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energy signatures

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “You all appear quite different [to me], for you each hold your individual energy signature, so to speak. In this, you create your own combinations of energy that you project as you manifest through your emotions, your thoughts, your physical feelings, all of your senses, inner and outer. There are many working elements to you, and all of these are expressed through energy.” [session 347, December 11, 1998]

ELIAS: “Each of you, in your uniqueness and within your individuality, as I have expressed previously, are so very highly individual and unique that you each possess your own energy signature, in a manner of speaking, just as we have discussed within previous sessions in comparison to your physical fingerprints.

Your individual expression of tone and vibrational quality and personality are so very highly unique and individualized to you yourself that it may be compared to physical fingerprints not being duplicated within the physical expression of any other individual throughout your history within your physical dimension.

There are no two identically the same, and in this, you each hold a particular energy signature which is unique to yourself.” [session 506, November 24, 1999]

Elias “gems”

FORREST: “I have a quick question. In referring to color as a truth, tonality as a truth, is the truth from which those are derived the same? (Twelve-second pause)

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

FORREST: Would that be the same truth which is referenced by, in my language, the modal aspect of qualition of an energy signature?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. In one respect you may express that they are expressions of the same source, for all is an expression of the same source, for all is consciousness. But in another respect they are creations of that source in different areas of intent, and therefore hold different qualities of consciousness which are unique to themselves.” [session 275, April 23, 1998]

MARGOT: “In chatting with Mary just now, she tells me that there’s a little lady that comes up her street every day, and every time she looks at her, she thinks it’s me. The first look she gets, she always thinks it’s me. So, can you enlighten her a little bit on that, or me?

ELIAS: This individual would be another focus of your essence ...


ELIAS: ... which is manifest within this same time framework in this same general location of country as yourself, and also is an example to you and to other individuals of the manifestation within physical form of essences and their preference as to particular forms or appearances. As I have stated previously, essences choose a particular form that they are fond of, so to speak, and create many of their manifestations in like manner to this particular physical expression. In this situation, your essence chooses to be manifesting very similarly to your body type and physical appearance that you have manifest within this particular focus. This be the reason that this individual physically appears to hold a very strong resemblance to you.

Now; let me express to you that not every individual that bears a striking physical resemblance to another individual will necessarily be another manifest focus of the same essence, but many, many times this shall be the situation.

MARGOT: That’s exciting, that she has somebody on her street that I never knew was there!

(Vic’s note: I spoke to this woman briefly when I was Vermont. She does bear a striking resemblance to Margot!)

ELIAS: It is an interesting phenomenon to be physically witnessing other manifestations of one essence that you may physically view that are resembling of each other, and in this, the reason that an individual is struck by the remembrance of another individual is that the individual that they are viewing not only physically resembles another individual, but carries a very similar energy signature. Therefore, there is also an immediate draw to the new individual, or there is an immediate repelling if the situation has presented itself within one focus that these individuals are repelled by each other. Even in your not holding an objective relationship with this individual or viewing them to be what you would term to be a stranger, your response within physical focus merely to their appearance and their energy shall be quite similar to the response that you hold with the other individual that you have established an objective relationship with.” [session 306, August 09, 1998]

SALLY: “Elias, could you tell Pat where her mom is now, who was also my favorite aunt Sophie?

ELIAS: This individual engages the action of transition. In this, you may experience certain time frameworks that you interpret as interaction of yourself and this individual.

Let me explain to you that what you are engaging is an energy deposit of this individual that has been offered to be comforting at certain time periods to you, but the actual focus of the individual engages the action of transition, therefore is not engaged in direct interaction with individuals within physical focus, for individual focuses which are engaged in the action of transition non-physically do not interact directly with individuals within physical focus.

In this, you may encounter individuals within physical focus that express to you that they are accessing a disengaged relative, so to speak, or friend, or any other individual. They are accessing energy which has been in conjunction with that individual focus, therefore holds its energy signature, so to speak, and also holds information of the individual, but is not the individual themselves, for the individual focus engages transition, and within the action of transition, that particular focus shall engage all of its attention in that area, viewing all of its focuses. Therefore, it does not directly interact with physical focus.

Also, the point of the action of transition is to be disengaging – eliminating, not accepting, eliminating – belief systems. Therefore, it shall not be reinforcing of these physical belief systems by interaction with physical focuses. It also holds the objective, so to speak, in disengaging objective awareness. In this, it also would be defeating of the point to be engaging with physical focus if the focus is disengaging objective awareness.

Therefore, what you are engaging is an element that the individual has projected and has allowed to remain, so to speak, within your physical dimension, which is an energy projection of their energy.

SALLY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 339, November 13, 1998]

JOANNE: “This might seem silly, but when you’re sitting there now and you’re looking at us, do you see me in the same form as when Michael [Mary] is looking at me, or do you just see energy? I’ve wondered that.

ELIAS: I do not view you in the manner that Michael [Mary] views you. Michael [Mary] views you in physical matter and within your physical form. I view energy.

