention is focused. It is also concerned with how you move or manipulate the energy in conjunction with your focus of attention, your concentration. Concentration lies in beliefs, beliefs influence perception which is what creates your reality! (562)

... I am not speaking to you of thought. I am speaking to you of the concentration of your attention in energy, and your concentration moves in direct alignment with your belief systems. Your belief systems are directly influencing of your perception. Your perception is the instrument which you incorporate in this physical reality to be creating your reality. Therefore, as you concentrate your energy in your beliefs, you create the manifestation of those beliefs. (672)

CONCENTRATION: is not thinking, but is held in your beliefs. (646)

CONCERN: Not concerning yourself with the choices or the expressions or the perceptions of other individuals is recognizing genuinely that you do not create their reality. (1551)

CONFIDENCE: Genuine acceptance and appreciation is not expressed in arrogance. It is expressed in a confidence, and that does not negate caring or sensitivity. (1551)

CONSCIOUSNESS: the Creating Universal One And Whole, for this is consciousness. It is an action. It incorporates all. Before the incorporation of essence, so to speak, there were elements of consciousness. You may also term these to be ‘units,’ which others have expressed previously. (2) These elements of consciousness know no limits of time or space. You may think of these as very tiny black holes. You may think of them, if you will, in physical terms as elements smaller than your smallest physical particles; but these elements are that which create all physical expression. Everything within every universe within every dimension is created by these elements of consciousness, and they are everything. They are not only the driving force behind matter and action, but are matter and action also; this being the basis of what you term to be God. (Digests: Creating Universal One and Whole/all of consciousness)

... the whole before essence or this universe. An action. Not a being. It incorporates all. The elements before essence which know no limits of time of space. Like tiny black holes. You may think of them as elements smaller than the smallest physical particles. These elements are that which create all physical expression, everything within every universe and dimension. The elements of consciousness are everything; the driving force behind matter as well as matter and action. Every element of consciousness possesses all elements of the whole. Each element chooses to manifest according to its desire and function. A flower manifests to the fullest of its ability. The units of consciousness that make up this flower are the same as that which you possess also. Consciousness is not completed, is ongoing, and is present always, now. (Digests: Creating Universal One and Whole/all of Consciousness)

... consciousness is, figuratively speaking, the thing that manifests and creates things, so to speak, within your reality. (563)

... what you are accomplishing is a continuous folding in to self, which is the action of becoming, which is the action of essence and the action of consciousness, and it is translated in this physical dimension through exploration which is generated through the action of experience. (986)

... essence did not create consciousness. Consciousness is. Consciousness creates all. All is in a state of becoming, as is also The Creating Universal One And Whole, which is not completed, which is ongoing, which is present always, now. The Creating Universal One And Whole is consciousness and more. God is an experience. It is a movement; an action; all encompassing. All consciousness springs from it. You may not perceive of the immensity of the experience of which I speak. It is automatic to you to be viewing an immense being which you express is beyond your comprehension, but you attach a comprehension to this immense being! This ‘being’ does not exist! What exists is the totality of experience. All consciousness springs from that. (79)

... the action of consciousness is continuous becoming, which is continuous self-discovery, never ending, never beginning. This is the action of all of consciousness. Thus, it is the action of knowing self, becoming and exploring. It is its action to explore, for this is the manner in which it expands. And it is not an ‘it.’ And neither are you! (1290)

COOPERATION: is engaging your choices and not limiting them to the ‘either/or’ expressions, not acquiescing in expressions that you do not prefer or that you do not want to be incorporating, but allowing yourself to engage your creativity and explore more of your expressions to discover the similarities in the differences that may generate a cooperation. (1304)

COUNTERPARTS: counterparts are not individuals. It is an action that occurs between individuals and essences to be offering the benefit of experiences. The action of counterparts is to be offering different experiences without actual manifestation of those experiences within one particular focus. (510)

... therefore, you may have several other ‘you’s’ occupying the same time/space within the same dimension. Be realizing that each of these individuals holds their own vitality and individuality. They are you, but they are not you, for they are also themselves; as you are them, but you are not them, for you are yourself; but you are intimately interrelated. The actions that you create within your focus intimately are affecting of those other counterparts which you have chosen to be creating within one focus. (127)

CURIOSITY: is a natural expression of consciousness, inquisitiveness, for it is the recognition of motivation of exploring and generating new experiences. (1074)

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– D –

DEPRESSION: is the objective manifestation of victim and hopelessness, an expression of powerlessness. (658)

DESIRE/WANT: there is a difference between want and desire. Objective is the definition of a want. Desire is what motivates you within your intent, a subjective movement. (Digests: desires/wants)

DIMENSION: (when Elias refers to dimension he means:) not just the Earth, but the physical universe. That is, all that you view physically within what you know to be as your universe. (336)

DIMENSIONS: are merely areas of attention with consciousness; which means there are countless dimensions. They are not necessarily places. They are merely areas in which you direct your attention within consciousness, for consciousness IS all, and everything IS consciousness. (611)

DISCIPLINE: is an awareness of self and an allowance of self to move in a natural manner without force, in order, in balance – not a force of structure. (1289)

DREAMS: are imagery that you create for yourself which are creative interpretations of the action that you have engaged while in your sleep state. It has been stated many times to you that your sleep state is not engaged for physical restfulness. Your physical expression, your body, does not require sleep state. Your consciousness requires sleep state as you are engaged within physical focus, for this is your opportunity to be in communion with essence. This is your opportunity to exert your creativity to its maximum ability within physical focus; your engagement of Regional Area 2. Dreams are the interpretation of those experiences. (152)

DREAM MISSION: the intent of the dream mission is to connect with subjective activity which is represented by dream and waking imagery, thus being able to translate our language to ourselves of activity that occurs in Regional Area 2, thus becoming aware of how we create our reality. (Note: this definition is from Vicki Pendley, found in the Digest ‘imagery’.)

