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the belief systems of relationships, pt. 2

Note: this is the second of two parts on relationships. Go to the belief system of relationships, pt. 1.

LEELA: “My next question will be about W. and his wife. Can you tell me more about my relationship with him? I’ve been through some conflicts with him, after which I moved away from him (emotionally.) I’m not in contact with him right now, because I think I should be more trusting of myself instead of trusting him.

ELIAS: And I am acknowledging of this expression. Let me express to you that within certain choices of certain relationships, you may be offering yourself certain experiences to offer yourself certain information with regard to some relationships. In this, once you have offered yourself that information and those experiences, you may also offer yourself the knowledge within you that it is unnecessary to continue the same expression of that particular relationship.

Now; in this you offer yourself the opportunity to be accepting of this individual’s expression and creation of their reality without judgment, but the opportunity to recognize that although you are accepting of this individual’s expression and choices and creation of their reality, this is not to say that you need be participating in creating your reality in conjunction with that individual, or to be allowing the expression of that particular individual to be penetrating your energy field.

This allows you another opportunity also to be moving into more of an expression of trust and acceptance of self, recognizing that the trusting of self and the acceptance of self is not the rejection of another individual, but does not necessarily denote that you must be allowing the penetration within your energy field, within your physical focus, of another individual. Is this clear.

LEELA: Yes it is. Is it his intention to be penetrating my energy field? Because that is exactly what I feel is happening. I’m not necessarily saying it is his intention to do that, but is it.

ELIAS: At times, yes, but not entirely. Let me clarify for you in this area.

Infrequently, there are time periods that this individual moves in the direction of choosing intentionally to be attempting to penetrate your energy field, and this is a direct expression of his own lack of acceptance of self, and this mirrors outward and is projected as an energy projection to you with the intention of penetration, but this is not a consistent and continuous expression.

Many times the expression is projected for the same reason, but not with the intention – or the AWARENESS of the intention – of the penetration to you.

Be understanding that as individuals project their energy in this manner, as any individual projects energy in this manner, what they are projecting is the mirror expression of their own issues in their own lack of acceptance of self, and as they are not allowing themselves the acceptance of self, they automatically express a mirror action, and this is projected outwardly to other individuals.

At times – many times – this expression may be projected outwardly to individuals that you objectively view to be closer to you, in respect to relationships. This be the reason that you have created your sayings of, ‘You are hurtful to those that you love.’ Many of your metaphors hold much truthfulness. You merely do not understand what you are expressing or what you are saying in these metaphors.

In this, there is an element that you perceive – which is also an aspect of belief systems – of safety in projecting energy to an individual that you view that you hold a closeness to, for they shall likely be allowing the expression, and also allow the penetration.

These are all very intertwined and complicated expressions of aspects of belief systems, which I shall not extensively move into within this present now, but I shall express to you that within these expressions, many times individuals are not intentionally, within their thought process, creating the idea of being hurtful, but this is the expression that they project, for they are not accepting of self, and therefore they are projecting outwardly in that expression.

Now; let us move one step further in this discussion, and let me also express to you that as each individual allows the penetration and experiences the feeling of hurtfulness ... now we have moved from the other individual or the focus being placed upon the other individual to the focus being placed upon self – YOU. And in this, as the individual allows the penetration and subsequently is experiencing the feeling of hurt, this also is an expression of an element of lack of acceptance of self. Therefore, you are both participating in a very similar action.

This offers you, in what you are moving into presently, the opportunity to view this and to be moving more into the acceptance of self, for as you move more into the acceptance of self, initially you offer yourself the awareness that you need not be allowing the penetration.

This would be your first step, so to speak, which reinforces you and your acceptance and trust of self, and as you move more and more into that expression, you also move into your next step of recognizing that each time you are experiencing the feeling of hurt, you may be examining that area within yourself that YOU are discounting YOURSELF in and not accepting of yourself and viewing yourself as being unworthy.

And THIS, in actuality, is what is creating of the expression of hurtfulness; not that another individual is hurting you, but that YOU are creating of the hurtful expression to yourself, for you are allowing yourself the duplicity and the feeling of inadequacy or unworthiness within yourself.

In this, you have created the beginning movement to be moving out of those expressions and recognizing, and this moves quite efficiently and much in alignment with the line of probabilities that you have begun creating in alignment with your essence family intents, for you shall address to you and your expressions and behaviors first, and therefore offer yourself more of an ability to be helpful to other individuals in like manner and in like expression.

As you offer yourself more of an understanding of your own creations and your own acceptance of self, you may be more beneficial and helpful and healing to other individuals in understanding their creation and their acceptance of themselves.

LEELA: Yes, okay. One last question, I think, because the time is almost up. I still have difficulties with the parents of my friend. I feel obliged to visit them more than I would like. I know they are very happy when we are there, but I do not feel comfortable with that. Although my friend wants us to go there a lot, I don’t feel like doing this. Can you tell me something about that.

ELIAS: Yes. This is also your presentment to yourself – very much in alignment with all that we have been discussing this day – in offering yourself the opportunity to be accepting and trusting of self and recognizing that your expression of self is acceptable and that you need not be allowing other individuals to be dictating your behavior, and this is NOT creating an expression of not caring or of negativity, so to speak.

This offers you the opportunity to offer the example and the expression to other individuals that you may be quite caring and hold affection for another individual and be participating in relationship with this other individual, and this is not to say that you need be moving in the same expressions as that individual.

There may be an allowance within yourself and an acceptance within yourself of the other individual’s expression and wants and desires, but this is not to say that you may hold the same wants and desires and expressions, and this is acceptable, for this is the element of acceptance. In moving in the direction of acceptance of self, this is the opportunity for you to offer to yourself that it is acceptable for you to be expressing yourself in whichever manner you choose.

You may be expressing your own behavior and there is no wrong in that behavior, and if you are not choosing to be engaging of certain situations and if you are experiencing uncomfortableness, this is your communication to yourself that you are pushing yourself in areas of non-acceptance of yourself and compliance with another individual, and this also is a dictate of an aspect of the belief system of relationship.

One of the aspects of the belief system of relationship is that you shall be compromising and compliant with your partner or your friend, and this is a selfless action and is the expression of acceptance of the other individual. It also is viewed as being good and noble, and it is viewed as a very worthy quality. This is most definitely an aspect of the belief system of relationship coupled with duplicity, for if you are moving in the direction of expression of self, you shall identify this as selfish. If you are moving in the direction of placing self first and looking to your own wants and desires, this shall be viewed as a lack of acceptance of another individual, for we are quite aware that you shall ALWAYS place another individual before yourself, (grinning) for this would be the acceptable expression within the aspects of the belief systems.

But in actuality, as I continue to express to you all, as you allow yourselves to move more fully into your own expressions and acceptance of yourselves, you automatically also project more of an acceptance of other individuals, which shall be noticed, and in this it shall lend energy to the perpetuation of acceptance itself in general. Therefore, I am quite encouraging of you to be following your own intuition, your own wants, and your own desires, and not to be moving in the direction of succumbing to the dictates of other individuals and THEIR wants and desires.

And in this, you shall be more helpful to yourself and to other individuals than to be creating of what you view to be negative elements, which shall grow in the areas of moving yourself into behaviors that you are not pleased with, and subsequently creating different feelings and behaviors in the areas of not only uncomfortable, but more of a lack of acceptance, and resentment.” [session 340, November 15, 1998]

ELIAS: “Greetings!

MIKE: Greetings! (Elias chuckles) Okay, the first thing I would like to hear from you is your explanation of nonphysical focus of myself, yourself, and Patel. (Pause)

ELIAS: Nonphysical focus of myself?

MIKE: With me, with yourself and Patel.

ELIAS: This is difficult to be explaining to you within physical language and terminology. Therefore, I wish that you be understanding of this aspect of communication, for I am translating into your language concepts that do not translate well within the confines of your understanding.

You may look to experiences in physical focuses and understand the relationships between individuals. In this, I may express to you hypothetically that yourself and myself and Patel have engaged within a physical focus and have held a relationship of friendship, and you shall understand what I am conveying to you.

In terms of nonphysical relationships, it is more difficult for you to understand the interaction which occurs, for it is not the same as physical relationships.

In this, there are relationships, in a manner of speaking, with essences that are occurring simultaneous to any other direction that they choose individually, in focusing their attention of essence into other areas of consciousness. In this, your essence presently focuses certain elements of its attention into physical dimensions.

You are a physical focus of your essence, a specific directedness of attention. Myself and Patel are not focusing attention within physical dimensions. But your essence does not focus all of its attention within physical dimensions. Elements of its attention are directed in nonphysical areas of consciousness. In these areas, there is interaction between these three essences.

Now; the type of interaction which occurs is an element of mergence. It is an action of mergence which occurs between these three essences and directs certain elements of attention to certain qualities, or that which may be translated as certain aspects of tones of essence.

