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the religious era

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “You have chosen, within this dimension, a new experience in creativity. You have chosen, within what you term to be your history, certain actions and experiences for long time periods, in your terms. These have been purposeful for those experiences. You presently move away from your religious era, which has continued for quite some physical time period, into a new awareness in consciousness, to allow you an expanded creativity and allow you to utilize your abilities of essence within physical focus. You are expanding your reality to encompass more of essence and more of your own creative abilities.” [session 203, August 03, 1997]

ELIAS: “This is not to say that you may not occupy yourself with a fascination for information of religious elements, but do not be lending energy to the creation of those elements within the religious prophecies by holding judgment upon the religious elements and the entirety of your religious era. It has quite well served you throughout your time period. It has been a magnificent creation for all of the mass upon your planet for ages. It merely is unnecessary to be continuing with this action presently. Therefore, you choose to move into a new creation of conscious awareness within the accomplishment of the action of this shift.” [session 188, June 29, 1997]

NORM: “The revelations that the religious people have had throughout the religious era, there seems to be some truths in regard to what they have said about the spirituality of atoms and so on and so forth. So they apparently have the ability to use ... the revelation is similar to using the three sets of three inner senses.

ELIAS: Correct. I have expressed to you many times that your religious elements are based in truth. They have merely been distorted throughout your history.” [session 205, August 10, 1997]

ELIAS: “Within future centuries, the shift shall be accomplished. Therefore, you shall be continuing within the action of the shift as reality, no longer being a shift in consciousness but merely accepted as your officially accepted reality, and you shall continue in this for as long as you are so choosing, just as you have continued for centuries with your religious era.” [session 223, September 28, 1997]

NANCY: “I don’t like the idea of following, or even attaching myself to anything that considers itself or looks like it’s in and of itself a whole. I don’t believe in that. (Sighing)

ELIAS: Be leery of expressions that move in that direction, for that is a perpetuation of religious belief systems, and within this shift in consciousness you are moving away from these held religious belief systems. Continuously be wary of ANY expression by ANY individual or essence that expresses absolutes, and also expresses that they singularly are ‘the way.’ There is no singular way. YOU are YOUR way!” [session 293, July 01, 1998]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Within the action of this shift also, in addition to your recognition of your own essence and your own focuses, you shall also eliminate much conflict, for it is unnecessary to be creating conflict if you are not concerned with what is outside of you. If your concern centers within and upon the elements of essence, you shall be manifesting this and you shall not necessarily be manifesting what you now view to be hatefulness. Within your religious era, this was purposeful. For the experience and the knowing of physical self, you have created situations and belief systems to be experiencing opposites in many, many areas; extremes.

You have chosen your theatrical forum. You have created your crusades, your causes, your rights, your wrongs. You have experienced these elements to what you may view as their fullest within this manifestation. Therefore, you seek new stimuli. As I have stated, you are natural explorers. Therefore, you choose to explore your own consciousness. To this point, within what you view to be your linear history, you have created a curiosity and an exploration of all elements that you view to be outside of yourselves. Now you choose to turn inward.” [session 160, March 30, 1997]

JOAN: “Sometimes they speak of these times as being the end times. Could you kind of go into that? You say we’re having a transitional shift. How will we experience that? I know it’s not the end of the world as we know it, but there’s gonna be a change. Maybe you can get my intent within the question. How will we experience life?

ELIAS: You are coming to what you may view as the end of your religious era. You have created a religious era within your history which now no longer serves your purposes. Therefore, you view that you are wishing to be expanding within consciousness into a broader area of encompassing consciousness within physical focus.

Now; within the religious belief systems of very many of your physical religions, it is expressed that you shall reach a point of cataclysmic event. This is unnecessary; this being the reason that you view information offered to you by essences, and yourselves, to be reminding you that these are belief systems.

Now; you may be choosing to be creating of catastrophe if you are lending energy to these belief systems. Therefore, I and many more speak with you, to be reminding you that it is unnecessary to be creating of devastation to be creating anew. You may be expanding and creating a new element within consciousness without also creating what you have prophesied within your religious belief systems. It is unnecessary. These also are your choices.

You may be choosing to be manifesting devastation if this collectively is within your intention and your choice for drama, or you may be choosing within the action of this shift to be lending energy to each other and dispelling of the movement of energy which may be creating of disastrous effects.” [session 174, May 17, 1997]

ELIAS: “As you hold these belief systems of right and wrong and good and evil, which are elements of your religious era, you view actions and experiences within this framework. Each action contributes in a fashion to the whole. You may not understand completely the benefit that occurs, but let us view within a different angle of perception.

You view much violence and negative behavior within your planet presently. I have stated previously that this is not an escalation from your past history. It is manifest differently. Therefore, it is attaining your attention differently. In this, the manifestation of the violence that you view is a rebellion against established, accepted, societal systems. Within your viewpoints you view this as wrong, but they also are making their statement in alignment with the movement of consciousness away from your established belief systems and your established accepted reality, within this what you may term to be past era.

You may symbolize this in many ways, as do religious individuals and psychological individuals, and within one layer of consciousness it may hold validity in its symbolism; in that within the emergence of any new creation there is a birth, and within the throes of the birth there is also what you term to be painfulness or pushing. It is not necessarily always painful to be emerging, but it is necessary for a push. In this, you choose collectively to be pushing in many directions. Young individuals choose to be pushing in non-compliance with established belief systems. Other individuals move into other areas and push also. All of these individuals drawn to this forum are pushing within consciousness. This all lends to the movement of the shift.

This is not to say that hurtfulness is acceptable, but ... and you may express to Michael [Mary] that if he is noticing, he was offered his words today ... although hurtfulness is not acceptable it may be beneficial within your physical reality, and beneficial is not necessarily positive in your estimation. You may benefit from many elements that you create, that you view to be destructive and negative and violent and hurtful. Within essence and expression of essence this is not acceptable, but you are within your dimension of physical focus which you have created in this manner. Therefore, you also allow for these experiences.

Within the action of your shift, as I have stated previously, these actions and events shall become unnecessary, for the belief systems shall not motivate this type of action. You witness these types of occurrences in response to established belief systems presently. If these belief systems were accepted, they would hold no power. Therefore, there would be no motivation for these actions.” [session 178, May 31, 1997]

ELIAS: “Also be remembering, you are moving out of your religious era. Many belief systems have been developed within this era. They are quite strong! Individuals may objectively manifest those elements which correlate to their belief systems. You may view little demons with tails! (Laughter) They are your projections of your belief systems. They are not entities attempting to be hurtful to you. They are projections of your own fearfulness; but within the belief systems, many individuals experience much confusion and trauma, for they do not understand.

Q: ... There are several people talking about ascension as a time that is going to be coming soon. Can you speak of this?

ELIAS: This is your shift.

Q: What will happen?

ELIAS: You shall incorporate an expanded awareness. You shall hold more of a mergence of subjective and objective awareness. You have chosen, within the entirety of your globe, this action. You have exhausted your creativity within your religious era. Once again I express to you, you have become bored, (laughter) and you look to an expansion of your creativity. Therefore, you incorporate more of your remembrance of essence; allowing for an expansion of your creativity, but also continuing an allowance for the purity of experience within this reality.

JIM: ... I remember in some of the Seth material that Seth had said if mankind didn’t make certain choices at this point in time, that the species could degenerate into cults and religious wars.

ELIAS: Quite! This is the prediction of your religious era!

JIM: Well, you could choose that probability rather than the other probability. Is that what he meant?

