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déjà vu

Elias “gems”

TIM: “I was wondering what Elias’ comments or thoughts were relating to the term ‘déjà vu’ and how it relates to simultaneous time, time lines, physical focus, and things like that?

ELIAS: In actuality, there IS an explanation for this phenomenon that you express as déjà vu. In this, what you are experiencing is, quite simply, bleed-throughs.

Within each focus – a focus being designated as you – is held all of the information and memory of all of the other focuses of your essence within this particular dimension; within other dimensions also, but the attention is focused more upon this dimension, for this is where you are placing your attention. In this, subjectively you hold all of the information and all of the experiences of all of your focuses. At times this information bleeds through to your objective awareness. Now, this is one explanation, which I shall also offer you another explanation.

In this, you may be experiencing this feeling of déjà vu as you allow a bleed-through of another focus of yours within your objective awareness. Therefore, it seems to you that you have been within a certain space or situation before. This is that another focus of your essence within this dimension is experiencing the same situation or action at the same time. This is one action of this. In this particular action, this would be a similarity of the identification of tone.

Think to yourselves within your experiences in this physical focus of any time within your experience that you playfully have been humming or singing in conjunction with a recording, and if you are connecting with a certain pitch, with a certain note simultaneously with your recording, you shall physically feel a vibration within you. The sound will resonate. You shall feel a physical resonating. (1) In like manner, as you allow a bleed-through of the same action of another focus at the same time, it resonates, and you experience a knowing of these two actions occurring simultaneously.

Now; there is another action that occurs at times with this feeling also. This would be a blinking in simultaneous time. There are time periods within your linear time framework that in your blinking in and out, what you create is a movement briefly, temporarily, out of your linear time framework. In that, you are stepping outside momentarily of the perception of linear time and allowing yourself the objective knowing and experience within physical form of simultaneous time.

Therefore, as you are creating, it has already been created, for there is no linear time framework. It is a perception. It is what you create. But within consciousness, it is not.

Therefore, as you are creating an experience, it is already occurring, and you may offer yourself at times this knowledge objectively and this awareness objectively, viewing what you are creating as you are creating it, while you are creating it, and knowing that it is already created, which in itself creates your feeling of déjà vu.” [session 335, October 24, 1998]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “I have stated previously, probabilities are choices. For Michael’s benefit, we shall incorporate the example of color, to which you have already very well connected with the concepts. Probabilities are all of the elements, actions, events, hues, shadings, colors between blue and royal blue, to which there are numberless. Also, blue and royal blue are probabilities within themselves. Everything is a probability. Probabilities are very flexible. They also are continuously in motion. They are never static. Therefore, they cross time dimension elements. They also intersect and merge through time elements. As we have spoken previously, you may choose a probability within your past, and you may affect and change this probability within your future, causing a different probability within your present.

Your scientists view tiny particles, figuratively speaking; for in actuality, physically they do not view anything; but within their limited understanding, they view trails or images of particles. In this, they may accelerate these particles and allow for the action of explosion, so to speak, to which they may view ghost images or trails of these particles seeming to fly apart in hundreds of directions, this seeming to create hundreds of particles from one. But then, within their view of these trails or ghost images, the original one reappears. The hundreds have not disappeared, and continue to exist, but the one exists once more. How may this be possible? This being a physical example of the same action of probabilities.

By choosing one probability, you set into motion many other actions and events which, in themselves, are all probabilities, therefore giving birth from one choice to many probabilities; viewing the one choice has been made, therefore exists no longer. It has been the foundation, and you have moved ‘forward’; leaving behind the original choice, creating new choices and events as a result of the original choice. Then, within what you view to be future, another event may occur to which you express, ‘Was I not accomplishing this same event previously?’ And you may scratch your small heads in wonderment, for the event has reappeared!

You do this continuously. You only do not notice, for your attention follows one direction which you label as logic. You offer yourselves continuous information, which you reject and pay little or no attention to. Even when you are viewing elements of probabilities being actualized by you, until this present now, you discard this information. Having no explanation, you attribute these elements to ‘coincidence.’ Then, you allow yourselves to conveniently disregard this information.

You may choose to be incorporating new living space. You may involve yourself within the action of investigating a new home; evaluating all of the important aspects of this movement, incorporating much time and evaluation, seriously considering your action. You may find a new home, and you may feel a strange affection for this new space arrangement. This seems to make no sense objectively, logically. Therefore you accept, partially, this expression, and continue with little thought. The reason you feel this feeling for this space is that it is already within your area of probabilities. You have already been there, but you have not!