In a manner of speaking, I may figuratively offer you a type of example translated into physical manifestations in relation to emotion. In this, you may direct your attention to a specific emotion.

Now; this one particular emotion is not the entirety of yourself, but it is an aspect of the qualities of yourself. It is an expression of yourself. In this expression of a particular emotion that you may choose to focus upon, were you to engage a mingling of your consciousness with another individual, directing your attention, both, to this same emotion, this same quality of self, you would then share an experience together of exploring that particular quality of yourselves and exchanging experiences in relation to this particular emotion. Are you understanding thus far?

MIKE: Yes.

ELIAS: Very well. In this, as essences merge, they are exchanging experiences of qualities of themselves, but the difference is the element of perception.

Within physical dimensions, there is a creation of perception. This is your understanding and your identification with your reality. Perception almost holds a type of solidity to it. It is a created element of your reality. Within essence, there is no creation of perception, for perception is a translation, and within essence, this translation is unnecessary.

Therefore, within the experience of mergence, figuratively in your physical terminology, there is a completeness of this mergence, and there is a sharing and an investigation and exploration of qualities that are held within essence, but they are not filtered through perception.

Now; within physical focus and within your belief systems of spirituality, you magnate within your thought process to these types of ideas of actions that you wish to be understanding of, for you view that if you are understanding these types of actions, you shall hold more of an understanding of your connections with other essences, and you also translate that you shall offer yourself a more efficient method to be accessing the energy of another essence that you hold connections with, in your terms. For in actuality, you are interconnected with all essences and all consciousness, as you are aware.

I express to you that your movement in the direction of curiosity of the interaction that occurs nonphysically between essences is not necessarily helpful to you within your physical focus, for it does not translate into clarity within the action of translation of perception. Therefore, there is an element of distortion in this type of translation, for you are grasping at known elements of your physical reality that you attempt to be translating nonphysical aspects into.

Now; let me also express to you that you may be quite interactive with other essences nonphysically, and you may be engaged in the action of mergence with other essences, and this holds a different type of action and translation with respect to an individual focus of essence. Now; let me further offer explanation in this area.

You may be allowing yourself an awareness of actions occurring within other focuses of your essence, and this may offer you objective helpfulness in your understanding of your experiences within your focus, and as I have stated to you, all of your focuses are affecting of all of your focuses, for there is a continual exchange of energy.

Now; there is also a continual exchange of energy within essence, in all of the aspects or areas of attention of essence. Therefore, all of essence is continuously interactive with you, and in certain manners is also continuously affecting with you.

Therefore, in the interaction nonphysically of mergence of essences and the relationship that they may hold with each other, in a manner of speaking, this is affecting of you also, but it does not translate into your physical focus in the same manner that other physical focuses translate, for your attention is focused to be processing, experiencing, and exploring physical experiences. Therefore, there is a separation created which does not interpret objectively many elements of nonphysical action and the energy which is exchanged and affecting of you. The affectingness of these types of experiences within nonphysical areas of consciousness are offered subjectively and move without thickness into your focus to be offering energy in your own creation of you as a focus. Now; let me clarify.

The energy which is offered to you by another focus is the energy of that focus within its experiences. You are receiving of that energy, and you are either allowing yourself to be experiencing it in the manner that it is being experienced in the other focus or you are reconfiguring the energy and applying it to your focus in the most beneficial manner, but there is an element of perception that is involved in this action. Therefore, there is an element of thickness within the exchange of energy between focuses, for there is a translation into objective perception.

You view this as an action or a thing which occurs – and subsequently is accepted – outside of yourself, in the same manner that you shall be viewing another individual in any action that they choose, and you view this to be outside of yourself. It is their action. You may be drawing yourself to this action, but they are creating of the action. This is your translation. It is an objective translation and perception.

Now; within the action of essence, the mergence of different essences may be occurring, and the energy is offered to the focus, but it shall not be perceived as being created outside of the individual. It shall be accepted without the thickness, and therefore shall automatically be translated into your reality as an element of yourself. Are you understanding?

MIKE: Yes.

ELIAS: In this, you may encounter another individual or another focus, and within the encounter they may offer a concept to you, and you may be listening to this and express to yourself, ‘Ah, the individual has offered or given to me a new concept.’ You shall perceive this as something created outside of yourself and subsequently offered to you.

Whereas within the action of communication of essences merged and the energy offered to you through this action, you shall perceive the energy as being that which is created by yourself. The idea shall spring from your own thoughts. It shall not appear to be being created outside of yourself. It shall naturally emerge as an element of yourself.

This be the type of action which occurs within the interaction of these three essences, and the benefit to yourself, as the physical focus in this type of action, is that you shall be lent energy by the experiences that occur nonphysically.

Therefore, it matters not that you hold an objectively translated understanding of the relationship which is held within the mergence and interaction of these essences, but that you allow yourself the openness of acceptance of energy and the knowing – which stems from within your own acceptance of self – that the interaction that is occurring within essence, of these three essences, is lending energy to your movement within your physical focus.

Now; let me also express to you that at times, you within a physical focus may be blocking of the receiving of this type of energy, and may be deflecting that particular energy to another area of essence if you are not accepting of the expression of the energy which is automatically offered.

I am not expressing to you that this is the action that you are engaging. I am merely offering you an example, that within physical focus you do hold the ability to be rejecting, so to speak, that energy which may be offered to you through essence in conjunction with its mergence with other essences.

As to the actual interaction and event of these types of movements within essence, there is no actual terminology or words, so to speak, that shall offer you an understanding adequately of the actual occurrence which is taking place within these energy exchanges of essence. I may offer to you the most efficient words within your language, and those would be the expression of mergence and exploration of tone and quality, which are shared in similarity within these essences.

This is an action that occurs within essence continuously. It is unlimited and occurring within many, many, many essences continuously within consciousness. This also is occurring within your physical focuses with certain aspects of your consciousness, but you do not hold an objective awareness of this action, for you have created a separation of your awarenesses.

This is not to say that you are not continuing to be creating all of the elements of movement of consciousness. You merely do not hold an objective awareness of what you are creating. Are you understanding?

MIKE: Yes.

ELIAS: Very well. In this, as you allow yourself more movement in the area of your inner sense of conceptualization, you shall hold a greater understanding of these types of actions within consciousness.

I have offered much encouragement to individuals within physical focus to be practicing in this area of conceptualization, for although you may not create language for your understanding of many of these types of actions, you shall hold the understanding and you shall hold the knowing if you are allowing yourself to be more fully exercising your inner sense of conceptualization.” [session 363, February 21, 1999]

ELIAS: “Now; I shall also reiterate one more element that I have offered recently concerning these three orientations, with respect to relationships. You may identify more easily if we are returning to our example of the egg-layers, marsupials, and live-bearers. (9)

In this, if you are engaging a relationship with another individual in what you term to be closeness in a particular focus and you are holding different orientations, you shall be experiencing conflict and much difficulty. This is not to say that it is impossible for you to be engaging an intimate relationship with another individual that holds a different orientation from yourself, but it shall be intensely difficult, and in this difficulty, the likelihood of your continuation of that particular relationship is very small.

This also is purposeful. You are manifesting, as I have stated, three times at the very least within this dimension. Therefore, you are experiencing each of these orientations. It is unnecessary – with the influence and lending of energy of counterpart action, other focuses, and your creations – for you to be engaging an intimate relationship with another individual holding a different orientation. There are other avenues that you have provided yourselves to be experiencing all of the angles of your sexuality. Therefore, you shall draw yourselves and magnate to individuals that hold the same orientation.

Now; this is not to say that you do not engage relationships of all types with individuals of other orientations. I am specifically addressing to intimate relationships. In this, you may look to your relationships within your focuses and you may view that there are certain individuals that seem to be, in your estimation, continuously speaking a different language from yourself, and you hold much difficulty in your interaction with that individual.

Now; I am not expressing to you that this is blanketly always the situation that you shall hold different orientations, but many times you may be holding different orientations, for your perception is quite different in each of these orientations. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, you ARE speaking different languages, for you are perceiving your worlds differently.

Individuals approach this essence many, many times and inquire how to be creating of what you term to be (humorously) lasting relationships romantically. ‘How may I find my soul mate?’ (Laughter) ‘How may I be creating of a relationship with another individual intimately that shall be to my favor and shall be creating happiness?’ (Grinning) I shall express to you that this shall not be a likely creation if you are drawing yourself to an individual of a different orientation, for you shall be incorporating much conflict!

Your differences within a base layer of your reality are strong. Surfacely, you may view yourselves to be quite the same, but as you engage these intimate relationships, you also allow yourselves to share more of your opennesses with each other, and as you open to each other, you view more of your differences within your perceptions ... or more of your samenesses.

This is the comparison of the marsupials and the egg-layers and the live-bearers. They may inhabit the same area, but they shall be creating much difficulty in engaging relationship with each other, and you in like manner also.