ELIAS: You have chosen already to be manifesting this shift, although within any moment you may choose differently. But within this present now, you do not choose differently. You continue within your established choice of this shift. (Humorously) I shall be communicating with you and allowing you information if you are changing your decision! (Much laughter)

JIM: That I appreciate!

ELIAS: Therefore, you shall hold the ability to prepare yourself before your annihilation! (Grinning, as we all crack up)

JIM: I doubt if I’ll take an Armageddon point of view! (Laughing)

ELIAS: It is less probable! Are you wishing of more questions?” [session 185, June 21, 1997]

ELIAS: “The Borledim and the Vold families have chosen the idea, so to speak, of this shift; but this shift is also an expression within mass event connected to another element or era – that being your religious era – which are both expressions of one Source Event. Therefore, other families have also been involved in the creation or the idea of what you think of as the other half of this Source Event. Within this, I have expressed to you previously that the Gramada family was initiating of your religious era. This is not to say that any one family which is choosing to be creating of the Source Event shall begin the Source Event. The expressions within mass within your present focus are initiated and followed through within sequence, as I have expressed to you within our previous meeting. There is a continuous overlapping of these essence families.

I also wish to express to you that no thing outside of yourselves is creating of your reality. Essences belonging to these families are not flying about your cosmos creating your reality within source and mass events without your participation! YOU are creating of these actions, and are elements of these families. Therefore, Dream Walkers are not creating your reality presently without your interaction also. The essences which we deem as the Dream Walkers are participating in your source and mass events along with you and as you. Therefore, there is no separation, and no element is creating of mass movement which is not also a part of you. All of consciousness is connected.” [session 210, August 24, 1997]

ELIAS: “Many of you hold belief systems of religious rites and rituals. Some hold favorable belief systems, some hold disfavorable; but this has been your reality for much of your existence within this particular dimension. It has, as I have stated many times previously, served you well. It has allowed your growth and your exploration in many areas. I express to you that this is an area that you may practice acceptance within also, for it is not as negative as you view it to be.

You have learned much within the exploration of this focus, this dimension, through your religious belief systems, and you hold to them still. You may not acknowledge to yourselves that you hold to them, but you do, and as YOU are not bad, THEY are not bad either, for they serve to make up what you are.

In this, within this exchanging to each other and appreciating of each other and acknowledging your lack of separation from each other, acknowledge that also your belief systems are you, and you are glorious beings! There is no bad within any of you. Therefore, be appreciating of yourselves also, and attempt to be as accepting of yourselves and each other as I am of you! A very good exercise to be practicing, for you are all wondrous!

We shall break, and you may continue with your questions.

BREAK 7:53 PM.
RESUME 8:17 PM. (Time was five seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing.

RETA: Would you like more about the religious part of this season, or the use of, or not?

ELIAS: And what be your direction?

RETA: Well, how it has been useful. It’s a growing thing. In this time of the season, I’m involved with a lot of things, and I look at the work being done between people because of the season – maybe they could think about that all year, but because of the season. One of the associates I have, for instance, she’s just put about twenty-eight hours a week in for the last five weeks in preparing for these different concerts, and then a lot of the folks that I deal with in the professional choir put in so many parts of their lives to do this.

Why? Well, they enjoy it, but it’s for the enjoyment of others. And the presentation of the children, to encourage them to grow with family and with friends and to teach them that they’re okay. Some of these children who are so bashful, when they get involved with something like that they will sing by themselves and they will perform, and most of the time you can’t even get them to stop wiggling. So I think it’s ... well, in my religion anyway, there’s such an involvement with each other. There’s such an involvement in the family and the children. There’s the push for, ‘Do it yourself, but we’ll help you.’

I just think it’s a thing that most of us don’t do all year ‘round, and I think if it has to be because it’s Christmas, it’s okay. And there was such an awfully lot of good things that came out of this particular season for me! Like for instance, we went to Tijuana and we sang for a group down there, and the effort that they put forth just to get us down there was tremendous! The shower of love, you just couldn’t help but feel it! What they had to go through to even allow us to come down there! We were singing for them, but we were just eating up that shower of love that they gave to us. I think it’s just a wonderful thing ... my religion is for me. I know there are some religions out there that preach hellfire and damnation and sin, and you’re always sinning and so on. Well, I don’t happen to belong to one like that. Ours is the development of love and compassion and service and togetherness and family and understanding, so it’s been very nice for me.

ELIAS: This be your creation en masse of an annual mass event which is observed throughout most of your globe, not merely within this particular country that you presently occupy. You have allowed yourselves en masse a time framework that you allow yourselves to move into natural expression. A natural expression of essence is to be expressing, in THIS particular physical focus, within giving and compassion and lovingness to each other. Therefore, you allow yourselves what you term to be a season for this. You allow yourself a mass expression each of your years to be celebrating those natural expressions of yourselves, to be connecting, to be allowing less separation, to be identifying within your belief systems all that you hold to be beauteous and good.

As with other expressions of yourselves, you allow yourselves areas or time frameworks that you may be connecting with in natural elements. You have designed your area of your planet that you term to be your Bermuda Triangle to be your window for other dimensions. You also allow yourself a brief expression each of your years to be expressing from essence and allowing, as I have stated, less of a separation. The reason that you feel good in giving to each other is that this is a natural expression for you, but you also hold many belief systems that you must have a reason to be giving. Therefore, you create a season to allow yourselves this expression. Even those that balk against your giving season find joy in giving, for this is your natural expression and it is a beneficial belief system.

This be the meaning that is expressed when I express to you that your religious belief systems have served you well in many aspects. They have limited you in some aspects, but in many aspects they have also allowed you great exploration and allowance for expression of yourselves and with each other, and have allowed you the opportunity at times to be less separated from each other and to allow yourselves an interconnectedness with each other.

NORM: I’ve often had the idea that when you say that religions have served you well, that you have the opportunity – and perhaps we will at some time here in this focus – of really studying comparative, dimensional probabilities; meaning that you can see other close dimensions or close probable worlds to ours that perhaps do not have a religious movement, a religious era, and that they don’t have the freedom of action that we have had. Is that true?

ELIAS: In some respects.

NORM: There are probable worlds that do not have a religious era?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Have any of those worlds had freedom of action as great as ours?

ELIAS: I would not term this to be ‘freedom,’ but there is less of an awareness of self and abilities. They are more limited.

NORM: They are constrained by their social belief systems, then.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Interesting.

RETA: So then when you talk about these saints we’ve just reviewed, and you talk about Jesus, all of these people didn’t have the giving sense just for Christmas. They spent their entire lives trying to show goodness and loving and bringing people together, and of course that’s how they become ‘saints,’ quote, is because they spent their whole life trying to show us that there is a way to do this.

ELIAS: This be your myth. (Smiling)

NORM: I have another question. In a hundred years, or maybe in a hundred and fifty or two hundred years, we could then have a comparable, probable, dimensional religion – religious studies – if we wanted to. That could be an area of interest. Then we would look at other probable worlds close to our world, or within the veil of our world ...

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: ... and really have a wonderful study in comparative religious ideas?

ELIAS: Now you begin to view the windows that may be opened to your curiosity and for your exploration within the action of this shift.

NORM: It’s going to be great! How soon can I do that?


NORM: I know! (Laughing) I’ve got to get going!

ELIAS: It is not merely a viewing of extraterrestrials, but of ALL of your reality that you create within this dimension.

NORM: Fabulous!

HELEN: I thought ... my understanding when I read the literature was ... well, it’s a personal belief system, I’m sure ... that religions have always separated us.

(Margot’s note: Gawd, I love you, Helen!)

