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mass events

Elias “gems”

VICKI: “I don’t even know if I can formulate a question because I don’t understand enough. (Elias chuckles) Although your statement earlier, regarding the individual expression being connected to the mass event, could you give an example of that?”

ELIAS: (Grinning) “We shall return to our opening of mass events within consciousness. You may answer your own question as I answer your question!

“You previously questioned me of individuals creating illness within influenza, which is a mass event; but each individual creates this activity within their own focus for their own reasons. Therefore, the mass is entered within individual physical focus, and also incorporated. Your belief systems are an element of mass events. Your belief systems influence all of your individual manifestation. Therefore, it is of no matter which subject you are choosing to be focusing upon. All manifestations that you choose to incorporate are influenced by mass events. What you choose to be wearing in your clothing is influenced by mass events. What you choose, individually, to be consuming is influenced by mass events. There is no expression that you incorporate that does not incorporate a basis in mass events and belief systems.” [session 90, April 28, 1996]

ELIAS: “I am aware that all of you would choose, in your common terms, in your perceptions, to generate what you would term to be the perfect world. In actuality, it is already perfect in the manner it is expressed. But your idea of the perfect world would be Utopia, one of continuous harmony, or at least one in which there is not severe violence and one in which you are not generating such severity in extremes in opposition. But masses are comprised of individuals; there can be no mass without individuals. Therefore, it is the energy of the individuals that create the mass and the energy of the individuals that ripple throughout consciousness that create opposition or cooperation.

“As you perceive extreme situations and extreme expressions occurring within your reality, what type of energy are you projecting and which are you contributing to? Opposition or cooperation? Do you cooperate or do you oppose in your interactions with the individuals within your environment? Are you cooperating or opposing with yourselves? What type of actions and interactions are you yourselves generating? For that is not merely confined to your individual environment. Consciousness is consciousness, and it is all interconnected. Whatever you express is connected to all other expressions of consciousness and is generating a contribution.

“What you do not like within your world presently and what you do not agree with presently you can express cooperation with and generate alterations. But if you are opposing in equal measure to what you oppose, you merely perpetuate that type of energy being expressed within your reality. If you express similar energy in opposition to the actions of other individuals as has motivated them, you are expressing no differently in your energy.” [session 1799, July, 2005]

ELIAS: “STOP! (Loudly) What are you engaging in this moment as a reflection of what you are creating in mass? (Group continues to talk) Are you listening? NO! (Loudly and firmly) You are arguing. You are instructing. You are not accepting of difference. You are NOT accepting of different perceptions and different preferences and different opinions. You are expressing absolutes to each other.

“THIS IS THE POINT. This is the reason that your world is expressing all of this violence in mass events, whether it be created in association with weather or individuals. They are all mass events that are being manipulated by you, by your energy.

“These are collective mass events. YOU with your energy manipulate this planet. YOU with your energy collectively manipulate the weather. You manipulate the earth. You manipulate the collective energy. This is what is creating all of this upheaval within your world. And you sit in the comfort of this information and express precisely what you are drawing information to yourself to not express!

“We have been discussing acceptance for many years, and many individuals express that they are being accepting and that they understand. And what are you actually doing? What are you actually expressing? Justification of yourselves, defense of your preferences, of your beliefs, of your directions, of your opinions, of your observations.” [session 1861, October 22, 2005]

ELIAS: “... You ARE participating; you merely do not pay attention or incorporate the awareness of how important and how powerful one individual is. There can be no mass without individuals. There can be no mass event without the participation of collective energy.

“If you are generating opposition in your day – in your employment, in your family, with a friend, with an individual in a shop that perhaps expresses what you deem to be an attitude with you as you are purchasing an item – and you match that energy in opposition, you are generating an opposing energy. That energy is not limited to that very space that you are standing within. That energy translates in the collective.

“You are all a part of the collective energy. You are what is the make-up of the collective energy. Therefore, the conflicts that you generate within your day individually generate a contribution to the energy, which is extreme and out of balance within your world.” [session 1861, October 22, 2005]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Within Regional Area 2, all physically focused consciousness, collectively and individually, is originating. All of your manifestation that is created in Regional Area 1 originates within Regional Area 2; therefore collectively, within consciousness, your mass events also originate within this area of consciousness.

... All mass events are manifest expressions, within physical focus, of an interpretation of a Source Event. These Source Events are what you may term to be myths. I will explain that within your intellect and understanding, and what you view to be advancement within knowledge, you disassociate yourselves from viewing myths as reality. You view myths as fantasy and imagination. We have discussed imagination at length previously, as it is reality, but you do not believe this! It is not a reality to you! (Grinning)

I have expressed to you, every manifestation within this Regional Area 1 of consciousness is a mirror image of known realities. In this, within Regional Area 2, you have created myths; ideas; creations; thoughts; emotions; landscapes; sceneries; of events, of objects, of reality. These are what your physical reality stems from. Within your consciousness and your intellect, you do continue, to some extent, to incorporate your original myths, although you distort them; therefore creating a loss of reality with them, and also a lack of power within these myths. I have expressed to you previously that your original, so to speak, ideas of religious elements, that you now view to be mythology, were a creative expression much more closely related as mirroring the reality of essence, being less separated and less singular in focus.

Let us view another aspect of your mass creations. We have briefly discussed the creation of illnesses. Let us view your weather patterns. I have expressed to you that you create your atmospheric conditions. These are not accidental. Your religions will inform you that weather is created by god. When your weather is favorable, god is smiling upon you. When your weather is disastrous, god is very angry with you and punishing you. Your scientists will express to you that your weather patterns are impersonal atmospheric conditions. They bear no consciousness. They are mechanistic. Both of these interpretations are incorrect. Your weather patterns are not god speaking to you or lashing out at you. They are also not impersonal mechanistic events. They are expressions directly related to your emotional-focus. Within mass consciousness, you collectively create the weather that you experience.

Within different areas of your planet, individuals magnate to certain areas. They choose certain geographical locations of your planet for creation of certain patterns. Like spirits seek like spirits! We have expressed previously that you, as individuals who choose to reside in this area of your country of your planet, choose to be here purposefully, for you each incorporate a personality type that is expressive and creative; and in this, you experience waves of emotional-focus. You settle quietly for a time, and then you ‘shake things,’ and your earth shakes also! Your scientists attribute this to ‘lunar pulls,’ or to geological conditions. They do not incorporate the explanation that you yourselves, collectively en masse, within consciousness, are very affecting of these conditions.

You have created, collectively, this planet that you inhabit. You manipulate your environment continuously. This is another action of collective consciousness and a mass event expression. You will notice, as I have expressed previously, that individual areas experiencing what you term to be disasters will also experience a building, within consciousness, to this disaster point. Whether this be expressed within an earthquake or a flood or a fire or a tornado, it does not matter. The individual areas manifest differently, for the individuals occupying these areas choose different expressions for different reasons. Some choose to occupy areas where they may manifest, collectively, horrendous natural occurrences that may be threatening, but also offer warning previous to the event. This allows the individuals involved the opportunity to choose to participate and involve themselves within that consciousness wave or not. Others, which incorporate more volatile situations within natural occurrences, as you view them, choose this for their excitement! (Smiling)

You have expressed to me, ‘Why do individuals manifest illness?’ I have given you reasons. You also manifest, collectively, events such as disasters for many of the same reasons. They are quite beneficial to you collectively. Groups of individuals experience time periods of separation, removal from each other physically, emotionally; and also, to a certain extent, within consciousness, they isolate themselves. This is unnatural. Therefore they create, within collective agreement, a situation to alter conditions, therefore creating the situation of ‘pulling together’ collectively; allowing barriers and separation to dissipate, allowing expression with the individuals that may otherwise be unexpressed. Individuals incorporating healing abilities, non-expressed, may incorporate these abilities within the situation of a disaster. They will not question their ability. They will allow their consciousness to automatically respond. They will connect. Others, feeling that they are needing of compassion or nurturing, will be placing themselves within the roles of the victims, therefore allowing an exchange.

Your economy also benefits. Depressed areas benefit. New revenue is generated. Small individual business owners, within a depressed economy, will be regenerated within an influx of new capital afforded to them as a result of disastrous situations. All individuals benefit. Some individuals choosing to be entering this type of wave of consciousness may choose to exit this physical focus, needing no explanation, and also needing not to incorporate illness or lengthy departure. There are many reasons that you collectively create situations, but you always benefit from your collective encounters. You may not choose to view that you benefit. You may perceive negatively; but you will, in actuality, be benefiting. Even your wars are beneficial; although I have expressed previously, hurtfulness to another essence is never acceptable, it is beneficial, sometimes, and profitable.” [session 85, April 10, 1996]

ELIAS: “We shall speak of our tree, once again; my very faithful example. View the tree to be the objective self, the roots of the tree being the subjective self; but the tree is intimately connected to the ground. The ground is the collective. It supplies the information, the nourishment, the focus for the subjective self, which is interpreted within manifestation of the objective self, the tree. The ground, being the collective, may also be compared to mass events, for if the ground is creating parchedness, the tree alone is not affected only. Each blade of grass, each flower, and the ground itself is affected directly. If the ground is creating abundance of saturation, the tree, along with all other vegetation, is affected through the subjective self of roots, manifesting an experience within the objective self of the tree. Are you understanding thus far? (Here, there is a silent, uncertain pause, during which Elias seems to evaluate each person individually, and then continues)

The subjective self engages mass events. You look to mass events and you think of your involvement objectively; your physical experience. You also incorporate subjective experience within your dream element, for you incorporate mass events within this area of consciousness also. Mass events are not always incorporated throughout a nation, or a world, or even an entire community. A mass event, as I have expressed previously, may be experienced within small groups of individuals, but you are experiencing collectively, through agreement, within Regional Area 2.

You do not always understand the manifestations of your mass events. You do not always manifest all of your reasons for mass events, for within Regional Area 2 exists your Source Events. These are creative expressions which are vastly exceeding what you may physically manifest within physical focus. Therefore, I have expressed that you manifest an interpretation, an element. A Source Event is never entirely manifest, for physical focus of any design may not encompass a Source Event. Therefore, you may look to your mass events, and you may feel that you are left with ‘pieces missing’; incomplete explanations of the reason why you have created these events. This is quite common within the element of physical focus, for just as you have distorted information from Regional Area 2, you also omit experiences from Regional Area 2. Not all of the reasons for manifestations are necessary for the experience.

You may manifest a mass event. You may walk away affected by a mass event, and within years to your future, you may look ‘backwards’ to the event and you may question, ‘Why? What was our purpose?’ The purpose for the individual event may not be apparent to you, for the experience is what was important for manifestation. The reasons for experience are held within the subjective self, always. They are always accessible. Therefore, it is unnecessary, at times, to be manifesting all elements of certain issues or subjects of mass events.

I have expressed to you, from our beginning of our sessions, your purpose within physical focus is to experience. You have asked many times, ‘What is my mission? What is my purpose? Why am I in existence?’ You exist within physical focus, for you choose to manifest within physical focus for experience.

You choose many experiences. You are choosing a new experience and manifesting a new Source Event, involving your shift, for your experience. You choose to experience differently. Therefore, you create a new Source Event, which will be partially expressed and manifest within an interpretation and experience of your shift.” [session 92, May 05, 1996]

ELIAS: “Within your creation of mass events, communication collectively is immense. Within your present now, you view your technological age and your communication systems presently as being great. These immensely dwarf to your natural communication systems. Within the collective consciousness, in creating mass events, your communication is experienced in what you would view to be faster than light speed. It is instantaneous. Elements of objective expression are experienced simultaneously by many individuals; these being expressions of mass communication for the purpose of a mass event or the diversion of a mass event. Not all mass events are materialized within this Regional Area of consciousness, for there are times when you are collectively choosing to be postponing a mass event and allowing expressions individually, to be serving as a pressure valve; diffusing the situation, and altering the manifestation of the mass event probability.

You are in constant communication with each other. Your communication and agreements begin before you physically manifest within an individual focus. You lean towards probabilities. You connect with other individuals before your manifestation, in aligning yourselves with probabilities that you intend to manifest. This is not to suggest predestination, for you always hold the ability to be changing of probabilities. You always hold choices.

An example: An individual chooses to be manifesting. Within the area of consciousness, before entering physical focus, this individual aligns with a musical focus. In this, this individual will draw to themselves other essences also aligned within this particular interest. This essence will also connect with essences from what you term to be past, absorbing and assimilating information, and what you may term physical talents, from other essences which have manifest within this same interest. They may also draw to them future probable selves or essence manifestations, to be helpful within their expression. Therefore, agreements are made before manifestation.

One little baby essence, previous to emerging into its new physical focus, draws another small baby essence which also is about to manifest. They create an agreement that within twenty-two years, they shall meet and engage a musical expression together. Within this first twenty-two years of manifestation, they have no or little contact. Then, at the precise moment that the agreement was agreed upon, these two come together, within the probability that they have chosen, and create the experience of expression to which they have both aligned. (Grinning at Ron)

I will express to you that each individual manifesting affects the entire whole. You allow yourself examples of this continuously; although you choose to be viewing yourselves individually, and very singularly, and within a very small focus. Individuals coming together, to be engaging within an expression together, may have been born into this physical focus in quite completely different areas.

Within this small group of individuals that attend our sessions, you have drawn yourselves together, but you have begun this particular manifestation in quite diverse locations. Michael [Mary] entered this physical focus within the area of the opposite side of your present country; but through agreement, you have come together and have joined, irregardless of physical locations or circumstances; for you create probabilities that will be leading you into directions that you have chosen to manifest. As I have expressed, these may, at any moment, be altered, and you may choose other probabilities; but these probabilities that you may view yourselves, within your present now, serve as a very good example of how you may be affecting of individuals, and also the whole.

You may experience the opportunity to be interacting with individuals who have been born in completely different countries than you, which will be altering of your experience and self; for each interaction that you engage, within physical focus, alters your experience. Therefore, you also alter each other’s experience; within consciousness, within other states, within your subjective self. You are continually affecting of other individuals, and the whole of consciousness.

You may never, within one manifestation, choose to be interacting within other areas of your planet, but you are affecting, regardless; for you are connected within the whole. Your very existence affects. Therefore, you may view yourselves to be as bricks within a wall. Removing one alters the entirety of this wall. Each one is equally important to the whole, and serves for the completion of the whole. There are no coincidences! (Grinning) All is connected. (Pause)

As I have stated, not all mass events manifest. You may be choosing, collectively, to be diverting of any given mass event. It is dependent upon your awareness, and also what you think of as ‘timing’; for your existence within physical focus is very connected with time elements. Therefore, all that you do is related to time. I express to you that in actuality, there is no time; all is simultaneous; to be allowing you a more complete understanding of reality, but reality also, within physical focus, incorporates time. Therefore, you choose time elements to manifest certain probabilities or mass events. Many times, within your collective agreements and ‘waves,’ you may be choosing to be creating of a mass event, but the time may not be quite right. Therefore, you release a pressure valve and divert the event itself, temporarily. This would be directly relating to Lawrence’s [Vicki’s] question, which you may be asking, if you are wishing.

VICKI: Well, the question was about how Michael [Mary] and Aram and Monica had this experience, and they did seem to be connected within physical and emotional trauma at the same time, and how that was related to a mass event.

ELIAS: (Smiling) These are examples of very few individuals that you witnessed. Within actuality, many, very many within your description, individuals have experienced very similar situations, either emotionally or physically, this all being related to a mass event; but this expression is a subjective recognition of the mass event probability which has been objectively diverted; this being, as we have discussed previously, an event of what you might view as a natural occurrence. I have expressed to you that you are quite affecting of your natural environment continuously. Your ‘Mother Nature’ is you! (Grinning) Therefore, you are quite affecting of these mass occurrences. You may be choosing to be diverting of some occurrences, some times.

You will notice that as I have expressed previously, you are drawn, for your own individual reasons, to be existing within certain areas which provide you with an alignment in personality type and emotional-focus. You presently have chosen to be existing within this area of your country, of your planet. I have expressed already the reasons why you choose to be existing within this area. In this, you will notice that the whole, the mass of individuals, moves in ‘waves.’ When you are experiencing distress, anxiety, physical ailments, you move, seemingly ‘all at once’; this generating massive energy waves within this area. These energy waves express themselves within your ground shaking! These are your expressions. You, within your perception of time, have created a mass event recently of this probability. Therefore, your timing for a subsequent action is ‘not right.’ You choose to be diverting of a repeat action, for a while. Therefore, you diffuse the situation and divert the probabilities, temporarily.

Within this area, these individuals manifest are quite explosive. Although you may not view yourselves as being very explosive, within consciousness you have chosen to be within this area for this very reason. It allows, within natural occurrences, a sufficient expression of release of energy. You have chosen to be releasing small amounts of energy, to be diverting of this mass event. Therefore, periodically you will view many individuals experiencing very similar actions simultaneously.

When you are viewing what you perceive to be the whole, continually over a period of time, building within anxiety, building within unreleased energy, and you are listening to your fellows expressing of great distress over long periods of time, ‘All seems to be going wrong,’ you will experience your ground shaking once again! You also manifest small elements of this same event for the same reason, to be allowing energy to be released in smaller increments. This, what you are experiencing presently, manifests within each individual differently, but all spontaneously, and as an expression of a diversion of this type of mass event. (Grinning at Vicki)

VICKI: So that’s what that was all about? (Elias chuckles) And within your definition of diversion, then this will be diverted and be occurring at a different time?

ELIAS: Correct. You do not choose to be eliminating. You have chosen this area to be physically volatile, as you view it. You choose areas to manifest different natural occurrences, these suiting your energy patterns and purposes.

VICKI: Why would one choose to divert it, then?

ELIAS: There are many reasons. You are presently recovering, within your society, from your previous expression of this mass event (1). You choose to be allowing a time element to be passing before using this mass event once again. It is a tool, a very effective tool.

When your economy becomes depressed, also does your individual people. People will allow themselves an element of time to be continuing and building, within their emotional lack of expression within this area, as a pressure cooker. You will continue allowing yourselves sufficient time to be building, to a point to which you view that you are ‘fed up’ with your present situation. At this point, you will choose to be releasing energy and creating your mass event. Your situation, within your society presently, is not experiencing this. You have only built a small amount of steam thus far. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be expressing of the mass event. Your individuals have come together, your cooperation has been reestablished, your businesses have been replenished with new influx of financial aid. You have rebuilt. Therefore, you have begun anew.

It is unnecessary to be creating this manifestation presently; although you will also notice, within your areas of manifestation of these types of mass events, that they are moving and being expressed more frequently. Your time periods that you allow between the expression of these types of mass events becomes shorter and shorter.

VICKI: And why is that?

ELIAS: You have become impatient; and also, you approach your shift, which is affecting of all of what you would view to be your smaller mass events.

VICKI: So the individuals that choose to live in this area would all be considered to have this explosive quality within consciousness?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And how is that different from a non-explosive quality in consciousness?

ELIAS: All individuals choose, within physical focus, to manifest within areas that experience some type of natural occurrence that will be releasing of energy. In this situation, individuals that are choosing to be manifesting and existing within areas that you term to be your ‘earthquake country,’ which in actuality has nothing to do with the space itself, these individuals choose, explosively, to be creating of mass events. You allow yourselves no prior warning. It is quite spontaneous, this action. There are other areas of your planet that experience this same situation of mass event creation. Individuals choosing not to be aligned, and also subjectively knowing that their energy does not align with this type of expression, do not continue within these areas. They will choose to be leaving, or they will choose to be using your explosiveness to be ending of physical focus. (Pause)

RON: ... I was thinking of the certain areas that do engage in this type of mass event, one being the area of California, another area being Tokyo. The lifestyle of the people there seems to be rather similar, as far as a fast-paced lifestyle. Another area that seems to be one that would be experiencing the same kind of events might be New York, but do they express their mass events in a different way?

ELIAS: Correct. The element of what you term to be fast-paced is irrelevant, for also within your Central Americas, they also experience this same type of mass event. Some choose to be creating this within what you term to be civilized, technologically advanced societies, and some not. It is not dependent upon your individual society. It is the collective consciousness, of the individuals within certain areas, which chooses to be expressing; within energy, within a similar action, for a similar reason.

You will notice that within this area, and also within the area of Japan, and also within the area of your Central America, you allow a building to great depression. You allow the manifestation to continue within a time element, being suppressed, so to speak; tolerated. Then, you choose to be not tolerating of the manifestation to which you have created and allowed to continue. You become dissatisfied and restless. Therefore, you choose to be creating of an explosive expression; one allowing no warning, one being very spontaneous.

You will also notice within individuals in these areas, there is a common experience, emotionally, within many of these people also. You experience heightened emotional-focuses. You may witness abusive situations. You may view what you term to be instantaneous crimes of passion, this being another expression of the same individual expressions of the mass expression. Just as I have expressed previously, you individually manifest expressions, within your individual focus, which are directly influenced by mass events. This is not to say that individuals engaging within crimes of passion only exist within these areas, but you will view a higher concentration of these personality types, for their energy aligns with the same energy type which aligns with these areas. This all is part of your communication within the collective consciousness, and agreements that you have chosen within probabilities.

Even individuals expressing that they are much disliking of certain natural occurrences continue and remain within certain areas, for their energy aligns the same. You may witness individuals expressing ‘I dislike tornadoes tremendously,’ but they will also be choosing to live their existence, within an entire developmental focus, in an area notorious for tornadoes, for their energy serves to be creating of this occurrence.

RON: So can animals and people share mass events?

ELIAS: Yes; although I will make a distinction. Animals do create mass events within consciousness; for they, along with all manifestation, are created through links of consciousness. Therefore, they all possess consciousness of The Creating Universal One And Whole. They also do think. They also possess an element for what you would term to be survival, but survival through value fulfillment; meaning they do not exist only to survive, as your Darwinian theory suggests with its ‘survival of the fittest.’ They survive only for value fulfillment; for if any creature is not fulfilling its intent or value within a positive expression, which is the expression of The Creating Universal One And Whole, they will cease to manifest. Therefore, animals may create a mass event through expression, but with the intent of value fulfillment, through thought, as aligned with the links of consciousness.

Man creates mass events imaginatively. The difference between man and animals is imagination. As individuals and cultures historically, you have sought to be understanding and classifying the difference between man and all other life-bearing existence, as you perceive it. The difference is, you possess imagination. Imagination is reality. It is a creative reality. Therefore, if you are manifesting a mass event involving man and animals, man will be the initiator. It will be for man’s expression, imaginatively. Your creatures may align, through consciousness, within agreement of your imaginative expression. Therefore, they may be choosing to be expressing also.

RON: What about flight?

ELIAS: There are automatic responses. These are different from mass events. Collectively, creatures may choose to manifest within herds, and collectively agree upon accepted behavior within the herd. These are not quite the same as a mass event.” [session 93, May 12, 1996]

ELIAS: “In continuation of our subject matter, I offer you information of your mass events, for this allows you the opportunity to be evaluating accomplishments that you have already engaged. In this, you may view these, and you may more efficiently accomplish your approaching shift.

All of your expressions of mass events are successful. None are a failure; although you may perceive some of these mass events to be a non-accomplishment, within expression of a manifestation; for you do not understand what you have created. Many times, you engage in the action of a mass event, and you attempt to be ‘squeezing’ elements into a single expression of an event which you view to be the entirety of your Source Event. This has occurred throughout your history. This evening, we will focus upon one of these types of mass events.

Before exploring this particular mass event, I will be reminding you also to be engaging, within your consciousness, a widening of existing belief systems, understanding the realities that I have set forth to you previously, which you at this moment continue with as only ideas. The belief systems that will be addressed and engaged, within this subject this evening, involve your ideas of right and wrong, good ... and also evil.

We shall focus upon an expression, within a mass event of your physical history, which was an attempt at manifesting the entirety of a Source Event. I have expressed previously, this is a physical impossibility. The Source Event far extends beyond any one expression within any one mass event. Therefore, obviously you create many mass events as expressions of one Source Event.

Within your history collectively, you chose to be creating an expression which manifest as what you now view to be your Second World War. Your collective and individual views on this time period are in agreement, that this was a negative expression. Atrocities were committed. Individuals were seen as being evil. The times were seen as being ‘bad.’

Be remembering: Engage widening your belief systems; for there is no right and wrong, and there is no good or evil. You may view, within your perception, that one element may be righteous, and another may be base. In actuality, they are all expressions of experiences.

Within the manifestation of the mass event of which we now speak, the desire to be creating an expression of such magnitude was too great for you to efficiently create within a balance and harmony of physical focus. Therefore, you polarized. You created one side, the scientific, intellectual side; and the opposing side, the religious, emotional side. In this, you each, within consciousness, aligned yourselves either emotionally or intellectually. You aligned with the new scientific age, or the traditional religious beliefs. You may view the opposing elements of the forces of Hitler as the scientific intellect. You may view the forces of the Jewish community to be the religious, emotional element. Each side, so to speak, polarized; aligning individuals, who then also aligned collectively together to be expressing both elements equally; therefore allowing the totality of an expression, but not synchronized and within balance.

You view elements to be ‘right’ or ‘not right.’ If you are manifest as one of the individuals aligning with the scientific intellect, what is your right? (Pause) It is not the same as the right of the religious emotional expression! (Grinning) But, if you are viewing within the idea of right and wrong, both are right. Both are correct expressions.

I have expressed to you previously, hurtfulness to another essence is never acceptable; but I have also expressed that it may be beneficial. Within physical focus, you do not always follow essence, for you separate. Therefore, you do follow beneficial[ly].

We have used examples previously, of how you affect your weather patterns through your emotional state. You also affect your natural conditions, within your planet, through your thoughts and emotions. You affect mass events in this same manner. In this struggle of polarization and lack of balance, each element strove to be dominant; for within consciousness, you are realizing that your objective is a single direction within agreement. Therefore, one side must ‘seem’ to be stronger. In actuality, each side plays a role; to be acting out and manifesting an expression, creating a mass event, imaginatively creating a Source Event expression. The individuals aligning with the religious emotional element chose this role.

Many individuals suffered during this time period; and within this expression, many individuals, not of the Hebrew persuasion, were affected and afflicted; but one group chose to be allowing themselves to be the focal point.

Your entire globe was affected by this one mass event. Not only were the Jewish individuals persecuted. Many, many other individuals, not of this religious persuasion, were also devastatingly affected, in your perception; but when you look to your history of this time period, you automatically focus upon this war as an expression of a conflict between the Germans and the Jews, for these particular groups of individuals chose to be the flagstaffs.

From the beginning of your known history, the individual group of Hebrew persuasion has set themselves apart, as what they term to be ‘chosen’; a ‘specialized’ individual. In this, they are also initiating, aligned with our orange (2). (Grinning at Ron who, according to Elias, is aligned with the Gramada essence family) They are initiating of many mass events; of concepts; of ideas. They are not always at the forefront of the social scenes, so to speak. They are not the builders of great cities. They are not the kings and queens. They are not the conquerors; but they are initiators. They do allow for your information of concepts. The individuals aligned with the Germans, for centuries have been known as the conquerors, the aggressors, the strong; the Zuli [essence family]. (Pause)

I will express to you that within the concept, in a very simplified, limited, underline, term, you may look to your philosopher of Nietzsche, and you may more understand the Source Event of this expression, and mass event of this war. In this, you may also be more understanding of your own creations and manifestations, and how you physically manifest a Source Event.

As you move into your shift, recalling, within your memory, your historical examples of mass event manifestations offers you information, to be more efficiently and more effortlessly affecting the onset of your shift. As you widen in awareness, you begin to understand that it is unnecessary for you to create immense conflict to manifest a mass event. As you widen within consciousness, and begin to be trusting and accepting of your own consciousness and affectingness and power, you will realize that through consciousness, you may be affecting of your shift without physical conflict. As you widen, you will also become aware of your affectingness, through consciousness, of those separated that do not incorporate, so easily, your shift.

VICKI: ... Yeah, I have a question. Regarding your example; I don’t really understand what the benefit of the expression of the mass event was.

ELIAS: There are many benefits, many divided benefits, throughout the entirety of the expression. The example is an illustration to you, of a desire to be manifesting a Source Event to such a great degree that you are attempting to be pulling, through consciousness, the action of the Source Event, in its entirety, into a manifestation within physical focus. It will not fit! It is not possible; just as the entirety of your essence will not fit, within one focus, within one physical body.

Therefore, when you incorporate such a tremendous surge and incorporation of energy, from the action of the Source Event ‘pushing’ this energy into physical focus, it will polarize. It will manifest in more than one event, for it cannot manifest within one balanced event. Therefore, within what you view to be one mass event of this war, which you use this term as all-encompassing, many events occurred; and within many events, polarization also occurred; for the energy was too great for this expression. Therefore, it divided.

The scientific, intellectual energy expression manifest within one direction. The emotional, religious expression manifest within another direction; these being your main expressions of this particular Source Event, although you also splintered into many other expressions of energy. You manifest your fear within other areas. This country, that you now occupy within this manifestation, was the holder of the fear. Other areas expressed, collectively, other elements. You do not see how you in this nation were the expressors of fear; but you, within this country, were the collective power that was obliterating of the Japanese cities within an expression of fear.

Whenever the energy projected into a mass event is too great, it becomes explosive. This may not be only an expression of an entire world event within your own country. Within smaller groups, you have also viewed this type of explosive expression, as resulting of individuals incorporating together, collectively, to be expressing of one idea, whose energy possesses too much to be expressed physically within one single event, and you result with situations as your Texas; your religious individual at Waco being your most recent expression (3). Energy is explosive if it is compacted too tightly.

Look to your physicists. As they compress your energy so very tightly, physically it explodes. Within consciousness, the reaction is the same; for consciousness has created your mirror image of physical expression. Therefore, all of these elements that you may view, that you invent physically, already exist within consciousness, and you are already knowing of this resultingness. Therefore, within the tremendous desire, once again, as you approach your shift, you present yourself now with the opportunity, not to be learning from your mistakes, but to be learning from your accomplishments; and to be more efficiently affecting of another manifestation and interpretation of a Source Event.” [session 94, May 19, 1996]

REX: “I have a question, Elias. For a long time now, I’ve believed that we were in charge of our own reality. If you’re participating in mass events, does that take away some of your control?

ELIAS: (Firmly) Nothing ever dissipates you. The subject of control is a creation that you all, en masse, have created as an illusion of safety. In actuality, it is unnecessary; for there is no element, within your expression of control, that is out of control! Each of you, individually and en masse, are always perfectly in control of every expression that you create. You may feel, within your emotions, out of control, but this is an expression of conflict between your intellect and your intuitions; your intellect being that element which assesses your experiences and feeds information, within the circle of communication, to the subjective focus. (To Vicki) Make a distinction here!

(Vic’s note: Okay, I’m making a distinction!)

You feel out of control, for you do not understand, objectively, your own creations; which, at times, seem to be contrary to your desires. Your definition of desire is distorted! (Smiling) In actuality, the definition of ‘child’s wishing’ is closer to what you define as your desires. You hold desire, in alignment with your intent, within each focus. Your expression, within probabilities, follows perfectly these desires. You may choose to be creating tremendous conflict. You may feel quite unhappy with your creation. You may feel out of control. You are in complete control of your creations, and your creations are following perfectly your desire, within your intent and within your subjective knowing of how you will best listen to your own expressions for your own attention; therefore allowing for your own widening.