Now; in conclusion, I wish to be expressing quite definitely to you each, and to all individuals that shall be connecting with this information: no one orientation is better than any other orientation! They are merely different, and you each experience them all.

Therefore, you may relieve yourselves of your automatic action of moving into areas of expression that one orientation is more desirable than another orientation, for you all experience them all in different focuses. One is merely different.

Therefore, if you are identified as common, you are not ‘less than’ intermediate. You are no less spiritual or enlightened! If you are soft, you are no less connected to essence or your manifestation than be you intermediate. They are merely different. They are not better or worse. I have merely chosen this word common, for it IS common. Therefore, it is efficient, and it is descriptive in the manner that it is intended to be descriptive.

Soft is descriptive in the manner of its intention also. These individuals, in your identification of the word soft, may be identified as this. Soft is not necessarily a negative term. It is merely pliable, and these individuals of soft are very flexible.

Intermediate is what you would term to be in-between. They function within your physical universe – they interact within your physical world – but they create not physically. Therefore, you may express that they are here and they are there, wherever ‘there’ may be!” (Chuckling) [session 381, April 09, 1999]

MARISA: “I was just asking Mary if ... I didn’t know if you would remember me!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And how goes your encounters with your individuals that you....

MARISA: (Laughing) That’s why I’m here! I wanted to ask you more about my visitors.

(Vic’s note: reference session 324, September 23, 1998.)

After we talked last time, I think it threw me for a big loop! You had said they were fast – like this (clapping once) – because of my fears. If I was fearful before, I was more fearful after we talked! I didn’t see anybody for a long time, but I was okay with that. I was like, ‘I’ve just got to accept that, and then just think this all through.’ And then I did get a visitor – for the first time a repeat visitor – and she was the 60’s chick, sitting on my dressing table smoking a cigarette, and I was like, ‘I’m still not ready,’ and I turned around and went to sleep again. That’s it for the visitors, but I think other things have been a lot stronger in my life, and that’s why I wanted a private session, to feel more comfortable talking about it.

You had said that all these visitors were me in other dimensions. However, one presence is so strong ... I don’t even know if it was him I saw. I feel it’s a Scottish gentleman. He talks to me. The only way I can describe it to you is, loud in my head ... a lot. Sometimes he’s not there; sometimes he is. He’s like a constant presence, almost. Someone has told me that they felt him when they met me, and that he’s very protective over me. He speaks to me like we were together at some point. I trust him completely. Sometimes he talks to me at the oddest times. I get flashbacks with him, like we were together. He speaks to me as a husband or a lover, and I really care for him deeply, and I just want to know who he is – if you can tell me more about him – and to understand him. I don’t think I’m afraid of him. It’s just overwhelming, what’s happening.

ELIAS: Quite. Let me express to you that within physical focus, individuals hold very strong belief systems in these areas, and therefore are quite affected as they begin to allow these types of encounters. Now; let me also express to you that this type of activity is in actuality more common than you understand. What is occurring in this action is an interaction between two essences.

You are a focus of your essence, but you hold all of essence within you. Another essence has interacted with you as essence many, many times within physical focuses AND within nonphysical focuses ... or nonphysical area of consciousness. In this, in your physical terms – which is quite limited, but we shall address in this manner for your understanding – in your physical terms, you have established an interconnectedness in relationships, and in this action, you have created many physical focuses together and continue to be drawn to each other presently.

Now; this is difficult, to be offering an explanation that you may understand – but we shall attempt, in your physical terms – for it may be confusing to you. For you are one focus of essence, and all of your other lifetimes, as you term them to be, are other focuses of essence, and although they are you, they are also not you. They are independently themselves, creating their own reality and creating their own choices, holding their own family alignments, holding their own free will and personality choice. But as you are all of essence in each individual focus, you are also all of these other focuses. This is the confusing element of essence.

The reason I express this to you is that you may understand that these focuses are not linear. Within your thought process, you have created a linear time framework in this dimension. Therefore, you think of these focuses linearly, one lifetime following another lifetime, and that you – that you identify as you now presently – is participating in each of these lifetimes. This is the belief: that you are born into a focus, you continue through this focus, you die, you are born again, you continue, you die, you are born again, and so the cycle continues. In actuality, ALL of your focuses are occurring NOW. They are not linear. Therefore, in one respect, you ARE all of these focuses as essence. In another respect, you are this focus that you identify as yourself, and all of these other focuses are occurring now also. Therefore, they are each individually themselves.

Now; how this applies to you in this situation is that you are interacting with another essence. This is what individuals romantically refer to as soul mates. These are essences that choose to be interactive and engaged with each other throughout many, many experiences. This – within this particular dimension – creates an emotional quality which is expressed between you.

Now; within this present now, that essence is no longer physically manifesting. Therefore, you shall not meet that individual – in a manner of speaking – within this focus, within this lifetime, for that particular essence is no longer physically focusing. But simultaneously, other focuses that you hold in essence – and that that essence holds – are participating in relationships together.

Therefore, you are engaging relationships with that essence in many other focuses in this dimension. You are beginning to allow an awareness of this relationship that you hold, for you in this focus have allowed yourself an openness to other elements of essence, and have not merely singularly held your attention to merely this solid reality. Therefore, as I have expressed to you at our last meeting, you allow bleed-throughs from other focuses.

Now; do not misunderstand. This particular encounter that you are experiencing is not a bleed-through, but you are allowing the energy of bleed-throughs of the interactions and relationships of other focuses to lend energy to you now to open yourself to receive a continued interaction with that essence, regardless that it is not physically manifesting. You merely hold veils and barriers between yourselves and different areas of consciousness for the reason that you believe there are barriers. Your beliefs are strong, and they create boundaries. They create limitations which, generally speaking – outside of the action of this shift in consciousness – prevent individuals from interaction with other essences that are not physically focused within an individual time framework.

Before the action of this shift, few individuals engaged interaction with any other focuses within any other time frameworks or any other areas of consciousness. Therefore, they did not access information or exchanges or experiences with that which you term to be past lives or future lives. They did not engage interaction with individuals that you term to be dead. They did not engage these types of activities, for their attention was held very singularly in this one reality – one focus of attention – not allowing any other focus to bleed through. Within the action of this shift in consciousness, this singularity is being loosened. The veils are dropping, and individuals throughout your reality are opening themselves – yourself also – to the realization that there is much more concerning your reality than merely what you view physically.

In this, you allow yourself in this now, in this focus, to be reconnecting – regardless of the veils and the beliefs – with this other essence, allowing yourself to continue an interaction and relationship in a different form or a different type of manifestation than other focuses of your essence hold, for other focuses of your essence hold physical interaction with that essence.

You within this time framework allow an interaction with nonphysical energy of that essence, and you draw upon the remembrance of other focuses to be creating physical imagery that you may identify with. Therefore, you view a physical form....

MARISA: Yeah! I had not before, and I was talking to Tamara and I was like, ‘God, I don’t know what he looks like!’ I could see us in a room in a cottage. In some focus, we were in Scotland. I’m so heavily drawn to that culture! I mean, anything, like even watching a movie on Scotland, I’m like mesmerized. I just like sit there and stare at it. Just what you had told me: I behave not like myself at times. And I was telling Tamara, ‘But I don’t know what he looks like,’ and that was kind of driving me a little nuts, and then just very recently in a dream ... it was the weirdest thing!

We were in a theater, and I was getting ready for something with another woman in a prop room, and we were just doing props. He was physical in this dream, but he was standing, you know, with all the seats in the theater and everything, just standing there watching me, and then I focused on that dream afterwards. I saw him – just what I thought I felt he looked like, but I didn’t really picture him – red hair, blue eyes, tall, not necessarily a big man though. But then afterwards, when I focused on the dream, trying to feel like what that dream was about and trying to think more about it and see if it would continue on, it came to me then – we were walking – he was my escort. I don’t know if it would be termed in physical life dating at that point, but we were walking along in the woods, and his hands were like this, proper – he wasn’t supposed to touch me – and we were walking along home. And then I realized in that dream, or whatever it was, he was waiting for me to get done so we could walk home. I see us together a lot, but that’s the first time I ever saw HIM, but I know he’s there. I could be picking up a sandwich, for God’s sake, and I’ll have like one of those things, and we’re riding these horses together, crashing through the field and kind of laughing at each other, actually trying to hit each other off the horses, and we’re swatting each other, things like that. And then I think, well, that could explain why I’m okay with horses now, because by all rights, growing up with my childhood, I should hate them and fear them, you know? I had horrible experiences growing up with the horses, and I just can’t get enough of them.

