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Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Unofficial information is that information that is reality, but does not fit within the guidelines of your framework of reality that you accept. There are many experiences that do not fit into your framework. This is not to say that they are not reality, for they are. You only do not accept these experiences as reality, for you have taught yourselves and have been taught through the ages and through your focuses that this information is not real. You have made distinctions in allowing for what you now term, and have termed for much of your time period, as imagination.” [session 147, January 12, 1997]

ELIAS: “These are, as I have expressed to you previously, very difficult areas. I have offered you very simple explanations to this point, of counterparts and probabilities and unofficial information, but I have also expressed to you that these are very difficult areas to be explaining within the confines of your language and your understanding. More information is offered to you continuously within this forum, for you continue to widen and hold the ability to assimilate the information.” [session 160, March 30, 1997]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “This evening, we shall be discussing unofficial information. You each experience recently thoughts and emotions that you do not understand. Your dream activity may be unusual, and you do not quite fit your experience to your understanding. Your teachers previous to this present now have offered you information in some directions, and in directions dealing with your body consciousness to a limited extent. We shall be expanding on these ideas, concepts, what have you. They are realities, but for you they are concepts.

Many of you experience confusion recently, for you do not understand your experiences. Unofficial information is that information that is reality, but does not fit within the guidelines of your framework of reality that you accept. There are many experiences that do not fit into your framework. This is not to say that they are not reality, for they are. You only do not accept these experiences as reality, for you have taught yourselves and have been taught through the ages and through your focuses that this information is not real. You have made distinctions in allowing for what you now term, and have termed for much of your time period, as imagination.

I have offered information recently to you that you have not accepted as of this point. You do not understand. You do not recognize your own belief systems. Therefore, you do not accept information offered. I have expressed to you that the information that has been offered shall be boat-rocking. You do not see this, for you do not identify your own belief systems. You view certain belief systems and identify them. For the most part, you view your reality and express, ‘It is. It is not a belief system, it merely is.’ Every thought you think is filtered through belief systems. You are physically focused and this is your creation. Your experiences are not always filtered through your belief systems. Therefore, they do not fit. You discount these experiences and do not accept them, for they are unofficial.

CAROL: ... Elias, I had an experience that sounds similar to what Reta was describing before, whereby I was doing an exercise to get out of my physical consciousness, expand my consciousness, and while I did this I sort of felt a physical movement and went to a place in consciousness where I could experience what felt like a coming together of all of my lifetimes all at once, and it felt like all time was existing all at once and yet no time was existing all at once. It was very powerful for me to experience this and it made me weep, and I just couldn’t stop weeping because I felt like I know who I am, and I felt this incredible understanding and expansion, and it was awesome. It was astounding! It was like becoming awake, finally.

ELIAS: This is an incorporation of a remembrance. This is an identification of self; an understanding, if allowed, that you are, within each individual focus, the entirety of essence; that although manifest within one individual focus, within one individual personality tone, you are also the entirety of essence. Therefore, you hold the ability to be intersecting all aspects of essence. You also hold all knowledge of essence. You have allowed yourself the opportunity to be viewing a remembrance of essence, which is an opening of what we have spoken previously of within neurological physical pathways. This opening allows you an identification that you are more than you view.

This also is unofficial information, but you have allowed yourself to be accepting of this unofficial information and recognizing that this is all of you. This may be quite overwhelming at the moment of what you may describe as impact, for you shall experience instantaneously all of essence. A quite normal expected physical response would be weeping; not within identification of sadness, and not also within an identification emotionally of joy, but of knowing and identifying the overwhelming beingness of self. You view these things in terms of large, big, huge. View yourselves as this, for you are greater than your imagination may objectify to you.

In this, this is becoming a more common experience; not identified entirely in this same manner, but many, many individuals shall be experiencing the beginnings of a remembrance, of which we have spoken previously. In this, you are allowing yourselves to identify with your own language, your own communication with essence, your own identification with self, which is to your way of thinking unimaginably immense; and this is you. You are multidimensional and you are exceedingly diverse, and ultimately and immaculately creative. Other individuals experience emotional occurrences in a beginning of remembrances. These shall continue, as you are presently engaged within the beginnings of the action of your shift.” [session 147, January 12, 1997]

CAROL: “I see. I wonder about, in this focus, the relationship, the reasons and belief systems behind the relationship that exists with my younger son, who has for the most part left physical focus in what doctors would term schizophrenia, but has returned somewhat now. He and I are locked into some kind of a belief system or an agreement, and I’m trying to understand what needs to change for his belief system, or should it, and mine, and why we have this agreement that we are involved in this together.

