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the dream mission

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “... for your dream mission is your identification of your sleep imagery, which also is a translation; an interpretation. Waking consciousness is an interpretation, an imagery. And you have chosen en masse to be collectively identifying within one subject within one time period for your attention, in the intensity of the movement within consciousness of the shift, which occurs now. You may view what you think of as many signs and signposts, which are indications in reinforcement to you of the movement within consciousness of this shift.” [session 154, February 23, 1997]

ELIAS: “I express to you that in your quest to be viewing future probabilities and knowing of these, your investigation of the dream mission is one method to offering yourself information. Also, I shall offer you that if you incorporate no doubt in belief, you shall manifest; this being the simplest of answers, and what you shall view to be the most difficult to accomplish. But in actuality it is quite as simple as this.” [session 154, February 23, 1997]

ELIAS: “Let me express to you that movement into the area of the dream mission, which your individual of Doctor Jung has accessed much in this area also, is much more efficient and less distorted than movement into areas of accessing information and then creating interpretations for that information. In investigating of the dream mission, you may be offering yourself less of a distortion factor in accessing this type of information.

“Be remembering, though, that in any accessing of information in the direction of looking for blueprints, THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTES. And therefore, this may be remembered when creating your interpretations for information that you access.” [session 309, August 22, 1998]

PAUL: “I was talking to Mary before we started about her dream mission, and I realized – I had forgotten this – that she coined the term ‘dream mission,’ and you’ve used it a number of times in the sessions. I’m wondering if you would just comment on the term, on your perspective of the term ‘dream mission,’ and what it means.”

ELIAS: “This is the terminology that Michael [Mary] has created which identifies an exploration of certain elements of consciousness that many of you within your physical dimension do not necessarily allow yourself to be engaging.

“And in this, as I have offered information previously in conjunction with the subjective and objective awarenesses and the reality that is created – with the participation of both, not singularly as an expression of either element of your reality – there has been created this dream mission, so to speak, in which you offer yourselves the opportunity to be moving in the direction of exploring your subjective awareness, the type of imagery that you create in conjunction with your subjective awareness, and how the imagery of your objective awareness moves in conjunction with the imagery of your subjective awareness.” [session 493, October 26, 1999]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Follow Michael’s [Mary’s] dream mission, and you shall understand many clues to this type of [counterpart] action. Look to your dream interaction, once again. I have stressed this from the onset of our sessions; this point being exceptionally important. You spend much of your physical time within this state of consciousness interacting and moving, yet you allow yourselves to know very little of your activity.” [session 133, November 17, 1996]

NORM: “One of the questions is in regard to the relationship of the brain, and not using parts of the brain, and our thinking mechanism. And then, what happens when we have out-of-body experiences in the waking state, and then we have out-of-body experiences in the dreaming state? It seemed to me that, and I think I did have an out-of-body experience when I was fifteen or sixteen years old, that I was able to think as well in that out-of-body experience. I looked down on my body and there it was. I’m trying to figure out what the relationship is between my physical brain and my real ability to think. It felt like I had some kind of a spiritual essence or a spiritual form that came out of my body and moved with me in my bedroom, in Sioux City, Iowa in 1945 or 1946. So is it true that my thinking has really nothing to do with my brain?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This engagement is quite amusing! Once again, we shall take your questions in order, of questions within one question!

RETA: That’s how he talks all the way! (Elias is still chuckling)

ELIAS: You engage the action of what you term to be out-of-body experiences within waking state, within sleeping state, consciously, unconsciously, in your terms, within altered states, in your terms. You may experience out-of-body action, so to speak, within what you term to be a daydream. Within missing time, as you experience, you are experiencing an out-of-body. You experience this action much of your time. You are not aware objectively of this action, for you do not translate into your objective language the action that you are engaged in.

As to your thinking while you are engaged in this action of out-of-body; the action of physical thought is quite valuable if you may train yourself to be consciously, objectively consciously, aware within the action of out-of-body experience. Thought processes are a creation of physical focus. You think in terms of language, which is symbolic. Thoughts, within physical focus, are symbolic energy. They are symbols. They are a language. Therefore, it would be helpful to you if you allowed yourselves to train your objective consciousness, your thought processes, to mingle with your subjective activity and create an efficient language for translation of subjective activity into objective knowing. You do not remember your experiences out-of-body, for you have not created this language to be translating subjective activity. Therefore, you have no frame of reference within your objective, waking state. You then are left with ‘blank space.’

NORM: Not even feelings or intuition.

ELIAS: You are attempting to translate non-physical, subjective consciousness action into objective consciousness; this being the same as what you expressed earlier within the action of Regional Area 3, and wishing to know the mechanics of this area of consciousness. You are attempting to label experiences which do not fit within this area of consciousness. Therefore, they must be translated. All that you view is a translation. All that you think is a translation. Within other areas of consciousness, thought is not what you ‘think!’

RETA: So we have to learn, or find steps to take, to get more of that subjective material into our life.

ELIAS: Notice Michael’s [Mary’s] dream mission! This shall be your key.

RETA: Michael’s [Mary’s] dream?

NORM: Dream mission.

VICKI: Could I ask one quick question about that? So our thoughts would be the same sort of translation process analogous to the dream imagery?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Not the language, the thought.

ELIAS: You also, Lawrence [Vicki], are lending much energy in this mission; for as the twin, you engage the objective aspect of the translation, noticing the physical, objective motion of translation of all of your action and thought and probabilities. Michael [Mary] endeavors to be discovering the subjective action. Together, these twins engage the same mission within different aspects, complementing each other and also lending energy to the accomplishment of this mission, so to speak. You are both accomplishing well.

It will be requiring much of your time element, for you automatically translate your thought processes and your understanding. Your perceptions are clouded. You automatically, without thinking, create these translations. You look automatically to those elements which you are familiar with; those elements that you know. You attempt to define consciousness in terms of mathematics and logic. You may not define illogical, irrational action logically!” [session 135, November 24, 1996]

VICKI: “Okay. Another question for Michael [Mary]: Is all dream activity and waking activity filtered through belief systems?

ELIAS: No. This is difficult for your understanding, for what you view you shall translate through your belief systems; although within the initial actions of your translation from subjective to objective, it is not always influenced by belief systems initially, although it shall be influenced by belief systems subsequently.

VICKI: So if you have a problem-solving dream and wake up with the exact imagery that solves your problem, how does that fit in with the filtering through of belief systems?

ELIAS: This would not be a case of not being filtered or being filtered. It is very dependent upon the action and the interpretation. Also, be realizing that within actualization of any imagery, there is a filtration through belief systems.

VICKI: I guess the real question is, how come sometimes the dream imagery seems so clearly related, such as a problem-solving dream or a precognitive dream, and other dream imagery or symbolism is so difficult to interpret?

ELIAS: There are different reasons for this action. Within some individuals, the action of translation is mainly translated into objective awareness. Therefore, their dream imagery shall mirror their waking state. They shall, much of their time, within a remembrance of dream activity, within a remembrance of dream activity, they shall identify quite strongly with objective, waking imagery. Their imagery shall be translated into this type of imagery. This is for the reason that they are more comfortable with identification of objective imagery. These individuals also do not often remember unusual activity. At times, but rarely. They are very objectively focused. This is their desire. They are immersed within objective focus. Therefore, their dream imagery shall mirror this also. Their translation shall automatically be that of objective waking imagery.

Individuals that hold the desire to be seeking within, and allowing for a more objective knowing of subjective activity, shall experience dream imagery that is seeming strange. Your terms are that you experience dreams only symbolically. ‘There are no real images within my dreams!’ This is intentional also, for you differentiate. You are not wishing to be creating imagery that is familiar to you within waking state. You are wishing to be understanding or investigating of subjective information. Therefore, you create different imagery. This is where you twins, and many others also, provide yourselves with much confusion, for you are very creative within your imagery of your dream state. In this, you shall not be repetitive of much of your imagery, and as Michael [Mary] has noted, you may be creating many images for one action. This is a creative endeavor.

Within your waking state, you repeat actions. This is a familiar behavior. Within your waking state, if you are choosing to be walking, you walk upon your feet. You do not walk upon your hands, generally speaking! Therefore, you repeat actions continuously within your waking state. This is a familiar creation. This is how you have created your objective state. Within a wishing to be connecting with subjective information, you choose not to correlate with the action of waking state. You choose not to create the same environment. Therefore, when faced with the same action subjectively, you shall translate into your image differently. This is a recognition to yourself objectively, that you are making a distinction between objective action and subjective action.

VICKI: So I guess it’s kind of interesting that we sit around and call our dreams bizarre, and envy those who have precognitive dreams.

ELIAS: Quite amusing! Although I shall express to you also that these individuals that allow what you term precognitive dreams are allowing a bleed-through of subjective activity, in allowing an opening of inner senses, but continuing to translate within objective consciousness.

VICKI: So if you were to actually get behind the image and connect with Regional Area 2, would it be a feeling that you would be connecting with?

ELIAS: In your terms, yes. It is an action.

VICKI: And the action, we would attach a feeling to?

ELIAS: They are the same. There is not an attachment. It is not translated within this state. Therefore, they are synonymous. You within objective consciousness translate into ‘an action creates a feeling’ or ‘a feeling creates an action.’ This is a translation.

VICKI: So, can this dream mission be accomplished in physical focus?

ELIAS: To a great extent, yes; although I express to you that you endeavor to accomplish what few have accomplished within your physical dimension. (Pause)

VICKI: Oh well, that’s okay! (Laughter)

ELIAS: It is not impossible.” (Smiling) [session 139, December 12, 1996]

CAROLE: “Elias. Relay the force pattern as a source of tension.

ELIAS: No! You relay the force pattern as a source of tension! (And we all crack up. Elias is grinning widely)

CAROLE: Does that sentence have something to do with the electric light show I saw blinking on and off when I got that sentence? Is that the energy that we have to be able to access to create?

ELIAS: Accessing energy! Very good beginning!

CAROLE: And then we need to engage action with the energy?

ELIAS: This is a sentence presented to you objectively, in description of subjective activity. Your question is, ‘How do I create my reality?’ Your answer is this.

CAROLE: Create the force pattern as a source of tension.

ELIAS: You must be engaging your periphery and allowing yourself a wider explanation and definition of these words, for these words indicate the action which you engage within Regional Area 2 in creating your reality, and also within your dream mission behind the imagery. It is the same.

CAROLE: How would I consciously move my consciousness to the place in the dream imagery where that information becomes clearer to me?

ELIAS: You do not move your consciousness to a place. You allow yourself to understand your imagery which you have created for your symbolism; recognizing that you create symbols to explain action to yourself, and also recognizing, as I have stated previously, that each symbol, every symbol, is a symbol, and also holds its own integrity and therefore is a reality.” [session 148, January 14, 1997]

ELIAS: “Continuing. (To Drew) You choose! (Much laugher, as this is a direct continuation of our conversation during the break) Some cosmic entity floating through the universe is not choosing your probabilities for you and issuing them to you, and you are mindlessly moving through your focus as a puppet! You choose. Each choice that you make, you have chosen. You consciously choose to step your foot out of your bed in your morning and arise. You consciously objectively choose each action that you manifest throughout your day. You may express to yourself at different moments, ‘Why did I choose this choice?', but you chose. There is no other person choosing for you. You are not subject to anything else.

DREW: The choices are always aligned with our subjective intent.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So that intent is a choice made not objectively, but subjectively.

ELIAS: It is a cooperation. There is no division; just as you explore presently with the dream mission. We have spoken of this dream mission many times within our sessions, and you do not quite pay attention! This is an interesting endeavor. It has been stated that it may be accomplished, although it is a rare accomplishment. Therefore, you may seek to be noticing a little more.

Within your subjective activity, you move within events and action in one way. You interpret this movement and these events through imagery. In like manner, objectively you interpret your subjective information and manifest in your own symbols. Therefore, your objective expression is very much the same as your dream imagery. It is a thing in itself, and it is also a symbol. Your objective expression holds its own integrity. It is itself, but it is also a symbol of your subjective activity. It is an interpretation, as you have discovered. Correct, Lawrence [Vicki]?

VICKI: Yeah ...

ELIAS: Therefore, if you are learning your own language of essence, you shall also be understanding of your objective expression within physical focus. As has been stated, another does not choose for you. You objectively create the choices within physical focus to physically manifest whatever you choose, in whichever direction you choose objectively, within objective environment.

You deal with an objective world; a time framework. This is where you physically manifest. It is the same as manifesting images within your dream state. You are not walking through a dream, and your dreams are not imagination. They are reality, and this also is reality. They are different realities for they are different areas of consciousness, but they are both reality. There is no other reality which is more reality than the reality that you manifest. Those realities which you do not see also are symbols, but hold their own integrity and are a thing within themselves. They are all affecting of each other.

Within physical focus, there is a constant intermingling and movement in communication which is influencing back and forth. Subjectively, you influence from both directions. Your objective physical expression is influencing of your dream activity. Your dream activity is influencing of your objective physical expression. It is a back and forth exchange continuously of symbolic information that you have interpreted, but you are always in control.

DREW: Well, that’s reassuring!” (Much laughter) [session 151, February 02, 1997]

DREW: “Then the other question I have is ... I’m almost afraid to ask this! At what level are the choices made? Because there are choices I’m sure I’m making that I’m not consciously aware of. And I’m wondering, is there a difference between conscious awareness and what we might call daily awareness? If it’s true that everything happens to us as a result of our choices, I would venture to guess that those who are murder victims and those who are in car accidents and those who have terminal illnesses, in their daily awareness, aren’t making those choices. Just as if I could tomorrow, or right now, in my daily awareness make a choice to change my reality ... The choices I make in my daily awareness are not reflected in my reality quite often.

ELIAS: Or so it appears! (Grinning)

DREW: I’m wondering at what level these choices are made, and how to access that level?

ELIAS: This is the reason that we discuss unofficial information presently, that you may more understand how you are creating your reality by witnessing and paying attention to all of your reality, not only what you are accustomed to paying attention to. I express to you that in reality, murder victims, murderers, accident victims, or any individual within any situation or circumstance, if you are truly viewing all of the information available to you, you shall see that you do indicate these probabilities. Just as you may, within quite objective obvious circumstances, view a pattern within yourself leading to a certain accomplishment, you also may view objectively, if you are noticing, indications incorporating unofficial information that shall express to you the direction that you have chosen within your attention, and the probabilities that you are leaning to be creating.

You also, as with the dream mission also, must be viewing creatively. Understand that you are creative beings. Therefore, an individual may choose a debilitating automobile accident, in your terms. This may occur quite surprisingly. In actuality, if you are noticing all of the information available within the reality of this individual, you shall see a ‘leading to’ the drastic, dramatic creation for the reasons within the probabilities that this individual has chosen.” [session 152, February 09, 1997]

ELIAS: “We shall ... (To Vic) You are wishing inquiry?

VICKI: Just briefly, this word relay, does it have anything to do with interpretation?

ELIAS: Partially. Continue with your investigation of your equation! You may be interpreting closely to your dream mission also. We shall discontinue this evening. I shall be anticipating our next meeting. Affectionately, au revoir!” [session 153, February 16, 1997]

VICKI: “… I’d like to ask about some unofficial information. There seems to be stuff coming in that has to do with a contradiction between the feeling and the thought. It seems to be not just me, it’s other people that I talk to also, and it seems to come down to a direct contradiction between feeling and thought. I find it very interesting that this seems to be interpreted by quite a few people I’ve spoken to in an erotic or sexual manner. I’ve been wondering about it for a week or two now, and I have a feeling that part of the reason this is being interpreted in this way is that it has something to do with the intensity behind the imagery, but I’m pretty confused too. I don’t know quite what to do with it next. It has something to do with the dream mission. It has something to do with the relaying. And why is everybody interpreting it sexually???

ELIAS: (Grinning) You are partially correct in your interpretation of the intensity of the emotion or experience and what you identify, within your experiences and your thought processes and your emotions, with sexual activity. This activity holds a very strong intensity within this dimension of physical focus, not only with your species but with all species within this particular creation of dimensional focus physically. Therefore, this shall be attaining your attention quite effectively, and as you relate en masse of this similar experience, it shall be gaining your attention more; for not only is this action, emotion, and thought process intense physically, it also carries many belief systems. You attach many belief systems to this subject! And as you all view yourselves approaching your new millennium as ‘new age liberated’ individuals, you continue to hold religious taboo belief systems concerning this subject of sexuality. Therefore, it holds an additional intensity. In this, you shall attain your attention quite efficiently, within the recognition of unofficial information identifying with this subject.

Also, you approach your new millennium and your shift, which is orchestrated by who?

VICKI: All of us.

ELIAS: Your Borledim family!

VICKI: Oh, that!

ELIAS: Which shall concentrate within this area. Therefore, within an identification of the movement within consciousness of the beginnings of this shift, as you move into more intensity of the motion you also identify the wave, in vibration of connectedness in movement.

Therefore, within your imagery, as we have discussed previously, within waking consciousness, you interpret within sexuality; for your waking consciousness is waking imagery. Therefore, you are correct that it mirrors your dream mission; for your dream mission is your identification of your sleep imagery, which also is a translation; an interpretation. Waking consciousness is an interpretation, an imagery; and you have chosen en masse to be collectively identifying within one subject within one time period for your attention, in the intensity of the movement within consciousness of the shift, which occurs now. You may view what you think of as many signs and signposts, which are indications in reinforcement to you of the movement within consciousness of this shift.

DREW: ... Is there anything we can do objectively to help increase the odds of experiencing a probable future reality, a specific probable future reality, more so than just focusing and visualizing it?

ELIAS: I may offer you what you shall term to be methods, which shall appear quite simple and also quite impossible ...

DREW: I would expect no less!

ELIAS: ... to your way of thinking. In actuality, they are quite simple and effective. I express to you that in your quest to be viewing future probabilities and knowing of these, your investigation of the dream mission is one method to offering yourself information. Also, I shall offer you that if you incorporate no doubt in belief, you shall manifest; this being the simplest of answers, and what you shall view to be the most difficult to accomplish; but in actuality, it is quite as simple as this.

DREW: When you said that visualizing and focusing on that probable reality may help, can you elaborate?

ELIAS: If you are visualizing and concentrating within a specific direction, you are reinforcing yourself in your belief of manifestation. Therefore, this may be helpful; for as you reinforce yourself in your trustfulness of self that you may accomplish, you shall accomplish. Within your belief systems presently, you do not automatically jump over five shells. You view that you must incorporate a process. Therefore, you must be stepping upon each shell consecutively. In this, as you reinforce yourself, you also allow yourself to be trusting in self more. This is helpful in your manifestation.

Now; this may not be helpful if you are concentrating and reinforcing this belief, and also simultaneously thwarting your effort by insisting that you do not believe what you are expressing. You may be expressing to yourself, ‘I shall become a great writer. I believe I hold the ability to be a great writer.’ You may actualize reinforcingly to yourself, writing two sentences each day, actualizing material-wise your vision. You may also, within your same day, walk away from your paper and script and express within your thoughts, ‘I am not a writer. I shall never produce excellent prose.’ Therefore, you contradict your beliefs. You hold to contradicting belief systems. This is not beneficial and may not be helpful in actualizing, although initially most individuals shall begin doubting; but as you are reinforcing of yourself, you shall also loosen the doubts. Actualization in small efforts also is reinforcing of your belief in self. As I expressed to Michael [Mary], do not think of painting. Paint!” [session 154, February 23, 1997]

VICKI: “Okay, [Melinda’s] next question: ‘What subjective projects are Vicki and I working on, as reflected in the recent dreams that we’ve had? I would think that this has to do with broadening our respective bandwidths of perception, but I’m not sure.’

ELIAS: Once again, this enters your dream mission area. Therefore, it is more beneficial for you each to be noticing and investigating and exchanging information that you gather to yourselves for your understanding of your creation of your dream imagery. It is important that you recognize, as do you presently and does Michael [Mary] also, that your imagery that you are creating within your dream state and also your imagery that you are creating within your waking state, although not illusion, are not in actuality the entirety of the action occurring. Therefore, it shall benefit both of you to be noticing of this imagery; for be remembering, engage your periphery. All things all not quite so singular as you view them to be. Much of your imagery within dream state expands far beyond singular interaction of only two individuals.

VICKI: Melinda and I continue to create very similar dream imagery consistently, of being at a Seth conference together.

ELIAS: Think to yourselves, individually and together, of a more expansive view of your dream activity, for you are choosing imagery which you view consciously to be common to you both. This is not necessarily the action that you are engaging within your dream state, but you choose common imagery within a familiarity to you both. In actuality, you may shift your perception to be noticing the commonality, carefully listen, of your actions and your relationships and your focuses as involved within the action of this shift, with Michael [Mary], and with this essence. Your key word is your commonality. You image a conference, for this is a common interest which parallels another common interest. This shall be a clue to your dream mission. Be understanding that you choose a parallel language within your imagery. You choose quite creatively. Therefore, examine the parallel actions, for they exist.” [session 155, February 24, 1997]

CATHY: “Okay, I have another question! I would like to know why you always interpret the first layer of dream activity.

ELIAS: For this is the layer that you shall most identify with and be understanding of.

CATHY: Anything else, we wouldn’t get it at all?

ELIAS: Most probably you would be not understanding, although as you move into your dream mission and you offer yourselves more information, I shall be inclined futurely to be offering you information beyond first layer. Most individuals, generally speaking, within your species identify dream activity not as imagery. Most individuals identify dream activity as symbolic of psychological activity related to objective reality. Therefore, you shall understand the first layer of dream interpretation, for your belief systems shall allow you to be understanding of this. Your dream imagery is not the action that you engage. It is a translation of the action that you engage, as is your objective reality also.

Your dream imagery is reality. Your waking state is reality. They are both an interpretation of the action that you engage subjectively materialized. Individuals do not understand the mechanics of this action. Therefore, they are accepting only of the interpretation of first layer. (Pause, staring at Cathy, which she hates)

CATHY: I have nothing to say! Just listening!

NORM: There was a question concerning consciousness levels earlier, which you said that there aren’t levels, but earlier you said that there were consciousness areas. Can you explain what that means?

ELIAS: There are different areas of consciousness. These are related to attention. All of consciousness is all of consciousness. It is all the same. There are no planes. There are no levels. There are no better or higher places within consciousness. All is the same. There are different focuses of attention. In this, there are created what we term as areas of consciousness. These are not places. These are not things. They are not space. There are no sections of space that are designated as areas of consciousness. They are directions of attention. In this, they are also influenced by intent. Each essence occupies all areas of consciousness.” [session 157, March 09, 1997]

VICKI: “There’s been a lot of interesting imagery this week, dream imagery and waking imagery, some of it being very heavy and what we would maybe call dark, and there’s been some violence in there. There’s been an interesting array of people stopping breathing, whether in dream state or in waking state. I think we have connected with some of these things, but I think there’s a lot more to it, and I’m looking for clues.

ELIAS: You have offered yourselves the clues!

VICKI: I’m clueless how it has to do with the dream interpretation of last year. (1)

ELIAS: This, as I have stated previously, I shall offer information as the probabilities arise, which they have not.

VICKI: I wasn’t sure if they had because I’m clueless about that part of it.

ELIAS: Although you have offered yourselves much information presently, if you are choosing to be paying attention and looking to this information with regard to your dream mission.

VICKI: The actual subjective activity always seems a bit out of reach, a bit out of grasp of being able to comprehend or identify it.

ELIAS: Presently, for you are babes beginning with this mission. (Chuckling) Be continuing! You are accomplishing well and offering yourselves information.” [session 176, May 25, 1999]

MARGOT. “… in regard to dreaming, the other night I got a couple more of those dreams that I get where I hear three knocks. (Elias smiles) In the first one there were three knocks, the door opened, and somebody came in, somebody that I have never known before, a female dressed in kind of an old-fashioned way, which is probably beside the point to this. I went back to sleep after a while, and there were three more knocks and the door came open and nobody came in. Now, those dreams always wake me instantly. There’s something about those three knocks. Is there anything that you can tell me about those kinds of dreams that I have?

ELIAS: Yes. As we have stated, no actions are accidental. You have drawn yourself to this company for the lending of energy that they may provide to you, and also for the lending of energy that you may provide. Value fulfillment does not occur in one direction. It occurs in all directions, or it does not occur.

This knocking is significant. Within consciousness and within energy and energy exchange, many new elements are being introduced. Differences are occurring. Within the agenda of this phenomenon, an expansion is taking place; this being quite significant and important within the action of the shift. In this, individuals shall draw themselves within consciousness to be lending energy in helpfulness. Some individuals shall be lending energy to Michael [Mary] within consciousness. You have chosen, both, (Margot and Howard) to be supportive in this manner. Each individual that is lending energy shall allow themselves some information to be indicating to them that they are engaging presently this action. It is for your benefit and also for the benefit of those other individuals involved that you offer yourself this information, allowing yourself a knowing that you have engaged this action of lending energy.

Three knocks is significant within consciousness to Michael [Mary], for this is a holding or a tethering to objective consciousness. As this energy exchange expands, the volume of energy shall increase, which it has already begun to do. Michael [Mary] is aware of this increase presently, although he is only partially aware of the extent of the increase. In this, it is necessary to engage other essences for helpfulness in supportiveness. The pyramid, although holding great strength in unity, is not strong enough. Therefore, there is a call for other essences to be helpful within supportiveness in energy. This allows what you (Vicki) or Michael [Mary] may objectively express as an enabling to stand, without which the wave may be too strong.

You have not drawn yourself coincidentally. Although it appears that many individuals come from many areas and are drawn to this forum by coincidence, you have each all orchestrated this action quite precisely, and also within your time framework. You have chosen to be moving within other areas of this focus until this time period. You have accomplished what you have chosen and set to accomplish, to this present now. In this, you now move into a new area within a new endeavor of exploring consciousness, and also objectifying elements of consciousness that most individuals do not believe possible.

MARGOT: Then I believe what you’re saying is that everyone that is drawn into this particular grouping from all over, that we are connected together in this. This has been very difficult for me to understand, that I was a part of this grouping! It’s fine, but when we all seem to have the same types of dreams at the same time as we did two weeks ago approximately, where the nature of the dreams was very frightening and we all seemed to be in quite a terrible kind of a place, was that a group thing or ... It didn’t just happen!

ELIAS: It did not just happen! (Grinning) It is a wave within consciousness; a shared experience.

MARGOT: Did it have any special meaning that we haven’t understood? Is there something that we could understand about it that would help us a little more?

ELIAS: There are many elements to this objective imagery that you have collectively presented yourselves with. The most important aspects of this imagery you are continuing to be investigating, one element being that of your dream mission, which continues; and this particular imagery, if incorporated and followed, shall prove quite instrumental within your understanding of your dream mission.

There are also other probabilities, of which you are teetering on the brink of. You have not chosen as of yet collectively the direction in which you shall move, but this imagery is also indicative of these probabilities and movement. As I have stated, as you actualize these probabilities, I shall be offering information for clarification.