It’s a lot for me to swallow! When I think of all that, there’s like these things, like when I’m going to bed, I’ll hear bagpipes playing. I’ll think it’s the Equinox Hotel playing them for their guests, and I’ll hit Larry and I’ll say, ‘Do you hear it? Do you hear it now?’ And he’s like, ‘I don’t hear a thing.’ And I’ll actually run outside sometimes, saying, ‘Do you hear the bagpipes?’ It’s just like, in my culture now, I’m nuts, you know? I keep on telling myself that, but I know it’s not true. I really am hearing these things!

ELIAS: (Grinning) Quite, and you are not experiencing lunacy, as I have expressed to you previously in our last encounter.

MARISA: But is it my opening that’s allowing these in, or is it also his energy sending me messages too?

ELIAS: Quite.

MARISA: It’s both of us working on it.

ELIAS: Yes. This is an interaction. You are allowing the energy to be accepted within your physical focus, within this physical dimension, and you are allowing yourself to be accessing, listening, interacting with, and you are attaching the physical imagery, that you may feel comfortable in your remembrance, for it is difficult for individuals within physical focus to be interactive merely with energy. Therefore, you identify the energy, you draw upon the remembrance of how this energy has configured itself within physical form, and you create the association of that physical form and you allow yourself to interact through that. But the energy is the same. The energy is quite real, and is being transmitted to you.

Now; let us move slightly beyond this explanation and offer a little more of an explanation to you. Many times, an action that essences may engage – if they are engaging within physical focuses together – is to continue an interaction in some manner, regardless that one may choose not to be manifesting physically any longer. Now; let me offer you an example.

This essence of Elias is no longer physically focusing. I no longer manifest physically within your physical dimension, although I have participated previously, in your terms, in that action. I have held many interactions and relationships within physical focus to Michael [Mary]. I engage now an energy exchange with Michael [Mary].

MARISA: Who’s Michael [Mary]?

ELIAS: The individual that you interact with that you term to be Mary.

MARISA: The one that I call Ian?

ELIAS: Mary.


ELIAS: That you have spoken with just prior to this session!

MARISA: Oh, Mary! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Michael [Mary] is this focus’s essence name, and I engage the entirety of essence. Therefore, I refer to this individual with essence name rather than merely the focus name. The focus name is Mary, but this is merely one focus.

In this, I have held many relationships and interactions with this individual. Presently, I engage an energy exchange also.

Now; our interaction in this particular focus is slightly different, but it is an example of a nonphysical essence interacting objectively with a physically focused essence.

In your situation, as I have expressed, this type of action is in actuality quite common. One of the essences continues within physical focus, manifesting; one does not; but this does not prevent the interaction. This does not negate the relationship. It may occur regardless, and depending upon the strength of the interactions and the number of relationships that you have held, it may be quite strong, as experienced by the individual within physical focus.

Now; the purpose of this action is that the non-physically focused essence moves into a position of being helpful and lending energy – for any given reasons – to that essence which continues to be physically manifest.

Now; within this particular time framework and your situation, you are allowing yourself to be open to the energy which is projected by that essence, and that essence is lending communication to you – information and energy – to be helpful to you in your sojourn within this focus, in widening your awareness and opening more to yourself, to consciousness, and to your own abilities and expressions, being helpful to you in your expression of acceptance and trust of self, offering little remembrances here and there, so to speak, to be helpful to you in your own acceptance of yourself and your reality, knowing within you that you are not experiencing lunacy. You are experiencing reality, regardless of other individual’s opinions.

What you are experiencing is quite real, and as you allow more of an openness to this, you may engage this more fully. It poses no threat to you. It also poses no threat to your relationships within this physical focus.

MARISA: Yeah, I think sometimes I feel that way. I’m just like, ‘Gosh, Marise, you’re married!’ But then, you know what? I’ve talked to Ian that way. I’m just like, ‘Gosh, I feel kind of bad and everything.’ He’s like, ‘It’s not like that. Marriage is something that you guys have made up or whatever. It doesn’t mean you love Larry any less.’ And that’s very true. It’s just that I’m ... it’s just another relationship that I’m having with someone else.

ELIAS: It is a different type of relationship and interaction.

Just as your relationship with your children does not threaten your relationship with your partner – your relationship within friendships does not threaten your relationship with your partner – neither does this relationship. It is different, but it has presented itself, for it is a relationship that you hold a feeling of comfort within, and trust, which lends to your expression of allowing yourself to be more trusting of yourself and your experiences, for you DO trust THIS energy.

MARISA: And that’s true, because I’ve gotta say, with the horses and everything, my biggest problem is my confidence, and people have told me, ‘You know, Marise, you ride so much better than you say you do,’ or whatever. I just bought this amazing horse, whom I believe ... I recognize his energy. I mean, by all rights – I was telling Mary – I should not be able to ride him. He’s pretty much a handful! And I remember when I was driving to go try him out or just be with him and everything, I really felt this other ... I called it Ian, and Ian was with me. I’m like, ‘I don’t know why I’m doing this!’ And he’s just like, ‘Buy that horse. Buy that horse, lass. You’ll do fine.’ And I really trusted that. I don’t know what it is, but when I got on him ... well, the second time I got on him, the first thing he did was buck, but I knew I was going to be okay. I don’t know why I felt that, but Ian said he was gonna be with me and it was gonna be okay, and I just felt that. Ricky won’t let anyone touch him, and all of a sudden he lets ME walk up to him? I mean, there’s something else there! I don’t know, but I really feel like I really love him, like I just want to swim in him, you know, and that’s why I just feel like even though I should be frightened of him, I’m not.

ELIAS: There is no ‘should be.’ (Chuckling) I express to you that you are merely allowing yourself new freedoms, which you may express to yourself is wondrous, is it not?

MARISA: It’s a freedom I’ve never had, you know? I mean, after being conditioned to NOT – not being able to do this or never being able to achieve the goals that I’ve envisioned in my mind – it’s just recently I’ve woken up and said, ‘There aren’t any.’ I was thinking about what you said the first time: you could be as good as you want. And I was thinking, what do I really want out of this, these horses and everything? I don’t want to be famous. I don’t want to be like, you know, the top rider and travel all over Europe. I want to be able to ride well and enjoy the horses and have some respect in my small field, and it is happening! I mean, I’m having people call me and ask me questions, and I was like, I’ve only been in the business two years! I was very surprised! But you had said that I have a natural talent with these horses. It’s all about listening to them. That’s all it is.

ELIAS: And this is a drawing of energy of other focuses. This is the element of part of the bleed-throughs that I expressed to you previously at our last encounter, for you have allowed yourself to be accessing the energy of other focuses which bleed through to you, and you draw upon this energy to apply that energy to your expression presently.

Within the interaction that you hold with this individual in other focuses ... and you are correct, you hold several focuses in the physical location of Scotland ... but you also engage much activity in like manner, what you physically term to be training, racing, and sports activities with these particular creatures. Therefore, you now draw upon that energy, which has been accomplished in other focuses, and you apply that energy to your accomplishment in this focus. This is an activity that your essence holds a fascination with, and this particular type of engagement offers you great pleasure.

Pleasure within physical focus eliminates much of your thickness in energy and allows you to move much more freely through your physical focus. It is not creating conflict, and it is creating of an ease. Pleasure also lends to your acceptance of self. You equate pleasure with the idea of happiness, and if you are experiencing happiness, you are allowing yourself much more freedom and an ease within your focus, and therefore much less thickness in energy. This be the reason that I am advocating so very often of pleasure (grinning) and to be seeking out those activities or elements within your focus that offer you pleasure in your experiences, for this offers you freedoms, and you are allowing yourself to move in this direction. This essence is being helpful to you in your accomplishment of this.

Now; let me also express to you that many individuals may term this type of relationship to be what you express as ‘guides.’ I express to you, in actuality, within the context of belief systems, there are no essences which are in actuality guides, or what you may term to be ‘spirit guides.’ There are essences which interact with each other in different types of relationships which are helpful to each other, but no one essence is above any other essence.

Therefore, there may not be masters and guides, for this denotes to you that they are better or higher or greater than you, and they are not. They merely hold a remembrance and you do not, for you do not allow yourselves – yet – within physical focus, but you are altering that reality also within this shift in consciousness, and allowing yourself your own remembrances.

MARISA: I like it! I like it any place, and most of the time I feel it’s in Scotland, and little things happen, and they’re quite happy! They bring me happiness when I’m there.

ELIAS: I may express to you also that were you to be engaging the action of physical travel to this physical location, you may also spark more of your own remembrances. Many times within physical focus, as individuals revisit – so to speak, in physical terms – certain physical locations, this facilitates more of their remembrance. Just as in your physical existence – so to speak, within mundane terms – if you are forgetful of an idea or of the placement of an object or of a direction that you had been intending to engage within a particular moment, you may engage a physical activity of moving yourself backward – retracing your steps, so to speak – and in this process, you shall express to yourself, ‘Oh, yes. Now I am remembering of what I was intending to be accomplishing.’

