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Source Events

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “All mass events are manifest expressions, within physical focus, of an interpretation of a Source Event. These Source Events are what you may term to be myths. It is the original, so to speak, event within consciousness that creates an interpretation within physical focus. You may create, within Regional [Area] 2, a myth of a great and powerful civilization. Within Regional [Area] 1, your Greek society springs. Within Regional Area 1, these individuals create their own interpretations of the original Source Event, according to their understanding within consciousness. They create physical myths that mirror back to the original myth.” [session 85, April 10, 1996]

ELIAS: “Now; the chapter focus that may be identified by this particular time framework of your World War II is the ending chapter of the religious era. That book, figuratively speaking, concerns itself as its theme and its subject matter with the progression of the religious era. But it overlaps in your previous century; one book ends and another book is continuing in this one particular century. There is an overlapping of eras, so to speak. There is an overlapping of Source Events.

“Therefore, you experience what you may term to be a close connection between the two focuses. They are closely associated within your linear time framework. The books overlap within one particular century. Many of the individuals that participate in the one book also participate in the other book.

“Now; as I have stated recently, it is not unusual for different books, per se, to be overlapping within time frameworks, and individuals may be participating in several books simultaneously and therefore hold focuses in several chapters of several books simultaneously. But I may also express to you that Source Events are few in relation to books and chapter focuses, in a manner of speaking.

“There are many, many, many, many books and chapter focuses that are occurring throughout your history, each of them incorporating a basic theme. Just as individuals within your physical focus hold the capacity to be writing many, many, many books in one focus, you as essence participate in many focuses, in many books, in many chapters simultaneously. This is not unusual in the movement of essences in relation to your physical dimension.

“What is significant is the overlapping of Source Events and the recognition that there are individuals that are participating in several books, or even two books, that both incorporate a theme which moves in conjunction with a particular Source Event.

“As I have stated recently, not all individuals that participate in this forum are participating in this particular book concerning this shift in consciousness. They are participating in the shift in consciousness, but not necessarily in relation to this particular book. Essences create focuses of attention within chapters of books, so to speak, and also simultaneously create focuses of attention that are NOT in relation to any books or any chapters.

“Therefore, there are some individuals within this forum that do participate in this particular book that has been identified and all of its chapters, in relation to this particular focus and this phenomenon.” [session 796, March 13, 2001]

ELIAS: “Now; a Source Event is a movement that is chosen collectively by all of the essences participating in the reality. Source Events are of such a magnitude that none of them are entirely fully inserted into your physical reality, for your physical reality is not expansive enough to accommodate an entirety of a Source Event, as is the situation with this Source Event also. But this particular Source Event is what you would term to be your largest Source Event to this time framework throughout your history, for it is altering many expressions of your reality and it is affecting of the entirety of your planet, your world.

“You have incorporated other Source Events – religion, scientific – but this is incorporated globally. There is no small tribe in any corner of your world that is not affected. There is not one individual throughout your world in its entirety that is not affected by this particular Source Event.”

JON: “Is there a Source Event of this magnitude in the future?”

ELIAS: “This would be your choice, for what is the future? An illusion. As I have stated recently, the future is always followed by the present. Therefore, what is the future (confused laughter), if the present is after the future? (Elias chuckles, very amused)

“The future is a projection, my friend. You never arrive at the future, you merely project to the speculation of the future, and once discontinuing your projection to the future, you return to the present which follows the future.” (Scattered applause and laughter) [session 1368, June 07, 2003]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Continuation of subject matter; we will be introducing Source or Master Events (1) this evening. I will express to you first, there is a difference, within consciousness, as to Regional Area 2 and Regional Area 3. At our last interaction, we were discussing collective consciousness incorporated within Regional Area 2. I have expressed previously that the area of collective consciousness is Regional Area 3, therefore I am understanding that you may incorporate some confusion.

Within Regional Area 2, all physically focused consciousness, collectively and individually, is originating. All of your manifestation that is created in Regional Area 1 originates within Regional Area 2; therefore collectively, within consciousness, your mass events also originate within this area of consciousness.

Within the area of consciousness of Regional Area 3, there is a distinction. I have expressed previously that this area incorporates transition. It also incorporates collective consciousness, but in different terms. We have spoken of world views of consciousness; energy of consciousness deposited as within a ‘consciousness library’. This would be in the area of Regional Area 3. My transmission, so to speak, to you passes through Regional Area 3, and is translated to you into this area of consciousness of Regional Area 1.

(To Jeff) I am understanding of your confusion. These individuals may be helpful in explanation as to the definition of these Regional Areas of consciousness. It is only a term that I incorporate for the purpose of explanation of areas of wider awarenesses.

(To group) Regional Area 3 incorporates non-physically focused consciousness interacting with physical focus; not in creation into this focus, but within interaction in consciousness, the connection is made in this area of consciousness. It is a wider awareness; what you would term to be your ‘next step outward,’ what I would term to be your ‘next step inward’ (smiling) within consciousness.

Returning to Source Events: All mass events are manifest expressions, within physical focus, of an interpretation of a Source Event. These Source Events are what you may term to be myths. I will explain that within your intellect and understanding, and what you view to be advancement within knowledge, you disassociate yourselves from viewing myths as reality. You view myths as fantasy and imagination. We have discussed imagination at length previously, as it is reality, but you do not believe this! It is not a reality to you! (Grinning)

I have expressed to you, every manifestation within this Regional Area 1 of consciousness is a mirror image of known realities. In this, within Regional Area 2, you have created myths; ideas; creations; thoughts; emotions; landscapes; sceneries; of events, of objects, of reality. These are what your physical reality stems from. Within your consciousness and your intellect, you do continue, to some extent, to incorporate your original myths, although you distort them; therefore creating a loss of reality with them, and also a lack of power within these myths. I have expressed to you previously that your original, so to speak, ideas of religious elements, that you now view to be mythology, were a creative expression much more closely related as mirroring the reality of essence, being less separated and less singular in focus.

Let us view another aspect of your mass creations. We have briefly discussed the creation of illnesses. Let us view your weather patterns. I have expressed to you that you create your atmospheric conditions. These are not accidental. Your religions will inform you that weather is created by god. When your weather is favorable, god is smiling upon you. When your weather is disastrous, god is very angry with you and punishing you. Your scientists will express to you that your weather patterns are impersonal atmospheric conditions. They bear no consciousness. They are mechanistic. Both of these interpretations are incorrect. Your weather patterns are not god speaking to you or lashing out at you. They are also not impersonal mechanistic events. They are expressions directly related to your emotional-focus. Within mass consciousness, you collectively create the weather that you experience.

Within different areas of your planet, individuals magnate to certain areas. They choose certain geographical locations of your planet for creation of certain patterns. Like spirits seek like spirits! We have expressed previously that you, as individuals who choose to reside in this area of your country of your planet, choose to be here purposefully, for you each incorporate a personality type that is expressive and creative; and in this, you experience waves of emotional-focus. You settle quietly for a time, and then you ‘shake things,’ and your earth shakes also! Your scientists attribute this to ‘lunar pulls,’ or to geological conditions. They do not incorporate the explanation that you yourselves, collectively en masse, within consciousness, are very affecting of these conditions.

You have created, collectively, this planet that you inhabit. You manipulate your environment continuously. This is another action of collective consciousness and a mass event expression. You will notice, as I have expressed previously, that individual areas experiencing what you term to be disasters will also experience a building, within consciousness, to this disaster point. Whether this be expressed within an earthquake or a flood or a fire or a tornado, it does not matter. The individual areas manifest differently, for the individuals occupying these areas choose different expressions for different reasons. Some choose to occupy areas where they may manifest, collectively, horrendous natural occurrences that may be threatening, but also offer warning previous to the event. This allows the individuals involved the opportunity to choose to participate and involve themselves within that consciousness wave or not. Others, which incorporate more volatile situations within natural occurrences, as you view them, choose this for their excitement! (Smiling)

You have expressed to me, ‘Why do individuals manifest illness?’ I have given you reasons. You also manifest, collectively, events such as disasters for many of the same reasons. They are quite beneficial to you collectively. Groups of individuals experience time periods of separation, removal from each other physically, emotionally; and also, to a certain extent, within consciousness, they isolate themselves. This is unnatural. Therefore they create, within collective agreement, a situation to alter conditions, therefore creating the situation of ‘pulling together’ collectively; allowing barriers and separation to dissipate, allowing expression with the individuals that may otherwise be unexpressed. Individuals incorporating healing abilities, non-expressed, may incorporate these abilities within the situation of a disaster. They will not question their ability. They will allow their consciousness to automatically respond. They will connect. Others, feeling that they are needing of compassion or nurturing, will be placing themselves within the roles of the victims, therefore allowing an exchange.

Your economy also benefits. Depressed areas benefit. New revenue is generated. Small individual business owners, within a depressed economy, will be regenerated within an influx of new capital afforded to them as a result of disastrous situations. All individuals benefit. Some individuals choosing to be entering this type of wave of consciousness may choose to exit this physical focus, needing no explanation, and also needing not to incorporate illness or lengthy departure. There are many reasons that you collectively create situations, but you always benefit from your collective encounters. You may not choose to view that you benefit. You may perceive negatively; but you will, in actuality, be benefiting. Even your wars are beneficial; although I have expressed previously, hurtfulness to another essence is never acceptable, it is beneficial, sometimes, and profitable.

VICKI: ... Wow! That’s interesting! (Pause) My own question is: Quite honestly, I really don’t understand what a Source Event is yet.

ELIAS: It is the original, so to speak, event within consciousness that creates an interpretation within physical focus. You may create, within Regional [Area] 2, a myth of a great and powerful civilization. Within Regional [Area] 1, your Greek society springs. Within Regional Area 1, these individuals create their own interpretations of the original Source Event, according to their understanding within consciousness. They create physical myths that mirror back to the original myth.