ELIAS: Within this manifestation that you term psychologically as schizophrenia, you identify this as a mental disease; a disorder. This is the belief system, that it is a disease or a disorder; for there is no disorder within this manifestation. I shall explain to you.

Many individuals choose to manifest within physical focus, and as they manifest, throughout the time period of a small one they are adjusting to objective creating and objective reality. They are moving from subjective reality into objective reality. Therefore, you view certain expressions within children that you think you do not view within adulthood.

As these children mature, in your terms, they grow accepting belief systems, and accepting objective reality, and creating objectively. They move into an area of separation of subjective knowingness objectively. By the time these individuals reach a certain age, which you classify as adolescence, they are moving into an acceptance of objectivity within their reality. They disassociate themselves objectively from their subjective understanding. This allows for their growth within official functioning; society, within your physical focus. As they move into alignment with mass belief systems and create their reality in conjunction with this, as do all of you, some individuals choose to not engage this action.

You will notice that the most common age for this development of this so-called disease does not occur in small children. Most commonly this begins, so to speak, within adolescence and young adults. You may verify this with your psychology. The reason for this is that certain individuals, as they manifest within physical focus, choose, at this point of movement into objective reality, to not move into objective reality. Therefore, they continue very realistically within an exchange of subjective reality, which is reality.

Within your societies, not only within your present now but also throughout your history, this is unofficial information and behavior. It is not accepted, for it does not align with the mass belief systems. Therefore, it is labeled in an unacceptable manner, for you do not understand the manifestation. You do not understand the creation. Therefore, as it does not fit into accepted official reality, it is ostracized to a point.

These individuals choose to continue communication subjectively. Therefore, they are within communication of other focuses, as would they be non-physically, as would they be during their time period of small children. Within small children, this is acceptable. It is viewed as active imagination and creativity. Within older age brackets it is no longer acceptable, for behavior is expected to change and to align with mass belief systems.

Within this, not only within your present now but also throughout your ages, these individuals manifesting this choice also hold belief systems; as being influenced by the individuals surrounding them, the consciousness within mass belief systems within the time period that they have manifest, and within the non-acceptance of the mass. Therefore, they hold conflict also, for they manifest what they understand initially, but they also hold belief systems that they have acquired. These conflict with the manifestation that they have chosen to actualize. In this, hypothetically, if man were to be accepting of all of man’s choices of expressions of manifestations, the conflict would not exist.

CAROL: That’s exactly what I knew!

ELIAS: The conflict exists for there is a non-acceptance that these individuals choose to be in communication subjectively and objectively with essence, and therefore with all of their aspects and focuses. They do not hold the veil between objective and subjective reality. Therefore, they may exhibit listening to other voices. You express that these voices are imaginary, delusional, hallucinatory. These voices that they may hear speaking to them are those of their other focuses, other aspects of their own essence which are within communication with them. This does not fit within your accepted reality. It is, once again, as we began discussing within our session, unofficial information.

Unofficial information frightens individuals. It threatens their belief systems. Unfortunately, for those involved within this manifestation, they also hold belief systems influenced by the time period that they manifest within. Therefore, they confuse themselves and they also do not accept their own creation. They do not understand that they are not disordered or diseased. They view themselves within the same belief systems as all of society, and they view their own behavior as unacceptable. This creates tremendous conflict.

You have drawn yourself to this experience and bonded within this experience for your own widening, and for helpfulness to this individual in the area of acceptance; for as you each begin to recognize belief systems and accept these belief systems, this conflict shall be abated.” [session 148, January 14, 1997]

NORM: “Could I turn the gravitational field or the ‘G’ constant off around this house?

ELIAS: Let me express that you hold the ability to accomplish any of these feats that you wish to be accomplishing. (Grinning) The trick is accepting your belief systems, that they hold no more power and influence upon your creation; for as your belief systems influence your creations, you do not create some things that you have the ability to create. I do not say to you that you may not accomplish, or that certain actions are impossible. I do say to you that you shall make certain actions impossible as a result of your existing belief systems.