DUPLICITY: judgment which is based on right/wrong (or) good/evil (or) comfortable/uncomfortable (or) acceptable/unacceptable. (902).

... a belief system which been created as an explanation of your physical reality and used in a type of expression to be categorizing. It is an organizational belief system and has been designed to facilitate separation. You have now explored the expression of separation in fullness. As it is now obsolete, you have collectively chosen to alter the direction of your reality, (which the shift or Source Event is to accomplish.) (975)

... expresses the identification of right and wrong and good and bad and better and worse and acceptable or unacceptable and comfortable or uncomfortable. (646)

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– E –

EFFICIENT: is the probability which incorporates no conflict. (65)

ELEMENT: elements are a function of how you process information, how you input and output information to yourself. It is the process through which you express yourself more strongly, easily and naturally. The four elements are thought, emotion, religious and political. You as essence determine the element for this focus that you are and it is not changed during this lifetime. It is how you initially receive input/output and is like a color lens through which you perceive your reality. (Digests: elements of essence (emotional, political, religious, thought))

EMOTIONS: emotion is a translation of a tone quality of essence. It is a translation into a physical dimension for the reason of physical experience. (331)

... emotion, as a base element of your physical dimension, incorporates communication. (942)

... is an expression offered to you as a message concerning what you are creating in the moment. The feeling of the emotion is the signal. In the signal is the message. If you are not receiving or responding to the signal it continues, sometimes escalating and sometimes lacking intensity. (764)

... is communication. The communication is an inward generating of energy, (the outer generating of energy being manifestation of form, attributed to the masculine function of energy.) (996)

EMPATHIC SENSE: engaging your empathic sense is not formal, but merely allowing yourself to be recognizing that another individual’s perception, which is their reality, is not the same as your own. (411)

ENERGY: energy is movement. Energy is motion. Therefore, energy is an action rather than a thing. Although within your physical dimension, as I have stated, you identify energy as a thing, in actuality it is all of movement. It is the action of movement. In relation to essence, it is the movement of essence. In relation to consciousness, it is the quality of consciousness, the state of consciousness, to be continuously moving. (563)

... is not a thing. Energy is movement. You translate within your energy. You translate them into what you perceive to be things, for you occupy your attention within a physical reality. But in actuality, energy is merely another term for movement. (1107)

ESSENCE: oversoul (Digests: essence; an overview; oversoul)

... this is NOT an entity outside of you. It IS you. It is merely the larger aspect of you. It is part of you and IS you. It is merely that aspect of you that is separated within physical focus, for within physical focus you automatically move in the direction of holding your attention singularly and therefore separate yourself from the vastness of essence. This aspect of you, of essence, offers you not only information, but the remembrance of self; the remembrance of essence and the vastness that it is. (299)

... links of consciousness may group together, and in specific types of groupings together create a tone, and they may choose collectively to be creating in conjunction with that tone what may be identified as personality. The personality is a specific organization of movement within a vibrational quality of a collective expression of these links of consciousness, which in this type of configuration is creating what we term to be essence. (Digests: essence; an overview)

... essence is a term that is used for your benefit; for your understanding of identification of a tone of consciousness which holds a certain direction, a certain intent for its creation of manifestation. All consciousness holds intent within its own value fulfillment. Essence is that tone which chooses manifestation within personality for certain experiences. This is you. All other manifestations hold consciousness and are aware of self and hold the intent of value fulfillment, even to the tiniest link of consciousness; and together, all of this is the action of The Creating Universal One And Whole, which is not an entity or being. It is an action. It is a movement. (Digests: essence; an overview)

... a quality of consciousness which identifies itself in vibrational tone to be a personality. That personality is the identity or the energy signature, so to speak, of an individual essence. (563)

... essence is merely an identification of personality and individuality within tone. It is a quality of consciousness, but it is not separated from all of consciousness. (504)

... essence is all of your attentions. Your attentions are all focuses of essence, all present in your present physical location, but not within time. Focuses are merely different attentions of you. (891)

... is merely a designation of personality energy expressions of consciousness. (1104)

ESSENCE FAMILY COLORS: the vibrating quality of a tone or color has a similarity to the intentional resonating quality of a particular essence family, but it is not synonymous with it. Colors are used as symbol for the essence families, for they resonates very much in kind, so to speak, with the intentions of the families. They merely are a symbol that is used. (412)

ESSENCE TONE: the entirety of ALL of your focuses of attention in ALL dimensions is the expression of your essence, and that essence holds what you may simply term as a signature tone also, and that tone translates into your language in this physical dimension as a word, and that is what we identify as an essence name. (Digests: essence tones)

... is the name Elias gives us. (551)