(To Vic) This does correlate with your other dream imagery (2), and you may begin viewing objectively within your probabilities that you have not in actuality chosen as of yet. The suspicion and the questioning which already arises creates very small but noticeable confusion in alliances. Be remembering within the imagery of the first dream the element of duplicity, the element of deceitfulness, the element of choice, and the element of choosing original essence; the factor of being swayed away from essence.

I shall offer you a clue within your dream mission and your imagery. This swaying may not necessarily be that away from Elias, but what is original essence? You! And what do you battle with presently? Duplicity! And what do I express to you continuously? Trust self! Do not be swayed by others that you trust, and not trust self. You may deliver this message to Michael [Mary] also.

MARGOT: (To Vic) You can speak right up whenever you want to!

ELIAS: I am understanding that this answer is quite vague, but you also have not actualized these probabilities as of this present now; and as I have stated previously, it does not serve you for my explanation of probabilities before you are actualizing them, as you do not understand and you do not pay attention. You attain your own attention with your own probabilities and then you still do not understand, but you are more receptive to explanation.” [session 177, May 30, 1997]

RETA: “In attempting to access simultaneous time and to view a little in the future, we’ve been trying to do that and I think we aren’t achieving it in a great way. Is it better just to do a TFE, or is it better to think of an out-of-body? What would be the line of thinking, to just sidestep into simultaneous time and view that particular time in the future? A specific time, for instance.

ELIAS: This would be your choice, but you may be considering engaging your new game (3) to be accessing future information, or you may be allowing yourself meditation time within concentration of your inner senses and engage this [sense of] differential [time], which shall allow you the opportunity to alter your time framework.

RETA: That was one of the questions. If I could see a little bit better some of events, then maybe I could alter my choices today. I’d like to be able to do that.

ELIAS: This being the objective of your dream mission also.

HOWARD: ... Okay. Well, this is just a personal question that might not be interesting to you all, but since we’re going back ... The Dream Walkers; actually, I want to refer specifically to an Indian named Smohalla who was born at the end of the seventeen hundreds, really eighteen, and he lived on the Columbia River Plateau – Imatilla. He practiced or became a priest in a cult called the dreamers, and I have been trying to find out more about him because that cult spread into the Nez Percé and to some of the surrounding Indians. And from that came, as I understand it, Wavoka, who in turn taught the Sioux the ghost dance.

My question is, basically: How were they able to use the dream work and become such a major cult at that time among the Native Americans, who are pretty difficult to dissuade from their own traditions? I’m needing to know this for my own personal knowing, and perhaps some other things that I can’t really explain.

ELIAS: You are wishing information of method of dream interaction?

HOWARD: That’s right.

ELIAS: This correlates also to this present dream mission. These individuals also manifest quite similarly in practice to what you recognize as South American Indians, which held recognition of the nine [essence] families which they did not designate as families, but in their Night Watchers, their spirits, they also held quite effective and intricate dream activity; these being those which you recognize as the Mayans. There is presently another group which holds the same continued recognition, also located within South American territory.

These individuals became dream artists, holding the ability to be manipulating within dream state efficiently and understanding the translation of imagery from the dream state into objective waking state. This is accomplished by paying close attention to dream activity and also recognizing the feeling, not the image. Each image attaches to a feeling. This is not necessarily an emotion. It is a feeling, which may be also interpreted as a sense. In this, they have highly developed inner senses to be connecting within dream imagery; therefore allowing an understanding of imagery which is created within dream state, and allowing for an efficient translation into waking state. This, as I have stated previously in relation to this dream mission, is very difficult. It may be accomplished, but you shall not accomplish this immediately, for you must diligently practice and become a dream artist; knowing and incorporating those inner senses within your dream state, recognizing that your imagery is reality but it is also symbolism simultaneously; just as within your waking state, your imagery (pounding on the table) is reality, but it is also symbolism. It is solid, but it is not solid. It is stationery, but it is within constant motion, for it is energy. Your dream imagery is no different. It only speaks a different language. Therefore, your method is to translate the language of your dream imagery into the language of your waking imagery.

HOWARD: Okay. Sounds real easy! (Laughter) All right. Thank you.” [session 179, June 01, 1997]

MELINDA: “Elias, I have a question about a recurring dream. I have a dream where I lose a tooth, and during the dream I just freak out. What I’d like is, if you could offer any information as to what the subjective activity might be behind the imagery of my losing that tooth.

ELIAS: (Here, Elias starts to speak, and instead laughs in such a way that we all crack up)

MELINDA: Oh, that didn’t sound good!

ELIAS: (Grinning) I shall offer you more imagery, for you are expressing an interest and a wishing for information which many of you seek presently. You may accomplish within your dream mission, in accessing this activity subjectively ‘behind’ your imagery. Activity behind, so to speak, your imagery does not translate outside of imagery. This is your language. This is what you have created within your understanding and your language to yourself. Your imagery is not different from your activity. It is only translated into images that you can identify; for within subjective activity, removed from your imagery, you have no reference frame for understanding.

You speak to yourselves of Regional Area 2 and accessing information within Regional Area 2. You access this information continuously. Within Regional Area 2, as it is connected to this reality, it is comprised also of imagery; for within your consciousness, as I have stated, objective and subjective awarenesses move in harmony. One does not dictate to the other. They are intertwined. Therefore, they also must create imagery that you may translate. It serves no purpose for you to be creating of Regional Area 2 within consciousness that you may not access, for you would not understand. Therefore, your subjective imagery exists within this area also. It is different in what you may view to be more abstract, for the information subjectively relaxes your belief systems and allows for more information. It allows for interaction that you do not allow yourself to be aware of within your objective awareness.

You are connecting within energy with all other individuals, with all other focuses, with all of your probabilities, your probable selves, your alternate selves, and those of all other individuals. In this, you do not incorporate a time framework that you recognize within your objective awareness. Therefore, a translation is necessary for you to understand or create objective imagery; that which you project continuously as you are physically focused. This becomes obvious to you as you engage your dream activity, for the imagery appears differently. It may appear disconnected. It may appear that it does not involve objective imagery at all, but it is quite connected as it is merely a translation, compiling information which to you objectively would appear to be quite scattered.

As you create dream imagery, you are filtering information into images that you recognize that may be involving any aspect of physical reality, not always within your time framework that you are aware of. Therefore, you create imagery that seems to be strange, and you create belief systems that suggest to you that your dream imagery is always a translation which is directly translatable into objective waking consciousness. In one respect, this is correct; but you limit your thought process in attempting to give yourselves interpretations of your dream imagery, for there are many, many, many layers of dream imagery.

In this, it is quite limiting to view one image, a tooth, within a dream action, and be attempting to translate this into singularly how this is affecting of your day. In one respect it is affecting, for you have connected within consciousness within Regional Area 2 with another aspect. It may not be yours, but it offers you information which shall be translated. Therefore, within an experience within your day as you are objectively wakingly aware, a very small action may occur which is an element of this imagery.

In repeating dream imagery, for the most part although not always, there is interaction with other aspects of yourself, or counterpart action, which is being translated to you. You translate the information that you share with this counterpart into dream imagery. As resulting of this action, you translate once again within your waking attention into action. This action may not appear as a tooth.

... As I was expressing to you: Within this imagery, this would be an action of counterparts interacting within Regional Area 2. This imagery is offered to you as validation, as is all of your imagery that you offer to yourselves. Within your recognition of this imagery of tooth, focus upon the tooth and the loss of this tooth. Within this counterpart action, the counterpart that you connect with within Regional Area 2 may identify with the absence of tooth. In this, you offer yourself a validation of the interaction within consciousness, in what you would term to be the connection of this counterpart; this counterpart being the same ...

MELINDA: Oh! (And the light bulb goes on!)

ELIAS: ... as you have connected with previously within helpfulness in energy. (Referring to Melinda’s counterpart action with Mary (4))

MELINDA: Oh my goodness! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Which, if you are expressing of this information of this dream imagery, this counterpart shall recognize the connection.” [session 184, June 20, 1997]

VICKI: “I’m going to ask another question since everybody’s so quiet. About a month ago, for about two weeks, I had a frequent experience in the evenings in which all of a sudden everything would start spinning really fast. I wasn’t spinning, but everything else was. I attempted several things because it was pretty intense. For example, I attempted to focus on an object, which would only make that particular object spin even faster, so that didn’t work very well. I attempted to move into the experience, which intensified the feeling greatly and I thought maybe I would become ill. I finally discovered that if I just laid down and checked out and went to sleep, I was okay. This happened to me a lot for a couple of weeks, and then it kind of dropped off. I discovered just recently that Mary has begun to have a couple of these experiences in the last few days, so I’m curious if you can explain to me if she’s having the same experience that I was having, and what those experiences are indicative of?

ELIAS: Now, as you have offered yourself the beginning experience and you inquire, I shall offer you, Lawrence [Vicki], information to be acknowledging of you. Be it not curious to you, this essence making reference to your extraterrestrials recently? You have begun the movement that you have sought out for much of your time framework. Michael [Mary], in automatic response within your twin action, also begins to engage this action in supportiveness of your movement and effort. This action is a direct allowance of yourself, objectively within waking state, to be connecting with another dimension; and in this, you must allow yourself to travel through these dimensions. Therefore, you have created a beginning, but you continue to hold very tightly to your objective grasp within this focus. In this, you begin slightly the experience of moving inter-dimensionally through space, but you are not quite allowing the accomplishment of this. Therefore, you engage the same action as you normally choose, and you disengage your objective awareness. This is to be acknowledged within your movement, for you have chosen to be beginning engaging this action as opposed to creating seizures.

VICKI: So by going to sleep, I’m stopping the action?

ELIAS: Correct, and allowing the same subjective engagement as you allow within your seizures.

VICKI: Okay, I understand that. So the initial impulse to move into the experience, so to speak, would be helpful.

ELIAS: I express to you that you may choose this action, although I also express to you caution in swift movement, for you are beginning. Therefore, allow yourself your ease in movement into this action, and not be forcing yourself into areas that you are not ready to be viewing presently. You have begun a movement. Acknowledge yourself in this and be accepting of this, and do not be exercising your impatience to be creating of another situation that you frighten yourself with. Although there is no hurtfulness or threateningness within the engagement of the experience that you choose to be connecting with, the movement into this area inter-dimensionally objectively is very, very unfamiliar. Very few individuals within physical focus within this dimension have engaged this action to what you may view as successfully. Just as I have expressed to you both in the element of your dream mission, it may be accomplished, but very few individuals within this physical dimension have accomplished this previously.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Be accepting and not overwhelming yourself.

VICKI: I’m pretty good at not overwhelming myself!” [session 214, September 06, 1997]

VICKI: “I have a dream question also. I had dream imagery last night that had to do with all of the plumbing in our home being broken and Ron working on it, and when I woke up in the morning, I went to use the sink in the kitchen and realized that the sink wasn’t draining and connected it to the dream imagery.

My first reaction was to think, ‘Well, that’s interesting. Maybe that was a precognitive dream,’ because the sink wasn’t draining hardly at all. A few minutes later, when I finally turned the light on, I realized that the reason the sink wasn’t draining was because the stopper had fallen into the sink and was plugging up the sink. So in effect, I guess I created some imagery right after I woke up that went along with the dream imagery. My question is, I’ve been thinking about this today and it seems like there’s information in there somehow about the dream mission ...

ELIAS: Quite!

VICKI: ... but I’m not real sure what it is.

ELIAS: You are allowing yourself to be connecting subjective and objective creations and imagery. In actuality, you were not creating of actual malfunction as was the imagery within the dream state, but also offering yourself a connection between objective reality and subjective reality which is closer than you have allowed yourself previously. In this, you do not quite understand or trust that your dream imagery is directly affecting of your objective imagery, but you move closer in creating a situation that shall mirror your dream imagery directly, that you may view the correlation of the two and that they are connected.

VICKI: So one of the things to be realizing here would be that your dream imagery is just as affecting of your waking imagery as the other way around?

ELIAS: Correct. You offer yourself this example, for this is objectively easy. There is little interpretation needed.

VICKI: Right.

ELIAS: You are using the same imagery within the dream and within your objective waking state. What you need be looking to is the symbolism within the dream state and how that may be correlated to the objective imagery. The imagery may not be identical, but the meaning is the same; the action is the same. This be your continuing challenge within this dream mission, although I express to you and Michael [Mary] both that you are moving in this direction and accomplishing well within a small time framework. This mission objectively may have been accomplished within many years of your time framework, but you are moving quickly within your connections to this mission.

VICKI: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: Other individuals may incorporate ‘methods,’ (grinning) but some of your methods may be efficient for you in your information to yourselves.” [session 221, September 21, 1997]

LETTY: “Can we go into a little bit about what dreams then really represent? I know a lot of it has to do with your ... I’m trying to understand the dream state, and how it relates to my wake-up state.

ELIAS: Ah! Moving into the area of the dream mission!

LETTY: Yeah!

ELIAS: You may be connecting with Michael [Mary] and Lawrence [Vicki] in this area, for they investigate continuously of this dream mission with a sizable amount of fervor! (Chuckling) Michael [Mary] engages the subjective activity in this investigation and Lawrence [Vicki] provides the objective avenue within this dream mission, for they are within harmony and move hand-in-hand.

Your dream state is directly affecting of your waking state, as I have stated many times. This is all imagery that you create in creating your reality within this particular physical focus. It is influenced through Regional Area 2, which is where you are initially creating of your reality and then translating this into your dream and waking states. My clue, which is already partially known, is that what is occurring within Regional Area 2 is beyond imagery. (Staring at Letty) ALL imagery is a translation. Therefore, your waking objective reality is a translation of what is occurring within Regional Area 2.

LETTY: Which is our dream.

ELIAS: Partially. Your dream state is the imagery of Regional Area 2. It is not necessarily the entirety of the action. It is the translation of the action within imagery.

VICKI: Can I ask a question here? Can you explain the imagery that Mary and I both had, of both being woken up twice in the same night by Cathy’s dog, who wasn’t in our physical presence at all?

(Vic’s note: Mary and I were both awoken the same night by the sound of one sharp bark, and we both ‘knew’ it was Cathy’s dog.)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You have each, within one layer of your imagery, addressed correctly, that you are offering yourselves your ‘wake-up call!’ (Grinning)

Beyond this, you are also both connecting with a neutral element which is connected with Shynla [Cathy], in recognition that Shynla [Cathy] and both of your connections to her may be helpful to you each and to you both within the situation that you engage presently. Shynla [Cathy], as being the dispersed, may offer helpfulness to you each within your objective struggling presently, in her ability to be partially accepting of you each within the very different belief systems that you hold.

VICKI: As far as the action of the dream mission, would that particular imagery be indicative of the action of her helpfulness within consciousness?

ELIAS: Correct, and your connection to it, and both of you allowing yourselves simultaneously to be connecting to this helpfulness in recognition of this, and also offering yourselves the same imagery that you may be also connecting to, offering yourselves a reconfirmation of your interconnectedness, although objectively you feel disconnected from each other. Therefore, you offer yourselves imagery that reaffirms that you are very connected.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.” [session 222, September 27, 1997]

ELIAS: “We shall be continuing our discussion of your essence families and your Dream Walkers this evening, in relation to this shift in consciousness. We shall be discussing in the same area as per our last discussion of these Dream Walkers and their sequential creating of reality, of which you are a part. Do not be separating and allowing your thought process to go into areas that these Dream Walkers are creating your reality for you and are creating this shift without you, for they are not; for you hold aspects within you of these Dream Walkers also, and you are creating of your reality and your probabilities.

We began in discussing the Gramada family as those that initiate the movement in creating your reality. This sequence of creating is followed throughout your history, as I have stated.

Now; I have expressed to you that this shift in consciousness is orchestrated by the Vold and the Borledim families, but the sequence of creating the reality follows in suit, as do all mass events stemming from Source Events which are inserted into your physical reality. In this, we shall be examining this century that you occupy presently and evaluating its sequence and progress as leading you into this shift in consciousness, now that you may look to this century as it comes to a close.

Within the initial throes of this century, the Gramada family, figuratively speaking, created an idea for creating a new reality. This is figuratively speaking; but within a time framework, as I have expressed to you previously that this shift was also designed ‘before the beginning,’ but within a time framework, at the beginning of your present century the Gramada family were instrumental in creating the idea for how this shift would be accomplished. In this, the Vold follows and initiates the action of this shift into physical focus, therefore creating your new technological revolution.

Many inventions and new creations were initiated within this century. You have created many more technological advances within this one century than you have throughout your history. These, as I have stated previously, are all mirror images of what you hold in knowledge within; and you mirror outwardly those things known to you within, subjectively and within essence and within the knowledge of consciousness. Therefore, you initiated the onset of your technological revolution, so to speak, mirroring abilities that you hold within you within consciousness and outwardly expressing these objectively, creating new and wondrous inventions. This you may also view as a clue to your dream mission, for you may view how you have objectively expressed and created, en masse and individually, mirror images of subjective activity; those things, those actions that occur within Regional Area 2 that you KNOW, but you do not quite understand HOW you are connecting with this information.

RETA: ... Well, Regional Area 2 isn’t apparent to us. We haven’t learned to use it well, but we know that a lot of the thought waves that we use on a daily basis are running around there. I know that we can measure radio waves, and we can put an antenna up for TV. Is there a term you would use for those thought waves that we use and pass back and forth all the time from Regional Area 2?

ELIAS: Your dream mission! (Grinning)

RETA: My what? My dream mission? I don’t understand that! It’s a wave of some kind of energy. There has to be an energy exchange there.

ELIAS: It IS energy. It is consciousness.

RETA: Yeah, but how am I going to put up an antenna ... or I do on a daily basis! I know that! But how am I going to have a lucid awareness of that antenna getting into Regional Area 2?

ELIAS: Practice the dream mission! (Grinning)

RETA: Practice the dream mission. Okay....

PAUL: Elias, I have a question coming off of what Reta just said. In one of the Jane Roberts books, Seth describes the astral body – the conventional term for it – as three forms. (5) The first one is closer to the physical Regional Area 1, the second form is perhaps wider, and the third form is even wider. Maybe you could comment on that as far as projecting our consciousness into these areas.

ELIAS: This has been offered to you as imagery for initial understanding and information; for in recognition that you do focus your attention so singularly, it would not be accepted or understood initially if that essence was delivering to you information without imagery.

In this, I express to you that initially, you view helpfulness in visualizing an astral body. This allows you the security of your individual identity and also your connection to your physical focus. If you are imaging your physical form translucently, then you shall be offering yourself validation that you may be moving in areas that are unfamiliar and outside of your body.

We have spoken of out-of-body experiences previously in like manner; for initially, individuals will not understand that there is no etheric body. It is unnecessary; but temporarily, it is necessary for you to image this to yourselves. It is validating. It is also familiar, and offers you what you view to be your security of your physical focus and your identity. In actuality, you are not a form. You are not an entity. You are an essence, an essence of consciousness which holds no form. It merely is. It is energy.

Therefore, you may be projecting, and you need not bring your imaged astral body with you if you are so choosing! But the imagery of this and the wider elements was provided that you may understand that as you widen your awareness, you move first to a translucent body, and then you move to a shapeless body, and then you move to no body – a stepping stone.

PAUL: Thanks.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

RETA: Would you consider that when you are having a remote-viewing experience, would this be just being aware of Regional Area 2 and the thought-waves in that, or would you align it more with an out-of-body experience in an energy exchange?

ELIAS: Neither.

RETA: What would you call remote viewing?

ELIAS: This would merely be an accessing of thought processes and events within physical focus, similar to telepathy.

RETA: So you don’t really go there as an out-of-body? You are just processing the thoughts out of Regional Area 2?

ELIAS: No; within this physical, objective Regional Area 1.

RETA: Now, I know I’m going to ask a dynamite question. There are people that seem to have an ability to do this, and I know you’re going to say that we all have that ability, but are there certain qualities that we should look for in people or in ourselves to be able to do telepathy or remote viewing?

ELIAS: Be developing your inner senses, and practicing. (Pause)

PAUL: Elias, would that inner sensing be helpful to Norm and his experiments in developing them further? (6)

ELIAS: Absolutely!” (Grinning, and Norm laughs) [session 223, September 28, 1999]

PAUL: “I have some questions about dreams, dream experiences. In one of the sessions I’ve read, the issue of ‘a true dream from the gates of horn’ and its Egyptian connections in our past was mentioned, and you mentioned that Michael [Mary] had connected or accessed this region twice. I’m wondering if you would just elaborate a little bit further if you can about this type of action, of us tapping into a region that we call the Gates of Horn and what type of information is available there as opposed to other areas of our dreams. What’s special ... that’s not the right word. What’s unique? What’s the unique thing in that area?

ELIAS: When you are accessing that area of consciousness, when you are asking for information within that area of consciousness, you are asking essentially to be offering yourself a truthful dream imagery regardless of the information. When you are in the position of asking this type of question to be accessed within your dream state, you are also dealing with belief systems that you are wishing to be offering yourself information to be helpful to you, and risking your own non-acceptance of the answer that may be offered; this being why it has been termed the ‘true dream’ from this area, for it shall provide you imagery and action within Regional Area 2 that is truthful to you beyond your belief systems.

PAUL: So I’d like to ask you a question now about an experience I had, as I requested this and had a very powerful dream. To describe it briefly, I was in a room with others whom I objectively didn’t recognize but felt very close to, and made a connection with four or five invisible aspects of myself. The visual imagery of it being invisible is obvious to me of not fully understanding what they were, but they were me ...

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: ... and very close to me and dear to me, and part of that is understanding that. Also in this experience, which was very beautiful for me, the image of a red ball – I’ll just grab this because it’s here with me now for some reason (Paul picks up a red glass ball that’s always on the coffee table) – appeared to me and was offered as a symbol, in image, of challenges. Building off of what you said about accessing beliefs and non-acceptance, I realize that that’s what that’s dealing with, in dealing with that here with our friends and in other areas. My question is about the nature of a series of dreams now that seems to be connected from that point. This image of the red ball has occurred a second time recently. Physically, it was smaller and the topic was not necessarily cosmic or profound, but it was important and it dealt with dream matter and physical matter, which seems to be an interest of mine. I’m wondering if you would just comment a little bit about this new stage of dreaming that I’m entering into and this type of imagery. This is the first time for me that there is a replication, not of environment, not of feeling-tone, but of imagery that seems to have a parallel nature, perhaps connecting with other parts of myself, if you would comment on that.

ELIAS: Correct. You are moving into a direction of focusing upon dream imagery as you move into the area of connecting yourself also with this dream mission presently. In this, you are focusing more carefully upon the imagery of your dream state. The ball originally presented to you, being the color of red, signifying to yourself the aspect of spirituality within the addressing of the contained belief systems. In this, you offer yourself another dream imagery, that the ball appears once again, but smaller. In this symbolism, you are identifying to yourself that the belief systems are being addressed and therefore are being moved through. In this, you image the ball as smaller; depleting. You also image this ball continued to be red, for you also move into the area of redefining spirituality to yourself.

PAUL: A question about the relationship of size. You mentioned, in the smaller aspect, moving through. (Uncertainly) That’s a good thing? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Correct ... in your perception! (Grinning)

PAUL: Of course. Thank you. (Elias chuckles) I was talking to Michael [Mary], before our session and yesterday, about another concept in this dream mission area perhaps, about a man named Robert Monroe and this concept that he offers of a ‘rote.’ R-O-T-E. Michael [Mary] was talking about this ball of energy as being offered, and being able to get a thought ball of ideas that you could acquire in the dream state or altered state, take it with you back to full objective awareness, run it like a video tape or open it like a computer file at your leisure, and in a controlled fashion have that information available. Would you comment on that type of idea? It’s rather new to me!

ELIAS: The word is one individual’s interpretation and word for this action. In actuality, you may choose any word for identification, but the action is correct. It is a reality, and it shall benefit you each nicely within your offering of clues to yourselves in the context of your dream mission. You are beginning to move more quickly presently, once again. There has been movement continuously, but at certain time periods you accelerate your movement, and then you offer yourselves your respite temporarily; this being another accelerated time framework. Therefore, you shall be accessing more information presently and moving more swiftly within the addressing of belief systems and actions, and also within the connection of objective and subjective consciousness and reality and the lack of separation within them.

You may be continuing in this direction of accessing this information from other areas of consciousness and allowing yourself an identification that other essences and information are not so far removed from you as you believe them to be, and you do hold the ability to be connecting and in contact objectively with other essences and be exchanging with other essences. You hold belief systems that you have held for much of your time framework that these actions are not possible.

You may go to a seance and you may speak with your deceased grandparent through the facilitation of a medium, but you do not believe that you may step sideways and access another essence within another area of consciousness without creating an energy exchange and be accessing information in the same manner that you access information from each other within physical focus. Therefore, you create ‘methods,’ but these methods draw you closer into a realization that you do hold the ability to access other areas of consciousness and other essences at will. This action is another element of reality, another availability of accessing through consciousness energy and information and essence, not necessarily your own essence.” [session 224, October 01, 1997]

VICKI: “Don’t a lot of these changes you’re talking about – the changes in our monetary system, all the changes you’ve been talking about – isn’t that pretty intimately tied in with an awareness of how we create our reality?


VICKI: And so would it be safe to say that mid-point next century, give or take a time frame, most individuals will be accomplishing of what we call our dream mission?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: They will be understanding how they create their reality?

ELIAS: Not entirely objectively, but they shall hold a greater understanding of their reality and a truer knowing that they ARE creating their reality. It shall not be a concept any longer. It shall be a reality, and within this they shall also enable themselves to tap into subjective awareness and recreate this intentionally within objective awareness; this enabling the scientific advancements within technology that shall be accomplished.

VICKI: So I imagine science will be conducting experiments that will be indicative of the fact that we do create our reality ...

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: ... and that things happen that are outside of the way we believe about them presently, just like the experiment Norm was talking about with the photons?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Those kinds of things are going to be, you know, leading people into a way different direction of thinking ...

ELIAS: Absolutely.

VICKI: ... eventually.

ELIAS: Absolutely. Your greatest discovery, so to speak, will be your space and time travel – objectively, physically – that you shall discover the methods, the means, to exceeding your light speed. You accomplish this every day within your focus, but translating that into physical movement is a new discovery. This be what your age-old quest has been; for time travel and your time machines and your machines for travel through space. These machines that you hold presently, that you fire to your small little moon which orbits your own little planet, shall seem to be child’s toys, for you shall develop technology that may project you around your space within amazing precision. But these also shall be mirrors of what you already know within essence and what you already accomplish within yourselves; just as your telecommunications are mirror images within physical form of how you already communicate within essence and consciousness. Your televisions are mirror images of what you already view within essence, in connecting to other focuses and other dimensions at the flick of a channel!

DAVID: So this form of communicating with a dead guy will be obsolete? (7)

ELIAS: It shall be unnecessary.

DAVID: ’Cause we can all do it.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: The educational systems will be drastically changed?

ELIAS: Quite altered.

DAVID: I’m looking forward to it!

ELIAS: I have expressed to you many times, this shift that you enter is a wondrous age, and is an age that you have developed and created for the expression of your individual and collective creativity and your abilities, which you hold endless amounts of!” [session 233, November 02, 1997]

ELIAS: “Good evening. This evening we shall be continuing with your essence families and your Dream Walkers. The inquiry has been posed in wonderings of how different essence families are connecting with you, in like manner to this energy exchange as being of Sumafi and also of Sumari, and that other families may be connecting with you as Dream Walkers in different ways. This is so. We shall focus in the direction of the Gramada for this evening.