I shall also add that individually you may accomplish, temporarily, unofficial action such as elimination of gravitational pull, but this shall be temporary, for within mass consciousness you accept the creation of this field. Therefore, the energy held in this creation is very great. Some individuals throughout your history have been known to exhibit what you term to be levitation. This is a defiance of gravity. This is an incorporation of acting on unofficial information, and manifesting and materializing unofficial action. It is also temporary. It may be not temporary if within mass consciousness you are all within agreement, but you are not! Therefore, the belief system holds.” [session 150, January 26, 1997]

ELIAS: “Good evening. As we continue our investigation of unofficial information this evening, we shall also incorporate time. This is a great creator of unofficial information. Time, as you know, is a creation of perception, although as with all symbols, it is a thing in itself also. You think of elements as things composed of things. Some things are not composed of tangible things. Time is one of these. It is a dimension within itself. It also creates dimensions. The energy within consciousness that has been designated to create the element of time has become its own thing in itself.

Time factors are relative to physical focuses, as we have expressed previously. We have spoken of many different subject matters which time is influencing of. We have spoken of bleed-throughs within dimensions. Time, in this, is very influential in the creation of these bleed-throughs. Some bleed-throughs are direct results of time interactions. This is also part of unofficial information.

We have spoken of unofficial information that you witness, as in your extraterrestrials and your sightings of these, and your questioning of how this is possible and your questioning of the reality other existences. As I have stated previously, there are many different explanations of circumstances that are related to viewings that you encounter. One explanation also involves your dimension of time.

If you are thinking in terms of things, you may think of time as a thing which disperses itself into many other things, creating many dimensions of itself. Time creates many of the existing dimensions itself. This is different from areas of consciousness, of which we have spoken previously. They are as different rooms within a house; each room symbolizing a different dimension, but the house contains all of the rooms; the house being the element of time.

We have spoken of blinking in and blinking out and intervals of time. We have spoken of the symphony of consciousness, and you as the unexpressed notes. (1) The expressed symphony are the links of consciousness, which are creating of all. They are in all time frames, and everywhere at once. You are singularly focused as the unexpressed notes.

Within the subject of time intervals, we have spoken previously of the rhythm of your particular time creation, your dimension of time; which within your created dimension of reality you also encompass many sub-dimensions, for all of your time periods exist simultaneously, although you view them linearly. So, within one time reality dimension there are many time dimensions that you see as past, future, and present.

All time frameworks are not completely, consistently, immaculately precise within a certain rhythm. As your scientists already are aware, time is flexible. It is elastic. Therefore, the intervals are not spaced evenly. Within all other dimensions, the intervals are not spaced evenly either. Therefore, at ‘times’ (grinning) these intervals intersect. You may have one dimension of time intervals blinking on and off, say as a string of blinking lights which do not blink precisely within an exact rhythm. As you place another string of blinking lights next to this first string, it also blinks not precisely in rhythm. Therefore, eventually some of the lights will blink simultaneously.

You also experience bleed-throughs of other dimensions. These bleed-throughs, within time frameworks, are not limited to your own reality. Some of your bleed-throughs may be an intersection of an entirely foreign, to your way of thinking, existence that you may witness realistically within your waking objective experience. Individuals view crafts and hold no explanation for their existence, as they also disappear quite quickly. These, at times, also are intersections of time intervals. This is unofficial information.

I have expressed to you previously that you experience unofficial information continuously. You are now learning to recognize this unofficial information and partially, partially, accept some of this unofficial information, although much of this information you do not accept for it is within direct conflict of your accepted belief systems. This causes conflict. (Vic’s note: typing this session is causing me conflict. I may rub my face completely off before I’m finished!)

Each of you listens to the concept of ‘you create your reality.’ As we have stated previously, this is a concept, within your way of thinking; for each choice that you engage also engages an element of unofficial information. You do not recognize the unofficial information, for you do not allow your attention to perceive this information. Therefore, you are not always satisfied with your choices. I say to you, if you are looking to yourselves you shall view that every breath that you engage, every choice, no matter how small within your perception you may view it to be, is a conscious choice.