EVIL: as an entity, no, does not exist. This is not an expression within your reality nor within consciousness. As a condition, evil does not exist. As a perception, as an expression, yes, for evil may be defined as the absence of compassion, and compassion is defined in understanding. Therefore, the absence of understanding is the expression of evil. But this is not bad; it is merely an expression of perception. (1104)

EXTRATERRESTRIALS: “extraterrestrials occupy other dimensions and are elements of your own essences.” (Digests: extraterrestrials; essence families; energy exchanges (Dream Walker interaction))

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– F –

FACETS: refer to aspects belonging to only one essence, whereas ‘aspects’ refers to qualities belong to all focuses/essence. (Digests: facets of essence; aspects of essence; an overview)

FACETS OF ESSENCE: those elements belonging, so to speak, to your individual essence. (60)

FEELING: (as differentiated from emotion): There are some expressions that you may classify as feelings that are not necessarily associated with an emotional communication, which at times may offer some confusion for you or other individuals. At times you may be identifying that you are experiencing a feeling, which may be recognized as a type of sensing rather an emotional signal of a feeling, or at times you may also be experiencing a feeling which may manifest in a physical experience also. Now; these may not necessarily be associated with an emotional communication. You may be experiencing feelings in association with energy, which may be received from other individuals or in relation to other individuals. Not necessarily that they may be projecting energy to you, but you may be generating an energy expression in association with other individuals and this may produce a particular feeling, which does offer you information. (1382)

FEELING TONE: is a method of identification. (183)

FEMALE: the expression of the female is the inward, the concentration upon self, the allowance of the power of essence to be recognized in direction. (992)

FINAL FOCUS: the final focus is merely the designation of one focus which holds the specific action of creating the ‘blink of attention’. That is, as this focus disengages its attention from this physical dimension, all of the other focuses of attention of the essence also blanket of this particular dimension. The attention is no longer held within this particular physical dimension. (503)

... the designation of the final focus is a position of action. This is the focus that, in a manner of speaking, determines the disengagement of the essence attention in the particular physical dimension. Therefore, as a final focus you are the designated focus that chooses the disengagement of attention of the essence in this physical dimension, but this is not in relation to time. (914)

... is merely a designated function, so to speak, of one attention as designated as the signal, in a manner of speaking. (1107)

FOCAL POINT(S): are an element you create or method you use to focus your attention upon your abilities inside, your inner senses, so that you may trust that you may project energy to a certain area and it shall bear you out truthfully. You are developing this relationship in energy with this area of physical form. The use of tarot cards, crystals, palm reading or other props may function as focal points. (254)

FOCUS PERSONALITIES: the focus personalities are individual attentions of essence, and are all qualities and expressions of essence. Let me express to you, each individual focus incorporates ALL of essence. Therefore, it incorporates all of the qualities of all other focuses. This is encapsulated within the individual identity of a given essence. (563)

FORCE PATTERN: and source energy are the same. (506)

FRAGMENT: is that element – that personality element – of an essence which chooses to be fragmented in becoming its own essence, new to itself, in what you may term to be apart from an original essence, although I shall be reminding you that some of these terms are figurative, for there is no original essence and there is no separation.” Therefore, you are not splitting apart from something; but a fragment is the development of a new personality essence of energy that is unique to itself and also holds all of the information of all that has preceded it, so to speak. (279)

FREEDOM: freedom is merely the knowing of the expression of choice in any and every situation. (1368)

FRUSTRATION: is the outward expression or the objective expression of an individual within the moment that they are creating a narrowing of their perception, which limits their viewing of available choices. (680)

... is an emotional communication from the subjective awareness to the objective awareness that you do incorporate choices, but the objective awareness becomes confused and is unclear as to the nature of those choices, which also generates apprehension. (1289)

FUTURE: the future is not created in the future, for there is no future. There is merely the idea of the future, for as the future becomes actualized, it also is the present. (631)

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– G –

GATES OF HORN: is a call to yourself which creates a type of trigger that allows you to be moving spontaneously into other areas of consciousness, and specifically directing your movement into your objective. This creates a type of direct pathway to other areas of consciousness that you wish to be accessing, through your energy of essence. (Elias stresses all the above is figuratively speaking.) (674)

GENDER (male/female): is an expression of difference in function, the difference of energy in association with the design of your physical dimension. As intellect and intuition they move together in balance. Both are expressions of the whole, and therefore they are both spiritual.

The physical is an outward generation of energy associated with the masculine gender. It is intellectual, an aspect of the design, and is also connected to the physical expression in any form.

Emotions, which are communication, are an inward generating of energy associated to the feminine gender. It is intuition, also an aspect of the design of your physical dimension.