As I have stated, all things exist and do not exist simultaneously, for you create them within the moment; but they also exist already. In like manner, you, within your focus, within areas of your focus unrecognized by your official ‘real’ consciousness, have experienced and projected within many other probabilities. You only do not recognize this action, for you hold one official, directed attention. Therefore, you incorporate feelings, at certain times, of affection, or recognition, or closeness, or desire, or déjà vu, or many other expressions that you cannot logically explain to yourselves. These are equal areas of consciousness existing and acting during these physical focuses.” [session 109, August 04, 1996]

CELIA: “So, you were teaching us of parallel personalities. These personalities, am I understanding that they are with us now at this time, and through all times?

ELIAS: Partially, correct; for all consciousness is connected. There is no separation. Therefore within essence, you incorporate all of the experiences of all of your focuses simultaneously, continuously; although, as I have stated, we are presently limiting this subject matter to be concerning this particular focus, and the alternate or probable selves that you engage with this one focus.

CELIA: Physical focus. Then I would like to ask about the phenomenon that we call déjà vu. When you are in an event and it seems as though you have been in this event before, is it something to do with parallel realities?

ELIAS: Yes. These would also be intersections; for as I have stated this evening, you do intersect with other focuses, and other probable selves within other focuses. This is not the same, within explanation, as what I am expressing to you presently of this particular focus and these parallel selves of this particular focus. There are different actions incorporated within consciousness that all create intersections; but the intent, the desire, the motivation, may be different.

CELIA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.” [session 111, August 11, 1996]

ELIAS: “Good evening. As we continue our investigation of unofficial information this evening, we shall also incorporate time. This is a great creator of unofficial information. Time, as you know, is a creation of perception, although as with all symbols, it is a thing in itself also. You think of elements as things composed of things. Some things are not composed of tangible things. Time is one of these. It is a dimension within itself. It also creates dimensions. The energy within consciousness that has been designated to create the element of time has become its own thing in itself.

Time factors are relative to physical focuses, as we have expressed previously. We have spoken of many different subject matters which time is influencing of. We have spoken of bleed-throughs within dimensions. Time, in this, is very influential in the creation of these bleed-throughs. Some bleed-throughs are direct results of time interactions. This is also part of unofficial information.

We have spoken of unofficial information that you witness, as in your extraterrestrials and your sightings of these, and your questioning of how this is possible and your questioning of the reality other existences. As I have stated previously, there are many different explanations of circumstances that are related to viewings that you encounter. One explanation also involves your dimension of time.

If you are thinking in terms of things, you may think of time as a thing which disperses itself into many other things, creating many dimensions of itself. Time creates many of the existing dimensions itself. This is different from areas of consciousness, of which we have spoken previously. They are as different rooms within a house; each room symbolizing a different dimension, but the house contains all of the rooms; the house being the element of time.

We have spoken of blinking in and blinking out and intervals of time. We have spoken of the symphony of consciousness, and you as the unexpressed notes. (2) The expressed symphony are the links of consciousness, which are creating of all. They are in all time frames, and everywhere at once. You are singularly focused as the unexpressed notes.

Within the subject of time intervals, we have spoken previously of the rhythm of your particular time creation, your dimension of time; which within your created dimension of reality you also encompass many sub-dimensions, for all of your time periods exist simultaneously, although you view them linearly. So, within one time reality dimension there are many time dimensions that you see as past, future, and present.

All time frameworks are not completely, consistently, immaculately precise within a certain rhythm. As your scientists already are aware, time is flexible. It is elastic. Therefore, the intervals are not spaced evenly. Within all other dimensions, the intervals are not spaced evenly either. Therefore, at ‘times’ (grinning) these intervals intersect. You may have one dimension of time intervals blinking on and off, say as a string of blinking lights which do not blink precisely within an exact rhythm. As you place another string of blinking lights next to this first string, it also blinks not precisely in rhythm. Therefore, eventually some of the lights will blink simultaneously.

In this same manner, you experience bleed-throughs within time frameworks. You experience bleed-throughs within your own reality of other focuses. You may experience déjà vu, of which we have spoken previously. I offer you more understanding now of this experience of déjà vu. I have expressed previously that this is involved with your time element and your perception of time. You hold your attention singularly; but although you project a focus into one singular time framework, you innately know your own multidimensionality. Therefore, you are receptive to recognizing bleed-throughs of unofficial information. You do not always hold an explanation for this information, for you have forgotten intentionally. Therefore, you create new explanations, such as a feeling of déjà vu.