ELIAS: In a respect they serve to separate you within the focus from essence – which is the purpose of your creation within your religious era – for the purity of experiencing your physical focus. Therefore, you have developed many belief systems in this area. But also, just as you allow yourself your window for traveling outside of this dimension within this one particular area of your planet, you also allow yourselves windows within your religious expressions to allow your natural expressions.

HELEN: So what you’re saying is that there is a thread that connects the religions, which is that the basic nature of our essence to be giving and loving?

ELIAS: Correct.

HELEN: And that most of them come from that place?

ELIAS: I have expressed many times that all of your religions hold truths. (Pause)

HELEN: They also hold prejudices and falseness and belief systems that bring us pain.

ELIAS: Correct; for this is what you have created.

HELEN: I had a question about prayer because I’m very confused about prayer. I want to speak to Jsenne when I pray now, my essence.

ELIAS: Then do! It matters not. I have expressed previously ... another individual has inquired of prayer and speaking to that which they believe to be God. It is all the same. Therefore, it matters not to whom you address. You are merely speaking and communicating with essence and consciousness.

HELEN: That’s why I thought it felt better to address my higher power or God as Jsenne, because now I am moving in the direction that my essence is where I get my knowledge and my peace and the things that I desire in this focus. Therefore, I’d like to address it by that name.

ELIAS: This is your choice. If this brings you pleasure, then I am acknowledging of this.

HELEN: But there’s no right or wrong. It doesn’t matter if I say ‘God.’ It doesn’t matter. That’s what you said.

ELIAS: Quite.

HELEN: Because those thoughts or prayers are going to the same place anyway.

ELIAS: Correct.

HELEN: No matter what label we put on them.

ELIAS: Correct.

HELEN: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

DAVID: Why do so many prayers go unanswered?

HELEN: You’re such the martyr! (Laughter)

DAVID: Not just my prayers, but people in my family have prayed until their deathbed and never got any answers!

ELIAS: It is not that they are not receiving answers. They are not NOTICING.

DAVID: Well, I don’t think they saw any changes in their lives in the prayers that they asked.

ELIAS: That is for the reason that they are not noticing. They are not paying attention. There is no question that remains unanswered. It is merely a question of your own opening to the answer.

DAVID: It just doesn’t necessarily come the way that you expect it.

ELIAS: Absolutely.

HELEN: ... “I have another question. From what I’ve read about the shift ... it’s kind of back to this religious thing. From what I understand from what I read is that our world has relied on religious factions for a long time, I guess to move us places and to let us explore, as you said, and needing to widen our focuses ... widen our knowing, I guess. Are you saying that when the veils are lifted from our other focuses that we will then be able to incorporate religious beliefs from other focuses in addition to the ones that we have now? And is that one of the purposes of the shift?

ELIAS: The purpose of the shift is not to be incorporating more religious belief systems.

HELEN: Less?

ELIAS: The purpose of the shift is to be widening your awareness, and in this allowing you greater creativity and a greater knowledge of your own abilities that you may be accomplishing within. This allows you less limitations and more accessibility to exploration of your reality within this dimension. It is also the action of this shift to be accepting those belief systems which you hold, that they may not be quite so limiting of your abilities and your creativity, and allowing you a freer expression of essence and less separation from essence. (Pause)

HELEN: But during this widening ... I mean, the image I get is that we’re cramped in a space. It’s like we’ve done all we can in a space and we need to be widened, obviously. But is it because what we’ve created is not serving us well? Or is it just for the expanse of our experience and creativity?

ELIAS: It HAS served you well to this now. It is not serving you any longer, for it is limiting. You hold a desire to be expressing more expansively, to be aware of your reality in many more aspects than you allow yourselves presently.

HELEN: Okay. I understand that. Thank you.

SUE: I’ve got a question about – since we’ve been talking about saints – stories that I’ve been told about Catholic saints, Buddhist saints, all different kinds of saints performing miracles, healing the sick, levitating, things like that. My assumption is that these things actually have happened physically, and that the reason they don’t generally happen now is because we don’t allow them to. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Ah, but they DO continue to be happening within your present now!

SUE: I guess so, in some places ... not usually around here! But if we allowed them to, they would happen here?

ELIAS: Correct. ‘Not usually’ around many places upon your planet or within many time periods! This be the reason that you create belief systems and you place significance to these individuals who have developed their inner senses and have loosened the veils between the physical focus and essence, and hold a knowledge and a knowing of their own abilities and therefore allow themselves to be expressing of these. You create belief systems that these individuals hold differences from yourselves, and therefore you create saints.

SUE: We think that they’re special and have powers that we don’t.

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: When actually....

ELIAS: You hold the same abilities. Within the action of the shift, there shall be no need for saints, for you shall ALL be saints.

SUE: Okay, thank you.

DAVID: So does that mean then that all the saints that are put up on plaques and looked upon, they’ll all be pulled down? (Laughter)

ELIAS: You shall merely recognize that they hold no differences to yourselves.

DAVID: So they will be looked upon differently than how they are now then, as we view them?

ELIAS: They shall continue within your history.

DAVID: Right, but viewed differently than we do now?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Isn’t sainthood a choice of experience also?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

VICKI: Wouldn’t it stand to reason that this particular choice of experience would continue?

ELIAS: It will be unnecessary, for it has been experienced within the context of your belief systems. You are loosening your belief systems and moving toward acceptance of belief systems. You would not be holding saints without the belief systems that motivate the actions.

VICKI: So after the completion of the shift, so to speak, we won’t view individuals that we think have miraculous abilities or more powers than we do, or that are....

ELIAS: You shall ALL hold these miraculous abilities and more powers.

VICKI: Well, I understand that, but it just seems like there isn’t an end to it, you know? I mean, as far as a widening of awareness and a development of abilities, it just ... I don’t know. I guess my question is, won’t there be individuals that choose a slightly different experience, as what we call saints now, that we will view as different from ourselves?

ELIAS: Individuals shall be choosing different experiences, but they shall not be viewed in the same manner that you view saints.

RETA: ... I was thinking while she was talking about why there are no more miracles ... I hear from people on a daily basis that have very unusual things happen to them, and they expect to be able to use those. And sometimes, even in business, I see a person who has the foresight to do something. Everybody follows him because he’s right. His mind is able to handle that. And on the religious side, when I go to church I hear people all the time talking about something that was put in their way so they had to handle it, and they expect that. They’re learning how now. I see them all the time. They expect to use these talents that they have, or these inner senses, and they do use them.

My daughter has a very spiritual sense. When the phone rings at my house or at work, I know it’s her. That’s just a thing between her and I, I guess, but she expects me to be at a phone, too. But I see this all the time. I don’t think the saintly things are gone. I think we just maybe aren’t watching for them like we should be. I think there are achievements being made today by people that are just tremendous: inventors, musicians, people with psychology that can help others understand themselves. I think there’s a great deal of awareness today. Of course, it’ll be nice when it’s bigger.

ELIAS: You are all widening your awareness. The difference is that you have created many belief systems, which create your saints. In allowing an acceptance of belief systems, saints become unnecessary. You ALL hold these abilities. There is no saint that has created any miracle that YOU may not create also, and that within the action of your shift you may not also be creating.

The title of sainthood is placed merely in response to your belief systems that another individual is greater than the whole; that one individual holds an ability greater than do you all. Within the action of your shift, you shall hold a working awareness, a knowing objectively, that there is no other individual that holds an ability greater than yourselves. It is merely a choice of direction of what you shall be creating or exploring. There shall not be miracles, for you all may be accomplishing. A miracle is merely an action that is uncommonly accomplished, an action that you believe may not be accomplished. Therefore, it is miraculous if it IS accomplished. But you shall hold a knowing that there are no miracles, for there are no actions that may not be accomplished.