We have spoken previously that you are not a victim of a subconscious direction. You are not being led through this focus by spirits and subjective information that you are unaware of. The communication within the whole of your consciousness is precise. It is extremely efficient, creative, and communicative.

You choose objectively. You may express to yourselves a lack of understanding as to your choices, but you choose consciously. What you seek to understand presently is the direction of probabilities which are influencing of your choices. This is the direction of the unofficial information. As you begin to look to all of the aspects of unofficial information that surround you continuously, you shall offer yourselves more information as to your own directions within your choices of probabilities.

DREW: ... Okay. Then the other question I have is ... I’m almost afraid to ask this! At what level are the choices made? Because there are choices I’m sure I’m making that I’m not consciously aware of. And I’m wondering, is there a difference between conscious awareness and what we might call daily awareness? If it’s true that everything happens to us as a result of our choices, I would venture to guess that those who are murder victims and those who are in car accidents and those who have terminal illnesses, in their daily awareness, aren’t making those choices. Just as if I could tomorrow, or right now, in my daily awareness make a choice to change my reality ... The choices I make in my daily awareness are not reflected in my reality quite often.

ELIAS: Or so it appears! (Grinning)

DREW: I’m wondering at what level these choices are made, and how to access that level?

ELIAS: This is the reason that we discuss unofficial information presently, that you may more understand how you are creating your reality by witnessing and paying attention to all of your reality, not only what you are accustomed to paying attention to. I express to you that in reality, murder victims, murderers, accident victims, or any individual within any situation or circumstance, if you are truly viewing all of the information available to you, you shall see that you do indicate these probabilities. Just as you may, within quite objective obvious circumstances, view a pattern within yourself leading to a certain accomplishment, you also may view objectively, if you are noticing, indications incorporating unofficial information that shall express to you the direction that you have chosen within your attention, and the probabilities that you are leaning to be creating.

You also, as with the dream mission also, must be viewing creatively. Understand that you are creative beings. Therefore, an individual may choose a debilitating automobile accident, in your terms. This may occur quite surprisingly. In actuality, if you are noticing all of the information available within the reality of this individual, you shall see a ‘leading to’ the drastic, dramatic creation for the reasons within the probabilities that this individual has chosen.

Case in point; Jaren [Jason]. Within a study of behavior and probabilities and choices and interaction with other individuals, noticing unofficial information alongside of officially accepted information, you would view an individual creating a counterpart situation to the unexpressed desires of the father. Within this situation, you would also view this individual of Jaren [Jason] creating a choice to engage this counterpart action temporarily, and not to be wishing to continue this throughout the entirety of the focus. Therefore signs, in your terms, are exhibited of not wishing to be continuing within this counterpart action. Also, on the part of the father signs are exhibited that the counterpart action is no longer necessary, for the value fulfillment has been accomplished. Therefore, within the confines of the relationship, the choice is made to turn the focus.

The focus is turned drastically, in a discontinuation of counterpart action and also in a continuation of the individual focus in the direction of probabilities that this individual has chosen for their own focus. In this, the choice is made of a dramatic event; an automobile accident; creating a devastating, in your terms only, action and reaction within those individuals intimately physically surrounding this individual, breaking the tie of counterpart interaction, reestablishing the direction of probabilities which was initially chosen for the individual focus to continue, and allowing for fulfillment of the father in expressed experience. (2)

I understand that this is complicated, but if you are viewing closely you will view certain behaviors, certain choices, certain actions that are indications to you, clues of your own direction. You need engage your periphery and be understanding that all of your reality that you create is not within one narrow line. You pull from many, many angles within your probabilities, and you also interact and intersect with alternate selves. Much more is going on within your reality than you view!

In this, as you look to how you are creating your reality, you must also take into account all of reality and all of its angles, for there are many. Each action that you choose may not in actuality be directly related to the action quite previous to it. It may appear that the action is following within a line of probabilities or within a line of events, but this is not always the case; although simultaneously it shall also fit into the scheme of present motion, but it may hold ramifications beyond the present circumstances.

You do not think to yourselves of the influences that are pressing to you continuously. You hold many focuses within essence. You hold many alternates within one focus. Your future self, as you think of it, is also quite influencing of your present. This is not to say, once again, that you hold no objective control and direction, for you hold all. You only do not look to your own action.