Futurely, the Gramada shall be instrumental in dream missions. Within the area of technology, the Gramada, as the initiators, shall be instrumental in initiating technology that shall allow you to be viewing and connecting with dream imagery. Within your technology futurely, you shall be developing instrumentation that shall allow you the ability to move into the area of dream imagery and connect with each other in this dream imagery. Presently, you focus upon your dream mission and are developing your skills in the area of becoming dream artists. Michael [Mary] has developed the ability to connect with other individuals, as has other individuals connected within this forum, and interact with them at will within the dream state. You are aware of individuals that hold this ability also. Individuals are developing these skills as a prelude to what may be developing futurely. The Gramada family shall be those that shall be instrumental in this area, for throughout your history the Gramada family has gained information within this area.

I have expressed to you that individuals that are belonging to the Gramada family are initiators of action, of invention, of creation. These individuals are those that hold behind those that seek the limelight. These individuals are those that develop the ideas that propel you forward. This may be within many different areas. It may be within science, it may be within art, it may be within architecture, it may be within different inventions; but these individuals tap into information that allows you all to move forward within your development within physical focus.

They are not entirely, in themselves, accepted entirely. (Slight pause, and then humorously) This was redundant! (Laughter)

VICKI: (Laughing) It was!

NORM: (Laughing) What does that mean?

ELIAS: I am noticing! Our banner of noticing! (Chuckling)

NORM: A mistake!

ELIAS: These individuals ... you may strike the last entirely from your record!

VICKI: (Laughing) Alrighty! (But I don’t think I will)

ELIAS: [These individuals] move into innovative directions. You may look to your example of your Sir Einstein, who to this day is not entirely accepted within his theories. His theories are closer to fact than your sciences allow for. His theories concerning time are closer to reality than your physicists allow for, and of alternate realities. Another individual that you are quite familiar with, your Sir Carl Jung – another very innovative individual with information far beyond his science and much closer to reality than you view within the science of psychology. These individuals are initiators. These individuals connect to other areas, and to Dream Walkers and information provided to them through Dream Walkers. They connect to this information in a different manner than this energy exchange. They connect to this information through dreams. I have expressed to you that your dream activity, your imagery, is equal in reality to your waking reality. In this, much information may be accessed. These individuals initially were not quite understanding of the information provided, but held the ability to access this information and allow themselves to assimilate this information and create a method of presenting this information objectively to your planet.

The Gramada family intersects with Dream Walkers through dream interaction – actual intersection – or through an action of inspiration. Information is transferred in a way that the individual is understanding that the information is not being accessed from themselves, but is accessed through their own thoughts. I am quite sure that you are understanding of this Olivia [Ron], for you engage this same action; that you may think that there is a possibility that the thoughts are your own, but simultaneously holding a knowing that these thoughts that bleed through are not your own and are not of you. This is a common action within the Gramada family.

The Gramada do not normally exchange within the action of an energy exchange in this manner that you view presently, although it has occurred; but this would not be the usual action that they would be expressing themselves within, for the Gramada family are not quite so overt. They are more quiet, more subtle, and not demanding of attention in this flamboyant manner. Therefore, they choose more subtle manners of exchange.

I have expressed that the Milumet may be connecting with heavenly beings. They may be holding visions or exchanging with elements of your environment – in reality, in actuality, speaking to your creatures and your creatures speaking to them, or speaking to a tree and the tree speaking to them – for they are quite connected with the earth, with the elements. The wind may speak to them, and this shall be an action of the Dream Walkers with them in conjunction with their intent.

As to the Gramada, being much more subtle, they shall interact with the Dream Walkers within their family in a more individual, personal manner. It shall not be the grandiose situation of groups or masses, but individually being inspired and interacting within dream imagery; although the dream imagery shall be slightly different from that imagery that you recognize, for there is an added element. They are not merely creating their own dream imagery interpreting from their own action within Regional Area 2, but they are in actuality in communication with other essences belonging to the Gramada family offering information to them to be initiating within physical focus.

(Intently) Your dream activity is much more important than you realize. It is reality. This is not to say that you all shall be connecting with the Gramada family within your dream state, for you do not belong to the Gramada family; but this is the method, so to speak, that the Gramada shall be connecting with individuals within physical focus as Dream Walkers, to be interacting and offering information to be helpful and to be furthering within your information. (To Vic) Question?

VICKI: Yeah, I have a question.

ELIAS: I am aware! (Laughter)

VICKI: You were saying that the Gramada family will be instrumental in developing new technology to be facilitating our connection and understanding of dream state, of our dream activity? Well, that tweaks me out! I mean, don’t we have the ability to do that?

ELIAS: You do!

VICKI: Then why do we need to develop technology to do it? That sounds like a backward motion to me!

ELIAS: This is not backward. You mirror within your objectivity all that you hold the ability to accomplish subjectively.

VICKI: Well, I kind of get the mirroring thing. It just seems like if there’s machinery around to do stuff for people, then people don’t acknowledge and learn how to use their own abilities.

ELIAS: There is machinery around to be communicating with each other. You hold telecommunications, do you not?


ELIAS: You hold the ability to be communicating with each other without this machinery ...

VICKI: Right. That’s my point!

ELIAS: ... but you develop these machinery as a mirror of what you hold the ability for. In this, you may objectively view what you hold abilities in and therein move forward, in your terms, to be accomplishing yourselves.

NORM: A second focus would be able, with this machinery, to view another person’s dreams? Is that what you’re saying?

ELIAS: I shall express an example. The technology shall provide you that one individual may enter the dream state. Another individual may enter the same dreamscape. A third individual, and fourth, may also enter the same dreamscape. You are already playing with this concept. You are already playing with this concept without your technology, but you do not control your environment precisely yet. You look to this action as chance. You might connect with each other, and you might not. Futurely, you shall hold the ability to intentionally connect with each other within specific circumstances within dream state, within what you term to be controlled circumstances. You may isolate a specific dreamscape, and at will enter this to be altering of the reality within the dreamscape. You shall hold the accomplishment of your dream mission. Your technology shall merely aid you in your ability to be accomplishing this at will regardless of your connections and regardless of your interests.

NORM: So the technology is going to bring you to some kind of a location; a scape; an area – you said a ‘dreamscape.’

ELIAS: No. YOU shall create the dreamscape. The technology shall merely enable others to join you at will within the same exact dreamscape.

NORM: So you will be interacting with the technology subjectively.

ELIAS: Correct. It is merely a tool.

VICKI: Yeah, I kind of see that. I kind of see that if we had a piece of machinery like that, it would be more real to people that this is a reality, that it’s something that they can accomplish. But on the other hand, I don’t see that our use of the telephone has....

ELIAS: Benefited you? (Grinning) No!

VICKI: No! (Laughter)

ELIAS: And neither shall this technology either, in the manner that you are speaking; but it SHALL benefit you in aiding you in the direction of moving you into the area that you need not hold this technology. It is a tool; a stepping-stone to move you into areas in which this type of technology is unnecessary; but futurely, temporarily it shall be quite beneficial to you in allowing you to recognize that you DO create your reality, that your reality encompasses your dream imagery, and that your dream imagery IS reality and not to be discounted as any less than your waking reality.

NORM: Will the technology include a recording of some kind?


NORM: So anybody can view it then.


NORM: Wonderful!

DREW: Do dreams take place within space?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes; for your dream imagery is connected with your objective awareness. Therefore, it is also connected with your space arrangement. Your time framework is different and your space arrangement is less defined, but – in your terms – but these dream imageries do occur within space arrangements that are directly connected to this physical focus.

DREW: Dream imagery is imagery for action, but it’s not the action itself, correct? It’s an interpretation of the action.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So when people are joining us in this dreamscape, are they joining us in the action? Where exactly is this joining taking place?

ELIAS: They are joining you in all three areas. They are joining you within the area of Regional Area 2, which you are creating within. They are also joining you within your dreamscape and they are also joining you within your waking state, which are both imagery of Regional Area 2.

DREW: Is Regional Area 2 a space?

ELIAS: It is an area of consciousness.

DREW: So when they join us in our dreamscape ... well, area implies space.

ELIAS: No. Regional Area 2 is merely a term that I have placed upon an area of consciousness which is directly related to physical focus, but it occupies no space arrangement. It is merely consciousness.

DREW: And this is part of our dreamscape? (Pause)

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

DREW: So when people join us there, where are they joining us if it’s not a space arrangement?

ELIAS: Within your objective awareness, within your dreamscape and within your waking state, they ARE joining you within a space arrangement.

DREW: And the third area?

ELIAS: They are not. It is merely within consciousness.

DREW: Okay.” [session 237, November 09, 1997]

VICKI: “I have a question about offering yourself information. I had a dream last night. The imagery of the dream was that in this elusive Regional Area 2, we create experiences. I was creating experiences for myself, and then I was presenting them to myself after they were created, so to speak, and then making a choice as to whether or not to actualize it into my present now reality, which ... I don’t know. It made me think about it when I woke up this morning ’cause I never thought about it that way before. I’m just wondering what that dream was actually about, or if there’s any reality to it.

ELIAS: It is imagery presented to yourself within the context of your dream mission. Within Regional Area 2, you do not create the experience, but you create the blueprint for the experiences and you create all of the probabilities that may be connected to the individual experience. You translate this into your dream state. Within your dream state you create an experience, and you choose within your dream state to be actualizing or NOT actualizing this objectively.

VICKI: You choose in your dream state ...

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: ... whether or not to actualize it in the present now?

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 259, January 17, 1998]

TOM: “When you mentioned the natural state, what I thought of was, we were having a discussion, Lawrence or Vic and several of us in a chat, and I was explaining about using out-of-body to enter other regions or using dreams to work with beliefs, and there seems to be an area where I guess I wasn’t explaining it right. I was wondering if you had any comments on working with beliefs in dreams or from out-of-body, projecting into other regions as Regional Area 2, for instance.

ELIAS: You may be using this out-of-body or projections in consciousness quite efficiently to be addressing to your belief systems, to be identifying belief systems, and also to be offering yourself more information. This would be what you may term to be a stepping stone or a link in the area of merging the objective and subjective awarenesses, bringing both of these areas of awareness into your objective knowing.

Now; let me express that this type of projection moves you into an area that facilitates much action within consciousness, for not only do you move yourself into an area that is more likened to simultaneous time, but you also automatically offer yourself more of a clear awareness of your own inner senses. You do not block your inner senses quite so strongly within these projections in consciousness. You allow yourself to tap into your own abilities of accessing and interpreting your own inner senses. This is an automatic byproduct of moving into the area and action of projection.

This be one of the reasons that I am encouraging of this action, for not only does it offer you the opportunity to view more of your own abilities and therefore offers you the opportunity to be acknowledging of yourself and trusting of yourself, but it also offers you the viewing and the experiencing of your own tapping into the working orders of these inner senses, and as you practice in this area, you also, within your objective state, so to speak, or your objective awareness, become more and more sensitized to these inner senses.

Your attention moves in the direction of ‘between’ and not so very singularly focused in the one area of objective awareness, but allows you to be recognizing more of your subjective communications. Your inner senses of telepathy, of conceptualization, of time differentials, and your empathic sense are much more heightened, and as I have expressed previously, the more that you engage in practicing with these inner senses, the more sensitized you shall become to them, and you shall offer yourself much more of an easement in the identification and use of these inner senses.

Your dream state also is quite facilitating in this area. This, once again, be the reason that I am encouraging of this dream mission, for this is another avenue that may be accessed in merging these two aspects of consciousness into more of an awareness, that you may manipulate within your objective physical focus.

TOM: You explained it well. I was having difficulty explaining it, and how consciousness seems to become more merged objectively and subjectively.

ELIAS: Absolutely, for you may view figuratively these actions of projection as an in-between state. Although I have identified this type of state in consciousness as subjective, there are other areas of subjective awarenesses that appear more removed from your objective awareness than these particular states of out-of-body or dream state, which would be what you term to be your objective in understanding HOW you are creating your reality and WHAT is the communication that is occurring between the focus and the whole of essence.

Now; do not misunderstand and be separating essence from yourself, for I hold the awareness that each time I am expressing in this direction that individuals automatically move into the area of separating themselves as a focus from some type of ‘cosmic entity’ which they refer to as essence. Essence is YOU. But you, being a focus of essence, hold your attention singularly within this particular focus. This is not to say that you do not hold all of essence, as I have expressed numerous times, but you do not always allow yourselves to be accessing all of essence, for your attention is held very singularly within the individual focus.

In this, moving into the direction of practicing with dream state and with out-of-body experiences, projections, you allow yourself what you may term to be an in-between state where you continue to hold an element of objective awareness, but you also loose your hold upon your belief systems and upon your lack of trust and acceptance of self and allow yourselves much greater freedom of movement.

Therefore, within these states, if you are choosing you may also be viewing more efficiently your belief systems and you may access aspects of the belief systems that you hide from yourselves, so to speak, within your objective awareness.

TOM: Yes, I guess I’ve been experiencing a lot of that lately, and I agree, in that accessing all these regions allows us to remember ... more remembrance, as you might say.

ELIAS: Yes. You may access many different elements of self within these states, for you do not block yourselves quite as intensely. You allow yourselves much more freedom within these states of consciousness. Therefore, they are quite advantageous to you in much of your investigations, not only in the areas of accessing other focuses but within your attention of THIS particular focus, in accessing information in regard to this shift in consciousness and accessing information of self and belief systems and behaviors, and also entering into areas of accessing information of other individuals, and in this offering yourself more information that may be helpful to you within your confusions of other individuals and how they are creating their reality.” [session 311, September 01, 1998]

MARGOT: “A couple of weeks ago, I had a very strange dream in which I was with members in this forum, in the group, except that I didn’t seem to know any of them, but that was kind of beside the point. While I was there, I got a message, an e-mail from a female by the name of B.J. Carlson, of whom I was very fond. In this dream, I was very fond of her. She said in the e-mail that her husband had died, and she wanted me to come to the funeral. My mom was also in this dream, and she told me that the man had died under very strange circumstances, and that he was 33 years old. I got distracted, though, in the dream, and I arrived late at the funeral. Everybody was there except me, and there also seemed to be a Mary there who talked to me, but it didn’t seem to be our Mary, and she told me that we had been invited to go to B.J.’s house after the funeral to eat.

I woke up right after that, but I never actually saw this B.J. in the dream. I just knew that I was very, very fond of her, and I knew her very well. When I woke up from this dream, I was saying this name, B.J. Carlson, over and over again, and trying to figure out who this entity, this person was.

A couple of days after that, I happened to become aware that there is a man, B.J. Carlson, here in Flagstaff, for whom a lot of things are being done. A lot of events are being held for him to raise funds because he needs a kidney transplant. When I realized that this is an actual man here in Flagstaff that I don’t know, I was really confused then! Can you tell me anything about what my connection is or what this dream was about?

ELIAS: This is an example of imagery that you present yourself within dream state, which is tapping into the collective consciousness, and offering yourself information in connection with other individuals and events that are occurring around you.

Now; in this type of dream imagery, there is, as always, elements of translation, and therefore you insert your own imagery in your own translation to yourself. But you also include in your imagery enough information that may be objectively verified to offer you the validation that you have tapped into this area within Regional Area 2 of the collective consciousness, to which you may easily move in and out of, so to speak. You merely do not allow yourselves the interaction in this area to the extent that you are wishing to be.

But in this situation, you have offered yourself the retention of the imagery that may be translated into your objective waking state, remembering this particular name, that you may be validating to yourself in objective terms what you have brought to your objective awareness from your encounter within Regional Area 2 in the area of the collective dream consciousness. And in this collective dream consciousness you may access much information, and in this you have offered yourself the information that this particular individual, without certain conditions, may be creating of a choice to be disengaging from this physical focus, in alignment with his own belief systems in these areas.

But this is not the point. It matters not the individual area or situation or circumstance or event that you have tapped into.

The point of offering yourself this imagery is to be expressing to you your own ability to be accessing this collective area of dream state within consciousness, and that you hold the ability to objectively remember what you have accessed in this dream state, accessing the collective consciousness of dream interaction, which is directly related to your physical creations of reality.

Therefore, it is not a situation of your individual connections to this individual, but more a presentment to you of your own abilities in accessing this area of dream consciousness, that you may use this as a stepping stone to begin within your own dream mission to be accessing more information in this area.

MARGOT: Thank you. That is very helpful. I kind of had to come to that conclusion myself, since I brought his name out of that so strongly and confounded myself so much with that.” [session 317, September 13, 1998]

ROB: “In my dreams at various times, there are boys of various nationalities who are not known to me, and there are various expressions of affection. The feelings are not those which are accepted within mass belief systems. Is this a part of what you have been speaking of?

ELIAS: Yes, and this is your imagery that you present to yourself that this is not bad. It merely is a choice of manifestation within a particular sexual orientation of this particular dimension.

Be noticing that within your dream imagery, the belief systems are quite relaxed, and in this you do not feel the sting or the bite, so to speak, of the negative in this area, but you may look into these soft faces and you may find a lovingness and a compassion and also an excitement that you do not allow yourself within your objective imagery and expressions.

Many times individuals move in the direction of presenting imagery to themselves within dream state that they do not allow themselves to be addressing within their objective waking state, for within their objective state and the influences of their belief systems, they do not feel an element of safety ... which is another aspect of belief systems! But nonetheless, it is quite an element of your reality within physical focus. Within your dream state, this becomes a non-issue, so to speak, for you may allow yourselves many expressions and hold that element of safety that you do not allow yourselves within your objective awareness.

Notice that you may hold misgivings or uncomfortableness as you awake and you create your translation into objective terms, but within your dream state, you experience quite a different expression and are not holding fearfulness or that aspect of uncomfortableness, for you are not incorporating the strength of the objectively held belief systems. This is an acknowledgment to you. It is an offering to you. I have expressed many times, in conjunction with the dream mission, that your dream state is your communication with essence which you translate into objective terms, so to speak, terms that you may understand within your knowing of creations in physical focus.

In this, essence is communicating to you that this is acceptable. It is merely a choice, and this imagery offers you the opportunity to view a positive aspect, for you ALL move in the direction of comparisons of positive and negative, and you create these judgments. This is the movement of belief systems, creating positive and negative judgments: good and bad, right and wrong. And in this, within essence there is no gender, and as you move into the action of this shift, look about you! Although there continues to be the mass held belief system of sexual orientation in the area of right and wrong and what is acceptable and what is not acceptable, this is moving in the direction of a relaxation also, for all of the belief systems are becoming more and more relaxed as the action of this shift gains momentum, and individuals singularly and en masse are addressing more and more to these held belief systems.

I have expressed previously that the action of this mass expression of disease of AIDS is a mass expression of a collective agreement to be addressing to the judgments and the focus upon the belief system of sexual orientation and the movement in limitations in this area. As I have expressed, within essence, within consciousness, there is no gender. This is a manifestation of physical focuses merely for experience within physical form, but as you move more into the action of this shift, there is also more of an acceptance of all of the expressions of sexual orientation, for there is more of a recognition that these are merely physical expressions of physical experience, and that you all hold all of these aspects of sexual orientation within you, for you ARE ESSENCE.

In this, gender is merely a manifestation within physical form, an expression, a choice. It is not an absolute. Therefore, although many individuals within this present time framework view, in your terms, that you hold ‘a long way to go,’ so to speak, within your addressing to this belief system, I shall express to you that within a very, very small time framework, there has been great movement into the expression of acceptance in this area. This shall serve as a very good example of acceptance of a belief system, for you may view objectively en masse the extreme of expression for centuries in one direction with this particular subject matter.

'Other,’ so to speak, as a choice of sexual orientation for centuries has been unacceptable within your officially accepted reality as influenced by the mass belief systems. Within this present time framework, you move more and more and more into an acceptance of this orientation, for your attention moves in the direction of addressing to these belief systems and a recognition that this is merely a physical expression and not an absolute. It is not a truth. It is a belief system expressed within physical focus.” [session 326, September 29, 1998]

BOBBI: “I think what our questions stem from is that it seemed the impressions we were getting were sort of unpredictable. (8) We would feel like we had an intent to visit somewhere in an objective way, and sometimes we would get information on other focuses or sometimes it would be other time frames, and I think that was what was confusing, because it seemed like the information could go a number of different ways, and we don’t know what’s influencing – why one time we would get what seemed like very objective information, and the next time we would get something on another time frame of that location, and another time we might get something on another focus of that individual, and that’s the confusing element.

ELIAS: Quite, but I express to you that you are creating quite efficiently in this manner, allowing yourselves the diversity of the benefit of your widening of awareness and not limiting yourselves to one particular area, but allowing yourselves to be incorporating information from many different angles.

Also, this type of action, in the manner that you are incorporating it and creating your involvement with it, moves in very similar direction to your dream mission, in which you allow yourselves to be connecting to the most beneficial information in whichever expression shall be most closely related to what you are creating and experiencing in that time framework objectively.

In this, your projections and your dream mission move in very similar directions and offer you very similar types of information and imagery, and although you continue to view both of these types of imagery to be somewhat disconnected or fragmented from your objective waking imagery, I express to you that within the simplicity of terms, they are not as far removed as you THINK they are.” [session 418, July 07, 1999]

PAUL: “I was talking to Mary before we started about her dream mission, and I realized – I had forgotten this – that she coined the term ‘dream mission,’ and you’ve used it a number of times in the sessions. I’m wondering if you would just comment on the term, on your perspective of the term ‘dream mission,’ and what it means.

ELIAS: This is the terminology that Michael [Mary] has created which identifies an exploration of certain elements of consciousness that many of you within your physical dimension do not necessarily allow yourself to be engaging.

And in this, as I have offered information previously in conjunction with the subjective and objective awarenesses and the reality that is created – with the participation of both, not singularly as an expression of either element of your reality – there has been created this dream mission, so to speak, in which you offer yourselves the opportunity to be moving in the direction of exploring your subjective awareness, the type of imagery that you create in conjunction with your subjective awareness, and how the imagery of your objective awareness moves in conjunction with the imagery of your subjective awareness.

(Speaking slowly) Now; be understanding: subjective imagery is not necessarily imagery in the definition of images. Objective imagery moves in large portion in the direction of images. The images that you offer to yourself within dream state are objective. This is the interplay of objective awareness within your dream state.

The dream state itself is a subjective movement. It is, in a manner of speaking, figuratively speaking, a subjective realm. Your waking state is your objective realm, so to speak.

Within the objective realm, there is subjective interaction and expression and imagery, and in like manner, in the subjective realm, there is objective interaction and imagery.

The images that are projected and created within your dream state is the objective participation. The impressions, the sensing, the impulses, the knowings, and at times the feelings that you experience within your waking state are the subjective identifiable insertions into your objective realm.

Objective expressions are not all solid and are not all translated into images. You do create objective expressions of thoughts, of emotions, which are not solid and are not necessarily images.

Within your subjective creations, the subjective expression is not necessarily an expression of images, although at times it may – in conjunction with your objective awareness – move in the direction of creating images. In like manner to your objective expression being generally the creation of images, the subjective is generally not the creation of images.

Are you understanding thus far?

PAUL: Yes, I am. I have a question about the relationship between subjective and objective experience. It’s clearly a two-way system, for lack of a better word, meaning that thoughts and emotions that may not necessarily even be images, that are certainly a very objective part of our waking state, definitely reach into and communicate with subjective, collective consciousness and act as a magnet, perhaps, in terms of probabilities and choices?

ELIAS: Not necessarily a magnet, but many times as a facilitating element.

PAUL: So there is a two-way give-and-take between the objective and subjective selves?

ELIAS: Yes, very much so.

The awarenesses of subjective and objective are continuously in harmony and are continuously interplaying with each other. One does not move independently of the other.

PAUL: Right.

Now, in session 135, you made a comment to the effect that part of this dream mission, so to speak, is creating an efficient language for translation of subjective activity into objective knowing, and I’m curious about your thoughts on this efficient language. (9)

Mary and I discussed it a little bit beforehand, and we realize that it’s not an alpha-numeric language in terms of science and separation and describing parts of a machine in parts. But I’m very curious what you would have to say – some clues, perhaps, or puzzle pieces – in terms of this efficient language for translation.

ELIAS: This moves very much in conjunction with what we have been discussing in relation to your sciences and your religions and your philosophies, and my expression to you in turning the attention to self and the acceptance and trust of self. THIS action creates that language of which I am speaking of.

And in this, as you turn your attention to self and you familiarize yourself with yourself, and you become accepting and trusting of self and all that you create and how you create and how you express yourself, you also allow yourself to incorporate all of the different expressions and aspects of yourself.

And in this, you incorporate the movement of the subjective and objective awarenesses, knowing that these two elements of yourself, of your creation of your reality, move in harmony with each other. They are not at odds with each other, and one does not move independent of the other.

As you allow yourself to move into a recognition of all that you are and of yourself in acceptance, recognizing that there is no element of yourself which is creating your reality without your permission – there is no element of yourself that is hidden from you – recognizing that all that you create is purposeful and that YOU are orchestrating ALL of it, you also begin to create your language to yourself in OBJECTIVE terms.

You begin to understand what you are and your abilities and what you are creating within your reality ... and that you ARE creating your reality. And as you allow yourself this awareness, you create a natural flow of energy, and in that natural flow of energy, you begin to create your individual language to yourself. This language may not necessarily be translated into thoughts, but it shall efficiently be communicating to you in knowings.

Now; this may be directly related to that which we term to be this dream mission, for this is an accessible area in which you may be viewing different types of expressions that you create objectively and subjectively. You allow yourselves to view this in objective terms, and in this, as you begin to create your individual language to yourself, you also begin to offer yourself the interpretation or the translation of subjective awareness, or at times dream imagery, and you offer yourself the remembrance.

The remembrance is not a memory! It is a state of being. It is a knowing. Therefore, as you engage the remembrance, you are engaging a manner of being, a perception, a knowing, not a memory of an event.

(Intently) As you engage the remembrance in conjunction with dream imagery, you are not necessarily recalling the event of the dream imagery and translating that into an interpretation within thoughts, but you are creating an actual state of being in conjunction with the dream imagery.

(Intently) You are creating a perception which is not necessarily translated into thoughts, but is merely enacted in being, and there is held a knowing within you, regardless that you may not identify in actual words or language, for you have created your own language to yourself, which is the bridge, so to speak, from the oubliette into the actualization in objective awareness of remembrance.

And this is the point – not to be creating a philosophy, not to be drawing comparisons, but to be creating your individual language that is creating the translation into objective awareness. This is your movement from the oubliette into the remembrance.

PAUL: Fascinating, and it rings true. The question then, about this language ... you’ve mentioned this before, I think it was in session 179, about learning to recognize feeling and not the literal image. (10) Mary and I were talking about this too, that this feeling is not necessarily a thought or an emotion, and I guess I’m curious. You’ve used the term ‘feeling tone’ before. I would imagine this feeling tone is very much a part of this individual language, is it not?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

PAUL: So that’s an important part of recognizing that, as each individual’s feeling tone is utterly unique within the context of their own essence tone.