You express, ‘It is a miracle!’ to be raising an individual from the dead. It is no miracle. It is a choice and agreement. Any individual may choose to reinstate themselves within physical focus within any moment. You move to areas within your present now of what you term to be actions of near-death experiences. These are no different from your Lazarus, but Lazarus is viewed to be a miracle. You do not view your near-death experiences as miracles, do you? For they become commonplace. They are accepted. They are a reality. Therefore, in the same manner, actions that have been created previously throughout your history that were uncommon become common, for you recognize your own abilities, that you may be accomplishing the same actions.

Previously within your history, an individual may have contracted a disease, and another individual may pray over them and they miraculously are healed. I have spoken with individuals within this forum that have uncreated disease. You do not view these as miracles. Within your history you view this action to be miraculous, for it was uncommon. It becomes more common within your present now. Therefore, it is not viewed as miraculous. You do not express to an individual uncreating a disastrous disease within them that they have created a miracle. You express that they have uncreated their disease in a knowing that they are creating their reality. They are creating the disease and they are uncreating the disease. Therefore, where be your saints futurely if you are all saints? There is no need for distinction. Where be your miracles if they are commonplace?

NORM: For example, if we wanted to interact with nature – this is a very large movement that has occurred in the last fifty years or so – we could handle that in a miraculous manner if we so choose to clean up our act, so to speak, or our defamation of this earth. I can see that we could create new animals, new birds, new flowers, new trees. We could interact with the consciousness of this earth....

ELIAS: You do already!

NORM: We do all these things, huh?

ELIAS: You are merely not objectively aware.

NORM: And we are, as a mass consciousness, controlling all of this? We control the weather, we control....


NORM: We create it. (Pause) If we wanted to, we could recreate the dinosaurs in a special park?

ELIAS: This would require an agreement ...

NORM: A very large agreement! (Laughter)

ELIAS: ... not only with yourselves, but with the creatures. They have moved into another dimension.

NORM: Oh! Well, maybe we can get some creature from another dimension to come here!

ELIAS: This is not the point. I have expressed many times, other dimensions are not involved with this particular shift in consciousness. It is merely a shift in consciousness that is relative to THIS dimension and THIS planet.” [session 252, December 21, 1997]

JIM: “Okay. You mentioned in one of the sessions that the essence of Jesus, in the focus of Paul or Saul of Tarsus, has merged with Rose – I’m not sure who Rose is – but in nine physical focuses currently. You also mentioned that this essence would be instrumental in altering the reality of our religious element, in closing out our religious era. (1) But then you also say ... maybe I’ve read this wrong, but you also say something about ‘initiating a stronger alignment with religious belief systems throughout the next centuries.’ What am I not understanding here?

ELIAS: I express to you that within your ACCEPTANCE of belief systems, in a manner of speaking you shall in some elements be aligning with the religious belief systems in recognizing that they ARE belief systems and that they do not hold or bind you, but recognizing that many of these belief systems stem from truths within your dimension.

JIM: So that’s what the ‘stronger alignment with religious belief systems’ means, that you recognize the truths behind that particular religious belief system and aligning with those truths?

ELIAS: Correct; which these are all the truths of essence and consciousness that you have merely labeled differently and developed belief systems around. Your concepts within your religious elements are of gods and of heavens. These are you and consciousness. You are the god. The heavens is merely a label for all of consciousness. You have built belief systems upon these concepts and created new ideas. Now, god is an element removed from you; a heavenly being more powerful than yourself. The heavens are a ‘place.’ Hell is a place that you may be IN. In actuality, these are merely words; labels that you have placed within your belief systems upon the concepts of essence, of all of consciousness, and of fear.

But within your shift, as you widen your awareness you also move into more of an awareness of essence and consciousness and a wider awareness of your reality. In this, you shall align with these elements that have been labeled within your religious era and you shall be accepting of the belief systems that surround them. In this, in accepting a belief system, it becomes transparent. It no longer clouds your vision or limits you, for you may view through the belief system.

JIM: Jesus said one time, ‘The kingdom of God is within.’ Was the focus of Jesus somehow more connected with essence than we are?


JIM: No?

ELIAS: The focus allowed more of subjective awareness and therefore held more of an objective awareness than many individuals, but no greater of an ability. It was merely a choice within the value fulfillment of that individual and its intent. You hold the same ability.” [session 254, January 02, 1998]

SARA: “Okay. Let’s see. Aaron has a lot of religious beliefs, and I was wondering if in any way I can help him to not be afraid of an Armageddon or an impending doom, you know, religiously, or would this be interfering with his growth?

ELIAS: This is a mass belief system held by many individuals influenced by your religious era. I have expressed previously that both probabilities exist within the action of this shift. It is a question of which energies are lent more strongly to be inserting into this actual reality, that which shall materialize, so to speak.

SARA: Well, that makes me afraid because I don’t believe any ... I mean, I believe that there’s symbolism in the Bible, but I much more believe more of a Seth-type of philosophy, and I think that my focus would be very upset if a god came down, crashing through the sky! (Laughing)

ELIAS: God shall not come crashing through the sky, although you may be inserting destructiveness into this official reality if that energy is lent to proportionately more than the elimination of those probabilities. This be the reason that I speak to you all of this shift and of the affectingness of trauma within this shift, for in this you are offered more information and you hold the ability to alter probabilities and insert less trauma – and eliminate destructiveness in these probabilities – into your officially accepted reality. You also hold the ability to be creating of these elements if lending energy to them. Therefore, you may express to your partner that the more energy that is lent in this direction, the more it becomes a more probable probability. If you are concentrating upon destruction, you are lending energy to its creation.

SARA: If all probabilities are actualized, then why would you need to come here to help us?

ELIAS: All probabilities are actualized, but they are not all actualized within YOUR officially accepted reality. They are not all actualized within this particular dimension. You insert them into this dimension.

You choose certain probabilities that you shall be inserting into this particular dimension and reality. All probabilities are actualized in OTHER realities and outside of this particular officially accepted reality, but they are all not actualized within your officially accepted reality.” [session 273, April 07, 1998]

MICHAEL: “Well, first I wanted to ask, who’s bad? (10-second pause)

ELIAS: Clarify. (Vic’s hint: a singular glove. Ducking and running!)

MICHAEL: An entity that was attached to me.

ELIAS: Which is your terminology for this.

MICHAEL: Yes. (10-second pause)

ELIAS: Let me explain the situation of projection and its connection and influence with belief systems.

Many individuals hold very strong belief systems which hold their origins within religious belief systems. Individuals may not align themselves with religious belief systems objectively or to their way of thinking, but you are entrenched within a culture that holds very strong religious belief systems, and also your planet has held very strong religious belief systems in many different manners throughout most of your history. In this, the mass belief systems hold much energy and are very influencing and affecting of the individuals.

Now; in this, individuals have come to believe that many of these concepts or ideas which are set forth by these religious belief systems are true, or hold truthfulness.

Let me explain to you that within this physical dimension, this physical manifestation, truths exist, but they are far removed from what you believe within your belief systems to be true. (2)

Therefore, this be the preface to that which I shall explain to you presently, in answer to your question of what you believe to be an entity.

Now; within projection of energy, all individuals within your dimension hold the ability to be projecting energy. You project energy continuously throughout your focus. At times you also separate fearfulness from you and project this fearfulness outward and may be creating of an actual entity which holds existence, but the confusion lies in the holding to belief systems which have been accepted into your reality and therefore express to you that this is an entity, so to speak, which attaches itself to you from outside of yourself.