I express to you that the smallest, to your way of thinking, actions that you alter within a daily routine are precisely chosen. You may awaken one morning and you may be choosing to comb your hair differently. You may choose to eat your porridge before your coffee or tea, as opposed to your normal routine of sipping your tea or coffee first. These seem to be insignificant alterations, but these also are conscious choices and affect you; for you have chosen, within this particular day, a different routine.

You have chosen to alter your methods, and within this you alter the whole of you. Your perception changes. You may not notice a dramatic alteration of perception, but your perception shall alter. This is a very slight, small example which offers a very slight, small alteration of your reality; but it is an example of how each choice is created, which alters your perception and also creates your existing reality.

(Intently) It is all objective choices. You are not walking through this physical reality asleep! You are not engaging other individuals or your employment within your dream state! You are awake. You are objective. You are thinking. You are choosing. Your choices are made objectively. You are directing.

VICKI: ... I had an interesting experience with unofficial information this week, within an objective presentation of a woman and then a dream presentation of the same woman, and a name and an alignment with a family. It was an unusual experience for me. I have several feelings about what it was an example of in several different areas, but I’m real foggy in some places too. I don’t understand what the emphasis on the Zuli family was all about. I can’t quite get any impressions on that. I’m not quite sure about my connection with this woman or if it’s even a connection with an individual, or if I’m totally misinterpreting the imagery. (3)

ELIAS: This is an effective example of unofficial information. We have been discussing this subject matter, and in this you shall begin to notice unofficial information and you shall present yourself with opportunities to view and recognize unofficial information. This recognition is not always a drawing to yourself of what you think of in your terms as profound information with very deep cosmic meanings!

You are offering yourselves the opportunity to view objectively and recognize unofficial information. This, may I say at the ‘tail end’ of your subjective adventure, was a presentation to you. Once again, a gift; an offering of unofficial information that you may objectively physically view; although I wager, in inquiry, individuals physically focused as yourself present at this occurrence have no recall of this apparition. (Smiling)

You have offered yourself verification within your dream state for your own understanding. This also is a connection of waking and dreaming realities, an objective awareness of the mergence of the two, that these are not in actuality separate focuses within your individual manifest focus. They are expressions, but altogether the same. Therefore, you offer yourself the example objectively and subjectively, in information that may be confirmed. Well done.

VICKI: Would the statements you just made also apply to Mary’s dream some time ago about somebody named Patience?

ELIAS: This being another similar activity. Yes, you are correct. As to the significance of the Zuli family, this is information, unofficial once again, which you are offering to yourself to be recognizing of this particular family; its interaction, its representative, which we have spoken of recently also within interaction of energy and your identification of the importance of this interaction, and also of this action of creation physically of the Zuli within the action of the shift, in a return to original intent, so to speak; in your terms, a creation of physical expression; the experimenters. You approach a new experiment within the shift. Therefore, this family shall be quite instrumental in the actualization.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

BOB: Can I ask just a quick question in clarification of your discussion with Lawrence [Vicki]? Am I to understand that for the most part, her experience with this woman and the subsequent dream was not so much information that was being imparted to her, but just an example of the process through which information could be imparted so that she could see the process, as opposed to the actual information, and identify it? Is that what you said?

ELIAS: In part, yes.

BOB: Okay. That’s good enough. You don’t have to ...

ELIAS: Yes, you have interpreted correctly, partially. It is important, as you are widening, to be merging objective and subjective realities. This you may view as a process, although there are no processes, (grinning) for you shall move yourself into the awareness of this mergence gradually; this benefiting you each in avoidance of trauma, in not thrusting yourselves into the mergence of awareness and disorientation.

BOB: So would that explain to some extent the dream that I had the other night?

ELIAS: This is not a dream. This action is not dream imagery. This is a different action. This is similar information offered to you in unofficial information that you recall. You have recalled objectively an out-of-body experience. Simultaneously, William [Gail] also engaged an out-of-body experience. Therefore you, in recognizing this momentarily, thought to be expressing to William [Gail], although William [Gail] was not paying attention. You engaged your own activity within another direction. As you realized that you were not engaged within what you view to be a waking state, your response was instantaneous, in ‘snapping back’ to physical expression.

BOB: Okay, I pretty much understood everything you said, except in the beginning you said that I was not in dream state.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: So, you’re saying I was awake. Because I initially thought I was awake.