ELIAS: You are correct, and this is the element of turning your attention to self and allowing yourself the recognition and the identification of yourself, the acceptance of yourself, and the incorporation of ALL of the expressions and elements and aspects and actions and creations and movements of energy in conjunction with yourself. As you move in this direction, you also allow yourself the recognition, the identification of your individual tone of yourself and of your feeling of yourself.

PAUL: So in engaging the remembrance, as it were, one is moving into a more direct experience of their own essence tone?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: That makes sense.” [session 493, October 26, 1999]

JEREMY: “I have a question for Carmel [Lacy]. She has been experiencing what she calls straddling two worlds. One is physical objective reality like all of us experience, and this other one is just a place she goes to when she gets bored and everything, and the only term she can find that we have presently to describe it would be schizophrenia, and so she’s curious as to why she’s creating this kind of experience.

ELIAS: You may express to her that this is quite natural in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, and not an element to be involving alarm or concern in conjunction with, for as you allow yourself to widen your awareness, you do experience different elements within this reality.

In a manner of speaking, you may figuratively express that this is a type of dropping of veils which you employ to be creating separations within your awareness in consciousness, as you focus your attention quite objectively in this reality. Therefore, this experience that she is engaging is temporary, although she may also allow herself to be manipulating within this experience, and she may be allowing herself futurely to engage this type of experience at will.

Now; in this experience, the reason that she is experiencing boredom is that she is not allowing herself to be manipulating energy within this state, so to speak, for she has not offered herself the awareness objectively that she holds the ability to be manipulating within this state.

You may offer to her my suggestion that while in this state, she may be manipulating energy and allowing that energy to form into a ball visually, and as the energy forms into a ball, express to her to allow herself to recognize that the energy which is being manipulated is energy from other areas of consciousness, and as this energy pulls together and forms a ball, she may move towards the ball and she may take hold of this ball, and as she is holding this ball, she may also open the ball and allow the energy to reform into an expression of information that she shall understand objectively....

JEREMY: So it’s like a rote?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

JEREMY: That’s interesting. We’ve been talking about rotes and stuff here lately, which kind of leads into another question of mine, if you were finished with that one, that is.

ELIAS: Very well. You may proceed.

JEREMY: Alrighty then. Paul, Jim, and myself, as of lately, have been drawing each other together in the context and in the sharing of interests with each other in our involvement in the shift as we’re aware of it objectively, and how we want to be actively participating in it and carrying ourselves and this information – although not related strictly to this material, but with the perennial philosophy that Paul has been endeavoring within – but carrying that more publicly and just increasing more activity in that area. And I was wondering, what necessarily are we engaging? ’Cause it seems to be very spontaneous, which I’m all up for, as you are aware, and it just seems to be like congealing, in Jim’s terms, and so I was wondering what we’re endeavoring upon within initiating within ourselves this dream mission.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you are not creating an endeavor that is necessarily defined outside of yourselves.

In this, what you are allowing yourselves to participate in is an interaction with each other in movement cooperatively, and you may allow yourselves to direct yourselves and your energy within your own creativity together, and in that direction, you may be creating of your OWN expression that you may engage and participate within in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.

What I am expressing is an encouragement for you each to be interactive with each other in allowance of yourselves collectively to be expressing your individual contributions, so to speak, of creativity. This offers you each the opportunity to participate with other individuals, to be viewing different movements that you yourselves create and that you create in conjunction with each other collectively, and offers you an avenue to be enacting many different directions simultaneously.

It offers you the opportunity to view your own individual behaviors, your behavior in conjunction with other individuals, your allowance for acceptance of yourselves individually and your allowance for acceptance of other individuals and their creative abilities and expressions, and offers you an opportunity to create a direction in a collective sense with few individuals, that you may view the interplay between the individuals that are participating.

This allows you also to view the exchange of beliefs, the opportunity to address to different beliefs, and to move more into acceptance of these beliefs within self and within the expressions of other individuals, and in this, you offer yourselves each much information as to the workings, so to speak, and the movement that you engage as you participate in actions and interaction with other individuals. This offers you a tremendous expression of different avenues to be viewing simultaneously in a type of slowed motion, that you may view each action and each interaction and how the movement of interplay works.

Many of you are moving within your awarenesses into a curiosity of HOW you are creating your reality....

JEREMY: It’s Caroll [Paul] and his blueprint endeavor, correct?

ELIAS: Quite. And in this, you explore and you experiment with different concepts and ideas of how you are creating your reality, which spurs not merely curiosity but a tremendous element of motivation, and in these types of movements, you are automatically lending energy to this shift in consciousness merely with your participation with each other.

As I have expressed with Caroll [Paul] also, you may align with any philosophy that you present to yourselves, and you may draw yourselves into agreement with any type of philosophy that is presented within your physical dimension. But be remembering that the key is the acceptance of self and the noticing of behaviors, triggers, [and] automatic responses in all of these situations that you create, for philosophy may present intrigue and motivation and curiosity, but it also opens a window, as you choose to align with a certain philosophy, for judgments.

Therefore, merely allow yourself to be noticing – and you may offer this information to Caroll [Paul] and to Yarr [Jim] also – the affectingness of your individual beliefs, and also the affectingness that occurs within the expressions of the lack of acceptance with respect to yourselves and also other individuals.

JEREMY: Yes, I’m moving through the whole experience of the acceptance thing, and I feel that I’m getting more of a hold on moving through beliefs in ways that I didn’t allow myself before, whereas I used to get caught up in it. But I feel that I’m using them more as tools now, and aligning with whichever one to be accomplishing whichever goal that I have, and it’s actually a pretty cool thing now that I’ve started doing it for myself and my own experience, and that’s what I’ve been experiencing lately, hence the whole dream country thing, which I’m sure you enjoyed, right?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And I express to you, there is much to be gained in objective information and awareness in the engagement of your dream activities and imagery, for you present yourself with much information through your dream state.

I express to you merely to be aware that the languages of the objective and the subjective are different. Therefore, there are translations that may be required to be offering yourselves an accurate interpretation into the objective awareness of the subjective communications.” [session 498, November 02, 1999]

PAUL: “... I had an impression a while ago, a week or so ago, and I wanted to ask you, from your perspective, every interaction that you and I have had, whether it’s in a group or privately, from your perspective is a simultaneity. (Elias nods) And that’s so cool. And it leads into some other questions I want to ask about today.

And so for me it’s been a year [since we last spoke in person], and a lot has happened in my experience, in my creation, in my focus of attention, and yet here we are a year later (Elias nods throughout), and I just know in some sense from your focus of attention that it’s, it’s, this is all going on at the same time, and it has a serious impact on the information that you give out at any given time in some way that I don’t pretend to understand yet.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Wow. (Elias laughs) That’s just interesting.

ELIAS: But I am also aware of your sequence of moments and your linear time framework, or your perception of linear time, which generates an actual reality.

PAUL: Right. Right. I’m wrestling with understanding these different levels of consciousness and I want to talk about that today a little bit and see what we come up with.

ELIAS: Very well. (Smiling)

PAUL: I guess in general it’s a continuation of our dream mission discussions. (11) So I wanted to start with some theory and just put that out on the table and get your reaction to it and see where it’s close or not and get your comments on it. But I wanted to – I brought a little map with me today, I talked to Mary about that, I want to refer to that too (Elias nods) – so I’m just talking about a map and a matrix, trying to get a very general, very, very simple, general overview of this matrix, I just wanted to say some things about that matrix and that. (12)

I want to use Seth’s levels of consciousness, what he calls the outer ego, the subconscious, and the inner ego as three distinct, nested, not really separate, parts of the spectrum of consciousness, as it relates to me at least.

ELIAS: Very well.

PAUL: And another part of that is to put your concepts of objective and subjective right next to that. It maps to that, but you just have two, where Seth uses the three. But you admit and talk about a mediating or translation layer that we’ve talked about between deep subjectivity and the objective physical. So there is sort of a third thing implied in your objective and subjective terminology.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

PAUL: Yes. And this ‘manner of speaking’ I want to explore, is what I’m trying to get at. Another part of this matrix is looking at our physiology, what a beautiful thing it is, and the design, and that there are basically, again, three major states of the focus of attention, which we could characterize as waking, dreaming, and sleeping (Elias nods), that kind of maps to this objective/subjective and Seth’s three-part also, okay. (13)

ELIAS: Very well. I am understanding.

PAUL: I’m just putting this out there as a matrix to try and talk about. And then there’s just a fourth sort of column to discuss too, which takes a look at the focus of attention in time as it develops in time. And, while it’s all simultaneous, we acknowledge that this outer ego, this waking level, linear time level, there is a sequence. We have a sapling that goes to – an acorn to a sapling to a tree reality that we’re creating here.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: And within that, what I just call ‘change-in-time’ now, instead of evolution – you call it becoming (Elias nods), this change in time sequence – we have, you’ve described alternate selves. And others, researchers, whatever, talked about subpersonalities or multiple intelligences, which I think map to what you call alternate selves. (Elias nods) And just as an example of those: we have an emotional self, we have a linguistic intelligence or subpersonality – and I know I’m splitting hairs in a way that may or may not agree with your perspective and I want to hear you comment on that – but we have mathematical skills, we have the musical skill, we have inner senses in a broad canvas, of how far we develop our inner senses during that change-in-time period and whatnot. (14) So that’s just an overview of this matrix that we’re looking at and exploring.

I guess I’ll just let you comment on that overview in terms of its accuracy and am I getting it right, closer, accurate? (Elias chuckles) Am I distorting it, and what distortions do you see in that view?

ELIAS: (Pause) Not necessarily. You are, in your terms, developing your individual philosophy, so to speak.

PAUL: And a roadmap, a roadmap of the psyche, shall we say. (15)

ELIAS: Correct, which I am understanding. I may express to you that some of what you are expressing are intertwined and are not necessarily what may be viewed as a separate column, so to speak.

PAUL: Yes, and thank you for reminding me. That’s an absolutely inherent part of the matrix is that it’s holistically nested, so there’s no separation, just as my body is made up of atoms, molecules, organs, we can assign a separateness to them and look at them in terms of a veil of some kind, a boundary of some kind, and yet, they exist within a whole; there is no separation between any of these columns.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Thank you for reminding me and pointing that out. (Both laugh) That’s a very important part of it.

ELIAS: Correct. For within your physical reality, it is easily associated with separation, and therefore may become distorted in your recognition of these different qualities and expressions, but also separating them in inaccurate manners. For those such as you have described as your evaluating self, your communicating self, your emotional self, these are all expressions that lie within the objective and subjective awarenesses or expressions, and therefore are not separated from them, but are expressions of them.

PAUL: So in that sense, just to use Seth’s model, this outer ego/subconscious/inner ego structure has all of these streams – this communicating self, mathematical self, kinesthetic body movement athletic ability self – that covers all of these, they’re all – in other words, it’s not just a function of the waking, outer ego, physical body, it’s really supported by this whole nested structure that’s invisible; there’s invisible aspects that we’re trying to discern and understand, in my terms.

ELIAS: Correct, which are the qualities and the expressions, which are those that you term to be invisible. Expressions that are unseen in a physical sense, but are quite real and quite present and expressed.

PAUL: And affecting, influencing this change-in-time sequence that we all go through.

ELIAS: Correct. Quite correct. In this, I may express to you a similarity, although you are correct that I have offered two identifications as opposed to the three, but in other terms it may be viewed as three in a connected sense.

PAUL: Mmhm. Sure.

ELIAS: For there’s an incorporation of different terms, but the meaning is basically the same.

PAUL: We’re talking about the same spectrum of consciousness, whether we say it’s a 100 degrees in Centigrade or 212 degrees in Fahrenheit, it doesn’t matter.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: It does matter, but we need to be aware of those distinctions, because we can distort things if we get too locked into the terminology.

ELIAS: Yes, the terminology may be different, but it matters not.

PAUL: It’s covering the same spectrum. (16)

ELIAS: Yes. In this, I may express to you that there may be an identification of the objective awareness, the subjective awareness, and what you term to be in between, or the subconscious. In this, you may be identifying the action of communication, which, in your terms, within your translation of thought, translates into the link between the two, of the objective and the subjective.

PAUL: Right. So, just, if I didn’t state it earlier, I’ll state it again then. In this Seth model of the subconscious, that’s a mediating layer, a layer of translation between two very distinct – I get cloudy, it’s not separated – but there are distinct regions of consciousness, I’m not sure if that contradicts your Regional Area terminology…?

ELIAS: I am understanding what you are expressing. Once again, we may be incorporating different terminology, but I am understanding. You are expressing quite similar to what I am expressing. They are different expressions of yourself as consciousness. One is objective. One is subjective. One is abstract. One is not. They move in harmony; therefore, they are generating the same action, but in different expressions, for their function is different.

The subjective awareness is not abstract. The subjective awareness is quite literal. The objective awareness is quite abstract, and allows for your expression of creativity in physical manifestations. And the avenues of communication are the between, the link, of these two awarenesses, which generates them as not separated and continuously connected. (17)

As you offered within another example of your waking state, your dreaming state, and your sleeping state, this is also quite similar, for the dreaming state is in actuality an allowance of the individual to be incorporating the action of the subjective and also engaging the objective awareness in the capacity of a translating tool, and therefore you generate imagery.

PAUL: Mmhm. Now just a question, a tangential question, perhaps. Seth provided information of ‘before the beginning,’ in the beginning, I just call it a conscious creation myth, which is his abstract attempt to tell something that’s non-sequential in sequential terms. (Elias nods throughout) You’ve talked about Dream Walkers; he talks about Sleepwalkers. And there’s a bunch of concepts I just have to juggle and get right here, so. This subconscious translating layer that you were just talking about – the avenues of communication – in the beginning, before the beginning, maybe, somewhere in that time, that layer of consciousness was primary because the waking outer ego had not emerged. Is that an accurate statement in terms of our linear history in this dimension?


PAUL: So therefore this, of course, this inner ego – what we’re calling that [deep, dreamless] sleeping area of consciousness – is fundamental and primary and what we would say causal, in terms of source? (Pause) I know I’m juggling concepts here into linear time. I know it’s causal, so I know the answer to that question, but I’m not expressing it the right way.

So let me try and rephrase where I’m coming from. (Elias nods) I’m talking about change-in-time, I’m talking about this dimension, and it’s, you know, however many billions of years old in this, what you call, blink …

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: …blink in, blink out (18) – and I want to try and get back to that too, so I’ve ramped up to a big level now, but we’ll see what happens. (Elias smiles, and nods throughout) In terms of this blink and our change-in-time – according to Seth, he does give an order of emergence to, let’s just call it what we call the outer ego, because this lamp (points to lamp) has an outer ego also in the same way, it’s not essence, but in terms of consciousness, this basic three-part structure works for all things physical, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Okay. Cool. (Elias chuckles) Maybe I’ll get this one of these days! Anyway, so in terms of – and I know it’s hard to think in linear terms, and I’m kind of on a hamster wheel, but I’ll see how far we go with it. (Elias nods and smiles) In terms of change-in-time or evolution or becoming, Seth says that – and it makes sense – that parts of the biosphere [i.e., basic cellular life forms] would emerge first to generate a stable environment that allows for this. And then ‘higher’ forms of life – bacteria, moving things, fish, early forms of life – would emerge also. Now, back to my opening question about you and this simultaneity – all of these things exist at the same time.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: And I have in this conceptualization that I’m trying to translate accurately, I keep getting a sense that as things emerge into time, it’s all together, it’s all right there, and yet little pieces – there is an order of play. (Elias nods) You’ve given sequence of the Dream Walkers with their intents regarding the shift, things like that, so you’re on the record with showing change-in-time, even from this subjective area. (19)

ELIAS: Correct. Do not discount the element of time within your physical dimension, for, let me express to you, without the interplay of time, there is no physical matter. Therefore, to generate a physical reality, a physical dimension, you must be incorporating some type of configuration of time – not necessarily linear, and not necessarily in the manner in that you configure time in this physical dimension – but, also, remember that this particular physical dimension is one of the most complex and diverse physical realities that exists within consciousness. Therefore, you also incorporate a complex expression of time …

PAUL: Right.

ELIAS: …to generate all of the physical manifestations that you do within this physical reality.

PAUL: Right. And so part of this time framework, as it manifests, as it emerges from – let’s just call it the singularity of the blink out before the blink in process – as it emerges, there’s an order of play of emergence.


PAUL: And so these belief systems that we have in evolution, even though there’s some that are very distorted, and pathologically so, with a very negative effect in cultural terms, (Elias nods) there’s still a grain, a gem, of truth to this flow in time and the emergence of life in this dimension; it has to be that way.


PAUL: It doesn’t just poof in, in other words.

ELIAS: Correct. In this, view your arts, which are in a manner of speaking a creative mirror of the design of your physical dimension. Now; in composition of musical expressions, what do you express first?

PAUL: There’s a whole different, many ways of doing that, but for me personally I would get an idea, a seed.

ELIAS: And your idea incorporates what initially?

PAUL: A communication?

ELIAS: A melody.

PAUL: Okay. All right.

ELIAS: You begin with a melody, which is your subject. And you build around that subject, that central point, with your harmonies and your disharmonies and you create the background, so to speak, subsequent to the initial melody. Now; within your art of painting, what do you create first?

PAUL: I’m not a painter, but the background, the base layer, some base layer that you start to build upon.

ELIAS: Correct. You insert your central subject matter. Now; these two actions may be seemingly different, but in actuality their sequence may be somewhat different, but they are actually very similar. The subject in both compositions is the initial point, but what is expressed in the execution in one is the subject first, and in one is the background first.

Now; in association with the design of your physical reality, both are in play simultaneously in association with the Dream Walkers. The Dream Walkers are the subject, and exist, but are not physically manifest. The background is being created in association with the design of the reality. Both are in play, so to speak, simultaneously, but what you view in what you associate as your evolution, or your sequence of events is the development of the background first, and the insertion of the main subject subsequent, which is your species.

PAUL: Right. Good analogy.

ELIAS: But your species was in play while the background was being developed, in your terms, but not necessarily entirely physically solidly manifest as you view yourselves now.

PAUL: So in terms of this matrix, we would say that this inner ego was existing previously, and there, (Elias nods) fully waiting and working along with everything consciously….

ELIAS: Not waiting. Actively participating in designing the background, and designing the physical manifestations of your world, and experimenting with different types of physical manifestations. And in that experimentation, exploring the possibilities of physical manifestations and manipulating energy in a manner in association with time to be creating different types of physical expressions in what you term to be living and non-living. And in that experimentation, allowing for a tremendous freedom in creativity, and in keeping with your associations which have, in your terms, carried through your history, generating a fascination with large manifestations, but also recognizing that large manifestations are not always as efficient.

PAUL: Are you referring to the dinosaurs?

ELIAS: In part.

PAUL: In part. Yeah, huge, huge creatures, a lot of food, a lot of processing, the whole ecosystem.

ELIAS: Which generated quite an excitement in association with the Dream Walkers in manipulation of energy of consciousness to generate enormous physical manifestations within your physical dimension.

PAUL: So the Dream Walker layer, which I’ll just say is inner ego, or ‘below’ [i.e., wider], perhaps even, is intimately primary in creating all of this.


PAUL: So essence, what you call essence, this personality tone within consciousness, all of consciousness, is instrumental, absolutely primary and causal in that sense of its primacy.


PAUL: It causes, and that’s just an amazing thing to remember.

ELIAS: It creates.

PAUL: Wow. (Elias chuckles) Thank you for that, by the way, that’s helpful. A couple of related questions, then, just to bring me back from billion year stretches. (Elias laughs) So we’ve had this emergent, living, lovely thing – planet Earth – going through all of its wondrous, horrific, violent, lovely, glorious, creative change.

And before the outer ego – I mean, an outer ego emerged in terms of mountains or oceans as they solidified in time and they are physical and they’re working as physical matter, and building. (Elias nods throughout) So those outer egos emerge first – so Seth is accurate in his order of play, so to speak – and then flora and fauna, perhaps – and I can check back to the actual words, I don’t remember it at the moment – emerges, solidifies, and that builds.

And that allows other emergent qualities, of which eventually, in linear terms, mammals emerge from life forms. So, and this is again, it’s a paradox in linear terms, because it’s not like the first homo sapiens of our species just blinked in, it’s part of the singularity that emerges through all these – all of the stages are in me right now.

ELIAS: Correct! (20)

PAUL: All of those – the reptilian, the mammal, the plants – all of those things in this singularity are somehow in me in this body.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Nested somehow, inherently allowing me to be me in this moment, without which I couldn’t exist.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: So there’s a sacred bond with this emergent quality to be aware of, and to….

ELIAS: For it is all you.

PAUL: For it is all us. (21) (Laughs)

I might believe that one of these days! (Elias laughs) But I’m getting there, I’m getting there, and I thank you.

ELIAS: Allow yourself imaginatively to visualize the scenario in association with yourself and in association with what you think of as this grand picture of the Dream Walkers. And in this, the action is the same. It is a desire of exploration and in that exploration to create.

Now; in association with the Dream Walkers, it is an experimentation of different types of forms, and an experimentation of emergence into more and more efficient forms that allow for the type of exploration that is expressed in desire in association with this physical dimension, and in this process, so to speak, also creating the blueprint of the reality.

PAUL: And Source Events are right there along with that?

ELIAS: Yes. And in this, creating your map of your design of this reality. (22)

Now; in your physical reality in this present now, you generate similar actions. You seek out physical locations upon your planet in which you shall dwell that are compatible, so to speak, with your energy signature – certain landscapes, certain types of climates, certain types of plants, certain creatures that you surround yourself with – and in this, you associate these different environments with different areas of your planet. In actuality, you move yourself to physical locations and in those physical locations you generate the type of environment that is resonating with your energy signature. But you designate in collectiveness different areas of your physical planet to be associated with different types of creations.

You do not incorporate in this physical location in which you dwell presently, you do not create kangaroos. You create deer. You create specific types of birds and bears and coyotes and rabbits and specific plants. In a different location of your planet you create marsupials, quite unusual creatures. In other areas of your planet you create tremendously lush plants, your rain forests, your jungles, and you also create treacherous creatures. All of which are expressions of your explorations and your choices in creating the environment that you desire and which allows you your most efficient manner of exploring what you choose to explore in any particular focus.

PAUL: Mmhm. That made perfect sense. Thank you for that. Just a couple of questions about this emergence, it’s just a historical interest of mine. So, early humans, in terms of the Dream Walker manifestation, there were forms in which this outer ego had not yet emerged, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: So, as an emergent quality of the entire environment, this was a necessary stage. I would not be here now without that sequence happening, correct? Of an early human without an ego – not to say – okay, it’s possible, anything is possible. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Not necessarily. This is the choice that has been engaged in experimentation.

PAUL: And again, that brings me back to this inner ego level as causal, (Elias nods throughout) as making these choices, and driving this thing somehow, in a way.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Which is very important to remember. So early humans, then, there was great experimentation in form and so on and so forth, and at some point this outer ego emerges, so sexual reproduction was already happening before this outer ego…

ELIAS: Correct…

PAUL: …occurred, it had to.

ELIAS: …for the design of your physical reality was already being processed.

PAUL: So, wow. So there is a grain of truth to the evolutionary belief systems of this sort of plant form into a fish into a land-based creature, you know, into then mammals, dinosaurs, and then humanoids. They did evolve from – there’s linear and then there’s non-linear too – so that’s what is the toughest thing to reconcile.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

PAUL: (Laughing) I know YOU understand! I don’t! (Elias laughs) And I’m trying to, and I appreciate your patience!

ELIAS: This is an experimentation with the design of your physical dimension. What is the design of your physical dimension?

PAUL: You’re asking me? (Elias nods) Oh, I know that. Give me another leading question. I’m not, you mean….

ELIAS: What are the base elements of your physical reality?

PAUL: Oh. You’re talking about sexuality and emotion?

ELIAS: Correct! Which are what?

PAUL: A lot of fun and a lot of challenge.

ELIAS: What are they?

PAUL: I’m being humorous. Um, characteristics of consciousness.

ELIAS: They are the expressions of physical manifestation and communication. These are the base elements of your physical dimension, your physical reality, these two base expressions.

PAUL: I see.

ELIAS: Physical manifestation and communication.

PAUL: Right, right, right. I get it.

ELIAS: Now; in this, there is great experimentation with both of these base elements, and in this process there is a development in the design of this physical reality, the blueprint of this physical reality, as duality, which is not to be confused with duplicity. (23) This physical reality incorporates in its blueprint a duality.

Therefore, all that you create within this physical reality incorporates two aspects, two expressions, which is what you develop in your beliefs in relation to opposites…

PAUL: Mmhm. Duality.

ELIAS: …which in actuality they are not genuinely opposites, but this is a contributing factor, so to speak, to that belief.

In this, as you generate this physical reality, it appears – for you do incorporate linear time as an aspect of your physical reality – that there is a development in an evolutionary fashion. And I am not expressing that this is incorrect, for this is a manifestation of your perceptions, which is quite real.

PAUL: Mmhm. Of the outer ego, shall we say.

ELIAS: Correct. Correct. Therefore, the objective physical manifestations is a sequence of developments, but it is also not necessarily that one manifestation develops into another manifestation.

PAUL: Right.

ELIAS: For it is a continual experimentation of the subjective manipulating links of consciousness in association with time to create different manifestations in physical matter.

PAUL: And did you just describe what might have been called natural selection? And I know that’s a very distorted belief system. (24)

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

PAUL: The way you just said it, that sentence before I asked my question – and I’ll check the tape – that integrates this inner ego/subconscious/outer ego chain of causality…

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: …into what we would call natural selection in terms of emergence through time.

ELIAS: Quite!

PAUL: That is so cool!

ELIAS: For it is a continual experimentation of manipulating energy, which is consciousness, in different manners, and thusly, in your terms, selecting the preferred and the efficient. (25)

PAUL: Right, right. What a dance, what a magnificent dance.

ELIAS: Which the preferred IS the efficient.

PAUL: Mmhm. I just get a very beautiful feeling about this process – the tension and resolution and tension, when those resolution cycles, it’s just beautiful, and the tension – and it’s this dance that we dance and it’s a beautiful thing.

So just back to this evolutionary change-in-time idea. Human societies, then, as these outer egos emerged and manipulation in this environment settled down and personality could emerge (Elias nods throughout) – you do distinguish that focuses of essence have emotions, but animals do not have emotions, plants do not have emotions, rocks do not have emotions, they have something.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: They have a feeling tone, and they have an outer ego.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: But that emergent quality has to get to this….

ELIAS: What is emotion?

PAUL: Feeling, sensation.

ELIAS: No. (Pause) Emotion is communication.

PAUL: Ah! (Laughs) I knew that!

ELIAS: That is your in between that you are discussing.

PAUL: Right, right, the mediating [layer or subconscious]….

ELIAS: Emotion is the link; it is a communication avenue between the subjective awareness and the objective awareness.

PAUL: And that’s why….

ELIAS: And it generates a signal, a feeling.