... is an expression of difference in function. (996)

GOVERNMENT: within the time of “before the beginning,” (grinning) there were no causes, so to speak, but there were establishments of societies; interactions and establishments of what you may view to be government. Government does not necessarily hold the meaning of what you view within your present day. Very primitive individuals also held what you may term as government within their societies, although you may not recognize their government! There was social order. (Digests: “before the beginning”)

‘GROWTH’: you may express growth as synonymous with learning, and knowledge, and knowing, and becoming. (Digests: About Elias; 154)

GUILT: is a feeling. It is the signal, and this is associated with communications that you are offering yourself concerning judgment upon self and devaluing yourself. (1019)

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– H –

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– I –

IMPATIENCE: a quickness in your movement, an anticipation, a lack of relaxation. (591)

IMPRESSION: a communication/presentment with yourself. An impression is a balance between intellect and intuition, and shall always spark a thought and/or a feeling. You receive the impression and you allow your intellect to place within a category. Impressions give you information about your essence families and their action. Their counterpart action is held within ‘the game’. (Digests: the game; 582)

... (as in, what is your impression?): not your thought or logic or rational process, but your feeling (about X). (596)

... your impression is different from your identification of thought information. Your impression is your inner communication to yourself. (617)

IMPULSE: an impulse is an automatic response urged by essence. It may or may not spark a thought or feeling. (Digests: the game)

... an impulse is an automatic response urged by essence. It may or may not spark a thought or feeling. (Digests: the game)

... are instructional, directional. They are directing you to be moving in certain areas to be accomplishing certain activity. This is your language to yourself from essence, which is ongoing throughout your focus. This occurs continuously. (183)

INDEPENDENCY: is merely the expression of allowing yourselves to be directing of your own individual course, so to speak, rather than allowing yourselves to be directed by circumstances, societies, other individuals, or by mass belief systems. (671)

INNER SELF: is your subjective awareness. (555)

... it is YOU! You ARE your inner self, (including ) this physical being! You, this physical being, are all of essence! You are merely focusing your attention in one direction that sees you, this one physical manifestation. (891)

INTELLECT: is that element which assesses your experiences and feeds information, within the circle of communication, to the subjective focus. (109)

INTENT: is the potential that an individual holds to be fulfilling of their individual value fulfillment within their pool of probabilities that they have chosen for the individual focus. (264)

... is the direction of exploration that you decided upon. (942)

... in any individual focus is a theme, so to speak, that continues throughout the entirety of the focus, from the onset of your manifestation to the moment that you choose to disengage, and is a general direction that you choose to be exploring within one focus. (1053)

INTRUSIVENESS: is an action in which you project energy to another individual intentionally, knowing that it is most likely to be received and configured in a hurtful manner. This is an irresponsible act; this is not an expression of essence. The type of intrusiveness that I am speaking to you of is the type of intrusiveness that devalues, the type that attempts to block choice, the type of irresponsibility that perpetuates trauma, that devalues the expressions regardless of whether you agree. To intentionally disregard the value of another individual is intrusive. (1532)

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– J –

JOY: in this signal of joy you may be in that moment expressing a subjective communication of validation to yourself. In this moment, simply and precisely, you are allowing yourself an acknowledgment of self, a trust, an acceptance and an allowance of free expression in your choice. That translates objectively into the signal of joy, which is recognized. (985)

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– K –

KARMA: karma was inserted into your reality as an explanation for the movement of energy that you held an awareness of – and continue to hold an awareness of – in drawing to yourself like expressions to what you project. In subsequent time frameworks you have expanded upon that belief and incorporated another aspect, which is the expression of cause and effect. (629)

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– L –

LOVE: is a quality of consciousness. It is the action of becoming. (275)

... is a truth, and the translation within your physical dimension of love is not attraction. It is that of knowing and appreciation, genuine appreciation, which appreciation is expressed in acceptance. In this, the knowing is also significant, actual knowing of yourself and knowing of another individual and expressing an acceptance which generates an appreciation. This is the genuine expression of love. (997)

... is that of knowing and appreciation, genuine appreciation, which appreciation is expressed in acceptance. In this, the knowing is also significant, actual knowing of yourself and knowing of another individual and expressing an acceptance which generates an appreciation. This is the genuine expression of love. (997)

... genuinely appreciation is the expression of love. I may express to you, in the expressions in which you genuinely offer your energy in appreciation and you do not incorporate an expectation, you may surprise yourself and create the reflection of what you offer in that appreciation. That, my friend, as love is a truth. (1167)

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– M –

MALE: male is the expression of outward, the physical manifestation, the outward production of manifestation, generating energy in power into a configuration of actual physical manifestation. (992)

MIND: mind is a combination of objective and subjective awareness. It takes in information from both objective and subjective awareness and combines these to be creating your outward and inward realities. Together they create what you recognize as you. (170)

MOTIVATION: motivation is the expression of finding your worth and trust in your ability, not merely to be doing what you do outwardly, but your ability to be creating any expression that you choose Ð the powerfulness of that knowing. Finding your motivation is remembering you and your movement, your tremendous expression of value of self, your worth of self, and your offering of that expression, which lies much more strongly within than the outward expression of what you do. (640)

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– N –

NO-CONFLICT: this exercise of no-conflict scenario is a temporary expression. In a manner of speaking, it is what you in your physical terms may identify as a type of stopgap expression. It offers you a temporary expression of acceptance of self in a time framework in which you are not presenting to yourself clarity in your freedom of choice. (665) (Exercises: no conflict game)

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– O –

OBJECTIVE AWARENESS: is the outward view of perception of reality. Objective movement, information, input, assessment, understanding, is assessed by your outer senses. You form your reality in harmony of both the objective and subjective awareness. Together, they create what you view as your self; that part of you which is not brain, but is mind. (170)

OBJECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS: likened to and encompassing your waking state and that which you designate as my conscious awareness. (Digests: objective/subjective awareness)