MARISA: Well, that’s one of the things I wanted to bring up. That’s what I was thinking. When I see Scotland, like in a book, or I hear music ... I mean, how could I ... I start to dance with my kids! I don’t know how to do this, but I can’t help myself! And then like even in a book or a video or whatever ... and I feel such a longing for there, you know? If there’s a movie, I’m mesmerized in front of the TV. I forget to sit down. I just watch, you know?

ELIAS: And this becomes stronger.

MARISA: It’s almost to be point that it’s painful to watch a video! I had put on, just yesterday, ‘Braveheart,’ and it’s not the movie. It’s the scenery, it’s the houses, it’s the dress, it’s the music! That’s what’s almost to the point of painful, that I’m listening to it and I’m almost like there, but I’m still here. And I was even talking to Tamara and I was like, ‘I want to go back to Scotland.’ But in a way, I’m a little hesitant, because I’m worried that I’m gonna be so drawn, I’m gonna forget what I have here. I’m fearful for my life here, and my family. I have a family! I don’t want to screw anything up here, and it made me afraid when Tamara told me a friend of hers did that. She went to Scotland and lost, you know, and she just forgot about her family here and just decided to follow her path there, and I was like, I don’t want that to happen to me.

ELIAS: There is a difference. Let me express to you that you hold a knowing within you that although you may engage a physical activity of revisiting this physical location, what you seek is merely a remembrance, for the individual that interacts with you is not there. He is not physically manifest. Therefore, you shall not find the physical embodiment of this individual by engaging a trip to this location.

What you SHALL allow yourself is more of your own remembrance, which lends to more of your own trust of yourself and your abilities and your directions. It shall not interfere with what you have chosen within this focus. It shall merely enhance what you have chosen.

You have chosen relationships and physical locations in this focus quite purposefully, and you are not moving in a direction of altering those choices. Therefore, you are also not creating actions or events that shall threaten those choices. You are pleased with those choices that you have created, and you are comfortable with those choices. This is merely a remembrance, not an acquiring of a new relationship. You already hold the relationship, regardless of your revisitation of the physical location. The relationship has been allowed to continue regardless....

MARISA: Of location. It doesn’t matter.

ELIAS: Quite. The physical revisitation is merely a validation to you of the reality of what has been experienced.

Many individuals allow themselves what you may term to be progressive thinking, and they incorporate ideas within your culture of adopting other focuses, other lifetimes, and expressing to themselves that yes, they hold a belief in this area. But underlyingly, there are many beliefs held en masse in this particular society that do not lend to that belief. Therefore, underlyingly there continues to be certain questionings and certain elements of what you term to be skepticism: ‘I am experiencing this, but I am also occupying the time framework of nineteen hundred and ninety-nine, the end of my century and the end my millennium. I am quite enlightened. I am quite intelligent. I align with my scientific beliefs and my psychological beliefs, and this is ludicrous! Individuals do not hear voices and they do not experience interaction with nonphysical energies and they do not allow bleed-throughs of other lifetimes which they have not experienced, for there is no reality beyond this now reality physically.’ Not necessarily! There is much beyond this physical reality, and you are allowing yourself these experiences, and you also battle with these experiences, for much within your officially accepted reality – your societies, your mass belief systems – express contrary to you, and it is difficult to balance.

MARISA: It’s hard to break the mold, growing up – I’m thirty-five – and taught all along that this is just not happening. I mean, I just admitted to my mother last week that I used to hear voices all the time when I was little, and I thought they were my toys talking to me, and I never said anything because I was in enough trouble! I wasn’t going to say anything to get myself in more jeopardy! And I just kept quiet about it and never said anything, and for the first time, having some sort of justification, it’s just like a sigh of relief! It’s like, whew! You know, just even when you said ... when I was afraid to tell the group that I was having visitors, and Tamara encouraged me. But in the end, if you had said, ‘No, there were no visitors,’ I don’t think I would have believed you either! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Very good! I am encouraging of this, for I am encouraging you to be trusting of yourself and what you KNOW.” [session 385, April 18, 1999]

ELIAS: “I shall also express one more element as to this subject matter of orientation, for soon we shall be moving onward to new areas of this particular belief system, as this is not the only aspect of this belief system.

But in this, be remembering that as I have expressed to you, each orientation holds its own language and its own qualities. As you align yourselves with other individuals that may hold different orientations from yourself, you may experience difficulty in holding understanding with these individuals.

Now; let me also express to you that you may hold relationship with an individual that holds a different orientation from yourself, but you shall be engaging difficulty.

This is not to say that this is an impossibility, and as with all of the elements that we discuss, you always hold the ability to move outside of your individual pool of probabilities and creations, and you may be incorporating other probabilities and creations, and you may be creating these efficiently. Therefore, I do not express to you that if you are engaging an interaction or a relationship with another individual that holds a different orientation from yourself that you are doomed, (laughter) for you are not.

I may also express to you that you may even, in your physical terms, experience your connection of what you identify as your soul mates, which may hold a different orientation to yourself, and you may efficiently create your relationship, but you shall initially experience more difficulties than would you be experiencing if you are engaging an individual that holds the same orientation as do you.

Many, many, many individuals within physical focus do not choose to be pulling outside of their individual pools of probabilities to be accomplishing a relationship with another individual holding a different orientation. There is a tremendous element of energy which is expelled in these types of relationships for a time period; not continuously and not necessarily throughout the duration of the relationship, but for a time period, there may be much friction.

In this, many individuals choose not to be engaging this type of energy, for it is unnecessary. But I also express to you that occasionally, individuals DO engage relationships and coupling themselves with other individuals that are not of the same orientation, purely to be engaging the experience – a challenge!

I shall express to you that your most common expression is to be engaging relationships that DO hold the same orientation, for this creates much less conflict and friction and lends an ease to your expressions within your relationships.

STELLA: Elias, you’re talking about intimate relationships, right?

ELIAS: Correct.

STELLA: Because it’s not necessarily ... I mean, like for instance, myself and Marta [Marcos]. He’s intermediate and I’m common, and we have an incredible relationship. But then if we were intimate, it would be a different story.

ELIAS: Quite.

STELLA: So we could have quite an efficient relationship happening, as in a friendship, right?

ELIAS: Quite. Intimate relationships hold a different quality, and in this, you may experience differences within these types of relationships. At times, individuals may choose to be manifest into a family physically-focused in which the parents hold different orientation to themselves, and there shall be a tremendous expression of conflict and friction!

STELLA: Oh! So Elias, so now I know why my mother and I have such conflict! My mother must be god knows what other orientation! (Elias chuckles) That’s what’s happening, huh?

ELIAS: You speak different languages.

STELLA: Okay, so now it explains the whole thing. So now it’s just a matter of accepting this lady.

ELIAS: Quite.

Now; let me express to you that this is not ALWAYS the situation. There are different expressions and choices and reasons that individuals may be in opposition to each other within family relationships, but I may express to you that this also may be a factor many times.

STELLA: Okay. So in my case, is this a factor?

ELIAS: Yes.” [session 387, April 24, 1999]

MARJ: “The man I was in love with, or still am in love with, was killed in an accident last month. I would like to ask you, when I chose this particular focus, did I choose it with the knowledge that I would lose him unexpectedly?

ELIAS: This is an interesting question, and may be informative to you and to other individuals.

As you choose to be manifest within this physical dimension, you also choose what we term to be a pool of probabilities. Now; in this pool of probabilities, there are not actual probabilities that have been created and have been chosen, so to speak, but merely the potential for certain directions and certain probabilities, for each probability is created within the moment, within the now. Therefore, the reality that you choose may not be expressed before it occurs.

In this, you hold an awareness as you enter a physical focus of the potential of all of the probabilities within the pool that you choose, but this is not to say that you may indeed actualize each of those probabilities or be creating each of those probabilities within a particular focus.

Therefore, in response to your question directly, no, you did not create manifesting into this dimension knowing or with the aforeknowledge that you would be engaging relationship with this individual and that the individual would be disengaging within the moment that they were disengaging, although you did hold an awareness of the potential for this action. (10)

In this, at the moment of engaging relationship with this individual, you also entered into agreement with this individual to be allowing yourself to participate in relationship and in shared experiences, that this may be beneficial to you.

Now; I shall express to you that you may be engaging this pink energy of yours – that you generate so very efficiently – inwardly as well as outwardly, and this may be comforting to you in soothing what you experience as hurtfulness within your emotion, for you hold a great ability to be expressing this calmness within that particular energy vibration.

Let me also express to you that this experience has offered you the opportunity to be understanding experientially of many emotional qualities that are associated with disengagement within this focus.

Many individuals are and shall be experiencing difficulties in this area. You are creating movement within this shift in consciousness of turmoil and upheaval, which lends to an uncertainty within individuals, and therefore they cling to the familiar. One of the areas that they cling to is each other within physical expression, and within the disengagement of an individual within this time framework, there is a heightened emotional responsiveness with many individuals.