Within mass events, as we have stated previously, elements of government, societies, may seem out of control to you, within your limited understanding. Their expressions are natural byproducts, completely within control of unexpressed elements of emotion within the mass cooperation. Therefore, you may look to your society, and you may view rioting within the streets. You may express, ‘These individuals are out of control.’ They are not out of control! Each individual is perfectly expressing, within perfect control, their desire. They are individually creating expressions for your noticing, and also for their own attention. En masse, they are collectively expressing the latent or suppressed emotion of the whole. Therefore, it is only within your understanding of your perception that you view any element, en masse or individually, your world or yourself, to be ‘out of control.’” [session 109, August 04, 1996]

VICKI: I have a question about this recent mass event (4). I’m curious about the mass statement being made, outside of my personal speculations which are filtered through my personal belief systems.

ELIAS: Or are you wishing to be viewing how this mass event is fitting into your probabilities?

VICKI: That too!

ELIAS: Ah! This event, you are correct, you may view to be unofficial information. You are aware that your shift has begun. You are within the action of this shift. I have expressed to you many times that as your time period progresses, you shall witness more and more events that are expressive of this shift, this being one. You also provide yourselves with the opportunity to be practicing at your connections within consciousness, which you are accomplishing. I have been acknowledging of this, this evening. As the movement accelerates, which it is, you are all affecting of each other more. Therefore, you manifest more within objective awareness. Presently, individuals within your society do not understand the significance of what you now view to be small events attaining mass attention, but they attain mass attention! Therefore, recognize in this small event, for it is a small event but it is affecting of multitudes ...

RETA: But in its affecting the multitudes, it’s being broadcast through our media system in one way and interpreted through a lot of people’s minds or consciousness in another way. In this mass event, what is its real purpose?

ELIAS: It matters not how it is perceived. It matters that it is perceived. It is unimportant as to your opinion of the motivation behind the event. The importance lies in the attention, that it shall generate the attention of the masses. This also is quite affecting within you, to be offering you the example of the affectingness of a very small event. You do not believe that you are affecting within consciousness of multitudes. I express this to you often. You do not believe this. You are. Within one event, one very small event, multitudes have noticed. It has gained much attention. It has also lent energy to this shift.

RETA: In what way? I mean, it’s gotten attention, but how does that widen the shift? To me, it was based on nonsense, but how do I know? I’m judging, of course.

ELIAS: It matters not how you view the action of this event. It matters that you notice; for regardless of how you view this event or regardless of your individual judgments of this event, your perception is altered.

RETA: For good or bad, or just altered?

ELIAS: Just altered, which is the point. You are needing to be altering your perception to be widening. If you are continuing within your box of your belief systems, within the narrowness of your thinking, you shall not allow your periphery and you shall not allow other information. If you are altering your perception, you shall be allowing information. You shall be affecting of yourself and you shall be offering yourself the opportunity to be preparing for the incorporation of unofficial information.

Many may express, ‘I do not believe such things.’ You have expressed many times, ‘I do not believe extraterrestrials.’ You may believe also. It matters not. You have incorporated the thought process, which is different. This is affecting. It matters not that you fit these events into your belief systems. You are allowing yourselves en masse to notice, and what you notice is outside of your accepted official belief systems.

NORM: There’s a lot of people on this Earth that do not have an opportunity to do what we do within this forum. Are they being affected on the unconscious or subjective level?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

NORM: And would you say that they do not need objective ideas such as what we have the opportunity to acquire here in order to be able to appropriately enter the shift?

ELIAS: I shall express to you all once again, you do not need this forum. It is unnecessary for your awareness for you to be interacting with Elias. You choose to engage this interaction, and the exchange is accomplished. Individuals throughout your planet shall draw themselves to information which shall be helpful to them. This is not to say that individuals shall all understand all that will occur; this being your objective in being helpful within consciousness. You view quite slightly presently a movement within consciousness, within yourselves objectively being affected. This affectingness causes confusion. At times it may cause you conflict, for you create conflict many times when you are confused. In this, you also shall experience moments of questioning where you shall be questioning of self and identity, as I have expressed to you often, and you may also question your reality. You hold information to allow you a footing, for you have asked. Therefore, you may experience these things but they shall be temporary, and you shall be accepting and understanding of what you experience. Others may experience these same occurrences, and as I have expressed to you previously, they will believe themselves to be entering insanity.

NORM: They choose this reality. They choose that trauma.

ELIAS: Yes, but I also express to you, in like manner to other individuals which I have addressed previously, I am not in agreement with the thought process and the direction that you move in within this statement. It is not merely, ‘Oh, well! These individuals create their own reality. It is of no consequence to me.’ For what another creates, so do you also. What another experiences, so do you also. As you lend energy to the shift you lend energy to yourself, for there are no separations. There are no sections. Therefore, aspects of yourself choose, in your terms, the trauma, but you do not. Therefore, you may be helpful to other aspects of you in lessening this trauma, in recognition that it is unnecessary; not that it is ‘bad,’ but it is unnecessary.” [session 160, March 30, 1997]

ELIAS: “This shift in consciousness has already been initiated. You are, within this present now, within the beginning throes of this action. Therefore, it is obvious to you that you incorporate confusion, for you have not quite understood what you are engaging. The accomplishment of this being actualized entirely shall be within your coming century. I have expressed to individuals within this day that the actualization of this shift shall be accomplished objectively within the existing focuses of many of these individuals. It is only dependent upon how long you choose to be engaged within this particular physical manifestation.

MIKE#2: So you mean people will be living longer than the traditional time?

ELIAS: If you are choosing! (Laughter)

MIKE#2: Is the Earth going through the same type of thing?

ELIAS: Yes. I have expressed once to individuals previously of the consciousness of your planet. This also is a creation of your essences. It is, in your terms, a living entity. It pulses, as do you pulse within your circulatory system. It breathes and moves, as you breathe and move. In this, it also responds to you within consciousness; and as you shift, so also does it shift.

You are aware that you are creating of your conditions atmospherically and within what you view to be nature. These are extensions of you. They are the creation of your emotion and your desires within movement of consciousness. They are an extension of your physical senses. You have not created your physical senses that you may experience visualizing or feeling within body or tasting or hearing or smelling. You engage these senses as you create what is to be sensed. What you sense did not appear first. You create this as you engage this sensing. Therefore, your wind appears not that you may sense, but as a response to your collective sense. Your action of your planet, within what you term to be events of nature, are responses and events which you create by expelling energy collectively. Your planet responds in recognition that it also is an objective expression within matter of the collective creation of essence. It is no different than your physical form, which also is a physical projection of essence within matter.

Once again I express, this is not a vessel! It is your creative, objective expression within physical matter of essence, and holds consciousness the same. It is not a shell. It is you! Your planet is also an extension of the collective energy of essence. In this, it holds no difference, and is consciousness also.” [session 185, June 21, 1997]

ELIAS: “Good afternoon. We shall continue our discussion in regard to your mass events occurring presently and offering you more information concerning this action. This also directly is related to your shift in consciousness, for this provides en masse for you all to be viewing new aspects of actions that you have not allowed yourself the awareness of previously.

In this, an act has been chosen within what you view to be a small time framework. One essence manifesting its final focus has disengaged, causing the action of all other focuses of the same essence to disengage. Therefore, you view two focuses, which are what you consider to be public figures as individuals, as an example (5). Four other individuals upon your planet within this same time framework have also disengaged physical focus, but more privately and quietly, to your view; these individuals all being focuses of one essence, also being individuals located within very different areas of your planet.

It is common for essences to focus several focuses of themselves within the same time framework or century, as I have expressed to you previously. Each of you holds other focuses within this same time framework in this dimension. Therefore, if one of you, knowing that you are a final focus, was choosing to be disengaging, the other focuses which are physically manifest upon this planet presently would also be spontaneously disengaging.

Neither of your two public figures were the final focus, but were affected within essence in choosing not to be fragmented and choosing to be disengaging physical focus as a response to essence in the choice of the final focus. In this, en masse you have provided yourselves with an example of the action of essence, and also provided yourself with other elements that you may connect to your shift.

Globally, presently, there are three mass events occurring: one in response to public actions generating an emotional response, this providing information to be remembered by you of your interconnectedness. Another is what individuals physically-focused view as a non-response, although the non-response in actuality is a response, for these individuals hold an awareness of the first mass expression; this providing them the opportunity to be viewing movement en masse within consciousness of individuals, and providing them also with the element of acceptance and understanding in response to individuals responding differently. The third mass event occurring is that with individuals holding no objective knowledge of the other mass events.

Presently upon your planet, there are masses of individuals who hold no objective knowledge whatsoever of the mass events that you view. Therefore, they also are creating their own mass event in providing a different expression, that of in actuality no expression. This affords you, as you are gathering information presently, the opportunity to view actions within mass waves of consciousness and how they are affecting, and also affords you the opportunity to view other aspects of your reality that you now present yourselves with en masse that you have not provided yourself with previously. (Pause) I offer to you that you may ask your questions.

DREW: I would ask for Mary why she’s responding so emotionally to both of these events. She doesn’t understand herself why she just becomes a wreck emotionally, watching funerals or hearing about the deaths of these two public figures.

ELIAS: Previously, within our last meeting, I have offered you a partial explanation. Michael [Mary] responds partially to these events for he holds issues with the agenda that we engage. Therefore, there is an automatic response within his feelings. Beyond this, Michael [Mary] has chosen within consciousness to be aligning with the first mass event, therefore allowing for a connection in consciousness without separation of the masses. Essentially, what he is experiencing is that which masses of individuals are experiencing individually.

DREW: And you said that these two deaths are part of the shift in consciousness, and serve as an opportunity for us to learn more about the shift and understand it better?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: However, were I not here at these sessions and getting an understanding from your explanation, I don’t know that I would view these as anything other than what I assume the mass sees them as, which is just individual, tragic deaths that coincidentally happened at the same time. Without the information you’re providing, how is the mass public aided in understanding the shift as a result of these two events?

ELIAS: Objectively within the terminology of the shift, in what you recognize to be the shift, these events shall not be tremendously enlightening to individuals upon your planet, although expressions are made by individuals and en masse that may be objectified and leaning into an understanding of this shift in consciousness, as you all begin to watch your creations as resulting from these mass events.

VICKI: ... Last week I asked you a question about if there was a mass statement being made with the mass event, and if I understood correctly, you said it was not necessarily in the terms that I was thinking, but that there was some sort of statement being made within the choice of disengagement?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Quite a few people have suggested to me that they believe that a mass statement was being made by this individual with regard to the action of the press, not only in our country but in other countries, and I’m just curious about that aspect of it.

ELIAS: This be one element.

VICKI: This is what you were referring to when you were referring to the choice of disengagement?

ELIAS: Partially; for be remembering, this is one essence disengaging physical focus. Therefore, different aspects shall be accomplished in this. The choice has been made within the action of this essence, and its objectification of the final focus choosing to be disengaging. This also is not accidental, in knowing that other focuses of this essence would be creating of mass events and would be creating of tremendous noticing. There are different aspects of noticing which have been provided. You begin now to question areas of your reality that do not serve you presently.

Another aspect is that of your interconnectedness with each other. This also may be seen as a statement. There is no separation. Although you view yourselves to be encased in individual bodies, you are all connected. There is no separation, and this offers you also a statement to be validating of this, that you may view the interconnectedness of all of you upon your planet.

VICKI: I think I’m still unclear. Let me rephrase the question. Did this essence have an intent within this choice of disengagement to be affecting of the press?

ELIAS: Of the press, of the masses, of the recognition of responsibility within your focus and within the movement of your shift, addressing once again to the issues of acceptance and non-acceptance; acceptance of new choices, and non-acceptance of what has been established and officially accepted. This also, within the choice of this essence – knowing that two individuals of this essence are public figures, in your terms – this shall be addressing also to the vastness of your religious belief systems and the ending, so to speak, of your religious era. Both of these public individuals have generated and will be generating of much attention to religious belief systems. Therefore, another statement.

Many more actions are being addressed within these mass expressions than you are presently aware of, but you shall be aware as you are watching and noticing and also investigating of these actions. This has provided you – you have provided yourselves – a tremendous opportunity to be viewing many more aspects of your reality and your statements to yourselves and your movement and your changing of your reality en masse, not only individually. You may view within these mass events movement that you to this point have viewed as only individual. Individuals express to this essence continuously, ‘When shall we view the action of this shift en masse?’ You do, presently.

VICKI: You said that there was a third faction or whatever of individuals that in actuality had no objective expression or response because they had no objective knowledge.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Wouldn’t they be responding anyway, though?

ELIAS: Subjectively, absolutely; and they are lending energy to both of the other mass movements.

VICKI: So that would be kind of like one of those deals where you’re walking around having feelings or whatever that you can’t explain to yourself because you don’t have any objective knowledge.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Okay, I have one more question that’s kind of off the wall, kind of a weird question. You said that there were four individuals, four focuses of this essence that have disengaged also as a result of the choice.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: So would these four people be represented on the pieces of papers that contained obituaries that Ron randomly printed out yesterday?


VICKI: Hmm. Interesting.

ELIAS: As I have stated, these individuals were choosing to be disengaging in your terms quietly, and not all within what you see as being the same time framework of days. Each disengages upon a different day, although within essence they are disengaging simultaneously.

VICKI: And of course, they also had the choice to fragment.

ELIAS: Absolutely.

DREW: Is it reasonable to believe that as we become more accepting of choices, like the choice of Princess Di to disengage the way she did, that this kind of emotional response would be lessened?

ELIAS: Within what you view to be future, yes; for you have offered yourself the expression within mass presently.

DREW: Well, as we become more understanding that a death is not necessarily a tragic thing but a choice ... futurely, if a famous public figure or any death we consider to be tragic now, with that new understanding in the future that it’s just a choice, there would be less of an emotional response?

ELIAS: Absolutely, this being another element of these mass statements and mass expressions, in also addressing to your very strong mass belief systems concerning what you view to be death.” [session 214, September 06, 1997]

ELIAS: “This evening, we shall be discussing mass events, orientation and perception, energy, and action.

Within this time period presently, there are many events which are occurring and which are attaining your attention. In this, I have offered information recently as to the identification of a wave within consciousness which is occurring presently.

Now; as we move into this subject matter, you may begin to understand how all of these actions are connected within consciousness and are affecting of what you create within your world, individually and en masse. Presently, you view much turmoil occurring within your societies and within your world. I have also offered information pertaining to this present time framework.

Within this time framework now, you engage the final year of your century and also of your millennium. Much energy, as I have stated previously, has been lent to this time framework. Throughout your history, individuals have lent energy to this particular time framework. Therefore, there is much energy to be drawn upon, and you may easily access this energy to be creating within your realities any direction that you are choosing much more easily.

As I have also stated previously, you may choose to be moving in the direction of no conflict and ease within your direction or you may be choosing conflict, and if you are choosing conflict, you shall be manifesting this much easier within this time framework, for so much energy has been lent to this time framework. Much concentration has been offered to this time framework.

In this – as you are aware – you all lean in the direction of conflict and that which you term to be negativity. This attains your attention quite efficiently, and you are fascinated with these conflicts.

Therefore, you may express to me, ‘Why shall we not be creating wondrous beauty and harmony within this time framework, as much energy has been lent to the ease of our creation within this time framework?’ And I shall view you and express to you, you do not create generally in this manner, for you are FASCINATED with conflict! It is stimulating to you; it is stimulating to your senses and it is stimulating to your emotions and your thought processes.

You magnate much more often to the expressions of conflict. You do this individually and you do this en masse, and you are viewing presently mass expressions in like kind. Individuals are creating tremendous conflicts within your world presently.

Now; you each also are responding to these mass expressions, for you are not separated from them within consciousness. All that is expressed within consciousness is also felt – in a manner of speaking – or experienced by all of consciousness, [of] which you are a part.

In this, we may also tie these expressions to our present subject matter of the present wave in consciousness, which addresses to the belief system of sexuality; which also, this particular subject matter of sexuality moves beyond merely the belief system, but is in actuality an element – a base element – of your reality in this dimension. It is quite influencing of how you create your reality.

In this, we have been discussing one element of this belief system, which involves orientation. This is only one aspect of the belief system, and this is a very large belief system! Therefore, I express to all of you, this is a very large bird cage with very many, many birds within it, (6) and many of the birds within this particular cage you do not even see, for they are quite efficient at camouflaging themselves, and even presenting trickery to be invisible! Therefore, they may be quite tricky birds within this particular cage.

You view this belief system not as a belief system. This is quite how these birds are so very efficient at being camouflaged! You do not even identify that they exist or that you hold belief systems in this area. Your reality merely is what it is, and it is absolute. No, it is not, for there are no absolutes!

In this, as we turn our attention to mass events, you may also correlate your responsiveness to these mass events in conjunction with your orientation. Individuals that hold different orientations shall respond differently.

Individuals holding an orientation of soft shall find that they are experiencing more of an emotional expression in conjunction with mass events. They may view themselves to be affected, in their terms, in varying degrees, but many times quite strongly, for this particular orientation lends itself – within that particular creation of perception – to involvement of the individual and all of your world. This particular orientation is very interactive. Therefore, it also is quite affected.

The orientation of common may not necessarily be as affected by these mass events and may seem aloof in their expression. They are not personally, individually emoting over the situations that are occurring within mass expressions. This is not to say that they are not noticing, but they are not involving themselves emotionally or creating responsiveness to these given situations, but appear to be more removed.

Individuals that hold the orientation of intermediate may be affected to an extent by mass expressions, but in similar manner to those individuals of the orientation of common, they may not necessarily move in the direction of identifying individually and allowing affectingness within themselves concerning these mass events, for their attention turns more to self than to the events which occur outside of self.

In this, you may allow yourselves more of an understanding of your own creations and your own expressions if you are understanding your own choice of orientation and how you perceive your world, how you perceive yourselves.

Many individuals express an emotional response to these types of mass events, and interact with individuals within a different orientation who may NOT be expressing the same type of responsiveness or affectingness, and subsequent to these types of interactions, you question yourselves. You express to yourselves, ‘Why are you being affected? Why is another individual not being affected?’ And you also lean in the direction of placing judgments, for you are creating different expressions. And of course, your individual expression is the correct and right expression, and everyone else’s expression is obviously wrong if it differs from yours! (Grinning)

As you allow yourselves more of an understanding and awareness of yourselves and how you are creating your reality individually and how you are perceiving your reality, and recognizing in your understanding that each of these orientations presents a different perception ... which is a different reality! In a manner of speaking, they are three very different languages and they are very affecting of all of your reality – how you respond to yourselves, how you respond to each other, how you respond to all that you create.

Your perception is that which creates the entirety of your reality. Therefore, as you allow yourselves more of an understanding of what your perception is, you also shall understand your reality much more, and as you allow yourself to be understanding that these are choices that you ALL participate within, you may also move more easily into acceptance of self and of other individuals.

You may choose one particular orientation within this one focus, but you are participating simultaneously in the other orientations also, NOW. You hold those experiences NOW in other focuses of your essence. Therefore, who and what shall you be judging of in your judgments concerning other individuals and their choices within their perceptions, as you are creating the same in other focuses? As you place this lack of acceptance upon other individuals, you also place this upon yourself, for you are NOT separated.

There is no separation within consciousness. What you express outwardly is affecting of all else, and is affecting of yourself also. Therefore, as you look to these situations that you are creating within mass expressions presently, regardless of your orientation, you are a participant in these mass expressions, be you actively involved physically or not. Within energy, within consciousness, you also are participating and involved within the movement of energy.

Presently, you view intense turmoil and conflict within your European states. Many individuals are experiencing tremendous trauma ... and let us view this word! I have expressed many, many times to you all that within the action of this shift, THERE SHALL BE TRAUMA ... and you begin! You have lent much energy to this time framework, and many expressions within this time framework move in the direction of fear and intolerance and conflict.

You as individuals, within the confines of your belief systems, are exceedingly resistant to change, but change is your nature! You are continuously experiencing change, for you are continuously in motion! But within your thought processes and your belief systems, you express to yourselves that you do NOT change and you do not appreciate change, for it is unfamiliar and this is fearful and you dislike this action.

And in this, you express to yourselves the wondering as to why your world and yourself and All-That-Is in your reality may not merely stay the same ... which it shall NOT stay the same, for you are continuously in motion and continuously changing! This is the nature of consciousness. This is the nature of essence and all of your expressions of essence and consciousness, to be in a continual state of becoming and changing, exploring, being. The very term ‘being’ holds movement.

In this, you also have connected to another mass event within this location of your own society, in mirror image to what other individuals are creating en masse. You are not immune to all of these expressions, and you express to yourselves wonderings and confusion. ‘Why shall children be expressing in the manner of violence and conflict?’ Why shall they not? You are all participating in the same motion and you are all lending energy to the same motion.

Your resistance within yourselves to be changing – and your resistance within yourselves to be addressing to very strong belief systems and aspects of belief systems concerning perception – lends energy to the expression of these mass events. The expression within these mass events is a lack of tolerance and [a lack of] acceptance of difference.

Individuals hold different perceptions. They create their reality differently, and therefore it is not accepted. Judgment is placed and energy flies ... and energy, as I have stated many, many times, is ALWAYS expressed.

It is your choice how you are channeling your individual energy and your mass energy to be expressed, but it shall always be expressed in one area or another, and if it is being expressed and it is not efficiently gaining your attention in what you choose to be turning your attention to, you shall choose a different expression that SHALL gain your attention ... and conflict gains your attention quite efficiently! You shall pay attention if you are viewing any element within your reality as negative.

Perception, as I have stated, is that element that is creating of your reality. In this time framework, you address to the belief system of sexuality, which holds tremendous influence in the area of creating your perception, for the two base elements of your reality, as has been stated, are emotion and sexuality. This is how you create within this particular dimension, and all that you create is within relation to those two elements. Therefore, you are creating quite efficiently in gaining your attention presently, in addressing to pulling surfacely within your attention this element of the belief system of sexuality.

Sexuality is not limited to sex. It is not limited to gender. It is not limited to sexual activity. This is a very large area of your belief and a very narrow definition that you hold, as to what sexuality is. It is all of your identification within your interaction of self and your world. It is your perception: how you view yourself, how you view other individuals, how you view your world, how you view events, how you view ALL of your reality. This all falls within the cage of sexuality, for it is your perception.

Therefore, this is a very affecting belief system. It also, as with all other belief systems, couples itself with the belief system of duplicity quite efficiently, lending to each of you in your creation of judgment of self and of each other.

Within this time framework presently, many individuals are not merely creating judgments upon other individuals, but you are experiencing an intensity of creating judgments and lack of acceptance with yourselves. You are dissatisfied with your own creations and you are quite efficiently – within your reality presently – discounting of your own abilities, and also not being accepting of your choices and placing judgments upon yourselves in many different expressions.

Now; this is not to say that you are each walking about your planet, moping and sobbing and expressing to yourselves, ‘Oh, woe is me!’ Nor am I expressing to you that you are intensely battling with yourselves or expressing to yourselves how extremely inadequate you all are! But you may be, in varying degrees, expressing elements of this to yourselves in many different areas, and not even noticing what you are expressing to yourselves.

Think each to yourselves how often recently you have expressed ‘I am sorry’ to yourselves or to another individual. Think each to yourselves how very often each of you has expressed the thought process to yourselves that you ‘should have’ accomplished some element better or differently. Should-haves are running rampant presently within consciousness!

Speculations are also running rampant presently ... expressing to yourselves quite often, ‘What if? How shall I proceed in any given situation, for what if this occurs? What if that occurs? What if I am affecting in this manner and I wish not to be? What if another individual is affecting of myself and I wish them not to be?’ What if, what if, what if, what if, what if! And you are creating massive confusion and conflict within yourselves in this area!

You also simultaneously are expressing intolerance within yourselves, expressing to yourselves what you SHOULD be accomplishing: ‘I should be accomplishing this; I should be moving in this direction; I should be more efficient in this area; I should not be expressing in this manner.’ You are quite efficiently creating yourselves into very convoluted little saplings, (7) twisting and turning and creating more and more conflict within yourselves, and abundantly lending energy to mass expressions of tremendous conflict! And subsequently, you sit within the comfort of your home and you express, ‘Why, why, why?’

You are accomplishing quite efficiently! I am acknowledging of this! You are each creating your reality quite well in lending energy to these expressions and convoluting yourselves quite efficiently!

I have expressed recently to many, many, many individuals, over and over within the forum of these sessions, the exercise of no conflict, (8) for you are creating an epidemic of conflict! And therefore, I am repeating of myself quite often recently, in expressing to you all to be remembering your no conflict scenario. You may offer yourselves less conflict if you are offering yourselves more of an understanding of who and what you are. You may also offer to yourselves more of an understanding of your interactions with other individuals and how they are influenced in recognizing the qualities of different orientations, for you do not hold the same qualities within different orientations. Therefore, there are translations that need be implemented in your interactions with individuals holding different orientations. They are speaking different languages.

If you are visiting a different country, you shall not be efficiently communicating with the individuals within that country if you are speaking different languages, but if you are offering yourselves interpretation, you may more efficiently understand the language of another individual. This is acceptable to you. You give little thought process to the venturing into different areas of your physical world holding different languages and accepting that you need interpretation, in a manner of speaking, and availing yourself of that information.

But you do not allow this interpretation to be occurring within the translation of the languages of orientations. You merely express to yourselves, ‘No. It is unnecessary for myself to be translating. This is not my responsibility. This responsibility lies with all else within my world. I need not be engaging translation and understanding of other individuals.’ And all other individuals are expressing the same element, the same thought, the same feeling.

And then you weep, to yourselves and to each other, in viewing that there is no solution within your reality to be eliminating all of these conflicts. I express to you that the solution in this area is as easy as turning your attention to self and recognizing your own expressions, your own beliefs, availing yourselves of information concerning who and what you are, how you are creating of your reality, recognizing that individuals are all creating their reality individually, and they are all different.

Even within mass expressions, each participating individual is creating their reality slightly different from each other individual, for reality is a very highly individualized creation. It may appear at times that it is merely a blanket of reality that you all merely participate within as if it were an entity within itself, but it is not. It is a manufacture of each of your perceptions, and each of your perceptions is created through your elements of your reality – sexuality and emotion – and is highly influenced by your beliefs.

... Now; prior to our engagement of questions and responses to your questions, I shall offer a small example of the differences in expressions of these three orientations and their perceptions and how they are responsive to different situations in relation to mass events, that you may more clearly hold an understanding of your differences in your perceptions.

I shall express to you three individuals of the same gender, that you may not be confusing gender with orientation, for these are very different expressions. We shall use the example of three individuals of females. I shall express the individuals of Michael [Mary], Lawrence [Vicki], and Shynla [Cathy], of which all of you, through the transcribing of these sessions, may become familiar with these three individuals, who occupy your physical focus presently.

Michael [Mary] holds the orientation of soft, Lawrence [Vicki] holds the orientation of common, Shynla [Cathy] holds the orientation of intermediate; three different orientations, three individuals within the same gender, three very different expressions and perceptions.

With relation to mass events, Michael [Mary] responds to these mass events in allowing much affectingness. Within the orientation of soft, there is an interaction and an interconnectedness with other individuals and in mass expressions. The attention of interaction between the individual and their world is more extensive. Therefore, there is an individual involvement and an objective expression as mass events occur. There is an awareness of the individual with this orientation of soft that they are a participant, regardless of their location or their physical involvement. They hold an inner knowing and awareness of their participation in consciousness, and they are affected. Thought and emotion are both incorporated into their affectingness. Many of these individuals may move into the position of actual physical involvement in these situations and physically participate in the actions. Regardless that they physically participate or not, they shall be experiencing tremendous affectingness in relation to these types of events and may be displaying very emotional expressions in relation to these events.

Lawrence [Vicki] holds the orientation of common. These individuals, in relation to a mass event of these types of which we are speaking this evening, may be partially noticing of these mass events, may allow themselves to be partially connecting objectively through thought, but may hold little emotional involvement with these situations. They are not perceiving their individual interaction with these mass events unless they are physically participating in them, but they also shall be more responsive to individuals that they DO physically and emotionally interact with.

Therefore, if they are interactive with another individual that is responding to the involvement of the mass event, their attention shall move to the individual that they participate with; not necessarily the mass event itself, but the affectingness and the participation of the individual that they personally are interactive with, for this is affecting of them individually. You respond within your orientations to that which is affecting of you individually.

Now; as I have expressed, the individual of common interacts with and is affected by those individuals that are personally affecting of them and that they hold involvement with. The individuals of soft incorporate the entirety of your planet as interactive with them. They do not separate themselves from the interaction of all else that occurs within the actions of your mass events.

The individuals of intermediate may hold less personal involvement with mass events than either the common or the soft, for their attention moves inward. Their attention moves to self.

In this, I am not expressing that they may not hold an awareness of these mass events, but they hold little personal affectingness of this. They may express an opinion or a thought process, but you generally shall not be observing these individuals to be personally involving themselves in connection with these mass expressions. They shall continue to hold their attention in the direction that it is, in relation to themselves, regardless of the mass expression which is occurring.

Shynla [Cathy], as our example of intermediate, holds awareness of mass events, but holds her attention in her own interaction with self and the situations that she is creating individually within her focus, and this [holds] precedence over all else. There is an element of responsiveness to other individuals that she may view as holding a relationship in closeness, but only to those individuals within closeness relationships, not extending outward to less intense relationships with other individuals. Even those individuals that may be deemed as close relationship shall not receive the emotional expression of interaction and empathy, so to speak ... which we are not speaking of your empathic sense, but the emotion of empathy.

This shall not be extended to other individuals in their expression as openly or as intensely as the individual may express within the orientation of common. Their attention shall move much more into the expression of empathy to the individuals that they hold relationship with, but they shall also incorporate that expression of empathy with other individuals that they do not hold close relationship with. They shall be noticing of other individuals’ expressions, and they may casually, in YOUR words, interact with certain individuals within the area of their employ or within their community and they shall be responsive to these individuals also, if the individuals are expressing that they are experiencing individual affectingness. Their concern shall extend to those individuals that ARE allowing personal involvement and affectingness, but shall not extend much beyond that point. They shall not be necessarily involving themselves or expressing emotional affectingness as to the mass event itself.

Therefore, you may view within these three different types of perceptions, within these three orientations, there are quite different exhibitions of these individuals’ realities. One individual focuses much more upon self. One individual focuses upon self and slightly outward to personally-affecting individuals. One individual extends with their perception to the incorporation of experiencing together with the entirety of your world. Now you may also view in these differences that each individual holds the potential for creating judgment on the other individuals, for their expressions are very different.