JOANNE: So what does that look like?

NANCY: Do we look healthy? (Everybody cracks up)

JOANNE: Like, what does it look like?

CAROLE: Do we all look the same?

JOANNE: Yeah, do we all look the same? Does one look brighter? What is it, Elias? What do you see? (Elias is grinning throughout this exchange)

ELIAS: No, you do not all appear the same. You all appear quite different, for you each hold your individual energy signature, so to speak. In this, you create your own combinations of energy that you project as you manifest through your emotions, your thoughts, your physical feelings, all of your senses, inner and outer. There are many working elements to you, and all of these are expressed through energy.

JOANNE: Now, the reason that I was curious to ask you that question is, as you’re sitting there now in Michael’s [Mary’s] physical focus, the eye contact and everything is so ... it’s as though you were looking at me the way Michael [Mary] does. So, that’s what made me curious, because the eye contact, the gestures, the whole thing is what made me think that you saw me that way, because if you’re just seeing us as energy or so forth, it seems like eye contact wouldn’t come into play, or is that just part of what makes it easier for us to talk to you?

ELIAS: Partially. I view visually your energy, but I focus my energy in a manner that is familiar to you and that shall be acceptable to you.

NANCY: Does our energy change while you’re viewing us over the course of an hour or so, or does it pretty much stay stationary? In the sense of, can you tell when we’re more open, or when we contract and say ‘bullshit,’ you know?

ELIAS: Correct. Your energy is continuously in motion, and it is quite obvious to view which direction each of you move in and your responses and your interaction with my energy ... regardless of your verbalizations!” [session 347, December 11, 1998]

KATIE: “Okay, back to this business with [my friend] Tom. He has told me that there is what he calls a ‘light-body’ that is with me all of the time, and that it is an extension of himself that acts independently of him on occasion, and I feel this light-body around me a lot. He’s also told me that there’s a light-body of mine that is around him all of the time, and he is able to see it, feel it, hear it, I mean everything, objectively. I’m curious about what this light-body thing is.

ELIAS: This is a translation in the designation of terms, in a manner of speaking. It is a creation of term to be offering an explanation or an identification of an aspect of self.

As I have stated many times, there are countless you’s of you.

Now; in this, as a whole, so to speak, there is a tremendous interconnectedness, and therefore none of the elements, none of the you’s, in a manner of speaking, move not in conjunction with any of the other you’s of you. These are all of the aspects of you within one focus. This is not the entirety of essence. This is merely the manifestation of one focus and all of the aspects that are associated with that one focus. In this, you may be manipulating energy within your focus to be directing of very many aspects of you in very many different directions.

Now; the action of this is quite similar to the action that you accept as occurring within nonphysical areas of consciousness.

You look to myself as an essence within nonphysical areas of consciousness and you accept the concept that I may be interactive and present in many, many, many different areas and situations simultaneously. This is not difficult for you to conceptualize. You do not entirely assess this concept as a reality or hold an entire understanding of this, but you accept this concept and you do not question its reality.

In like manner, you within physical focus are continuously creating the same type of action, but you do not think in these terms. You think of yourself as being a singular entity. Therefore, you also think to yourselves – and believe – that if you are projecting through consciousness, you are projecting yourself – that you identify as you, this singular entity – away from the physical vessel of your body into other areas, but you do not view yourself as projecting into many, many, many areas simultaneously and interacting in all of these areas and situations simultaneously, for you are directing your attention singularly. But in actuality, your reality moves quite similarly within physical focus as it moves within nonphysical focus. In this, you are merely focusing your attention singularly. Therefore, you view yourself as one singular entity and all of your projections as one singular entity.

Now; in this, it is quite common that individuals may be projecting energy in the manner of an aspect of themself, of their focus, to be interactive with another individual and not hold their directed attention within that aspect, for as I have spoken previously, you direct your attention in singular manner. Therefore, you create what we term to be a primary aspect. This is the aspect that you recognize as you, which you recognize as creating of your emotional qualities, your thought processes, your movements objectively, subjectively, and within all of your reality. This is your primary aspect. This is not to say that all of your other aspects are not equally involved and active within your focus. They merely do not hold your primary attention, your focus of attention.

Therefore, within your focus, you may be projecting many different aspects of yourself in many different directions, and you may, dependent upon the amount of attention you turn to any one of those aspects, hold an awareness of their interactions, of their movements, of their creations, and you may express to yourself and to other individuals that they seem to be creating independently of you at certain times. In actuality, in one respect you may express that they are creating independently, for each aspect holds the ability to be creating of its individual choices, but in another respect it is not independent, for it is intimately interconnected and IT IS YOU.

In this, I have expressed previously the analogy, in comparison to the idea, of different aspects of one focus to be different aspects of YOU, which are you and may not be separated from you, but hold different qualities. I have expressed at times that you may view these different aspects of you in like manner to different emotions that you express. All of these different emotions that you identify are all you. They are all expressions of you and may not be separated from you, but they are all different expressions of you and are not necessarily primarily expressed simultaneously objectively. You do not express anger and joyfulness simultaneously objectively. You choose one or another. Therefore you create a primary expression in like manner to the primary aspect, which is your primary attention and direction of your focus.