You allow yourself the opportunity to be individually experiencing this type of situation, that you may also offer understanding to other individuals – objectively and subjectively – that are experiencing very similar emotional upset, not merely in the situation of disengagement, but also in any area that may be expressed within extreme emotional response.

Individuals are creating of intensity presently within emotional responsiveness to many different elements of your reality, and you may be helpful, not merely to yourself but also to other individuals, in holding an understanding of this emotional expression.

I express encouragement to you and a reminding of you that you are not separated. You are merely choosing to be engaging different areas of consciousness, but the veil that you perceive to be separating of you is very thin, and as you draw upon the energy of this shift in consciousness, you may be loosening that veil and you may be penetrating of that veil and interacting with that individual in continuation. This action also shall be helpful to yourself and to other individuals, allowing yourself to view that in reality, there is no separation.

MARJ: (Sighing and whispering) Oh, Elias....

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I offer to you much energy, for I hold an awareness of the emotional experience that you hold presently. Therefore, I offer to you comforting, and you may also draw upon my energy, and with your expression of your pink vibrational quality, you may incorporate the vibrational quality of the energy of blue from me, and I shall offer comforting also.

MARJ: (Emotionally) Oh, thank you so much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

MARJ: Elias, in the first week or so, two weeks maybe, I was very, very much aware of his energy. I even saw him. But in the last week or so, I don’t have that feeling. Is it possible that it’s still happening and I’m just unaware of it now?

ELIAS: You are correct. I express to you that this is quite common within physical focus. As you experience certain emotional expressions that you term to be painful, you choose to be moving away from these expressions and experiences, and in a manner of speaking, numbing yourself to these experiences, for you have labeled them negatively in your identification of painfulness.

I express to you that you may offer yourself the opportunity to view these emotional experiences quite differently, and in this, you may welcome this emotional expression, recognizing that this is your continuation of connection with this individual and provides you the window of communication and reception of communication from that individual.

MARJ: So in other words, I should welcome the pain and not worry about it, not try to push it aside?

ELIAS: Let us express to you that you may be viewing this expression slightly differently and not labeling and associating this experience with painfulness, for I express to you that any of these emotional qualities, in how you identify them, may change instantaneously.

You may alter your perception of an experience within emotional qualities, within one moment being an association with negative qualities, and within the very next moment, you shall associate within a positive awareness.

In this, I express to you that these expressions of emotional qualities that you hold are neither positive or negative. They are neither good or bad. They merely are, and [in] allowing yourself to view the opportunity that they present, your perception may alter and you may not necessarily view these expressions as painful any longer, but as an opportunity for you to be opening that communication, for you are allowing a clear channel, so to speak, within consciousness of pure emotional expression, which is an opening in this physical dimension to interconnectedness.

MARJ: Is there something I can do that I’m not doing to help this?

ELIAS: Merely allow yourself a relaxation of your energy, and also allow yourself an acceptance of your experience, that it matters not how you choose to be expressive of yourself. Each of your expressions are true and genuine to self within the moment. Therefore, do not be attempting to be denying of any of your expressions, for this is merely an influence of beliefs and an acceptance of the projection of energy of other individuals that may not necessarily be entirely accepting of your expression, but this matters not. YOU be accepting of you, and allow yourself to be expressing freely in whichever manner you so desire.

MARJ: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 394, May 11, 1999]

DAWN: “We had some discussion with Mary just now about what we talked about with orientation yesterday, and I have a question, which we discussed a couple of years ago, that has a different perspective now. It’s the one where we still find ourselves, Michael [Delal] and I, being isolated from others and sometimes frustrated that people don’t initiate contact with us unless they need something from us. We’re wondering how to deal with this and what kind of strides we’ve made. The information on orientation seems to shed a new perspective.

ELIAS: Quite. Now; let me explain to you initially, I have refrained from offering certain elements of information previously, for individuals within physical focus were not inclining in the direction of allowing themselves the ability to assimilate this information which I offer presently. I have offered information to you previously in response to your questioning, but in also recognizing what you shall be accepting of.

Now; were I to have breached this area of orientation at that time, I shall express to you that this would have been creating great doubt and fearfulness within you, for within that time period, you each were questioning in the area of your relationship, in the area of yourselves. You were also incorporating fearfulness within each of yourselves and much more of a lack of acceptance within each of yourselves, and in offering that information at that time period, this would have merely reinforced those areas of fear and doubt and lack of acceptance of self.

As I stated to you yesterday ... I offered you a statement that you each hold different orientations, but have chosen to be creating relationship with each other.

Now; I have offered information in explanation of these orientations, and I have expressed within those explanations that individuals choosing to be entering relationships holding different orientations shall be creating much conflict, for they speak different languages.

In this, your perceptions are very different in many areas.

Therefore, this may be creating of great elements of conflict and confusion, but I have also stated that it is not an impossibility for individuals to be holding different orientations and also engage in relationship with each other in the manner of partnership.

In this, had I offered this information to you previously, you would have been moving in the direction of doubting your creation within your relationship and moving into the thought process of doom.

Within this time framework, you have allowed yourself enough interaction with each other and enough foundational ground, so to speak, with each other in relationship that you have created a type of solidity. Therefore, you are allowing yourselves more of an ability to hold within challenges, recognizing that although you present yourselves with challenges in different manners, this is not to say that you may not be moving through those challenges or accomplishing within those challenges.

In this, you have chosen to be interactive with each other and engaging this type of relationship to be offering yourselves more of an understanding, in an intimate manner, of another individual’s perception within reality. This offers you the opportunity to be extending this outwardly also, for you are intimately involved with each other and therefore you engage these challenges intimately together, and in this, you offer yourselves more information.

Many individuals hold different types of relationships with other individuals holding different orientation from themselves, but they also shall automatically, many, many times, move in the direction of dismissing challenges and not addressing to them in the area of differences between themselves and other individuals and not engaging the energy and the action to be understanding of differences within perception, for they do not hold an intimate relationship with the other person.

Now; in this, you each have chosen, in agreement with each other, to be engaging this type of action.

You have each inquired many times with myself how you may be efficiently helpful and interactive within this shift. I have repeatedly expressed to you to be concentrating upon self and to be noticing your behaviors and your creations within self.

You also offer yourselves the opportunity to be practicing and noticing with each other, for in moving into acceptance of self and of other individuals, you also need be turning your attention to the reality of perception, and that each of you creates your reality individually and holds differences in your perceptions.

In this, as you offer yourselves the opportunity to intimately interact with each other, noticing your behavior, your responses, your interactions – and noticing the other individual’s behaviors and responses and interactions and the differences within them – you offer yourselves the opportunity to view how individuals create their reality and that no reality is right or wrong, that all of reality IS reality, that one individual’s perception is no less reality than another individual’s perception, regardless of whether you are understanding of it or not.

You also offer yourselves a unique challenge in creating this type of relationship, in offering an opportunity to more intimately view your own individual automatic responses to another individual holding a different perception and not to be shying away from that interaction.

Many times within physical focus, individuals may interact with other individuals holding different orientation, and as they face themselves with these differences, they retreat from these differences and they are not continuing interaction in certain areas, for they are recognizing that this be requiring looking to self, addressing to their individual responsibility of self and how they are interactive, recognizing that other individuals create their reality differently, but it IS reality.

And in this, they look not to their own creations and their own manifestations and responses and behaviors within their focus, but move into automatic, familiar areas of creation – of expressing accountability to another individual, that it is their responsibility to be altering their expression to fit with the individual’s own expression. Are you understanding thus far?


DAWN: I think so. I think it relates to a lot of other things we were going to ask about today.

ELIAS: In this, you each have offered yourselves the opportunity to move beyond this point. I am not expressing to you that there is great ease in this choice that you have engaged, for I have been quite expressive recently, in explanation of these orientations, that this presents large challenges (Michael laughs) and may be creating of intensity in conflict and confusion, but that you may be moving through this and that it is temporary.

Now; be understanding that each individual’s ‘temporary’ is different from another individual’s ‘temporary.’ Therefore, temporary within physical terms may be one year or may be ten years, but it is temporary, and if continuing to allow yourselves openness and continuing to offer yourselves information and understanding, you shall also move quickly into the temporariness of these challenges and move beyond the conflict and confusion, and in this expression, each of you shall allow yourselves the ability to be very affecting, not merely subjectively but objectively, in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.

MICHAEL: Thank you. A great answer!

DAWN: Very interesting.” [session 404, May 26, 1999]

MARCOS: “There’s so much there to continue to digest, and I know I will do that as I move forward.

There’s so many things you say that I feel inside that I know. I feel the knowing when you mention them, and that’s extremely helpful. I can’t tell you how helpful this conversation is, because so much of my life becomes so much clearer now, and I can begin to understand some of these extremely difficult moments that I’ve felt on and off throughout this focus.