You place great value upon the word that you express as ‘caring.’ You place great judgment upon this word of caring. Individuals that are intermediate may appear to be, in the assessment of other individuals, not caring. And of course, this is very, very bad, for you must ALWAYS be caring individuals, and you must be expressing this caring in certain types of guidelines that are acceptable within your mass expressions! (Humorously) Therefore, the individuals of common may be viewed as partially caring! (Laughter) The individuals of soft are overly caring! (Laughter) NONE of your expressions are quite acceptable, for they are either extreme or they are not quite adequate enough, and this is the manner that you slip into your expressions of non-acceptance of each other, and also of yourselves.

Individuals within the expression of soft, the orientation of soft, also view their expression as extreme and not acceptable. Individuals within the orientation of common express to themselves that they are not caring enough or are not involved enough with certain situations. Individuals that may be of the orientation of intermediate are hopelessly lost! (Laughter) For they are not interactive with any individual, but they are quite interactive with themselves! And they are very much not caring, for they are merely caring of themselves! Quite a selfish expression, in the judgment of the masses!

This may offer you more of an understanding of how you yourselves individually create your reality – how you are responsive to yourselves and to each other, to situations, and to your world – and it may offer you more of an understanding of other individuals’ creations of their reality if it is different from your own. And in this understanding, you may begin to offer yourselves the noticing in those moments that you are not accepting of yourselves or of other individuals ... each of those moments that you are expressing to yourselves that you may be creating differently, for your expression presently is not adequate, and as you express to yourselves that your expression is not adequate, you also mirror this outward to other individuals.

Let me also express to you that within this subject matter of orientation, there is great affectingness in this area. Much of your reality is very affected by this expression of orientation. Many individuals, in not understanding and identifying their individual orientation, may be creating tremendous conflict within themselves in a lack of acceptance of themselves, for they do not understand what they are creating, and how, and it may not move within the confines of your officially accepted beliefs within your societies.

The individuals holding the orientation of soft lean in the direction of not conforming to their societal beliefs. They may align with many of the beliefs, but they also move in a direction of challenging many societal beliefs or mass belief systems. These individuals may be quite unaccepting of themselves, for their expression does not fit, and other individuals are unaccepting of them also, for their expression does not fit, and if you do not fit within your officially accepted reality, you shall be experiencing conflict and judgments upon yourselves and upon each other.

And as you allow yourselves to widen your awareness and offer yourselves more information, you may be becoming much more accepting of yourselves and your choices, recognizing that your choices are your own, and that they are not bad or wrong. They merely are your choices, and if you are dissatisfied with your choices, you hold the ability within every moment to choose different choices. You hold no limits within this physical focus, merely the limits that you place upon yourselves as influenced by your beliefs, and as you move into acceptance of these beliefs, you also remove your obstacles and your limitations, and you offer yourselves great freedom.

Now you may engage your questioning! (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)

RODNEY: Elias, I have three questions. I think they kind of roll into each other. One of course is, what is my preference?

Second, is there a relationship between preference and family?

And the third one is, if this is a preference, why would one choose to be soft versus why would one choose to be common versus why would one choose to be intermediate? What would be the motivation behind making the choice to be one of the three? So, that’s kind of like three questions there.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, first of all, there is a distinct difference between orientation and preference. You are incorporating terminology that I am specifically offering to you quite intentionally. I am speaking of orientation, not preference. They are very different. I am understanding of what you are speaking ...

RODNEY: I’m confused.

ELIAS: ... but within clarity, I offer to you, preference is an objective choice. You hold a preference in the area of your sexual choice of activity. You hold a preference, an objective choice, in the area of who you choose to be interactive with, who you choose to be engaged in relationships with, who you choose to be engaging sexual activity with. These are objective choices. These are preferences. This is very different from orientation.

Your orientation is not an objective choice. This is a subjective choice, in the same manner as gender.

RODNEY: So it was made before we came into this focus?

ELIAS: Quite; yes.

RODNEY: Was there a motivation behind it at that time?

ELIAS: Yes. You choose to be manifesting in each one of these orientations.

RODNEY: I see.

ELIAS: Now; you may hold in essence a preference for an orientation. Therefore, you may manifest within this physical focus 100 times, and you may choose, in preference, to be manifesting 86 times as common, and you may choose to be experiencing soft and intermediate few. This is an expression of preference.

But you shall experience all three of these orientations if you are manifesting physically within this dimension. It matters not which focus you choose to be experiencing which orientation, but that you shall be experiencing all three of these orientations within a particular physical focus and that you ARE experiencing all of these orientations presently, for all of your focuses are accomplished simultaneously.

RODNEY: And I guess the answer to the family thing is that it’s independent of family.

ELIAS: Quite!


ELIAS: There are difference[s] in the expression. The influence of your belonging to and aligning with these families in consciousness is that of intent. This is the element within your reality that designates the direction of your intent within an individual focus, the direction that you choose. Your orientation holds its own qualities that are specific to each of the orientations, and this is how you PERCEIVE.

RODNEY: I think I understand. (Elias chuckles) Is it fair to tell me what my orientation is, or is it better if I find out for myself?

ELIAS: It matters not. I am quite understanding that presently, within the delivery of this information, it may be difficult for individuals to be identifying their particular orientation.

RODNEY: I would guess that I am soft.

ELIAS: And you shall guess incorrectly, and this shall be the point!

It may be difficult for you to be identifying your orientation in this present time framework, for you do not hold an understanding and an assimilation of the information being offered adequately yet to be allowing yourselves accurate assessment. I express to you that hold the orientation of common in this particular focus, and as you avail yourselves of this information in the definitions and the qualities of these three different orientations, you shall also view how you fit in that particular orientation. You may identify your own behaviors, your own creations, your own perception and how it shall fit into the expression of that particular orientation, for you shall identify with the qualities.

(Firmly) Do NOT confuse the qualities of these orientations with gender or preference! They are very different. Your beliefs lean you in the directions of identifying orientation with preference, and these are very different expressions and may not be equated with each other. Preference is preference ...

RODNEY: Objective.

ELIAS: ... and orientation is orientation.

RODNEY: Subjective.

ELIAS: Water is water, and earth is earth. And you may mix these together, but water shall not be earth, and earth shall not be water, for they are different elements. And you may mix together your orientations with each other, and you may mix together orientation and preference, but they are different elements. You may incorporate them alongside of each other, but they are not each other.” [session 387, April 24, 1999]

LYNDA: “One of the last times we spoke, on the 17th of January, I believe, you confirmed my focus of Beatrice Kaufman, and you began to address this issue of sexual orientation. At the time I was confused about what you were talking about, and since then I believe I have a better understanding or I have widened or whatever, and I think that the way I interpreted it was very singular at the time, which is fine and I understand why I did that. I thought you were saying something you were not saying with regard to my ... I thought you were saying I was ‘other,’ and I became afraid because I doubted my own choice to explore not being ‘other,’ and I don’t want to address that with you. I just want to note that as the confusing point.

Lately I have been involved in some very interesting and exciting interactions in my business that have raised up a lot of dust with regard to sexual orientation or my choice of sexual orientation. I have interacted with some very strong men in business and have been aware of a dual sort of experience; the one experience being that I was able to empathically go in and discern them in a way that allowed me to interact freely with them and have fun with them because I have a natural way of relating that is very easy for me, and I saw myself bringing these three very strong businessmen together, and then I watched myself perceive their perception of me as a woman. I became very intimidated by them and went into a whole self-unworthiness flow, which I very much allowed myself to do because I realized that if I was going to choose to do business in this manner ... I want to be free and have fun and play and accomplish my Sumafi intent too, which is to be an example of self-acceptance in a fun way that would automatically draw people to me, and it has begun to do that.

So anyway, I had a very effortless experience with this guy Bill from Canada, and he came out here and I introduced him to these three men, and they are going to do business together.

And then I went into this ‘valley’ experience of like a backlash of my own insecurity about how they were perceiving me, which was my perception. I don’t even know if it was theirs. I’m saying it was mine, and then I dropped it and I got back into my moment point and I allowed for an effortless flow, and it surfaced again just a couple of days ago, and I had a little bit of that backlash but not as much ... and I’m saying all that to you so I can describe why I think my orientation choice is soft.

I know you have been addressing common, intermediate, and soft, and although I have not read the transcripts, I’ve talked to a couple of people, and it was right in the middle of this exact experience I’m having, and my first take on it was that I was soft because of my ability to relate to a lot of people. I have a strong sensitivity to mass beliefs, and coupled with my Vold empathic sense, I am learning how to not take it so personally. Do you understand what I’m saying?

ELIAS: I am quite aware of what you are expressing. You may continue if you are choosing.

LYNDA: Well, I want to bottom-line this. I know I have been very interactive with essence through my writing, through all of this – well, for a long time, through all of this time – and I am feeling like the essence writing I am doing is very edifying to me, to keep me stable and balanced in my acceptance of self, and I feel, Elias, that I am resonating with this shift. I am experiencing this wave in consciousness and it’s kind of scary, but it’s also kind of fun because I feel like I’m accomplishing, so I’d like you to comment.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Very well. Let us address initially to the subject matter of orientation, and I shall clarify for you.

In this, as you avail yourself of the information that I have offered recently as to explanations of these three different orientations, you may hold a greater understanding of what I shall be offering to you within this present now.

LYNDA: Okay.

ELIAS: I express to you that you hold the orientation of common.

Now; were you to be of the orientation of soft in the gender of female, you may not necessarily hold as much of an ease in interaction with individuals within the gender of male.

Now; be understanding, for I wish not to be confusing you or any other individual. In this, I am not expressing that preference is the same as orientation. Be clear that they are very different.

Also, gender is quite different from orientation, but just as your outer senses hold very different functions, they also complement each other to be creating a whole in perception, in a manner of speaking.

Therefore, in this, I express to you that you hold an ease in creating much of your reality in both types of manners, in individual expression and in expression with other individuals. You allow yourself an ease in individual expression. You also allow yourself an element of ease in your expression with other individuals.

Let me also express to you, there is a difference in the expression of an individual that may be experiencing feelings or thought processes in concern to mass expressions and beliefs, and that expression of an individual that holds the orientation of soft.

An individual that holds the orientation of soft shall hold very strong responses, or what you may term to be reactions, to mass events, in the manner that they express the same were they to be experiencing these mass events themselves.


ELIAS: There is very distinct difference between each of these three orientations, in your experience and perception.

Now; the area of responsiveness to mass events is a very efficient example to be offering the differences in expression ... of which, within our most recent group forum, I have offered much information in this area to be explaining to individuals the differences in these three orientations and how this is affecting of your perception and of your experiences.

Individuals that hold the orientation of common may be responsive in a less extreme manner to mass events. They are noticing – they may avail themselves of information and they may develop opinions and even emotional response to an extent – but as I have stated, these individuals also shall be much more affected by the individuals that they physically surround themselves with and draw themselves to than they shall be to the event itself.

In this, what I am expressing to you is that if you are interactive with other individuals, those individuals that you term to be close to you in relationship shall be much more affecting of you in THEIR response – and your response to their response – than you shall be to the actual event itself. Your concern shall extend to an individual that may be reacting in what you may term to be extreme if they are holding the orientation of soft. You may also, if interacting with an individual of intermediate, notice their lack of responsiveness, and this may be triggering much wondering within you as to why they are not responding to these mass events.

You, in your expression of common, may be placed in what you term to be the middle. You do not hold an extreme reaction to the point that you view yourself to be personally experiencing these mass events – to the point that they are affecting of your entire reality – but you also are not entirely removed from mass events and the expressions within them as would be an individual, in a manner of speaking, of intermediate.

Also, let me express to you that within this orientation of common, individuals find more of an ease interacting with all individuals, regardless of gender. It matters not that they be interactive with male or female. They may be easily interactive with either gender, holding little difficulty in understanding of each of these genders, for this orientation of common incorporates an understanding and a willingness to be accepting of the expressions of both genders and holds less of a movement in the direction of separation, so to speak, in this particular area.

As to the orientations of intermediate and soft, they may be many times more inclined to be drawing to themselves interaction which affords them less thickness, less difficulty, less effort, and less conflict by magnating to common genders – not common orientations, common genders – that they shall magnate themselves to like gender, that they may be incorporating similar experiences physically, which offers them what you may term to be similar ground, in a manner of speaking. They incorporate much identification with either self or with all interaction of all other individuals, and this incorporates much of their attention and their energy. Therefore, they magnate to the ease of not concerning themselves with differences in gender.

Now; be remembering, what I am expressing to you is quite different from the idea or the choice of preference. Preference magnates to the subject matter of your choice in sexual activity. This is an entirely different subject matter, and this is an objective choice.

We are speaking of orientation, which is the ingredient of your perception which creates your reality, and this is very influencing of your responsiveness to certain experiences, and how you perceive yourself and your world, and how you interact with all of it. Therefore, I express to you, as we continue to be examining this subject matter of these orientations, it shall become clearer to you each, yourself also, how you have chosen a particular orientation within this focus.

Be remembering also, I have been engaged in reminding individuals throughout this discussion concerning orientation that you hold each orientation within physical focus. Therefore, do not concern yourself with the thought process that one may be better than another orientation, for you are experiencing them all. It matters not. We are merely concerning ourselves presently with this one particular orientation that you are experiencing and have chosen for this one particular focus in which your attention resides and speaks to me.

Therefore, there is no necessity for creating MORE influences of aspects of belief systems in incorporating judgments as to the orientation that you hold presently. It is merely a choice for experience.

Within your choice presently, this offers you more of an efficiency in the area of your alignment with your family of Vold in this focus. Were you to be holding the orientation of soft, you may be overwhelming yourself with emotional incorporation within this one particular focus.

This is not to say that there are not some individuals that do choose this type of creation, but I express to you that you have already incorporated much of the expression emotionally of the Vold family and have allowed yourself to be freely experiencing the exploration of all of the different expressions of emotion within this particular focus. Were you to be incorporating the choice of orientation of soft coupled with the choice that you have incorporated within family alignment and your intent, you may be overwhelming yourself with emotional stimulation within this particular focus.

LYNDA: And exploding!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Quite!

LYNDA: I appreciate that. Thank you so much for the clarification.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

Let me express to you that you offer yourself more of an ability to balance yourself holding the orientation of common.” [session 393, May 09, 1999]

VICKI: “I’m going to start with some questions for Mary, which is also interesting, as you know! (Elias chuckles)

Her first question is, what was the point of the Elian [Gonzalez] thing, in terms of it being a mass event? (9) (Pause)

ELIAS: As I have stated previously, this mass event may be associated with the essence family of Borledim, and in this, in relation to this shift in consciousness, you may be noticing of this mass event – and other responses within mass events and the responses of many individuals in relation to other mass events – in association with the belief system of relationships.

The Borledim family, as we have expressed previously, creates what you term to be the earth stock, so to speak, and in the intent of that particular essence family … engages a friction with the belief system of relationships, for the belief system of relationships holds many aspects which are intensely influencing of your reality and the roles that you create for yourselves and for each other within your reality.

In this, many of the expressions of the aspects of this particular belief system move, in a manner of speaking, contrary to the qualities and the intent of that particular essence family.

Now; as the essence family of Borledim is one of the families that are physically orchestrating the direction of movement of this shift in consciousness, in a manner of speaking, you may allow yourselves to observe that the aspects of the belief system of relationships is being addressed to in an ongoing manner, even outside of the expression of the wave which was initiated and moved in addressing to that particular belief system, for this essence family is moving energy in a manner to be drawing attention to the strength of many aspects of this particular belief system.

Now; for the most part, throughout your globe, individuals within most cultures of your reality view certain aspects of this belief system as absolute roles, in which they create tremendous expressions in intensity in association with this belief system.

One of the aspects of this particular belief system is that of family, and within that expression of family, individuals design very specific identifications and definitions of roles, and behaviors that shall be displayed in conjunction with those roles.

Now; these are extremely influencing in expressions as individuals interact with each other.

The roles of the individuals participating in the family unit, so to speak, are clearly defined within your reality in most cultures; not all, but for the most part, this is an identification that holds throughout most of your globe. Therefore, it is a very strong aspect of this belief system. In this, you assign what you identify as certain ‘rights’ to certain roles in these family units.

Now; in assigning these rights, so to speak, what you reinforce in the expression of this aspect of this belief system is a discounting of the ability of any individual to be creating their own individual reality.

This is assigned in extreme to small ones. With the exception of very few cultures throughout your globe, there is an absolute definition, as set forth through the influence of this aspect of this belief system, that expresses that small ones most especially do not create their reality, nor do they hold the right to be creating their reality.

In this, you have created a mass event which demonstrates and offers an example of your association with this family unit as an entity in itself, and the roles that comprise this family unit.

The individual players in this scenario matter not. What holds significance is the aspect of the belief and how that influences the perceptions of the participating individuals, for you DO align with these aspects of these belief systems and you DO participate in the offering of energy to these mass events through your association with these roles.

Now; in this, you have offered yourselves an objective example in this mass event of the strength of individuals’ participations, of their movement in association with their perceptions, and the intensity of what they may be creating through the manipulation of their perception, which is intensely influenced by these beliefs.

You associate that individuals holding the roles of the parents in the family unit are designated as the dictators of the reality of the family unit. They set the rules. They set the direction. They act as the guides, the teachers, the providers.

Now; within the aspect of the belief and the roles that you have accepted into your reality in this family unit, you view these roles as good, as positive, and quite acceptable. You even fit these roles into your concept of each individual creating their own reality and that you are allowing for that as a reality, but you are not.

You continue to create friction and conflict in your interactions in the relationships that you create with other individuals, and one of the expressions of this conflict is the expression of the roles that you have created in association with families.

Now; you do not merely create conflict which is limited to a family unit itself. You create conflicts in association with the roles of these family units that extend far beyond the family unit itself.

This essence family of Borledim has participated in this example in offering energy to the creation of this mass event to be drawing attention to the action of the influence of the beliefs concerning the family unit and expression, and how very affecting these beliefs are as they are projected through your perceptions, and how far-reaching they become – how many more individuals participate than merely those that you associate as the immediate family members.

You have involved thousands and thousands and thousands of individuals in the expression of one family. You have created a mass event in which many, many cultures throughout your globe have participated. Many, many thousands of families have participated in the actions and choices of one family.

This offers you an objective example of the interconnectedness and the lack of separation of all of you throughout your globe, and how affecting these belief systems are and how these belief systems are influencing of your perception, reinforcing that you do not create your reality.

For you may not create your reality in part. You create ALL of your reality. But if one small one is not creating all of their reality, the association is automatic that neither are any of you.

This opens the door and holds it open for the reinforcement that there are elements of your reality that you do not create, and this spills into aspects of control and protection and victim and perpetrator. There are many, many other aspects of belief systems that are involved, so to speak, with the association that you do not create all of your reality.

The one area which holds significance, in your very physical terms, to target, so to speak – to gain your attention in association with you creating your reality individually within every moment – is to be focusing the attention upon a small one, and to allow yourselves to view a small one to be manipulating his energy to be creating his reality in the manner in which he chooses, and not necessarily by the dictates of parents or family or cultures or countries ... OR the laws of nature, so to speak! (Chuckling)

For within your associations and your beliefs – in your common vernacular, ‘by all rights,’ for you are so very fond of rights – this small one should have disengaged in natural elements of your ocean with no individual to protect him, and thwarting the elements of nature itself!” [session 626, May 30, 2000]

VIC: “I have a question. The last time we talked, we were talking about group creations, and basically what you said was, they don’t exist in the definition that we hold presently. So I’d like to pick that ball up and run with it, and ask for a redefinition of group or co-creation.

ELIAS: As I have expressed, the idea of co-creation, in your definition, is quite similar to your definition of group creations, which in actuality is not what is occurring. For in these concepts that you present to yourself in relation to objective imagery, you develop a definition that many individuals – or a few individuals – may be creating one direction together in relation to each other, that you all are moving in a common expression, which in actuality is not the situation.

Even in those expressions that appear objectively to be group creations, that many, many people are participating within, each individual is creating their own expression of imagery.

Now; individuals may be creating some similarities in their expression, which creates a movement in energy that lends energy to each of the individuals through the power of collective energy in similarities, but not necessarily in direction.

Now; I have expressed previously that at times, groups of individuals may choose to be expressing a similar direction purposefully to be creating a statement, so to speak, en masse. This is also created within other expressions of consciousness, not necessarily limited to your species.

At times, your creatures may also be collectively choosing an expression of direction, which IS a collective action, to be expressing a point....

VIC: Like the mad cow disease thing.

ELIAS: Correct. which there is a cooperation of many expressions of manifestations collectively, which are projecting energy in a specific expression of direction to be creating a mass statement for the attention objectively of other masses, and to be beneficial to all within consciousness.

But you confuse these types of actions and classify them together with other actions that surfacely appear to be group cooperations, which are not necessarily.

You may choose similar imagery in numbers. This is not to say that these numbers of individuals that are creating similar objective imagery are cooperating in one direction commonly, or creating an action of a statement, or creating a collective action for their collective noticing.

This type of action [of individual creation] is expressed much more often within your physical reality. It is much less commonly expressed that any form of consciousness shall collectively cooperate in a common direction to be creating a statement.

VIC: Much less, you say?

ELIAS: Yes. This is much less common.

We have spoken of actions such as your choices to be creating many similarities in physical expressions. This occurs not merely in those obvious creations that you recognize, such as your flus or your epidemics of dis-eases, but you may be noticing many times within your objective imagery, many, many, many individuals may be creating very similar imagery within a specific time framework.

Each of those individuals are creating their own direction. They are creating imagery that is specific to themselves for their own noticing; for their own reason, so to speak. It may appear objectively, outwardly quite similar to many other individuals, but each individual is creating their expression individually.

Now; at times, the reason that you choose imagery that appears very similar is that you may be individually creating your imagery with little effort.

For in the actual recognition that there is no separation, that you are all interconnected, that you are all one expression, if you are creating many expressions of very similar imagery, it requires less energy expression, which frees your attention to the reason of your individual creation. You do not distract yourself as intensely with the actual creation as you do in holding your attention in your identification of what you have created and why you have created.

In our example of the expression physically of individuals that create the symptoms of a flu, many, many individuals create this outward expression within a similar time framework. It appears objectively that they are all participating in a mass movement, that you are all creating the same imagery in relation to each other.

You have incorporated this belief so strongly that you even believe that you communicate this virus or influenza to each other – you ‘exchange’ it with each other! (Almost incredulously)

In actuality, each individual is creating their individual, unique expression of it, but in this, you create very similar symptoms. This allows you to pay less attention to the symptoms than to what you are creating and why you are creating.

Individuals that are all creating this influenza within a particular time framework are not concentrating their energy upon the actual creation of the influenza. They are not concentrating their energy upon the symptoms. They are concentrating their attention upon what their payoff shall be in creating these symptoms and what they shall gain by the creation of these symptoms.

And as you create these symptoms in mass type of expression in similarity to each other, you create a movement in energy which allows the expression of energy – which is all you, without separation – to move automatically without a concentration of attention. As you create imagery that is expressly different from other individuals, you concentrate much more of your individual energy upon the actual creation and movement of energy. It is, in a manner of speaking, more difficult.

It requires more of your attention to be creating express differences in objective imagery. It requires attention to self in that expression of individuality. You do not require yourselves to be paying attention to self in the expression of common creations, for you lend energy to each other, in the movement of that energy, to be creating it without attention.

(To Vic) You create the imagery that you have chosen and designed in relation to the transcriptions for your reasons.

(Vic’s note: reference session 626.)

Now; let me express to you, all that is required to be creating the similarities is for one individual to create a difference.

You have created an expression in which originally, so to speak, your concentration was upon you. Your attention was upon you.

Now; other individuals may view that imagery and may choose to also create similar imagery, for there is an automatic recognition that if you are choosing similar imagery, it may be created in much more of an ease, for there is already a movement of energy created. The movement has already begun.

Therefore, it is unnecessary to hold your attention as intensely and individually upon the expression of the outward imagery. Therefore, other individuals also have chosen to be creating what appears to be a cooperation with you in creating imagery in relation to these transcriptions. It is easy.

Any of these individuals may choose any other type of expression to be offering themselves information that they choose to be noticing, or to be moving their attention into a specific direction.

This is not to say that they shall pay attention to what they are creating or that they shall investigate or question what they are creating, but they are creating an attempt to gain their attention through objective imagery. This is not to say that YOU shall pay attention to what you have initiated, but you have created an attempt.

In this, as each individual chooses what they wish to be expressing to themselves ... which may be expressed quite simply, and for the most part IS quite simple in its expression. It merely appears complicated, for you complicate it by analyzing all of this complex imagery, which in actuality IS quite simple!

They may choose any means to be gaining their attention, but I have expressed to you many times, you magnate to ease. It is a natural expression to you. Even in difficulty, you magnate to ease! Therefore, in what you complicate or what you create in difficulty, you also choose avenues of ease to be expressing it! (Laughter)

VIC: I’m not sure I understand entirely, but partly what you’re saying is that in a situation of, say, shared imagery, part of the reason that each individual chooses to create that imagery in that time framework is to be lending energy to the ease of ... what? The creation itself?

ELIAS: They are already lending energy to the ease of all of the creations of imagery in similarity. This is not the ‘reason’ that they are creating their individual imagery.

Each individual creates their imagery for their own individual noticing and their own reason, and each individual holds differences in their reasons, which we have established. They merely choose a method, so to speak, which creates an ease. It allows for more freedom of attention, for it requires less attention to be projecting the actual imagery.

VIC: So then part of like the redefinition of the term ... in my definition then presently, I assume a reason. If I see what I think is a group creation, I automatically assume that there is some sort of reason for it. Are you saying that that’s really not the point, because each individual has their own individual reason....

ELIAS: Correct.

VIC: There’s not a group reason for it.

ELIAS: Correct.

VIC: Okay, that’s part of it. I get that part.

ELIAS: It is merely an ease in expression. It is not necessarily an expression of ‘reason,’ so to speak, or ‘meaning,’ as you term it, in the objective imagery itself.

VIC: So then part of my definition that might be changing is that I kind of also assume ... when other people join in on a creation that I notice or am a part of, I do pay attention to the other people that are doing that, and then I like go into all these areas of trying to figure it out and trying to explain it to myself, and that’s all the complication of it, because in actuality ...

ELIAS: Correct.

VIC: ... the imagery is self-created.

ELIAS: Correct. This IS a complication.

VIC: And that’s part of the redefinition, is uncomplicating it.

ELIAS: Simplifying ... which is quite difficult with ALL of you, (laughter) for you are so very fond of complicating!

VIC: Yeah. Initially it sounds even more complicated, but I kinda get it.... (Laughter)

ELIAS: In actuality, it is not quite complicated!

SHARON: So there’s a great ease in expressing dis-ease. (Pause)

ELIAS: At times, yes, you are correct.

FEMALE: Does the energy create like a template? Do you know what I mean? And that’s why it flows so easily to a common manifestation?

ELIAS: Abstractly, in a manner of speaking.

In a manner of speaking, in a small analogy, it may be likened to yourself powering a boat. You have directed this boat and set its course to pull you through the water, and along the way, many other individuals are attaching themselves to your boat also, for it shall pull them through the water easily also, rather than create their own boat and have their own boat pull them through the water. Why shall they expend the energy and create another boat, as they may attach themselves to your boat and allow it to pull them through the water? (Much laughter throughout this)

Their reason for being pulled through the water is their reason. Their destination is their own. It may not be the same destination as you. They are merely attaching themselves for the ride temporarily. (Grinning, and laughter)

SHARON: And they’re skiing!

ELIAS: Quite! (Laughter) Therefore, many individuals are skiing upon your transcriptions! (Grinning, and laughter) Each with their own direction and their own reason, to be offering themselves each their own information.” [session 711, October 21, 2000]

JENE: “I basically am facilitating an urgent call to our friend and confidant, Elias, and all the essence families, for some input as to our status here after the encounter that took place on Tuesday. We ... I’ll speak for myself. As a common focus, I don’t often connect with mass events in exactly the way that I’ve been responding. I’m vacillating between extreme emotion, intellectual tolerance, and an acceptance of consciousness within the shift, in the change. At the same time, I’m feeling such a sense of what Mary and Vicki and I were just talking about – victimization. Most of those of us who speak with you are looking for guidance and for information as to any input into the action that has taken place on Tuesday.

ELIAS: You are seeking information as to what you are creating in this mass event, correct?

JENE: Correct.

ELIAS: First of all, what are the waves in consciousness that you are participating in within this time framework?

VIC: Duplicity and sexuality.

ELIAS: Correct. What is an expression of duplicity?

JENE: The extremes in emotion and intellect?

ELIAS: No. What is an expression of duplicity?

VIC: Good and bad and right and wrong.

ELIAS: And victim. What is the manifestation outwardly of sexuality?

VIC: Perception....

ELIAS: Physical – all of your physical reality – your physical expressions, your physical manifestations. This is the encompassing expression of sexuality.

What have you participated within and witnessed in this mass event?

JENE: Good and bad, right and wrong, victimization....

ELIAS: Physical destruction. And express to myself, in relation to all of this information that I have offered to you and in relation to information that I have offered to you recently in association with this shift in consciousness and its objective insertion into your physical reality, shall you attempt to identify motivation? (Pause)

VIC: I would guess that part of it is an attention-getting device, and it certainly has gotten the attention of the entire world. But the actual motivation is part of what is confusing to me personally, because one of the questions – or in fact the only question – I have for you today is, how is all of this creating of this imagery moving anybody or moving us towards any sort of acceptance, or moving out of the victim thing? It seems to be more reinforcing it, rather than the opposite. So, I’m confused about that part of it.

ELIAS: But this is the manner in which you create your reality, is it not, Lawrence [Vicki]? For in this physical dimension, look to yourselves. What is your objective in this shift in consciousness? To be moving into acceptance of beliefs. How may you be moving into acceptance of beliefs if you are not identifying them, if you are not recognizing them, and if you do not EXPERIENCE them?

JENE: So this is – my favorite word – an opportunity to view and experience our belief systems in an extreme, which we often use as our motivation to become more conscious.

ELIAS: This is a simplification of the identification of what you are creating, yes.

Let me express to you, there are many movements which are occurring presently. Yes, this is an opportunity. But do not misunderstand, in my expression of that word of opportunity, that I am expressing lightly of what you have participated within and what you have created within this physical mass event.

Although within other areas of consciousness there may not be expressed the creation of emotion as you express within your physical dimension, there IS expressed compassion.

In this, as I have recently defined, compassion is the act of understanding, and this is reverberating within consciousness in this now, in association with these pangs of emergence that you physically display within your physical reality presently.

Let me express to you, you have, in a manner of speaking, opened wide your viewing of your beliefs, and the tremendous effects of automatic responses in relation to them. You now offer yourselves the opportunities of choice, and whether you shall enact those opportunities or not.

You present yourselves with the challenge – the challenge to in actuality experience in extreme the affectingness of your belief systems and the belief system of duplicity, which attaches itself as though a parasite to all of your other belief systems, disallowing you your freedoms, your choice.

And in this, I express to you, this is not surprising that you have created this extreme and this mass event, for I have recently been expressing to individuals within this forum, beware of those beliefs that you deem to be good.