You also experience bleed-throughs of other dimensions. These bleed-throughs, within time frameworks, are not limited to your own reality. Some of your bleed-throughs may be an intersection of an entirely foreign, to your way of thinking, existence that you may witness realistically within your waking objective experience. Individuals view crafts and hold no explanation for their existence, as they also disappear quite quickly. These, at times, also are intersections of time intervals. This is unofficial information.” [session 152, February 09, 1997]

VICKI: “In my perception, last night I didn’t ever sleep, but I did have a lot of imagery nonetheless, similar to dream imagery, which was very closely associated with a very strong sense of déjà vu. At the time, everything was very clear to me. It’s not clear anymore, but the experience is clear. Would this be partially having to do with this inner sense?

ELIAS: Yes. As I have stated within this evening, some of you – Lawrence [Vicki], you also – are already dabbling with this inner sense [of differential time], in allowing yourself the experience of fluctuation; moving in and out of different time elements; this also appearing objectively to create the feeling of déjà vu, which this is your objective imagery. Your explanation to yourself is created within this feeling, for there is familiarity.

You intersect with other aspects of self, which is infinite. Underline three times! I may not express to you enough how very infinite and multidimensional you are! You are not singularly only this, not even within this! Therefore, you are presently offering yourself the movement, in intersection with other aspects. All of your aspects of self, of essence, are familiar to you. This creates, within your objective understanding, a feeling of déjà vu; a recognition. As you each widen your awareness, you also make this available to yourselves. You move into directions of exploration objectively.

I also offer to you Lawrence [Vicki], that you are continuing within the objective of this dream mission, within your experience. You, within agreement to Michael [Mary], choose the objective aspect of the dream mission. Therefore, you create objectively in parallel to the subjective creating; this being why you do not allow yourself the entirety of sleep state within your yester eve; for you continue this objective connection for your understanding of the dream mission, allowing yourself more information.

NORM: ... Yesterday afternoon, back to Angel’s Corner, (3) I experienced what I supposed to be déjà vu a couple of times, and just prior to your arrival, I suppose it was the empathic [inner] sense, but I had to wipe my brow. I was sweating. Was that the empathic sense, that I was having an exchange with Mary at the time?

(Vic’s note: interestingly enough, other folks also experienced sweating.)

ELIAS: Yes, and also physical symptoms.

NORM: Yes, very strongly. The déjà vu I felt, now this could be a feeling that I’ve been here in the future or in the past or whatever, or I’ve experienced this before, or I’ve experienced this in even another reality? I mean, its very broad, what that could mean. Is that true? I felt that I had been there before, and you get this very unusual feeling in your solar plexus. It’s as if my functions almost stop, but I shouldn’t be worried about that. You don’t need to be worried about that. Your physical consciousness will handle that? It’s just a temporary neurological pathway breakage?

ELIAS: It is an expression, a physical response, to yourself.

NORM: Would you happen to know what was going on there? Could you help me out as to what really happened? Can you access that?

ELIAS: You experience response which you view as déjà vu, or feeling of déjà vu, as I expressed this evening previously; this being presently the same type of experience as I have expressed to Lawrence [Vicki]. This is not to say that every time that you experience this feeling of déjà vu, that you are experiencing this same element; although at this present now, you all move within a wave subjectively of consciousness. Therefore, you experience many similar events and actions. You may interpret them slightly different or you may camouflage them differently objectively, but you are moving parallel to each other within a wave of consciousness that you may liken to any other type of wave movement.” [session 166, April 20, 1997]

ELIAS: “I have expressed to you many times: You shall not be within this particular physical dimension without belief systems. You may accept belief systems; you may alter belief systems; but you shall always hold belief systems within this particular dimension, for this is how you have created this particular dimension. If you are not wishing to be holding belief systems, you may focus your attention within another physical dimension which may not hold belief systems. Within THIS particular physical dimension and very many others, you DO hold belief systems, which do not fit into a vaster area of consciousness. It is merely a choice of experience within one dimension.

Within the action of transition within physical focus, you allow yourself remembrances. You allow yourself the opportunity to remember self and essence. You offer yourselves examples, viewings, actions – of consciousness, of essence, of more than your singular attention within an individual focus. You allow yourselves to reconnect with yourselves and the vastness of self. You may be choosing to engage this action for very few of your years within a time framework, or you may be engaging this action for very many of your years within your time framework. If you are accomplishing this within an expanded time framework, you shall confuse yourself less, for you slow your action. You allow yourself your time to be viewing singularly. You allow yourself your time framework to be viewing events one-by-one. If you are choosing to be engaging this action within a small time framework, you create your senility and you confuse yourself, for you enter simultaneous time. You do this also if affording yourself a longer time framework, but it is not quite as confusing to you, for it is momentary. Therefore, you excuse the experiences away: ‘I have lost time. My time is moving very slowly. I am experiencing déjà vu.’