I shall express to you that you are a manifestation, a focus of essence. You manifest within this particular dimension as a focus of essence which holds its attention in one area, which is you. You are also all of essence. Essence is much greater than the one manifestation within a physical focus, although each physical focus holds all of essence within it.

I preface this, that you may understand as I express to you that essences are not intrusive and essence is not hurtful. But the focus of essence, which there are countless focuses of, each of these focuses of essence holds their own identity, their own variation of tone which is encompassed by the whole of essence, and each focus creates their own intent, their own direction, their own intentions in actions and creations of probabilities, and their own choice and free will. Each focus holds its own creativity and holds the ability to be creating of whatever they are choosing.

In this, as there is much energy lent within the creation of mass belief systems, it lends energy to the individual to be creating of certain situations more easily than if they were to be creating outside of the mass belief systems. These belief systems lend an ease to your creations within them.

Each focus of essence holds unlimited energy. There is no limit to the energy that you possess, that you may access, and that you may manipulate. Therefore, you hold tremendous ability at your little fingertips (wiggling his fingers) within your creativity.

Throughout your history, many individuals have created the choice of separating in energy those emotional qualities of energy which create fearfulness. In this action, they separate out all of the aspects of fearfulness within their emotional qualities of self, and in this separation of that particular energy, they also create a projection of that specific energy. These projections have been accomplished in many different manners. At times, they hold such great strength that they may manifest into actual entities, as you perceive them to be. You may even project another individual that may physically, solidly stand before you that you may view as an apparition or an appearance of some cosmic essence or evil energy, but in actuality what has occurred is that the individual has chosen to be separating their own fearful energy and projecting this outwardly, separating self and all other qualities from this one aspect of physical experience, and in this create the projection, which appears to be another entity, which may be in fact quite menacing, for it is a projection of your own fearfulness. And you are pushing away, expressing to this element of fearfulness, ‘I wish not to hold with you. You may separate yourself from me, and I shall continue without you.’ But what is not understood objectively within physical focus, for you are so very influenced by the belief systems that are held, is that in projecting this type of energy, it menaces you more than would it in continuing to hold it, for you assign more power in energy to it as you allow it to separate from you.

The mass belief systems throughout your history express this to be possession, visitations by demons or evil spirits, confused essences wandering. Many different reasonings are assigned to this action. Many rituals have been performed to be exorcising these types of projections. The reason that some – not many, but some – of these so-called exorcisms accomplish their specific goal is that the individual holds a very strong belief system that this shall be accomplishing, and accepts what they believe to be helpfulness from another individual. In actuality, what is occurring in this process is that the individual being affected is subjectively creating a new agreement to reclaim their own fearfulness and to discontinue their projection of this fearfulness, and therefore it shall not be OUTWARDLY menacing to them any longer.

Let me also express to you in this – [and to] individuals that create this type of projection, such as yourself, for this is what you have accomplished – no essence is menacing you. No demon comes to bother you, for there are no demons. But what you may learn presently in this situation is that this is an element of your own energy that you may welcome to yourself, recognizing that this, although holding fearfulness, is an aspect of yourself, and all aspects of yourself within physical focus are all of those elements that serve to create within your reality what you are. Therefore, no aspect of yourself shall be rejected or denied, for it has been created purposefully to serve you and benefit you.

Let me also express to you, there is an awareness within this essence [of Elias] of this fearfulness that you hold, which has been held for much time period. But also, you attempt to be denying of this, for although you hold the expression objectively of self in gentleness and the camouflage which is projected outwardly to your world in this manner, you also hold the fearfulness of the lack of acceptance of other individuals in this area. You camouflage this fearfulness by expressing that you are strong within your gentleness, and that you are hardened to those aspects that you view to be hurtful. But there are no secrets within essence, and therefore I may view that this is a camouflage, and beneath this camouflage there is a timidness and a fearfulness of what you view to be outside of yourself, and in this you hold to another belief system of protection.

Let me express to you, there is no element that may be hurtful to you that you do agree to accept, and it is unnecessary to hold to protection; for what shall penetrate your energy field if you are not accepting of it and if you are not in agreement in allowing of this? Hold to these words, for these are affecting of many areas within your particular focus presently, and have been pastly. (Pause)

Be remembering that not only do you hold unlimited energy, but also that you hold the ability and the power within you to be protective of yourself without being protective, and within this protection, you separate and you close off. You hold very tightly to your own energy field. In this, as it would be normally or naturally quite expansive around you, it is held quite narrowly to you. This holding of your energy field becomes quite exhausting. It also becomes quite dense and thick, and creates a situation that is preventive of other individuals objectively penetrating.

Therefore, you create a conflict. You wish to be interconnected. You wish to be objectively within closeness to other individuals, but you hold to your energy very tightly, and they may not penetrate. You may loose your hold upon your energy, and in this you may also find that that which you desire may more easily flow to you, and you shall draw yourself to it, and you shall allow yourself the recognition of your own true strength within self – that energy bubbles projected from other individuals may bounce and pop off of your energy field and not penetrate. It holds tremendous strength in itself. You create almost the opposite in action to what your desire wishes as you hold to this energy. Are you understanding? (3)


ELIAS: May you also allow yourself to draw upon energy lent by other individuals that you hold an objective trustfulness with and immerse yourself in this temporarily, which shall be offering you validation of self and building within yourself the recognition that you are worthy.

I have expressed previously to other individuals that it is quite acceptable temporarily to draw upon the energy of other individuals or the strength, so to speak, of other individuals. If you do not view yourself to be holding the ability to be accepting of self initially, allow yourself to accept the acceptance of other individuals of yourself, and in this it shall affirm to you that you are worthy, and you shall allow yourself to be accepting of self. If you are not accepting of self, you create a tremendous thickness within your focus and you also create blockings within your focus, which creates confusion and conflict. And the point be to be eliminating conflict, for it is unnecessary, is it not?” (Chuckling) [session 285, June 11, 1998]

HOWARD: “I have some sharing of experiences that occurred during April of this year which perhaps could be termed transformational. As you know, I was going through the unknown of whether this tumor I had was cancerous or not. I decided to collect to myself different historical events that I have honored to myself, and in dream state ask myself certain questions, to bring myself to a place historically recorded to see the events, and the first one I chose was the road to Damascus.

I consider Paul a very important part of my belief systems, so right or wrong – actually I have prejudged him, but even so – I thought, ‘Well, I’m going to go to the road of Damascus in this dream and I’m going to watch and wait.’ I think you’re aware of this occurrence because I’ve shared it with everybody. I’ve asked Mary several times – twice, excuse me – ‘Was I correct?’ For those who are going to be reading the transcript I’ll share it again, and hope that I’m not too redundant. (Elias smiles)

I put myself on the road to Damascus as a twentieth-century man, complete with Levi’s and my jacket, which I wear a lot, and I had a six-pack of beer and my cigarettes were handy. I watched the travelers – this is the dream – going back and forth, and I caught the eye of this small man, probably five-foot-six or seven in height, dark hair, kind of unruly, scurrying rapidly, walking quickly past me. So when he went by I said, ‘Hello! Are you Saul?’ ’Cause I figured that if he answered to Saul, he would not yet be Paul, and he had not yet had the epiphany. He stopped, hesitated briefly, looked over his shoulder – he couldn’t see anything – and then hurried on.