Pay attention to those beliefs that provide you with tremendous comfort, for those are the beliefs that you are not motivated to accept, and in the lack of motivation to be accepting beliefs that you deem to be good, you turn your attention to expressions that you deem to be bad.

For those expressions – those creations that within your beliefs are bad or evil or unacceptable or uncomfortable – are the expressions that you turn your attention to, and allow you the motivation to seize your opportunities and engage your challenge to be accepting. The challenge that you face to yourselves now is genuinely of acceptance itself.

You have presented yourselves with a tremendous expression of the beliefs that you are addressing to presently, in many, many, many aspects of them – the tremendous power of duplicity, the automatic expression and association of victim.

Individuals that express objectively and openly that they are not victims and have never been victims now express this identification within themselves, and the recognition that they DO associate with this expression of victim. Throughout your globe, individuals recognize their own expressions of victimhood.

Let me express to you, you have created an extreme to emphasize to yourselves those beliefs that you deny their existence, and therefore you do not address to them, for within your perception, they are not affecting of you individually. They affect other individuals. This is incorrect.

I may also express to you, you offer yourselves now the challenge of engaging your acceptance rather than your automatic response to your beliefs in judgment in association with being a victim.

In this time framework, you may be recognizing a different expression. In previous time framework of mass event, of mass destruction, in your perception, of what you define in your societies as terrorism, you have witnessed the tremendous expression of camaraderie of individuals within your society and throughout your world.

In this mass event, you view and witness division. You view less camaraderie. You view the genuine expression of intolerance, of the lack of acceptance. You present yourself with the genuine observation of the strength of your challenge in moving into acceptance, and the difficulties that you all express.

The signals that you offer to yourselves in your emotional communications are evidence of your alignment with these beliefs, your own recognition of your participation in this mass event regardless of your placement in physical proximity or your distance throughout your globe.

VIC: I would like to go back to what you just said about the camaraderie, because one thing that I’ve noticed, and that other people have mentioned to me that they’ve noticed, is the aspect of camaraderie. They haven’t noticed a lack of it, but more, as in other times of catastrophe or whatever, that’s what brings people together. I mean, people talk to each other, people come together, people help each other, and that’s what a lot of people HAVE recognized in this event.

ELIAS: You recognize the aspect of camaraderie in the expressions of similarity of emotional signals that you offer to yourselves as individuals. You recognize the camaraderie in your definition of disaster, and individuals grouping together in common action. And do you also recognize the division of a lack of tolerance, and the perpetuation of your separations, and your expressions of what you define as violence?

VIC: Yeah. I guess that’s what my original question is about. I don’t understand, I guess, how ... if we create imagery to provide ourselves with information....

ELIAS: Quite correct. You have answered your own question, Lawrence [Vicki]. You create physical imagery to offer yourselves information.

You have created extreme physical imagery to provide yourselves with a recognition of your beliefs, of the strength of your beliefs, of the genuine strength of your automatic association of victims; the strength of your automatic expressions, influenced by your beliefs, of blame; the strength of the challenge to be accepting. (Pause)

VIC: What is....

ELIAS: And also let me express to you, throughout the entirety of the time framework in which you have all engaged conversation with myself, it has been repeatedly expressed, in questioning and wonder, an anticipation of mass events that shall express the trauma of this shift.

VIC: Yeah.

ELIAS: (Firmly) Do you, within your thought processes, continue to convince yourselves intellectually that you shall not create what you concentrate upon? You concentrate upon your beliefs, and you create and generate tremendous energy in expectation of mass events of trauma.

This has consistently been expressed throughout the time framework in which you have engaged conversation with myself, regardless of how I may emphasize to you repeatedly that this is unnecessary and that you need not be perpetuating the expressions of these beliefs.

Recognize your individual energy. Recognize your directions. Familiarize yourselves with your expressions, with your behaviors, with your beliefs, with your perception, that you may objectively recognize also the direction of your energy and what you lend energy to.

But this is the familiarity of your beliefs and your reality. You are not yet familiar with yourselves, and therefore you allow the expressions of your beliefs to be actualized in force to gain your attention. You expect trauma; you create trauma.

Your beliefs that no expression of great accomplishment shall be won without struggle and without difficulty – for they shall hold little worth without the expressions of difficulty – are strong!

VIC: Well, let me ask you this. We also had major expectations, en masse, in our society, about moving into this new century, and we did not create any of that. So, how does that work?

ELIAS: For you have created a jubilant excitement in movement into this new millennium, this new century. But you also, as I have expressed, are inserting this shift in consciousness into your objective reality.

I have expressed to you quite solemnly, from the onset of your new century, what you are creating and to be aware, for you are actualizing now your shift. In the actualization of this shift in consciousness, you also present yourselves with your beliefs quite objectively.

In this, you may not be addressing to your belief systems, my dear friends, if you do not hold an objective awareness of them, and even in objective awareness of the existence of your beliefs, if you are not offering yourselves experiences in conjunction with your beliefs, all that you assimilate in information is merely concept.

VIC: So you’re saying basically that the motivation for the creation of this mass event is to be identifying and addressing to beliefs.

ELIAS: Yes, and the strength of them, and the automatic responses of them, and the lack of freedom in the automatic response; the perpetuation of the expressions of these beliefs, WITHOUT choice, in relation to the automatic responses.

You are generating mass automatic responses, not merely of the victims, but also in blame, and that you do NOT create all of your reality. Perpetrators create aspects of your reality, and therefore you become victims, and therefore you are justified in expressing blame.

This is a tremendous challenge that you present yourselves with now, for your automatic response also is to DO. (Pause) For if you are not DOING, you are expressing messages. You are sending communications of approval.

VIC: So, then how does this apply to those of us ... and I’ll use myself as an example, but I know I’m not the only person that feels this way, because I’ve been interacting with quite a few people in the last three days about this. But what one person has termed as – and I’ll use their term – I feel like a cold heartless bitch in this situation. I’m not having a response, I don’t feel like a victim, I don’t think anything needs to be done, et cetera. Can you talk about that kind of response?

ELIAS: And also in this response, what is being expressed? Tremendous judgment of self in the expression of NOT moving into the automatic responses of blame and victim. It is not acceptable to be judging, and it is not acceptable to be accepting!

VIC: I don’t feel like I’m personally judging my response.

ELIAS: I am speaking generally. This is the challenge that you are all presenting to yourselves now, the confusion.

What is correct? What is the correct expression? What shall we express? If we express judgment, we view this to be incorrect and an expression of duplicity. If we express no judgment outside of ourselves, we express judgment upon ourselves. (Pause)

JENE: We have a very large percentage of the population of the United States at this time that is totally intolerant and wants to strike back immediately with destruction to what is considered at this point our enemy. Bin Laden is the enemy that is being focused upon. Could you give a little bit of information as to the strength of that projection? (Pause)

ELIAS: My friends, my friends – do you not see? The enemy is not another individual or society or group or country or religion. The enemy is identified in association with your own perceptions and your own beliefs, and this is the importance of the acceptance of beliefs.

For the beliefs and their expressions and your automatic associations with them are what you now view as the enemy, and your own ignorance of yourselves; your continued expression that you co-create your reality, and you do not; your refusal to be expressing responsibility for self, and your continuous expression of personal responsibility in relation to other individuals.

Personal responsibility in relation to other individuals is not always expressed in what you view to be positive behaviors. The action of expressing personal responsibility in relation to any other individual is to be discounting of the other individual, and expressing that you yourself hold the ability to be engaging choices and creating better and more correctly and more wisely than another individual. It is in itself a judgment.

In this, you are assuming personal responsibility for all of these victims and all of the perpetrators. No individual has created a victimization of any other individual throughout your planet, regardless of your identification or definition of hatefulness.

For in actuality, as I have also stated previously, many, many, many individuals choose not to be physically participating in the movement of this shift in consciousness, and choose to be disengaging and have been choosing to be disengaging. They participate in offering energy to its accomplishment, but choose not to be physically manifest in the action of it within this physical dimension, for the challenge that is expressed is TREMENDOUS. (Pause)

JENE: With this challenge that is before us, as it appears within our energy fields and consciousness at this point, is there, within this choice that each of us have that we’re each projecting, at this point, is there a most probable probability of war? (Pause) With the Middle East, with this particular country known as Afghanistan?

ELIAS: Within this present moment, no. But I may also caution you. You are expressing a tremendous volatility within your expressions of energy presently. You are expressing tremendous confusion, and you stand upon the threshold of a tremendously deciding factor in your challenge of acceptance.

Presently, you view in terms of black and white. You present to yourselves another aspect of your beliefs and the lack of choices – the expression of either/or – and you are not allowing yourselves to view all of your choices. There are in actuality, in terms of mass expression, many more choices than you are allowing yourselves to presently observe or be objectively aware of.

In this, you place yourselves within a volatile time framework. In this present moment, I may express to you quite genuinely that the mass movement of energy is not leaning, so to speak, in the expression of a probability of actualizing what you view or define as another world war, or engaging in an individual war. BUT – be not mistaken – there ARE probabilities that may be chosen.

Let me express to you, the probabilities that are being expressed are evidenced, for they are being actualized in the moment. You are not creating war in this moment, as you are aware. But although thought does not precede action, thought IS a translator of communications and of what you are expressing within. Therefore, the thoughts that you generate in relation to this subject matter of war are your translations of your communications to yourselves of your entertainment of this choice. You have not actualized this choice yet.

Let me be reminding you, my friends, once again, probabilities are not floating within the cosmos before you, that you choose from as you may choose a leaf from a tree which stands before you. They are created in the moment. (Pause) Therefore, all probabilities are open, but within this now, you are not creating that probability.

VIC: I have some questions from other people. I’m sure I won’t get to all of them, but I would like to propose Mary’s question as best I can, which was basically about being suspicious of the government and having a mistrust of the government’s actions and what the government tells us and what they don’t tell us, and not having ever really been aware of that or felt that way before, since this event. Do you have any comments on that? I’m sure a lot of people are feeling this way.

ELIAS: Very well. In addressing to this concern, I may express to you first of all, as with you all individually, your attention shifts more directedly to expressions that appear to you to be uncomfortable and immediate.

Therefore, you may be partially paying attention to certain creations and expressions within your reality individually or en masse, but the intensity of your attention moves to what is being expressed within your reality in what you perceive to be immediacy.

Now; as I have expressed previously, your societies, your governments, reflect you individually. Therefore, just as your individual attentions may be moving from one area of your experience and your creations and your expressions and your beliefs to another, within any particular moment, your attention is more intensely focused, and more of a percentage, so to speak, of your attention is directed in one area in relation to any particular time framework.

Now; example. Within this present now, your attention moves in awareness of physical aspects of your reality, of your thoughts, of your feelings. But most of your attention, the most percentage of your attention presently, is directed to me and what I am expressing to you in response to your question.

In similar manner, in response to Michaels’ [Mary’s] question, within any particular time framework, your attention of your government is focused and directed upon whatever is immediately occurring.

Now; in relation to Michaels’ [Mary’s] suspicion as to information which is being offered through your officials of your government, the expression of their information is not necessarily inaccurate. It may not be what you define as complete, but it is not necessarily inaccurate, for the attention has shifted.

The attention previously has been directed in other expressions. This is not to say that a smaller percentage, in your terms, of the attention of your government has not moved to an awareness of what it is engaging now, but that was not expressed in immediacy previously. Now, it is. Therefore, the attention is shifted.

You may be aware of your toe, that it exists upon your physical body. You may experience the sensation of your toe within your shoe and move your attention momentarily to the sensation of your toe within your shoe. If you are dropping a brick upon your toe, your attention shall shift directly to your toe and what it is experiencing and the immediacy of that experience.

In like manner, your government, so to speak, shifts its attention to whatever may be engaged in the immediate moment.

VIC: Okay, I think I understand that. Her question also had to do with this specific individual that the government has never been able to find, but now they say they know where he is, and so what you just said is about that situation, correct? The attention has shifted to that individual as a focal point, I suppose.

ELIAS: Correct. This has become a focal point, and why has this become a focal point, in your terms, in your questioning? For you are expressing automatic responses – seeking out an individual or a society to affix blame, to justify your expressions of wound and victim. These are automatic responses.

What I am expressing to you all now this day is to shift your attentions to yourselves and your examination of your beliefs and automatic responses that offer perpetuating energy to these expressions. (Pause)

VIC: Okay. Well, I’m going to read a question from Varsha ...

ELIAS: Very well.

VIC: ... which seems to be kind of in alignment with what we’re talking about. She says: ‘TV coverage is far more extensive these days, and pervades every country in a way that it didn’t even five years ago. This event was watched live all over the globe. Within ten minutes of the event, I felt the media started to sensationalize its coverage with jazzy headlines like America Under Attack, instant replays of the bombing, and even theme music. This added an air of unreality to the situation, and it played out worldwide, almost like an action film. I know that huge numbers of people are fixating on the event and seem hypnotized by the TV coverage. What effect does this have on the mass consciousness?’ (Pause)

ELIAS: It does not. For it is each individual’s choice.

You have created within your physical reality the reflection in physical imagery of the ease of communication that is expressed within consciousness. You have manifest methods within your physical dimension to be reflecting expressions of lack of separation. Therefore, you have created that which you identify as mass communication. You have created a system of media to be offering mass communication to you.

In this, I may express to you once again, examine your individual beliefs concerning these expressions and examine the energy that you generate. For in actuality, your media merely offers to you what you seek. It offers to you the communication that you request. It is your choice whether you engage the participation in this media expression or not.

It is not the expression of the media and the mass communication that is affecting of consciousness or of you. It is reverse.

VIC: And that would be another victim thing.

ELIAS: Correct. You express to yourselves and to each other to be protective of your children in limiting their objective exposure to imagery, for this may be damaging psychologically to these small ones. I express to you, the small ones create their reality also. These are the perpetuations of psychological beliefs.

VIC: Okay, I think I understand that. I have another question that I would like to read here that Gillian sent: ‘I sense very strongly that a focus of mine was on the second plane. I have never felt such a strong emotion before. I feel a great sense of loss at this time. It’s strange to me, but I’m going with the flow. It feels personal somehow.’ (Pause)

ELIAS: You may express to this individual, no, this individual did not engage a focus of essence that was physically manifest upon that vehicle, within that vehicle. You may express the explanation to this individual that the experience of personalization is in actuality an experience in association with this shift and its expression of dropping this veil of separation within your physical dimension.

VIC: Okay. From Renate ... and I think this experience happened the night before this event.

‘I connected with a male sitting with his back leaned to a wall of a building in the streets of New York. He was living in the streets, a wanderer about my age or a little younger. He looked startled when I spoke to him, but listened intently. I said, ‘I am not an angel. I am part of you, and I need you very much. I need you to do something for me – get up and walk away. I love you and you will be fine, but you HAVE to move. If you need me, I’ll be there. Get your life in order.’ I didn’t know why I said all these things to him, but I got him to move. I saw him walking away, and he looked back, just once. Did I save him? Was I being an angel?’ (Pause)

ELIAS: You may express to this individual that she has accomplished allowing an objective expression of connection with this individual, in which the individual allowed themselves a response of compliance to the directive.

Now; as to the specific question – did this individual save the other individual – this is not within your ability or expression within your physical dimension. You may not save another individual, for that is the assumption of their choice.

Let me express to you, I am aware of the direction of this individual in inquiring whether the other individual has physically survived, in your terms, this expression of disaster, and I am quite intentionally expressing that this is NOT the point.

The choice to continue within this physical reality is of the individual, and to disengage is of the individual also. The continuation of participation in this physical dimension is not an act of saving, and in this, the association of being an angel is that of savior, which is an expression of camouflage and an elevation of self and a devaluation of the other individual.

VIC: Which also goes back to the victim thing.

ELIAS: Correct.

VIC: Hmm. Interesting.

Okay, another question from Varsha: ‘The nature of terrorism and terrorist acts – I feel this event could foreshadow others. It is being said that after the U.S., India and Israel could be next. What are the probabilities of such events happening in the near future, and what can be done to lend energy to a non-violent outcome?’ ELIAS: Within this present now, there are no probabilities being expressed in this type of outcome. I may also express to you that the mere question is an expression of fear. In this, there is an expression of energy in the output of expectation and fear, and reinforcement of the belief of need of protection.

In response to what ANY of you may be engaging presently, for I recognize your want for information in relation to DOING ... is that you offer considerable consideration to self, and pay attention to what you ARE doing and what you are generating individually.

I may not emphasize strongly enough to all of you the significance and the importance of each individual. You do not objectively genuinely recognize the strength and the significance of each of your beings, each of your expressions of energy, and how affecting of consciousness it is. (Pause)

VIC: Yeah. I think we’re beginning to sometimes, here and there....

ELIAS: Let me express to you now, within the framework of your automatic responses of your beliefs and of your associations, allow yourselves for a moment to view how you associate the power and the affectingness of what you define as single individuals as perpetrators – single individuals that have created, in YOUR perceptions and YOUR beliefs, mass destruction and devastation.

Now; you assign tremendous power to single individuals to be creating this type of an expression. If a single individual may generate such affectingness throughout your globe, how less is any of your single individual expressions in energy? It is not.

VIC: So it all comes back to focusing on self.

ELIAS: Correct. In the moments that you project your attention outwardly and you hold your attention outside of yourself, you merely generate an offering of energy to whatever you are already creating. You perpetuate the expression.

Your freedom lies in turning your attention to you. You offer yourselves little freedom in holding your attention outside of yourselves, and this also is being expressed en masse presently, is it not?

VIC: Well, yeah. That’s what’s happening. This event occurred....

ELIAS: Quite, to offer yourselves an objective example!

You project your attentions outwardly and you deny your freedom. You confine yourselves; you limit. You turn your attention to self and you present yourself with freedom and the opportunity of choice.

VIC: So then ... my automatic translation of what you just said is that focusing on this event is not helpful at all.

ELIAS: No, my friend, for the event IS you.

VIC: It appears to be outside of me, though ... well, okay. It ‘appears’ to be outside of me ... but isn’t focusing on anything outside of me focusing on me then?

ELIAS: Correct, and this is what I am expressing to you, that YOU make the distinction. Do you view this event to be you?

VIC: No.

ELIAS: No. Therefore, as you focus your attention upon it, you view your attention to be outside of you.

I incorporate language to you in association with your reality and with your beliefs, for this is what you understand objectively. But in my expression to you, I continue to express to you that all that is outside of you IS you. What you hear is your own distinction of outside of you and inside of you.

VIC: Um-hmm. Huh. Okay.... (Laughing in confusion)

ELIAS: I express to you in relation to what you know.

If you are holding your attention upon another individual, if you are focusing your attention upon an individual that you define to be a terrorist, your attention is not focused upon yourself, for you do not view the terrorist to be yourself, correct?

VIC: Yes.

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, I speak to you in terms that you understand, but I also continually reinforce to you that the terrorist IS you. All that is outside of you is you! You have created it. If it exists within your individual reality, you have created it!

JENE: And those of us that are physically focused within this time framework, within that perception that you’re offering, this is our challenge – to be participating in the acceptance of that personal responsibility of the creation?


JENE: Yes, and those of us....

ELIAS: Personal responsibility of SELF, not of other individuals.

JENE: I’m sorry?

ELIAS: The responsibility of SELF, not of other individuals.

JENE: Right. So as we vacillate back and forth ... or I should put it in personal terms, but I’ve spoken to quite a few people who feel the same way. As we vacillate back and forth between ‘blow them up,’ emotionally, and have tolerance and understanding and bring it back to self, within that viewing of consciousness will come more choices.

ELIAS: Correct. You are vacillating. You are grappling, as you have stated, with the challenge of the familiar and the unfamiliar – the familiar of your beliefs and your automatic responses, and the unfamiliar of acceptance.

I have expressed to you all, there shall be – and is – trauma in the action of this shift, and no individual is immune from that expression. This is not to say that you MUST be experiencing trauma, but you are creating trauma, and as I express to you the identification of trauma, I am not expressing to you events such as that which has been created in this mass event. I am expressing the trauma of the individual, in your grappling with this movement from the familiar into the unfamiliar, from the judgment into acceptance.

I may express to you, you may view in this present moment the challenge and the difficulty that you present to yourselves in movement into acceptance with this one event.

VIC: So it’s not about the event is what you’re saying. It’s about the individual.

ELIAS: Correct.

JENE: With this particular type of event that we have jointly created, will ... I guess I can answer this myself. Shall there be many more of these types of objective events to challenge our belief systems? (Pause)

ELIAS: I may say to you, in this present now and the movement that you are creating now and the influences that you are expressing now, this is most likely. I may also express to you that it is a choice. Therefore, it is not an absolute.

Look to your expressions also in this present now. Within the identification of individuals that occupied one of your aircrafts, you identify these individuals simultaneously as victims and heroes. There are no absolute identifications, and you are presenting that to yourselves now – the genuine identification of the lack of absolutes.

And in this, although this may appear confusing to you presently, in actuality, my friends, you are opening the door to choice.

JENE: As we’ve given a tremendous amount of power or energy toward one individual who heads what appears to be a terrorist movement, within the seed of consciousness that we’re exploring as a large but small group, is our effectiveness as strong and powerful as the mass belief in this other individual? (Pause)

ELIAS: What are you generating, individually and en masse? You express to myself an identification of the powerfulness of this individual and the small band of individuals that are in agreement and supportive of this individual, and the strength of the expression of their energy and their power. But what are you expressing?

JENE: Lack of acceptance of self.

ELIAS: And also, you generate the same expression! As you view the intensity of the judgment of this individual – that you express to be a terrorist – and his band of merry men, you generate very similar energy. It is merely expressed differently. Is your lack of acceptance any less?


ELIAS: No. Is this reflected within your society, your government, your country? Yes.

Your expression of blame and your desire for retaliation – what is the identification of this? Not merely that you are victims, but that you match energies.

JENE: Oh, great. Well, within the small band of our merry men, in a moment of separation, in like-mindedness or manner, as we evolve from our confusion and we hope to chant, pray, collectively come together to support self-acknowledgment and the shift, is the probability available ... I know it’s available, but is it close that we are inserting our energy in the strength of self-acceptance?

ELIAS: This IS being expressed presently.

Now; I may offer to you a response in what you are seeking. Just as Lawrence [Vicki] inquired in the beginning throes of this phenomenon and forum in relation to why I engage objective communication with you – for you have asked – in this time framework, in response to your mass plea presently, I shall offer you a suggestion, for your plea presently is to be offered some answer, some direction, some movement to engage, and what to DO.

I shall offer you a suggestion, for I recognize your collective questioning and confusion, and your genuine desire, within the expressions of your beliefs, to be offering energy in what you identify as a positive expression.

Therefore, to all of you that engage interaction with myself and to all beyond those that objectively interact with myself, my suggestion is that you concentrate your attentions and your energy in the direction of expressing to yourselves that this enemy is not an enemy, and that this is your creation.

Therefore, express your acceptance collectively. Pool your energy together in thinning this veil of separation, and in like manner to your expressions of visualizations and meditations – that you create a focal point and you accomplish well in the pooling of energies – allow yourself that action, pooling your energies together in an expression of acceptance, knowing that these individuals that you view as hateful or worthy of your disdain are actually worthy of your acceptance.

You all have presented to yourselves recently identifications of other focuses in relation to your great world war. All of you engage other focuses of attention that express experiences and behaviors that within your present focus would be deemed to be quite distasteful and that you may view with great disdain.

This individual and all of these other individuals that you view presently with such great disdain are merely a focus of attention. They are essences also, and in this, your perception of them is created by you.

Therefore, my suggestion in what you may ‘do’ is to collectively offer your acceptance of these individuals and of yourselves. Accept yourselves in being accepting of them.

JENE: Okay.” (Sighing) [session 902, September 13, 2001]

ELIAS: “Good morning!

SHERRY: Good morning. Boy, am I glad to talk to you! (Elias laughs) There’s a lot going on, a lot of realizations with me! But it’s still confusing me in places and at times, so I wanted to get clarity because in the shift I do not want to be lending energy to stuff I don’t want. I want to be lending energy to what I do want, and sometimes I’m not sure I understand how I create.

ELIAS: Very well, proceed.

SHERRY: Okay, that sobbing? There was about two weeks of just sobbing. It would just start coming up in me and this overwhelming feeling of despair or something like a sinking hole, and I was terrified of it. I felt like if it got a hold of me I would just sink under all the sorrow or the pain or all those emotions.

But ever since the bombing I haven’t had that happen, I mean it’s gone, and since that happened what I’ve come to believe about that is that I was feeling other people’s, or my own too, sadness about people being separated and not understanding about the connection. Things didn’t have to be this way if we could just get it.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and you have been expressing your own grief in relation to this subject matter.

At the point of the actual materialization of the mass event, you have turned your attention for the event has been actualized. You recognize that collectively this is the choice of the masses and that you are all participating in this event, but that you now also, in your realization, may offer to yourself choice of whether you shall participate in certain manners or whether you shall allow yourselves to participate in other expressions. You continue to be participating in this creation in this mass event, but what you are offering to yourself now is the opportunity to view that you incorporate choice in HOW you shall participate in this mass event. You may choose how you shall direct your energy.

SHERRY: Absolutely, and it’s not going to be as a victim, that’s a done deal! That part I do get, or I should say in this moment that’s a done deal because I’m clear about that. I may not realize all the ways, but I’m clear that I will if I get in that space again. I’ll recognize it pretty quickly.

ELIAS: Correct, and offering yourself the permission to engage this choice without doubt and without judgment of self.

SHERRY: Because I’ve been taking a lot of hits, you know what I mean? It’s like I don’t want to be a victim, and yet people don’t like that about me, don’t like what I’m mirroring to them.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and in this you may be aware of your presentment of expression, behavior and energy in relation to other individuals. You may be reflecting to other individuals their expression of victim and you may also choose to be directing your energy in a different expression, but also, my friend, be aware within yourself of your expression of judgment concerning the choices of other individuals or the expressions of other individuals, for this very much is the point.

For as you recognize that YOU hold choice, as you recognize that you are choosing to not be expressing the role of victim and you are turning your attention to be projecting energy in a different expression as you continue to participate in this mass movement, also recognize that the choices of other individuals are not wrong or bad and it is not your responsibility to enlighten them that they do hold other choices. They are engaging their individual process, so to speak, in relation to this mass movement and shall offer themselves their own recognition in their own expression of time framework, and this in actuality in acceptance shall matter not to you.

If an individual is expressing this choice of experience of victim, this is merely a choice. It is not right or wrong. It is not better or worse than any choice that you may engage. The difference is that within this moment you are recognizing that you objectively do incorporate other choices, whereas some individuals do not yet recognize that they incorporate other choices. But it matters not, for they shall as they offer themselves information, and it is not your responsibility to be guiding them, so to speak. It is also not the point to be incorporating judgment in relation to other individuals’ expressions, but rather concentrating your attention upon you and what choices you shall engage and how you shall implement them in relation to your participation in this mass movement. Are you understanding?

SHERRY: I hear you, and is that what I did when I didn’t get upset and depressed when I couldn’t talk to you the other day, when I realized that I was creating that objectively, that I chose not to be a victim, that I just accepted her choice?

ELIAS: Correct.

SHERRY: Okay, so I did get that. Oh, this is exciting!

I still don’t know if I understand ... well, I don’t understand it and that’s what I’m working on. Let me get quiet for a minute because I’m starting to bounce. There’s so many things that are coming up now.

What I want to clarify with you is I have this feeling that there’s going to be more crap – well, that’s a judgment – but anyways, I mean more acting out or more violence or more whatever. The reason I’m asking you this is so that I can discern what’s coming from inside of me and what’s coming from outside of me, so that I can ... you know what I’m saying? I’m trying to find out what I’m creating and how I’m creating, and this is one of those areas that ... because I don’t want to lend any energy into the trauma stuff, so I’m trying to lend energy into going through this shift in a peaceful mode.

So, I was going out to see the wolves and I got this thought in my head about, or this stanza about, in the air, from the land and from the sea, and I thought, “Why on earth? Where is that coming from and how come I got that all of a sudden?” Then I thought the planes came from the air, so now people are going to be attacking from the land and the sea, because I don’t feel like ... it’s kind of like what they’re doing now in our country is like shutting the barn door after the cows are already out. And there’s something about the number 22.

I’m just trying to get clear. Is this me picking up from other people what I know to be coming down, like the sobs or whatever, knowing something really huge was going to be objectively happening, or is this my own fear? I don’t feel like it is my own fear.

ELIAS: I may express to you, what you are offering to yourself is a tapping into of energy. You are tapping into an expression of collective energy that is being expressed by many, many, many other individuals. This is not to say that there is an absolute which is being created presently; this is not to say that there is an incorporation in literal terms of a continuation of violence, as you view it physically. This is an expression of energy which is being projected in fear by many, many, many individuals in this present now.

Now; I may express to you also, you have identified the number 22, for in a collective expression this also is an aspect of the fear which is being projected in energy outwardly, a suspicion and a fear that more events of trauma and destruction and violence shall be occurring in association with particular dates.

Now; this has not actually been chosen and actualized in probabilities, but I may express to you that the energy projected is quite strong; therefore it may or may not be inserted into your physical reality.

In this, let me express to you in relation to your question, what you are connecting to is not an expression of the direction of movement that you are individually creating presently. You are merely allowing yourself to be tapping into a collective energy which is being expressed by other individuals.

In this, the manner in which you may allow yourself to direct YOUR energy differently is to continue to pay attention to you, your choice, and to continue to merely allow yourself to direct your energy in a different expression, which you are already creating.

But you are also slightly questioning and doubtful of whether you are actually accomplishing what you want to be accomplishing, and I may express to you, my friend, yes, you are. You may lend energy to a lessening of trauma in this shift. You may offer energy in expression of no drama. You may lend energy to a collective expression in like manner to many other individuals also, to be recognizing choice and not be perpetuating the trauma, as in actuality it is unnecessary.

But recognize also, for an extended time framework to this point there has been a collective expression and movement and direction of attention in anticipation and expectation of events that would demonstrate the trauma associated with this shift in consciousness, and although I have expressed repeatedly that this is unnecessary, this has been the focus of attention of tremendous masses throughout your globe for quite some time framework, and you have begun materializing this expression now.

Now you may allow yourselves – as you are choosing presently, individually – to genuinely pay attention to self, to genuinely express the movement and the direction of the straight little sapling, not concerning yourself with the choices of other individuals but allowing yourself acceptance of self and acceptance of other individuals’ choices.

Be remembering, my friend, as you recall, this small story that I have offered to you. The convoluted sapling grows side-by-side with the straight little sapling, and the straight little sapling is not attempting to un-convolute the convoluted little sapling but merely accepts that it grows also, side-by-side with itself.” [session 905, September 21, 2001]

DARYL: “Within the recent action with the World Trade Center, I saw videotape of Osama bin Laden, and when I saw him I had an immediate feeling of recognition and what I would call warmth. I’m not sure if it’s imagery of no separation, or if I have a focus over there, or if we have shared focuses in the past. Could you clarify for me what’s going on there?

ELIAS: First of all, offer to myself your impression concerning THIS time framework.