At the same time, in acknowledgment of my knowing, I think that’s why I’ve been living by myself for the last three years and traveling so much, because within those travels, even though I do interact with people which I like, I also spend much time by myself, and more and more I begin to enjoy that, and it’s very hard for other people to understand why I like to spend so much time by myself.

ELIAS: Quite. Now; let me also offer to you another element, Marta [Marcos].

In this particular orientation [of intermediate], there is another quite strong expression which is battled with by many individuals holding this orientation. In this, it is in regard to relationships.

Within the orientation of intermediate, you may find that individuals such as yourself may be interactive within relationships and may be attempting to be creating intimate relationships in the manner of partnerships, for there is a very strong draw and feeling of a desire for intimacy, which is subsequently translated in familiar terms outwardly, and the translation is formed that you NEED to be engaged within an intimate relationship.

Now; the challenge which is presented with this particular orientation is that the relationship outwardly is not necessarily what shall be fulfilling of the individual.

Now; this particular orientation holds a very strong expression in the manner of coupling itself with other individuals of the same orientation.

I have expressed previously that each orientation magnates to individuals holding the same orientation, and that in coupling yourself with another individual of the same orientation, you shall experience more of an ease and you shall be accomplishing within that relationship with less conflict, for you are not speaking different languages.

I have also expressed that within each orientation, as an individual draws themself into a relationship with another individual holding a different orientation, they shall be experiencing conflict and confusion for a time framework. This is not to say that this may not be moved through, but it is creating of difficulties and it shall create much more of a thickness temporarily than is necessary.

Now; in this, for the most part, individuals within physical focus, as they move in the direction of aligning themselves in an intimate relationship with an individual of a different orientation, they shall generally discontinue those relationships, viewing that they are requiring of too much attention and energy to be satisfactory to themselves individually.

Now, I express to you also that there are individuals within physical focus that choose quite intentionally to be entering relationship with another individual of a different orientation, and part of their value fulfillment is to be moving through these types of challenges.

But let me also express to you that this is much less common with individuals holding the orientation of intermediate than any other orientation. It is much more common that individuals within this one particular orientation shall be experiencing and creating much more conflict within themselves with regard to intimate relationships if they are not of the same orientation as the other individual, for there is such an intensity of inward focusing that individuals as yourself that hold this orientation do not afford yourselves the movement into concentrating your energy into interpretation and translation of languages with another individual holding a different orientation. You merely create frustrations within yourself.

In a manner of speaking, within very physical terms, you may express to yourself, ‘This is requiring of too much energy,’ and it is not worthy of your time, and you are not inclined to be offering this much attention to another individual and their creations, for you are much more occupied with your OWN creations and your own perception. Therefore, there is an impatience with other individuals.

This be the reason that you experience challenges and what you term to be difficulties in establishing relationships with other individuals in an intimate manner, for another expression which is quite generally created within the orientation of intermediate is to magnate to individuals of other orientations, for they provide outward stimulation and excitement. They challenge you, but you may be accepting of the challenges only to a point.

In this, it may be creating excitement and an element of fun and intrigue for you to be exploring different types of relationships, but you shall continue to arrive in a framework within yourself in which you become bored, exasperated, frustrated, and restless in the interaction with another individual, for they do not hold the same orientation as you and they do not create their reality in like manner to yourself. Therefore, you also lean in the direction of feeling misunderstood, and you are quite right! Many times you ARE being misunderstood, for other individuals objectively are no more understanding and translating of your language than you are of theirs!

But this returns us to your natural inclination to be personalizing of those expressions, for you turn all of your expressions and other individual’s expressions and your reality inwardly and allow great affectingness of all of your reality inwardly, in intimate manners with yourself.

THIS is what you seek within yourselves within the orientation of intermediate, to be creating of this intimacy with self.

This be the reason that you have also created the imagery that you have within your dream state (11). Look to that imagery, and the wondrousness and the joy that you provide yourself in meeting yourself, and the fulfillment that you have allowed yourself to objectively feel! And what do you express to me? ‘How shall I find this individual? I am upon my quest for my soul mate.’ Ha ha ha ha! And your soul mate is yourself!

MARCOS: Ah, that’s fantastic, Elias! You’re extremely, extremely helpful with that information, and you’re absolutely correct. Now, at the same time, in this quest for myself, I wouldn’t mind meeting along the way some other intermediate individuals, but this is fascinating, fascinating information!

ELIAS: You may be drawing those types of individuals to yourself futurely, as you allow yourself to move more fully into your own individual natural expression and more of an acceptance of your choice for your orientation, for as you move your attention more fully in this direction, you also create an understanding that you have been creating previously the action of the moth to the flame.

Therefore, in this, as you begin to more fully hold an objective understanding of self and become more accepting of your natural expression, you may also not hold such great fascination with the excitement and the flicker of the other orientations which are creating their reality within more of an expression outwardly.

This merely offers you stimulation outwardly – and excitement – but it is temporary. It is the moth to the flame, and in this, the moth eventually tires or disengages this action, for it may burn in the intensity of the heat of the creation of the flame.

Therefore, I express to you, be acknowledging of the comfort that may be received within individuals that may not necessarily be displaying such excitement and flamboyance within their creations of their reality, but more of the quietness and the inwardness, in like manner to yourself, and this shall be creating of the type of relationship that you seek to be more lasting, in your terms.

MARCOS: That is wonderful That is so wonderful! You have answered so many more questions than I had today. I can’t thank you enough, my friend! (Elias chuckles) (12)

ELIAS: I shall offer to you that you may be contemplating upon this information, and you may be offering yourself permission to be expressing in your natural expression and not placing so very many conditions upon your expressions and so very many judgments upon your expressions, and merely allow yourself a natural free flow.

To you this day, my friend, I bid you very affectionately, au revoir.” [session 406, May 28, 1999]

LESLIE: “I tried to think of an example that we could all maybe relate to as far as expectations and acceptance, okay? In a relationship – that’s something we all have in common – in a close relationship, if one of the people in the relationship should find another individual attractive and act upon the desire, what would it take for this action not to cause trauma? How would acceptance or the lack of expectations play in this?

In other words, because we have certain expectations and rules or whatever you want to call them about relationships, that is not supposed to happen, or why would you be in the relationship? So in order for that not to cause trauma, how would we have to view this?

ELIAS: You have offered yourself the keys in your very questioning, for the key to the viewing of these types of situations is to be viewing the expectations, the conditions, and the lack of acceptance, which creates judgments. These are all expressed elements of aspects of your belief systems. In this, as you allow them to be affecting, you are also creating of much conflict in these types of situations, and much thickness.

In this, let me express to you, you may view this situation and recognize that your officially accepted responses in justification are direct responses as influenced by your belief systems in the area of judgment, and turning the individual’s attention away from self, and projecting to the behavior of another individual.

Now; I am quite understanding that individuals’ behaviors are affecting of you as you are engaged within intimate relationships. All relationships are affecting of you, but let us view this one particular expression of relationship. In this, you allow yourselves to be affected quite strongly by another individual’s behaviors, but let us also examine what you are allowing to be affected.

In these types of situations in which you view that the behavior or the expression of the other individual of which you engage a relationship with is hurtful to you and unacceptable to you, and you are placing great judgment upon their behavior, I express to you that many times – most of the time, within most of your expressions – what you are in actuality creating is the expression of your own lack of acceptance of some element of self which is being mirrored to you, and your perception, your feeling, your thought process is being reinforced in what you already assess within self.

The reason that you respond in the manner of justifying self and placing judgment upon the behavior of another individual as to an action of what you term to be unfaithfulness is directly a response that YOU hold within self. You hold the view of unworthiness within self and interpret that another individual shall not turn their attention to you, for of course they shall turn their attention to another individual, for you are not worthy of their attention!

But this also creates your expressions of defensiveness, which is your protection device, and of justification, which is another protection device that you implement. You express to yourself that you are right and you are good and you are expressing worthily, and another individual is expressing very badly! But underlying these thoughts and these expressions is the agreement that you hold within you – that in actuality, within your perception, you are not worthy. And therefore, the individual is justified within their action.

I express to you that ALL of these assessments are all elements of your beliefs, for in actuality, it matters not. An individual may be choosing to be engaging relationship in intimate fashion with another individual, and may continue to be engaging that relationship, and may also engage relationship with another individual simultaneously.

Monogamy is another element of your belief systems which is suggested to you for the reason that you also, within another aspect of beliefs, hold to the belief that you hold a limited supply of energy. You may only allot a certain amount of energy to be expressed in love and compassion and affection, for you hold a limited amount and other individuals hold a limited amount, and in this, they do not hold enough to be encompassing of more than one individual within one time framework. This creates your reinforcement of monogamy.