Now; in this, plants and creatures do not incorporate emotion, for it is unnecessary. They do not incorporate the translating mechanism that you incorporate of thought. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be incorporating this type of communication. They do not incorporate impressions or emotion…

PAUL: They do have impulses?

ELIAS: …or imagination. These are three avenues of communication that you incorporate, but they do not, for it is unnecessary. In association with a creature, they do not incorporate belief systems, and therefore they do not incorporate the belief of separation, and therefore they do not manifest the separation of objective and subjective awarenesses. Therefore, there is no necessity for emotion, for emotion is not a reaction, it is not a response, it is not a feeling – it generates a signal of a feeling to alert your attention.

Now; in this, I am not expressing and have not expressed previously that creatures do not express and you interpret their expressions as emotions. But they are not necessarily emotions. There is merely no separation between the objective and subjective awarenesses of a creature or a plant, and therefore it freely expresses what you incorporate as, shall we say, an extra step.

PAUL: From that I wanted to ask about whales and dolphins. (Elias nods throughout) This is a very intriguing part of your information and this emergent quality of consciousness and time. So we have in my lifetime, according to your information, say five, six years, and previous to that the whales and dolphins on this planet did not incorporate essence. (26)

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Now they did have an outer ego structure in their perception, but they did not have emotion then according to what you just said.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: So that avenue of communication was not active. (Elias nods throughout) There’s something in this Dream Walker layer, inner ego layer, in its creativity and manipulation that – and the efficiency and the balance – that senses this population of form is emergent, it’s getting ready to take that next step, so to speak, and so this avenue of communication suddenly – emotion – arises in their consciousness. Is that accurate?

ELIAS: Yes, and you, in your terms within your lifetime, have allowed yourself to witness what you may term to be the evolution of consciousness…

PAUL: Yeah!

ELIAS: …in choices and in that experimentation in what you term to be development. For these creatures incorporated communication – not emotional communication inwardly, prior to the choice to be incorporated as essence – but developing, in your terms, in choices to begin expressing a type of communication in association with objective awareness, developing a communication between each other objectively.

PAUL: Now when this population hit a critical threshold for this emergence in its tension to manifest hit – what we’ll just call critical mass – was is it a simultaneity in an instant (snaps fingers!), or was it this mass is achieved in a non-, this non-physical, causal area, and so in time, in terms of linear time and sequence, it kind of sprinkles through the populations. Because you have adults, children, through all different developmental cycles in the moment point, in the now, when this threshold is reached, so it’s affecting the pregnant ones, the unborn ones, the young ones, the adolescents, the adults. So how did that…?


PAUL: Was it a simultaneity? (Snaps fingers!)


PAUL: It was just a (snaps fingers!), within terms of time, it was a (snaps fingers!) poof.


PAUL: And backing up, with human beings, in the populations of early human beings, the same (snaps fingers!) process hit that population in terms of essence manifesting in that form.

ELIAS: In association with what you term to be human beings, your homo sapiens, your species, the moment that there was an emergence of one within your physical reality it was the expression of essence.

PAUL: And did it pull the rest of the population towards essence, the expression of essence, the manifestation of this emotional communication layer that previously did not exist? Did that single individual who manifest that act as a trigger point for the rest of the population?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

PAUL: Okay. I know that’s a tough one.

ELIAS: That was the moment point of the threshold of the Dream Walkers, which had already been in association with your linear time, but not entirely physically manifest – in existence, but not entirely physically manifest. Therefore, at the moment point of the first actual physical matter manifestation of your species was the spark point of the movement of essence – which the Dream Walkers were – the movement of essence into an actual physical manifestation within your physical dimension.

PAUL: All across the population.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: The same way.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: This is a crystal ball question, so you can answer it appropriately, accordingly. There have been other populations that exist too that have this creative tension of emergence to manifest essence. So it’s almost like at times you sense this whole thing is alive, it’s totally alive, yet this structure of focuses of essence, of attention, are not manifest, and yet they yearn towards that, everything yearns towards that in a way?


PAUL: Okay, good.

ELIAS: I am understanding your thought process, but let me clarify. All that exists within your physical reality has been created by you. Therefore all that exists within your reality, your entirety of your universe, is an aspect of you.

PAUL: Mmhm. I understand.

ELIAS: It is a projection of you through your perception.

Now; is it you? No. It is a projection of energy that you create a manifestation in association with, and it is all consciousness, for you are consciousness.

Now; in similar manner to the concept of fragmentation, which I am quite understanding that…

PAUL: (Laughing) … that I don’t understand.

ELIAS: …that none of you understand, but in similar manner to that concept, your creatures of your whales and your dolphins are a projection of you; therefore, they are an aspect of you.

Now; that aspect of you desires to be, in a manner of speaking, fragmented…

PAUL: Ahhhh, OK.

ELIAS: …and therefore be essence.

PAUL: I’ll work on that some more. That’s close, I’m getting close.

ELIAS: It is generated from you. It is not that these creatures have been inhabiting your planet, so to speak, separate and apart from yourself and in one moment have decided, ‘I choose to be essence now.’ No. They are already aspects of you. They in themselves are not essence, but they are consciousness. They merely are not incorporating an energy personality tone as do you. And, therefore, they are not generating other manifestations or other attentions simultaneous to themselves, for they are one of your attentions. And that attention of you, in conjunction with you, expresses a desire to be a personality energy tone. And you, in agreement and in association with your desire, express compliance with that. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, it is a type of fragmentation.

PAUL: Oh, that’s interesting. That’s helpful. That’s a nice bridging concept. And so, there are other populations that are yearning for this similar fragmentation. It’s part of the design of this dimension, (Elias nods) it has to be.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Interesting. Any predictions – I’m joking! (Elias smiles) – on, you know, like cats and dogs. I mean, you know, god, they’ve got to be getting close. Elephants, chimps, orangutans, there’s so many species – are some of those in the next millennium yearning towards a fragmentation, becoming….

ELIAS: Not within this present now, but….

PAUL: Okay, but who knows, tomorrow.

ELIAS: And this may be quite difficult in actuality to be offering predictions, for you are continuously changing and you continuously incorporate choice. And thus far, in your terms, you are expressing satisfaction with the design of your dimension and the design of what you create. And I am understanding your expression in your inquisitiveness in relation to these creatures that you have mentioned, but also view how very efficiently you incorporate them into your reality and your association with them and your design with them in their reflection of you.

PAUL: Sure, and I go into the political level too in terms of complication: six billion of us manifest now, tremendously complex political situation of all these focuses and attention going through their acorn-sapling-tree development and relating with each other. So to add more populations to that, the probabilities must be, the calculations, whatever involved, it’s tremendously vast. So there’s a pressure to maintain equanimity, I guess, as we go along, and yet, who knows, we get bored, and poof! we go over here, right, and so it goes.

ELIAS: And as you continue, as I have stated previously, you also, in your terms of development, are moving in directions of expansion, which is the nature of consciousness also. And in reflection of that, you choose to be expanding within your physical universe.

PAUL: Right. Now just a couple more questions in this area, I know time is happening and I’ll squeeze in what I can. (Elias chuckles) The whales and dolphins – they map to this outer ego/subconscious/inner ego developmental structure, unique to their species – not human, don’t humanize them…

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: …but they will loosely follow this, this is in the blueprints…


PAUL: …in the design.


PAUL: It’s inherent in this dimension.


PAUL: So as those populations develop and evolve, their social structures – there might be some similarities to human development, because we have millions of years, well, let’s say tens of thousands of years in terms of civilized populations that we can look at in our little framework that we are aware of.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: So these populations of whales and dolphins will follow this general blueprint, and whatever creative choices get made, of course, get made.

ELIAS: Not necessarily in physical expressions.

PAUL: Right, okay.

ELIAS: For they have chosen to be a different species.

PAUL: Species, right.

ELIAS: And they have chosen to be incorporating a different type of environment, which also offers you information in association with this shift, which it is no accident. This has been chosen within this time framework for this offers you an opportunity to view different expressions of essence within one physical dimension, which I have been expressing to all from the onset of this forum, you all occupy the same space arrangement. All physical dimensions occupy the same space arrangement.

In this, there are many essences that do not necessarily choose to be manifest within your physical dimension but are within other dimensions. And in that expression, this choice to be generating a different species within your physical reality which chooses quite different types of realities but incorporates the blueprint of this dimension offers you the opportunity to view different manifestations which are also essence, allowing you to more easily recognize and accept that you also incorporate other focuses of attention in other dimensions which are not similar to yourself and generate quite different realities, but they are also you.

PAUL: That’s a big one. One more general question in this area about the shift. If we can loosely say that this acorn-sapling-tree change-in-time structure in focuses of essence – human beings, whales, dolphins – goes through what we could just generally call a (Elias nods) preconventional stage, a conventional stage, and a postconventional stage. It’s very general….

ELIAS: I am understanding.

PAUL: Okay, it works for you. And it seems as populations tend to get to the postconventional stages, there’s more potential for a harmony and choices of least conflict or whatever. That make sense? That’s consonant…?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: So, is part of this shift – and this is coming from this inner ego, Dream Walker, causal source dimension – part of this shift, the nature of this shift, is to somehow get – because the population’s growing – to – accelerate isn’t the right word – but to get people from this conventional to postconventional stage at a younger age? Or to do the opposite and prolong it and to somehow…. What I’m sensing in this shift – and you just brought it up with the fact that there’s no accident with the whales and dolphins in this emergent quality – there’s something emergent in this shift, that’s what I’m trying to get at.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: And does this little three-part thing – preconventional, conventional, postconventional…? How does this shift affect the population moving through that developmental stage? Does it accelerate it to get them… yeah, to the postconventional?


PAUL: So postconventional development will happen sooner in large percentages of the population? (27)


PAUL: So we could say in this now, in this moment point, if we take a snapshot of all the focuses and where they’re at in that spectrum and just make a map of that, shall we say – which I won’t even pretend to try – it would tend to be very conventional with smaller percentages of the population at postconventional.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: But with this shift something is changing.

ELIAS: It is accelerating.

PAUL: To accelerate the developmental stages to postconventional, and post-post-, (Elias nods throughout) and there’s others up the stream that await us.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: In all their magnificence.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Excellent. (Laughs)

ELIAS: And in this, do not confuse yourself in the idea that you are generating a utopia in association with this shift in consciousness. What you are creating is a wider awareness objectively and an intimate knowledge of yourselves that allows you the freedom to intentionally manipulate your energy in association with your choices, in association with your freedom, to generate what you want.

Now; understand; within any moment, although you all express that your ideal is to be generating a reality in which you express no conflict, but I may express to you, all of you, within any given point have experienced within your focuses moments in which you choose intentionally to create conflict and you want to create conflict. Therefore, you are moving into more of an expression of less conflict, but this is not the point.

The point is that if you are creating conflict, you shall be aware that you are intentionally choosing that and not expressing blame to another individual or circumstances or situations, but recognizing that you yourselves have created it and that you chose it and that you want it.

PAUL: That’s a really good point to make, and I call it naïve utopianism, (Elias nods throughout) and I suffered through it and occasionally lapse back into it myself, so I’m aware that it’s very important to point this out in the conversation we’re having, because ‘tomorrow is always better,’ and ‘tomorrow the shift,’ and tomorrow never comes!

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Tomorrow is always tomorrow! All we have is this moment now. (28)

ELIAS: For tomorrow is always today.

PAUL: (Laughs) And yesterday too!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And I may express to you, for the most part, generally speaking, in association with your sequence of moments, you do choose to be expressing less conflict, or the least amount of conflict, and you do choose to be expressing without conflict, but you do also at times express moments in which you do choose to be incorporating conflict.

PAUL: And there’s something inherent in this preconventional to conventional spectrum where we create conflict, because the sexual reproduction – the testosterone, the adolescence, that whole thing (Elias nods throughout) – focuses will continue to go through those stages.


PAUL: So there’s an inherent instability that they will continue to go through. However, you’re saying that there will be an acceleration across the mass populations towards these postconventional stages of awareness and with all these streams.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: And alternate selves will be pushing towards that postconventional, which doesn’t lessen conflict, so [in terms of warfare] we’ll see more situations like the National Football League (29), rather than the War on Terrorism.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: We can go out and I break an arm off, and it’s horrific and all this and that, however it’s within a very ritualized format, where there’s rules.

ELIAS: Correct. As an example, you may experience with your partner – you choose for the most part, generally speaking, to move in association and in interaction with your partner without conflict – but, in moments, you may be quite aware that you are generating an intentional conflict with your partner, and your partner may express, ‘I’m not wishing to engage conflict with you,’ and you may express, ‘I wish to be engaging conflict!’

PAUL: (Laughing) We’re going there!

ELIAS: And you shall drive yourself and express a satisfaction in generating an intentional argument.

PAUL: I believe more and more in doing that in the right times and places.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! But the point is that you are intentionally, and aware of, creating this action, and you are not victim to it, and you are not expressing judgment or blame in association with the other individual. You know what you are generating.

PAUL: Thank you very much for this.” [session 1246, January 16, 2003]

PAUL: “... Moving on to continue with our series of dream mission discussions. (30) I guess I should mention I’ve been talking to Norm and Reta every couple of weeks since January and we’ve been having interesting conversations really from Norm’s physicist point of view and I guess what we could roughly say from my psychological point of view, and I just wanted to mention that he’s been very helpful from that perspective in helping me continue to develop and refine my ideas and my interpretations of your ideas. (31)

And I wanted to start today with something that we’ve all talked about before, which is the links of consciousness idea, and I wanted to put a word out there, a term, called holon. And a holon is just a theoretical construct which is very interesting to me, and again this is in the same spirit of offering this out there and seeing what your feedback would be on it, but the idea behind a holon as a theoretical unit like a link of consciousness is that, at least in the physical world manifestation, it is a whole made of parts; so in a sense it’s a whole.

But it also has parts that we can look at. There’s no separation between these parts, which is when we look at it as a whole, and then, in turn, every holon can be transcended and included into what we, just again in physical terms, could call a super-holon, and from the holon’s perspective these parts could be considered sub-holons, that each part in itself has a whole/part nature. So it reflects this nested relationship that combines the idea that there is no separation within consciousness on one hand, and yet in a world of time, that there is an appearance of separation and parts that we can look at. So I was just wondering what you think about that idea.

ELIAS: As a presentment in association with what?

PAUL: Really with anything, any ‘what.’ The idea – and I know you’re trying to get me to refine this a bit – the idea that every holon has a perspective. There’s a wholeness perspective and there’s a parts perspective also, and it simply then depends – it shows the relativity of different perspectives that are nested together within all of consciousness.

ELIAS: What you are describing conceptually is quite similar to the expression of essence, which incorporates those qualities that you are identifying in this concept of this holon. (32)

PAUL: That makes sense.

ELIAS: For it is an expression that is a whole that appears to incorporate parts, but without separation there are no actual parts – there is the whole and different directions, different perceptions, of the whole, but not separate entities except in the expressions of physical manifestations in relation to time.

PAUL: Mmhm. So in one sense I would use the phrase ‘holonic personality’ to attempt to describe my version of the expression of essence from a physical standpoint, from a linear time, from an outer ego perspective, and yet holonic personality is then ‘one-made-of-many.’ And there’s imagery in the world’s religions (Elias nods several times) that reflect this and I guess I’ll just provide an example and ask you to comment on that.

There’s a Buddhist icon, and it’s a long name and I may be mispronouncing it, but it’s something like Avalokiteshvara, and the picture of it’s quite beautiful. It’s a human figure, and yet the face is three-sided and there are two, three, four, several three-sided heads on top of it and there are what looks like dozens of arms coming out. And when I saw that picture in the context of, we’ll call it the expression of essence, one-made-of-many, I thought, ‘My goodness, that is a literal – it’s not literal – it’s a figurative interpretation of the expression of essence.’ Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes. (33)

PAUL: Yeah, so over the millennia, the various yogis or practitioners, whatever terms we want to use of people who have perceived directly and interacted with their own essence or other essences in an altered state, shall we say, this is the type of how it gets interpreted in linear terms (Elias nods), in the physically manifest terms, correct?

ELIAS: Yes. Yes, you are correct. Therefore, also, the symbolization of the lotus flower.

PAUL: Right, right. Now there’s another principle that I want to try and tie into this idea, the expression of essence being a holon, a holonic personality tone, and it’s the idea of what you call choice and what other philosophers might call free will, the ability to make choice, that when we look at one-made-of-many and there’s apparent whole and there’s apparent parts, there’s some sort of holonic boundary, what I believe you just referred to as a veil and piercing a veil. And so these veils are the way that essence manages to create the appearance of wholes and parts. (Elias nods several times.)

And so the idea, though, is that free will – see this is something that I’ve been wrestling with for a couple of years in that, and I asked you a version of this question before, and I believe it was around February of 1998, and I’ll check that and add that in a footnote to this session, but I talked about at that time what I just called ‘the veto power of essence’ and I cited an example from the first Oversoul Seven book where the character Joseph was levitated several miles down the hill and your response to me was that that was figurative and of let’s just say the relationship of one-made-of-many (Elias nods) and how that might interact. (34)

But what I’m sensing is that essence as a whole has this type of free will. And in that exploration of consciousness and that creativity that is present within essence there is a type of free will or holonic free will present at that, let’s just call it a ‘layer,’ – I’ll put that in quotes, because it’s not a separate thing – and yet for me as a focus of essence, I, for all intents and purposes, have what appears to be free will to make choices and do what I want within my own boundaries.

And let’s say on another level the cells in my liver, we can identify them as a cell, so it has a boundary, and they have a free will in which to be liver cells, and they are happy little liver cells doing what they do (Elias nods), regardless of what I choose, regardless of how the essence layer chooses – it’s not regardless, that’s not the right word – but it’s nested within, there’s multiple free will.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: And that’s part of the design of the oubliette and the remembrance. (35) Is that correct?

ELIAS: (Nods) Correct. But in this what may be challenging – to generate a clear understanding of – is the element of the lack of separation. For in the association of separating you generate your expressions in association with your beliefs concerning a type of hierarchy in which in your perception as you view any manifestation in a smaller and smaller and smaller capacity, it becomes less and less and less in relation to the hierarchy of choices and its individual free will per se, which is actually incorrect. This also generates the idea and the association of less of an empowerment to the individual, for it generates the idea that you, or whatever it is that is you as your consciousness, is separate from all of these other elements, be they physical manifestations of cells, or be they non-physical expressions of essence. Are you understanding thus far?

PAUL: Yes, absolutely.

ELIAS: This is quite strongly associated with your beliefs within this physical reality. And in this, in relation to your archetypes, so to speak, that you are creating, the element of the interconnectedness and the lack of separation is significant, for this expresses that there is not necessarily an independence of all of these different expressions or manifestations without cooperation. (36)

Therefore, the liver cell does incorporate what you term to be free will, but in cooperation with the whole, for it is not separated from the whole. But the whole is not necessarily dictating to the part, just as the whole of essence, which also incorporates choice and direction, is not dictating to what you perceive to be the parts of the focuses, for they also incorporate choice.

PAUL: Right. So, if I can try and summarize what you said in terms of challenging, I think, is a caution in that we’re dealing with a type of hierarchy – really, nested hierarchy, holonic hierarchies, and they are valid, it’s a valid concept. However, it’s very easy to misinterpret or take an interpretation of hierarchy into a place where we diminish certain parts (Elias nods), shall we say, in relation to the whole.

ELIAS: Correct! And what I am expressing to you is that the idea of the hierarchy is a belief.

PAUL: Right.

ELIAS: This is the element that generates distortion and misunderstanding, for in actuality, there is no hierarchy and no part is less significant than the whole.

PAUL: Right.

ELIAS: For without the parts, there is no whole.

PAUL: Right.

ELIAS: Which is, in actuality, the reverse of what you generally associate within your beliefs – that the whole generates the parts, that the whole is first, so to speak, and the parts are generated from that initial whole. But this, in actuality, is incorrect, for the parts are elements of the whole that have always been present.

PAUL: Right.

ELIAS: It is merely a manner of manipulating energy in different configurations to generate manifestations.

PAUL: Mmhm. What you just said I’ve been wrestling with, of how to explain this in simple ways. And I mean there is a general way I approach this, which is of duality and the manifest/the unmanifest (Elias nods several times), time/no-time, space/no-space, and looking at dualities like that – parts/wholes – because there’s essentially a paradox in our perception, in our belief systems that we’re so used to taking for granted – that this acorn-sapling-tree aspect to our perception here, that that’s absolute somehow. (37) And I know that this is not an absolute, and so there’s a basic paradox of how to try and wrestle with that, and I guess that’s all I’m really trying to do with these different concepts.

ELIAS: I am understanding. Even in this example that you have offered of the seed, the sapling, and the tree you may view the different perspectives in the association with those three elements. In one direction, you may perceive that the grandeur of the final product, so to speak, is generated by the small beginning; or that the large generates the smaller. Both of which in association with consciousness are a distortion and an absolute association and somewhat incorrect, but generally speaking, this is the manner in which you associate in relation to your beliefs. Either some vast entity creates all of the smaller entities, or the small entity creates and continues to grow to become the large entity.

PAUL: Right, and that’s essentially from the space-time point of view is where the belief systems develop about that. From the no-space/no-time or the simultaneity perspective that’s obviously incorrect (Elias nods throughout), that all of those exist as a simultaneity, and yet, as they manifest in a time framework, the acorn is the emergent part, then the sapling, and then the tree, and it has to appear that way. However, that’s one perspective, that’s one holonic perspective, which is mine, being in time, in a body in time.

However, from a different perspective outside of time, more of shall we just say an essence perspective, that’s not the way it is at all. And that duality seems to be what we wrestle with in trying to find ways to conceptualize and, not only that, but then to help understand it further and explore it ourselves from this linear space-time point of view.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Which leads a couple of places. Let me just throw another idea out there. And if we’re talking about expression of essence or holonic personality tone and hierarchy/non-hierarchy, nests within nests, there is some type of holonic communication meshwork therefore between them (Elias nods throughout), this network of wholes and parts. And if we just take the example of essence, focus of attention, and a liver cell, in that particular focus of attention, what you were talking about earlier that the critical understanding of the cooperation of that nest is absolute. Without the cooperation that nest doesn’t manifest ever. And so, each super, regular, and sub-part/whole of it still communicates. In order to cooperate, a liver cell, the focus of attention and the essence are talking to each other, are translating, projecting energy, and translating energy, and it’s not just two-way, is it? It’s multidimensional.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Right. Right, and then trying to discover from my perspective, from the forgetting, the oubliette perspective, trying to remember that communication meshwork is kind of cool (laughs and Elias smiles), is something of an art-science that I think will emerge in the next few centuries. (38)

ELIAS: Yes. (Nods)

PAUL: Well, I would love to hear you comment then, just on this idea of communication. Now you already have, of course, with your avenues of communication from essence to the focus of attention through impression, imagination, inner senses, dreams, physical sensation (Elias nods several times) and so forth, so that’s one avenue of holonic communication from subjective awareness of the essence to objective awareness. Are there other – what other dimensions or angles or parts of a communication network are there that we haven’t talked about yet? I guess I’m asking for some more clues. (Laughs)

ELIAS: In relation to other dimensions?

PAUL: Yeah, I know this is tough. No, not, well, I guess probably is where this leads, because I’m thinking of myself in a single dimension and I realize what you refer to is Regional Area 1 is penetrated with infinite sub-dimensions, correct?

ELIAS: Correct. (39)

PAUL: So, so, okay, this holonic communication, it’s infinite, in one sense, but I want to try to get more concrete examples. So what else should I throw into this then? Let me, can I try another idea?


PAUL: (Both laugh) Okay, I appreciate it. Let’s put in the idea of probable selves, because I think that helps to get us into a multi-dimensional framework here. And this is something that we might be able to ask some further questions about. From my perspective, as a focus of attention, I have a probable birth, but that is really the initiation of all of my probable selves, is that correct?


PAUL: In terms of linear time…


PAUL: …I’m calling it linear time. So, we’ll just take my life, and I was born May 5, 1955, so I’m a little baby there, and I’m doing my thing, and at some point I splinter off into my first probable self. And at another point life conditions create a tension-resolution (Elias nods throughout) to such a point where I splinter off into yet another probable self – and I’m referring mentally, Elias, to a chart that I showed Mary back in January (Elias nods), so I think you have that in her memory bank to refer to with these probable selves and these bifurcation points. Is that diagram a roughly accurate, at least beginning way to look at probable selves as they fragment through time? (40)

ELIAS: Somewhat.

PAUL: Okay.

ELIAS: For it is an initial draft of identifying movements and choices and directions within one focus which generate probable selves in different points of the focus.

Now; recognize whenever you generate one of these points in which you, in your terms, splinter a probable self, you do not merely generate one probable self or one probable reality, for in that moment all of the probable probabilities are actualized.

PAUL: And that would then include all subsequent probable splintering?


PAUL: Wow.

ELIAS: Therefore, in a manner of speaking, it is infinite.

PAUL: Right. And yet in a manner of speaking there’s a way to make it somewhat discrete, correct?

ELIAS: Discrete in ….

PAUL: Yeah, finite, I guess. It’s back to that duality – finite vs. infinite.

ELIAS: The finite action is the choice that you generate that you insert into your reality. But from that choice springs, so to speak, infinite choices and infinite scenarios of probabilities.

PAUL: Right, that’s clear. This is good. This is helpful here. So I want to get back to the choice, the free will, the choice that is a bifurcation point. There’s something else in this.

At the bifurcation point itself, for example, the liver cell bifurcates also, my entire physical form bifurcates, or is it the entire, the entire dimension? (Pause)

ELIAS: (Takes a deep breath) Figuratively speaking, yes. In relation to you.

PAUL: To the perspective, the focus of attention.

ELIAS: (Nods) Correct. And the essence.

PAUL: Ah, right, right, right. I keep forgetting that layer! (Both laugh) Oh, but I’m getting more in touch with including that layer, because that is the primary thing, and it’s just so invisible that I keep forgetting about it! But that’s the nature of the forgetting, isn’t it? (Elias laughs loudly)

You appreciate this, don’t you? (Both laugh) My confusion? My remembering. I know you do. (Elias laughs) So, this question, then, you just articulated that thus far in my awareness that it’s a major decision vs. some minor decision, so if I get up to go to the bathroom, I don’t necessarily fragment into a probable self, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: So there is some intensity within energy that’s discernible somehow, where this probable splintering occurs, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: So that is something that Norm and the dream-art physicists will eventually begin to identify somehow, correct?


PAUL: Yes, okay.

ELIAS: You are already moving in that direction, for you are already recognizing that there are points in your movement that are identifiable in time which signify that action of generating probable selves and probable realities.

PAUL: Right.

ELIAS: And that you may actually intersect those probable realities and probable selves and interact. You may move into those probable realities and move also back to your own.

PAUL: And how would I know in my objective awareness that this has occurred? There must be some perceptible apprehension in objective terms, not necessarily five senses, not necessarily a thought, but in terms of impression, impulse, feeling, even emotion, I guess, since that’s a baseline and a key avenue of essence communication. Is there then an emotional way that I could learn to discern these probability points, these bifurcation points?