You may also liken these different aspects of self in comparison to all of the molecules and all of the cells that make up your physical form, your physical body. All of your physical cells are an element of you. They all move in cooperation with each other to be the expression which creates the projection of your physical form. One may not be removed from your physical form and be projected as you singularly, but one may be removed from you and it shall hold all of the encoding of you. It may not be identified as another individual or belonging to another individual, for it holds your signature. In like manner, all of the aspects of you hold your energy signature. They are all you.

Therefore, in this, the terminology of ‘light-body’ is merely your physical identification of an aspect of self, and I express to you that he is correct in his identification of his recognition of the projection of one aspect of self that may hold physical presence with you each.

KATIE: Okay. Some of the interactions have been of a more intimate nature. I’ve asked Tom about this a number of times too. Sometimes he tells me it’s simply the way the energy translates within me. Other times he makes it clear that yes, he’s there, objectively aware, and that is his intention, and then other times he’s told me that it’s not him at all, but a projection of my own energy made to feel like him. Are all of these true at different times? (Pause)


KATIE: Okay. How can I tell when it’s my own projection?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, you may identify your manifestations of certain expressions by – once again – their energy signature. You may identify this energy signature through different methods, so to speak ... as you are so very fond of methods!

In this, within the moment that you are experiencing certain expressions of energy, you may assess to yourself, in exploration, what YOU are engaging within your focus within that particular time framework. At times, you may be creating of an energy expression yourself and you may be identifying it in other terms, as this may be comforting to you and this may offer you a quietness and a feeling of acceptance, which you within your focus recognize in that moment that you may be needing of, in a manner of speaking ... for in actuality, there is no thing that you are needing of, but within your perception in physical terms, you DO perceive that you hold needs at times.

In this, as you project energy and identify it in other terms, as not the expression of self, you may recognize that it is or is not your creation of your own expression by examining the elements of your focus within that immediate time framework, for you shall project to you the fulfillment of your needs immediately. You shall respond to you in whatever manner is efficient to yourself in accomplishing of fulfilling the direction that you are attending to in an immediate manner.

Therefore, at times, you may be experiencing a connection of energy in any certain type of expression, and it may appear to you to be expressed within a time framework that is unexpected, so to speak. It seems in your objective awareness to be completely unrelated to your creations objectively, and it may appear to you objectively to not be consistent with your creations within the moment.

Now, be remembering that in this investigation of this type, you need be also examining quite intricately your creations within your focus, for some of your creations are underlying and may not appear quite as obvious objectively as other creations. But in these situations that I have just expressed, it shall be easy for you to identify that the energy expression may be a projection from another individual.

Whereas within your expressions of energy to yourself, initially, objectively, it may appear in the same manner, but as you begin to assess the creation and evaluate the creations within your objective expressions within that time framework in relation to many different directions, you may offer yourself the identification that the expression may be in that moment an expression offered to you by self to be reinforcing or validating or comforting to you, and it shall choose the most efficient manner to be comforting to you, and in this, if you are experiencing the feeling of affinity with respect to another individual, you may choose this type of expression to offer to yourself, recognizing your own willingness to accept those types of expressions from another individual more readily than you may accept the nurturing from self.

KATIE: Okay. That makes it a lot clearer. Let me ask you this. Has the majority of the time been my own projection? (Pause)

ELIAS: More of the expressions are expressions from self than actual projections from this other individual, and this is also quite common and another indication that you may look to.

Other individuals do not necessarily project expressions of self to another individual objectively very often. This is a less frequent action which occurs, even within quite interconnected individuals. They are not projecting objective expressions to each other continuously or in what you may term to be often expressions.

KATIE: Okay. But there was this type of exchange and projection going on prior to us meeting objectively, wasn’t there?

ELIAS: Correct. Now in this also, as you DO hold these expressions of energy projections of aspects of self in relation to each other, which holds presence with each other, this may also be translated into these types of experiences, for the aspect which is projected to you may lend an element of its energy signature to be reinforcing of your expression of energy to yourself, and in this, you may at times hold a slight confusion in identifying the expression of self and the expression projected by this individual. There may appear to be an element that feels like this individual, in your terms. This is continued to be an expression of self. It is merely being lent a reinforcement by that aspect which connects itself with you within your physical proximity.” [session 428, July 20, 1999]

JEREMY: “When I created my world of [comic book] stories and characters, was I doing so based on a connection with any of my other focuses or subjective experiences along other lines, and if so, can you cite a few examples? (Pause)

ELIAS: You do incorporate into your creativity elements of connections with other focuses within this dimension and within other-dimensional focuses, although these are all translations into your understanding and your energy and your creative expression within this particular focus.