If you are experiencing senility, the experiences are all happening at once and may not be excused away and you may be viewed as exhibiting lunacy, for you have become confused with your time element. If you are allowing yourself the longer time framework, as a parent you may view a child and momentarily see that child at a different age. You express to yourselves that this is memory, reminiscing, and imagination. If you are entering the action of senility, you view the child at a different age and many different ages and you speak to them at that age, for you have eliminated your time framework to an extent; not entirely, but to an extent. Therefore, you view your child, which is an adult within officially accepted reality of this dimension, and you speak to this child as a small one, for you view this child as a small one, for you have pierced the veil of your time framework. The child does not understand, for within officially accepted reality of this dimension, it is an adult. It does not view all of the aspects of self, but you do. Therefore, you are labeled as experiencing lunacy. In actuality you are experiencing partial elements in preparation of simultaneous time within a particular focus, allowing you the preparation of moving into non-physical focus and not experiencing as much confusion initially.

The choice to be entering into the action of transition from physical into non-physical is not related to death in the manner that your thought processes proceed. ALL is related to death, for this is what you create – a movement through physical focus to be accomplishing death! From the moment that you enter physical focus, you continue upon a sojourn to be accomplishing death! But transition is not a disease. It is not the action of causing your inevitable death.” [session 247, December 07, 1997]

VAL: “Elias, is it helpful to each of us as individuals to know what other experiences we’ve had or are having simultaneously in other dimensions, or in other words, what we would call past lives? Is that helpful?

ELIAS: Yes, I am quite advocating of this investigation, as you are aware, for many elements of your other focuses are and shall be increasingly bleeding through into THIS reality, this particular focus. This is a natural byproduct of this shift in consciousness. It may be quite beneficial to your understanding if you are allowing yourselves to be connecting with other focuses of essence that you hold within this dimension and within other dimensions.

Many individuals move in the direction of allowing bleed-throughs of other-dimensional focuses, which appear VERY unfamiliar, for other realities do not hold any of the same qualities as this reality. You may allow yourselves to translate other realities into a familiar element of this reality. This be the reason that individuals experience what they term to be contact with extraterrestrials.

VAL: Oh, no kidding!

ELIAS: These extraterrestrials do not in their reality appear as you translate their appearance, but you create an appearance that you may relate to within this reality, that is not so very unfamiliar to what you create within this reality. Even those extraterrestrials that bear no resemblance to your physical forms do bear resemblance to elements within your reality. They are not entirely removed from your reality. These are translations, but with this you may also experience different affectingnesses of your outer senses that are directly influenced by these other-dimensional focuses: ear-ringing, what you may term to be distortions in your vision, strange physical sensations that appear only momentarily.

LEN: Do you mean a feeling of déjà vu?

ELIAS: These would be experiences of the recognition of other focuses, at times. At other times, they are experiences that you allow yourselves momentarily, in the understanding of simultaneous time; that time as you create it within this dimension moves in linear fashion, but that is an expression of this dimension, and its movement is a creation unique to this dimension.

Outside of this dimension, so to speak, there is no expression of linear time in the fashion that you create it. Within consciousness, all time, in a manner of speaking, is simultaneous. Therefore, even within the objective reality of this dimension, you do allow yourself moments of experiencing simultaneous time. Therefore, you term this to be your déjà vu.” [session 344, December 05, 1998]

End Notes:

(1) Vic’s note: something interesting occurred when Elias said this sentence: “You shall feel a physical resonating.” What happened was, a dog barked as he was saying it, and the words “shall feel” were erased from the tape. I’m pretty clear these are the correct words, based on the visual. What’s interesting is that the dog barks other times, but no other words are erased. It’s also interesting that this hasn’t happened before, at least not that I know of, and many different types of noises have occurred throughout these sessions.

(2) Paul’s note: Elias discusses the metaphor of the notes not played symphony of consciousness in session 126, September 29, 1996.

Transcripts: find out more about the “notes not played” metaphor in session 126.

(3) Paul’s note: Norm refers to a public session held the previous day in Valencia, CA at a metaphysical book store named Angel’s Corner (session 165, Saturday, April 19, 1997).

Transcripts: find out more about session 165.

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