DARYL: Well, I kinda had two impressions: one was that he was a focus of mine, which kind of freaks me out, and the other was that ... like when I had the thing with George Sand. I don’t know, it’s like maybe I have a focus that knows him that loves him in this present time framework or feels great affection for him in terms of some kind of relationship.

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: The second one is correct?


DARYL: Can you tell me, is that within his family or if it’s within the military organization?

ELIAS: In association as friend. (10)

DARYL: So am I involved in the military action on that side?


DARYL: Okay, ‘cause that’s one thing I’ve noticed is that I haven’t held any anger over this the way a lot of people have. I don’t know, I just felt like I was reacting differently than a lot of people, even within the idea that there are no victims. I don’t know – it didn’t set off my victim stuff. But on the other hand, the idea of Bush bombing them did kind of set off my victim beliefs.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

DARYL: Well, that helps me to understand one of the reasons that I was reacting ... do I also know him then in other shared focuses?


DARYL: Yes. All right! Because that’s another thing; after I had that dream I was communicating with Opan [Jeremy] and we started a – I don’t know exactly what to call it – an energy mergence to enhance our movement, and now Oona [Debbie] is also involved in that. (11) I wondered if you could talk about that.

Part of it is that it was to help us move towards acceptance of beliefs and also acceptance of self, and especially in the area of acceptance of self, exploring the concept of evil. We started that less than a week before the mass event happened, and it seems to me that there must be a definite connection in the timing of that and what we’re doing. I wondered if you could speak some about what kind of thing is going on and the benefits and anything you think might be helpful to know about it. You know what I’m referring to, right?

ELIAS: I may express to you that it is not a coincidence, and that you are allowing yourselves to be exploring avenues in which you recognize beliefs and automatic responses and offer yourselves choice rather than automatic responses, which is, in a manner of speaking, lending energy or offering energy to a collective expression to not be expressing judgment and blame, which offers energy in a direction of less trauma in association with this shift in consciousness.

DARYL: Oh, that sounds pretty good! (They both laugh)

ELIAS: I may express to you also, many individuals that have offered themselves information consistent with the information that I express, and perhaps that other essences have been expressing also, and have allowed themselves to genuinely assimilate that information ARE moving into an expression of more of an acceptance and allowing themselves to examine automatic responses as prompted by this cooperative of this mass event.

Now; as I express ‘cooperative’ I am NOT expressing co-creation. I am merely expressing an identification that you ALL are cooperating collectively together in creating this mass event, and in that you have created this action quite purposefully. As I have expressed in my discussion with Rudy [Jene] and Lawrence [Vic], (12) you have presented yourselves in this time framework with the challenge of what you shall choose, automatic responses or freedom in choice, justification and judgment, or trust and acceptance.

In this, as you continue to view what you each are creating, this shall also be reflected en masse, and in this you may genuinely offer yourselves the example in objective terms of what I have been expressing to you from the onset of this phenomenon: Each individual creates their reality; EACH individual holds TREMENDOUS expression of affectingness. You are equally affecting; therefore, the expression of each of you is what creates the mass. And this is the reason that there is great significance placed upon the expression of the individual, for without the individual there is no mass.

In this, you may be noticing many turning their perceptions and allowing themselves a time framework of examination. You are all moving into this type of expression, evaluating genuinely how you shall choose and how you shall create the reality that you want.

Now; I may express to you that this is not to say you are not also creating some restrictions and obstacles within your process of movement, for there is a continuation of confusion that many, many individuals are incorporating and experiencing, and there continues to be a collective expression that incorporates some aspects of fear.

But you also are turning your attentions to self and allowing yourselves to examine your individual choices and directions. You are, in actuality, offering yourself objective evidence of how you are redefining your reality presently, and each time you allow yourself an acceptance within self, you also offer energy in a rippling outward to the collective, which is affecting of the mass expression.

DARYL: ‘Cause I have noticed, especially in the past week or so or maybe even less than that, that there is this sense that there are other choices than the automatic response of ‘let’s go kill everybody.’

ELIAS: Correct. You are beginning to recognize objectively, not merely individually but also en masse, that you do incorporate more choices than merely what you view to be the black and white.

DARYL: Now, one thing that I’ve noticed is that I feel sort of like a victim of the event in the sense that I feel my society has changed in ways that I don’t especially like and that I’m not very accepting of. And also, within the orientation of soft, I feel like I pick up a lot of emotions that ... I don’t know, like when it happened, I wasn’t necessarily reacting that way personally, myself, it didn’t seem like, but then I was feeling everybody else reacting that way. So I feel like I’m kind of acting out victim beliefs in that sense, rather than directly through the event. Is that a correct interpretation?

ELIAS: Partially. Now, Ashrah [Daryl], allow yourself to recognize that every aspect of this event, every aspect of imagery that you have offered to yourself in every manner and every communication that you have offered to yourself, is a creation of yours. Therefore, if you are expressing your association with victim in relation to other individuals, this is a reflection to you of you.

This particular event, I may say to you, has been created quite efficiently. For, you have chosen to be creating a mass event of what you perceive to be enormous proportions, and in this you have created this action to allow yourselves an objective viewing of all that you associate with individually inwardly, for each of you has created the entirety of the event in the manner in which you have perceived it, to the extent of involvement or lack of involvement that you each uniquely choose.

But the point is that whatever you have presented to yourself in this event you have offered to yourself to OPEN to all of your automatic associations and beliefs and how these are affecting of your perception, in an effort, so to speak, to allow yourselves to become MORE intimately familiar with yourselves. For every aspect that you perceive is what you create; therefore, is you.

DARYL: I’m also still trying to understand the individual and mass events. Now, I’m not saying that I’m there or anybody else is there, but say there was someone around at the time who had accepted all of their beliefs about victimhood and the other beliefs that were involved in this. Would they more or less not even be aware of the event, or how would that work?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. They may be allowing themselves a creation of an objective awareness of this event and be participating in this creation in a recognition of no separation. Therefore, yes, there may be allowed an objective awareness of what is being created. For in the expression of no separation, each essence focused in this physical dimension is creating this event, for ANY event that is created in any aspect of your reality you are also participating in its creation, in the expression of no separation. The perception may be quite different and it may appear quite unfamiliar to many of you in the familiarity of your mass beliefs and your accepted mass behaviors, but this is not to say that the individual shall not be aware of what has been created, for as I have stated, they have created it also in participation.

I may express to you, not in what you term to be complete acceptance of these beliefs but in a genuine expression of what may be deemed as almost an acceptance entirely of some of these aspects of the beliefs, there are some individuals that perceive these events quite differently.

In actuality, I may express to you, I have engaged conversation with one individual this day that expresses that type of acceptance. (13) This is an acceptance of self and a genuine beginning of movement into an actual remembrance – not memory, but the state of being of remembrance, which is the point – and is moving into an actual expression within the widening of awareness in this shift in consciousness, in which the perception is tremendously altered. This is not to say that the individual has altered the event in participation, but the perception of the event is quite different from the mass.

DARYL: I believe that’s what Michael [Mary] was referring to in our conversation earlier.

ELIAS: He is correct, and I may express to you, Michael [Mary] is not aware yet objectively of his recognition of what he has observed this day with this individual, merely that the individual holds a difference in perception. But I may express to you presently, this is an identification of an individual that has allowed themselves this type of acceptance. I myself have encouraged this individual as an acknowledgment of their accomplishment in actually expressing in this subject matter themselves as the straight little sapling.

DARYL: Oh, a little sapling? Okay.

ELIAS: Therefore, be encouraged my friend. For as one individual accomplishes, so do you all. As one essence offers energy, you all benefit.

DARYL: Because within her, what she’s accomplishing is rippling out to the rest of us.

ELIAS: Quite, and also you all are creating that action also. You may not necessarily presently hold an objective awareness of that movement, but this is not to say that you are not creating it.

DARYL: One of the things that kind of confused me is that I personally, before this happened, I felt a lot of movement within myself, like I really was moving more towards acceptance. The day before it, I woke up – and I’ve had parts of the energy block down before when I woke up – but that day before, most of it was out of commission and it gradually came back during the day; but I had never felt that altered. Then the next day I woke up and all this was going on. It was really a surprise to me because it seemed like a different direction than I had been going personally.

ELIAS: Many individuals and yourself also have allowed themselves experiences in which they offered to themselves an expression of trust within self, which allowed you to not be engaging the trauma in extreme that other individuals may have chosen to be participating within and creating.

DARYL: So that was also quite intentional on my part that that happened at that particular time.

ELIAS: Yes, this is not coincidence.

DARYL: I know there aren’t coincidences, but sometimes it just seems like there are! (Elias laughs)

I wanted to ask you about some physical symptoms. I’ve had a lot of headaches again that seem like duplicity headaches I’ve had before, but I’ve also had a lot of tightness in my head and jaw and some sore spots on the back of my head. Is that all related to duplicity and the great amount of it going on through this mass event?

ELIAS: Not merely in this mass event, but in the accelerated movement of it in this wave in consciousness, yes.

DARYL: ... Is there anything else that you would like to add regarding that area or struggle or victimhood or something, that would be useful to me at this time?

ELIAS: I may express to you, once again, to be paying attention. In this time framework you are all, regardless of your orientations, creating a type of movement in association with inserting this shift in consciousness into your objective physical reality. Therefore, you all are presenting to yourselves objective expressions and imagery that reflect many of your inner expressions, so to speak, or your associations in relation to your beliefs and your perceptions.

In this time framework, my suggestion is that you allow yourself to discover the identification of your attention. For as you allow yourself to discover the mechanism of your attention, you shall also allow yourself an avenue in which you may be more intentionally directing of your attention. For I may say to you, as I may offer to other individuals also, that much of your movement of your attention is automatically directed; but this is not to say that you may not alter that by locating, in a manner of speaking, where your attention is.

Now; in allowing yourself the discovery of your attention, you may allow yourself to move it from thought or from the association that it focuses upon in relation to experiences, in recall of experiences and projection of future experiences, in association with absoluteness. And as you genuinely begin discovering this expression of attention that you create, you may move it to the actual creating element of yourself, that aspect of yourself that chooses and acts. This is significant, for this is the aspect that shall genuinely offer you an awareness of your freedom.

This is significant to you all, but in relation to you individually, Ashrah [Daryl], what I am expressing is a further movement into new layers of yourself, new familiarity with yourself in greater awareness and what you term to be depth. For as you look to yourself, you may identify what you are creating, but as you are not quite familiar with this expression of attention itself, you also are not always aware of where your attention is actually directed, and therefore you may be creating an expression – be it a physical expression in relation to your body consciousness, or be it an expression in relation to fear, it matters not – you may be creating an expression within your movement and you are creating choices that incorporate actions that you are not paying attention to in the moment, for your attention is actually directed in another aspect of yourself, another mechanism of yourself, not necessarily the aspect of yourself that chooses and acts. Are you understanding?

DARYL: I think so, and I think that a lot of the time it’s thought that I’m directing my attention to.

ELIAS: You are quite correct, as is...

DARYL: I’ve realized that I have spent my life thinking that I can think my way through anything.

ELIAS: And that your attention is your thoughts, but it is not. Therefore, the challenge stands to be discovering the expression of attention and where it is actually directed. This is the HOW of what you create, not the ‘what.’ And this is your next step, so to speak. This is what I was expressing to you previously in your movement of not skipping shells, at that time. (Pause)

DARYL: I’m having one of those times that I really enjoy, where I feel like a lot of concepts that I’ve learned about are finally kind of coming together and making sense and taking on actual experiences.

ELIAS: Correct, and this also is an aspect of each of your participation in this mass event, to be accomplishing precisely that.

DARYL: Well, it certainly is exciting. (Elias chuckles) Well, I see our time is up. It’s been helpful, once again, to talk to you, plus enjoyable, and I guess we still have a lot of adventures ahead.

ELIAS: Quite! Ha ha! And I may express to you also MY enjoyment in conversation with you once again. Continue your adventure, and be not forgetful of playfulness.” [session 910, September 27, 2001]

ISABEL: “Well, here I am, Elias, kind of confused and scared, and I am trying to understand everything that is happening. I’m trying to put in practice what I have learned, but it’s very difficult. I was starting to create fear with myself, and I said, I’m not going to do that. I don’t want anything from the outside to hurt me, and I know that I have that power inside of me.

But also, I realize that I get so confused, you know? Like what should I do? So I start asking a thousand questions, and what I do is create being scrambled. My brain is trying to get an answer, and I said to myself, I just won’t think about it. I’ll just give good energy, nothing else, like I want everybody to be fine. As long as I am fine, I guess I have to learn to be selfish, and not go so much to the problems of other people and the things that a lot of people are going through, and that is kind of difficult, because in a way I get angry, and I want to get rid of all that. I know I’m kind of slow to understand, Elias, but I’m trying to understand, but I keep thinking, and I start getting angry, and I say to myself, stop it.

I go around and around with this, trying to find myself. I don’t want to give information to the world because I know I don’t have that power, but to give information to me, to have a peace of mind. I feel lucky because I see people going through so much trauma that is kind of ... how should I say this? It’s the same with everybody, I guess. You see people suffering, and there’s nothing you can do. Do you know what I mean?

ELIAS: Let me inquire of you, Larkshire [Isabel], what are you expressing to yourself in the ‘shoulds,’ and what answers are you seeking?

ISABEL: There’s all the people on the east coast that are going through so much trauma, and I feel their pain, and when I saw what was happening ... because I was watching TV when I saw the building, and I saw the other plane, the second plane, blast the other tower, and in that particular moment, I got so angry, you know? Why are they doing this to these people? I mean, there were 35,000 people inside the building, between the two towers.

It’s an angry feeling, and then comes the sorrow, and then I wanted to understand that these people made an agreement to be there and to have that experience, and their families choose to be their families and to have this experience. But it’s so hard to accept that because we’re talking about belief systems, like if you die because you get sick or you have an accident or if you get old and you die, we accept that. But when people die at the hands of another human being, it’s very difficult to accept that. (Pause) Did I make myself clear?

ELIAS: Yes. Therefore, your question that you are presenting to yourself and attempting to answer is, why has this occurred, correct?

ISABEL: Right, Elias.

ELIAS: Why shall individuals create this type of action?


ELIAS: Very well. Let us address to these questions.

Now; you are seeking answers to questions concerning choices of other individuals, for you perceive the choices of other individuals to be greatly affecting of you, which in a manner of speaking they are, for you ARE greatly affected.

But let us view this situation from a different direction – the direction of self. For in alignment with all of the information that I have offered to you previously, recognize that every aspect of this event that you have viewed, that you have experienced, that you have watched, that you have perceived – every aspect, you have created.

Now; without judgment, allow yourself momentarily to listen to what I am expressing.

Therefore, you have participated in this event. You have created each aircraft. You have created all of the individuals. You have created all of the actions that have occurred in this event, and you have created all of the individuals of families, of victims, of rescuers. You have created an immense scenario of drama, which has all been projected in an actual physical manifestation through your perception.

Your participation ... and the reason that I incorporate the term of participation is that you have not singularly created this event, for all of the individuals throughout your globe have also created this event. In every area, in every country, throughout the entirety of your world, you have all collectively created this event. Your participations vary as gauged by your manifestations of this event, which are created by your individual perceptions, but you have all participated.

Now; in this participation, recognizing that each of you is creating all that you individually view, you may allow yourselves to turn your attention to yourselves and evaluate the degree, the distinction, of your choice of participation.

As an example, you, Larkshire [Isabel], have allowed yourself an extensive participation through the creation of your perception, and a tremendous affectingness and much incorporation of emotional communication.

An individual within the physical location of central Africa is also participating, but their objective projection of imagery and creation may be much more limited. This is not to say that they are not participating, for they are, but their participation is more limited.

Another individual within the physical location of London is participating in what may be identified as equal measure to yourself, and offering themselves much emotional communication also.

Another individual within the physical location of this city in which the event has occurred is participating in objective imagery and emotional communication more extremely than yourself.

Another individual within a European country is participating in a different type of perception, and creating and participating in this expression and event in offering themselves an affectingness, but not in an emotional communication expressing concern, sorrow, or anger, but that of freedom and choices and acceptance.

Now; your question is, why has this occurred? Why have individuals expressed these choices? If you are choosing to incorporate the question of why, pose the question of why to yourself. Why have you individually chosen to create this entire scenario, in like manner to every other individual upon your planet?

In posing this question of why to yourself, also incorporate the question to yourself of WHAT you have created; not the what of the physical imagery, for this is obviously expressed, is it not? It is obvious that you have created individuals to be turning aircrafts and to be colliding these crafts into structures and collapsing them.

Now; this is the key, Larkshire [Isabel]. Remember, as I have expressed to you many times, objective imagery is abstract. Therefore, although quite real, in a manner of speaking, the objective abstract imagery may be recognized as a symbolic expression of what you individually are actually creating inwardly. In viewing the actual expressions of imagery, the abstract symbology that you have created, let us examine the movement, that you may offer to yourself a clearer understanding and answers to these questions.

You have created your individual imagery of aircrafts, immense vehicles incorporating movement. As I am expressing this to you, allow yourself to associate the symbology in relation to yourself – an immense vehicle incorporating movement.

Subsequently, these crafts are directed to be colliding with tremendous force and power into great structures, immense structures of steel and concrete, tremendous fortresses constructed to withstand tremendous impact, but you have collided into them crafts also of tremendous power, with tremendous quantity of fuel. In the impact of your collision, you generate an immense vibration that shakes the very foundation of these immense structures, to the point of crumbling and almost disintegration.

This is the objective imagery, the abstract, and contained within these tremendous structures are thousands of individuals, thousands of positions, thousands of expressions.

You also choose to be striking at a particular core structure which signifies a particular establishment or what you may term to be the ‘nerve center’ of your societal structure, a base of your mass beliefs – financial. But you continue in your imagery, and you move to the collision of another immense structure. You impact that structure with another craft, and in this, there are more hundreds of expressions contained within it, and what you impact is another tremendous fortress expressed in objective imagery of protection.

What you have created in this movement and action is an immense expression of energy in association with this shift in consciousness. You have struck at the core of the immense structures of officially accepted beliefs – of need and of protection, of sustaining what you perceive to be life itself, in what you deem to be the most valuable and important expressions of finance, currency, and exchange, and in what you view to be necessary within your physical existence – the immense structure of protection. You have crumbled them. You have not eliminated them, but you have laid them open to allow yourself to redefine, to examine what holds importance and value within your expressions and your creations in this physical dimension and what has been elevated to hold tremendous value, which in actuality is insignificant.

I have expressed to you all that within the action of this shift, you are redefining all of your reality. I have expressed to you all that within the accomplishment of this shift in consciousness, you shall redefine your expressions of currency and finance and exchange. I have expressed to you all, you create all of your reality, in every moment, in every aspect.

There is no need for protection, for no essence is intrusive. Therefore, no action may be expressed in attack upon you that you do not create yourself. Therefore, what shall you protect yourself from but yourself? And even this is unnecessary, for you may not destroy yourself. You are consciousness. You are essence. You move, and you are not destroyed.

In this, you have created also a tremendous expression of objective imagery to allow yourself the genuine examination of these beliefs – expressions of victim, expressions of perpetrator – and to allow yourself to redefine your associations.

Who are the victims? Who are the perpetrators? If you are creating every aspect of all that you perceive, you are the perpetrator and you are the victim simultaneously. But you exist, and you are unharmed, and the individuals that you perceive to be disengaged exist, and they are unharmed. They have merely moved their attention in a different direction.

This offers you the opportunity to examine your definitions and your automatic associations with very strongly held expressions and beliefs concerning victims, concerning perpetrators, concerning control, concerning whether you create all of your reality or whether another individual holds the power to create an aspect of your reality and control you, whether you shall be the victim or whether you shall be the perpetrator or merely an observer, or that you are all of these.

In this also, you offer yourself the opportunity to examine automatic responses and to pay attention to emotional communications.

Why have you created this scenario? For your desire to be inserting this shift in consciousness into your objective reality is tremendous.

Why have you chosen to be creating this type of objective imagery and event? For you concentrate your attention in the direction of your beliefs, and you offer great energy to expectations in association with those beliefs.

What are the expectations? That you shall generate trauma in association with this shift in consciousness.

What is the expression of trauma? A tremendous event, but certainly not the individual trauma that you experience in association with your movement into acceptance of your individual beliefs, for you view this not necessarily to be an expression of trauma. It is not extreme enough, but this type of objective physical imagery IS viewed as extreme, and this shall be recognized as a genuine expression of trauma. Therefore, it is justified.

You also incorporate the allowance to now be examining that expression of justification in many expressions – the justification of victim, the justification of blame, the justification of emotional expressions NOT being viewed as communications, but rather as familiarly defined as reaction, the justification to hold to all that you view as familiar – the protection, the fear, the uncertainty.

All of the beliefs that are being expressed in association with this imagery are being held to in justification, for you stand at the threshold, as I have stated, of individual acceptance, and the choice of whether you shall move and step into the unfamiliar and create this shift in consciousness, or whether you shall hold to the familiar.

But as I have stated, my dear friends, be encouraged! For although you have chosen to be creating tremendous drama in this abstract objective imagery, you have also offered yourselves the point, and you have allowed yourselves an objective realization of how very great your desire is to be inserting this shift in consciousness into your objective reality throughout your globe.

This is the WHY, my friend.

ISABEL: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 912, September 29, 2001]

ELIAS: “Orientation, common; focus type, emotional.

GEORGE: ... I do want to say that in our first talk back in April, I understood that my orientation was soft. In fact I said that, and you said you agreed that that was correct. (14) Has it changed?

ELIAS: You are correct, and I may express to you this is a temporary action.

Now; let me offer explanation. No, your orientation has not changed, so to speak. What I am offering to you is information within THIS time framework of an experimentation that you are engaging presently. I may also express to you, my friend, an acknowledgment of your noticing, for you have allowed yourself to be paying attention. In this, you incorporate a temporary experimentation of incorporating an experience of another orientation. I may also express to you, this type of action is RARELY incorporated within any particular focus.

Now; I may express to you that you have quite specifically chosen to be incorporating this action merely within a temporary time framework, to offer yourself a clearer understanding in this particular focus in relation to recent creations in mass events. Are you understanding?

GEORGE: Sort of understanding. The last few months have been very tumultuous for me, and I was going to bring this up later in my questions. I haven’t, to my point of view, been able to do my homework because I’ve been so involved with this guy going into a nursing home and all that stuff. When you said ‘common’ what popped into my head was I haven’t been able to ... the healing hasn’t happened. My understanding of common is, common is a focus where you’re focused on stuff outside yourself, separated, and of course my feeling of separation has been extreme. In fact, I was going to say to call me Mr. Duplicity. (Elias laughs) So I’m not sure how to comment on what you’re saying. Please go on with it.

ELIAS: Very well. As I have stated, you have not altered your orientation. You have merely allowed yourself a temporary experience of allowing yourself to be tapping into the perception of the common orientation. Therefore, in this you have allowed yourself to be experiencing a temporary time framework in this focus intentionally to be incorporating a different understanding of what is being expressed in this time framework of mass events.

Now; in allowing yourself to be incorporating this temporary experience, you also allow yourself a recognition of unfamiliarity in more of an extreme.

Now; in actuality what you have chosen to be incorporating recently is quite efficient, for in this expression you have offered yourself an opening into many expressions of unfamiliarity, which allows you to be redefining more of your reality in alignment with this shift in consciousness.

Now; I am not expressing to you that you have incorporated this action of tapping into this other orientation perception for extended time framework, for you have not. You have allowed yourself this temporary experience merely within a brief recent time framework to allow yourself certain experiences that may be helpful to you individually in understanding the creations of mass events [i.e. 9-1-1] in association with the movement of this shift in consciousness presently. Therefore, I may express to you that you have incorporated this particular experience in your physical time framework for what may be identified as merely four of your weeks. In this present moment you continue to allow yourself this experience, but as I have stated, this is quite temporary and you have not changed your orientation in this focus.

In this, you are allowing yourself to be incorporating both perceptions simultaneously. Be remembering, this type of action is quite rare.” [session 914, October 04, 2001]

JOJO: “So, on the events of September 11: I know you’ve had a lot of questions about this lately. But the events of September 11, one of the first things that I noticed was that there was this strong pull, if I may use that term, between the male and the female in the events that happened in New York City. I’m not sure what I’m trying to ask with this, but...

ELIAS: I may express to you, this is quite observant. For, this is another layer of what is being expressed in this movement in association with this mass event that you have all participated within.

This mass event has been created, as I have stated previously, in association with your movement collectively in the insertion of this shift in consciousness into your objective officially accepted reality. You have, in a manner of speaking, allowed in this mass event a shattering of tremendously thickly held mass beliefs, in which you have shaken the foundations of these beliefs to allow yourselves the examination of them – not to be eliminating them, but to be recognizing their influence in automatic responses and therefore allow yourselves new freedoms in choice, in choosing how you shall be expressing yourselves in relation to your belief systems and not being dictated to by them.

In this, one of the expressions in relation to the movement of this shift in consciousness is also an allowance to view how you associate with the energy of male and female gender and the imbalance that is expressed in those associations, allowing you to choose to shift your perceptions and incorporate more of a balance.

Now; I may also express to you, my friend, quite definitely, in any of these emergences of awareness in association with beliefs, generally the manner in which you allow yourselves to address to the beliefs is to be creating movement in which you present an obvious expression of them.

Now; as I have stated, how shall you address to the expression of being a victim if you do not recognize that you create that? Therefore, you offer yourselves an experience in which you view yourselves to be a victim. Or how shall you address to the imbalance of energy concerning male and female gender if you are not presenting the experience to yourselves and recognizing that this is being expressed not by other individuals but by yourself?

You draw to your attention expressions that you choose individually to address to, and in actuality, you create this movement quite efficiently. If you are expressing a particular alignment with a belief or a particular association with a belief, and you are not yet recognizing your own expression of it individually but you incorporate the desire to be recognizing, that you may allow yourself more of an ease and less trauma in association with this shift in consciousness, you shall present to yourself an opportunity to view those expressions or associations that, in a manner of speaking, may have been disguised or hidden from you previously in your objective awareness.” [session 916, October 05, 2001]

LAURA: “I have a question. Lately I feel like the energy is accelerating even more, and I don’t really have time to integrate – but that feels okay, I’m just going with it – and I wonder if there’s anything that you can suggest that I may do or stop doing, or any suggestions in maybe raising the vibration to integrate this acceleration?

ELIAS: (Leaning forward and smiling) And are you concerned with this acceleration?

LAURA: I’m not worried; it feels good. But I want more. (Elias laughs)

JEN: Your own acceleration, is that what you mean?

LAURA: As a planet, just everything.

ELIAS: You are correct, and I am acknowledging of your noticing. For in actuality collectively you are accelerating the movement of the energy. As you continue to insert this shift in consciousness into your objective reality, you have pierced a veil, my friend, and in this you also alter and bend time and you accelerate time. It is not merely a feeling that your time is moving more swiftly; you collectively are incorporating more of a swift movement of time. But you are moving with it. Your awareness and your movement individually are matching the acceleration of time.

What you are offering to yourselves is a thrust of energy to emerge this shift in consciousness into actual being within your reality. In this, can you not feel your own expansion of your awareness and recognize a new expression of innate knowing? This is the remembrance, my friend.

As I have expressed to you previously, this remembrance is not remembering; it is not memory. It is an emergence into a state of being in this physical awareness, in which you open your objective awareness to drop the veils of separation and illusion, and allow [yourself] a fuller view of all that you may explore. You are tapping into your freedom. You are recognizing your significance individually, your directedness individually. You are recognizing a beginning of actual acceptance, and is this not a joyous movement? For this is genuine freedom.

For as you move into this new expression of acceptance, you are now beginning the recognition objectively of what I have been expressing to you for many of your years, that it is not a question of eliminating all of your beliefs or changing all of your beliefs but merely recognizing that you incorporate them and knowing that you incorporate choice. YOU choose how you shall express these beliefs or whether you shall express these beliefs, and what is significant to you and what is not significant to you.

You are crumbling your structures, just as you have in your physical imagery of your mass event. You are individually within yourselves crumbling these immense structures that dictate to you what your choices shall be and what your reality shall be in tremendous limitation, and recognizing how you may choose yourself. YOU may choose your reality, and it may be any expression you wish it to be.

As to your question of how you may be flowing with this acceleration of energy, you are already accomplishing it by noticing, by allowing yourself to merely flow, by not creating resistance within yourself and not expressing fear, knowing that you are directing yourself and that you shall not betray you.

LAURA: Thank you.

JEN: That’s wonderful.

... I know that good and bad is the observance of duplicity in everything, and we do that. That’s just a part of who we are and our way of being. But I’m wondering about the color of good and bad. Is it a light and dark color, and do people embody different amounts of light and dark, and does it vary over time? What about people that we think of as bad people? That’s our judging bad people (Elias laughs), but like some of these terrorists. People say you just can’t talk to some of these people, you can’t have a conversation or whatever, and I wonder if they embody a different energy? I mean, it’s a broad question in terms of how it works in our universe. It seems like we must have light and dark energy always.

ELIAS: Not in association with what you are expressing.

JEN: Because I’m expressing it in terms of good or bad, is that what you mean?

ELIAS: Correct. Yes, you do incorporate tones in relation to energy. You do express thickness in energy or a lack of thickness in energy, what may be identified as more of a difficulty in movement of energy at times, which also is quite influenced by your beliefs. But in relation to what you are attempting to identify, let us examine these expressions. You identify a particular energy of certain individuals that you define as bad – terrorists, in your identification.

Now; let us examine this expression. These are directly associated with your beliefs, for the individuals that you define as terrorists also incorporate very strongly held beliefs, and in their perception their beliefs are right.

MICKEY: And we’re bad.

ELIAS: You match each other’s energies. This is what you are attempting to define. What creates the expression of good and bad? What creates the intensity of these expressions and the conflict that arises from these expressions? How do you participate? And you may view yourself as not participating.

JEN: I’m noticing, so in a way I am participating.

ELIAS: You are participating, and now you are noticing your participation.

JEN: Right, whether I’m lending to it, or...

ELIAS: You ARE expressing. You are ALL expressing. Every individual upon your planet is expressing an energy, and each individual expresses an alignment with a good and bad expression, right and wrong behaviors. (Looking at Laura) This is the point of what we have been discussing, in recognizing that you are not eliminating your beliefs.

I am not expressing to you that you do not express good or bad or right or wrong, but recognize that these are beliefs. They are not absolutes. There is no absolute right, there is no absolute wrong, and no individual is a victim and no individual attacks another individual, for this suggests that another individual may create your reality, and another individual may NOT create your reality. You create all of your reality in every moment, in every expression. Therefore, who is the perpetrator? Who is the expression of evil? Who is the terrorist?

If you have created imagery of terrorism, YOU have created it and you are it. You are also the victim.

JEN: If you choose to be a victim.

ELIAS: (Leaning forward with a smile) And you do.

JEN: But if you’re noticing yourself in victim mode, then you can choose to not be in victim mode, and be aware of what that energy feels like.

ELIAS: Correct! Correct, and this is the point.