A myth is not what you view it to be. It is an event; an imaginative creative expression within collective consciousness; all of which is reality. You, within physical focus, express a myth to be fantasy. Without your myths, you would not create what you view before you now. Without your expressions within Regional [Area] 2; your Source Events, your myths, your fantasies, your stories; you would not create your technology for exploration beyond this planet. You would not create your technology to explore beneath your seas. You would not fly. These are the expression and the interpretation of the myth and creativity, which is the source within Regional Area 2.

JENE: ... [I would like] clarification on [an] example of a Source Event. Would there be a connection with the harmonic conversion in eighty-six, and the one that’s coming up in June of this year?

ELIAS: Each of these are expressions of a Source Event; correct. I will express that each element of mass events are expressions mirroring a facet of a Source Event. You may not view the entirety of your creation of a Source Event immediately, for many of these events occur over much of your time element.

You do not build cities with one week! You do not shift an entire planetary consciousness within one year! You do not create wars, generally, (grinning at Ron) within small amounts of time, except for our very chosen people; (laughing, and to Vicki) you do not have to capitalize this; who choose to create very short wars, for they have chosen, within their past history, to create very long wars! (Grinning at Ron) Now they incorporate ‘very fast’ warring factions!

Every element of creation that incorporates mass events also incorporates a Source Event within Regional Area 2, which is an agreement between many essences within collective consciousness. Your shift is a manifestation of a Source Event. The Source Event in itself is too great and expansive to manifest within any physical dimension or focus; therefore a facet, a fragment, an image of this Source Event will be translated into physical focus. The myth is much bigger than the expression.” [session 85, April 10, 1996]

ELIAS: “We shall briefly continue on with our discussion of Source Events this evening. We were previously discussing Source or Master Events, to which some of you incorporated some confusion. We have discussed mass creations and situations in the area of illness and your weather patterns. I will express to you, speaking in the area of Source Events, you may gain a slightly larger perception of these as we move into the area of religious creations, for this spans a greater amount of time, as you view it, in one area; and also involves many individuals throughout your world that you individually may view as connected to certain religious belief systems. Also, you yourselves are very affected by these types of belief systems.

In this Source Event, within Regional Area 2, the myth is created collectively within consciousness. The myth is much vaster than the interpretation which physically manifests. It also is affected by other Source Events within other Regional Areas of other dimensional focuses, this being the action that you may view as bleed-throughs into your dimension; aligning with religious belief systems, but not quite focusing within your officially accepted religious belief systems. Therefore, you create new belief systems which also fall into the category of religious belief systems. They stem from other religious belief systems within other dimensional focuses, but as all consciousness is connected and intertwined with all consciousness, (smiling) many areas of consciousness bleed through to others.

Some individuals may be intersecting with these belief systems and misinterpreting their origin, not having the information of the Source Event, and where, so to speak, it is coming from. Therefore, you incorporate many belief systems that all fall into one category, so to speak. These all stem from one myth, that which you would perceive as the original; although this is an inefficient term, for in actuality, there is no original, as you perceive an object or an idea. These things hold solidity; or, to your perception, hold a sort of solidity. A Source or Master Event does not. It is an action within consciousness, a very highly creative and expressive action of collective consciousness interaction between essences and The Creating Universal One And Whole. We shall explore, partially, these bleed-throughs later.

... Within consciousness, within Regional Area 2, in what you view to be centuries ago, you, within energy, created a Source Event. Within your perception and your ‘thinking,’ you view these events in a very piecemeal fashion. You view segments. You do not always connect all of the segments together. Within time periods of your history that you remember, (smiling) or that you may investigate to be remembering, you may view a type of global shift. This is quite different from what you presently are beginning to experience; but nonetheless, there occurred a type of shift within consciousness, in focusing upon a religious-focus, which has continued till this present now. It was developed in many different expressions, but each expression was an interpretation of the Source Event. Not one was the entirety, or the ‘one.’ Each was an interpretation of one Master Event which occurred, once again, so to speak, within Regional Area 2. In this, you created belief systems quite strongly within each of your interpretations and expressions of this Source Event. Some of the interpretations and expressions became quite strong and quite enduring.

The reason we focus upon this Source Event presently is that you are so accustomed to viewing your reality in this manner that you automatically lean to this type of creation. Therefore, you offer yourselves information, or you connect with information, that is unfamiliar to you within your historical lines, and you automatically ‘box’ this information into your religious belief systems. This is not to say that you believe that angels speak to you or that you have been visited by god. It is to say that you have offered yourself information presently, within this now, that pertains to your shift, and you automatically interpret this within a religious element.

You have created a new religious belief system, this being of your metaphysics. The true interpretation of this word is the exploration of your universe and reality. Your interpretation of the definition of this word encompasses many elements that are ... particles. You piece together information that you are offered, and you attach interpretations to this of masters, and guides, and angels, and many other elements. You have offered yourselves, through consciousness, a widening, to be understanding of elements of essence and consciousness as you approach your shift. You do not understand that what you view, what you know, what you perceive, is greater and vaster than you interpret it to be.

VICKI: ... Well, I have a question. Our shift is an expression of a Source Event, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Would this be a different Source Event than the one that our religious belief systems are expressions of?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: So it seems then that there is also an overlapping between these Source Events.

ELIAS: Absolutely.

VICKI: And that’s why, within our religious belief systems, we can read about the shift?

ELIAS: Partially. Within your religious beliefs, within the onset of your incorporation of your expression of this Source Event, you also hold an awareness that each Source Event, and their interpretations within physical manifestations ... Are you understanding?

VICKI: I think so.

ELIAS: ... are temporary. The Source Event is not temporary. The manifestation of the interpretation is physically temporary. Your temporary, within your expression of years, may be very long, but within no time, it may be no time at all! In this, your interpretations and manifestation of the Source Event include information of a discontinuation, therefore allowing for an open system; for there are no closed systems. You, as you approach your shift, now incorporate the action of helpfulness, within consciousness, to be avoiding trauma that you have expressed through your interpretation of what shall manifest as the ending of this period of this Source Event. Therefore, you now hold the responsibility of ’shifting your ending.’


(Vic’s note: here that other individuals present made an interesting conglomeration of sounds in response to this statement.)

ELIAS: You are not wishing to be experiencing trauma. You are not wishing to be experiencing devastation. You are understanding that energy is not annihilated. Energy is never destroyed. Energy never dies. (Pause, and then, softly) It only changes. (Another pause) Therefore, you may allow these belief systems that you have created of this Source Event to be changed; therefore allowing the incorporation of your new Source Event, continuing your cycle, allowing for your open systems.” [session 88, April 21, 1996]

ELIAS: “Good evening. (Smiling) We shall briefly continue with our Source Events. I have expressed that mass events are a manifestation of an interpretation of a Source Event. Individual events are an expression of an interpretation of an experience of a mass event. (Smiling) Therefore, you may view what you term to be a filtering of interpretation of the Source Event. You manifest, within your individual realities, interpretations of mass events. You are all connected. (Pause) We will be incorporating difficulty with Lawrence [Vicki] in this area! (Grinning at Vicki)

You do not view this in this way, for you view yourselves to be individually focused and disconnected from all other consciousness and essences; uniquely you; separate. You are uniquely you. You are not separate. Therefore, you are influenced by mass consciousness, and this filters into your individual experience. You manifest your own interpretation of the mass. (Pause, chuckling and grinning, and putting his face right in Vicki’s face) ‘Tveekink!’ (Tweaking)

RON: Can I ask a question? Okay, I have a couple of questions. We incorporated, last week, Source Events into our game as a category. Are there words for the Source Events in our language?

ELIAS: (Grinning) In actuality, no; but I will be accepting of the concept that you may attach, closely, to the action of the Source Event. Your information has already been presented.

RON: So that would be more like a mass event, then.

ELIAS: No. I say again; your information has already been presented. You view this category to be another difficult category to be connecting with. In actuality, this category you possess more information of than many of your other categories. Therefore, this category shall be easier!

RON: One more question. Would mathematics be considered a mass event?

ELIAS: (Accessing) There are different interpretations of this particular word. Within its all-encompassing of realities, it would not be considered an individual mass event.

RON: It would be bigger. (Elias smiles and nods) Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: I will express also that your Source Events, being a creative action, also incorporate effortlessness which, unencumbered by your belief systems and your interaction, incorporate an effortlessness through its filtration. I shall offer an example. Within one Source Event, the manifestations are physical focus; physical creations. Let us single out what you view to be life-bearing physical manifestations. In this, there are many actions incorporated, all being effortless.

You create a physical manifestation. It is. It grows. It functions. It operates without your interaction consciously. You do not enter physical manifestation and express to yourselves, each day of your existence, ‘I shall grow today!’ You do not speak to your physical organs or circulatory systems within your body and explain to them how they may incorporate their physical action. You do not consume sustenance and explain to your stomach, ‘You will now digest!’ You do not explain to your eyes that they may see visually, and that they may incorporate color into their vision. You do not interact, within explanation, to your manifestation. It effortlessly incorporates the action of movement, of growth, of development, of all of its action. If you are non-interfering with this manifestation, it effortlessly continues and manifests.

This is not to say that you may not interact consciously with this manifestation and alter its performance, for you may. You may incorporate illness. You may incorporate what you term an accident, which is not an accident! (Grinning) You may dismember this manifestation. You may choose to interact with the physical working of the brain or of your respiratory system. Within your respiratory system, you may interact frequently, if you are choosing. You may, within excitement or depression, be quite affecting of the natural process of your own breath; for your consciousness, within physical focus, is influenced by mass events, which are influenced by belief systems, which disconnect you from your effortless expression. (Grinning at Vicki and chuckling; he’s loving this!) I shall be anticipating many questions! Yes, Lawrence [Vicki]? (Long pause)

VICKI: I don’t even know if I can formulate a question because I don’t understand enough. (Elias chuckles) Although your statement earlier, regarding the individual expression being connected to the mass event, could you give an example of that?