Now; in this, you have drawn upon energy from several other focuses, one other-dimensional focus in particular which lends energy to you within your creativity, which in your translation in physical objective terms may appear to you as a watery creature, holding no form in actuality – no consistent creation of form – but which may appear to be a watery type of being, which its energy lends to you, in your translation, the ability of changeability within your creative expression.

You also draw from several focuses within this dimension which translate slightly differently into your creative expression, but one focus holds the position of a warrior, and in this lends an element of what you objectively translate into your creativity as strength.

Another focus which lends energy to you in translation into your creativity is a female peasant, which offers to you what you translate to be an earthy interconnectedness, an....

JEREMY: A female what?

ELIAS: Peasant.

This is an identification of the interconnectedness of individuals and all of your planet, allowing you the ability to be manipulating of your environment, so to speak, which also translates into your creativity.

JEREMY: Okay. What happens to things we create, like with characters? Are they merely thought-forms, being extensions of ourselves? Or do they ... CAN they move on and become more?

ELIAS: This is dependent upon your choices and how you are manipulating energy.

Now; in this, let us view what you in physical focus term to be artistic expressions, in the area of musical composition and of painting expressions. These are two obvious examples within your physical creations that you may view certain qualities of the expressions.

Now; in this, some expressions, within either musical compositions or expressions of illustrations or paintings, may appear to be merely an expression of the individual and hold the energy signature of that individual, but they appear or seem to not extend any farther, so to speak; this is figuratively speaking.

In other terms, you may encounter other types of musical compositions or illustrated or painted compositions, and they appear quite differently. They appear not merely to hold the energy signature of the individual that has created them, but they also seem to hold an energy of their own, as if they have been created into an entity of their own.

Now; the reason that you connect with this recognition of these types of expressions is that the composition does hold the energy signature of the individual that has created it, but what it also may hold is an aspect of that individual focus which has been allowed to be projected outwardly and has been allowed to continue independently of the focus.

This is a similar action to fragmentation, but in very physical, figurative terms, a much, much smaller scale.

This would be likened to any individual, any focus, any essence projecting an aspect of itself into any other element within its physical creation – a creature, a plant, a rock. It matters not. You hold the ability within essence to be projecting an aspect of essence or of a particular focus into any of these elements to be experiencing the creations of that element of your reality, such as a creature or any vegetation, an ocean, a mountain, a rock. It matters not.

In similar manner, you may project an aspect of yourself into one of your creations or all of your creations or several of your creations, and in this, not merely you shall recognize that this creation appears to take on, so to speak, a life of its own, in your terms, but other individuals shall recognize this quality also, for you have allowed yourself to project an aspect of yourself into your physical creation, therefore breathing into it its own manifestation, allowing it to be continuing within its own element, so to speak, within its own right, in a manner of speaking. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: Therefore, this be your choice of how you shall be creating within your creativity and what you shall project within it. Appear it not strange to you that certain individuals may be deemed as great masters and they shall be revered for their creations and their creations shall be enduring throughout your linear physical time, and other individuals may be creating and their expressions of creativity do not hold this quality? This is the reason.” [session 430, July 21, 1999]

FRANK: “… I have a belief system that my physicalness is separated from my spirituality. That’s something that I really haven’t addressed, almost indirectly, as being aware of the effect of that. So now I have that too, which is, I think, major to my physical situation overall.

ELIAS: Correct, which has always been present, but within your addressment to these issues, you have not held readiness to be addressing to this, to this point, for this becomes more abstract.

You have been moving in the direction with myself of absolute physical expressions: ‘Speak to me, Elias, in absolute terms, in concepts that I may understand objectively,’ and I have offered you information in this manner. Now you move into areas that you may view to be slightly more abstract, in the area of the lack of separation of your physical form and that element which you perceive to be the consciousness of you. There is no separation.

I express to you that you may remove any element of your physical form, and it shall contain the encoding of all of the rest of your physical form. It shall not contain any other energy signature but yours. In like manner, your consciousness IS your physical form. It may not be separated from that elusive element that you identify as the you of you. An element of the you of you IS your physical expression! They are not two entities. It is one creation, and in this, as you begin to recognize this, you also may address to the movement and the functioning of your physical form.

Simultaneously, you shall also be engaging step three [of accepting self and belief systems (1)], and this shall be affecting of you physically also. But in recognition of the lack of separation ... for what shall you separate if it is all one and not two entities? In this recognition of no separation, you also shall begin to address to the concept that your physical body is not creating elements outside of your permission or outside of your control. It is not sabotaging you!” [session 431, July 23, 1999]

LETTY: “Elias, I was told via messenger [my friend Stella] that my color is ochre red. Could you tell me a little bit more about what this color ochre red signifies for me?

ELIAS: This is a vibrational quality. Therefore, what I am expressing in this is that you resonate in your vibrational quality to the vibrational quality of specific colors.