JEN: And that, I guess, is my question, because that energy seems like it has a different tone, the energy of victim, the energy of feeling ... hmm, I don’t want to use the words ‘good’ and ‘bad,’ but feeling...

ELIAS: It matters not!

JEN: ...feeling in a flow of energy that’s moving you in ways and drawing things to you that are really wonderful and that perpetuate that.

ELIAS: In expressions that you view yourself to be empowering of yourself, in your terms, you experience an energy that FEELS to you physically to be thinner, for you allow yourself to direct your choices.

In an expression of victim, you may notice a physical feeling of energy of thickness, for you are denying your choices. You project your attention outside of yourself and you associate that some other expression ... and it matters not what the identification of the expression is. It may be an individual; it may be a circumstance; it may be an object.

If a vase topples from a table and strikes your foot, you may express in the moment that you are the victim of the vase, for it has hurt you; but you have created the vase. But in the moment of that action the energy is experienced in thickness, for you are expressing within yourself a lack of choices. Something has occurred to you, and therefore you have not chosen it and you are not expressing the freedom of your choices. This is the point in recognizing.

It matters not what your expression of good or bad or right or wrong is, but the recognition that it is not absolute, and the recognition of energy, as you have stated. For in allowing yourself to move within an energy that is not thick, you allow your energy field to relax and flow, and in that flow you do not attach judgment.

In this, I may quite definitely express to you all, you may be expressing an alignment with a right or wrong or good or bad and NOT express judgment.

JEN: So is that the manner of noticing the energy that we’re projecting as we’re thinking good or bad?

ELIAS: Noticing your associations, for not every judgment incorporates much thought process. (Group laughter) There are many times when you may be expressing an automatic response and incorporating judgment, and choosing and expressing energy and doing, and not necessarily incorporating much thought concerning this automatic response, but incorporating judgment.

ELIAS: ... Very well! I offer to you all great encouragement in this time of great opportunity and emergence. For as you incorporate the contractions of birth, you also are creating contractions within your physical imagery, an emergence into the very expression that you desire, this shift.

And I may also offer a suggestion that you allow yourselves to recognize that trauma in association with this shift in consciousness IS NOT NECESSARY. You may expect it, but it is not necessary! Therefore, now that you have created your mass event and you have satisfied your perceived need for trauma in association with this shift, you may allow yourselves permission to NOT incorporate trauma.

JEN: Because if we incorporate it, we’re gonna create it.

ELIAS: Quite!

JEN: So we need to be focusing on peaceful things. Maybe that’s just focusing on self, huh?

ELIAS: Yes. One point, my friend! Ha ha ha ha! I express to you all tremendous affection and anticipation of our interaction futurely. To you all this evening, au revoir.” [session 917, October 06, 2001]

JULIA: “The past couple of weeks, in the evening sometimes, I’ve had these really very, very strong emotions of being sad or angry. I try to think about why I’m feeling that way, and I really can’t find a reason why. Is it because I want to experience those emotions?

ELIAS: I may express to you, my friend, although you have expressed to me that you are not incorporating an objective expression in relation to the mass event which has been created, you are also participating in this mass event; and in your participation, although you recognize that each individual that has physically participated in certain actions in this mass event has chosen that action, you also are participating, and in your participation the reason that you incorporate expressions of sadness and also of anger is in association with your own expression in your participation.

The anger is expressed in a lack of recognition of some of your choices concerning how you shall be expressing your energy and whether it is affecting or not. The sorrow is an expression that you are incorporating in relation to the extremes in which the collective has chosen to be expressing experiences to gain your attention and that in actuality this is unnecessary, but it has been expressed.

In your recognition within self and your participation in this movement now in relation to this mass event, you are expressing a communication to yourself. As I have expressed with many other individuals, emotion is a communication. Therefore as you incorporate this emotion of sorrow, you are expressing a communication to yourself in relation to what YOU are creating, not what you view to have been created outside of you, but your participation.

The sorrow is expressed in disappointment. The disappointment is associated with beliefs and judgments, judgment upon self that you could have or should have participated differently.

Let me express to you, my friend, this is not the point. Although it may be unnecessary to incorporate trauma such as this mass event, it also is merely a choice, and it is purposeful in its expression. For as you express an emotional communication to yourself, you also offer yourself the opportunity to view your own beliefs and the influence of them concerning better and worse, and recognize that it matters not. Choices are merely choices.

You are not powerless, and the energy that you express IS affecting. Although it may not objectively appear to be affecting and you may view yourself as not necessarily incorporating much attention in relation to the movement that is occurring en masse presently, you are offering yourself emotional communications, and this is the reason that you allow yourself to pay attention that you ARE participating, and therefore allow yourself to become more familiar with your own expression and HOW you are participating.

The expression of anger is yourself communicating to you that in that moment you are not viewing your choices. You are expressing to yourself in that moment that you do not hold choices; you do not see them. This is the expression of anger.

Your communication to yourself of sorrow is an expression within yourself of disappointment, and the opportunity to examine what you are incorporating within YOU that creates this disappointment. Are you understanding?

JULIA: So I’m sad because I’m disappointed that I don’t know why I’m I’m acting that way?

ELIAS: Very well – let us incorporate a simplicity in example. Within any particular day, you may be moving through your day incorporating familiar actions, interacting with individuals throughout your day, and you may incorporate some small interactions with other individuals that may be expressions of slight conflict or confusion, and as you move into your evening hours, you begin expressing this emotional communication, and you, in your terms, begin to feel sad.

Now; you turn your attention to the signal, the feeling of sadness, and attempt to identify to yourself ‘why am I feeling sad?’ Therefore, your attention moves to your thoughts and you recall the events of your day, for you view the sadness to be a reaction: some thing must have occurred throughout your day that is creating this expression of sadness, for you must be reacting to some expression within your day. But no action has occurred within your day that appears to you to warrant this expression of sadness, correct?

JULIA: Yes, correct.

ELIAS: Therefore you become confused, and you inquire within yourself why; but you are merely viewing the signal.

Now; what is actually being expressed is a communication, and in that communication you are speaking to yourself and identifying in the moment what you are expressing. In this, what you are communicating to yourself in that moment is an alignment with a belief that you SHOULD be expressing yourself differently; you SHOULD be incorporating different actions.

For example, hypothetically, you awake within your morning, you move in familiar directions, you incorporate school, you interact with your teachers [and] with your comrades throughout the day, and perhaps you encounter an individual that you view as a friend and briefly you encounter frustration with this individual and your interaction with them may briefly be conflicting; but you continue to move through your day, and subsequently you are engaging interaction with this friend and you are not incorporating conflict. You return to your home and you engage interaction with your mother or your siblings, and you may incorporate an aspect of conflict with any of these individuals. It may be brief, and you may continue and not offer yourself tremendous thought concerning the interactions that you have incorporated conflict with.

Now; you, individually, as you incorporate evening, consistently move in a particular direction, not necessarily THINKING; but in the incorporating of evening hours, you move in a direction of evaluation of your day. And in evaluating of your day, you view the entirety of it and all of your experiences, and you classify which experiences you have incorporated that were acceptable and those which you view could have been engaged in a better manner. Therefore, you are expressing an expectation upon yourself of how you should have or could have engaged a particular interaction in a better manner.

Now; this also is associated with the mass event, for it is concerning judgments.

JULIA: Oh! I see, I think.

ELIAS: Now; you in these evening hours are expressing the judgment upon self, in expectation of yourself in how you SHOULD behave and perform in relation to other individuals, and you become disappointed within yourself.

The communication that you are offering to yourself is a precise identification: ‘IN THIS NOW, Moorah [Julia], you are experiencing an expression of disappointment. You are creating an expectation and a judgment upon yourself in this now; pay attention.’ But you merely identify the signal and you are not receiving the message; therefore, you continue the circle. You continue in these evening hours to create the same experience. You create the same judgments, you create the same expectations of yourself, and you incorporate the role within yourself of being a victim of yourself, which also correlates to the actions of this mass event.

The energy is the same. It is all moving collectively together, and this is your individual participation. You are attempting to communicate to yourself and move your attention to your communication, to allow yourself to see that you are expressing this disappointment within self in the judgment of yourself and the expectation of creating different expressions in a better manner.

Now; in the times in which you express the communication of anger, you have created within yourself initially an expression of frustration, in which you underlyingly know that you incorporate choices but are not quite objectively aware of the identification of what those choices are, and as you are not paying attention to the communication it becomes stronger and louder, and it is expressed in anger. Anger, as I have expressed, is the extreme of frustration. For as you move into an expression of anger, you are not viewing ANY choices any longer, which is also an expression of being a victim within self.

Now; do you view how your own participation in actuality does move quite in alignment with the expression of the mass?

JULIA: Yes, I do.

ELIAS: This is the significance of paying attention to the communication, not merely the signal.

JULIA: Okay. Well, I think our time is almost up, so...

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I am greatly acknowledging of you, my friend, for you ARE allowing yourself to objectively recognize your movement and your directing of yourself, and you are allowing yourself to trust yourself.

I suggest to you that you continue to validate yourself. Pay attention to your communications in emotional expressions, but continue to validate yourself in your directedness of self, and do not question your choices merely in the expressions of other individuals and that they may not necessarily agree or understand your choices. Trust yourself and your choices.” [session 918, October 08, 2001]

ELIAS: “... The theme of this session is the mass events that you have been creating and what you are creating NOW ...

MALE: Thanks! (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: ... and your perceptions of what you are creating, and the movement of this shift in consciousness in relation to what you are creating in this movement.

Let me express to you first of all a brief identification of an aspect of this creation, a parallel. I have offered information previously concerning chapter focuses. These are focuses in which groups of individuals manifest together to be creating a type of chapter of a book. These books, so to speak, incorporate several to many chapters, dependent upon the subject matter of the book.

Presently in this time framework, you are participating in a chapter focus of the book which incorporates the theme of this shift in consciousness, and as I have stated previously, this particular focus is the final chapter of this book.

This is not to say that it is, in your estimation, the most advanced within time framework, for there is another chapter of this book which incorporates what you view to be a later time period. But it matters not, for all time is simultaneous, and this particular chapter is the ending chapter of this particular book.

In your previous century, overlapping with this chapter was another chapter, a final chapter of another book, of a religious book. This chapter centered itself in the time framework of your second world war. Many of you, if not all, participate in focuses in that chapter also.

These two chapters incorporate commonalities, almost parallels. In that final chapter of that book ending an era, and in this final chapter of this book beginning an era, you engage the entirety of your world. Every individual occupying manifestation upon your planet participates. You ALL participate in the mass events that have occurred in both of these chapters.

Now; you also have created mass events of trauma in both of these chapters. You incorporate war in both of these chapters, and you individualize and personalize the affectingness of the theme of each of these chapters in unique manners.

Within your religious book, you have creatively chosen to be individualizing and personalizing the theme of that book in choosing religion and differences as a lasting expression of that particular chapter, which affected every individual within your globe.

I may express to you, in this final chapter of this book, you have also been quite creative. You have chosen to be creating mass events, and you have also chosen a manner in which to personalize and individualize your mass event through dis-ease, and whether you choose to create the dis-ease or not, you all incorporate the effect, for you are all aware of it.

You also quite creatively have not chosen a contagion [i.e. the anthrax attacks] to be the manner in which you personalize and individualize your mass event, for this would not be in keeping with your shift, for this shift in consciousness focuses upon the individual, and the reality that you create every moment and every aspect of your reality individually, and that all of your reality is created through your perception, and that you direct yourselves, not to be dictated to by beliefs or by other individuals or that which you view to be authorities.

Therefore, you have chosen a dis-ease which must be manifest individually and not to be transmitted from one to another, but you also have not chosen a dis-ease that shall be creating an avenue of mass disengagement. You have offered yourselves CHOICE.

Now; there are many movements occurring presently. Many individuals incorporate many questions. I have addressed to some questions that individuals have presented in relation to your movement, this shift, your mass events, and what YOU are creating, and how this mass event is also incorporated within your individual reality, for it very well is! Do not delude yourselves, my friends, in expressing to yourselves that you are removed or that you are not participating, for you are.

And within this time framework, as I have stated at the turn of your new century and millennium, now you insert this shift into your objective reality and you present yourself with choices. How shall you insert it? In the continuation of trauma or in the acceptance of yourselves and the realization of your choices? Shall you be victims or shall you be expressing freedom? It is your choice.

Now you may incorporate your questions, in keeping with this theme.

CURTIS: Elias, in our decision to bomb the heck out of Afghanistan, does that mean that we’ve chosen to incorporate more trauma and more conflict rather than, say, taking a look at ourselves and how we’ve treated the people in that area in the past?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

I may express to you, there is great division within the energy of your dimension presently. Individuals are divided, in keeping with duplicity. Many individuals are recognizing their choices. Many individuals are not. As you are aware, a tremendous expression which has been created is that of victim. Victims view no choices.

Let me express to you in emphasis once again, the choice to be a victim is not wrong and is not to be judged, and is not worse than the choice to not be a victim. It is a choice of experience, and individuals choosing this particular expression shall also offer themselves information in their widening of their awareness. They are not stuck.

Now; as to this type of movement in what you view as bombing, there is more than one energy expression occurring. This is the objective imagery of the projection of energy from individuals that are choosing to be expressing this role of victim.

Let me express to you, all of you, at one point or another within your focuses, have experienced some form of an expression of being a victim, in which you are either defensive or you are aggressive. But as you express victimhood, so to speak, you also project an energy outwardly to be forcing energy to what you perceive as other individuals.

In actuality, you are attempting to force your own energy, for you view no choices and you feel snared, but this is quite commonly expressed. If you perceive yourself to be attacked, you shall automatically defend. This is an automatic response. The defense is also an expression of victim.

Now; those individuals, as I have stated, throughout your globe that are expressing the energy of victim are creating what you perceive to be the attack – the attack or what you perceive to be attack within your country here, and the attacks that continue within other countries. This is the energy of the individuals of victims.

But there is also obvious energy being expressed by all of the individuals that are NOT creating the expression of victim. This is viewed by you all quite obviously in new and different expressions within what you are terming your ‘new war,’ for you may be expressing bombing, but you are also expressing helpfulness. You are counterbalancing. You are moving, IN duplicity, into a balance.

Let me be reminding all of you, duplicity also is a belief system. Belief systems in this shift in consciousness are not being eliminated. You are accepting them – acknowledging their existence, continuing to incorporate your opinions and your preferences but not incorporating the judgment, and recognizing choice, and recognizing that there are no absolutes. Therefore, you may prefer, and another individual may present a preference that may appear to be in quite opposition of your preference. But you recognize that it is merely preference, and there is no judgment within yourself or concerning any other expression of preference. You are moving into a balance.

I have expressed to you all cautions. I have expressed to you all recognitions that you are engaging the hurricane (15), and in your lack of attention, you did not listen, and now you view what you yourselves are creating. And what you are creating is not bad, for you are striking at the foundations of your beliefs; not eliminating them, but you are shaking them, and you are quite offering yourselves the opportunity to examine them.

And as I have stated previously, you are now redefining all of your reality, and therefore it shall restructure. Those expressions that you offer tremendous value to and in association with previously appear much less valuable now, for what becomes of value now is the individual, and the worth of the individual is being recognized, and this is movement, my friends! This is accomplishment.

Therefore, what you have created is not bad, and although you view it to be tragic that many individuals have disengaged, this has been their choice, and in their disengagement, they continue to offer energy to what you continue to create within your physical dimension.

CURTIS: A follow-up ... I’m sorry. Were you done?

ELIAS: You may continue.

CURTIS: Okay. From what you said about germs at the beginning ... and I know this is a crystal ball question, but might we anticipate more virulent strains of germs in the future as we each deal with this individually in our own lives?

ELIAS: I may express to you, this is a potential, but you have not yet inserted that. Therefore, in this present now, it is not a probability. But remember, you create within the now. Therefore, in this now, you are not creating that action.

CURTIS: But what we do create is going to be something that each of us deals with individually? It won’t be like a mass atomic blast that does us all in. It would be more like a germ or something that each of us can deal with in our own lives....

ELIAS: This is the direction that you have chosen presently, yes. I have expressed to you that you are now creating your science fiction as your science fact, but this is not to say that you are going to annihilate yourselves and become mutants! (Laughter)

EDWARD: I was looking forward to that!

ELIAS: Ah, Colleen [Edward]! You wish to be a mutant! You may engage your dream state, and you may view another focus within another physical dimension and please yourself! (Everybody cracks up) Ha ha ha!

EDWARD: You keep saying ‘we.’ Who is we? I mean, are you talking about we as in us here, or are you talking about ... do you refer to we as the U.S.? Do you refer to we as the world....

ELIAS: We as the world.

EDWARD: We as the world. What....

ELIAS: And those essences such as myself that participate with you.

EDWARD: Hmm. That doesn’t seem very hopeful.

FEMALE: It’s your choice.

EDWARD: Yeah, I know it’s supposed to be my choice, but it’s also a lot of other people’s choice, so if it’s my choice ... so your choice is your choice....

ELIAS: Quite.

EDWARD: It’s scary.

ELIAS: But as I have stated, there are many individuals that are not choosing trauma. There are many throughout your globe that are not choosing to be creating the familiar.

You are not engaging a world war. You are engaging, as YOU identify it, a new war, a different type of war. For what are you waging war upon? Ideas – not necessarily multiples of countries, but upon philosophies.

BEN: Then I have ... I don’t know if there’s a question here, but I’ve read your sessions about the World Trade Center, and I started to think about the idea that everything is me. So I’m thinking that if these particular terrorists have done these things because they believe that this is a godless, evil society that we have here, then really what I’m saying is, I believe this is a godless, evil society, and I brought down the World Trade Center.

ELIAS: Correct. (Laughter)

BEN: So if I can deal with that on my own level, the rest of it just goes away? If I accept the fact that I believe all these things at once, then does it change into something else?

ELIAS: If you are choosing, yes. (Laughter)

EDWARD: But the other people have to be choosing....

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

EDWARD: Well, only Albert [Ben] could make it something else....

ELIAS: But what I am expressing to you is that this IS the movement. You discount yourselves and your individual affectingness and power, and therefore you do not allow yourself to even express or to choose. For you express to yourselves, ‘It incorporates no meaning. It moves not. My energy is insignificant,’ and what this lends to is perpetuating the mass movement of that expression, and you create what you have created.

But in equal measure of power that you have already demonstrated in trauma and despair, you hold this same power to turn your perceptions individually – which creates mass – to be expressing playfulness, appreciation, and what you identify most strongly with, love. (Pause)

As strongly as you may annihilate yourselves, you may also appreciate. The energy does not move in one direction, and it is your choice, and it begins with EACH of you.

For as you continue to project your attention outside of yourselves to other individuals, you create what? You wait and you wait and you wait for others to create your reality for you, and they shall not. They CANNOT. (Pause)

You express the projection of responsibility outwardly to other individuals, and this denies your own freedom, for you do not express freedom without accepting responsibility of self.

If you are a victim, you view the responsibility to be of a circumstance or another individual or a situation or even an object, a piece of paper – money. And in this, where is your power? If the object, if the other individual, if the circumstance or situation is creating your reality for you, and you are the victim of it, where are your choices? You do not incorporate them.

But if you are responsible for creating every aspect of your reality, therein lies your freedom, for therein lies your choice and your strength. (Pause)

RENATE: I have a question. We’ve been creating mass events which are perceived as negative. I also see that what I have specifically created for myself is expressed also, and can be viewed as positive, or in a positive way. I’ve been trying to go inward in the last few years, and somehow I see it reflected in freedom of speech, which I think everyone is feeling right now. I don’t feel I can say as much as I used to. It’s kind of an expression of going inward rather than thinking about words, so I do create an inward movement, in a strange kind of way. Is this true?

ELIAS: It is not strange.

RENATE: It is. Okay.

ELIAS: It is new.

FEMALE: (To Renate) It is NOT strange.

RENATE: Oh, okay.

ELIAS: It is unfamiliar, for you are redefining. You are not merely redefining what you view objectively, but you are redefining terms. Therefore, in your movement inward, in familiarizing yourself with you, your words become inadequate. They do not incorporate the same meaning as they have previously. You are redefining. This is unfamiliar and new, but this is the point.

And as I have expressed to you all, you communicate through energy much more efficiently than you do through language.

You may approach another individual, and the other individual may express to you, ‘Good day, my dear friend,’ and their energy may be expressing, ‘I am so irritated with you!’ (Laughter) And you shall view their smile and you shall hear their words, and you may respond in a question of, ‘What may be the matter, my friend?’ for you have recognized the energy immediately.

You communicate much more efficiently, much louder, and much more clearly through energy than you do through words or language. This is not to say that you shall discontinue expressing yourselves through this manner of language, but you are beginning recognition that there are other avenues of communication, and you are paying attention.

FEMALE: ... Elias, you said that we all had a desire to be here for this chapter. Did we all have a common motivation for that, or is it that we each had an individual motivation?

ELIAS: Both. You each incorporate your individual motivation in association with your individual intent, and you also incorporate a collective motivation in relation to your choice of movement and your choice of lending energy in this shift in consciousness.

FEMALE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

FEMALE: I have a question. We were talking during the break about creating our reality, and I observe that in my reality now, in this group, we’re creating a wonderful interrelation with each other. We have a warm, positive feeling with people we care about. My daughter experienced creating a lot of positive things in the area of people helping each other with this tragedy that occurred.

How is that translated into my next level of reality, which is the bombing and the violence that goes on? How am I going to help that level of what seems to me unsatisfactory conditions to create a more peaceful thing, as I’m experiencing in my immediate reality? Does that make sense?

ELIAS: Yes, and let me express to you, you are already creating. (Emphatically)

I am aware of the association that you each express in your want for the discontinuation of the other expression, but this is not the point.

FEMALE: It’s acceptance.

ELIAS: Correct; to recognize that this is a different expression. This may not be the expression that you are offering energy to, but it is also an opportunity to incorporate movement into acceptance, not judgment.

FEMALE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

EDWARD: You said earlier that we all also participated in World War II, correct? (Garble) So everybody in this room or in this group or in a lot of the Elias sessions are people involved in World War II?


EDWARD: And so we’re choosing to be involved in this particular event also?


EDWARD: Are we doing that to realign for possible mistakes we made, or decisions? Are we trying on like a new coat for this particular event? Do you know what I’m saying? We’re trying on new ideas and new approaches to mass events that maybe we didn’t handle correctly ... or not correctly, but we’re trying it again, so to speak? (Pause) I mean, we’re all here....

ELIAS: Correct. Not necessarily. You are not attempting to create different manners of similar expressions. You are creating similar expressions in different directions.

What you are creating in these mass events are similar in objective imagery. They are familiar. What you are moving with these mass events are different, for your direction of your expressions are different. You are incorporating familiar actions, but your direction is different.

For in this event in this focus, your direction is to widen your awareness, offer yourselves the recognition of your beliefs and the strength of your beliefs, but also to offer yourselves recognition of yourselves and the strength of your own energy. Therefore, your movement is different, but you have chosen to incorporate familiar imagery.

You are not attempting to ‘get it right.’ You are not creating an improvement. You are creating a different direction to offer yourself a new exploration of freedom within this physical dimension; in a manner of speaking, to expand your choices and your exploration in this physical dimension. (Pause)

EDWARD: Alright. (Elias chuckles) I never trust you! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! And I may express to you, it matters not!

EDWARD: I know! I’ve heard that before! (Everybody cracks up, including Elias)

RODNEY: Elias, one of the impressions I got is that ... I’ll use the term ‘Muslim world.’ But in some of these countries, there is just a tremendous amount of energy put into creating a set of beliefs in the culture as to how to think. I was reflecting on their insistence on how their women are treated, the kind of thoughts that they have, and so on, and I reflected on, we do the same thing, in that we bombard ourselves with messages via television and newspaper and so on, which channel our thinking into very specific directions. Then I reflected on seeing all of this as part of myself, and in accepting that in the process ... and then I told myself, and I just want to verify this, I think, this is my way of moving into a greater awareness of choice.

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: Correct?


RODNEY: And it seems to me that this is what this widening shift is about. I would not ... I look back 20 years ago, and I really didn’t think like this.

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: These kinds of impressions did not come to me, and this is, I guess, why I’m here, to experience it.

ELIAS: What you have chosen.

RODNEY: What I have chosen.

ELIAS: Yes. I may express to you once again, quite literally, although you do not offer yourselves many experiences yet that validate this to you – a few – as you alter your perception, you do actually alter your reality. You alter events. You alter actual physical reality.

RODNEY: Are you saying that my recognition of that and my accepting of that is actually changing?

ELIAS: Yes. It is not merely, my friend, that you think differently. You create differently. You perceive differently, and as you perceive differently, you actually create....

RODNEY: See, that’s the catch here. I can see this going on in my head, but I’m not accustomed to seeing it (inaudible) out there.

ELIAS: Quite, but you are moving closer!

RODNEY: One little step at a time! (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: Your beliefs are quite strong, and the belief that suggests to you that you cannot create certain expressions or that your individual perception does not create your reality is quite strong.

The belief that other individuals are creating part of your reality is also quite strong. You have created new terms. You create your reality and you ‘co-create’ your reality, which is merely a new term to be expressing old philosophy and perception that you do NOT create your reality. (Grinning, and laughter, and Elias chuckles)

MARJE: ... Elias, I have a question, and I don’t know, it may even pertain to what you were just discussing, because I’m in a state of confusion a lot lately.

In my own small reality, there has been a lot of conflict, and when this mass event was about to occur, there was so much communication. I got flooded with it just before it occurred, during the occurrence, and for days afterwards, so many emotions from the people there, from their families and their families and their families, and it was my own sense of conflict and struggle to achieve balance. (Emotionally)

I was finding myself in what seemed to me to be a selfish place, asking for all of the communication to ease off because I was not capable of assimilating all of the information, and two things occurred. One time we were in a group with C9, and I was like this, chasing away the communication, and I said, ‘C9, away,’ because she wasn’t ... I don’t know whether she was quite sure who I was trying to stop the communication from. And then there was also a situation whereby I just ... I don’t know if I do myself an injustice by not just trying to be quiet and listen and assimilate. Do I create more dis-ease in myself by trying to block such communication?

I have been asking ... I’m doing affirmations daily. I have been asking to remember and to have my dreams, have my visions, have my communications, and to use them fully, as they’re meant to be. So when all this happened, I was overwhelmed, which I know to be quite normal under the circumstances. But I’m not sure if I was just like doing myself more harm or more injustice by trying to hold it at bay when it was what I had asked for.

ELIAS: I am understanding. There are two elements which are occurring in this situation.

One is a very commonly expressed belief which you have created a cliché for. You express to yourselves, ‘Be careful what you ask for,’ and what you imply to yourselves in that statement is to beware, for the tremendous potential which you are inviting is not good. Your assumption in this statement alludes to the negative, and also lends to fear.

Now; underlyingly, this is what you are expressing, and therefore you also incorporate guilt for asking and receiving. But you have not in actuality asked of that which you perceive to be the universe. You have asked of yourself, and you have responded to yourself.

In this, as I have stated, the beliefs are quite strong. As I have spoken to you all in explanation of your objective imagery of this event, your beliefs are immense structures. Your towers and your constructs are mere symbols of the strength of your mass beliefs.

In this, you have offered yourself an experience, and you place an expectation upon yourself to be moving within that experience, balancing, and not overwhelming yourself.

Now; I have expressed previously, this in itself is what generates trauma, as individuals overwhelm themselves in attempting to race. ‘Let me experience much now! Let me open fully now! Let me drop the veils of separation in entirety now!’ And you may, momentarily, and you shall be overwhelmed, for it is unfamiliar.

MARJE: So I should have asked myself for those things in smaller increments, because I needed them to pertain to me and my knowledge of the inner self.

ELIAS: It is not a question of should, my friend. You have chosen what you have chosen. You have offered yourself an experience to give yourself information, and to recognize that you may be easily overwhelmed in movement that may be expressed in what you term to be too quickly.

You may, if you are choosing, instantaneously manifest this shift in consciousness. I have expressed this from the onset of this forum. I have also expressed from the onset of this forum, in choosing that action, you SHALL overwhelm yourselves and you SHALL incorporate trauma, for this shift is entirely unfamiliar. It is an expression that has not been incorporated in your physical dimension throughout all of your history.

You have offered yourself an experience to offer yourself information, and to allow yourself the recognition to move without trauma and within your own comfort.

I assure you, my friend, many, many, many individuals are presenting themselves with the opportunity to personalize and individualize an experience of trauma in some manner, which in actuality lends energy to NOT creating more trauma in mass events.

RODNEY: Would you say that again somehow? (The group murmurs and laughs in agreement)

ELIAS: As I have been expressing to you throughout this conversation, the movement concerns the individuals, and as you create individually, you affect the mass. You affect the collective.

Figuratively speaking, in like manner to small eruptions of steam within your planet, the small eruptions release pressure and prevent large eruptions.

Therefore, as you each attend to self, turning your attention to self and allowing yourselves your own movement, even in your own individual expressions of trauma, you are a pressure valve and you release energy, which lends to the non-creation of more mass events such as you have participated in recently.

MARJE: That takes like a huge weight off, what you just said. (Laughter) But it does! It just like takes it (inaudible).

ELIAS: I may express to you also, in viewing your experiences, the suggestion that if you are presenting to yourselves experiences that appear to you to be overwhelming, you are correct – the more that you force energy against what you are creating, the more you shall experience conflict and trauma.

You in actuality are not asking for an experience. You are choosing an experience and you are creating an experience. It is not coming to you. You are generating it, and once generating and choosing an experience, as you also move your energy in opposition to what you are creating, you create friction in energy, for you are creating two movements simultaneously. You are choosing, and you are also ‘matching energy’ (pause for emphasis) with yourself. You are creating forces of opposition within your own energy.

Now; in choosing the experience that you created, you may have experienced less overwhelmingness. You may have accomplished the same action as a pressure valve, but within yourself, you may have created less trauma in allowing yourself to move with the wave of energy rather than attempting to force against it.

CURTIS: So repression is the worst thing you can do? Repressing is the most making of trauma that you can do?

ELIAS: It shall generate conflict and it shall generate thickness in energy, and you shall experience more conflict and more communication, for your emotion shall be expressing communication much more loudly.

CURTIS: In successive waves. As you repress and you’re not able to listen to what you’ve heard the first time, it gets worse and worse and worse and worse, or more and more intense.

ELIAS: Generally speaking, yes.

CURTIS: Okay. So the idea is just to like take your hands off the steering wheel and just sort of let it go?

ELIAS: And trust that you shall steer quite perfectly! (Grinning, and laughter) And that you need not be incorporating control.

CURTIS: If I ever try that in reality, would you be there like with training wheels? (Much laughter)

ELIAS: If you are requesting, my friend, I shall comply. Ha ha ha! (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)

GILLIAN: Elias, when the event happened in New York, I became very emotional. At the same time, the following day I started withdrawing all communication little by little, till I didn’t want to communicate with anybody. I was doing it at work, but that’s a little group. I would read something or whatever, and just have a lack of interest in it, completely coming away from everything. At the same time, I was creating a dis-ease in myself in the way of headaches, very throbbing headaches, particularly in the left side of my head, where I couldn’t even move my head, and that’s still happening.