OBJECTIVE SELF: the objective self is the experiencing and executing element of your manifestation. (92)

OBJECTIVE (WAKING) CONSCIOUSNESS: your conscious state that deals with information projected out and received from ‘out’; as differentiated from your subjective states where information is directed and processed within. (92)

OPINION: may be expressed in conjunction with beliefs, and may be incorporating a judgment. But you do also hold the ability to be creating an opinion which is the objective expression associated in thought with preferences and NOT associated with judgments. (665)

ORIENTATION: orientation is a perception. It is how you view yourself, other individuals, and your world. (584)

... the designs of the orientations create the base layer of your perception, and your perception creates all of your reality. (526)

... is the color, the hue of the lens of your focus. Therefore, that element which creates your reality, that we identify as perception, is filtered through the colored lens of your orientation. (641)

... is your perception. It is what is creating your perception. Your beliefs are influencing of your perception and therefore create your perception also, but your orientation is an ingredient of your perception. (381).

ORIENTATION (SEXUAL): your orientation is not your emotional expression or creation. It is the manner in which you create your interpretation of all of your reality. Therefore, it is the representation of the physical aspect, which is the sexual, and in this, there is an identification in accuracy that your orientation be identified as sexual orientation, rather than identifying in the terms of emotional orientation. (601)

OUBLIETTE: your place of forgetting, which is your objective awareness. (Digests: objective/subjective awareness)

OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE (as distinct from projection of consciousness): a movement of the subjective and objective awarenesses away from the physical body consciousness. (908)

... (versus projection of consciousness): what you are defining in that action is a projection of the subjective awareness and the objective awareness entirely removing from the physical body consciousness. (746)

... an actual out-of-body experience is the removal of your subjective awareness and its interaction with the body consciousness. Therefore, the body consciousness is, in a manner of speaking, left to be functioning temporarily without interactiveness or instruction from the subjective awareness. (674)

OVERSOUL: essence; that which view some or all of the focuses. (Digests: oversoul).

... is an identification of an aspect of yourself which incorporates a wider awareness. IT IS you. But within physical focus and the design of your associations in this physical dimension in relation to OBJECTIVE awareness, it may be more easily understood as you associate(d) (with) another aspect of yourself, a wider awareness of yourself, in terms of an oversoul. (871)

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– P –

PATIENCE: patience is not the action of waiting, but the action of allowance. (591)

... is an action of allowance. It is an action of relaxing and allowing the flow of energy within yourself and allowing yourself to participate with other energies around you in allowance in whatever direction it shall naturally flow, without an expectation. (1496)

PERCEPTION: your perception is how you view yourself, how you view your world, how you interact with your world, how you interact with yourself, with each other, and HOW YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY. You create your reality through your perception. Perception is not visual seeing. Perception is not limited to your thought process. It is not limited to emotion. It is all-encompassing, and that element of yourself that you do not identify as a thing, for it is not your body and it is not your brain. It is that element of yourself that creates your reality, that places you in the awareness of reality within this physical dimension. It is your awareness, your objective awareness. (381)

... is a tool, in a manner of speaking, that allows you to be interactive with this physical dimension by creating your reality in this physical dimension. (Digests: belief system of perception)

... is the element of your consciousness, your reality that creates your reality. (Digests: belief system of perception)

... the element that creates your reality, and it is also the element within your reality that defines your reality to you objectively. (Digests: belief system of perception)

... is a projecting mechanism of your awareness. (834)

... is a mechanism that you incorporate in consciousness, in physical manifestation, which projects outwardly from yourself and actually creates and generates ALL of the physical manifestations. (942)

... is an instrument of creation. (654)

PREFERENCE: preference is an expression that your attention directs. (986)

... is many times merely an exhibition of an individual and their expression of leaning in energy in a particular direction with any particular subject matter, but not necessarily creating a judgment in association with the subject matter. (665)

PREFERENCES: are merely preferred beliefs. (1368)

PROBABILITIES: are choices. (109)

... within this time framework, there is a tremendous movement in energy, which individuals, yourself also, are presenting themselves with the opportunity to view your own responses, you own interaction with other individuals, your responses to the choices and the creations of other individuals, not merely yourself, and the choices that you create in response to the choices that other individuals create. ALL of these actions are probabilities. (550)

PROBABILITY: is a possible choice. There are countless numbers of probabilities/choices. All probabilities are actualized, though all are not actualized within your focus. This is what Regional Area 2 is comprised of choices. (65)

PROBABLE SELF: is created by the focus as a projection within alternate realities which appears in choices that have been NOT manifest into your official reality. That is, each time you create a choice that is altering of your direction within your focus, the choices that you have NOT chosen to insert into your official reality become those probabilities which are also manifest, but create probable realities in parallel dimensions to this particular dimension. (279)

... the creation of the probable self is an automatic action. It automatically occurs in time frameworks in moments in which you alter directions. It matters not how you alter your direction. But in any manner that you choose to be diverting your direction and creating a different direction, you automatically create a probable self which continues. (986)