Be remembering that as I have expressed previously, color is a truth. Therefore, color is incorporated into every area of consciousness, every dimension. Every expression of consciousness, the vibrational quality of color may be incorporated into. It is not merely relative to one particular dimension within consciousness or one area of consciousness. Therefore, in this, your essence and this particular focus of essence resonates with this particular vibrational quality.

Now; this in some manners may be difficult to offer an explanation [of] within your translation of physical language, for this does not necessarily translate entirely into physical areas that you may objectively identify.

I may express to you that the underlying constant, so to speak, of energy which is projected to your energy field within your physical focus is this color.

Now; do not misunderstand. If you are viewing an individual’s energy field, it may appear to be many colors. Or, it may appear to be one color generally, with elements of other colors dispersed throughout it. Or, it may be created with the configuration of a solidness of one color which appears to be surrounding the physical body form, and a ring of color which surrounds that color. There are many different configurations of color that may be incorporated into the expression of an energy field, NONE of which may necessarily be this particular color that I am expressing to you that you resonate with.

Therefore, I may express to an individual that their color that they resonate with may be a specific hue of blue, and you may allow yourself the opportunity to visually view their energy field and you may not necessarily physically view blue. You may view yellow or you may view pink. The reason that you view these colors is that they are the colors that the individual is projecting in conjunction with their energy centers. This is also quite influenced by what the particular individual is creating and experiencing in that moment.

Therefore, the colors that are translated in an individual’s energy field may be quite changeable from moment to moment, but the underlying color which is constant is the color that I have offered to you as the vibrational quality.

This particular vibrational quality is expressed in a particular color which is holding a resonating quality with your energy signature. Therefore, this particular color will be in your energy field and it will be constant in its expression, regardless that you may physically view this as you are looking to an individual’s energy field.

Now; I shall also express to you that you may allow yourself to view any individual’s resonating color and your own resonating color if you are allowing yourself to be looking past or through the colors that are expressed from your energy centers.

If you look beyond or through, as I have stated, these colors which create your energy field, in a manner of speaking, you shall allow yourself to view this constant vibrational quality, which translates in your physical dimension as that particular color that you resonate with. Are you understanding?

LETTY: Yes. It makes a little more sense, especially because we’re always going to different issues and stuff, and that’s where I got confused.

ELIAS: Quite. This is not necessarily translated in conjunction with your physical expressions. This is similar to an energy tone. It is a vibrational quality that you resonate with and therefore creates an underlying constant within your energy field, but is not necessarily influenced by your experiences or your choices or your actions within physical focus. It remains a constant.

The colors which are expressed within the overall, so to speak, of your energy field are projections emanating from your energy centers and therefore creating this energy field, in a manner of speaking, which surrounds your physical body, and that is very influenced by your creations, by your experiences, by your emotional expressions, by your thought processes.

All that you create within your expression is influencing of the color configuration of your energy field within each moment.” [session 451, August 21, 1999]

JIM: “I have a question about our game as well. In musical notes, the category, we identified them with color and essence family. Do those correspond to the color and the essence family, or are these notes maybe a combination of that, or do they have anything to do with it at all?

ELIAS: Quite intuitional of you, Yarr [Jim]!

JIM: Why thank you, Elias!

ELIAS: As you have expressed inquiries into the color vibrational tones! In this, you now express a curiosity of the musical notes which are connected to these colors and families.

As I have expressed, the color and the tone which is identified with each essence family moves in conjunction with a quality of the family which may be identifiable within their intent.

It is all interconnected!

Now you may move these musical notes in correlation with the language terms which have been offered to you, as to the identification of vibrational quality of color.

JIM: Okay, so the essence families, those would be perhaps different notes? Or probably a combination of a lot of notes, almost like a chord, I would imagine, with the families, with all the diversity within that.

ELIAS: Yes, but as I have expressed, in like manner to the colors, this is what you may term to be the predominate quality. All of the colors, all of the tones – or what you translate as musical notes – are incorporated into the energy of each of these essence families, but they hold one tone or vibrational quality that holds the greatest likeness in similarity to the movement of energy and the intent of that particular family, in like manner to your energy fields.

You hold all of the color spectrum, so to speak, within your energy centers, and all of these colors in vibrational quality are expressed within your energy, and this is projected outwardly and translated into an energy field which surrounds your physical form, and within different time frameworks, within different moments, different colors may be expressed as dominate within your energy field. But you also hold one particular vibrational quality which translates into your physical dimension as a color which is the most closely associated with your individual energy signature, and therefore is designated as your individual underlying color vibration individually.

This may not necessarily be translated into objective projection in what you view as you allow yourselves to view each other’s energy fields, but it is a constant and it is continuously underlying whatever colors you may be projecting within the moment in your energy field, and as you look THROUGH the colors that are projected by your energy centers into your energy field, you also may view this constant of your individual color, which is your vibrational quality.

JIM: Hmm. Well, it’s no coincidence that I’ve read a little bit about that in a transcript, and I was going to ask you about that!