A couple of weeks later, I positioned myself there on the road, and he was coming back. By the way, this occurred somewhere between Acre and Damascus. I see it more on the seacoast than I do inland. He was coming back the other way, and I said, ‘Hello, are you Saul?’ This time he was kind of spooked, very worried, and he hurried on to the town of Acre. I presume that’s where he was going.

The next time – it wasn’t very long afterwards – he was coming along, and this time he was walking kind of slow, very furtive, looking left and right, and I asked him again. He stopped and he said, ‘Who are you?’ But he’s talking to the air! ‘Who ARE you? Why are you tormenting me like this?’ I kind of stepped out of this dimensional screen that I was hiding behind and I said to him, ‘Well, it really doesn’t matter who I am. Is your name Saul?’ And he said, ‘Yes, yes it is.’ I said, ‘Well, come here. Sit down here on the bench.’ Actually it was kind of a stone bench, and I brought him over there and we sat down, and I now knew that he could see me. I also felt at the same time that this was definitely dimensional stuff going on, because I was speaking in English and he was responding in English. I don’t know what language he spoke at the time, but we were communicating.

And as we talked, he wanted to know why I was asking him. ‘Well, why are you asking me what my name is?’ And I said, ‘Well, I’m just trying to get the facts straight. Did Jesus appear to you on a road? Has any entity appeared to you on this road to declare that they were Jesus?’ He said, ‘Jesus? You mean that guy that was ... I know briefly a little bit about him, but why? Why are you asking me this’ He was getting very, very curious now.

So, I decided I would share with him the story as it has come down through the millennia of how Jesus appeared to him, how there was this idea that he needed to change his life and his ideas and take on a new name of Paul. I gave him the WHOLE story! Everything, from every tittle and jot that I understand, and I think I understand a lot – well, metaphorically I understand (Elias grins) – and how important he was in the movement of the Christian movement. And he looked at me wide-eyed with wonder, and he’s like, ‘Well, you know, I kind of like the guy. I’ve heard about him. Good teachings, good stuff, good things.’ And he sat there for ... Elias, he must have sat there for half an hour. He was just silent. Then he finally looks up at me and he says, ‘You know, that’s not a bad idea!’

And I woke up and I said, ‘Oh my god! What have I done?? I have seeded that entire story!’ And I didn’t sleep the rest of the night. Do you have anything to offer on that, to correlate or otherwise?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that what you have presented yourself with in imagery is the understanding that the actuality of events in how they have been presented to you within biblical terms are not entirely what has actually occurred within particular focuses. In actuality what has occurred, as I have expressed previously, is a movement within consciousness and a collective creation of a particular belief system and philosophy which has been accepted into your official reality in many cultures throughout your globe.

Therefore, in this you image to yourself an interaction with a particular manifestation, a particular focus which is named objectively Saul, and he appears to be holding little awareness as to the action that you view as being quite significant.

But let me express to you that the actual individuals within that particular focus do not engage the tremendous feats of wonderment and following that is recorded in your biblical terms. These are presentments of concepts in a form of story that may be presented as actual occurrences within your reality, but which have not necessarily been actually created in the manner of their expression within your biblical terms. They are waves of consciousness in the development of a certain line of creativity and probabilities which involve many, many individuals, but the focus is placed upon certain specific individuals as the designated symbols or carriers of the symbols within a certain time framework, for within your creations within physical focus, you lean in the direction of lending more of your attention to actions of individuals in what you may term to be spectacular manners or miraculous manners, for you view this to be unusual, special, different. You do not view these qualities to be usual to a certain individual. Therefore, this attains your attention more fully and in a manner of speaking more adequately than were it expressed en masse and as a concept.

You shall lean in the direction of paying more fully in your attention to one individual that is expressing of certain concepts and also manifesting unusual actions within their particular focus. Then you shall be lending your attention to a mass expression which holds less of a spectacular effect in your objective assessment.

Therefore, within your imagery, the individual expresses in alignment with the actuality of what is occurring within the focus, that he himself holds little awareness of that which you speak and that the individual that you have come to know within your history as Jesus holds much less importance and fame than is attributed to him within your biblical terms.

In this, you also image that you individually are altering of that which you view to be past probabilities, but let me be reminding you that all of this past is present. It is all simultaneous. Therefore, the action is occurring NOW, sideways to yourself.

In this, what you are in actuality offering yourself the recognition of is your own participation and interconnectedness with the creation of this concept and philosophy which has been altering of your belief systems and your societies and your creations of governments, religious belief systems, and officially accepted realities en masse, for you alone have not created the situation singularly nor have you singularly planted the seed, so to speak, but yourself in cooperation with the collective HAS participated in the creation of this particular movement into a much fuller expression of a religious era within your history, upon your planet, in this dimension.

Therefore, you recognize the significance of the individual and its participation in this action, for each individual is equally holding an importance in the collective action of creating any mass movement within your physical reality. This be your expression to yourself of YOUR importance in your cooperation in the creation of this action. Are you understanding?

HOWARD: Yes, I am. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are welcome.” [session 306, August 09, 1998]

HOWARD: “I have been in contact with a woman, Vivien, who’s been kind of an e-mail partner with Margot and Vic, and she apparently moved or has moved to Florida. I was sharing with her an event that occurred during the time of last April and May, when my eldest son had sent to me a series of two papers that he had written for a seminary class. Apparently, he wants to become a minister. One of them was called the Origins of Sin, and the second was the Epistles of Jesus, and it was based upon the works of John the Divine in Revelations.

And as I was reading the paper, I suddenly got this idea that John, to my knowledge, had known Jesus as a child, and yet the so-called live Jesus that we know from the New Testament, from the Beatitudes ‘love your neighbor,’ seemed to be different than the Jesus that was in Revelations; very doom and gloom, and very contrary to the teachings that I’ve grown to love.

And so I had this revelation, if you will, or an epiphany – another one! – that the John of Patmos who wrote the Revelations was not John Zebedee, and suddenly I made a link to a place called Paphos in Cyprus, where I have been, and a cave there outside of the town where John the Divine had taken up refuge when he was in exile. It suddenly occurred to me that the John of Patmos of Revelations was not John himself, that he would have known the difference between the two, between the channeled information that was coming to him as opposed to the live person that he knew as a child.

And so Vivien was very, very taken by this, and she said that she had a great deal of imagery based on this, and that there seemed to be some truth to what I was trying to describe to her. Can you expand on that or tell me what it was that I’ve just tapped into?

ELIAS: You have tapped into information within essence to be offering you more accuracy in these stories. I shall express to you that this particular John of which you speak, that has supposedly written this final book of your biblical books, is not the same John as was physically befriended of the physical individual of Jesus.


ELIAS: They are two different individuals, and this individual that has supposedly written this book ... although I shall not express to you that this individual in actual physical terms DID write this book, for he did NOT write this book himself alone, but has contributed to the imagery of that particular story. But in this, he is a different physical focus than the one that you identify as the companion of Jesus.

HOWARD: Okay, that’s what I thought, and I thought right away that the Seven Epistles of Jesus was actually a Jehovah-speak, and that we were really getting Jehovah here instead of Jesus. Is that correct?

ELIAS: As I have stated previously, these books are more stories than they are actual facts, as to your manner of speaking and thought processes. These stories have been created by a collective of individuals that have presented a concept and a philosophy to be altering the reality of your physical focus for a time period, which they have been extremely creative in their endeavor and they have been accomplishing quite well in this creation.

But this is not necessarily to be taken literally as what you now term to be channeled information, for this would be suggestive that there were one individual that had been expressing through an energy exchange, in your terms, and offering information of another essence in like matter to this exchange that I engage with Michael [Mary], and this is not the situation that has occurred within that particular focus.