ELIAS: (Grinning) We shall return to our opening of mass events within consciousness. You may answer your own question as I answer your question!

You previously questioned me of individuals creating illness within influenza, which is a mass event; but each individual creates this activity within their own focus for their own reasons. Therefore, the mass is entered within individual physical focus, and also incorporated. Your belief systems are an element of mass events. Your belief systems influence all of your individual manifestation. Therefore, it is of no matter which subject you are choosing to be focusing upon. All manifestations that you choose to incorporate are influenced by mass events. What you choose to be wearing in your clothing is influenced by mass events. What you choose, individually, to be consuming is influenced by mass events. There is no expression that you incorporate that does not incorporate a basis in mass events and belief systems.” [session 90, April 28, 1996]

ELIAS: “All of your individual experiences are influenced by mass events.

[The] subjective self is the creative aspect, the initiating aspect, of your manifestation. [The] objective self is the experiencing and executing element of your manifestation. The subjective self is directly connected to mass consciousness and Regional Area 2. Therefore, information is obtained through Regional Area 2 within the collective consciousness, filtered into individual manifestations of reality, interpreted individually, and projected into objective self.

We shall speak of our tree, once again; my very faithful example. View the tree to be the objective self, the roots of the tree being the subjective self; but the tree is intimately connected to the ground. The ground is the collective. It supplies the information, the nourishment, the focus for the subjective self, which is interpreted within manifestation of the objective self, the tree. The ground, being the collective, may also be compared to mass events, for if the ground is creating parchedness, the tree alone is not affected only. Each blade of grass, each flower, and the ground itself is affected directly. If the ground is creating abundance of saturation, the tree, along with all other vegetation, is affected through the subjective self of roots, manifesting an experience within the objective self of the tree. Are you understanding thus far? (Here, there is a silent, uncertain pause, during which Elias seems to evaluate each person individually, and then continues)

The subjective self engages mass events. You look to mass events and you think of your involvement objectively; your physical experience. You also incorporate subjective experience within your dream element, for you incorporate mass events within this area of consciousness also. Mass events are not always incorporated throughout a nation, or a world, or even an entire community. A mass event, as I have expressed previously, may be experienced within small groups of individuals, but you are experiencing collectively, through agreement, within Regional Area 2.

You do not always understand the manifestations of your mass events. You do not always manifest all of your reasons for mass events, for within Regional Area 2 exists your Source Events. These are creative expressions which are vastly exceeding what you may physically manifest within physical focus. Therefore, I have expressed that you manifest an interpretation, an element. A Source Event is never entirely manifest, for physical focus of any design may not encompass a Source Event. Therefore, you may look to your mass events, and you may feel that you are left with ‘pieces missing’; incomplete explanations of the reason why you have created these events. This is quite common within the element of physical focus, for just as you have distorted information from Regional Area 2, you also omit experiences from Regional Area 2. Not all of the reasons for manifestations are necessary for the experience.

You may manifest a mass event. You may walk away affected by a mass event, and within years to your future, you may look ‘backwards’ to the event and you may question, ‘Why? What was our purpose?’ The purpose for the individual event may not be apparent to you, for the experience is what was important for manifestation. The reasons for experience are held within the subjective self, always. They are always accessible. Therefore, it is unnecessary, at times, to be manifesting all elements of certain issues or subjects of mass events.

I have expressed to you, from our beginning of our sessions, your purpose within physical focus is to experience. You have asked many times, ‘What is my mission? What is my purpose? Why am I in existence?’ You exist within physical focus, for you choose to manifest within physical focus for experience.

You choose many experiences. You are choosing a new experience and manifesting a new Source Event, involving your shift, for your experience. You choose to experience differently. Therefore, you create a new Source Event, which will be partially expressed and manifest within an interpretation and experience of your shift.

You also employ dialog continuously between the subjective and objective selves. Just as the tree does not exist without the root, one element of consciousness does not exist without the other. Therefore, there is continuous communication and interaction; therefore, your dream state. I have expressed to you, from very early on within our session times, the importance of this state. It is your subjective communication. It is important. It is very affecting, for it is affecting of all of your objective expression.

It has been addressed to us many times, ‘I experience difficulty within my dream state. I dream only mundane interaction. I dream of elements that I have viewed upon my television, or interaction that I have experienced within my day or within my employment.’ I express to you that even within these interactions of dream state, the subjective self speaks to you. Sometimes, your interaction of a dream which is focused upon your work state is, in actuality, a communication to the objective self, to be dealing with and coping with elements of that situation. It is delivering information to you to be helpful. It expresses creative information to you to be more artfully employing your energy within your every-day life.

As there is no time element within the subjective self, you may view the interaction, from the standpoint of the objective self, as reversed. You may dream, and to your perception it is seeming that you have been dreaming of what has been occurring within your previous day. There is no time element within your subjective self. It is an interpretation of the objective self.

Many times, within your dream state, your subjective self expresses, prior to an event, information to be helpful to the objective self. The objective self is not remembering of this information; therefore the interaction or event occurs, lodging a memory. Within communication and validation the following evening, the subjective self communicates once again and is confirming, ‘Yes, I have been helpful in offering you this information. You have responded and experienced. Now, I shall allow you to review and watch again.’

This offers you also the opportunity to be adjusting; for if you are experiencing elements within your objective self ‘time’ that you are wishing to adjust, the subjective self offers a presentation to you to be reviewing, once again, of your position; therefore also offering you the opportunity to adjust behavior.

Very much interaction occurs within this state. It is your clearest and closest interaction. You may view this to be your ‘subconscious’ self, which is not subconscious! Your subjective self is continually available to you. You only choose to be complicating your interaction, and believing that it is removed from you.

If I am expressing to you of very intricate methods for interaction with your subjective self, you will be engaging much brain activity, and you will be exhibiting a determination to be accomplishing; but as I express to you of effortlessness and ease, and how automatic these elements are to you, you do not understand and you do not acknowledge your own action. I have expressed to you, many times, you incorporate these actions continuously.

You experience OOBs [out-of-body experiences] continuously, but you continue to express to Elias, ‘How may I experience an OOB?’ If I offer you a mathematical formula, and a very complicated method employing your silver cord, let us not forget this element, (grinning), you may acknowledge yourself, and accept your experience, and view your accomplishment; but as I express, ‘You already accomplish,’ you do not accept. There is no method! There is only trust of self, and acceptance.

Within the communication between the objective self and the subjective self, you also offer yourself an acceptance of explanation for elements that you may not explain. Thus, you have ‘coincidences.’ These are elements that will not fit into your factual focus; but nonetheless, they occur. There is no category for these occurrences, but you are accepting of them, for they are too regular to deny! Therefore, even your most scientific individuals are accepting of coincidences. These are elements of Regional Area 2 being manifest within Regional Area 1.” [session 92, May 05, 1996]

VICKI: “… I have a question. Regarding your example; I don’t really understand what the benefit of the expression of the mass event was [World War II].

ELIAS: There are many benefits, many divided benefits, throughout the entirety of the expression. The example is an illustration to you, of a desire to be manifesting a Source Event to such a great degree that you are attempting to be pulling, through consciousness, the action of the Source Event, in its entirety, into a manifestation within physical focus. It will not fit! It is not possible; just as the entirety of your essence will not fit, within one focus, within one physical body.

Therefore, when you incorporate such a tremendous surge and incorporation of energy, from the action of the Source Event ‘pushing’ this energy into physical focus, it will polarize. It will manifest in more than one event, for it cannot manifest within one balanced event. Therefore, within what you view to be one mass event of this war, which you use this term as all-encompassing, many events occurred; and within many events, polarization also occurred; for the energy was too great for this expression. Therefore, it divided.

The scientific, intellectual energy expression manifest within one direction. The emotional, religious expression manifest within another direction; these being your main expressions of this particular Source Event, although you also splintered into many other expressions of energy. You manifest your fear within other areas. This country, that you now occupy within this manifestation, was the holder of the fear. Other areas expressed, collectively, other elements. You do not see how you in this nation were the expressors of fear; but you, within this country, were the collective power that was obliterating of the Japanese cities within an expression of fear.

Whenever the energy projected into a mass event is too great, it becomes explosive. This may not be only an expression of an entire world event within your own country. Within smaller groups, you have also viewed this type of explosive expression, as resulting of individuals incorporating together, collectively, to be expressing of one idea, whose energy possesses too much to be expressed physically within one single event, and you result with situations as your Texas; your religious individual at Waco being your most recent expression. (2) Energy is explosive if it is compacted too tightly.

Look to your physicists. As they compress your energy so very tightly, physically it explodes. Within consciousness, the reaction is the same; for consciousness has created your mirror image of physical expression. Therefore, all of these elements that you may view, that you invent physically, already exist within consciousness, and you are already knowing of this resultingness. Therefore, within the tremendous desire, once again, as you approach your shift, you present yourself now with the opportunity, not to be learning from your mistakes, but to be learning from your accomplishments; and to be more efficiently affecting of another manifestation and interpretation of a Source Event.” [session 94, May 19, 1996]

ELIAS: “Good evening! (Smiling, and then to Vicki) Continuing: Your shift is not a Source Event. Note and make adjustments. Your shift is an expression, into physical manifestation, of a Source Event. It is a mass event.

VICKI: Okay. (This is in reference to a computer message that I sent to our new ‘computerland’ friends!)

We shall return to our example this evening, of your Second World War. As I expressed to you, this was a mass event that was expressed physically, as an attempt to be ‘squeezing’ a Source Event into one mass expression; therefore engaging your entire planet within physical action, and also within consciousness. I have offered you elements of this mass event, and the opposing aspects, so to speak, of this expression. Now, I shall express to you of your shift, in comparison.