JIM: I’ve been thinking along those lines, and I’ve felt perhaps that my vibrational overall quality is kind of a blue-green?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I shall express to you, Yarr [Jim], an acknowledgment, for you have allowed yourself to be connecting very well! I express to you that your individual vibrational quality of color, which holds as a constant in conjunction with your energy signature, may be designated as what you identify in physical focus [as] teal green.

JIM: I wrote that down, Elias! Trust in self! Thank you very much!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! You are very welcome!” [session 453, August 22, 1999]

KATIE: “Also in that same area, my being a final focus, that is also within the overall tone of Muriel [Katie]?


KATIE: Okay. I’ve been wondering about this a little bit lately.

ELIAS: Let me express to you a clarification in this area of the final focus. This is a designation within the encompassing tone, but this designation of the position of the final focus is relative to this dimension.

KATIE: Right. Yeah, I understand that part.

ELIAS: Very well; continue.

KATIE: Okay. So when I disengage as a final focus ... I’m curious as to whether this focus of Katie continues to hold the integrity of Katie beyond transition.

ELIAS: Yes, but in a slightly different manner than you hold an awareness of objectively. As to the identification of the focus, you hold your own unique, individual personality quality. This is a specific vibrational quality and a specific tone quality.

Now; as I have expressed previously within this forum, as a focus disengages, it is not absorbed into some larger entity which is essence. You already ARE all of essence, regardless that you are one focus of essence.

These are concepts that do not translate well into your physical language and understanding in thought processes, but there is no loss of energy signature or integrity, in your terms, of the individuality of yourself as you choose to be disengaging.

In this, I have expressed also previously, there is no reincarnation or remanifestation, for you each, as a focus of essence, are not produced, so to speak, from used parts. Each of you is unique and an expression of self and may not be, in physical terms, compromised.

Therefore, as each focus chooses disengagement, that focus – that personality and uniqueness of vibrational quality of consciousness and tone – continues in its creations nonphysically, and it continues to hold its uniqueness in quality and its element of free will and choice. Therefore, it continues to create its reality in the manner that it chooses, in whichever direction it chooses to move into.

This is a difficult concept, for you think in terms of ‘entities.’ You think in terms of corporeal expressions, which limits your understanding of how you may be an individual focus of essence, and also simultaneously, you are all of essence. There is no separation. But as to your question of retaining your individuality and your integrity, yes, you do.” [session 470, September 16, 1999]

PAUL: “Elias, I have a question about what you stated as an ‘energy fleck’ in the relationship of Rose as an energy personality essence with birds, which are not an energy personality essence.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: There’s a relationship between Rose and birds that you call an energy fleck. Is that unique to Rose, or do all of our essences hold similar energy fleck relationships with all of consciousness in this dimension?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the choices of the individual essences.

All essences hold this quality and ability to be projecting these energy flecks, in a manner of speaking, to any element of consciousness. All essences may not choose to be creating that type of action, in like manner to, all essences do not choose to be participating and engaging in certain or all physical dimensions within consciousness. Some essences choose to be creating an exploration within physical dimensions, and some do not. One expression is not better than another expression. They are merely different choices. They are different directions of attention.

Therefore, manifestation into physical dimensions is not lower or worse than manifestations within nonphysical areas of consciousness, and as we have stated many times, you do not occupy a higher plane merely that you choose as essence not to be participating within physical dimensions. They are merely different experiences.

Now; in this, I express this terminology, that you may not become confused in associating with the terminology of aspects, for we have spoken of aspects of essence frequently and much, and in this, you have created an association with that terminology, and you may become confused in the word[s] of ‘a projection of aspects of essence into a creature,’ as I have also stated to you that you do NOT manifest as essence into the form of a creature.

This may be confusing if we are incorporating the terminology of aspects, and in this, it is not an energy concentration of an aspect. An aspect of an essence or of a focus of essence holds a greater energy concentration than would a fleck of energy which is projected by essence into the movement of consciousness in the manifestation of a creature or any element within your physical dimension.

PAUL: So it’s another type of expression of essence, but you differentiate by intensity. It’s a projection versus an actual aspect or a focus of attention?

ELIAS: There are other distinctions. It is not merely intensity. It is not merely an intensity in volume of energy, although these are qualities of the energy which is projected. But also, an aspect of essence shall express personality and the energy signature of the essence or of the focuses of attention of essence.

These flecks of energy may be expressed similarly, within your physical terms, in relation to a small word [i.e fleck] that you create in your language. Each word that you create within your language is verbalized, so to speak, and that is a physical projection of energy. It is an actual configuration of energy, but it is not necessarily an entire expression of you. It is a projection of an element of energy of you, but it is also expressed, figuratively speaking, outwardly from you, and is allowed to be projected and to merely fly free, so to speak.

PAUL: So these energy flecks of Rose as manifest in birds, this is not a unique relationship of Rose to birds or an exclusive relationship of the essence of Rose, ’cause there are other essences that can project energy flecks to birds also.

ELIAS: Correct.