In that focus, there has been one essence manifest into three physical focuses which have gained popularity and notoriety, but in actuality the events created by these three focuses are not entirely coinciding with what has been written about them, for the stories have been embellished quite to an extent, to be offering a point and to be holding the energy to alter the reality en masse within your physical dimension, which it has accomplished quite well!

MARGOT: ... This might seem a strange question, but ... and I must say it’s Howard stuff again. There’s so much talk about the second coming. I wonder, and what I want to know is, is Jehovah going to come back, or is he alive and manifested here on this plane now?

ELIAS: This would be a belief system. As I have expressed previously, there is no “second coming” in the terms that you view this, and I shall also express to you that there is also no Jehovah.

HOWARD: Hmm! Ever?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This is a term that you have invented to be describing a concept that you have invented within your belief systems as a mirror image of yourselves.



MARGOT: Well, if it’s a mirror of ourselves and I have hated this guy for so long, I better look at that, huh?

ELIAS: Quite!

MARGOT: Quite!


MARGOT: Thank you for that!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. En masse, you have created this mirror image, and you also create your own personal image in mirroring yourselves.

MARGOT: I see. Hmm!


MARGOT: Thank you very much!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

HOWARD: (Still blown away) Oh boy!” [session 317, September 13, 1998]

DALE: “Recently I read a book by Jeff Stern about Taylor Caldwell, and under hypnosis, she said that during the stoning of Mary Magdalene, Jesus said, ‘Let him who had not lain with this woman throw the first stone.’ If this is true, there was no implication of man as a sinful self. Is that true? I mean, was that a distortion?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Ah, you incorporate two different subject matters within this questioning! First of all, in the direction of the truth of the statement as an expression of actual occurrence, I shall express to you that this is a story.

DALE: Oh, okay. I get that.

ELIAS: As to the concept in your reference, there is no sinful self. This is a belief. This is a religious belief that stems from the idea of the projection of a mirror image of self, which has created a separate being of God, which resides outside of yourself and holds all of the power that you do not hold, and also holds the judgment that you DO hold. This is a projection concept which mirrors what you know subjectively, but what you do not allow yourself to remember objectively. Therefore, you create this projection.

You project yourself into the image of this god, and you attribute to this god all that you know within your subjective awareness, that this god holds all of these abilities. But you also project what you know objectively, and you attribute your objective qualities to this entity that you have created.

In actuality, this is merely a projection, a concept of yourselves, as you have created this separation of objective and subjective awarenesses. It is, as all other belief systems, another explanation to yourselves of that which you have forgotten.” [session 331, October 16, 1998]

JAMES: “Another question for you: Who wrote the Gospel of Matthew? Where and when? (12-second pause)

ELIAS: This is a work which in physical terms has been written by several physical individuals and has been produced en masse through collective ideas and concepts. The physical manifestation of this particular work originally has been produced in fragments within the time framework that you may identify as 4 A.D. to 30 A.D.

Now; be remembering that this is a fragmented work. It has been put together, so to speak, by many individuals, and has not been produced by one particular individual, although it has been associated with one individual, which is quite in alignment with the entire work of that written article which you term to be your Bible, and also with the entire movement and development of this particular religious belief system.

JAMES: Thanks.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JAMES: Would you tell me, the final Greek version – as it appears in our Bible – when that was put in place?

ELIAS: This, I shall express to you, has been what you may term to be a work in process, and has been altered many times.

Therefore, you may look to this and express to yourselves that there is a final version, although I express to you that this is incorrect, for this is presently continuing to be altered, and as you continue within your physical focus, you create additions to this particular work as you create the situation of discovery of new elements, so to speak, that shall be incorporated into this work. Therefore, as to a date or time period of completion of this particular work, it is not completed. It continues to be in process.” [session 364, February 24, 1999]

VIVIEN: “The focus that I have as Miriam, back in Judea, first century, was that personality related to Mary and Jesus in any way, by family?


VIVIEN: No, okay. The other thing I wanted to ask is the essence names of Mary and of Jesus. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name held by the focus of Mary, Sheen. Essence name held by the focus of Jesus, Telleth.

VIVIEN: Telleth. Okay, thank you.

The other thing I wanted to ask is about All-That-Is. Is there a tone or an essence name that can be applied to All-That-Is? (4)

ELIAS: There would be no designation of what you term to be an essence name and there would be no individual tone, for All-That-Is is all of consciousness, and therefore is encompassed with all of the tones of all essences, and beyond.

VIVIEN: I just wondered if that would translate into anything that I would understand or that we would understand.

ELIAS: Within your identification in physical focus, this would be beyond thought process. Now; this is not to say that you may not allow yourself the ability for understanding, but your understanding shall not be within the form of thought process. You may be allowing yourself to be assimilating this information within conceptualization or experience, but not within an understanding which is translated into rational terms.

VIVIEN: Okay. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

VIVIEN: Next question. Jesus ... when the whole crucifixion thing was over and done with, and I understand that he did not die in the crucifixion, but did he go to India after that? Did he die there? (Pause) (5)

ELIAS: The actual individual did travel throughout what you would term to be your present middle eastern and eastern locations. Another focus of that essence in that same time framework also was manifest within a different continent, that of your Americas, and this be the reason that you have created your myths in this area also. But the individual of which you speak did not disengage within what you view to be the country of India.

VIVIEN: Oh. Where did he finally die? (Pause)

ELIAS: Within the area of Macedonia.

VIVIEN: Oh, okay. How old was he?

ELIAS: Within physical years, fifty-one years.

VIVIEN: Did he marry and have children?


VIVIEN: Okay, I was wrong on that. I thought he did. Thank you. I’ll clarify and find out for myself.” [session 382, April 12, 1999]

RODNEY: “… last night I had a dream. I think I had a series of dreams, and one of the images that I remember is, I was having a conversation with a gentlemen in a place that appeared to be something like a lounge, and he was being inquisitive with me. What I recall is that I did not like what he was inquiring about, so I simply turned around and walked away from him. That’s my recollection of the event.

And then I went into a stairway, and I began climbing the stairs – I think I was going to my place of work perhaps – and the stairs began to get narrower and narrower and narrower, until they got so narrow that I decided it would be too uncomfortable to go any further, so I turned around and went back from whence I came.

And this morning, as I recalled this, I recalled that there have been many other dreams that I have had where the same imagery has repeated itself; that is, that I have been either climbing a set of stairs or in some other way ascending into a place, and it became narrower and narrower and narrower and more and more and more restrictive.

And if I look at both of these dream elements as me creating imagery for myself, one, it is that there are certain aspects of myself which are raising questions which other parts of me don’t want to look at.

And two, when I seem to want to ascend to a higher level – I think that’s what the stairs symbolize – or a more advanced something, I’m not exactly sure what, I find that I limit myself in doing that, and I was wondering if you would comment on these two dream images that I had last night. (Elias is grinning)

ELIAS: I am tremendously acknowledging of your interpretation and your assessment of your dream imagery, for you are quite correct in your translation of your expression that you have offered to yourself in conjunction with your individual movement, for there ARE elements of your reality that you are questioning and that you also view as uncomfortable in your questioning, and choose not yet to be moving fully into an examination of your own inquiries.

And this moves very much in conjunction with your imagery of the other dream and your stairway. You are correct that as you move upward, it becomes narrower and narrower and more and more limiting and more and more uncomfortable and restrictive.