ELIAS: You may easily identify these points objectively. The manner in which you identify these points is merely to be viewing your movement objectively and your directions, and each time you generate an alteration of your direction you may, in your terms, mark this as a point of creating probable selves and probable realities. In those time frameworks in which you generate decisions, choices that change your direction in some manner, you are generating probable realities also.

For example, an individual may be avoiding a collision within their vehicle, and it may be what you term to be a near miss. In that moment there has been a jerk action of the individual’s direction. The direction was to collide, and in that moment there has been an alteration of the direction which is noticeable, but it is also abrupt.

Now; not all probable realities are generated in abrupt alterations of your directions, but those are quite noticeable. Those that may be more subtle, so to speak, but are also quite obvious, may be pinpointed in any decisions and choices that you incorporate that change your direction. Incorporating different schools, the choice of coupling yourself with another individual, or dissolving a coupling, generating a new relationship with another individual, different expressions of friendships that may change your direction. Now; you may be incorporating a friendship and not be generating a probable self or reality; it is dependent upon whether your direction changes. But each time you alter your direction you also create probable realities, and in that moment all of the probabilities are actualized.

PAUL: Hmm. So desire, intent, and emotion are involved in those choices.


PAUL: That result in the bifurcation in the new sense of probabilities.

ELIAS: Not necessarily result. Desire, yes. Emotion is a communication, therefore it is an involvement, for it is an action of communication that you offer to yourself in relation to what you are doing, identifying what you are doing, and communicating to yourself about that action. Desire, yes, is a motivating factor. Your intent, yes, that also generates an involvement for all of your directions are associated with your intent.

PAUL: So the emotional communication then is a signal, that is, well, in linear terms, after the choice. (Pause. Elias takes a deep breath.) Not necessarily. (Laughs)

ELIAS: In actuality, it appears to be subsequent to the choice. In actuality, it is literally generated at the moment of choice, but in association with the movement of your attention it appears that the communication is expressed after.

PAUL: Right. So this would be one way to identify, then, one of these bifurcation points through the intensity of the emotional signal?

ELIAS: (Another deep breath. Paul laughs) Not necessarily. For at times you may generate a choice to be altering your direction and not necessarily offer yourself an intensity of emotional communication.

PAUL: That makes sense, right.

ELIAS: Especially if you are generating a strength in trust of yourself, you do not question your choices, and in that expression of trust, regardless of how affecting the alteration of your direction may be, you may not necessarily be generating an emotional communication concerning it.

PAUL: Mmhm. So the key then is identifying the doing and choosing.

ELIAS: Yes, and paying attention to the emotional communications if you are generating them.

PAUL: Right, so it all works together (Elias nods) in a spectrum.

ELIAS: Yes, which is quite important to be paying attention to all of these different functions and generating them in harmony. When any one of them is not in harmony with the others, you are attempting to communicate some information to yourself that concerns your beliefs and concerns how you are influencing your perception and, therefore, how you are influencing your reality.

PAUL: Mmhm. That makes sense. So if I could ask you at this point based on our conversation today and in the previous session, to just walk through, then, the four Regional Areas, in a very general sense, to try and give a sense of their relationship to each other in the context of the expression of essence and the holonic personality, and just what we’ve been talking about in a sense. Would you mind just trying to walk through the four?

ELIAS: In what sense?

PAUL: In the sense of their . . . yeah, in what sense?

ELIAS: You, as essence, figuratively speaking – for consciousness is not a place and it is also not a thing – but figuratively speaking, you as essence occupy all areas of consciousness. Therefore, identifying any particular Regional Area is actually identifying different actions.

In this, Regional Area 1 is the aspect of you in which you generate the action of physicality.

Regional Area 2 is the area in which you generate the action of communication in association with Regional Area 1 and all other Regional Areas. It is the bridge to Regional Area 1, allowing for the availability of any desired information.

Regional Area 3 is the action of interconnectedness, collective, of no separation, which also, in a manner of speaking, feeds to Regional Area 1 through Regional Area 2, in the sense within Regional Area 1 of being interconnected in some manner regardless that there is the appearance of separation.

Regional Area 4 is the action of, (pause) in a manner of speaking, your archetype. In association with any action of generating any physical manifestation, this springs, figuratively speaking, from this whole of Regional Area 4. (41)

PAUL: Thank you.

ELIAS: Which is also the part – but the whole – of the whole, of all of the other Regional Areas.

PAUL: Does the Regional Area metaphor break down at that point, as far as my perspective is concerned?

ELIAS: As to your understanding within your physical awareness, your objective awareness, yes.

PAUL: Now that makes perfect sense. So in theoretical terms, when we talk about this physical reality, if we deal with these four nested Regional Areas, that’s pretty much going to cover it.

ELIAS: (Nods) Yes.

PAUL: And yet, on the other hand, consciousness in its vastness, of course, branches out in all sorts of different ways.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: And there’s just no point in referring to them as Regional Areas.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Right. That makes sense! (Laughs)

ELIAS: This is the ongoing, infinite lotus flower.

PAUL: Right.

ELIAS: For what you are exploring is directly associated with your physical reality and, in your terms, what is related to your physical reality and, in this, these four Regional Areas may be directly associated with physical reality – not merely your physical reality, but any physical reality.

PAUL: Right. Right. And from the Regional Area 4 perspective, you’re saying that all physical dimensions are connected from that Regional Area focus of attention?


PAUL: That makes sense. So as essence, then, the aspects of essence manifest in Regional Area 4. It is their choice and intent to explore these physical time frameworks from that construct, this Regional Area 3, 2, 1 (Elias nods throughout) nest unfolds and is explored from that perspective.


PAUL: And so essence, then, of course, explores in other ways and there’s really no point in me talking about them right now! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: This is one direction. Now; beyond what is identified as Regional Area 4 you are incorporating the genuine expression of no separation, and therefore there is no distinction, so to speak, of essence, for essence is consciousness, and consciousness is not a thing; therefore there is no thing to be separated.

PAUL: Right, right, and let me ask you this, then: As I study the different perennial philosophies and translations and interpretations – that’s referred to in the Buddhist tradition as non-dual emptiness. And they recognize that that is just a label which is meaningless in one context, (Elias nods throughout) because it’s only a description, it’s not the focus of attention itself.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: It’s not even a focus of attention.

ELIAS: (Nods) Correct. (42)

PAUL: So these maps are somewhat accurate! (Laughs. Elias nods) In the sense of showing a non-dual source consciousness that’s unmanifest, ineffable, inexpressible and yadda-yadda, but as sort of this beyond Regional Area 4, which of course isn’t beyond, because it’s within everything.

ELIAS: Correct. But they are somewhat accurate. They are translations, and they are associated with what you know within your physical reality, and they are associated with your beliefs, but they are not entirely inaccurate.

PAUL: And specifically, I was referring to that sort of trans-Regional Area 4 part of the nest, whatever you want to call it, because I wasn’t sure about that before, but I understand it, I can conceptualize it better now (Elias nods), and then I find great joy and amazement to see that others have at least experienced it briefly and have attempted to map it for those of us who are still in our forgetting and as we go along. (43) (Elias laughs)

And I find that consonant with what you just said about the four Regional Areas, and then trans-Regional Areas (Elias nods), that’s not even verbal, there’s no object, there’s no thing, no process, no consciousness, no energy, no perspective, but there IS…

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: …basically, IS.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: That’s close enough for today! (Both laugh) Oh, I just have a couple more questions here, and I really, again, I always appreciate our discussions and your helpfulness and the clues that you plant for me to ponder here as the years roll by. (Elias laughs)

Back to the probable selves idea and the fact that it’s a cluster and whatnot – in a sense, then, from the essence perspective, as it goes through a cycle of manifestation and explodes all its manifestations (Elias nods) and whatnot, as probable selves are created in a time framework, this means, then, that there are – and I know it’s obvious, but I just wanted to state it for the record – that there’s probable deaths, there’s holonic deaths, there’s not a single death.

There is no death, which as you’ve said is a translation of state, a translation of being, a new chapter beginning – but beyond that (Elias nods), just in terms of regular linear time in these probable dimensions that are nested within my Regional Area 1 in this dimension, there are countless probable deaths experienced.

ELIAS: Correct, for this also is a choice to alter your direction.

PAUL: Right, right. Wow.

ELIAS: And in that choice to alter your direction you, once again, generate numberless probable realities and probable selves.

PAUL: And from the perspective of essence, that’s all maintained in a simultaneous focus of attention?


PAUL: Yeah, that’s amazing. (Both laugh) It’s really amazing to be in my little bubble where I am floating through consciousness and knowing that there’s another veil and another veil, which are all present right here, right now (Elias chuckles), in a very simple way.

Just a couple things here. The chart that I showed to Mary, I just wanted to get your feedback that it was not a distortion in terms of the multiple focuses. I attempted to show a beginning, continuing – or initiating, continuing, final focus, even observing focuses, where the initiating focus is in terms of linear time, it’s like number seven, and the final focus is like number five, so it shows that they’re non-linear.

ELIAS: (Nods) Correct.

PAUL: And it also shows then the nine – from my focus of attention, physically manifest focus of attention – there are nine forms of time, in a general way, in a very general way, and how they relate then to each of the other focuses. Is that, was that somewhat accurate how I mapped that?

ELIAS: (Takes another deep breath) Identify nine forms of time.

PAUL: Okay. We take past, present, future (Elias nods throughout), and just matrix it into past-past, past-present, past-future; present-past, present-present, present-future; future-past, future-present, future-future. Each one being a valid perspective from my now.

ELIAS: Yes. Yes. (44)

PAUL: So each focus personality….

ELIAS: In your now. Yes.

PAUL: This now can access those nine perspectives.


PAUL: Or does access those nine perspectives in different ways, even though there’s a tendency to stay in the present-present and present-past and present-future.

ELIAS: (Nods) Correct.

PAUL: So there’s six past ones and future ones. (Elias nods throughout) Are there, and perhaps in altered focus or other ways, they are clearly accessible to us.


PAUL: Okay. Hmm. Wow. That does it on that chart. Just one more question then for today, old friend. (Elias laughs) The idea of – let me frame the question, I realize that’s so important in the way you answer – in the context of this acorn-sapling-tree developmental stages in time (Elias nods several times), from this focus of attention, from the essence focus of attention, it’s a simultaneity, recognizing that – as we go through that, the ten belief systems that you’ve presented to us (45) as general areas of beliefs that work together are present in the acorn, they’re present in the sapling, they’re present in the tree to different degrees, and therefore….

ELIAS: Not to different degrees. They are all present continuously. The distinction is that they are not all expressed.

PAUL: Right. Okay. And, okay….

ELIAS: They are….

PAUL: As they get expressed, as we develop and go through our developmental stages – and this is a moral question (Elias nods). Okay, this is a tricky one. This is duplicity, the belief system of duplicity is present. And let me just ask you this question – in your context, the belief system of duplicity would be the area where we would look at morals and ethical belief systems?

ELIAS: (Nods) Yes.

PAUL: Where we judge good and bad?


PAUL: As opposed to the other nine, which deal with relationships, I mean, and that as you stated the belief system of duplicity is nested within the other nine…

ELIAS: (Nods throughout) Correct.

PAUL: …and so that moral judgment is always present…

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: …and with our relationships, with emotion, sexuality, and on with the others. So all I’m just trying to get is that this belief system of duplicity, it changes in time also. It goes through a, what we could loosely call, an acorn, sapling, and tree stage.

ELIAS: That would be quite figurative…

PAUL: (Laughs) Okay.

ELIAS: …for it is not a development. Do not misunderstand. You incorporate all of the beliefs within all of the belief systems from the moment that you choose to be participating in this particular physical reality. Now; you express relatively few beliefs within each belief system. I am aware that it appears to each of you that you express many beliefs in association with each belief system, but in relation to the countless beliefs which are contained within each belief system, relatively speaking, you express few.

Now; those are not absolute either. They change. The beliefs do not change, but which beliefs are expressed may change. Some beliefs you continue to express throughout the entirety of your focus, but some you do not. You may move your attention in association with different directions that you incorporate within one focus and that may alter which beliefs are expressed.

An indicator of this that you may obviously objectively recognize is preferences. Preferences change. You may incorporate certain preferences in one time framework and within another time framework you may incorporate other preferences. Preferences are merely preferred expressed beliefs. And in viewing how your preferences change, you also indicate to yourself that other expressed beliefs also change and may become non-expressed beliefs and exchanged for other beliefs to be expressed. (46)

PAUL: That makes sense.

ELIAS: This is the significance of genuinely generating an objective understanding of what you actually incorporate within this physical dimension – that beliefs are not your enemy and that they are not to be eliminated, but rather that you move your awareness to a wider expression and recognize that you actually incorporate a myriad of beliefs to choose; which rather than your familiar association with beliefs in automatically viewing them as bad, the point is to recognize that they are an integral expression and design of this physical dimension and to be incorporating optimum movement and creativity within this physical dimension to allow yourself to be incorporating the choice of all of them. Use them rather than attempting to eliminate them. And the manner in which you use them efficiently is to neutralize them in association with judgment.

Now; as I have stated, duplicity is a belief system also, and it incorporates beliefs also. And those are not to be eliminated either, but rather to be recognized in relation to preference or the lack of preference, not in absolutes. But you may continue to incorporate your opinion and your preferences, knowing that they are relative to you, and not an absolute.

PAUL: Right, and at some point, at some point in linear terms, the awareness, the focus of attention becomes aware of what you just said – preference, opinion – as opposed to absolute.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: So it’s not inherent in the acorn stage, necessarily, or is it?

ELIAS: That awareness?

PAUL: Yes, that awareness.

ELIAS: The potential of that awareness, yes, is.

PAUL: But oftentimes, more often than not, that potential is not anywhere near fully realized in the preconventional stages.

ELIAS: (Nods) Correct. In this time framework and throughout your history, you are correct. But this is the reason that you are incorporating this shift in consciousness.

PAUL: So are you suggesting, then, that post-shift (47) that the preconventional stages will be more aware of that potential awareness, will be more fully manifest in the preconventional stages?


PAUL: Oh, that’s good news. See, there, I made a judgment! (Both laugh) But that makes sense as far as the shift, and that would be a huge shift from where we are presently.

ELIAS: (Nods) Yes, you are quite correct. (48)

PAUL: And just the last question then. The ten belief systems – they’re general, you know, we could divide them up other ways too, I suppose, but it covers a spectrum – those ten are inherent in the blueprints.


PAUL: So that as an essence, when it manifests, say, 1200 focuses – woof! – those ten are in all 1200 focuses.

ELIAS: (Nods) Yes.

PAUL: Yeah, okay, that’s consistent with your model as you’ve explained it so far. Well, I guess that does it for me today, old friend!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Very well. (Paul laughs) I shall be anticipating our next discussion. Ha ha ha!

PAUL: And so shall I.” [session 1357, May 29, 2003]

Exercises: viewing alternate realities

Exercises: SNAP – a beginning course in out-of-body projection

Library: lucid dreaming overview

End Notes:

(1) Vic’s note: this is in reference to my dream of August, 1995. Elias offered an extensive interpretation of this dream, which didn’t make much sense at the time. He also termed it a precognitive dream. I’d like to offer more of an explanation here, but I don’t have it figured out yet!

(2) Paul’s note: a reference to the same dream of Vic’s from August, 1995.

(3) Vic’s note: the new game is what is commonly termed a past-life regression, but what we call a TFE – trans-focal encounter. We’ve been facilitating each other in TFE’s for a few years now. No, we have no training, and yes, it works anyway! Our basic “method” is for the facilitator to talk the subject through a general body-relaxation process. Then we encourage the subject to connect with whatever aspect of themselves they choose, and if they allow themselves to do this, we ask questions about their experience. The operative word is “allow.” Quite often the subject feels as if they are “making it up,” which they are not, according to the dead guy!

Digests: find out more about the new game (TFEs).

(4) Vic’s note: we’ve presented Elias publicly four times to date, and each time Mary has become a nervous wreck shortly before we were to begin. I talked to Melinda about this, as she and Mary are counterparts. We made an agreement that she would “send cosmic drugs” shortly before start time at the Bodhi Tree. This was interesting to observe. Mary was starting to lose it. Two minutes after the agreed-upon time, Mary almost fell down. It appeared as if she had just injected some powerful drugs. She remained in this state until the session began.

(5) Paul’s note: the book is Seth, Dreams, and Projection of Consciousness, published posthumously by Jane Roberts in 1986.

In Chapter 19, Out-of-Body Experiences from the Dream State, Jane discusses her continuing experiments with altered states of consciousness and lucid dreaming. She adds a Seth quote from session 261, May 23, 1966 that describes Seth’s concept of the dream body used in lucid dreaming:

“In the first form, it is possible to perceive the past, present or future on a limited basis. In the second form this perception is increased, the scope of consciousness widened. This is the form you will use if you meet by appointment with other in the dream state.

The third we may call the true projection form. In it, it is possible to travel beyond your solar system, and to perceive the past, present and future of other systems as well as your own. The various forms that you use do not dictate your experience, however. You may begin in one form and change to another – or go from the first to the third. On such occasions you must pass through in reverse direction [on returning]. The forms merely represent stages of consciousness.”

Digests: follow these links for more information on:
out-of-body experiences | altered states/projections of consciousness | Seth/Jane Roberts.

(6) Paul’s note: Norm is a physicist by training and profession. He is designing an experiment that is a variation on the classic two-slit experiment used to show the particle/wave duality of photons, which are the quantum units of light. In this experiment however, he is hoping to prove that the photons “leave” our universe, visit an alternate Norm in a nearby alternate universe, and then “return" to our universe having travelled through, not around, our space-time continuum. This experiment would clearly disprove the conservation of energy and matter “law” that is a present bedrock tenet of the mainstream scientific community. It would help to open the floodgates for further, serious scientific research that supports Elias’ notion that the dream mission, which one could also use the term dream-art science coined by Seth/Jane Roberts, as a valid method of scientific endeavor.

Paul’s note: some folks refer to Elias affectionately as a “dead guy.” This pet name reflects more that Elias is a non-physically focused energy personality essence, than he is “dead” or a “guy,” as neither of those words accurately describe what Elias is.

(7) Paul’s note: some folks refer to Elias affectionately as a “dead guy.” This pet name reflects more that Elias is a non-physically focused energy personality essence, than he is “dead” or a “guy,” as neither of those words accurately describe what Elias is.

(8) Paul’s note: Bobbi and Vic have been regularly practicing Elias’ SNAP exercise since early 1999. So Bobbi is inquiring about some of their experiences and interpretations.

Exercises: find out more about the SNAP – a beginning course in out-of-body projection.

(9) Paul’s note: here’s the excerpt from session 135 I referred to:

NORM: “One of the questions is in regard to the relationship of the brain, and not using parts of the brain, and our thinking mechanism. And then, what happens when we have out-of-body experiences in the waking state, and then we have out-of-body experiences in the dreaming state? It seemed to me that, and I think I did have an out-of-body experience when I was fifteen or sixteen years old, that I was able to think as well in that out-of-body experience. I looked down on my body and there it was. I’m trying to figure out what the relationship is between my physical brain and my real ability to think. It felt like I had some kind of a spiritual essence or a spiritual form that came out of my body and moved with me in my bedroom, in Sioux City, Iowa in 1945 or 1946. So is it true that my thinking has really nothing to do with my brain?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This engagement is quite amusing! Once again, we shall take your questions in order, of questions within one question!

RETA: That’s how he talks all the way! (Elias is still chuckling)

ELIAS: You engage the action of what you term to be out-of-body experiences within waking state, within sleeping state, consciously, unconsciously, in your terms, within altered states, in your terms. You may experience out-of-body action, so to speak, within what you term to be a daydream. Within missing time, as you experience, you are experiencing an out-of-body. You experience this action much of your time. You are not aware objectively of this action, for you do not translate into your objective language the action that you are engaged in.

As to your thinking while you are engaged in this action of out-of-body; the action of physical thought is quite valuable if you may train yourself to be consciously, objectively consciously, aware within the action of out-of-body experience. Thought processes are a creation of physical focus. You think in terms of language, which is symbolic. Thoughts, within physical focus, are symbolic energy. They are symbols. They are a language. Therefore, it would be helpful to you if you allowed yourselves to train your objective consciousness, your thought processes, to mingle with your subjective activity and create an efficient language for translation of subjective activity into objective knowing. You do not remember your experiences out-of-body, for you have not created this language to be translating subjective activity. Therefore, you have no frame of reference within your objective, waking state. You then are left with ‘blank space.’

NORM: Not even feelings or intuition.

ELIAS: You are attempting to translate non-physical, subjective consciousness action into objective consciousness; this being the same as what you expressed earlier within the action of Regional Area 3, and wishing to know the mechanics of this area of consciousness. You are attempting to label experiences which do not fit within this area of consciousness. Therefore, they must be translated. All that you view is a translation. All that you think is a translation. Within other areas of consciousness, thought is not what you ‘think!’

RETA: So we have to learn, or find steps to take, to get more of that subjective material into our life.

ELIAS: Notice Michael’s [Mary’s] dream mission! This shall be your key.” [session 135, November 24, 1996]

(10) Paul’s note: here’s the excerpt from session 179 I referred to:

HOWARD: “Okay. Well, this is just a personal question that might not be interesting to you all, but since we’re going back ... The Dream Walkers; actually, I want to refer specifically to an Indian named Smohalla who was born at the end of the seventeen hundreds, really eighteen, and he lived on the Columbia River Plateau – Imatilla. He practiced or became a priest in a cult called the dreamers, and I have been trying to find out more about him because that cult spread into the Nez Percé and to some of the surrounding Indians. And from that came, as I understand it, Wavoka, who in turn taught the Sioux the ghost dance.

My question is, basically: How were they able to use the dream work and become such a major cult at that time among the Native Americans, who are pretty difficult to dissuade from their own traditions? I’m needing to know this for my own personal knowing, and perhaps some other things that I can’t really explain.

ELIAS: You are wishing information of method of dream interaction?

HOWARD: That’s right.

ELIAS: This correlates also to this present dream mission. These individuals also manifest quite similarly in practice to what you recognize as South American Indians, which held recognition of the nine [essence] families which they did not designate as families, but in their Night Watchers, their spirits, they also held quite effective and intricate dream activity; these being those which you recognize as the Mayans. There is presently another group which holds the same continued recognition, also located within South American territory.

These individuals became dream artists, holding the ability to be manipulating within dream state efficiently and understanding the translation of imagery from the dream state into objective waking state. This is accomplished by paying close attention to dream activity and also recognizing the feeling, not the image. Each image attaches to a feeling. This is not necessarily an emotion. It is a feeling, which may be also interpreted as a sense. In this, they have highly developed inner senses to be connecting within dream imagery; therefore allowing an understanding of imagery which is created within dream state, and allowing for an efficient translation into waking state. This, as I have stated previously in relation to this dream mission, is very difficult. It may be accomplished, but you shall not accomplish this immediately, for you must diligently practice and become a dream artist; knowing and incorporating those inner senses within your dream state, recognizing that your imagery is reality but it is also symbolism simultaneously; just as within your waking state, your imagery (pounding on the table) is reality, but it is also symbolism. It is solid, but it is not solid. It is stationery, but it is within constant motion, for it is energy. Your dream imagery is no different. It only speaks a different language. Therefore, your method is to translate the language of your dream imagery into the language of your waking imagery.

HOWARD: Okay. Sounds real easy! (Laughter) All right. Thank you.” [session 179, June 01, 1997]

(11) Paul’s note: this refers to a series of private sessions from Fall 1999:

> 493, October 26, 1999
> 506, November 24, 1999
> 530, December 29, 1999

The dream mission is the exploration of subjective awareness (the inner self) – its structures and mechanics – and how we can learn to better access it from the waking state. It also involves learning more about dreaming, meditation, and other altered states.

(12) Paul’s note: I created a 2’ x 3’ “map” that visualized a group of Elias’ concepts including primary and observing essences, and beginning-continuing-final focuses. It also included several concepts from Seth/Jane Roberts such as the nine forms of time from The Education of Oversoul Seven (1973,1995), counterparts, probable selves, and Frameworks of Consciousness. I brought this with me to the session, and briefly reviewed it with Mary so that Elias would have a physical frame of reference for our discussion. (I also referred to this map in my next session 1357, May 29, 2003).

These are photos of the actual map, taken with our cat, Rumi.

Integral Conscious Creation Maps

For an updated version see Integral Conscious Creation Maps (Holonic Personality).

(I use the term holonic personality to describe these multidimensional structures within the psyche [essence] discussed by Seth, Elias, Ken Wilber, and other perennial wisdom traditions. For more info on holons and holarchy see endnote 32.)

(13) Paul’s note: the following compares the main aspects of multidimensional, holonic personality according to Seth, Elias, and Advaita Hinduism. The three-part structure of Seth’s I referred to are in the first three rows:

Seth Elias Advaita/Vedanta
Outer ego Objective awareness Waking state (Gross Body)
Subconscious Meditating/translating region Waking/dreaming states (Gross/Subtle Bodies)
Inner ego Subjective awareness Dreaming state (Subtle Bodies)
Pyramid energy gestalts Pools of consciousness Deep Dreaming state (Causal Bodies)
All-That-Is All of consciousness Sahaja samadhi (Nondual)

The “fourth sort of column” I mentioned deals with the above mental structures and states as they change-in-time through physical stages. So I sometimes use the analogy of acorn, sapling, and tree to represent general physical stages.

(14) Paul’s note: the following compares what Elias calls alternate selves with American psychologist Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences:

Elias (Alternate selves) Gardner (Multiple intelligences)
Emotional Self Emotional
Communicating Self Linguistic
Evaluating Self Mathematical
Etc. Etc.

Digests: find out more about alternate selves.

(15) Paul’s note: it’s interesting that Elias acknowledged that I’m developing a “philosophy.” For the past six years I’ve been researching “evolutionary” systems theories, psychology, philosophy, theology, and various channeled sources that have greatly expanded my understanding.

The main aspects that I’m exploring in this session include a preliminary roadmap of the psyche (essence) and All-That-Is, and later the cosmogenesis and “evolution” of our multiverse derived from the works of Seth, Elias, and Ken Wilber. Taken as a whole, I call this “philosophy” Integral Conscious Creation.

For more info see What is Integral Conscious Creation?.

(16) Paul’s note: it’s easy to get confused by surface level differences in semantics when comparing Seth, Elias, and other perennial wisdom sources (e.g., Vedanta Hinduism, etc.). So it’s worth noting here that Elias agrees that he covers the same spectrum of consciousness as Seth. Even though he uses his own terminology “the meaning is basically the same.” While there’s plenty of room to haggle over subtle differences, there’s still a high level of similarity between the two sources.

For example, here’s a simple comparison of different words used by Seth and Elias to describe the same general concepts:

Seth Elias
Consciousness units (CUs) Links of consciousness (LCs)
Frameworks of Consciousness (4) Regional Areas of Consciousness (4)
All-That-Is All-of-consciousness
Families of consciousness Essence families
Entity Essence
Sleepwalkers Dream Walkers

Intro: find out more about A Seth, Elias Comparative Overview.