This be the reason that I specify that this is an identification that you allow yourselves within THIS forum, for within this forum and within the context of this information that we have offered to you, there is an identification of this one particular essence of Rose – that is associated as a representative of this family of Borledim – which is not a participant in the family of Borledim.

It is not an essence which is belonging to the family of Borledim. It is merely a representative in this forum of that essence family that allows you an objective association and understanding of that particular essence family, and offers an expression that translates in objective energy that you may understand in conjunction with the family of Borledim.

But you are correct. Any essence may create this type of action, and many essences DO create this type of action. You have been offered increments of information previously by the essence of Seth, which has offered you information also of this type of action; not to the extent of this essence of Rose, which chooses to be projecting these flecks to ALL of the manifestations of this particular species upon your planet, but the action is the same.

PAUL: One final question: so this relationship of Rose is within the context of this forum, and it belongs to the Sumafi family?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Are there ... the other essences that help with the energy exchange that belong to the Sumafi family, but represent, in similar fashion to Rose representing Borledim, the intent the other eight families, are there other essences who have energy fleck signatures that have manifest that we’re aware of, or is this unique to Rose?

ELIAS: Not within this same type of expression. This one essence chooses to be projecting these energy flecks, as I have stated, into the physical manifestations of all of the birds within this particular physical dimension. Within the representation of the essences which facilitate this phenomenon and this exchange, the other essences do not choose to be creating this same type of projection. This is not to say that they do not participate in some projections of these energy flecks, but not in an intensity and consistency of one particular manifestation of species.

PAUL: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 502, November 11, 1999]

PAUL: “So, moving on, in one of the early session books by Seth and Jane Roberts, in session 23, Seth introduces some terms that I think are kind of similar to this equation, and I wanted to bounce that off of you and get your feedback on that.

Seth used the words ‘source energy,’ and he talked about actions of receiving this source energy as received by our inner senses, and is transformed by mental genes into camouflage patterns, and in a sense, that maps onto this equation very nicely. (2)

So I guess one question I have is, what is the role of the inner senses in this language of translation? (Pause)

ELIAS: Your inner senses may be enhancing to your outer senses, and offer you more input in the direction of your objective perception. They offer you more of an objective assimilation of information, in a similar manner to your outer senses.

Your inner senses need be creating no translation in the direction of subjective recognition and awareness.

But at times, you may be engaging a translation of information that you incorporate through inner senses to allow you an understanding in objective terms, for you may be assimilating experiences that you do not hold within your creation of experiences.

Therefore, in a manner of speaking objectively, they are foreign to you, and in this type of expression, there is a translation which is required, that you may be understanding in objective terms what you are assimilating and what you are incorporating in experiences, for just as with your outer senses, they assimilate information through direct experience.

Your inner senses also incorporate information through direct experience in a different function, but it is a direct experience which is being accomplished and offering you information. But in objective terms, the information which is being incorporated through inner senses is unfamiliar to you. Therefore, it may be at times requiring of a translation process.

What you have offered in this other equation basically is a very similar equation to what we have been discussing within our previous session.

PAUL: Great. So I have some further questions then, because it offers a new angle, so to speak, to look at this equation, at least in objective terms.

I’m struck by this statement of ‘transformed by mental genes,’ which is an early term that Seth used, and the closest thing I can come to understanding mental genes ... Seth does go on to later talk about consciousness units, which you have termed links of consciousness, and he’s also discussed a concept called EE units or electromagnetic energy units, and I’m wondering ... the first question is, are these concepts of links of consciousness and electromagnetic energy units, or whatever you would term it, the same as mental genes?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, although I shall also express to you no, for within the context of what is being expressed and explained, no. This is not the information that is being offered.

Therefore, be not confused in the thought process that this teacher is expressing the same concept in different terminology, for it has not been offered in that manner.

As to links of consciousness or what you term to be consciousness units, this constitutes EVERY expression of consciousness.

Therefore, in a manner of speaking, I may express to you in response, affirmative; that yes, you may incorporate links of consciousness into this explanation. But as I say to you, within the context of the information offered, this is not what is being referred to.

In this, it may be expressed in other terms in the statements of energy and energy signatures.

Each of you, in your uniqueness and within your individuality, as I have expressed previously, are so very highly individual and unique that you each possess your own energy signature, in a manner of speaking, just as we have discussed within previous sessions in comparison to your physical fingerprints.

Your individual expression of tone and vibrational quality and personality are so very highly unique and individualized to you yourself that it may be compared to physical fingerprints not being duplicated within the physical expression of any other individual throughout your history within your physical dimension.

There are no two identically the same, and in this, you each hold a particular energy signature which is unique to yourself.

Now; in this energy signature, you also incorporate certain qualities that appear to be in alignment, in a manner of speaking, with other individuals, although you express, as I have stated, within yourselves uniquely.

In this, you may be incorporating the similarities of orientations also, which place you in a type of general expression of a group, so to speak. But within the group, you continue to be highly individualized within your expressions.

Now; as you look to your physical identification of gene pools, gene pools are not unique to one individual, although they ARE unique to each individual.