Many individuals within this time period hold an awareness of a movement within consciousness. They identify this partially correctly, in expressing that they view the mass consciousness changing from a male conscious expression to a female expression. They are not quite understanding what they connect to, but they hold a knowing, partially, of this expression of your shift, and its element which is being expressed of the Source Event.

Most of your Source Events are expressed throughout many, many, many centuries of your time. There are many mass events that are manifest as expressions of each Source Event. This allows for a diverse expression, within your physical focus, of many aspects of the Source Event; for as I have expressed previously, a Source Event may not be expressed into physical focus in entirety, for it is encompassing of much more than you may express within the limitations of physical focus, even spanning much of your time element. Therefore, you incorporate a tremendous time period to be expressing aspects of interpretations of your Source Events. This aspect, this expression that you have chosen to be now manifesting into your physical focus within the mass event of your shift, is another expression of one Source Event that also encompasses your religious-focus.

Your religious expression is based in a manifestation, physically, with what you would attach to be a male orientation. You view God, within most of your religions within your globe, to be of male orientation, for this symbolizes, to you, power. As I have expressed to you previously, you view your gods as expressions within your own image. God has not created you in his image, for there is no ‘he!’ You have created him, underline, within your image, also creating your religious elements to be surrounding of this image of this all-powerful God.

You have chosen, within physical manifestation, elements to be expressed. You have chosen to manifest within sexes. It is unnecessary for you to be manifesting with sexual orientation if you are only viewing essence. If you are viewing experience within physical focus, you have chosen to separate out elements of essence, and experience these elements within their purity physically. Therefore, you choose to manifest with regard to sexual orientation.

I will express to you that if you are viewing male and female to be identical, other than your physical-appearing appendages, you are incorrect; for within the psyche of male and female, you incorporate differences. This you have manifest intentionally, for the purity of the experience of different aspects of essence.

If you are viewing small children and allowing these children to be expressing freely within their play, you will view female children, separate from incorporated belief systems, to be exhibiting what you view to be female behavior. You may view male children that have not been inundated with your male belief systems, and they will exhibit what you view to be male behavior.

This, as I state now, is not accidental. It is not environmentally influenced. Although you encourage this action, it would exist regardless; for within your expression into physical focus, you have chosen to be expressing within male and female psyches. In this, you exhibit different behavior, different emotional expressions, different thought processes. You allow yourselves the opportunity to be experiencing a purity of an aspect of essence, within an individual focus.

Just as we have expressed previously, you mirror mass events within your individual expressions. In this, your mass events of your religious period, and now your approaching shift, also is mirrored by your expressions of male and female. In this, you tend to view too small, expressing that you view your world to be moving into a more female-oriented mode. In actuality, your globe is moving into this type of intuitive expression of essence, which you identify as female.

Just as we have expressed previously, if you are a wealthy individual wishing to experience poverty, you shall not experience the purity of this expression by removing yourself from your wealth, for you incorporate the experience of the wealth; therefore the purity of the poverty is tainted. In like manner, you chose a purity of expression in manifesting as male or female, allowing yourselves physical, emotional, mental, and also spiritual differences.

Each sexual orientation holds its own experience that you benefit from; this being also the reason that if you are engaging the agreement to be manifesting physically, you shall agree to be manifesting three times, to the least, within your expressions. This affords you the opportunity of viewing and experiencing one male orientation, and all of the psychological, physical, and emotional elements involved in this manifestation, one female, and one ‘other,’ (grinning) incorporating a blend; although to this time period present, you have not understood the expression of the other, for the incorporation of the manifestation of the other is to experience the mesh of both.

In this, you allow yourselves the opportunity to partially, individually be viewing the manifestation of your shift, not within its beginning throes, but in its later development; for within the beginnings of this shift, you are ‘swinging’ to the female expression, realizing within your focus that you incorporate a necessity for valuing the intuitive self. You have allowed yourself an understanding that there are other elements of yourself, objective and subjective, that you do not view. You have learned, through your expression physically, that you are also more than the sum of your parts. Therefore, you hold a desire to experience more of yourself. As you move into the beginnings of your shift, you experience the quieter, more intuitive self. You allow yourself more of a connection with individual and also mass consciousness.

Mass connections within consciousness have always, within your manifestations physically, occurred. Your awareness of these mass connections has not always occurred! Presently, you begin to view the interconnectedness of all individuals. This is not to say that there have not been isolated groups of individuals throughout your history that have held an awareness of the interconnectedness of all of you, but within a global recognition, this has not occurred; this being part of the manifestation of your shift. Therefore, you may communicate, yes, you move into a more female-oriented area of consciousness in engaging this shift, although this is not to say that the females shall now be ruling your planet! (Grinning) You shall not be moving into your stories of science-fiction, in which the males are now dominated by female dictatorship! (Laughter) That is, unless you are choosing to be manifesting this, but I will venture to express that you will not be choosing this expression, for you are realizing that it is unnecessary.

Within the time period of the movement, en masse, of the Sumari, a push was initiated; a thrusting; a contraction of labor; to be merging you into an understanding which you now approach. The Sumari brought to light inequalities, imbalances, extreme imbalances, which were allowed and agreed upon for many centuries. (3) Their expression was to bring to your attention a knowingness within you, that in order to be accomplishing of this shift in the manner of probabilities which you have chosen, a balance must be achieved. Therefore, a very large movement of opposing sides, so to speak, male and female, was incorporated. Now, within a very small time period since this onset, you have already moved quickly into an area of awareness, in knowing that it is unnecessary for the female aspect to be surpassing the male. You also begin now your balancing, in understanding that overt expressions are also unnecessary.

The point has been made. The male aspect has been made aware. An acceptance, to an extent, has been incorporated; but within consciousness, the acceptance is complete. Therefore, you also hold a knowing of a movement with ease into this balance, which shall be facilitating of your shift; for now, within your present time, the expression is not to the extreme of the female expressing that she must be equal to the male, and heard equally. It now moves to the area of the male expressing, ‘I am needing to be more intuitive.’ This is not to say that all females incorporate a blanket expression within their individual manifestations, or that all males do the same, for each of you manifests within an individual focus for your individual experience; but you do hold certain guidelines that you have chosen to be experiencing in. Your shift shall not necessarily be initiated by females, but within consciousness, it shall gain momentum through the feminine aspect of consciousness.

Be remembering also that all of you physically manifest upon this planet hold both, within equal measure. You identify physically with one expression or another, and within many individuals physically manifesting, you may be choosing more of one manifestation than another; this purely as a result of preference to experience, just as you choose to be consuming chocolate over broccoli. You may enjoy consuming broccoli, but you may enjoy consuming chocolate more! It is a personal preference of experience, for you experience something in the consumption of these two elements. Likewise, you experience within manifestation of physical focuses; therefore, you choose manifestations that you prefer within experiences.

This does not suggest that you do not hold enough experience, within consciousness, to be moving within one element of orientation as opposed to the other. You may have chosen to be manifesting, to this time period or point, continuously as male. This is not a hindrance to your interaction within your present shift. Within consciousness, you hold an understanding of manifestations and of experiences.

In this, I shall express briefly, I am not expressing that you hold the experience. You hold the understanding of the experiences within essence, which allows you to manifest and experience. We shall incorporate a discussion upon this subject at another time, for this subject shall require its own session! (Grinning) This is why you experience what you term to be a knowing, inside, of certain elements of manifestation, although you may not have physically experienced these as of your present time. You do hold a knowing. You hold this understanding even if you are not experiencing a certain element within any of your focuses, for you also incorporate counterparts. As I have expressed, this shall be a session within itself!

As to your shift, the expression within consciousness is inward. It is not an outward, objective expression of power. It is an inward, intuitive, subjective expression of aggression. (Smiling) Aggressiveness is not negative! You view the word aggression to be intrusive. The word aggression, or aggressiveness, is a moving with forcefulness. You may be moving subjectively, within consciousness, with great aggression and effectiveness. Therefore, this mass event is what you may view as a counterbalance, in expression physically, in a mass event of a Source Event. (Pause) Do you wish questions?

VICKI: I’m not quite sure I understood that last sentence.

ELIAS: Your mass event of your shift is another expression, physically manifest; an interpretation of an aspect or element of a Source Event; just as your religious expression was and is also an expression, within a mass event, of this same Source Event. It is an interpretation; this mass expression and interpretation serving as a counterbalance; the incorporation of the feminine aspect of essence in balance to the male.” [session 100, June 16, 1996]

VICKI: [offering her game entries] “Source Events, the Borledim family, all reproduction.

ELIAS: Creation of! One point.

VICKI: And religions, Sumari, Hindu.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

I shall express to you, with regard to this Source Event, this is reproduction of all kinds, not only procreation; for your physical reproduction is a mirror image of essence. You may now begin to ‘clue’ to the enormity of a Source Event, which may not be expressed, within its entirety, into physical focus; for it is not possible for you to reproduce everything of essence into physical focus; this being only one Source Event; but acknowledgment to you both at its discovery.” [session 102, June 30, 1996]

RON: “Is the number of Source Events equal to the number of essence families?

ELIAS: No. Source Events may be numberless. This is dependent upon your own mass creations, your own desires, and your own direction. You may be creating many, or you may be creating few.

RON: It just seems that Source Events are so big. They encompass a lot of different things. It doesn’t seem like there could be that many of them.

ELIAS: Although within simultaneous time, or ‘no-time,’ you may create as many Source Events jointly as you create imagination. You continue presently to experiment with imagination within physical manifestation.

You look to your planet, you look to your species, and you view yourselves to be very old. You are but a twinkling! (Smiling) But, you are not, for you hold no time, although you create time. This world that you view has been created and not created many times. Therefore, it holds many Source Events; for just as you blink in and out, so does your planet also.” [session 138, December 08, 1996]

ELIAS: “Within the action of a Source Event, all of the families participate creatively. All of the families interpret into mass events their own renditions of elements of a Source Event. Each Source Event also is orchestrated by a particular family and its counterpart. There have been mass movements or Source Events previously within your history which have been orchestrated by other essence families. Within your shift, the Borledim family is very instrumental.