(17) Paul’s note: we can now update the matrix (in endnote 13) to include Elias’ avenues of communication as the mediating or translating region between objective and subjective awareness:

Seth Elias Advaita/Vedanta
Outer ego Objective awareness Waking state (Gross Body)
Subconscious Avenues of communication Waking/dreaming states (Gross/Subtle Bodies)
Inner ego Subjective awareness Dreaming state (Subtle Bodies)
Pyramid energy gestalts Pools of consciousness Deep Dreaming state (Causal Bodies)
All-That-Is All of consciousness Sahaja samadhi (Nondual)

(18) Paul’s note: Elias talks about two distinct kinds of blinking in/out actions. First, is the incredibly fast quantum micro level (ten to the minus fifty-six second; see session 179, June 01, 1997). Second, is the incredibly slow macro level of billions of years (see session 262, January 25, 1998). Interestingly, this second kind is similar to the Yugas in Hindu cosmology that include million, billion, and quadrillion year cycles of manifestation. I referred to the second kind of blinking in this exchange.

Digests: find out more about blinking in and out.

(19) Paul’s note: I referred to the very evocative information given in 1997 in which Elias outlined a linear “order of play” of Dream Walker interaction in relation to what he calls the “shift in consciousness.”

Digests: find out more about the sequence of the Dream Walkers within the actions of their intents.

Digests: find out more about the shift in consciousness.

(20) Paul’s note: this “order of play” is offered in Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment, Vol. 1 (1986/1997), where Seth/Jane Roberts introduces a creation myth – what I call a “conscious creation myth” – that explains cosmogenesis in symbolic terms of what happened “before the beginning,” in the beginning, and thereafter, in terms of human involution/evolution on Earth.

Seth weaves many concepts into his creation storyline:

  • All-That-Is/consciousness units (CUs/causal field)
  • sleepwalkers/electromagnetic energy units (EEs/subtle field)
  • Frameworks 4, 3, 2 (subtle field)
  • the dream state (subtle field) functions as a “language of translation” for the waking state (physical field)
  • Framework 1 (physical field)
  • the paradoxical “before the beginning”
  • families of consciousness (innate intention)
  • the multidimensional psyche (outer ego, subconscious, inner ego)
  • the inner senses (deep intuitions/translogical hyperception)
  • reincarnation in the context of simultaneous time frameworks
  • probabilities

In the following excerpt, Seth shows that there was a “dreamtime” that was primary to the emergence and evolution of objective forms and functions to date – from matter (physiosphere), to bodies (biosphere), to self-reflexive minds (noosphere). In terms of objective awareness there was/is/will be a simultaneous nonphysical region of activity that always “precedes” physical forms. Therefore, less complex physical forms will by necessity precede the emergence of focuses of essence. In other words, Seth and Elias’ creation mythos support an important hypothesis in modern evolutionary theory: there was a hominid ancestor that was not yet a focus of essence but whose DNA we did inherit.

In nonlinear terms, then, this all happens in a vast spacious present. That is, the “dreamtime” is still happening all around and “inside” of us in terms of subjective awareness and no-time. However, in terms of objective awareness and linear time, there is a perceivable order of emergence. For example, Seth said that in our primordial past,

“While men had their dream bodies alone they enjoyed a remarkable freedom, of course, for those bodies did not have to be fed or clothed. They did not have to operate under the law of gravity. Men could wander as they wished about the landscape. They did not yet identify themselves to any great degree as being themselves separate from either the environment or other creatures. They knew themselves to be themselves, but their identities were not as closely allied with their forms as is now the case.

“The dream world was bound to waken, however, for that was the course it had set itself upon. This awakening, again, happened spontaneously, and yet with its own order. In the terms of this discussion the other creatures of the earth actually awakened before man did, and relatively speaking, their dream bodies formed themselves into physical ones before man’s did. The animals became physically effective, therefore, while to some degree man still lingered in that dream reality.

“The plants [i.e., biosphere] awakened before the animals [i.e., noosphere] – and there are reasons for these varying degrees of ‘wakefulness’ that have nothing to do basically with the differentiations of specieshood as defined by science from the outside but have to do with the inner affiliations of consciousness, and with species or families of consciousness [note: this is a reference to what Elias calls Dream Walkers in this session and what Seth calls sleepwalkers]. Those affiliations fell into being as all of the consciousnesses that were embarked upon physical reality divided up the almost unimaginable creative achievements that would be responsible for the physically effective world.” [session 899, February 06, 1980, DEV, Vol 1.]

Thus, Seth hints at an order of emergence in our ancient past (aspects of which exist simultaneously Now in subjective terms) that went roughly from matter (physiosphere) to bodies (biosphere) to self-reflexive minds (noosphere) that is consonant with the “order of play” I discuss with Elias in this session. What’s amazing is that these intersubjective perspectives are still missing from most contemporary evolutionary theory. The integral approach is thus designed to allow us to begin to fill in these blanks without throwing out the baby with the bathwater. That is, we don’t have to completely discard Darwin or anyone else, just expand and refine their limits since every model, theory, or storyline deals with partial snapshots of All-That-Is by default.

For example, it should be clearer that our contemporary sciences of archeology and anthropology still don’t recognize the fact that all potential species of flora and fauna inhabit the Earth in all moment points. However, while the physical, objective aspects are being measured and studied, the subjective aspects are still completely omitted because there isn’t a viable theory of consciousness within their paradigms that would open the doors of perception to explore them. Yet.

Finally, there’s an important distinction to make in the overall “order of play.” Namely, the physiosphere, biosphere, and noosphere each contain nested variations of the basic three-part mental structure explored earlier in the session:

  • Outer ego (physical construction region)
  • Mediating/Translation region (“subconscious” region)
  • Inner ego (nonphysical source region)

Put another way, all quantum fields (physiosphere) as they existed before a focus of essence emerged had a rudimentary outer ego, subconscious (translating region), and inner ego. As cellular life (biosphere) emerged, a new level of complexity manifested that transcended yet included the previous one. So all biospheric manifestations included elements of the physiosphere (atoms and molecules) yet formed a novel structure: cellular life forms. And on and on this process goes. Eventually, cellular life forms became so complex that a focus of essence (noosphere) emerged.

To summarize the “order of play” or emergence in Framework 1 terms:

  1. Quantum Fields = physiospheric outer ego, subconscious, inner ego
  2. Biological life forms (includes quantum fields) = biospheric outer ego, subconscious, inner ego
  3. Self-reflexive minds (includes quantum fields and biological life forms) = noospheric outer ego, subconscious, inner ego

Obviously, the type of nested outer ego structure will be quite different between a salt atom, a paramecium, and a human being, since each nest builds upon preceding structures and becomes increasingly sophisticated. Still, I find it quite beautiful that the basic functions and structures exist within each general region of emergence.

For more info on the holonic relationships between quantum fields (physiosphere), cellular life (biosphere), and self-reflexive minds (noosphere) see session 1357, May 29, 2003, endnote 4.

For more info on Seth’s mythos see Seth on “The Origins of the Universe and of the Species” – An Integral Conscious Creation Myth.

For Elias’ variation of Seth’s creation mythos see:

Digests: “before the beginning”.

Digests: Dream Walkers.

Digests: Source Events.

(21) Paul’s note: I had the following excerpt by Ken Wilber in mind when Elias verified these queries:

“When MacLean [who formulated the theory of the triune mammalian brain: reptilian, paleo-mammalian, and neo-mammalian regions] said that when humans lie on the couch for psychoanalysis, they lie down with a crocodile and a horse, that wasn’t the half of it: we lie down with the planets and the stars, the lakes and the rivers, the plankton and the oaks, the lizards and the birds, the rabbits and the apes–and, to repeat, not simply because they are our neighbors in our own universe, but because they are components in our own being, they are literally our bones and bold and marrow and guts and feelings and fears.” Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: The Spirit of Evolution (1995,2000) P. 109.

(22) Paul’s note: according to Elias, Source Events provide the “source energy” for Regional Area 1 constructions. They exist in Regional Area 2 (which is the same as Seth’s Framework 2).

Digests: find out more about Source Events.

Digests: find out more about Regional Area 2.

Also, note the similarity of Elias’ Source Events to Seth’s “master events” from Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment, Vol. 2 (1986,1997), p. 372. Interestingly, Source Events are similar to Ken Wilber’s “involutionary givens” in Excerpt A: An Integral Age at the Leading Edge.

Elias imparts in the preceding paragraph that the Dream Walker “region” of consciousness is causal in the sense that these holonic aspects create the actual “blueprints for reality” that exist within Regional Area 2. This is another general area of similarity with the Seth material. In The “Unknown” Reality, Vol. 1 (1977,1996), Seth/Jane Roberts introduces the concept of dream-art science as a potential methodology in which to explore the “blueprints for reality” from an expanded version of our waking, Framework 1 consciousness capable of exploring the “unknown” reality of Framework 2.

I believe that this endeavor is not only worthwhile, but a key to discovering, or more accurately “remembering,” how conscious creation actually works in space-time (objective awareness) and no-space-no-time (subjective awareness). This is also the goal of Elias’ “dream mission.”

Put another way, our current understanding of the relationship between Framework 1 and 2 is found in the field of physics (quantum mechanics). For example, David Bohm’s explicate and implicate orders. But upon closer examination we soon realize that this still deals with only the thin outer crust of energy-matter (physiosphere), and doesn’t adequately explain how bodies (biosphere) or minds (noosphere) work in Framework 1 terms alone! That would require the additional sciences of biology, developmental psychology, cultural anthropology, for example. To date, all of these disciplines exist in parallel at best, and more often in complete isolation from each other.

Seth’s dream-art science and Wilber’s integral approach outline, in a general way, the basic requirements to adequately study All-That-Is in a more holonic embrace:

> Quantum Fields (physiosphere/physics)
> Body (biosphere/biology)
> Mind (noosphere/psychology)
> Soul (psychoshere/theology)
> Spirit (theosphere/mysticism)

This conceptual foundation helps us to outline an integral approach that more adequately investigates the mechanics of conscious creation.

For more info see The Dream-Art Science Sessions (700-704), Abridged.

(23) Paul’s note: Elias makes a clear distinction between duality or pairs of opposites and duplicity, which is one of the ten foundational belief systems.

RODNEY: “Would you distinguish again the distinction between duality and duplicity?”

ELIAS: “I am aware that your new religion of your metaphysics moves in the direction of designating duality as the same as duplicity, but in actuality, I am quite careful in my choice of words that I offer to you in explanation of these belief systems and concepts.

“Duality is suggestive of two, or a double of elements. Duplicity, although it incorporates what you term to be opposites, it is not necessarily merely two. It is an incorporation of very different conflicting elements within you simultaneously, in opposition to each other. Duality does not always suggest conflict or opposing elements. You may hold duality in certain areas that may complement each other. Within duplicity, these elements of the belief system that you hold do not complement each other. They are opposing of each other and creating of conflict.”

RODNEY: “In other words, the north pole and the south pole are complementary ...”

ELIAS: “Correct.”

RODNEY: “... dualities.”

ELIAS: “Correct.”

RODNEY: “They are not in conflict.”

ELIAS: “They are not within conflict. Duplicity IS within conflict. It is a creation of conflict.”

“… And where you hold duplicity, you also hold conflict.” [session 328, October 03, 1998]

(24) Paul’s note: according to Charles Darwin’s original theory, circa 1859, natural selection is the theory and storyline used to rationalize biological mutations over vast spans of time from a purely materialistic perspective. That is, the theory never included a viable theory of consciousness, or interior aspects of subjective reality. Also, it has never been proven as fact, and has been heavily modified in the subsequent one hundred and fifty years by scientists in a variety of fields. Since Darwin’s theory did not include a working theory of consciousness, the entire subjective and intersubjective realms of reality were not included in his or many derivative theories. We can now see this as a glaring omission that leaves out half of the story of “evolution” – the subjective and intersubjective half that deals with consciousness.

However, as of this writing, the idea has been greatly expanded to include not only just biological processes, but social (interobjective), cultural (intersubjective), and mental (subjective) processes that work in complementary fashion. Ken Wilber, Allan Combs, Michael Murphy, and George Leonard are notable integral theorists working in this area.

Still, when Elias said, “continual experimentation of the subjective manipulating links of consciousness in association with time to create different manifestations in physical matter,” I had the immediate impression that he had just offered his own clarification that expanded these contemporary definitions from the perspective of the causal intersubjective region. That is, from the Regional Area 4 perspective that Elias claims is his natural focus of attention. (And, as he often says, aspects of all essences exist there as well.)

Put it all together and a multidimensional (holonic) picture begins to emerge in which we begin to see that virtually all contemporary evolutionary theories are still blinded by Regional Area 1 perceptive artifacts, namely, the dominance of the outer ego which sees itself as the center of all-of-consciousness to such extremes that it has reduced all subjective aspects of essence into objective things, processes, or “its.” Again, that’s only half of the story!

Therefore, we also want to integrate the view from the inside, so to speak. And Elias’ (and Seth’s) information further animates those missing perspectives. The integral approach holds the view that consciousness is causal, and specifically (Elias’) objective awareness, avenues of communication, subjective awareness or (Seth’s) outer ego, subconscious, and inner ego all work in concert to simultaneously co-create the four Regional Areas (or Frameworks) in holonic fashion. Therefore, any accurate story or theory of evolution in this Now must take into careful consideration both linear (space-time) and nonlinear (no-space-no-time), objective and subjective aspects of the psyche (essence) and All-That-Is.

Finally, it should become clear that Elias is not completely refuting our linear belief systems of “evolution” in this session, but making sure that we see them for what they are, namely, belief systems (memes) or artifacts of Regional Area 1 constructions.

(25) Paul’s note: Elias’ statement – “selecting the preferred and the efficient.” – is consonant with our contemporary sciences of complexity that have greatly expanded our understanding of “evolutionary” processes since the time of Darwin. Again, this is not to say that Darwin was 100% in error, he wasn’t. He was just dealing with a much smaller snapshot of All-That-Is that, with 20/20 hindsight, we now see as true but very, very partial.

However, the belief system of evolution has been refined in amazing and more accurate ways since the time of Darwin, like all authentic science. I’m not suggesting that current sciences of complexity will ever provide anything that approaches a complete picture without a working theory of consciousness, and again, an integral approach provides one.

For more information and a good example of how far we’ve come since Darwin, check out Ken Wilber’s Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: The Spirit of Evolution (1995, 2000). It integrates a viable theory of consciousness into a scientific, artistic, and moral context along with aspects of body, mind, and spirit. Wilber includes recent breakthroughs in evolutionary as well as perennial wisdom traditions (e.g., Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Christian, etc.). In terms of recent sciences, there are many wonderful refinements that greatly expand Darwin’s original theory. For example:

“The new sciences … are collectively known as the sciences of complexity–including General Systems Theory (Bertalanffy, Weiss), cybernetics (Wiener), nonequilibrium thermodynamics (Prigogine), cellular automata theory (von Neumann), catastrophe theory (Thom), autopoietic system theory (Maturana and Varela), dynamic systems theory (Shaw, Abraham), and chaos theories, among others.” (SES, p. 22)

All this to say that when Elias implies that the action of evolution “is a continual experimentation of manipulating energy, which is consciousness, in different manners, and thusly, in your terms, selecting the preferred and the efficient,” he offers further clues from his subjective perspective as to how this action of “efficient selection” occurs throughout various holonic structures within essence and its focuses in relation to Regional Area 1 constructs. And these may well form core “evolutionary” processes that we’ve barely begun to understand.

Scale that up to over six billion focuses in this Now, and we can begin to imagine how “exceedingly complex” the holonic action of conscious creation is in Regional Area 1 alone! The contemporary sciences listed above add their own puzzle pieces to our increased objective understanding of how things work and thus complement both Seth and Elias’ more story-like versions of “before the beginning,” in the beginning, and thereafter.

The significant point, again, is that Elias provides a subjective or more fully informed interior perspective on the process of “evolution” that acknowledges the importance of linear time and its constructions, but also reminds us that there is a vast inner realm of choice and action that we are only beginning to become objectively aware of that is intimately involved in conscious creation and co-creation. This is a natural outcome of the action of what Elias calls the “shift in consciousness” and part and parcel of my intent in formulating “integral conscious creation” that includes Wilber’s subjective, intersubjective, and objective aspects of the psyche (essence).

(26) Paul’s note: according to Elias, whales, dolphins (and porpoises by implication of belonging to the same species) recently took an evolutionary leap and became manifest focuses of essence, just like homo sapiens, though they are a unique species called cetaceans.

BOBBI: “I have actually several questions here about dolphins and whales. You had said a while ago that they had made a decision to become essence.”

ELIAS: “Correct.”

BOBBI: “This raises a lot of questions in my mind then. If they are essence now, does that mean that we, as essence, can have a focus as a dolphin or a whale?” (Pause)

ELIAS: “If you are so choosing.”

BOBBI: “Okay. They are on this planet ... but are they part of this dimension? Is their experience as essence, in that capacity of being a whale, would that be considered part of this dimension?”

ELIAS: “Yes.”

BOBBI: “So their experiences are based on emotion and sexual orientation also?”

ELIAS: “Yes.”

BOBBI: “Oh, really! I also have questions about when that change occurred, from a group of consciousness to essence. Were new essences formed in that action, or were essences waiting there for that decision and they sort of stepped in, or how did that occur?”

ELIAS: “New essences have been formed; yes, you are correct.”

BOBBI: “Oh, really! So that would be a way that essence is created?”

ELIAS: “Within the action of fragmentation and the development, in a manner of speaking ... this is, of course, figuratively speaking, in relation to nonphysical aspects of consciousness and their translation into an explanation presently.

(Slowly) “As essences merge, the element that may be fragmented is an element which desires to be fragmented, holding specific qualities of those essences which it is fragmented of.

“Now; be remembering that each new essence, in a manner of speaking, holds all of the qualities of the fragmenting essence, but also creates a type of emphasis upon certain qualities that it chooses to be exploring.

(Slowly) “And as essence is consciousness and consciousness is essence, those qualities of essence which are consciousness – which create the manifestations in your physical dimension of these particular creatures – have chosen to be fragmented into their own expression of essence.

“Be remembering also, I have expressed to you, your creatures are a creation of you. They are consciousness; they are also a creation of you. They are not essence in themselves. They are a manifestation of you as essence; a projection of consciousness that is designated to specific functions and forms within your physical dimension. But as not essence in themselves, they also do not necessarily align with or manifest the base qualities of this particular physical reality and dimension as you as essence have designed it.

“Therefore, a tree does not necessarily manifest its reality incorporating the base elements of expression of emotion and sexuality. YOU identify the tree through elements of sexuality and emotion, but the tree does not necessarily identify itself in this manner, for it is a creation of yours. But it is also an expression of consciousness, and in this, the qualities of that tree in consciousness are held by you as essence.

“Now; in the choice of certain expressed qualities of essence, those being the qualities of consciousness that move together and create the physical manifestations of those creatures which you identify as dolphins and whales ... have expressed the desire to be creating new essences, holding those qualities of essence as their particular direction of attention, in a manner of speaking.

“And in this, through the mergence of essences, there is an action of fragmentation which occurs, which has thusly created new expressions of essence which are already manifest within your physical dimension as these expressions of dolphins and whales.” [session 556, February 09, 2000]

Digests: find out more about creature consciousness.

Also, the action of fragmentation is something that occurs within causal subjective awareness (the inner ego) and offers further clues to the mechanics of conscious creation and co-creation within those aspects of essence.

Digests: find out more about fragmentation.

(27) Paul’s note: developmental psychologists (e.g., Piaget, Kohlberg, Loevinger, Graves, Gilligan, Cook-Greuter, Beck, Kegan, etc.) have mapped various stages of human growth (or evolution) for over fifty years. In terms of overall development, there is rough consensus that humans develop from what can be generally called preconventional to conventional to postconventional stages in first, second, and third world cultures and are thus universal to homo sapiens on this planet.

These stages include various intelligences or abilities that have been further broken down into subsets, for example, morals, cognition, emotions, sexual, self-needs, self-identity, logical-mathematic, linguistic, musical, etc. Each provides a snapshot of overall personal development that is “necessary but not sufficient.” That is, no single intelligence is the main one, even though many researchers still make the mistake of believing their research shows the most important one, as Piaget did with cognition. It is the view of Wilber’s Integral Psychology, and I agree, that there are many ways of looking at personal development, but each provides a “necessary but not sufficient” snapshot of the total focus personality.

Returning to the stages, then, let’s take a brief look at cognition as it develops through preconventional, conventional, and postconventional stages. Preconventional cognition believes that the moon is literally made out of cheese, or that if I cover my own eyes, then you can’t see me. In other words, it’s impossible for me to take the role of other or walk a mile in someone’s shoes.

Conventional cognition can take the role of other. It also uses early forms of reason and intellect but often reaches conclusions like the Renaissance Archbishop who stated that since the human body has seven orifices, that is why God created seven planets to revolve around the Earth. That is, the human body and outer ego are still the central filters. Perception is still driven by egocentric (self) or ethnocentric (family, tribe, country, etc.) filters.

Postconventional cognition realizes that space-time, and energy-matter aren’t solid or permanent constructs. It also becomes aware that there is an underlying nonphysical domain from which physical manifestation emerges and returns to. That is, I as an individual belong to something far greater than my outer egoic sense of self. Perception thus begins to become worldcentric and universal.

Also, since Elias claims that all species of whale, dolphin, (and porpoise) are now “focuses of essence,” then these basic developmental stages would apply to them as well, acknowledging that their physiological, cultural, social, and geopolitical aqua-differences may include some interesting variations that we aren’t yet aware of. Put another way, since expressions of essence on this planet now include homo sapiens and cetaceans, they will use similar patterns of development laid down by previous generations that rely on the same “blueprints for reality.” But there is no dream-art science research being done yet in this area, because that would include some kind of dream archeology and dream anthropology, for example, that further explores the blueprints in Framework 2 in conjunction with the Framework 1 constructions.

All this to say that it makes sense when Elias suggests that a key outcome the “shift in consciousness” is to move or transform large quantities of the human (and by implication whale, dolphin, and porpoise) populations into postconventional stages of development and beyond. In this context, then, we can develop new scientific research methods to track emergent probable futures and see just how this will be accomplished (given the fact that something like 80% of the focuses in this Now are at preconventional or conventional and the fact that every focus begins at stage 1 – preconventional – and develops from there).

(28) Paul’s note: “naïve utopianism” is the belief system that the grass will always be greener on the other side of the fence, and that tomorrow will somehow always be better today. And of course, tomorrow always remains just that – tomorrow! A more accurate view is that as the emergent complexity in Regional Area 1 terms increases and more humans, whales, dolphins, porpoises and who knows what else manifest, there will be new and amazing creations, inventions, discoveries and interdependencies.

However, we need to balance that developmental view with the notion that each new epoch of cultural development has side effects that carry the potentials for new pathologies and dis-eases. For example, it is now understood that many problems created by humans at a certain stage of development, complexity, and belief systems can not be solved at that level (i.e., pollution, deforestation, weapons of mass destruction, slavery, poverty, woman’s, gay and lesbian rights, etc.).

As Albert Einstein said, “the significant problems we face can never be solved at the level of thinking that created them.” And so, in very general systemic terms, new levels of complexity emerge that provide a wider awareness that can take in more factors and come up with efficient new solutions. That’s the good news!

The bad news, of course, is that there is always the potential for complementary forms of pathology, dis-ease, or collective dysfunction at any stage as long as we’re dealing with physical constructions in space-time. All of this is to say that there is no predetermined end point to this action of “evolution” or consciousness changing-in-time/no-time. (However, this session does raise the question about what Source Events lead to the “blink out” that ends the current meta-cycle of manifestation referred to in endnote 18.)

(29) Paul’s note: NFL stands for the National Football League – the version of football played in the U.S.A.

(30) Paul’s note: see sessions:

> 493, October 26, 1999
> 506, November 24, 1999
> 530, December 29, 1999
> 1246, January 16, 2003

(31) Paul’s note: Joanne and I first met Norm and Reta Farb at the Sethnet Int’l. conference in New Haven, CT in November 1996. Coincidentally, they also met Vicki Pendley and Ron Churchman, saw a videotape of Mary/Elias in the conference break room, and shortly thereafter began to attend Elias group sessions in Castaic, CA.

Norm is a physicist and Reta has a background in various religious and spiritual teachings. They recently relocated to Independence, OR from Southern California.

(32) Paul’s note: social philosopher Arthur Koestler (1905-1983) coined the term holon as the fundament unit of whole/parts that form a holarchy. For example, a human holon is a whole made up of cells, molecules, quantum fields, and CUs. A cell, in turn, is a whole made up of molecules, quantum fields, and CUs. By holonically situating any thing, process, or event within a holarchy, we can move beyond the modern reductio ad absurdum of fundamental parts. It opens the conceptual door beyond myths based on purely materialist or idealist conceptions of physical reality, because it includes both. Ken Wilber further developed these concepts in Sex, Ecology, Spirituality (1995) where he applied holons and holarchy to the “Great Chain of Being.” His twenty tenets of holons show generally how holarchy works.

So, holarchy consists of nested hierarchies (depths of unequivalence) and heterarchies (spans of equivalence). Proper use of hierarchy includes some kind of ranking guided by the principle of “not vice versa.” So ranking simply means that each properly identified wider hierarchical region becomes a superholon in relation to the previous subholon because they “transcend and include” their predecessors. For example, the following ranking or scale of depth occur naturally:

> Physiosphere = quantum fields (Framework 1)

> Biosphere = quantum fields + self-replicating cellular life (Framework 1)

> Noosphere = quantum fields + self-replicating cellular life + self-reflexive awareness/triune mammalian brain (Framework 1)

> Psychosphere = quantum fields + self-replicating cellular life + self-reflexive awareness/triune mammalian brain + subtle/astral bodies in waking state (Framework 1)

Linking means that within each hierarchical region we find holons of equal value that are crucial for overall systemic stability (i.e., no subholons or superholons). For example, the following links or spans of equivalence occur naturally:

> Physiosphere = hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sodium, magnesium, gold, silver atoms, etc. (Framework 1)

> Biosphere = virus cells, plant cells, bird cells, animal cells, etc. (Framework 1)

> Noosphere = triune mammalian brain [humans, whales, dolphins, porpoises, etc.]. (Framework 1)

> Psychosphere = subtle/astral bodies in waking state [humans, whales, dolphins, porpoises, etc.]. (Framework 1)

However, we make these distinctions only to point out the exceedingly complex nature of overall relationships within All-That-Is in relation to our linear time framework (Framework 1). Since all hierarchies and heterarchies are nested together they are ultimately inseparable aspects of All-That-Is, which we could also call The Great Holarchy of Being (Wilber).

According to Peggy Wright, a pioneering voice in feminist transpersonal studies,

“… holarchy is simply an ‘asymmetrical order of increasing wholeness.’ Each order of wholeness is a holon–‘that which, being a whole in one context, is simultaneously a part in another.’ Within a holarchy, ‘the elements of that level operate by heterarchy. That is, no one element seems to be especially more important or more dominant, and each contributes more or less equally to the health of the whole level’.” Donald Rothberg and Sean Kelly, editors, Ken Wilber in Dialogue: Conversations with Leading Transpersonal Thinkers, Quest Books, Wheaton, IL, 1998, p. 213.