... are generated within moments of what you may term to be intense choice, almost in what you may express as crossroad choices. In every moment that you generate a choice which creates a direction, you also generate countless probable selves. If you choose to be moving your physical location, at the moment that you generate that choice and move your physical location you also generate countless probable selves to be expressing all other probabilities in association with your one choice to move your physical location of your dwelling, so to speak. This is an example of how you generate probable selves. As you choose one mate, you also generate countless probable selves that choose other expressions. (1018)

PROJECTION: in projection you allow yourself to move your consciousness, subjectively and objectively, in part, so to speak, away from your physical body consciousness, and without the encumbering of the physical matter of body expression, you may allow yourself more of a freedom of movement. In a manner of speaking figuratively, you divide your awareness and allow an element of your consciousness to be continuing in interaction with your body consciousness subjectively, but you also allow yourself an element of your consciousness, subjectively and objectively, to be moving freely through consciousness, moving through the barriers, so to speak, of time, space, and even at times dimensions. Let me express to you, this also is an influence of your belief systems, for in actuality, you may allow yourself this same type of movement WITH the incorporation of your physical body. But as you do not believe that you may move through time or space arrangements dimensionally incorporating the physical body expression, you do not allow yourself the freedom of that type of movement. Whereas you DO allow yourself this type of movement in the design of what you create as what may be identified as an ‘astral body.’ This also is a creation that you have engaged as a means to be continuing with your identification of self as you move through consciousness. (674)

PROJECTION: is the action of allowing aspects of your consciousness to be moving freely; not in association with your body consciousness. (674)

PROJECTIONS OF CONSCIOUSNESS (versus out of body experience): you are, in actuality, allowing an aspect of the subjective awareness to continue to be held in relation to the body consciousness and directing of the body consciousness, and you are allowing your objective and an aspect of the subjective awareness to project from the body consciousness and create more of a mobility within your physical dimension, and at times also within other areas of consciousness. (Even though Elias doesn’t state this is his definition of a projection in consciousness, I think it is implied.) (746)

PURPOSE OF CONSCIOUSNESS: continuous action of becoming and continuous exploration and experiencing of consciousness. (Digests: becoming)

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– Q –

QUALITY: quality may be defined with one word, expression. The quality of any aspect of consciousness, be it a color, a tone, a family, a particular energy, is the expression of it. Not necessarily an attribute, for this implies an association with good, and the qualities are neutral. (922)

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– R –

REGIONAL AREA 1: Regional Area 1 is merely the designation of a physical reality and the objective awareness within that reality. There are many Regional Area 1’s. All physical realities hold a Regional Area 1. This is the area in which you hold objective familiarity. It is all that you know objectively. This is your waking state. (488)

REGIONAL AREA 2: is comprised of choices. Within Regional Area 2, all of your personal choices for your individual focus are manifest. They also connect with all other individuals, but this is not a collective consciousness area. That we will be reserving for Regional Area 3. (65)

... is the creative area, within consciousness, of creation and manifestation of Regional Area 1 of consciousness. (139)

... all of your manifestations that are created in Regional Area 1 originates within Regional Area 2. Within Regional Area 2, you have created myths, ideas, creations, thoughts, emotions, landscapes, and scenarios of events, objects or reality. These are what your physical reality stems from. (85)

REGIONAL AREA 3: this is an area of consciousness of transition. There are other actions that occupy this area of consciousness also, but within your understanding and your awareness of action, you may be more closely aligned with the notions of the action of transition for this area of consciousness. (Digests: Regional Area 3 (RA3))

REGIONAL AREA 4: there is continual change, not of time but of action. (135)

REGRET: is a sign that the natural expression of essence is not present. (1532)

REMEMBRANCE: the widening of your awareness objectively to the point that you incorporate a state of being which KNOWS the lack of separation. (Digests: remembrance)

... is not memory but a state of being of self, an acceptance of self – the knowing and the acknowledgment of the gloriousness of yourselves, and the incredible exhibition of wonderment and energy expression that you hold. (646)

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– S –

SEXUALITY: your physical reality, physical expressions and physical manifestations. (902)

... who you are within your physical focus, your perception of yourself and your world. Your sexuality is creating your perception. (378)

... sexuality is all of your identification within your interaction of self and your world. It is your perception: how you view yourself, how you view other individuals, how you view your world, how you view events, how you view ALL of your reality. This all falls within the cage of sexuality, for it is your perception. (387)

... as a base element of the design of this physical dimension, sexuality incorporates ALL physical manifestation, all physical expression. (942)

... is a base element of your physical dimension (the other being emotion.) Sexuality is not sexual activity. Sexuality is all that you generate physically, the physical expression of manifestation in any form, which is also associated with the masculine gender. The masculine gender is the intellectual, which is an aspect of the design of this physical dimension. (996)

SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS: in the shift you are widening your awareness and incorporating subjective consciousness into objective awareness. (Digests: shift in consciousness)

SHIFT’S INTENT: the validation of yourself and your movement. That no one shall be dictated to by another is the point in the action of the shift. In other words, the ending of discounting yourself. (336)

[ENERGY] SIGNATURE: the orientation that you hold within one particular focus couples itself with the choice of personality expression, and is an identification of that particular energy signature of the individual. It is quite influencing individually in each focus with respect to how you interpret yourself, your interactions, and your world, and also how you create your reality through that interpretation. (Digests: energy signatures; 573)

SIGNATURE COLOR: signature color is the base or underlying color of your individual energy field. Other colors are superimposed upon that base color as projected by your eight energy centers, but the base color is what you may term to be your signature color. (591)

... the essence color, not alignment color. (From my taped session with Elias.)