ELIAS: And what perhaps shall this be expressing to you? This also is quite commonly being expressed, perhaps not in the identical imagery that you present to yourself. But what is occurring is associated with your belief that thought creates reality and that thought precedes creating reality. You have confused your identifications. Thought IS reality, but it does not generate it.

Therefore, in your example, you are allowing yourself to view this event, to participate in this event, but you focus on communication and you withdraw. If you are not communicating, if you are not outwardly expressing thought, you shall not contribute to the perpetuation of what is being created. And this, my friend, is not the point, and you are expressing to yourself, through physical body communications in affecting of yourself, that this is not the point. Withdrawing does not diminish your participation. It also does not diminish your perception.

Thought verbalized does not create reality. Perception creates reality, and perception is not thought. Perception is guided by attention, and attention is not thought. But you quite strongly believe en masse that if you are thinking, and subsequently you express this verbally, you shall create it.

(Humorously) I may express to each of you to examine your experiences in thinking what you term to be a nasty thought concerning another individual, and thusly you also verbalize this nasty thought concerning the other individual to another individual, and subsequent to this action, you stop and you express (gasping), ‘I retract this statement! I retract this thought! Pull this back to me and not within the universe, for it shall come round to myself and I shall create it, for thought creates my reality. It is this evil vapor that seeps out of myself and creates realities that I truly wish not to be creating!’ (Everybody cracks up)

Thought does not create your reality, my friend, and the verbalization of thought does not either, and in withdrawing your communication and in withdrawing within yourself, this action was not and is not an action of turning your attention inwardly to you. It is a retreat from outside.

GILLIAN: It is that. But also, at the same time, when I tried to communicate with myself, as I have begun to do more successfully, so to speak, where I could hear myself and my answer, I couldn’t seem to even get that anymore. It was like I was going blank every time.

ELIAS: Quite, for the action is not the same. You are withdrawing, and in the action of withdrawing, you are not creating turning your attention to self. You may be thinking that you are turning your attention to self, but this is the reason that I have been expressing to many individuals recently to be paying attention to what you are DOING.

GILLIAN: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

MARJ: Elias, do I have this straight now? If we go out and start picking little fights with each other and creating conflicts, we’re letting off steam? So in the big picture the volcano is quiet, and this is good? I mean.... (Laughter) You know what I mean!

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your direction and your motivation.

If you are engaging conflicts with yourself or with other individuals, and your motivation is to be creating a pressure valve, no, you shall not be accomplishing this! (Laughter)

If your intention in generating conflict is to offer yourself the opportunity to view your heightened awareness – which IS paying attention to you – yes.

MARJ: It’s a byproduct of that.


MARJ: Okay, gotcha.

ELIAS: (Humorously) Therefore, I am not encouraging all of you to be creating small conflicts with each other to be producing pressure valves, (laughter) for this shall not be accomplished!

But I AM greatly encouraging of you to create small conflicts with each other to offer yourselves the opportunity to familiarize yourself with your own expression of heightened awareness ... but also, do not be creating judgment! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! (Laughter)

EDWARD: Geez! You’re asking a lot!

ELIAS: Quite! (Grinning)

LYNDA: Elias, but if you ARE creating a judgment, which is quite automatic in this specific scenario, to view it, my experience – which has been pretty raw this last year, only because I’m so hard on myself – when I see the judgment is to view it, and step by step, let it go faster, the discounting. And in the turning to self, the feel of the turning to self has more of a feel to me of trust, and because I’m becoming familiar with that, it’s easier for me to turn to that after I view the other, because the other is quite automatic ...

ELIAS: Quite.

LYNDA: ... as you know, with all of us, and it’s not as much of a bogeyman, the feeling of judging yourself, or myself. And what you are saying about how thoughts do not create my reality, I had no idea how deeply imbedded that idea was in my own thinking automatically. I suppose it’s psychological. Mostly for me, I think it’s religious mass beliefs in my own reality, but I’m sure it’s psychological and affirmations and whatever. But that has been one of the single most liberating things for me in the most recent future, the very recent future, and we’ve talked about that – that it’s okay for me to say something really bad, even to be playful, even have fun, and not be afraid that I’m gonna get in trouble, which I know is ... but it’s true! And just these little steps to do that, and not being in a race with myself. I just want to tell you, like I always tell you, this stuff is doable.

ELIAS: Quite. Remember, duplicity also is a belief system. Therefore, as you recognize that you are expressing judgment, do not compound the judgment with judgment! (Laughter) But recognize in the moment that it is expressed, and accept this. (Pause)

For, my friends, the more you practice offering yourself acceptance of what you express, even in judgment, the less you create judgment, for the more familiar you become with acknowledging yourself and validating yourself and accepting yourself, and the less frequently you express the judgments.” [session 938, October 27, 2001]

LORRAINE: “In my reality, if I want there to be no war with Iraq, is it best for me not to put any of my attention on anything that is currently happening?

ELIAS: This also is a choice. I may express to you that perhaps you may examine what influences you in the wish for no war.

LORRAINE: What beliefs influence my wish for no war?

ELIAS: Correct.

LORRAINE: Okay, I’ll think about the reasons I don’t want there to be a war.

ELIAS: There are judgments that are being expressed. Were there not to be judgments, it would matter not.

LORRAINE: You mean there wouldn’t be one?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, but it would matter not within you whether there is an expression of war or there is not.

(Strongly) And THIS is the energy of acceptance, and THIS is the energy that each of you generating shall create a collective that shall dissipate the energy of creating a war, for it shall matter not. But in this time framework it matters, and therefore you create or you do not, for it matters.

CAROLE: But if we don’t put a judgment on war, that it isn’t good, it isn’t bad, it’s just something, then we help it to dissipate?

ELIAS: Correct, BUT merely if you are expressing that genuinely. For if your motivation is to falsely express to yourself, ‘It matters not and therefore it shall not be,’ you are continuing to express the judgment.

CAROLE: In my understanding there are many versions of this reality, and I have my attention now in this version that I’m experiencing. So if I, in my attention, don’t want a war, I will just have my attention in a version where war doesn’t manifest. Is that not correct?

ELIAS: You may, yes.

CAROLE: And if I want the war, I will keep my attention in the version where a war does manifest.

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It is not necessarily a situation of...

CAROLE: If that’s my criteria for changing my attention.

ELIAS: I am understanding what you are expressing. It is a matter of the expressed beliefs. In this let me remind you, you may incorporate expressed beliefs and objectively not agree with your own expressed beliefs (general group agreement and laughter), and that continues to express an energy outwardly and generate manifestations.

You may incorporate beliefs associated with protection and possession, and you may disagree with your own beliefs objectively. You may disagree and you may express to yourself and to all other individuals, ‘I do not believe in war.’ This is an inaccurate statement, for what is the motivation for the action of war? Protection, possession, instruction, the right or the wrong, the expression of change. You do not incorporate these beliefs? Oh yes, you do! You may disagree objectively with your beliefs, but this is not to say that they may not be expressed.

Therefore, you may march and you may hold signs and you may express outwardly that you disagree or that you do not believe in war, and simultaneously in each day you may be incorporating actions that are influenced by the same beliefs that create the actions of war, and therefore you also are participating in that projection of energy that creates that action.

Now; I may also express to you, some individuals do incorporate the action of creating a reality in genuineness in which they do not participate and do not pay attention to the choices of masses of individuals that may be contemplating or moving in the direction of war.

CAROLE: I would probably fit into that category. I don’t read any of it; I don’t have anything to do with it. People keep sending me things, and I just delete them. I can’t even feel any interest in putting any energy into any of it.

ELIAS: And you are not creating it, and you are projecting an energy within consciousness which is experienced of not creating that type of expression, which is lent to many other individuals generating similar energy expressions of not paying attention to what is being expressed. But there are many individuals that are paying attention and that are generating worry and apprehensiveness and fear, and are expressing the energy in association with the manifestation of that action.

This is the significance of paying attention to what you are doing and what you are expressing and what beliefs are influencing that. For what energy are you projecting which is quite affecting within consciousness, and what do you lend energy to?

RODNEY: I do pay attention to the major aspects of the day. I don’t get involved with endless discussion about it, but I do spend maybe 15 or 30 minutes a day very focused on the news of the major events. I’m opening to the idea that it doesn’t matter to me, but that I am quite interested in what the world is doing.

ELIAS: I am not expressing to you to not pay attention and therefore you shall not create a war. I am merely expressing to you that some individuals do choose this particular type of expression as their method to genuinely be paying attention to their individual preferences and not expressing the judgment of whether the action is incorporated or not.

RODNEY: Well, it’s a very personal question, but I am opening to the idea ‘am I creating a judgment here,’ and it seems to me that I’m moving in the direction of if they want to have a war then have a war! I mean, it matters not to me, and my paying attention is one of interest and curiosity.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

RODNEY: Am I being deceptive to myself, I think is the question.

ELIAS: And the manner in which you answer this question within yourself is to pay attention to what you do within your day. Are you incorporating actions that are influenced by beliefs of protection? Are you incorporating actions that are influenced in relation to possessions and the protection of them? Are you incorporating judgments in association with other individuals’ choices and opinions? You may, as I have stated many times, incorporate your opinions and your preferences and not judgment.

RODNEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JUNE: Is judgment where you’re ending up giving the energy, you’re losing the energy? How can I say this? You were saying that you receive energy on what you project in energy. If one is making a judgment – and it doesn’t matter what the judgment call is on – they’re actually not aware of giving out that energy, or are they aware?

ELIAS: At times you are, and at times you are not.

JUNE: So at times we’re not aware.

ELIAS: Correct.

JUNE: Sometimes we’re not aware of when we judge. Speaking for myself, I know there’s times when I’m not aware that I’m judging, so I have to be aware of that...

ELIAS: Correct

JUNE: ...because if I am judging, I’m actually losing my own personal energy.

ELIAS: At times you may be expressing a judgment and you may vehemently deny it, and you may express, ‘No, I am not judging. This merely is what it is.’

JUNE: And then I’m putting my energy to it, okay. Thank you.

SCOTT: Is there a connection between Enron being corrupt, the supposed power crisis, and the idea of protecting ourselves, the need to protect ourselves?


SCOTT: Cool. (Laughter) That was easy! Also, there’s a connection in reducing trauma, having enough energy for everyone, somewhere in there. I think the trauma, like the energy crisis, is our fears that we won’t be able to protect ourselves in the future, is that...?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Your fear is of the unfamiliar. There is tremendous movement occurring in this time framework and individuals throughout your world are aware of it, and it is unfamiliar.

Individuals objectively are more informed in relation to their reality objectively than they have been throughout your history. There are more, in your terms, advanced expressions of yourselves in mirroring yourselves as essence and your abilities in objective physical manifestations now than you have generated throughout your history, and this is evidenced through what you create, your mass communications.

You within this room in this now, were you to be manifest each within a time framework of 100 years previous, you would not be within this room, for you would not be aware objectively of each other, for you had not incorporated the manifestation of the type of mass communication that you incorporate now. In actuality, within ten years previous, you would not be within this room together. (Groups murmurs in agreement)

You are rapidly – very rapidly – accelerating in your mirror image of yourselves as essence and the abilities that you incorporate as essence into your physical reality through your creations, through your inventions, which is another aspect of this shift in consciousness. You are accelerating this shift, and you are becoming more aware of your interconnectedness.

What is the terminology that you incorporate in association with your computers now – internet, interconnected!

SCOTT: Related to technology in video games, do they provide a medium for distraction to allow subjective movement? Because I recently started playing with them, I haven’t really touched them much and recently I started playing, and I found it allowed me to really relax and I could think things through and let it go, not cut off the message, not cut off my thought, get the whole translation.

ELIAS: Virtual reality is not so very virtual! (Laughter) Another mirror of yourselves.

What have I expressed to you from the onset of this forum? You are as a hologram, and you create your games to mirror what you are creating in this reality, and it is a game!” (Smiling) [session 1290, March 15, 2003]

FRANK: “Let’s start by talking about the war in Iraq that’s going on right now. I’m just curious as to what ... obviously it’s some sort of mass imagery that’s being projected, and I’m curious to know what the reasons are behind it.

ELIAS: And what are your initial impressions?

FRANK: My initial impressions are that number one, it’s got something to do with the way different people can perceive the same event as being totally different, and number two, I feel like maybe it’s got something to do with a demonstration of the fact that people in fact do have choices.

My reason for those two things are number one, this conflict must seem totally different in the Arab world than in the western world, and as I’ve been watching the news reports I’ve tried to be mindful of the fact that everybody’s perception is valid even though the perceptions are diametrically opposed. Then number two, again coming from my perspective, it seems like this was sort of a hopeless situation for a lot of people in that country, and all of a sudden now different choices are being expressed. Anyway, those are my impressions.

ELIAS: Very well. I may express to you that this is a mass display of different aspects of different beliefs and the duplicity associated with those beliefs. It also is a display and an example of deception.

In this, it is an example that in actuality there are no secrets, and that energy is received in more of a genuine fashion than verbal communication or even actions. What is meant in this is that there is an expression being offered en masse by individuals that you view to be authorities or, in your terms, in power, which is not actually what it is being presented as, and masses of individuals are quite aware of the deception that is being expressed. Those individuals that are in agreement with the deception lend energy to its continuance; but there are many, many, many individuals that are not in agreement with the deception and are recognizing of it.

The deception is a mass example of what we have discussed many times in relation to the action of helpfulness, and as I have stated many times previously, what you view to be helpful for the most part is in actuality not, and accomplishes quite the reverse of what you expect.

Genuine helpfulness is the act of supportiveness and not an action of attempting to alter another individual’s reality, or to discount their choices and express that one may incorporate better choices than another individual. This merely discounts both. And this is what is being played out, so to speak, as a mass example of how you may deceive yourselves and also how individuals may attempt to deceive each other, but it is NOT accomplished.

Now; you are correct, there are many aspects of choices and beliefs that are in involvement in this conflict which is occurring within your world, and it is serving a purpose, so to speak, in the presentment of many different beliefs, and it is also offering an example to you all of how you project your energy, and what beliefs you express, and whether you are actually paying attention to what you are actually doing or not.

In this, I may say to you that within your dimension it does appear that conflict gains your attention more strongly than many other expressions; but what is significant in this action is choice.

Within your society many individuals incorporate the perception that the individuals within the other society do not incorporate choice, but they do. You have chosen to be manifest in your country, in your society, and generate an alignment with its philosophies. Other individuals have chosen to be manifest in other countries with other philosophies. These are all choices. What is being expressed in this present time framework is a mass example of countries expressing outwardly that they incorporate a better philosophy and better choices in the guise of helpfulness, which is not actually the genuine motivation; but in recognition of the strength of masses of individuals that are and would be in disagreement of the genuine motivation, the expression of conflict is camouflaged in the disguise of helpfulness and liberation.

The genuine expression is motivated in the threat of difference and the lack of acceptance of choices, and this generates conflict, and you are playing this out upon a mass stage.

FRANK: What about the aspects that this is self-protection?

ELIAS: This is another belief which is very strongly being expressed en masse, and not merely within your country or its allies but also in what you view to be the opposing country.

This is the reason, my friend, that in recent time frameworks prior to your engagement of this conflict I have been speaking with you and strongly urging all of you to be paying attention to what you are actually expressing, and what you actually do, and what beliefs influence that. For although you may objectively in thought disagree with conflicts, you may also be contributing energy to those conflicts in what you actually do within your focus in each of your days.

Protection is a very strong belief, and it is expressed in many, many manners objectively; but it is not merely protection which is being expressed in this display. There are many beliefs which are being expressed in a manner in which they become obvious to you all.

FRANK: In terms of this conflict, there are obviously many, many probable outcomes, and so each of us will choose his own view of what the outcome is. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct. The point is to be paying attention. And as you have created this massive display, this is your choice, to be viewing this theatrical production in a large scale and presenting to you beliefs in a very obvious manner. Now it is your choice how you shall incorporate that energy and how you shall manipulate it, what you shall do with it.” [session 1304, March 03, 2003]

ELIAS: “Welcome! This afternoon we shall be discussing tsunamis in their many forms, and we shall be participating together in this discussion – not lecture – concerning this subject matter and how you perceive it and what you generate within your own focuses in your own individual tsunamis that also contribute to mass events.

Therefore, what are your realities in association with your own energies, and what do you notice that you have been generating that has created the participation in the mass event?

DEBI: Judgment – lots and lots of judgment, wanting to be right and being really pissed off because everybody doesn’t agree with me.

DARYL: And wanting to fix people.

ELIAS: Ah, for of course they are wrong and of course they are broken.

You are aware that you create your reality – in theory or in concept. You have been privy to much of the information that I have expressed. You understand intellectually the concepts, but are you actually aware of what type of energy you are projecting? Are you actually aware that your individual self generates a contribution to all of consciousness in every action that you do, in every expression of energy?

You are NOT singular. You think you are singular, but you are not. You generate one individual body form manifestation, but you are not disconnected from all of your universe and all of consciousness, and you are participating with each other. There is an exchange of energy which occurs continuously with you all. Whether you are objectively aware of that energy exchange or not, the reality is that it is continuously occurring.

Whether you physically are participating in a location in which a mass event occurs or not is not to say that you are not participating, and whether you are aware of the mass event occurring objectively is not to say that you are not participating.

Your energy is being projected continuously. The reason that I have expressed so very many times within this previous year, in association with this wave addressing to truths, that it is significant to be aware of what type of energy you are projecting is that that energy ripples outward throughout consciousness and throughout your world.

Let me remind you once again, you cannot generate a mass event without individuals. The individual is the most significant element of the mass, and what creates a mass event is many individuals projecting similar energies and moving in similar directions. Therefore, what do you view within your realities that you have been creating in your waves – in your large waves?

This mass event was no accident. The manner in which it was presented was quite precise and purposeful. It was generated in terms of tremendous power of energy erupting to generate an enormous wave – or many enormous waves. The choice of the waves was quite precise, for this is what you are experiencing, this wave addressing to truths. Although you may intellectually express to yourselves that you understand the strength of the intensity of this particular wave, now look to your physical wave and view the strength and the power of that wave. That wave is dwarfed in association with this wave that you are engaging and have been engaging for some time framework – and it is growing. (Low uncomfortable laughter and murmurs)

STELLA: Is there a place to hide? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ah! Now; that generated an attention, did it not!

This wave is not dissipating; it is increasing. Those waves that you viewed of water shall appear to you to be ripples in association with this wave, which is affecting of the entirety of your world, and you are ALL participating. Now how shall you participate is the question. How are you generating energy and what type of energy are you generating? Are you generating energy that is contributing to that type of experience, or are you moving into balance?

I may express that most of you are not balancing. Most of you are experiencing not necessarily conflict, for many of you are not experiencing conflict, but confusion and struggle.

PAMELA: Overwhelm.

ELIAS: And difficulty.

In this, you are presenting yourselves with the experiences of your truths. How are you addressing to them and how are you responding to them? And in that, what type of energy are you expressing? What occurred in your physical mass event was not merely generated by the energy of the individuals that were physically involved.

CAROL: It felt to me like it was a reflection of the energy from Iraq, in a situation that just couldn’t take anymore and then it went over to...

ELIAS: No. I shall express to you, this wave was quite purposeful. All of the individuals that physically participated in that event at the moment of their death were aware of what they were choosing. ALL of the individuals in that mass event were also aware of each other. ALL of the individuals that disengaged in that mass event were also aware of the purpose of its creation and what it was designed to express. This is unusual.

Mass events occur and many individuals participate, and at the moment of their disengagement or their death they are aware of their choice to be disengaging, but they may not be objectively aware of what they are participating in. These individuals incorporated an awareness and continue to incorporate an awareness of what they chose and why they chose it and what they were participating in.

I have been expressing for an extended time framework that there is a tremendous energy of polarization that has been occurring and that has been building also and expanding and intensifying. In addition to the polarization, there has been a tremendous expression and energy of opposition that has been being generated throughout your world.

In this, these individuals chose to be expressing an energy together as a collective to effect your physical environment to generate this imagery of waves, and chose to engage the action that they did in death to send a message to all of the rest of you to remember appreciation and cooperation, and to generate a reason to create that action or to instigate that action of cooperation rather than opposition, of appreciation rather than polarization, to remind you of what you value.

I am aware, as you are aware, that you value many different expressions, but one element within your physical reality that you value quite highly is that which you define as life. Regardless of your differences, regardless of your conflicts, regardless of your philosophies, you all share the commonality of valuing life. And to remove such an enormous expression of life from your reality in one wave has generated a significant impact. You are paying attention and your world is paying attention, not merely individuals that engage conversations with myself and congregate within this forum and are privy to this information. (Humorously) Which of course is the highest information (laughter), for of course I am the highest entity. You may all feel free to worship! For of course, I am God! (Laughter)

But in this, you all as YOUR highest entities, yourselves, value your manifestations and you do value each other. Even if you do not like each other, you value each other, for you value what you signify, and you signify life.

STEPHEN: Elias, when this event happened I felt a lot of conflict because I knew the world would pay a lot of attention to it and a lot of money to it, but they don’t pay a lot of attention to 800,000 people dying in Rwanda or some other part of the world. I felt that it was unfair that they pay attention to this and they don’t pay attention to something else.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, this is a comparison, first of all. Comparison is an automatic discounting and judgment. Also, that may be one of your truths that you are experiencing, fairness – what is fair and what is not.

This is the point of this mass event, to be emphasizing that you are engaging this wave addressing to truths, which are merely your beliefs which have been set into absolutes; but to you they are true, but they are not necessarily true to another individual. That is not to say that your truth is right or wrong or that another individual’s truth is right or wrong; it is right to you. But it is not wrong that another individual or many other individuals express a difference, and this is the point.

What has generated such tremendous polarization in conjunction with this wave addressing to truths? Difference. This is what generates the polarization.

The reason that you are generating this polarization in association with differences may seem to you initially to be contradictory. You are engaging this wave addressing to truths, therefore you should be recognizing that your truths are not true and you should not be expressing judgment. But what have I expressed to you from the onset of this particular wave? It is not a wave that shall be addressed intellectually. It is being addressed experientially. If it is being addressed experientially, you are experiencing your truths.

You are experiencing your anger or frustration or irritation of a lack of what you perceive to be fairness, for that is YOUR truth. And what is the automatic response to your own truths if you are presented with differences? To oppose.

STEPHEN: Judgment.

ELIAS: And that is what is generating this polarization, for that is an automatic response, to oppose any difference that threatens your truth or that opposes your truth. The automatic response is to match energy, and this is the point that has been expressed with all of these individuals in this mass event, to pay attention.

PAT: Elias, was there any significance for the area of the world where this happened, why there and not here?

ELIAS: Yes. The significance is that it would involve more of your world. It would be a physical location that is rich in trade with many, many, many countries. It is also an area in which there is much travel. There is a large influx of individuals from many, many, many other areas of your world. Therefore it would be quite impactful not merely to one country but to many countries, and therefore would be quite noticed.

GEORGE: Well, God... (Laughter)

ELIAS: Yes? (Grinning)

GEORGE: The interesting thing is that almost no animals perished in this whole event.

ELIAS: Quite! Which is quite significant, but not unusual and quite natural. Why do you think that is?

GEORGE: Because we have lost a sense that they still retain?

ELIAS: No, you have not lost those senses. You merely do not pay attention to them, and you do not pay attention to what you are creating within your energy, and you have generated such a separation between yourself and all that you create, which is all of your reality, all of your universe, your planet, your environment, your atmosphere. All that is within your reality – ALL that is within your reality – you are each individually creating, but you generate this belief of separation, which creates a reality of separation of yourself from your environment. Your environment is merely an extension of you.

Your creatures know that and experience that, and your creatures recognize what is churning within their atmosphere and choose not to participate in that action and know that that is being created by your energy. Therefore they flee and they are unharmed. For it is not their energy that is generating this mass event, it is YOUR energy that is creating this mass event. It is unnecessary for your creatures to participate. They are already cooperating; they are already appreciating.

GEORGE: Do they still have the knowingness?


PAT: With that in mind, Elias, with the massive mudslides that we had recently in California, there were a lot of animals that were affected and were covered by the mud, some of them found with their families, almost protecting the families. Why did those creatures choose to be...

ELIAS: That was a different event.

PAT: There’s no correlation between the two?

ELIAS: No. This is your location. I have spoken of this physical location and other locations previously. Individuals dwell and choose to dwell in physical locations that resonate with their energy. You resonate with each other. You generate a similarity of energy, which is what creates your environment.

In this physical location, you generate extremes, and the individuals that dwell in this physical location generate an energy of extremes. It may not appear to you that you are generating extremes, for it is natural and it is what you term to be normal. Therefore, you do not perceive it as extremes, but your energies together create an intensity and your environment reflects that. It is an environment of drama.

PAT: Back to the creatures – how come they didn’t decide to leave?

ELIAS: For the creatures also dwell in this environment and they are connected with you and they are participating with you.

This event was designed to express a message. The creatures in that area already understand the message. They are already experiencing the message. Therefore, there is no need for them to participate in the mass event.

The creatures that dwell in this area, in this location where you dwell, they are a part of your environment; they are a part of you. You are not generating a statement to yourselves continuously. You are merely generating your natural flow of energy, which your environment reflects in extremes and in drama. Which is not bad; you enjoy more excitement than other individuals in other locations. Therefore, this is what you generate and it is reflected in your environment also. Other locations may not necessarily enjoy that type of excitement, and therefore they do not create that.

But the environment, the natural movements or what you term to be disasters or even weather patterns, they are all created by you collectively. They are orchestrated by the individuals collectively that dwell in particular areas.

Therefore, once again I inquire of you: how are YOU participating in the tsunami? What are you generating in your reality that is creating polarization or opposition?

NICOLETTE: To be honest, I think I’d have to say that my participation is a wake-up call, and my judgment is that we need to wake up and maybe something like this would cause a wake-up.

ELIAS: Very well. I am aware that there are some of you that may not necessarily be generating extremes in this time framework and you may not necessarily be generating much opposition. You may be generating your own movement into balance and you may be presenting yourself with some of your truths and understanding them.

This is the point, that whether you are generating an energy of opposition or not, what is important is that you are allowing yourselves to move into a recognition of what your truths are and how you express them. For although we have spoken of these truths many times, they are more elusive than you think, for they are so very absolute and unquestioned that you do not see them. This is the reason that this wave is being expressed in experience, and this is the reason that it is important to be paying attention to your experiences and what you are actually doing.” [session 1695, January 15, 2005]

DEANE: “This leads me to ask this question .... Here we all see a world that is engaged in conflict and polarization and everything, as you have said. If all of us here in this room and those on the list get their act together, so to speak, how can we as such a relatively small group, us against billions and billions of folks out here, how can we have an effect?

ELIAS: Ah, that is the point. That is an expression of perception and how you view yourself as very small and insignificant and that the worth of the individual amounts to little, for the power of the individual is limited and small – and it is not. That is the point of this shift, to focus the power and the energy upon the strength of the individual and to recognize the significance of the individual.

As I expressed previously, you cannot generate the collective without the individuals. They create the collective. Therefore, as I have also expressed previously, the power of the individual is tremendous and very significant. What you do, your individual self, DOES ripple within consciousness. It DOES affect what is being generated within your world.

It is the powerlessness of the individual, the perception in the greater masses that you do not incorporate strength or power, and [that] you do not value yourselves as individuals and you do not view yourselves to be vast, that generates the contribution to the masses creating the polarization and the opposition and the conflict.

I may express to you, in this present time framework, in this now, all of the conflict that is being generated throughout your world and all of the individuals that are participating in all of that conflict is a small volume in relation to all of the rest of the individuals within your world that sit in your same perception. There are volumes of individuals that are not actively participating in mass conflict.

How many individuals are comprising your government?

DEANE: Relatively few, in terms of the whole population of the country.

ELIAS: Precisely. That which you view as a body, a whole, is comprised of individuals, and the number of those individuals is minute in relation to how many individuals occupy your country. In relation to your world, those individuals that occupy any government as officials, or those individuals that are not in position as officials but participate in conflict of wars, are relatively few in relation to the masses and masses that are not actively participating in those actions.

But you are participating; you contribute to those actions. You feed those actions and those conflicts in your mundane existence in the very actions that you incorporate in daily activity in opposition. That energy radiates from you, from thousands, from millions, from billions. You are a part of a collective. You are a part of what may be termed to be a passive collective. But you are actively participating, and you are generating as much opposition as any soldier that is opposing another soldier with a gun.

You do not view yourselves to be generating that type of energy, for you view yourselves to be engaging your daily mundane activities, you are not generating hurtfulness to another individual, and you are expressing consideration with other individuals – NOT! And you are respectful of yourselves – NOT! And you do not oppose other individuals and you do not oppose yourselves, for you offer yourselves information and you are enlightened – NOT!

DEANE: Can I hide behind this lady here? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Now; this is not to discount any of you. It is merely to offer you information that in some manners you are deluding yourselves, for you are not paying attention and you are not observing your own actions. You are not generating the connection between how significant your actions are in each of your days and how that contributes to what you do not want and how it creates what you do not want, and that you are NOT victims, that you are not unconscious and that you DO incorporate the ability to intentionally manipulate your reality and create precisely what you want. But it begins with you, not with outside of you. This is the most significant.” [session 1742, April 02, 2005]

ELIAS: “Good afternoon!

GROUP: Good afternoon, Elias!

ELIAS: This afternoon, we shall be discussing energy, and the collective energies and what you are creating.

First of all, I shall inquire of all of you what your impressions and assessments or observations are in association with the collective energy and what is being created in this time framework. What are you noticing?

FRANK: Conflict.

ELLA: There’s a lot of movement out of balance, sort of to get us to swing.

ELIAS: Very well. Other observations?

VERONICA: Many people are dying in cataclysms, the reaction of the earth and the oceans, I believe, against our practices of government and beliefs. It’s very sad and I am very confused by it. Because I don’t want to accept it, but on one level, somewhere up here, it is all for a good; but I don’t like being passive and I’m annoyed when other people are passive. I want them to get emotionally involved with it. I don’t know whether I allow my emotions... I allow them to come out, but I’m not sure about my own reaction with regard to it all.

ELIAS: Very well. Other observations?

JEN N: Hello, Elias. I think that people are butting up against feeling like they want things to be perfect, like reaching for this utopia but feeling really upset and realizing they can’t have the perfect thing, that things are what they are, and sort of fighting against what is, somehow. It’s causing a lot of conflict.

ELIAS: Very well.

ELISE: I feel like there’s seeds of change moving in many people, a calling to start creating new models and new ways of living, and not exactly knowing how to begin those projects.