Your genetic makeup, so to speak, is individualized to yourself, but also simultaneously, it incorporates hereditary factors and the similarities to other individuals within your physical dimension, which creates a commonality in one respect between yourself and other individuals, but retains your individuality and your uniqueness within the group.

In a similar manner, through the incorporation of orientation, you hold similarities to each other in each of the designations of the different orientations, but you also each hold your individual energy signature.

Therefore, these may be likened, in a manner of speaking, to the manifestation of your physical genetics, and this may be translated in terminology that may be more easily assimilated by individuals objectively as a concept that is expressed as ‘mental genes.’

It is a different manner of expressing the same concept as commonalties and uniqueness in your energy signature and your orientation, within physical terms.

These are influencing factors in your translations. How you translate different elements of subjective movement or imagery into objective movement and imagery – how you create the bridge in objective terms between the two that you may view objectively – is quite influenced by your energy signature individually and also by your orientation, for this is a construct of your perception.” [session 506, November 24, 1999]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: In 1999, Elias introduced a method that I call NIRAA (Noticing, Identifying, Recognizing, Addressing to, Accepting beliefs/self), pronounced “nigh-rah.” There are four basic steps, and you guessed it, the first one is:

  • Noticing beliefs (easy, if you believe in the concept of “Know Thyself.”)
  • Identifying and Recognizing specific beliefs (a process of making the subconscious conscious, in other words, making invisible beliefs visible. This action is marked by varying degrees of conflict and anxiety or joy and happiness.
  • Addressing to the beliefs (lessening conflict, anxiety, depression; increasing happiness, joy, relaxation, allowing more for diverse perceptions, and moving closer to accepting self. Can occur with or without a thought process.)
  • Acceptance, neutrality, complete lack of judgment of any kind; there is no absolute good, bad, right, or wrong = “it matters not!”

The process of accepting self is not strictly linear. Since we each hold many hundreds, even thousands of related beliefs, we actually engage all four actions simultaneously in varying degrees. So the process is more like a four-way, multidimensional (holonic) feedback loop:

Noticing beliefs <==> Identifying, Recognizing, examining beliefs <==> Addressing to beliefs <==> Acceptance, neutral state

Elias has stated that no one to date has accepted a belief system, though we all have learned to accept individual beliefs. Even people we consider saints, sages, and religious leaders have not accepted a belief system, according to Elias. So we’re all in very good company!

Digests: find out more about these four actions.

(2) Paul’s note: here’s the excerpt from The Early Sessions, Book 1 of the Seth Material by Jane Roberts and Robert Butts that I was referring to:

SETH: “The only reason the whole self is not much more conscious and accessible is your own stubborn refusal to admit it. I cannot emphasize this more strongly. The camouflage pattern world is formed by the mind, and I am using this now in its true term as a part of the inner world. Energy is received by the mind through the inner senses and transformed by use of mental enzymes into camouflage patterns.

There is no reason why mankind cannot be made aware of this transformation, if once he admits into existence the whole self which makes this possible.” [session 23, February 05, 1964, pg. 168]

The sentence above in italics maps nicely onto the equation we discussed previously – relay the force pattern as a source of tension.

I should also mention that I switched the words “enzymes” and “genes” from the above Seth excerpt in my question to Elias, as Seth discusses both “mental enzymes” and “mental genes” in the Early Sessions books. However, my “switch” didn’t seem to faze Elias at all, as he used the opportunity to deliver more information on genetics, orientations, and energy signatures, all in the context of this equation’s “language for translation.” I suspect that the action of Seth’s mental “genes” and “enzymes” both map nicely onto this equation.

For those interested, here’s the equation excerpt from session 148 that I was referring to:

ELIAS: “We continue.

CAROLE: Elias. Relay the force pattern as a source of tension.

ELIAS: No! You relay the force pattern as a source of tension! (And we all crack up. Elias is grinning widely)

CAROLE: Does that sentence have something to do with the electric light show I saw blinking on and off when I got that sentence? Is that the energy that we have to be able to access to create?

ELIAS: Accessing energy! Very good beginning)

CAROLE: And then we need to engage action with the energy?

ELIAS: This is a sentence presented to you objectively, in description of subjective activity. Your question is, ‘How do I create my reality?’ Your answer is this.

CAROLE: Create the force pattern as a source of tension.

ELIAS: You must be engaging your periphery and allowing yourself a wider explanation and definition of these words, for these words indicate the action which you engage within Regional Area 2 in creating your reality, and also within your dream mission behind the imagery. It is the same.

CAROLE: How would I consciously move my consciousness to the place in the dream imagery where that information becomes clearer to me?

ELIAS: You do not move your consciousness to a place. You allow yourself to understand your imagery which you have created for your symbolism; recognizing that you create symbols to explain action to yourself, and also recognizing, as I have stated previously, that each symbol, every symbol, is a symbol, and also holds its own integrity and therefore is a reality.” [session 148, January 14, 1997]

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