Now; this family is the counterpart family involved within this Source Event. As I have mentioned, one family will be mainly orchestrating a Source Event, and it shall work within cooperation of its counterpart. Therefore, another family initiates this mass event, which is a very large interpretation of a Source Event. And shall you offer an impression of the family that orchestrates this shift?

VICKI: ... It would have to be the Vold family.

ELIAS: Yes. These individuals belonging to this essence family are those responsible for initiating this shift. As I have expressed, all of the essence families play a part in the action of the mass events and the Source Events. Therefore, all of the families are involved within the action of this shift.” [session 141, December 22, 1996]

BOB: “So love is a truth of essence? Love is a truth that is part of essence? It exists as a part of essence?

ELIAS: It is a truth, period.

BOB: Okay, and you defined it largely as an action.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: As we see it as a feeling, that’s somewhat of a mislabeling.

ELIAS: Not necessarily. This is your interpretation within this dimension within this physical creation, just as you interpret Source Events into physical actuality within mass events and individual events. These are realities also. They do not encompass the entirety of the Source Event, for it does not fit within the framework and confines of your physical reality; just as truths do not fit within the confines and framework of any physical reality, for they are boundless. All truths are dimensional, and action.” [session 152, February 09, 1997]

ELIAS: “I have expressed to you recently, seriously, of this wave of acceptance, for the reason that serious action is occurring within this wave. Some individuals respond more strongly than other individuals. Those individuals which are connected to essence families within the capacity of Seers – and the like within other essence families – shall be experiencing affects of this wave more strongly than other individuals, and shall be experiencing more difficulty within the acceptance of the movement. This movement, as I have expressed to you many times, is not within your own small locations, but within the entirety of your globe; this being what you are feeling presently and responding to, although you do not objectively attach to the reasoning.

Bleedthroughs are beginning, and you are beginning to attach more objective awareness to the actions that you encounter and the feelings that you experience. Also, your experiences increase. You may be, as I have stated, feeling within you agitated or frustrated or confused or impatient with yourselves or with other individuals, and you may feel confused within your behavior. This you be may expecting.

This wave is beginning within your continents and moving outward. I have expressed to you many times that you do not create accidents and that all time is simultaneous. Therefore, within probabilities and within actions that you choose and elements of your existence that you create, you create everything purposefully, even to the point of the placement of the continents upon your planet. Look to your globe and view that the continents of what you term as your Americas are removed from all the other continents upon your planet. This has been purposefully arranged within the knowingness of your Dream Walkers; for in recognition of the shift and the movement in consciousness, this movement begins within your physical land locations of these continents.

Other mass and Source Events have originated in other areas of your planet, other continents which have been purposefully placed in creation within close proximity to each other. One only other continent is removed, which shall be the next continent that carries the movement of this shift in early recognition. Therefore, here within your location of your countries upon these continents, you begin experiencing and feeling the initial movement of this shift. You look to yourselves and you look to this essence and you express wonderings of what you shall do, of how you shall proceed. I have expressed to you that you shall be engaging your own creativity in these endeavors, but I shall also express to you, as I have previously, you are the forerunners. (Pause) You move presently within consciousness and add to the movement that others shall be engaging subsequently.” [session 203, August 03, 1997]

ELIAS: “This shall move us quite nicely this evening into our discussion, which shall also be involving Source Events.

I have offered you the actions of the essence family intents and their sequence. Within our previous discussion, you also asked questions as to counterpart action, and actions within the creation of Source Events involving these essence families. Be remembering that I have expressed to you that these families create sequentially. This is the operation that has been chosen to be implemented within the creation of all of your actions – all of your mass events, all of your expressions of your Source Events. One family or a brace of families or few families may be choosing a subject, so to speak, for experience, and in this choose to be creating of a Source Event, which shall be translated to its fullest extent within expressions of mass events as translations into your physical focus.

I shall express once again, a Source Event may not be entirely manifest within your physical focus. It is not possible to insert the entirety of a Source Event into the confines of physical manifestation, but you do create many mass events and individual events which are expressions of a given Source Event. In this, essences of particular families may be choosing a Source Event to be creating. This shall then be, within cooperation, acted upon sequentially by all of the essence families.

The Source Event, or the expression of the Source Event in the mass movement of your shift presently, is being addressed by the Sumafi family and responded to within the Sumafi family. If you are remembering our sequence of families, you shall be realizing that merely one remains to be expressing. That be the Tumold, which is the final family to be creating within every Source Event.

The Borledim and the Vold families have chosen the idea, so to speak, of this shift; but this shift is also an expression within mass event connected to another element or era – that being your religious era – which are both expressions of one Source Event. Therefore, other families have also been involved in the creation or the idea of what you think of as the other half of this Source Event. Within this, I have expressed to you previously that the Gramada family was initiating of your religious era. This is not to say that any one family which is choosing to be creating of the Source Event shall begin the Source Event. The expressions within mass within your present focus are initiated and followed through within sequence, as I have expressed to you within our previous meeting. There is a continuous overlapping of these essence families.

I also wish to express to you that no thing outside of yourselves is creating of your reality. Essences belonging to these families are not flying about your cosmos creating your reality within source and mass events without your participation! YOU are creating of these actions, and are elements of these families. Therefore, Dream Walkers are not creating your reality presently without your interaction also. The essences which we deem as the Dream Walkers are participating in your Source and mass events along with you and as you. Therefore, there is no separation, and no element is creating of mass movement which is not also a part of you. All of consciousness is connected.” [session 210, August 24, 1997]

RETA: “You probably heard our conversation before you came to visit. The theory is that if we just go ahead and say, ‘Okay, it’s our belief system individually’ ... one of them believes that she deserved it. Another one believes it’s her own fault. I believe she was murdered. (4) There’s a great feeling that this is a means to desensitize and not worry about others.

ELIAS: This is not the action of acceptance. What occurs within consciousness objectively/subjectively to one, occurs to all. There is no separation. Therefore, the experience of the individual that has chosen is also incorporated within each one of you as if occurring to you, for there is no separation. The affectingness within the mass also is affecting within consciousness with you. There is no separation!

This is your opportunity, once again, to be viewing your own responses and your own belief systems in conjunction with your responses – be they emotional or non-emotional, be they a viewing of connectedness or lack of connectedness, be they what you view as a response or not a response. It is all a response, for you all respond to mass events, for they are mirror images of you. I have discussed this previously in depth of mass events and individual events and Source Events, and they are all reflections of each other, and they are all interconnected and intermingled and not separated.” [session 212, August 31, 1997]

ELIAS: “Now; I have expressed to you that this shift in consciousness is orchestrated by the Vold and the Borledim families, but the sequence of creating the reality follows in suit, as do all mass events stemming from Source Events which are inserted into your physical reality. In this, we shall be examining this century that you occupy presently and evaluating its sequence and progress as leading you into this shift in consciousness, now that you may look to this century as it comes to a close.

Within the initial throes of this century, the Gramada family, figuratively speaking, created an idea for creating a new reality. This is figuratively speaking; but within a time framework, as I have expressed to you previously that this shift was also designed ‘before the beginning,’ but within a time framework, at the beginning of your present century the Gramada family were instrumental in creating the idea for how this shift would be accomplished. In this, the Vold follows and initiates the action of this shift into physical focus, therefore creating your new technological revolution.

Many inventions and new creations were initiated within this century. You have created many more technological advances within this one century than you have throughout your history. These, as I have stated previously, are all mirror images of what you hold in knowledge within; and you mirror outwardly those things known to you within, subjectively and within essence and within the knowledge of consciousness. Therefore, you initiated the onset of your technological revolution, so to speak, mirroring abilities that you hold within you within consciousness and outwardly expressing these objectively, creating new and wondrous inventions. This you may also view as a clue to your dream mission, for you may view how you have objectively expressed and created, en masse and individually, mirror images of subjective activity; those things, those actions that occur within Regional Area 2 that you KNOW, but you do not quite understand HOW you are connecting with this information.

As the Vold family moved in sequence in objectifying information to be creating of great movement within this technological revolution, you move within the sequence of the Borledim and the Zuli families entering, creating genius individuals to be forefront in your societies more so than within previous centuries, attaining your attention in the rapid movement within this present century. Many changes have occurred within this century. If you are so choosing, you may choose to name this century your Century of Change, for this is the action that you have chosen within this century continuously. You have challenged yourselves immensely within this one time framework to be accomplishing tremendously.

Following these families, you enter into the midpoint of your century, and your Sumari and your Ilda sequentially enter your scene, bringing to forefront new ideas; the Sumari introducing new elements of thought processes, new ideas to be presented to you in the area of recognizing consciousness, elements that previous to this century were viewed as superstition or religious or other-worldly now being introduced to you as elements of your own consciousness. Great minds within this century align with these new ideas of consciousness and the individual. Elements once viewed as suspect now become a viewing within your societies as recognized by individuals that you respect as acceptable.

The Ilda family is instrumental in communication with all peoples, to be exchanging of these new ideas and allowing for the mass to be understanding and connecting with this new information.

As you move into the end throes of this century which you occupy presently, the final families move into position in their sequence. The Milumet and the Sumafi move to the forefront in providing the information for the true spirituality, the realistic objective recognition of reality, and the least distortion and helpfulness within instruction.

Within your coming century, the Tumold family shall be instrumental within their design of intent – not within the belief systems that are presently held in the area of healing, but within their original, so to speak, design and desire of their intent – in being helpful in returning elements to their natural state within effortlessness.