In terms of linear time, then, each holonic region within All-That-Is forms a critical heterarchy necessary for each succeeding hierarchical region to emerge in Framework 1 terms. According to current research, all quantum fields in Framework 1 manifest through some sort of implosion called The Big Bang. Atoms (quantum fields) formed almost immediately along with linear space-time. Once these basic elements were manifest, the foundation was laid for basic cellular biological life to emerge, followed by more complex forms of biological life, and so on. That is, there’s an order to the unfolding of consciousness from the perspective of Framework 1 (it is different from the subjective perspectives within nonlinear Frameworks 2, 3, 4...).

Simply put, our multiverse and planet Earth were not created in seven days, but took billions of years to form the proper systemic balance in the physiosphere for biological life to emerge. However, it’s important to note that each hierarchical region consists of rudimentary (narrow) forms of consciousness that dream and use inner senses. But in order for self-reflexive human life to emerge, the physiosphere (quantum fields) had to be just right for the basic biosphere (cellular life forms) to emerge, which then had to be just right for the noosphere (triune mammalian brain/minds) to emerge, which, and we’re speculating now, has to be just right for the psychosphere (subtle/astral) to emerge.

Could the emergence of the subtle/astral realms be a part of what Elias calls the shift in consciousness? I believe so, but it’s still too soon to tell in any systemic way.

Moving on, the following example shows holonic heterarchical linking within each region and holonic hierarchical ranking within wider “levels.” Again, we can slice up the “pie” of All-That-Is in many ways, so the following is only meant to show the exceedingly complex relationships involved in the creation of Framework 1 while being mindful of the nested, nonlinear Frameworks 2, 3, 4... that co-exist simultaneously.

In Framework 1 terms, then, each emergent region transcends and includes” its predecessor. For example, without electrons, there can be no atoms, without which there can be no molecules, without which there can be no biological life, and on and on:

> ...CUs (consciousness units) are “Whole/Parts” (All-That-Is “before the beginning” as Primal Cause/Causal Field)

> Electromagnetic energy units (or EEs/Subtle Field) are wholes made of parts (CUs/Causal Field)

> M-strings (Physical Field/Physiosphere) are wholes made of parts (CUs-in-EEs-in-superposed quantum fields)

> Electrons, neutrons, protons, etc. (Physiosphere) are wholes made of parts (CUs-in-EEs-in-superposed quantum fields called m-strings)

> Atoms (Physiosphere) are wholes made of parts (CUs-in-EEs-in-electrons, neutrons, protons, etc.)

> Molecules (Physiosphere) are wholes made of parts (CUs-in-EEs-in-atoms)

> Liver cells, other cells, etc. (Biosphere) are wholes made of parts (CUs-in-EEs-in-molecules)

> Livers (Biosphere) are wholes made of parts (CUs-in-EEs-in-liver cells, other cells, etc.)

> Bodies (Biosphere) are wholes made of parts (CUs-in-EEs-in-organs, nervous systems, lymphatic systems, etc.)

> Self-Reflexive Minds (Noosphere) are wholes made of parts (CUs-in-EEs-in-bodies with triune brains)

> Souls-In-Flesh (Psychosphere) are wholes made of parts (CUs-in-EEs-in-self-reflexive minds)

> Spirit (Theosphere) is a Whole made of Parts (CUs-in-EEs-in-souls-in-flesh)…

Coincidentally, Seth’s consciousness unit (CU) was coined around the same time as Koestler’s holons. CUs are Seth’s version of a fundamental “unit” or holon – a “Part” that contains all knowledge of the “whole.” Also, Seth introduced “before the beginning” – an intentional paradox/koan – in Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment, Vol. 1 (1986) to describe cosmogenesis and involution/evolution in the context of these fundamental CUs.

Interestingly, Elias uses links of consciousness (LCs) in the same way Seth used CUs. And both map to the definition of holon used here. However, it’s semantically easier to use Koestler’s holon instead of Seth’s CU or Elias’ LC, for example, holonic personality works better than consciousness unit personality.

(33) Paul’s note: I referred to the following image – integral artist Alex Grey’s depiction of Avalokiteshvara, a Buddhist icon. It depicts the psyche (essence) as one-made-of-many, or what I call holonic personality. Elias confirms here that it’s “a figurative interpretation” of what he calls “the expression of essence.”

Avalokiteshvara: one-made-of-many

From Alex Grey, Sacred Mirrors: The Visionary Art of Alex Grey, Inner Traditions Int’l., Rochester, NY, 1990.

Digests: find out more about the expression of essence.

(34) Paul’s note: I referred to the following from session 264, February 01, 1998:

PAUL: “Now once in a while, isn’t there sort of an ... intrusion is not the right action, but what I call a ‘veto power of essence?’ Just as an example, in the Oversoul Seven book – the first book, or maybe it’s the second book [it was] – one of the characters, Josef, goes running off as his wife is having a baby, and he gets drunk and passes out and he would have died, and Seven transports him three miles down a mountain so that he can be found by his in-laws. That’s just an example of an intent, perhaps, to kill himself. But yet, in our terms, something quite magical intervened or helped or bled through to help in that situation.” (Pause)

ELIAS: “This is a figurative example, that essences may be helpful if the agreement is held by the other essence. You within the focus ARE the whole of essence. Therefore, the action may be entered into with another essence, but there is no thing outside of you that may come to your rescue, for it IS you. It is not separate from you. It is not bigger than you or outside of you. Therefore, what shall come to your rescue but you?”

PAUL: “So therefore, in what Jim was saying with [a previous] example of the suicide attempt, you pick up a gun, and perhaps as you go to pick the weapon up there is a bullet in the chamber, but by the time you’ve raised it to your head and pulled the trigger, that other part of yourself has dissipated the bullet for whatever reason – value fulfillment, it’s not time to disengage....”

ELIAS: “And has chosen a different choice. It is merely an action of choices within every moment, and you hold the ability to alter your choices or change your choices within every moment.”

PAUL: “But I guess ... I understand. I guess a Christian story comes to mind of footsteps, where when people are in their deepest troubles ... two sets of footsteps in the sand, and at the darkest moment there was just one, and that being god or the inner self or whatever. So maybe I’m just coming full circle with this other imagery that just supports what you’re saying, that’s all.”

ELIAS: “It is YOU. Yes, you are correct.”

The above is an example of what I call “holonic free will” in which various nested aspects of essence work cooperatively, each within their own domain of choice and action. In Elias’ terms it would include aspects of objective and subjective awareness. This idea helps explain that the outer ego, or objective awareness, by itself doesn’t create all of its reality but works cooperatively in nested, holonic fashion with various subjective aspects of essence.

Digests: find out more about aspects of essence; an overview.

(35) Paul’s note: Together, the oubliette and the remembrance cover the full spectrum of human consciousness as it changes-in-time. Elias occasionally refers to a focus of essence as an oubliette. In French, oublier means “to forget.” In English, an oubliette is “a dungeon with an opening only at the top.” Sounds cozy, but according to Elias,

“I will express to you that you are stuck within the plastic oubliette of your physical perceptions. I use the term plastic, as this is a description of something synthetic, something that you create, an element that you mold into what you wish it to be. An oubliette is a place. It is a place of forgetting and remembering. It is an isolated place. It is an old term, but it holds to your present reality.” [session 65, January 07, 1996 ]

“All individuals hold all of this information. What you offer in helpfulness is a movement in triggering a remembrance, for this is what you are all accessing, your own remembrances of essence, for you already hold all of this information, and this be all that I offer to you also, is encouragement to be accessing your own remembrance; not to be imparting your remembrance for you, but to be encouraging you to access your own remembrance – for it is your tone – and to be encouraging you to be trusting and accepting of self, for within your remembrance and the forgetfulness within your own oubliettes, you have also forgotten the trustfulness of self, and look to others for your guidance and your direction. But you hold your own direction, and you hold the ability to be steering your own ship!” [session 355, January 27, 1999 ]

Digests: find out more about the oubliette.

The “remembrance” is not a memory in objective awareness. It thus has nothing to do with dualistic imagery in Regional Area 1 terms, but is a state of awareness, attention, or BE-ing. More from Elias,

“Throughout your history within this dimension, you have attached more and more to your reality of your belief systems and you have moved farther and farther away from the remembrance of essence, and in creating this separation, you also are creating of a mistrust, for you are not remembering self and the gloriousness of your abilities within self, and you reinforce all of this – what you term to be negativity – in a lack of acceptance of self, for what shall you trust if you are not understanding and viewing unknown? But it is not unknown. It is merely forgotten, and in this lack of remembrance, as you create more and more of this separation, you create this rift, so to speak, between yourself and yourself, and in this, you create your expression of what I have expressed previously in your oubliette. You isolate yourselves into believing that you are singular and that you are alone, and that you are unworthy and that you do not create well enough, and that all outside of you is better or that you may aspire to be better, and I express to you that all you need be aspiring to, in physical terms, is the remembrance of yourself.” [session 411, June 07, 1999 ]

“The remembrance is not a memory! It is a state of being. It is a knowing. Therefore, as you engage the remembrance, you are engaging a manner of being, a perception, a knowing, not a memory of an event.

(Intently) As you engage the remembrance in conjunction with dream imagery, you are not necessarily recalling the event of the dream imagery and translating that into an interpretation within thoughts, but you are creating an actual state of being in conjunction with the dream imagery.

(Intently) You are creating a perception which is not necessarily translated into thoughts, but is merely enacted in being, and there is held a knowing within you, regardless that you may not identify in actual words or language, for you have created your own language to yourself, which is the bridge, so to speak, from the oubliette into the actualization in objective awareness of remembrance.

And this is the point – not to be creating a philosophy, not to be drawing comparisons, but to be creating your individual language that is creating the translation into objective awareness. This is your movement from the oubliette into the remembrance.” [session 493, October 26, 1999 ]

Digests: find out more about the remembrance of essence.

(36) Paul’s note: archetypes were created by psychologist Carl Jung (1875-1961) to represent “sub”conscious aspects of the human psyche (essence) – universal symbols or blueprints within subjective awareness that are constantly translated through our dreams and myths in all cultures. For example, Jung described the:

> Mother / Goddess / Anima / Amazon / Medium
> Father / God / Animus / Hero / Sage
> Shadow / Evil Other
> Child
> Divine Couple

Though they translate themselves into objective awareness as constructions colored by local cultural belief systems, the underlying symbols and roles are universal. So we find them expressed in various ways within mythic aspects of the world’s religions, sciences, philosophies, etc.

They exist in Elias’ information, too. For example, Dream Walkers, essence families, the nine children of Rose, “before the beginning,” etc. are all translations into Regional Area 1 terms of these inner symbols and blueprints.

(37) Paul’s note: the acorn-sapling-tree analogy is a simple way to show developmental changes-in-time in terms of Framework 1 manifestations. Folks sometimes confuse the notion of simultaneous time with this to mean that there is no such thing as an acorn, sapling, or a tree. Put another way, just because the acorns, saplings, and trees exist as simultaneous potentials within the blueprints in Frameworks 2, 3, 4... doesn’t mean a full-grown oak tree will manifest overnight in Framework 1 terms. So, as a function of Framework 1, there are real, clearly observable stages of development that occur in physical bodies and mental abilities

(38) Paul’s note: this is an area of overlap with the Seth material. In The “Unknown” Reality, Vol. 1, Seth/Jane Roberts introduced the concept of dream-art science as a potential methodology in which to explore the “blueprints for reality” from our waking, Framework 1 consciousness.

For more info see The Dream-Art Science Sessions (700-704), Abridged.

Elias’ version is called the dream mission. For more info see Digests: the dream mission.

(39) Paul’s note: Elias has greatly expanded the definition of Framework 1 to include multiple sub-dimensions. For example, I asked Elias about a projection experience I had in March 1998 in which I awoke around 12 PM. in the vibrational state and was able to just sit up and “leave” my body in the bed. I had assumed that I was in Framework 2, but….

PAUL: “I had an out-of-body experience on March 13th of this year, in which for the first time I was actually able to project consciously out of my body into my bedroom. So my question is, at the very moment that I separated ... well, I know there’s no separation. At the moment my perception changed and my environment changed, was my experience still within the context of what you call Regional Area 1?”

ELIAS: “Yes. Let me express to you that within an out-of-body experience, as you continue to involve yourself with your objective reality, so to speak, you are projecting your consciousness through space, but continuing within Regional Area 1.

“Now; I may also express to you that you hold the ability and it is entirely possible that you may project within what you term to be an out-of-body experience and you may project into different areas of consciousness, but within those experiences that you find yourself moving within familiar areas and with familiar objects, you are continuing to be moving within Regional Area 1 of consciousness. You are merely moving through space and time, as in differentiation to moving around space and in time.”

PAUL: “So in that experience, subsequently I explored my house and came back into my bedroom, and I believe, in what you term as a focal point, I dove through the bedroom window and I know I shifted gears, as it were, and I had two basic ... what I describe as a scenario. One involved an urban situation with a black painter, and the second one involved a college campus that I had attempted to connect with in Brattleboro, Vermont. In those two scenarios, where I know I shifted gears, was I still experiencing in Regional Area 1?”

ELIAS: “Yes, but you are also allowing for a partial dimensional veil-piercing. Regional Area 1 is much vaster than you realize. It encompasses much more within the potential for your experiences than you recognize. You view Regional Area 1 as being very limiting and merely that which is your waking experience, but it encompasses experiences that you may allow yourself beyond your normal, usual focus of attention, for you focus your attention quite singularly, and as you are allowing yourself to open more freely to many more elements within consciousness, you may also view that there is much more expansiveness to Regional Area 1 than you have allowed yourself an awareness of.

“Now; also in this, I express to you that you pierce a veil of dimension, for within this dimension there are inclusive many other dimensions, some being very parallel and some being different qualities of different time frameworks. In this, you have allowed yourself to be piercing a time framework veil within your objective Regional 1 awareness. You may accomplish this within your waking state also. Be assured, you may be piercing time veils in your objective waking state. You may also be accomplishing of this more easily within an out-of-body experience, for you allow yourself more freedom within this state.

PAUL: “Is this out-of-body – I know it’s a general category of consciousness – is this the primary means with which we will be attaining super-luminal travel in the next fifty years?”

ELIAS: “Partially, but not necessarily. You shall also be acquiring information and the ability to be moving through space by different means, not only within out-of-body experiences.”

PAUL: “Okay, thank you.” [session 281, May 17, 1998]

Digests: find out more about Regional Areas of Consciousness.

The above exchange also reminded me of Seth’s Alpha states in Seth Speaks (1972,1994). He outlined a spectrum of altered neurological focus that hints at significant ontological and phylogenetic relationships within normally “hidden” aspects of the psyche (essence).

There are five main areas:

> Alpha 1a (enhanced creativity, concentration, study, refreshment, rest, meditation)

> Alpha 1b (horizontal into alternate realities – group/mass probabilities, racial matters, civilization)

> Alpha 1c (greater mobility, moving further “away” from present physical laws)

> Alpha 2 (reincarnational selves, issues, and beliefs)

> Alpha 3 (mass issues, geographical histories, racial info, species of animals)

> Alpha 4 (“beneath” matter, source of civilization-changing inspiration, available in sleep state, personal conversions originate here)

> Alpha 5 (seldom reached, meeting ground of clear communication for any aspect self including those from probable and alternate systems, no-time, out-of-body experiences)

Though Seth used numbers, his “map” isn’t strictly linear, like climbing up and down a ladder, but a more multidimensional spectrum of holonic personality. In other words, we don’t necessarily move through one to get to the next. If we think of our conscious mind as a radio that receives and translates energy transmissions from our inner ego (subjective awareness) over a spectrum of “stations,” we can simply assess any station by tuning into the proper “frequency.” It’s instantaneously available since we don’t have to travel “around” space-time as Elias stated earlier. We simply go “through” it.

Also, the alpha states outlined here don’t map directly to those of contemporary dream researchers. They define alpha as the relaxed state that precedes sleep. So Seth’s use of alpha states shouldn’t be confused with this more conventional scientific belief system. Still, Seth’s A1-A5 offers a “map” in which to conceptualize and interpret paranormal experiences in terms of lucid dreams, projections, near-death experiences, trance and other altered states.

Dream research is in its infancy in the West having only recently acknowledged lucid dreaming, which for example, is well known in Vedanta Hinduism. Western researchers have measured four main types of neurological focuses in which the brain/mind operates:

  1. beta (waking, alert = 14-100 cycles per second)
  2. alpha (waking, relaxed = 8-13.9 cycles per second)
  3. theta (dreaming sleep = 4-7.9 cycles per second)
  4. delta (deep, dreamless sleep = .1-3.9 cycles per second)

Coincidentally, these states correlate directly to those found in Vedanta, which also mapped a corresponding spectrum of energy-bodies.

Modern Dream Research Vedanta (states) Vedanta (bodies)
Waking (beta, alpha) Agarita-sthana (waking) Sthula-sarira (gross)
Dreaming sleep (theta) Svapna-sthana (dreaming) Suksma-sarira (subtle/astral)
Deep, dreamless sleep (delta) Sushupti (deep, dreamless) Karana-sarira (causal/formless)

All of which suggests that when we compare Elias’ sub-dimensions in Regional Area 1, Seth’s five alpha focuses, dream research’s beta, alpha, theta, delta states, Vedanta’s three states and energy bodies, we are talking about a similar range of phenomena that ballpark us for further exploration of the holonic communication meshwork I began to explore in this session. They describe complementary snapshots of the same spectrum of holonic personality. Integrating these snapshots into a parsimonious theory, model, and storyline is the goal of integral conscious creation.

(40) Paul’s note: for photos of the original map see endnote 12.

The following chart dealt with probable selves.

holonic probable selves

For an updated version see Integral Conscious Creation Maps (Holonic Personality).

(41) Paul’s note: it’s interesting that Elias places Jung’s archetypes within Regional Area 4. However, this is cursory information at best and not too much should be read into his statement until further clues are given. Also, according to Elias Regional Area 3 is where the action of transition occurs. It’s possible that these archetypes also play a role there.

Digests: find out more about the action of transition.

(42) the perennial wisdom traditions all say something similar, namely, that “nondual emptiness” must be experienced directly. Words like Holy Ghost, Void, Emptiness, Shunyata, Dharmadhata, Turiya, Witness, Unborn, Buddha-mind, Atman, Brahman, I-I, All-That-Is (Seth), and all-of-consciousness (Elias) attempt to convey the ineffable subtleties of this “always already” perspective.

(43) Paul’s note: I referred to the following diagram that shows multiple maps of All-That-Is from various premodern traditions in terms of Levels of Reality (All-That-Is) and Levels of Selfhood (essence).

The Great Chain of Being

From Ken Wilber, A Theory of Everything: An Integral Vision for Business, Politics, Science, and Spirituality, Shambhala, Boston, MA, 2000, p. 68.

Note that Seth’s four Frameworks and Elias’ four Regional Areas map to Levels of Reality. Also, Seth’s outer ego, subconscious, inner ego and Elias’ objective awareness, avenues of communication, subjective awareness map to Levels of Selfhood.

From an integral conscious creation viewpoint, the idea is to remind ourselves that the words and maps are not the actual territory. They are merely our best attempts within any Now to map All-That-Is and the psyche (essence). The point, then, is to take the words and maps with a grain of salt, and simultaneously seek to “remember” what they signify, namely, our “always already” nondual Source (or Seth’s “unknown” reality).

For more info see What is Integral Conscious Creation?.

(44) Paul’s note: here’s a summary of the nine forms of time from The Education of Oversoul Seven by Jane Roberts (1973,1995).

PAST/past PAST/present PAST/future
PRESENT/past PRESENT/present PRESENT/future
FUTURE/past FUTURE/present FUTURE/future

These nine primary time dimensions are available to every aspect of holonic personality, with the PRESENT/present forming a main focal point. For example, if we imagine a hundred focuses, there are actually nine hundred nested time dimensions within that holonic cluster that are relative to each other. For example, my PRESENT/present is the PAST/present of what I would consider a future focus. To that focus, I am considered a past focus. All are happening within the Now.

In practical terms, this means that we – our brain/minds – are actually “time machines” and hold the ability to “travel” into different time dimensions. In fact we do it every day – every time we daydream, sleep dream, or engage altered states. So the above is only a snapshot meant to ballpark us to the fact that there is much more available to our perception than the PRESENT/present.

“Oh great!” you say? “I’m just getting used to Seth, Elias, and others who talk about the importance of ‘being in the Now’.” “Does this mean that they’re wrong?”

No. When do you think we access these other time dimensions? From within the Now. The PRESENT/present is simply the nexus point in relation to all the others in Framework 1 terms. This is why it’s so important to learn to hold our attention “in the Now” because with practice we open to more and more holonic aspects of the Now.

Also, these time dimensions form fundamental holonic boundaries, veils of separation, and focuses of attention created/co-created by the psyche (essence). This relates to what Elias means when he talks about “no separation” within consciousness. For even though we wake up each day in our PRESENT/present Framework 1, we also hold the ability to access, merge, and communicate with every aspect self within these nested simultaneous time dimensions of Framework 1.

The nine forms of time may help better explain paranormal phenomenon like reincarnational memories (which may be more aptly called “other focus bleedthrough”), déjà vu, inspiration, invention, channeling, lucid dreaming, alien encounters, etc.

For an updated version see Integral Conscious Creation Maps (Holonic Personality).

(45) Paul’s note: the following are the ten primary belief systems (memes) according to Elias. He adds that there are many, many, many aspects within each belief system. However, they are not discrete, separated parts, but primary aspects (holons) that work together seamlessly within objective and subjective awareness. They also overlap. For example, aspects of the belief system of duplicity are present, in varying degrees, in each of the other nine (originally presented in session 364, February 24, 1999):

> relationships
> duplicity
> sexuality
> truth
> emotion
> perception
> the senses (physical senses/inner senses)
> religious (spirituality)
> scientific (elements of physical reality)
> physical creation of the universe (including accidents and coincidences)

Digests: find out more about belief systems; an overview.

Together, these primary belief systems form a worldview typology that we can track over the course of a lifetime. From the body “level” we can track them through the stages of infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Combined with the mental “level,” we can also track them through various preconventional, conventional, postconventional, and wider stages.

Examples of existing typologies include the Myers-Briggs and the Enneagram. In our integral conscious creation model, they are systemic snapshots of overall traits within the collective body/mind in relation to individual body/minds through time.

According to Elias, the ten belief systems are inherent within the “blueprints” of our dimension (what Wilber calls “involutionary givens”). Every focus personality participating in a simultaneous cycle of manifestation translates this typology in an intentional, cultural, social, and behavioral context. Thus, the pattern of evolution is unique to every individual though measurable to some degree.

Moreover, these typologies are never set in stone – they are latent potentialities that evolve in Framework 1 terms. Their counterparts – blueprints, Source Events, and other “involutionary givens” – are also dynamic aspects of Frameworks 2, 3, 4. Together, they provide more complete snapshots in any given moment point as we explore science, art, and morals in body, mind, and spirit.

Other typologies introduced by Elias to date include:

> Essence family belonging to – aligning with
> Orientations (common, intermediate, soft)
> Beginning (initiating) – continuing (remanifesting) – final focus
> Thought – emotional – religious – political-focus

(46) Paul’s note: notice how Elias continually reinforces the idea of the simultaneous perspective of subjective awareness whenever I articulate things in too linear or objective a fashion. So even though I incorporate various psychological stage models that are readily apparent from decades of research, Elias reminds us that since all belief systems already exist in the blueprints (as “involutionary givens”) before we’re born, they can’t possibly evolve in terms of developmental stages.

However, he concedes that our preferences or expressed preferred beliefs do change-in-time. So that is all we’re mapping with our stage models. This serves as a reminder that it’s important to include subjective and intersubjective perspectives in our theories, models, and storylines. Otherwise, we map only the tips of the icebergs and reduce all submerged aspects to tip status. The result is a woefully incomplete map!

(47) Paul’s note: Elias has stated that the shift in consciousness with be complete by the third quarter mark of the twenty-first century.

“This shift in consciousness began at the turn of this present [twentieth] century and has been building throughout this century. You approach your new [twenty-first] century and the beginning of your new millennium, and within this coming century, approximately within its three-quarter mark, this shift in consciousness shall be accomplished in its fullness, and your reality shall be very different than what you view presently. ALL of your reality shall be different.” [session 284, May 30, 1998]

Digests: find out more about the shift in consciousness.

(48) Paul’s note: developmental psychologists use the basic stages of preconventional, conventional, and postconventional as a general way to describe various mental abilities that develop in concert with body stages (e.g., morals, cognition, emotions, sexual, self-needs, self-identity, logical-mathematic, linguistic, musical, etc. through infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood).

However, every focus personality begins at stage 1, or preconventional during infancy. So even after the completion of the shift in consciousness, all children will still be born at the preconventional stage 1 and develop from there.

What’s significant is that Elias hints that the preconventional stages themselves will morph and accelerate into conventional, postconventional, post-postconventional, and so on (since there is no set end point to this overall unfolding-in-time). Therefore, none of these general stages are ever set in stone, but are subject to the continual dynamics of evolution (Framework 1) and involution (Frameworks 2,3,4).

Based upon what Elias says here, we should be able to monitor the unfolding of the shift in consciousness during the next eighty to one hundred years. In other words if what Elias says is true, then we should be able to systemically track on a global scale the rates of change in sample populations using continually refined integral methodologies.

For more info on preconventional, conventional, and postconventional stages of development see endnote 27.

Digests – see also: | accepting self | agenda | altered states/projections of consciousness | alternate selves | aspects of essence; an overview | attention (doing and choosing) | avenues of communication | becoming | “before the beginning” | belief systems; an overview | bleed-through | blinking in and out | blueprints | choices/agreements | counterpart action; individual | creature consciousness | dimension | dis-ease and healing | disengage (“death”) | distortion | Dream Walkers; an overview | Dream Walkers; sequence of action | duplicity | energy centers (body) | energy exchanges; Elias, Paul (Patel) | essence; an overview | dispersed essence | essence families; an overview (Vold, Borledim, Gramada, Sumafi, Sumari, Milumet) | essence tones | extraterrestrials | feeling tones | focus of essence; an overview | forum | fragmentation | hamster wheel | imagery | imagination | information | inner senses; an overview | inner senses; differential time | intents | manifestation | mass events | noticing self | objective/subjective awareness | officially accepted reality | out-of-body experiences | oubliette | perception | engaging periphery | probabilities | probable selves | pyramid focuses | Regional Areas of consciousness; an overview | Regional Area 1 | Regional Area 2 | Regional Area 3 | Regional Area 4 | relationships | religion (spirituality) | remembrance of essence | separation | sexuality and emotion | sexuality; gender, orientation, preference | shift in consciousness | Seth/Jane Roberts | simultaneous time | Source Events | time frameworks | trusting self | twin focuses | unofficial information | value fulfillment | victims/perpetrators | waking state/dream state | waves in consciousness | widening awareness | you create your reality |

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