ELIAS: No. You engaged your sleep state. Within this process, you chose to be engaging in an out-of-body experience, which you all experience and accomplish, underline this entirely, every sleep state! You do not recall all of your out-of-body experiences. You have offered yourself the opportunity to recall the activity that you engaged in this out-of-body experience.

BOB: So, while I was out-of-body I engaged unofficial information, recognized that I did, let myself experience it to some extent with some comfort, sought to engage her (Gail) in it unsuccessfully, and at some point realized that I was out-of-body but didn’t recognize it as that, chose to recognize it as being in a dream, and that snapped me back in body and awake simultaneously.

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 152, February 09, 1997]

NORM: “I was attracted to a book, and it was in regard to some unusual things that happen in the Philippines. It was about the psychic surgeons. Do you have knowledge of this in any of your aspects or focuses?


NORM: They have four different procedures that they do. I’m trying to correlate that with the ideas that I have in regard to the unofficial worlds.

ELIAS: This is unofficial information.

NORM: Yes, I realize that. They do have the capability then, of opening the body without blood and knowing where to go in the body to take care of, for example, a cancerous portion of the lungs or of the liver or what have you, and remove that cancerous portion and then close up without a scar.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: They have the ability then, to discern. There is a great deal of cooperation between the seventeen trillion cells that I have in my body. For example, cancerous cells don’t have the cooperation and are forcing the cooperation of the others? The unofficial consciousness of these people that know how to do this, they can discern where the body has a problem by looking at it unofficially? Is it because of a difference in cooperation between cells?

ELIAS: You are fascinated and amazed by unofficial information that you may physically view, which falls into the same category as parlor tricks! You view what you term to be psychic surgery as amazing. You each hold the ability to accomplish these acts. They are unnecessary. They are no different than your physicians within your western medicine with their scalpels. It is unnecessary to disturb the structure of the physical expression to alter a creation!” [session 153, February 16, 1997]

ELIAS: “In this same manner, you are now allowing bleed-throughs of this type of activity, such as dream activity, superimposed upon waking state. You may experience differences or alterations in time frameworks. You may experience time moving very quickly or very slowly, which is demonstrating to you inner senses being activated. You may experience viewing an object within your room that momentarily distorts and becomes another object within your vision, and then becomes its original self once again. You may experience scents, smells that are unfamiliar to you. You may experience hearing different elements. You may experience more projection within consciousness, that which you term to be out-of-body-experiences. You shall also notice more of what you view as coincidence. They shall be appearing everywhere, more so than you may explain to yourself!

These are subjective bleed-throughs. These are knowings that you carry with you always but you do not recognize always, for you have created this physical reality to be viewed objectively. Therefore, within your objective reality you are not recognizing of many elements of subjective reality, which parallels and performs in harmony to your objective reality. Within your history, it has been witnessed that only those special few individuals gifted with psychic senses or witchery or sorcery would be privy to these types of awarenesses. Within this present now, as you are moving into the action of your shift, you all begin to experience these elements of subjective awareness and allow a bleed-through into your waking, objective, knowing consciousness, that you may recognize unofficial information; for unofficial information is just as much reality as your accepted official reality. There is only more to it!” (Grinning) [session 178, May 31, 1997]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Elias discusses the metaphor of the notes not played symphony of consciousness in session 126, September 29, 1996.

Transcripts: find out more about the “notes not played” metaphor.

(2) Vic’s note: follow these links for more information about Jaren.

Transcripts: session 86, April 14, 1996 and session 87, April 17, 1996.

(3) Vic’s note: this experience involved seeing what appeared to be a very old woman at the bank. She didn’t seem to “fit” into the picture, and I was mesmerized by her. I stared at her for quite some time. A few nights later, I saw this same woman in a dream. She was presented as being aligned with the Zuli family, and I saw the name “Mary Summer Rain.” I know now that this is an author, but I had never heard of her when I had the dream. A friend brought over some books by Mary. The sketch of the old Indian woman who was her “teacher” is an exact replica of the woman in the bank and in my dream. This woman is deceased. I thought this was interesting in that I had the objective viewing first, and then the dream imagery. Usually I receive dream information first, and consider it a “precognitive dream.” This was backwards! (Of course, I do lots of things backwards!)

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