The Borledim and the Vold families are those families which have been the most instrumental in the push, so to speak, of creating this shift, providing for the other essence families the motivation for creating an entirely new reality; but as I have stated, they also interact within their designated sequence as to the creating of this shift and its progression.” [session 223, September 28, 1997]

DEANE: “In a session on September 2 of last year, you mentioned the creation of a global mass event that was to be a Source Event. Can you comment further and be more specific on what this event is? Specifically, what did you mean when you said it was a grave undertaking? That phrase to me has sort of an ominous meaning attached to it. Are we speaking of something that would most likely take place on May 5 of 2000, as had been discussed with you before? (5)

ELIAS: No. Within different physical time frameworks of your physical dimension, you create the choice to be inserting elements of – or translations of – Source Events into your physical reality within this dimension. Each Source Event which may be translated and inserted into your physical dimension and reality is what you may term to be a grave undertaking.

Now; in this, you are participating in that action presently in this shift in consciousness, which is a grave undertaking, and as you are participating in this insertion of this translation of this Source Event into your physical reality, there are points, so to speak, in which you move in directions collectively to be creating of certain actions that shall facilitate the manifestation of certain aspects of this shift in consciousness into your physical reality.

What I am expressing to you is, there are some elements of this shift in consciousness which you may perceive to be gradually inserting themselves into your objective reality. You widen your awareness, and in increments you insert certain awarenesses, certain actions, certain manifestations into your physical reality.

But as is your design throughout your history, in a manner of speaking, in this particular dimension, you also create focal points at times, or spur points, and in this, you create a particular manifestation that serves as a spur point or a motivational point to be moving you collectively into new directions and manifestations.

You may look throughout this previous century, and you may view physically how you have created these spur points in what you term to be discoveries or inventions, and those points have turned your direction of what you insert into your reality, and they turn the direction of attention, with the collective attention, physically.

DEANE: None of those would be considered a Source Event, would they?

ELIAS: Not in themselves. They are manifestations in the translation of the Source Event. Source Events may not be inserted in their entirety into this physical reality, for this physical reality does not accommodate the vastness of a Source Event.

DEANE: I was trying to get a handle on exactly what this Source Event would be.

ELIAS: Beyond the Source Event that you are engaging presently? You are already engaging a Source Event.

DEANE: The shift being a Source Event?


DEANE: I see. Okay.

ELIAS: Or the TRANSLATION of the Source Event into this physical dimension. As I have stated, the entirety of a Source Event shall not be manifest within your physical dimension, for your physical dimension does not accommodate the vastness of the expression of the Source Event, in physical terms. It shall be inserted in consciousness, but not within physical expression.

DEANE: Okay, that’s further understood.

ELIAS: What I have expressed to you is a turn point as to a spur point, so to speak, of the Source Event, the Source Event being this shift in consciousness. But the spur point, at the mid-point APPROXIMATELY of this century, shall be tremendously altering of your physical reality, opening avenues which you do not view as open presently.

DEANE: Does something like this occur like on one particular day, or is it a gradual thing that happens at this turning point?

ELIAS: At these spur points, what occurs is an actualization of a probability within the moment that many other actions radiate from.

Point in a case: You may look to your physical developments within your previous century. Approximately mid-point within your previous century, a spur point was created to turn the attention of the mass in the direction of exploration of what you identify as space.

DEANE: Hmm. Well, I understand then. That’s not something that just occurs at the certain chime of a bell.

ELIAS: Although there is an initial action or thought or creation that spurs it to fruition.” [session 557, February 10, 2000]

VICKI: “I have some things I’d like to talk to you about, mostly regarding my own impressions. (Elias smiles and chuckles) Some of them seem to be playing out; I’m also aware that I might be mixing some things up because I’ve been having so many impressions.

Most of these impressions are regarding the whole World War II/ Hitler/Nazi thing. I’m not real sure why my attention is so focused on this right now, but it is. One of my interpretations of my impressions was that this is the sixth chapter of this ‘Shift Book,’ as people are calling it. I know from talking to other people that you have said that this is not the case, correct?

ELIAS: You are correct.

VICKI: And this sixth chapter has to do with a location in Scotland?

ELIAS: You are correct.

VICKI: Would this particular chapter be connected to a session that I viewed a long time ago between yourself and Helen? (6)

ELIAS: Yes, this individual is a participant in that focus.

VICKI: That makes sense to me, because I saw her as another person all the way through that session, although I have no impressions about myself regarding that. I’ll let that go for now because I have no impressions; I’m just trying to clarify for myself.

I will say, though, that I still have this strong feeling about this whole World War II thing, and it being connected with THIS book. So I guess one of my questions is, can you clarify for me why I keep getting that and why I'm so drawn to this whole thing?

ELIAS: Yes. Now; in this, abstractly, there is a type of connection between that particular focus and this focus, but not as chapters of the same book. They are each chapter focuses, but in two different volumes, so to speak.

Now; the chapter focus that may be identified by this particular time framework of your World War II is the ending chapter of the religious era. That book, figuratively speaking, concerns itself as its theme and its subject matter with the progression of the religious era. But it overlaps in your previous century; one book ends and another book is continuing in this one particular century. There is an overlapping of eras, so to speak. There is an overlapping of Source Events.

Therefore, you experience what you may term to be a close connection between the two focuses. They are closely associated within your linear time framework. The books overlap within one particular century. Many of the individuals that participate in the one book also participate in the other book.

Now; as I have stated recently, it is not unusual for different books, per se, to be overlapping within time frameworks, and individuals may be participating in several books simultaneously and therefore hold focuses in several chapters of several books simultaneously. But I may also express to you that Source Events are few in relation to books and chapter focuses, in a manner of speaking.

There are many, many, many, many books and chapter focuses that are occurring throughout your history, each of them incorporating a basic theme. Just as individuals within your physical focus hold the capacity to be writing many, many, many books in one focus, you as essence participate in many focuses, in many books, in many chapters simultaneously. This is not unusual in the movement of essences in relation to your physical dimension.

What is significant is the overlapping of Source Events and the recognition that there are individuals that are participating in several books, or even two books, that both incorporate a theme which moves in conjunction with a particular Source Event.

As I have stated recently, not all individuals that participate in this forum are participating in this particular book concerning this shift in consciousness. They are participating in the shift in consciousness, but not necessarily in relation to this particular book. Essences create focuses of attention within chapters of books, so to speak, and also simultaneously create focuses of attention that are NOT in relation to any books or any chapters.

Therefore, there are some individuals within this forum that do participate in this particular book that has been identified and all of its chapters, in relation to this particular focus and this phenomenon. Are you understanding thus far?

VICKI: Yes, I think so.

ELIAS: In this, as you are moving in this particular focus and widening your awarenesses, you are also opening to the recognition of interconnectedness and the lack of separation. Therefore, you allow yourselves to view your connectedness, in your terms, to other individuals in other books that you also participate within and other chapters and their overlapping of each other, and this becomes more pronounced or emphasized if the books that you are recognizing incorporate a theme concerning a Source Event.

Not all books incorporate a theme which expresses a Source Event. Some may be designed merely to explore a particular subject matter or a particular type of movement. Some may be exploring one particular aspect of your reality. As example, one may be exploring many chapters in relation to the corporeal aspect of your reality or the emotional expression of your reality. These are not necessarily Source Events, but they are aspects of your reality that may hold a fascination for a group of essences to be exploring, and therefore create a theme of many focuses in relation to that subject matter.

There are myriads of subjects that are being incorporated in chapter focuses in different books, so to speak, in this physical reality. What you are recognizing are two chapters in two books that overlap each other and that both concern Source Events as the theme of the books, and both of those books incorporate physical focuses of attention and manifestations and experiences in one century. They overlap.

The significance of these two particular Source Events – for I may also express to you, there are other centuries in which Source Events overlap, and may incorporate books concerning those two chapters and those two Source Events – but the significance in THIS particular recognition is that both of these chapter focuses of both these books concerning both of these Source Events which are expressed are occurring in one time framework, one century, and they are both the identification of the same chapters.

The chapter focus of the manifestations within your identification of World War II is the ending chapter of that book. The ending chapter of THIS book, concerning this phenomenon and this shift in consciousness as its theme, is THIS particular focus.

The focus which you view to be future, identified as that which incorporates the City, is not the ending chapter of the book, for it also lends energy to the accomplishment of this focus. Therefore, the other focuses, the other time frameworks, the other chapters of this book all move in the expression of lending energy and understanding to the outcome, which is THIS focus.

VICKI: Being associated with the insertion of this shift.

ELIAS: Correct, in objective reality. Therefore, what you are offering yourself an impression of is merely a misunderstanding, associating that focus within the time period of your World War with THIS book, for they are closely associated in similarity and many of the same individuals participate in both of these books, both of these ending chapters.” [session 796, March 13, 2001]

BOBBI: “Well, Ruther [Lynda] very kindly asked you about a focus of mine a couple of weeks ago, the [name omitted] focus.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: This just opened all kinds of floodgates of investigation and information to me. I have a lot of questions about that, the particulars, I guess, the details, and other impressions.

What’s been interesting is that in connecting with this focus, I gained a lot more information about, I guess, what personality tone is, which has been really interesting as well. I think I’m getting more of a feeling of what the personality tone of Jale is, and being able to recognize that.

ELIAS: Very well!

BOBBI: With the other connections I’ve made, as well as the information that I got about the focus, which was interesting, I sort of learned things from it, like what it means that a focus is you but not you. I got a real sense of that and a sense of the continuity of relationships and the way they change and how they’re sort of influencing, which was unique. I kind of thought that was it! (Laughing)

So this has been eye opening in another way. I’m getting a different set of information from this, so I would imagine that this would continue, that there is more to be discovered out there.

ELIAS: You are correct, and you are beginning the genuine recognition in your reality of the concepts that I have expressed to all of you throughout the engagement of this forum in familiarizing yourself with you, not merely familiarizing yourself with you in this one focus, but with you as essence.