SOURCE ENERGY (also known as force pattern): may be classified quite simply as ALL of the energy and movement, imagery and creation, collective and individual, which may be designated within Regional Area 2, or any regional area of consciousness that may be translatable into objective awareness within Regional Area 1. That would include this energy exchange with Regional Area 4. (Digests: equations; 506)

SPLINTER: may be likened to the probable self in that it is a projection of you.” The difference is that this particular type of projection may be projected into your officially accepted physical reality.” You may meet another aspect of yourself that has been projected by you into this particular physical focus, and it shall be another individual holding its own integrity and creating its own choices within its own focus.” It shall remain an element or an aspect of your essence unless it is choosing through its own desire to be fragmented and become its own essence. (279)

SPIRITUALITY: I shall term to be merely the accomplishment of your value fulfillment within your particular focus. (299)

... a more realistic expression of spirituality is to be incorporating ALL of you, which also would encompass all of your physical expressions and the acceptance of all of your physical expressions, which you – within your belief systems – move in the direction of denying physical expressions as not being an element of spirituality. In this, the acceptance of the entirety of self in all of its expressions and all of its creations would be the definition of spirituality, not merely the expressions of nonphysical aspects of essence, or that which you term to be self. (336)

... your spirituality is the expression of ALL of yourself, what you create and then explore. (589)

SUBJECTIVE ACTION: your subjective action creates your desire. (170)

SUBJECTIVE AWARENESS: all of your consciousness which is not waking consciousness. This would be including all altered states, in your terminology, all other focuses, all dream imagery, all of which you consider to be removed or subconscious. Many individuals within their belief systems also attribute this to being super-consciousness or cosmic consciousness. They are all the same. They are subjective awareness, which is the larger aspect of you as essence. This holds tremendous information and also imagery. (183)

SUBJECTIVE COMMUNICATION: subjective communications are expressed through physical affects, emotion, impressions, impulses, intuition. (755)

SUBJECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS: that element of consciousness which encompasses all other states; all states that you term to be altered states, your dream state also, meditative states, hypnotic states. Any altered state of consciousness, in your terms, would be encompassed within your subjective activity. This also will be designated as what you presently think of as your unconscious element of yourself, although it is not unconscious! (Digests: objective/subjective awareness)

SUBJECTIVE MOVEMENT: the subjective deals with you, the subject. It is the inward view and creation of reality. You form your reality in harmony of both objective and subjective movement; the objective movement, information, input, assessment, (and) understanding, is assessed by your outer senses, while the subjective movement is assessed by your inner senses. Together, they create your reality. Together, they create what you view as your self, that part of you which is not brain, but is mind. (170)

1. The subjective self is the creative aspect, the initiating aspect, of your manifestation.
2. The subjective self is directly connected to mass consciousness and Regional Area 2. Therefore, information is obtained through Regional Area 2 within the collective consciousness, filtered into individual manifestations of reality, interpreted individually, and projected into objective self.
3. You incorporate subjective experience within your dream element, for you incorporate mass events within this area of consciousness also.
4. There is no time element within the subjective self. (92)

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– T –

TFE - TRANSFOCAL ENCOUNTER: viewing other focuses while in an altered state. Sometimes referred to as ‘past life regression,’ but within the concept of simultaneous time, all focuses occur simultaneously, and there is no ‘past.’ (Digests: the new game (trans-focal encounters); 89)

THICKNESS: thickness in energy or a lack of thickness in energy may be identified as more of a difficulty in movement of energy at times, which also is quite influenced by your beliefs. Energy may ‘feel’ thinner if you allow yourself to direct your choices. That is, in allowing yourself to move within an energy that is not thick, you allow your energy field to relax and flow, and in that flow you do not attach judgment. (917)

THINKING: thinking is an intricate mechanism within your reality. It continuously translates information that you offer to yourselves within all of your objective expressions, even dreams. (Digests: attention (doing and choosing))

THOUGHT: thought processes are a creation of physical focus. You think in terms of language, which is symbolic. Thoughts, within physical focus, are symbolic energy. They are symbols. They are a language. All that you view is a translation. All that you think is a translation. Within other areas of consciousness, thought is not what you “think!” (135)

... elements of consciousness are translated into our physical language. In that our thought processes are also a form of physical language. It is a translation of energy, and this is your means of communication to yourself and to other individuals, within physical terms. Consciousness can also be expressed through tone, but it is more difficult than consciousness being translated into thought energy. (336)

... does not precede action, but is a translator of communication of what you are expressing within. For instance, it could be what choice you are entertaining. (902)

... is a mechanism that you have created in this physical dimension to interpret and translate information that you offer to yourself through communication. (901)

... is a creation of objective focus. The organization of energy pattern which you distinguish as thought is an objective creation. You do not think subjectively. I do not engage thought as you think of it. It is an arrangement of energy which is a communication, a language. (150)

NORM: So why do we have to have thought?
ELIAS: You have chosen this as your language.
NORM: In other words, we could have thought and not have to have belief systems.
ELIAS: Correct.
NORM: Are there existences like that?
ELIAS: Within physical focuses, no. (150)

THOUGHTS: are translations of energy. (77)

... within physical focus, are symbolic energy. They are symbols. They are a language. (Digest: out-of-body experiences.)