EDWARD: The government’s making cocaine... (The rest of Edward’s statement is lost in group laughter)

ELLA: I would like to agree with Elise, because me and my friend all the time also notice evidence of the shift. It is a lot of changes, not always positive, and I am more accepting of these change. Yes, I get emotionally involved but I also understand that it is a choice. It sort of feels that time is speeding up, events are speeding up, but yet somehow we are with it. There is a lot of confusion, yes. I’m not saying things are perfect, but yet somehow so much fun, really lots of fun. I see changes in myself, I see changes in people around me, and I feel like I vibrate some of this excitement because my life is changing so much now. I just want it to continue this way, more and more and more fun, and more self-awareness. That’s how I feel.

ELIAS: Very well.

BARRY: I don’t feel any changes. I feel as I felt as a child, just things are moving, progressing. I don’t feel changes; I feel a forward movement, no specific change. Forward movement is not a change.

DALE: I feel like I’m letting go of old patterns, really letting go of them, like wiping my slate clean, making choices...

ELIAS: And what of these mass events?

BARRY: I feel it’s a cleansing.

ELIAS: Other observations?

RODNEY: These mass events are involving global responses. There’s a great deal of ‘how do I fit into this globally’ on the part of governments. It’s not just one government going ahead and doing things their own way, it’s like they’re looking at how their actions interact with the actions of all other governments. There’s a great deal of interplay, and I question whether it was like that 50 years ago. Today there’s a lot more questioning about how to fit into the global picture on the part of just about all public figures, which I think is quite interesting.

EDWARD: It feels like the Earth is trying to get rid of the parasites. I mean, the earth is what’s shifting.

FRANKO: It’s not working – I’m still here! (Laughter)

EDWARD: But it’s massive. It’s not the government; it’s like the earth itself is shaking.

ELLA: I don’t disagree with you, but it doesn’t look to me like getting rid of parasites. I don’t necessarily see it this way. But it is definitely changing old stereotypes. So many things are changing and sometimes that involves a drastic reaction, but it feels...

BEN: But the price of gas? The whole world is dependent upon this particular type of fuel and energy, and our attention in this part of the world...

ELLA: Wouldn’t you say this is like swinging? Inna and I were discussing recently if everything is perfect, you’re never going to change it. You have to have that swinging movement before you jump...

DALE: I don’t agree with that. I think we move anyway, regardless. I don’t think we need to...

ELLA: But that’s what we do to make something change.

DALE: I feel like I’m expressing many more things much more forcefully and clearly, and so my beliefs about having gas prices rise, I’m expressing that very strongly. But I’m also expressing other beliefs that are totally different than that, and it’s like okay, too. That strong expression of things like gas being expensive isn’t threatening to me.

EDWARD: But that shapes the entire western world. We’re all based on that and like you say, we’ve become so comfortable that we have this cheap energy fuel and now we’re being forced to go, ‘Okay, there’s got to be a different alternative.’

ELIAS: And who is forcing?

GROUP: Us... We are... Nobody...

DALE: I don’t see that anything’s happening to me. I see me as expressing many different things.

ELLA: That might be individual also.

RODNEY: It’s not just in energy. I think we’re coming up against a lot of hard choices, like this earthquake in Pakistan. They’re making this announcement that there’s not enough tents in the world to give to these people to keep them warm. There’s a million people out there and there’s no way that they know how to help them.

ELIAS: And what beliefs do you observe are being expressed and challenged?

BARRY: Totally the religious beliefs. All these things happen because we have to learn to change our perceptions, and the main perception that’s on the way out is religious belief.

EDWARD: No, I think it’s the opposite! They’re using this...

BARRY: You have to understand what I mean by ‘religious.’

EDWARD: You know that those radical clerics are going to say it happened to Pakistan because he’s agreeing with the U.S. They’re manipulating the religious beliefs and fervor of these people...

DALE: Those radicals are you, and they’re not wrong.

EDWARD: I know. We’re sitting here with our own religious beliefs. I’m just saying they’re using them. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong; I’m saying they’re using them consistently.

BARRY: But it’s their last stand; it’s their last ditch... (Participants begin to talk over each other)

ELIAS: STOP! (Loudly) What are you engaging in this moment as a reflection of what you are creating in mass? (Group continues to talk) Are you listening? NO! (Loudly and firmly) You are arguing. You are instructing. You are not accepting of difference. You are NOT accepting of different perceptions and different preferences and different opinions. You are expressing absolutes to each other.

THIS IS THE POINT. This is the reason that your world is expressing all of this violence in mass events, whether it be created in association with weather or individuals. They are all mass events that are being manipulated by you, by your energy.

These are collective mass events. YOU with your energy manipulate this planet. YOU with your energy collectively manipulate the weather. You manipulate the earth. You manipulate the collective energy. This is what is creating all of this upheaval within your world. And you sit in the comfort of this information and express precisely what you are drawing information to yourself to not express!

We have been discussing acceptance for many years, and many individuals express that they are being accepting and that they understand. And what are you actually doing? What are you actually expressing? Justification of yourselves, defense of your preferences, of your beliefs, of your directions, of your opinions, of your observations.

What is defense?

DONNA: Opposition.

ELIAS: Opposition! We have been discussing opposition strongly. I have been discussing with many, many individuals the significance, the importance of balance and of cooperation – not compromise, not acquiescing, not defending – but cooperating and generating from that direction of cooperation a balance. I have been discussing with all of you the significance, especially within this time framework, of not generating extremes, and you are generating extremes.

And you are not exempt from the participation in these mass events simply for the reason that you are not physically participating. If you incorporate an awareness of any of these events, you are participating, for you are also creating it or it would not be within your perception, and it is. You are all aware. And are you incorporating responsibility? No. Are you genuinely paying attention to your energy and what you are creating and what you are expressing in every moment? No. Are you aware of the energy around you continuously? No.

This is the point. You may debate until what you express as the end of time and that shall not generate any more of widening of your awareness. It shall not answer your questions any more than you are answering them now. This is the point, this is the reason that we interact with each other, to offer yourselves information how to accomplish these actions.

You are all aware of the importance of balance. You all want to be expressing your own freedom and generating a balance within yourselves, creating an evenness and a centeredness within yourselves. You all want to be generating acceptance. You want your own freedom and your own directedness of self. The manner in which you accomplish that is to be paying attention to you and to your energy.

In this display of this previous interaction this day with each other, what were each of you aware of? Were you paying attention to yourselves? No. You were projecting your attention to another individual speaking.

ELLA: I understand what you’re saying in the circumstance of the confrontation, but when I express my opinion, I just say what I feel...

ELIAS: I am understanding...

ELLA: ...I don’t expect everybody to accept it. I’m not offended if they don’t.

ELIAS: That is not the point. Are you aware of your energy?

ELLA: You mean if I’m expressing my opinion while somebody else disagrees and I’m being confrontational with them?

ELIAS: Are you aware of your energy and what type of energy you are projecting?

ELLA: I can’t necessarily say that I was.

ELIAS: Correct. That is the point.

EDWARD: When you’re talking about this, talking about the energy, I hear you. Since this is my last focus and since this isn’t like a school room – like we’re going through Buddhism, and we’re searching for enlightenment and you can only disengage once you’re enlightened – since I don’t have to be enlightened when I leave anyway, what’s the point? What difference does it make? You see what I’m saying?

ELIAS: Yes. The difference is what you want. What do you want?

EDWARD: I don’t know – I’m leaving! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Not now! You are present now – or rather you are not present, but you exist in this physically reality. (Laughter)

EDWARD: Are you a little crabby today? (Laughter, and Elias cracks up)

ELIAS: It is important that you understand the point. You want to be expressing happiness. You do not want to be expressing trauma.

EDWARD: How do you know? Maybe that’s my happiness. I’m not saying it is...

ELIAS: That would be a choice, but generally speaking the reason that you engage myself is that you do not want to express trauma and experience trauma. Were you choosing to be expressing or experiencing trauma, you would not be engaging conversation with myself. There would be no point.

For this is the point that I speak with you, to be avoiding trauma and to be interactive with you that you may draw information to yourselves in how to be aware of yourselves and how to create what you want and how to find what you want.


BARRY: Does that mean when you are expressing your opinion you are not paying attention to your energy?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. But in that interaction, which you provided an example for yourselves of what I am expressing to you, you created a demonstration of what we are speaking of and what we are engaging, and that the point is how you do not pay attention to your energy. How can you intentionally manipulate your energy to create what you want in every moment if you are unaware of what your energy is doing, if you are unaware of how you are projecting it?

GAIL: So the energy that you’re feeling when you’re having an emotion, you can feel yourself projecting it. When they were having a conversation, they were projecting energy back and forth, just slamming each other as opposed to staying calm within yourself, expressing your opinion without shoving it outward.

ELLA: I agree with you. But what I wanted to ask you, if we could go back to that interruption when Barry was talking about feeling that it was caused by religious beliefs and Dale and Edward disagreed, if we could get an example of how it would be preferable to do it. I understand what you are trying to explain, but I think a lot of people here don’t understand. How do you say something...

DALE: I noticed that at some point my attention was on him. It was outside of me, my attention was projecting out, and I was opposing. When I’m aware of my energy, it feels like he’s an expression of me.

ELLA: Inclusive rather than...

DALE: It feels like it’s a reflection. I’m looking at it as a reflection or some kind of expression that I’m seeing me through. But when I moved into opposing and he became separate, my attention was not on me at all. It was totally on him.

JEN N: We’re in a society and we want to agree. I think that’s something that’s happening en masse, too. We’re in a society and we all have our own viewpoints and opinions, and we all think they’re right and valid perceptions, and you want everyone to hear you and to agree. We all want to agree and we’re confused as to what is correct and what do you do with all the...

ELIAS: Let me also express, first of all, your question continues to be ‘how,’ and the first direction in responding to the how is to listen. You cannot listen if you are projecting. Paying attention to your energy may be somewhat challenging initially, for it is an unfamiliar action and many individuals are not even aware of what their energy is.

You generate an energy field, all of you. That energy field is created by the energy centers within your physical body, which radiate and generate this field that surrounds your physical body. That energy is manipulated in a projection outwardly in every action that you engage.

If you are expressing any type of emotional communication, that energy expresses outwardly more strongly. If you are experiencing a neutral state, your energy expresses outwardly in a much more calm and even manner. If you are generating any type of agitation within yourself, whatever expression you generate outwardly – regardless of tone, regardless of verbal communication – the energy that is projected is intense and strong, and it is received precisely as it is expressed, as opposition.

There are many, many forms of opposition. It is not merely expressed in aggression. You can express your opinion and not be opposing of another individual. If you are expressing your opinion from the position of sharing and participating with another individual in cooperation with the other individual, you are not expressing an opposing energy. You are also, if you are cooperating, you are not challenging the other individual. You are not setting yourself as right or that there is any wrong expression of the other individual.

Agreement is not a requirement for cooperation. ‘Like’ is not a requirement for cooperation or acceptance. It is not necessary that you like an expression or that you like a behavior or that you like a manifestation to cooperate and to be accepting.

As I have expressed many times previously, difference is the most challenging expression to accept. You generate automatic responses to difference in varying degrees. Difference generates an automatic threat, which generates an automatic response of defense. Defense is one of your strongest expressions of opposition. If you are defending in any manner, you are projecting an energy of opposition, which is threat to the other individual – which is generally matched with opposing energy, for you create and you reflect what you are expressing. This is how you generate your indicator of awareness of your energy.

If you are reflecting from another individual opposition – which may be expressed, as I have stated, in many, many different manners – if you are receiving opposing energy from another individual, you have generated that initially and the other individual is reflecting. You ALL do this with each other. Every individual that you interact with in any capacity in any moment, you have specifically, precisely, immaculately drawn that particular individual to you in that moment. Stranger or friend, family or foe, each individual that you interact with you have drawn to you in that moment, for that particular individual shall precisely reflect your energy in some manner. This is your gauge of your energy.

Difference is challenging, but it is not impossible to accept. What is required is to be paying attention to what YOU are doing.

You may also incorporate your physical body consciousness as an indicator of your energy. In any moment, is your physical body consciousness being held in a relaxed state or do you notice any expression of tension in any area of your physical body? What are you actually doing? What is your posture?

If you are interacting with another individual and you are expressing conversation, but it is becoming debate or if it is becoming more intense, what is your energy? Are you sitting taller? Are you leaning forward? That is an expression of energy to challenge the other individual. If you are presenting yourself as taller, you become more challenging. Is your voice being projected calmly or is it becoming more projected, louder? Is your solar plexus relaxed or is it tight? Are your shoulders relaxed or are they tight?

There are many physical indicators that you generally do not pay attention to. Your body consciousness offers you tremendous communication continuously. But for the most part, individuals do not pay attention to their body consciousness and how they are expressing. This also is an efficient indicator of how you are paying attention if you are aware. If you are genuinely aware of yourself, you are not aware of yourself to the exclusion of all that is around you. You are aware of all that is around you; you are aware of the energy around you and how it is being expressed.

An example of how easily you do not express an awareness: (points at Jim S) what are you doing now?

JIM S: I’m listening.


JIM S: I’m passing some energy through my legs here.


JIM S: Beyond that...

ELIAS: Listening and passing energy through legs. And you are sitting, and you are present within a room. And what is around you?

JIM S: Nothing.

ELIAS: Nothing? Other individuals, a table, walls, chairs, equipment. And how is your energy being expressed?

JIM S: I’m not sure.

ELIAS: Tense and guarded.

JIM S: Yes, always.

ELIAS: Therefore shielding and holding your energy quite tightly to your physical form, and also now somewhat uncomfortable for you are being focused upon. (Grinning)

It is important that you are aware of what you are expressing. If you do not know what your energy is and if you are unaware of how you are projecting it, how can you manipulate it intentionally to create what you want? You do create every minute and every expression and every other individual within your reality. You are not always happy with all of what you are creating, but you are choosing it.

How can you intentionally choose what you want, if you are unaware of what you are doing? You may be doing many expressions and you may be in the position of autopilot. In that, you create scenarios and subsequently you become exasperated and question yourselves and express, ‘Why did I create this? Why AM I creating this?’

Were you to be actually paying attention to what you are doing, you would know, for you would be aware. That is the point. You all want to be widening your awareness and incorporating the expression of your innate ability to create intentionally what you want, but you continue to allow other individuals to steer your ship, you continue to fly your plane in the copilot seat, and therefore you are steering without a course.

Being aware of how you are expressing energy changes what occurs around you, for you ARE creating your reality. Therefore, being aware of how YOU are expressing energy creates different responses. It also can quite strongly alter your perception in many different manners. As perception is the mechanism that actually creates your physical reality, altering perception alters reality – altering actual PHYSICAL reality – and you quite definitely do incorporate the ability to generate this.

Express to myself what you notice in yourselves as generating an opposing energy.

RODNEY: I hear something or someone says something and I want to express my view, and I do. This happened to me last week, and I noticed it afterwards. They disagreed with me, and where I go in myself is they’re disagreeing with me because they didn’t understand me and they didn’t understand me because I didn’t express myself clearly enough. So I get caught up in attempting to express myself more clearly.

But this is a trick I play on myself, because it’s kind of like camouflage for the fact that I’m disagreeing with them, I’m opposing them, and I’m trying to possibly correct their perception. So I use this judgment of myself that I’m not expressing myself clearly enough as a trick, a camouflage, of the fact that I’m really defending myself or trying to correct them.

ELIAS: Yes, this is a commonly expressed avenue with individuals.

RODNEY: Because it seems to me that to cooperate with someone is simply to accept the fact that I think they’re wrong about something.

ELIAS: Yes, in actuality, you are correct. Each of you incorporates your own truths. We have defined truths as your own beliefs that you have set into absolute, that you do not even question.

In these truths, there is some association of preference, and in this, as we have discussed previously, your truths are not bad. They are your guidelines. They are your individual guidelines that guide you in how you shall behave, how you shall interact, how you shall create. Therefore, for you individually, they are good for they are your guidelines. They allow you to measure your behavior. They also influence you to not be engaging some behavior, for your truths express a preference and not a preference. There are judgments associated with your own truths. Your truths all incorporate some element of what you assess to be good and bad.

You are not eliminating belief systems; you are not eliminating beliefs. Therefore, you are not eliminating duplicity. You are continuing to express your own evaluations of good and bad and right and wrong within yourself. What you are changing is not applying that to every other individual within your reality, for their truths may be different. This is the element of difference.

It is not necessary to agree. You may be interacting with another individual that you do not agree with and it is not necessary for you to alter your truth to accommodate the other individual. It is also not necessary for you to instruct and convince the other individual that your truth is right. It may be absolute for you and that is what is important, but it is not absolute for the other individual. It is not necessary to agree to cooperate.

You may be expressing differences but it matters not. The other individual may be expressing, ‘I do this action in this manner,’ and you may express, ‘I do this action in another manner.’ You may be expressing back and forth, offering your reasons why you do a particular action in a particular manner, but it actually matters not, for the other individual is not actually affecting you or changing you. You continue to express in your guidelines.

An individual may express a truth that they express violence is wrong and therefore it should not be expressed. Another individual may incorporate violent behavior – but you are not. That is the point of your truths. They are YOUR guidelines.

EDWARD: But when we become the victim of their violence... I guess you’re going to tell me that I created that. But I’m sorry, I’d rather not be blown up by somebody I created, I suppose. I don’t know, there’s a very strange dichotomy in there.

ELIAS: But you are not being blown up!

EDWARD: A similar situation is talking about disagreeing about whether (inaudible) or whatever is a nice idea. I can buy into that, but when there is extreme violence...

ELIAS: I am understanding, but if you are not creating that opposition within yourself, you shall not draw that to yourself. Therefore, you shall not participate in it.

EDWARD: That’s nice, okay. I’ll buy that. I’ll go with that.

ELIAS: You create the situation to be participating in that type of scenario. You create the situation of drawing that energy to you through the energy that you are projecting. Therefore, if you are not engaging in an opposing or in a protective energy, it is unnecessary to draw that type of energy to you. You draw to you what will reflect you. Therefore, if you choose not to be in a violent situation and you are not expressing a violent energy with yourself, you shall not draw that to yourself.

EDWARD: So I saved the whole New York City subway because I didn’t want to get blown up and I felt really good about it! So while I was riding the trains, everybody was safe. I don’t know if I can...

ELIAS: You already are. You already are projecting an energy to not draw that to yourself.

EDWARD: I’m happy with that.

ELIAS: (Laughs) But in this scenario, this is an example of not cooperating, of attempting to convince, not necessarily in a violent manner but in a manner of opposition, rather than recognizing and evaluating how is the other individual’s opinion threatening you.

ELLA: I don’t specifically try to do it, but I do feel that I notice myself more, because I hear you and I read about all that. But I notice and it’s very distinct. If anybody just tries to give me friendly advice but uses ‘you have to do something’ or ‘why don’t you do something,’ I immediately notice my solar plexus tense because somebody wants to impose their truth on me. What I do notice lately is that I also don’t try to... I used to feel upset and I now process it within me. I turn it in a more pleasant way and the confrontation goes away. Am I actually doing that?

ELIAS: Yes. That is also an example in which you notice your automatic response and you are intentionally paying attention to what type of energy you are expressing. You notice the initial twinge, the initial response of shielding or defending, but in noticing that you can alter that by recognizing yourself, allowing yourself to intentionally relax and evaluate what is the perceived threat.

How is this individual actually threatening you? For this is what you are responding to in defense. You have automatically perceived a threat. Whether you think it in thoughts or not, you are automatically responding in energy and you are automatically engaging an emotional communication, which is expressing to you within a moment you are perceiving threat and now you shall be engaging defense.

RODNEY: I expressed an idea and the other person said, ‘You’re wrong.’ So energetically I feel a threat there.

ELIAS: For you must be right. (Laughter)

RODNEY: For me to cooperate would simply be to say, ‘Fine, you think I’m wrong,’ and that’s that.


RODNEY: But I don’t go there and I think I have to explain myself.

ELIAS: Which is another form of defending and that creates this opposing energy, and the interaction continues and can actually escalate and that creates a conflict.

These are examples of how you may engage that type of action and that type of energy with two individuals. You are engaging that, and what energy is that projecting outwardly? Opposition. Is it also expressing balance? No. Therefore, what energy does that contribute to?

RODNEY: Chaos.

ELIAS: And mass events.

ELLA: But sometimes I notice it only in my head. Does that affect too?

ELIAS: And that too may contribute to atmospheric pressures. You ARE participating; you merely do not pay attention or incorporate the awareness of how important and how powerful one individual is. There can be no mass without individuals. There can be no mass event without the participation of collective energy.

If you are generating opposition in your day – in your employment, in your family, with a friend, with an individual in a shop that perhaps expresses what you deem to be an attitude with you as you are purchasing an item – and you match that energy in opposition, you are generating an opposing energy. That energy is not limited to that very space that you are standing within. That energy translates in the collective.

You are all a part of the collective energy. You are what is the make-up of the collective energy. Therefore, the conflicts that you generate within your day individually generate a contribution to the energy, which is extreme and out of balance within your world.

ELLA: You are teaching us to interact with each other. What about the rest of humanity? We cannot deny... (The rest is lost in group laughter)

ELIAS: This is the point! The point is not to concern yourself with other individuals. The point is to concern yourself with you, for the energy that you generate alters all around you.

Therefore, you, one individual, incorporate tremendous power. You are not always in this room. You are not always in this forum. You interact in many different physical locations with many different individuals throughout your days.

ELLA: Does that cause ripple effects?

ELIAS: Yes! Yes, and that is the point. Paying attention to your energy ripples and is affecting, for you are creating all of your reality. Therefore, if you are creating all of your reality and you are creating a reality that is balanced, that ripples in association with every other individual that you interact with.

BARRY: So if you feel something here, feel tension here... Because I thought ‘balance’ just before you said it. Sometimes we send our awareness to our third eye, and so there’s awareness sent to our whole field and that’s what balances us and then we learn to do that. That’s the how, that’s what you’re saying?

ELIAS: Being aware of all of your energy and how it is being projected. The manner in which you verify is by paying attention to what you are actually doing. As in the example – you are sitting in a chair. What are you doing?

BARRY: I was listening to what you were telling me.

ELIAS: And I may express that if I were to pose this question to every individual within this room, the initial response is ‘I am listening to you.’ What are you doing?

BARRY: Absorbing your energy.

ELIAS: What are you doing?

BARRY: I’m cooperating? I don’t know.

ELIAS: That would be the answer – you are not aware. What is your body consciousness doing? How is it being expressed? What is around you? What is your periphery bringing as input? Where are your feet? Where are your hands?

BARRY: One foot is on the floor; one hand is on the chair. One hand is relaxed; one hand is tight. One foot is relaxed; one foot is tight.

ELIAS: This is the point. These are all actions that you are incorporating. It is not a judgment; it matters not.

The point is is that you focus your attention singularly and you notice merely one action, but you are actually incorporating many. Your focus is more expanded than you are paying attention to. You are inputting information in many different manners and you are also responding to that input.

If you are sitting in close proximity to another individual, your energy field is responding to the individual beside you. And how is your body consciousness responding in that side?

BARRY: I’m leaning into her.

ELIAS: Correct, therefore you are engaging an action. This is what I am expressing to you in being aware of your energy and what you are actually doing. What you are doing is your indicator of what type of energy you are expressing.


LORRAINE M: If I were able to do that, accept in every moment and not cause any conflict in my own in-the-moment life, would that mean that in my reality there wouldn’t be any earthquakes, tsunamis, war? I could create that?

ELIAS: Yes, you can. That is not...

LORRAINE M: But other people’s reality wouldn’t change.

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN N: She wouldn’t know about that because it wouldn’t be in her reality.

ELIAS: Correct.

LORRAINE M: So do we all have own time-space continuum kind of thing?

ELIAS: You do. You ARE interacting directly with other individuals’ energy, but remember, you are also precisely drawing to yourself specific individuals that reflect you. Therefore, if you were creating a reality in which there was no earthquake or there was no hurricane, every individual that you draw to yourself would not incorporate an awareness of that either, for that would not be in your reality. You would not be offering yourself that information, for in your reality it did not occur. That IS possible; it is difficult.

LORRAINE M: So if you’re a Star Trek person, it’s like we all have our own holodeck, we all create our own program...


LORRAINE M: ...and when we walk into it, the people that are in our hologram are people we programmed into it.

ELIAS: Yes, but they are the energies of all of the other individuals. But yes, you are correct.

LORRAINE M: So anything they say or do to us, we’ve created.

ELIAS: Yes. You have drawn that to yourself, yes.

VERONICA: I have two questions, if I remember them. I have a friend who is not interested in the world affairs. It’s not important to her. Just going to work at her little job is sufficient for her. That is a reflection perhaps to me of an attractive way to be or a calming way to be for myself?

ELIAS: In part.

VERONICA: Rather than my thinking that she’s just a totally disinterested person.

ELIAS: Correct, offering yourself an example of not concerning yourself with what other individuals’ choices are.

VERONICA: My second question is, if my perception is that we have not had cataclysms in our area, is it that our population is less defensive and more accepting than people in other parts of the world?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. For regardless that it is not occurring in your area, you are participating. You are contributing energy to those mass events. You may be collectively choosing in your physical location not to be creating a mass event in your area, but that is not to say that you are not participating in the other mass events. The energy in those locations is more directedly intensified for their collective reason and benefit.

These mass events are actually generating benefit. As I have expressed, you are always creating benefit to yourselves. It may not necessarily be comfortable. It may even be expressed in actions and events that you deem to be painful, but they are beneficial.” [session 1861, October 22, 2005]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: referring to the Northridge, CA earthquake of January 17, 1994, 4:31 AM. PST, 20 miles west-northwest of Los Angeles; 1 mile south – southwest of Northridge. Its magnitude registered 6.7 in the Richter scale.

The earthquake produced the strongest ground motions ever instrumentally recorded in an urban setting in North America. Damage was wide-spread, sections of major freeways collapsed, parking structures and office buildings collapsed, and numerous apartment buildings suffered irreparable damage. Damage to wood-frame apartment houses was very widespread in the San Fernando Valley and Santa Monica areas, especially to structures with “soft” first floor or lower-level parking garages.

(2) Paul’s note: a reference to the Gramada essence family that is represented by the color of orange.

(3) Paul’s note: a reference to the Branch Davidian religious cult leader David Koresh in Waco, Texas. In February of 1993 an aborted arrest attempt by the FBI resulted in numerous deaths and a standoff that culminated on April 19, 1993 in which all but nine of those in the compound died.

(4) Paul’s note: a reference to the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide that occurred on March 27, 1997 in Rancho Santa Fe, near San Diego, CA. A group of 39 people, including leader Marshall Applewhite, committed a non-violent suicide. Their belief was that a flying saucer, inhabited by “heavenly beings" was trailing the comet Hale-Bopp, and would take them to a “better” place. Their belief was that they had to be non-physically focused to accomplish this.

(5) Paul’s note: a reference to the “deaths” of Princess Diana (1961-1997) and Mother Teresa (1910-1997) within six days of each other.

Diana Spencer, Dodi Fayed, and Henri Paul were fatally injured on August 31, 1997 in Paris, France in a car accident. Diana’s death had a tremendous impact on England and the rest of the world. Her funeral was reportedly witnessed, via satellite television links, by over two and a half billion people.

Mother Teresa is among the most well-known and highly respected women in the world in the latter half of the twentieth century. In 1948 she founded a religious order of nuns in Calcutta, India, called the Missionaries of Charity. Through this order, she has dedicated her life to helping the poor, the sick, and the dying around the world, particularly those in India. Her work with the needy has brought her much acclaim and many awards, including the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. She celebrated her 87th birthday in August, 1997 and died shortly thereafter of a heart attack on September 05, 1997.

(6) Paul’s note: Elias uses the analogy of birds in a cage to represent the relationship between individual beliefs and belief systems.

ELIAS: “... I shall reiterate, in my analogy of belief systems in comparison, that the belief system itself is as that of a bird cage, and the aspects of the belief system are all of the birds that the cage holds. These cages, the belief systems, hold many, many, many birds. There are hundreds of aspects to each given belief system.” [session 301, July 25, 1998]

ELIAS: “The bird cage is neutral. It is merely a cage. It CONTAINS something; it contains the birds. The birds are that which flutter and fly and peck at each other and at you, and hold much energy and are very affecting and are at times quite fascinating also, and quite colorful! But once the cage is empty, the cage remains; but it holds no affectingness, for it is empty. It then becomes ornamental. You may place the cage wherever you choose. You may look within your home and you may express, ‘I am pleased with this cage upon my mantel. I view that I shall move the cage to a table.’ It matters not. The cage remains the same. It is merely a cage. The birds may be quite messy, and you may be quite careful where you shall place the cage with all the birds contained inside!” [session 307, August 14, 1998]

Digests: find out more about belief systems; an overview.

(7) Paul’s note: a reference to the “straight little sapling” allegory that Elias often refers to when he discusses our need to trust, accept, take full responsibility for only ourselves.

Digests: find out more about the sapling story.

(8) Paul’s note: the path of least conflict shows that there are always choices available to reduce conflict.

Exercises: find out more about the “no conflict” exercise.

(9) Paul’s note: in November 1999, 6-year old Elian Gonzalez was one of three survivors who were fleeing Cuba to seek asylum in the United States found adrift off the Florida coast. Ten others died in the journey, including Elian's mother. Elian stayed with relatives in Miami, Florida who wished to have permanent custody of the boy. The boy's father, Juan Gonzalez, who lived in Cuba initiated a custody battle that blossomed into an international political dispute, pitting anti-Castro Cuban expatriates and their political supporters against him and the Cuban Government. In the waning days of June 2000, with court appeals exhausted, Elian was forcibly removed from his relatives’ house in Miami and reunited with his father. They eventually returned to Cuba.

(10) Daryl’s note: This focus disengaged in December 2001.

(11) Daryl’s note: This energy interaction is known as DareDevil and DaredEvil, and currently involves Debi (Oona) and me (and maybe more subjectively).

(12) Bobbi’s note: Session 902, September 13, 2001 (transcript released in September of 2001).

(13) Paul’s note: a reference to Anjuli’s private session that preceded Daryl’s. See session 909, September 27, 2001.

(14) Paul’s note: George refers to his first session with Elias.

GEORGE: “I’m going to make statements about where I think I am. I’ve read a number of your transcripts, and I think I understand a good deal. I am in a soft focus, a final focus as an observer, not necessary to produce children, with a task that might include overcoming the illusion of what we call “material physicality” and learning to operate in the now on this planet, and also to demonstrate and develop the concept of what might be called radical shape-shifting in the realm of healing and transcending aging. Am I on target, or is it a lot of nonsense?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! I may express to you my friend, you are not offering nonsense! (Laughing)

In this, I am acknowledging of you, and your awareness of your intent in this particular focus and the direction which you have chosen to be exploring, and your understanding of it.” [session 821, April 12, 2001]

Interestingly, George uses the term “soft focus” instead of “soft orientation” and Elias doesn't correct him, as he often will when someone confuses wording. Also, he doesn’t actually verify George’s orientation, but instead comments only on his intent. This is not to say that verification isn’t implied in his statement “you are not offering nonsense!”

(15) Paul’s note: Elias uses the analogy of a hurricane to express the tremendous “stormy” energy involved in actually manifesting what he calls the shift in consciousness. See session 472, session 608 and session 737.

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