BOBBI: Yes, absolutely; I’m getting a sense now of what that means. What has been interesting about this was seeing the similarities of some of my focuses that fortunately had biographies that I could read and get more detailed information on, seeing the similarities in them and myself, and getting a feeling of this personality tone. (Elias nods) Somehow, it makes me feel better about me in this focus. I’m not sure exactly how, maybe it’s just the recognition ... I’m not sure, but it’s been a really neat unexpected outcome of all of this.

ELIAS: I am understanding, for in allowing yourself to create this familiarity with yourself as essence, you begin the objective realization that you genuinely are multi-faceted and that you genuinely are more than you have associated with your identification of yourself previously, and in this, you also allow yourself to view the many expressions and the diversity of yourself as an essence.

BOBBI: Yes, and how my personality tone is continuing through those very, very different expressions.

ELIAS: You are correct.

BOBBI: Yes, it’s been really fascinating.

Connecting with this particular focus of [name omitted], I have some questions about that, and about why it’s been such a clear, easy connection with this guy. I guess my first question about that is for about 33 years our lives, our focuses, overlap. Now, considering the ease that I was able to connect with him, I would assume that we are of similar tone. (Pause)

ELIAS: Let me express to you, in this particular type of situation of these particular focuses, the similarity in focus tone holds less significance in your allowance of yourself to be recognizing or objectively connecting to that other focus than the expression of the overlapping of time frameworks.

In this, as I have expressed to Lawrence [Vicki] recently, these two particular focuses that individuals participate in the expression of both hold similarities in the expressions of the manifestations and their theme, so to speak. As I have expressed to Lawrence [Vicki], these two focuses in particular overlap each other, and in that overlapping there is also expressed a similarity in the types of manifestations or expressions of the focuses themselves, which allows for an ease in your objective connection with them.

In this, as I have expressed, these two focuses are both final chapters of two particular books, in a manner of speaking. They are both created and manifest within the same century. They are both books that are addressing to or expressing the subject matter of movement of two Source Events. Therefore, there are many similarities of these two focuses in themselves, speaking generally, and in this, as they do overlap each other and they do hold many similarities, they are easily accessible in the expression of your objective awareness.

In a manner of speaking, they may be likened to objective memory which is created within one focus, for they are in a manner of speaking superimposed upon each other in a similar time framework. This creates a thinner veil of separation between these two particular focuses.

BOBBI: That’s what I was a little confused about. Now, of course, looking back and connecting things, I can see a lot of little overlaps, or if you want to call them clues or whatever, that have always been there.

I also have a question about the ease in how I got that name. I was telling Mary, I’ve been trying to backtrack and figure out how it all came about, how this came to my awareness, ‘cause I was just sort of generally ruminating and these three names just popped into my head so clearly. (7)

It was surprising, anyway! (Laughing) And it was surprising to find that other people were also connecting to the same time framework at the same time. So, is there some sort of energy being lent to the ease in connecting right now with that particular time?

ELIAS: It is not necessarily this type of expression that you are associating with, but I shall confirm to you that many individuals in this time framework now are allowing themselves an ease in their identification of focuses in the time framework of that other final chapter of the other book. This may not necessarily be associated with a type of energy that you may view as a wave in consciousness, so to speak, but rather individuals have been moving in conjunction with this shift in consciousness and have been widening their awareness.

Now; in that expression, MANY individuals are expressing a tremendous similarity in the awareness that they have opened to in consciousness and in their participation with the insertion of this shift in their individual objective realities; and in this, you allow in that openness a free-flow of energy which drops the thinnest veil of separation between focuses, and that allows an ease in your connecting to, in your terms, these focuses that may be most closely associated with you presently in relation to time.

You create objective associations in relation to time, and in this, those associations create what may be figuratively termed as thinner or thicker veils between the different focuses of essence. The greater span of time between one focus and another focus creates an automatic association of a thicker veil, for you view that time incorporation to be expressing a further removal of the other focus from yourself. Are you understanding thus far?


ELIAS: Very well. In this, as you widen your awareness, you allow for your own individual movement to be creating actions in relation to this shift in consciousness, and one of those actions associated with this shift is dropping the veils of separation. Therefore, it is quite understandable that within this time framework presently, as you insert this shift into your objective reality, you begin the actual action of dropping the veils and allowing yourself a genuine and clear identification of other aspects of yourself as you and as one essence, and the identification of that essence as being you.

In this, the most closely associated focus to this present focus that you identify with yourself is this focus in the time framework of your mid-previous century in which you participate in the event of this world war. I may express to you, once again, the reason this particular focus is more closely associated with you now than say a future focus which may perhaps also overlap this focus is the expressions of these two focuses and the similarities of their design, that they are both expressions of Source Events, they are both chapter focuses of two particular books, they are both the final or ending chapters of these two books. Therefore, they share many similarities in their expressions and are closely associated to each other.

I may express to you, Jale [Bobbi], in this time framework there are many, many individuals, not merely those within interaction of this forum but throughout your globe, that are offering themselves recognitions of their participation in that particular event and time framework, and recognizing that in actuality they have offered themselves clues throughout their focus presently which have been indications of their participation in that particular focus.

In this time framework now, you – and I may express to you many hundreds of thousands of other individuals – are beginning an objective recognition of your own experiences within this focus that bear identifications of that focus. Individuals allow themselves a recognition of dream imagery that they have experienced within this focus which is directly associated with that other focus. Individuals are beginning recognition of expressions they have engaged objectively or particular associations that they have created objectively that are directly associated with their participation in that other focus also.

Previously all of these individuals, yourself also, have not quite offered yourselves the explanation of the link of your own experiences to those experiences being created in that other focus, and now, as you have widened your awareness, as you have moved into your new century, as you are inserting this shift objectively into your reality, you begin offering yourself more of a genuine familiarity and recognition of yourself as essence much more realistically.

BOBBI: Yes, and I’m looking forward to more of those kinds of insights. (Elias chuckles)

I have a question about that particular Source Event. I understand it was the religious Source Event?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: So is the Judea focus that Tyl [Joanne] is quite interested in, is that one of the chapters?

ELIAS: Yes.” [session 808, March 29, 2001]

PAMELA: “And that leads me to wanting to discuss the concept of creation, creativity and my relationship with creativity. For my childhood and young adulthood I was absolutely, literally terrified of creativity, but I defined it as artistic, painting, and those methods. But I would do anything in the world to evade being asked to be creative. As I worked with my consciousness, I realized that actually I was creative in every moment of my life, that to cook a meal, to write a letter, anything I did in my life, the colors I chose to wear for the day, were all creativity. And so, of course, it’s allowed me to flower and blossom with it, and now I have these wonderful, incredible creative passions that have bubbled up in the last decade.

But I have found that I’ve gone from an area of being ... I do want to say that when I was terrified of the creativity, it resulted in horrible depression that I was able finally to resolve. Now that they’re flowering and bubbling up and the joy that I feel from them, I have found that I’ve gone from being able to really focus and concentrate in my life to feeling very scattered and almost distracted. I have so many things now that I want to do, and I will try to make a door open here or there and I just don’t seem to go anywhere with any of them. I feel the need to be developing in a way that society recognizes, with income and a livelihood where I know my income is coming from. While I’m enjoying and having fun with the exploration, I would like to understand my relationship with creativity better and what’s important for me to know now about it.

ELIAS: First of all I shall say to you, many individuals are experiencing similar scatteredness. Many individuals are experiencing presently lack of motivation or a type of movement in confusion, not recognizing a specific direction.

Now; this type of expression and experience is quite associated with the movement and acceleration of this shift in consciousness. Individuals within your society are not merely experiencing this confusion and this challenge in choosing a singular direction; throughout your globe individuals are experiencing this, for this is associated with this shift in consciousness. Individuals are turning their attention to self and attempting to direct themselves rather than being directed by other individuals or societies or mass beliefs, and this is an unfamiliar action. For you continue to attempt to fit within the reality that is familiar, and the difficulty that arises is that you are not objectively yet recognizing that you already are altering this reality. Therefore, what is familiar does not fit any longer.

In a manner of speaking, as I have expressed previously, the action is similar to holding a round peg that has been quite familiar to you, and throughout your focus previously you have held the ability to insert this round peg into its round hole. Now the hole is triangular, but you continue to hold to the round peg. As you attempt to force the peg into the hole, you become confused: ‘Why shall it not fit?’

The reality has changed and is continuing to change. Now that you have moved into this time framework of your new century, your new millennium, you are objectively inserting this shift into your actual objective reality, your waking reality, and it is being evidenced all around you. But you are not quite paying attention to the evidence that is being exhibited within you, within your own movement and change in association with this shift in consciousness. Therefore, there is an automatic action in attempting to continue with the familiar, but the familiar now becomes the unfamiliar.

In relation to confusion and scatteredness, you attempt to focus your attention in one singular direction, and in that action, in the familiar, your association is that this shall be the path that you shall engage which shall generate what you want but also allow you the expression of your creativity.

You are extremely diverse beings. The incorporation of singularity and separation is being dissipated in this shift. You have explored your physical dimension. You have explored the expression of consciousness in this physical dimension to its fullest in the confines of singularity and separation, and this is the reason that collectively you have chosen to generate a new Source Event and insert this shift in consciousness into your reality objectively to allow you new expansion in exploration.

As you are aware, consciousness is not a thing beyond you, out there. You ARE consciousness. Every aspect of you is consciousness, and the action of becoming of consciousness is a continuous movement of exploration, folding in upon itself, which you mirror in this physical dimension. In this, the action of folding in upon itself, or yourself, is not limited to one expression. Creativity, as you have become aware, may be expressed in numberless manners. It is a continuous expression which is natural to essence. Therefore as you are essence, it is natural to you.

I am quite aware of your recognition of your experience in attempting to stifle creativity, for any individual that attempts to stifle their natural flow of energy in creativity shall experience communication from their subjective awareness which translates into emotions that offers them the identification ‘you are denying your choices.’