TIME: time is an element. It is not the cause for the effect, for there is no cause and effect. It is a creative invention that you have produced; a dimension within your physical focus to aid your experience. It allows you a slowing of motion of consciousness, that you may view singularly; that you may view events and experiences singularly. (135)

... is a perception. It is not a thing in itself. It is a creation of perception that you hold to slow events. This allows you the opportunity to experience singularly, individually, and with no distortion of the event. Many physical focuses incorporate time elements for this offers you an exaggerated opportunity for experience without confusion, for you are concentrated with your attention in one direction. (151)

... is a movement, an energy of consciousness. You incorporate this movement or this energy and configure it in a particular design to facilitate generating physical manifestations. (1107)

TRANSITION: transition may be a manifestation, within nonphysical focus, of anything that you believe. (64)

TRUTH: truths, within consciousness, are those elements of consciousness that are within ALL dimensions and that hold an element of significance within ALL areas of consciousness, physical and nonphysical. Their translation may be different, but they are constants. Truths are constants that may not be eliminated or annihilated. Energy is a truth. Color is a truth. Tone is another. Vibration is a truth. Reality is a truth. You creating your reality is a truth. Consciousness and its different areas of awareness are truths. You are a truth. Belief systems incorporate a much wider area, for they incorporate much imagination, but even within this you incorporate truth, for all thought becomes imagination and all thought is energy, which is truth, which is also reality. Therefore, all imagination is a reality, which is also a truth! (275; 45)

... are constant and transcend all areas of consciousness and all dimensions, physical and non-physical. Love is a truth. Color, tone, reality, consciousness, energy are also truths. (162)

... truths are constants and absolutes throughout all of consciousness. Truths, within consciousness, are those elements of consciousness that are within ALL dimensions and that hold an element of significance within ALL areas of consciousness, physical and nonphysical. Their translation may be different, but they are constants. Color is a truth. (275)

... an example of a truth (which we innately know) is that we hold many manifestations, (though most hold a belief, which is added to that truth, that the manifestations move in a linear fashion, which is a distortion of that truth.) Another example of a truth is ‘karma’, which, in truth, is that we, as an expression of essence, draw to ourselves what we believe, like expressions and creations which we are creating. This is distorted in the concept of karma, which is based on the belief that if you harm anything, it shall come back to haunt us. And we will draw that because this is what we create. But it isn’t set in concrete. There are no lessons. (595)

... an action that is translated in every area of consciousness. (1018)

TRUTHS: are constants that may not be eliminated or annihilated. Energy is a truth. Color is a truth. Vibration is a truth. Reality is a truth. You creating your reality is a truth. Consciousness and its different areas of awareness are truths. You are a truth. Belief systems incorporate a much wider area, for they incorporate much imagination, but even within this you incorporate truth, for all thought becomes imagination and all thought is energy, which is truth, which is also reality. Therefore, all imagination is a reality, which is also a truth! (45)

... are elements that are consistent and may be translated throughout consciousness regardless of the manifestation or the area of consciousness, physical or nonphysical, and in some manner may be relevant or relative to all of consciousness. Therefore, in conjunction with exploration and becoming, you may identify this to be a truth within consciousness. (549)

... are merely your beliefs which have been set into absolutes; to you they are true, but they are not necessarily true to another individual. (1695)

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– U –

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– V –

VALUE: a recognition of self. It is intrinsic, not acquired or generated outwardly. It is an expression and identification of worth, (worth being an intrinsic quality of every aspect of consciousness, and is not associated with the production of any expression or the manifestation of any thing.) (1029)

VALUE FULFILLMENT: as every link of consciousness is moving around all the time it loves to experience new associations, so it is acquiring an infinite number of associations and that’s its value fulfillment. (205)

... is the natural action of your existence. It is the action of becoming. (264)

VICTIM: is any expression that holds little or no choice, and you are not this. (640)

... the expression of victim is generated in moments in which the individual does not view that they incorporate choice. They are choiceless in the moment, or they perceive themselves to be, and therefore some other aspect of your reality is creating your reality for you. (1019)

VULNERABILITY: you may express yourself freely, you may generate your choices, you offer yourself the freedom of the expression of your power, and you express a genuine openness. THIS is vulnerability – openness. (1306)

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– W –

WAR: war is an action that fails to recognize the existence of choice. (573)

WALK-INS: these are exchanges of focuses of other dimensions. They are reality. (Digests: alternate selves; 183)

WAVES OF CONSCIOUSNESS: the present waves you are participating in are duplicity, which is expressed in this reality as the judgment of right and wrong; and sexuality, which is expressed as all of your physical reality, physical expressions and physical manifestations. (902)

WEEPING: is an automatic expression of your physical body to release tension. (997)

WHO AM I/WHAT AM I?: you are essence and you are within a continual state of becoming. This is consciousness. This is essence. This is you. (284)

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– X –

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– Y –

YOU: you create objective and subjective reality, and they create what you recognize as you. (170)

YOU: within the design of this particular physical dimension, you have created an expression of separation in which you focus aspects of your attention as essence in very specific directions. This creates what I have identified as an individual focus, which is your identification of you. (637)

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– Z –

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