This is imagery that you present to yourself in conjunction with underlying elements of religious concepts, religious beliefs that express to you – within ALL religions and also within your metaphysical concepts – that as you ascend to higher planes, you widen your awareness, which is the reverse in actuality of what we speak of in conjunction with this information, in that the direction is not to be attaining to higher planes – this is merely a movement further into the beliefs of religious concepts and more of an expression of limitation – but in actuality to be returning to self and the wideness of self, in the recognition of essence and your natural state.

RODNEY: Oh my! How very interesting!

ELIAS: You already possess all that is without ascension. As you ascend, you merely move yourself farther and farther into alignment with your beliefs, and this creates a narrowing and a restricting action within your focus. But as you allow yourself to descend this stairway and to remain upon the platform – the foundation, which is you – you allow yourself the awareness, which is ALL of the widening.

RODNEY: Thank you, Elias!

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend.

RODNEY: I’m going to play that one back many times! (Laughing)

ELIAS: You already ARE, and you need not be ascending to any plateau or any plane, for you already possess all of consciousness.” [session 507, November 26, 1999]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: I’m including information from the Seth Material, channeled by Jane Roberts from 1963 – 1984, in this note because so many Elias readers are also Seth readers and these two sources share interesting similarities.

Jane first published some of, what she termed, “Christ material” in The Seth Material (1970), Chapter 18, The God Concept – The Creation – The Three Christs. However, Seth only actually names John the Baptist and Jesus Christ saying that he would offer the third name at a later date.

In Seth Speaks, (1972), Chapter 21, The Meaning of Religion, session 586, Seth talks about the ‘Christ entity’ in terms of three physical focuses: John the Baptist, Jesus Christ, and Paul or Saul of Tarsus. Seth also mentions that the twelve disciples were fragment personalities of the ‘Christ entity’ and the historical figure named “the teacher of righteousness” was a probable self. All this to say that Seth’s version of the ‘Christ entity’ phenomenon is multidimensional and multipersonal in nature.

Now, according to Elias, these three primary physical focuses – whom we know today as John, Jesus, and Paul – were also manifestations of a single essence. But in addtion, Elias has offered that this ‘Christ essence,’ so to speak, belongs to the Milumet essence family.

(Vic’s transcript note: Jene expressed irritation during the break with Elias’ refusal to answer [my earlier] question about essence naming [for the focus of Jesus Christ]. She also said that this is the first time she has felt irritation with Elias during a session. I am sharing this for the benefit of folks who don’t attend sessions because quite often, information delivered after a break is directly related to conversation during the break.

ELIAS: “Continuing: (To Jene) I shall offer, for your clarification and curiosity ...

JENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: ... essence family.

JENE: Okay. That’s cool.

ELIAS: For you are correct that we are focused upon the actions of essence families, and this holds significance. Therefore, I shall express the essence family. This particular essence in question, which was manifest within three physical manifestations, is of the family of Milumet.

As to a distortion, you are partially correct in that the manifestation within the intent of the family of Milumet was to be expressing of what you now term to be spirituality. In the actual expression, it was to be reminding you of your connections with essence. You are correct, in a sense, that this information has been distorted, although you have purposefully chosen the progression that you have created throughout your history, leading you within your progression of probabilities to this experience of your present shift.

Therefore, you may in one respect express that you have distorted the information offered of essence, but within another respect you have changed the information for your own experience. This essence family, within initiating of your religious time period, focused upon the intent of a remembrance of no separation of essence. This was translated symbolically, physically.” [session 141, December 22, 1996]

Later, Elias also provided the essence name for this ‘Christ essence’ during a later session :

VIVIEN: “The other thing I wanted to ask is the essence names of Mary and of Jesus. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name held by the focus of Mary, Sheen. Essence name held by the focus of Jesus, Telleth.

VIVIEN: Telleth. Okay, thank you.” [session 382, April 12, 1999]

According to Seth, it was Paul who, in creating the organization of the church that was left unsatisfied, in that he had not fulfilled his original intent. Both John and Jesus succeeded in fulfilling theirs’. So that unfulfilled intent forms the basis for Paul’s “return,” so to speak, to help make human kind more aware of their connection with All-That-Is, no longer requiring the direct mediation of priesthoods and calcified beauracracies to directly experience the Divine Within.

While Seth speaks of this so-called “return” in very singular terms, Elias expands and diverges at this point. According to Elias, that unfulfilled intent forms the basis for the focus of Paul’s mergence with the essence of Rose to remanifest as nine male children and lend energy to our shift.

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Finally, for those interested, Paul (Patel) offered the essence family alignments for the three primary focuses of the ‘Christ essence’ during an online chat, dated March 10, 1998:

PATEL: “Greetings this energy has been quite encompassing of you all tonight.

PAUL: Hi Patel!

TOM: Greetings Paul (Patel).

MJ: Hello Paul (Patel).

PAUL: Yes it has!

TOM: Yes, we have felt you.

PATEL: Certain questions have arisen that may well be answered by yourselves but I shall be available to you if you so choose.

PAUL: ... A question from Tyl [Joanne]; what are the family alignments of the three focuses of the Milumet essence?

PATEL: Apologizing for delay, Olivia [Ron] has issues within this exchange.

PATEL: Focus of Jesus, Vold.

PATEL: Focus of John, also Tumold.

PATEL: Focus of Paul, Tumold.

PAUL: Thank you very much!”

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Summary of the ‘Christ essence’
names and family connections
essence name: Telleth (source: Elias)
essence family belonging to: Milumet (source: Elias)
essence family alignment: John the Baptist/Tumold (source: Patel)
essence family alignment: Jesus Christ/Vold (source: Patel)
essence family alignment: Paul/Saul of Tarsus/Tumold (source: Patel)

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(2) Vic’s note: regarding the following sentence: “Let me explain to you that within this physical dimension, this physical manifestation, truths exist, but they are far removed from what you believe within your belief systems to be true.” This was stated by Elias as, “... within your belief systems that are true.” I have changed the words “that are” to “to be” in the transcript.

Recently, Elias seems to be confusing the tense of words more than usual. This is probably indicative of yet another change in the phenomenon. Since I could be misinterpreting the incorrect usage of any words Elias uses, I always note any changes I make. Vic

(3) Paul’s note: Elias has offered an exercise in which to explore the way we interact with our own and other peoples’ energy.

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(4) Paul’s note: Seth/Jane Roberts’s term for expressing the concept of God as an action of eternal becoming, inseparable from and contained within Everything, incomprehensible in Its Totality.

This information was first introduced in The Seth Material, Chapter 18, The God Concept – The Creation – The Three Christs, (1970), sessions #426-428, (no date given.)

Elias uses the term “Creating Universal One and Whole” to describe the same Reality.

Digests: find out more about Creating Universal One And Whole/all of consciousness.

(5) Paul’s note: Vivien is a long time Seth reader. According to Seth, in Seth Speaks, (1972), Chapter 21, The Meaning of Religion, the historical Christ was not actually cruxified and had no intention of experiencing that sort of death. Instead, a substitute, possibly Simon of Cyrene, was drugged, carried the cross, and was executed (crucified) in place of Christ. This was done in part to placate the political interests of the Roman Empire, in part to fulfill the prophecies of a cruxified Messianic leader. Seth states that the substitute’s belief in himself as the Messiah was important in this unfolding of events.

These statements, by Seth and Elias, make one wonder at the powerful forces at play in the human psyche that generated and translated the metaphor of cruxifiction and resurrection into being. Powerful enough to dominate and shape Western world history for over 2,000 years. And similar forces are at play in this shift in consciousness, which according to Seth and Elias, will witness the end of this so-called religious era by the year 2075. We do live in interesting times!

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