The denial of free flow of energy, the denial of playfulness, the denial of choice is the one expression that may move essence to weep, for it is the expression of itself. But you have discovered the expressions of creativity, which do not merely lie in artistic expressions but in all that you may create within the diversity of this wondrous dimension.

PAMELA: ... Why is this shift so important? If we are all connected, we’ve all been experiencing focusing other than the connection ... if we’ve designed the game we’ve been playing in, why is this shift so important?

ELIAS: For you have chosen to continue within the design of this physical dimension, recognizing that this physical dimension offers a tremendous playground for exploration in tremendous diversity. But you are altering some of the expressions of this dimension; you are generating an allowance for more of an expansion.

In this, you have purposefully, throughout your history, incorporated a design within this dimension to be expressing separation, which has served you well. You have incorporated the forgetfulness of essence to offer you the purity of experience in singularity and separation, to experience each attention of essence in physical manifestation in a concentrated manner, and also in that to generate a purity of experience in discovery of self, of each focus of attention of which you are. But in that action, you have incorporated a tremendous expression of linear time framework in which you have explored this type of expression.

Consciousness is continuously moving. It is continuously expanding and continuously exploring. Therefore in relation to physical dimensions, at some points it chooses to alter aspects of the design of the physical dimensions to continue the exploration in expansion. In the incorporation of the entirety of your history in relation to this physical dimension – as you recognize it now, for it has been incorporated many times in blinking – but the dimension that you recognize now as your physical dimension and reality has been explored in relation to separation and singularity. Therefore it is unnecessary to continue in that type of expression, and you have collectively, as essences, chosen to be generating a new Source Event.

This is not the first Source Event that you have inserted into this physical dimension and reality.

PAMELA: Can you give me an example of a Source Event?

ELIAS: You have generated a Source Event within what you term to be an ancient history, of which was the incorporation of movement into a religious era in which you have focused your attentions and your movements and your creations and your directions, individually and collectively, in association with the focusing upon religious belief system.

PAMELA: So now we’re developing another Source Event?

ELIAS: Correct. You have generated a scientific Source Event, that which you view to be your Industrial Age, which allowed you tremendous movement in objective expression to be outwardly creating and expressing mirror images of movement of consciousness into physical manifestations, physical inventions of natural movements of consciousness: communications, movement through your elements – your water and your air – many, many, many explorations in what you may generate physically outwardly.

You have generated many Source Events throughout your history. They are recognized as immense alterations of movement within your physical dimension. This is the first Source Event to generate an inward movement.

PAMELA: The one that we’re developing now?

ELIAS: Correct. This Source Event is grander than all of your other Source Events, for this incorporates an expansion of awareness, the remembrance of essence, and it incorporates a shift in the expression of energy associated with the base elements of your physical dimension, which are emotion and sexuality. Emotion is communication. Sexuality is all physical expression, all physical manifestation.

In this, in the expression of sexuality as a base element of your physical dimension, you have created as a design of this dimension two genders. These two genders are associated with all that you create, even energy. To this point throughout your history you have expressed a male energy. It has been the design; it has been the choice. This shift shifts the energy to the female expression.

PAMELA: To the female expression or to a combination?


PAMELA: To the female?

ELIAS: Yes. Male is the expression of outward, the physical manifestation, the outward production of manifestation generating energy in power into a configuration of actual physical manifestation. The expression of the female is the inward, the concentration upon self, the allowance of the power of essence to be recognized in direction.

PAMELA: So would we explore the female energy to the depths that we’ve explored the masculine, and then combine them?

ELIAS: This shall be your choice, but you are beginning merely the new exploration of the female. And yes, the choice is to be generating the exploration in what you may term to be equal measure, as you have allowed yourselves to explore the male. Perhaps if you are so choosing futurely, you shall create another Source Event and you shall alter your reality once again and create a neutralization of the genders; but within this Source Event this is not what you are generating.” [session 992, January 22, 2002]

ORLAN: “Elias – this is Orlan – you talked earlier about this shift in consciousness that is taking place. Has a shift of this magnitude taken place in our physical reality already...


ORLAN: ...prior to this? This is the first one?

ELIAS: Of this magnitude, yes.

ORLAN: What others have occurred?

ELIAS: You have created several Source Events previously. This is also a Source Event.

Now; a Source Event is a movement that is chosen collectively by all of the essences participating in the reality. Source Events are of such a magnitude that none of them are entirely fully inserted into your physical reality, for your physical reality is not expansive enough to accommodate an entirety of a Source Event, as is the situation with this Source Event also. But this particular Source Event is what you would term to be your largest Source Event to this time framework throughout your history, for it is altering many expressions of your reality and it is affecting of the entirety of your planet, your world.

You have incorporated other Source Events – religion, scientific – but this is incorporated globally. There is no small tribe in any corner of your world that is not affected. There is not one individual throughout your world in its entirety that is not affected by this particular Source Event.

JON: Is there a Source Event of this magnitude in the future?

ELIAS: This would be your choice, for what is the future? An illusion. As I have stated recently, the future is always followed by the present. Therefore, what is the future (confused laughter), if the present is after the future? (Elias chuckles, very amused)

The future is a projection, my friend. You never arrive at the future, you merely project to the speculation of the future, and once discontinuing your projection to the future, you return to the present which follows the future. (Scattered applause and laughter)

ORLAN: What would happen then if it were possible to stop projecting to the future?

ELIAS: Ah! You would discover your liberty, for you would be present in the present! And THAT is your point of power.

JON: You’ve talked about Source Events that occurred in the past, but you won’t talk ... the past is just as uncertain as the future, right?

ELIAS: Correct.

JON: ... Just one more question, then. How can you say then for certain that there have been no Source Events in our history that are of this magnitude before? How can you say that statement if it’s not absolute?

ELIAS: You are inquiring of a gauge of magnitude, a measure. The measure is not absolute either, but this measure incorporates a different action. In association with your terms concerning magnitude, other Source Events have not necessarily individually affected EVERY individual throughout your world. Therefore in association with your measurements, as this Source Event does affect every individual within your world, it is identified as larger. But this is a translation in what you know within your reality.

JON: I guess my question more is that you’re talking about Source Events that occurred in the past, and you’re talking about that as an event with some certainty that that happened; but when I asked about the future, you said, ‘That’s your choice.’ But isn’t it as much a choice in the past...


JON: it is in the future? Then how come you talk about the past as being something that happened and is...

ELIAS: For this is the manner in which you have created it. You have created it in this manner, and you move your attention. You move your attention as though those events have ended.

DIANNE: I think what he’s saying is that you don’t have to do that. No? Maybe that’s not what he’s saying.

DONNA: We’re creating the past now, just like we’re creating the future now...

ELIAS: Correct.

CHRISTINE: And so we can create the past any way we want.

ELIAS: Correct, which you are, and you are creating it in association with your truths, that it is past and it is done.

JON: What is your definition of memory? What is memory?

ELIAS: Memory is an objective physical expression. It is associated with your recall of events.

JON: But we have memory of the past but not the future.

ELIAS: Correct. This is an objective mechanism, and in association with your beliefs, you have created the past, therefore you incorporate memory of it. In your beliefs, you have not created the future, and in association with the design of your physical reality and the incorporation of linear time which contributes to the illusion, you present yourself with evidence of the past.

You are correct, for it is all occurring now; but what you are not incorporating is the identification of how you create, which is quite real.

CAROLE: Isn’t the construct of time part of it? We have the construct of time in this reality.


CAROLE: In time there’s past, present and future, so that’s how we view it.

ELIAS: In actuality there is past and present, for within your truths the future does not exist yet.

CAROLE: We can conceptualize, though, within our beliefs.


GILLIAN: What about projecting? In conceptualizing, you’re projecting into the future.

ELIAS: You may.

GILLIAN: If we choose.


JON: If I change the past will my memory change, or can I keep the same memory but still change the past events?

ELIAS: Yes, you may incorporate both or either of those actions.” [session 1368, June 07, 2003]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: the concept of Master Events was first introduced by Seth/Jane Roberts in Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment, (1986), Vol. 2, Chapter 8, session 918, June 02, 1980. It’s interesting to note that in the following chapter (9), Seth uses the term “Source Event” to help describe this action, though he focuses on the term “master events." Interestingly, Elias also uses the term “master event” as infrequently as Seth uses “Source Event.” Regardless, it is clear that both terms describe the same phenomenon.

(2) Paul’s note: a reference to the Branch Davidian religious cult leader David Koresh in Waco, Texas. In February of 1993 an aborted arrest attempt by the FBI resulted in numerous deaths and a standoff that culminated on April 19, 1993 in which all but nine of those in the compound died.

(3) Paul’s note: this refers to the time when people belonging to and aligning with the Sumari essence family were actively participating in culture-changing mass events. Thus all of the arts including the beatniks, hippie movement, the anti-war protests of the late 1960s and early 1970s, psychedelic music of the same period, the feminist movement, Jane Roberts who “channeled” Seth from 1963-1984, are just the tip of the iceberg of some of the ways people with Sumari intent made an impact on many of the cultures of the world.

(4) Paul’s note: a reference to the death of Diana, the Princess of Wales. Diana Spencer, Dodi Fayed, and Henri Paul were fatally injured on August 31, 1997 in Paris, France in a car accident. Diana’s death had a tremendous impact on England and the rest of the world. Her funeral was reportedly witnessed, via satellite television links, by over two and a half billion people.

(5) Paul’s note: Deanne refers to a session in which Elias discussed the affects of a murder/rape scenario in the context of mass movements related to the shift in consciousness. Follow this link for more information.

(6) Paul’s note: Elias discussed earlier a lifetime that took place in Medieval Scotland. Find out more in session 265.

(7) Bobbi’s note: the three names were the focus names of two other forum members and myself in that time framework.

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