You pair together. You view that if you are pairing together life-long, in your terms, that this is a very good and worthy expression. You even look to your creatures, and hold within greater regard those creatures which you view to pair singularly throughout one focus. This is ‘better’ than the expressions of other creatures, although the expressions of other creatures are acceptable ... but they are merely creatures!” [session 409, June 02, 1999]

GAIL: “I have another question. I’ve created an infection, a yeast infection, and I feel I’ve connected with part of the issue, which is my gender, female, and the idea of strength and femininity connecting, but I’m not sure that I’m on the right track, and I need helpfulness in this area.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, William [Gail], what you have created presently is an affectingness physically in conjunction partially with this wave in consciousness which is occurring presently, and also in conjunction with a responsiveness to the belief system of relationships.

Now; in this, I express to you that you have created an irritation in this particular manner as you are holding presently to an element of energy which holds in the area of fear concerning an engagement of relationship and involving that which YOU term to be sexuality....

GAIL: Involving what?

ELIAS: Also involving sexuality.

Now; in this area, as you have engaged in relationships in intimacy pastly, you have created certain types of patterns within these types of relationships, and in this, you have created a certain element which has become a shrine in this area.

Now; as to this situation, as you begin moving within your focus into fuller areas of your own individuality in your expression, you also look to involvements within relationships in intimate matters.

In this, there becomes a creation of an element of fear, for this leans in the direction, within your aspects of belief systems that YOU hold, that may be threatening to your individual identity and your individual creativity within your expression.

In this, as this begins to surface, so to speak, and you become more aware of your movement within this belief system of sexuality, you have also created a response in physical manner.

In this, what you are attempting to be creating outwardly is a blocking or a barrier between yourself and other individuals, offering yourself the situation that provides you with an objective reason not to be engaging other individuals in intimacy.

Now; this, as I am stating to you, is what you may term to be a symbolic representation, for this is not meant as an absolute within you, that you have created this particular affectingness and therefore you may not be engaging within physical relations with another individual. This is not what I am expressing to you.

It is more of a symbolic movement that you have created for yourself, that you may be noticing that there are certain areas in which you hold to certain aspects of belief systems, and in these aspects of belief systems, they create elements of fearfulness with respect to your individuality and identity.

In this, your symbolic action is to be holding other individuals at bay until – in a manner of speaking – a time framework that you feel within your emotional state more steady, so to speak.” [session 414, June 11, 1999]

DARYL: “I listened to a tape that described the orientations briefly, and I had a very big subjective reaction to it during the next couple of days. But I am unsure what my orientation is, and I wondered if you could tell me.

ELIAS: You hold the orientation in this focus of soft, although I shall express to you that there are areas of your natural expression in this orientation that you have blocked many times within your individual focus, and in this, you also experience conflict many times. Therefore, I express to you that in allowing yourself more of a free flow of energy in conjunction with your orientation – which is your natural expression, for it is the makeup, so to speak, of the entirety of your perception – in this, you shall allow yourself much more of an ease within your focus and much more freedom in your own expressions.

DARYL: Okay. Could you give me an idea of how I’m blocking that? ’Cause I don’t understand the orientations real well anyway, although I know that this is connected to mass events, and I am drawn to mass events in a way that other people don’t seem to be. Could you tell me a little bit about the orientation and how I’m blocking it?


Now; let me express to you that individuals presently and previously – and temporarily, futurely – confuse themselves tremendously in relation to these orientations, for your belief systems are held very, very strongly in these areas and your associations in conjunction with orientation is also very strong, but I express to you that your beliefs and your associations are very limited and are many times incorrect.

Therefore, let us view this orientation of soft and its natural expressions within physical focus and how you block certain aspects of this natural expression within your focus.

One of the expressions or components of this orientation of soft is your responsiveness to mass events, but this is merely one expression. It is an obvious expression that may be easily identified – in difference to the other two orientations – which may be offering you more ease in allowing yourself the identification of soft. But as I have expressed, this is merely one area of natural expression of this particular orientation.

Another very strong expression of this particular orientation is the draw to be interactive with other individuals continuously.

Now; in difference to the other two orientations, this particular orientation manifests in a direction that moves very purposefully and intentionally in conjunction with other individuals, and in this, if you are an individual that holds the orientation of soft and you are isolating yourself or not allowing yourself interactions with other individuals in relationships and in intimate relationships, you shall be experiencing confusion and conflict and distress, for you are moving contrary to your individual natural expression.

The other two orientations move within any particular focus and may be functioning within their focus in conjunction with another individual, OR they may be creating their focus singularly – objectively – if they are so choosing, and this shall not be creating of great conflict within their focus. But within the orientation of soft, as it is designed to be very interactive with other individuals and is objectively very interconnected with all other individuals upon your planet, it is quite contrary to your nature, in a manner of speaking, to be isolating.

Now; your belief systems en masse within your society moves you all into certain directions, expressing to you that it is healthy to be creating your reality – in a manner of speaking – singularly, and is very encouraging of you to be focusing upon self, but not in the manner that I express to be focusing upon self. I express to you to be focusing upon self in a selfish manner, offering you the definition of my terminology of selfish, which is to be looking to self in trust and acceptance of trust.

Your societal dictates move in the direction of your common definition of selfishness, which moves into the area of focusing upon self to the exclusion of all else, and that if you are allowing yourself to be moving in this type of a direction, you shall allow yourself psychological assets, in a manner of speaking – strengths – which you may not gain unless you are singularly by yourself.

I express to you that this may be helpful to some individuals in certain situations at times, but let us be remembering that much of your mass belief systems also gear themselves to the orientation of common, for the orientation of common is expressed more than any other orientation. Outside of the natural expressions of the orientation of common lie certain aspects of natural movement within the orientation of soft and intermediate, but these do not fall into the officially accepted reality. Therefore, they are looked upon as unacceptable behavior, and in this, these individuals attempt to be fitting themselves into the guidelines of the officially accepted reality, in which they do not fit.

In this, you within your focus have moved into certain directions at times [of] isolating yourself, viewing that this may be more of a healthy expression for yourself, and also that this may offer you protection from the expressions and experiences of other individuals. I express to you that within the orientation of soft, this is an unnatural expression, for this may be creating of more conflict than the conflict that you may experience in addressing to your individual issues in conjunction with another individual.

Now; this interaction and relationship that may be expressed is not necessarily accomplished by an intimate relationship in romantic expressions. It may be satisfactorily accomplished in relationships that you may consider to be intimate, but not necessarily in the direction of a partner, although I shall also express to you that within this particular orientation, individuals magnate much more to partnerships than they may necessarily within the other two orientations, for within the other two orientations, the magnating into the direction of partnerships is an action which is incorporated in conjunction with officially accepted mass beliefs, that this is an action that you ‘should’ be accomplishing for different express reasons.

Within the orientation of soft, many individuals within this particular orientation hold an objective knowing that they do not seek out partnerships for the reasons that are expressed within the officially accepted mass belief systems, but they are drawing themselves into partnerships with other individuals for the reason that this creates a natural expression within their focus and creates an ease within energy in their focus, which eliminates much conflict.

Now; this is not to say that any individual within the orientation of soft may necessarily be drawing themselves into a particular partnership with another individual and remain within the same partnership throughout their focus, although many times these individuals DO create partnerships that hold what you term to be a lasting quality, but this would not be the point.

The point is that within this particular orientation, there is the express desire to be interactive continuously in intimate manner with other individuals, and therefore there is a magnating to the creation of intimate partnerships with other individuals.

At times, you within your focus have blocked certain movements in this area and have blocked your own natural expression in allowing certain issues that you hold in fearfulness to be presenting itself before you and preventing you from your own natural expression and movement in this area, holding yourself at bay from other individuals and not allowing yourself to become too close, in your objective terms, to other individuals for fear that they may be hurtful to you.

Let me express to you also, this is quite common within this expression of the orientation of soft, for you do hold a natural openness objectively to the interconnectedness of all of your reality: all individuals, all elements, all creations within your physical reality.

Therefore, in the knowing of your interconnectedness, you feel a vulnerability that other individuals may not necessarily express. The reason you feel this vulnerability is that you hold this objective awareness of interconnectedness with all of your reality.

Be remembering, another word for vulnerability is openness. This is a natural expression objectively within this orientation of soft, but many times this is also creating of holding to your own energy in the attempt to be protecting yourself, that you may not succumb to hurtfulness in interaction with other individuals.

I express to you that this may be also quite easily avoided, and you may not necessarily be protecting yourself from other individuals as you allow yourself to be trusting and accepting and KNOWING of yourself.

Once you are moving into these expressions and you are implementing this type of action, you shall find that it is unnecessary to be protective of yourself, for no other individual may be hurtful to you without your participation and without your permission. Therefore, it is merely a situation of recognizing that you are offering agreement to another individual if you are entering into a hurtful situation.

It may also be, as is the situation much of the times, so to speak, that you may be hurtful to yourself in agreement with another individual. It is not necessarily that another individual is hurtful to you, but that you are hurtful to yourself in your agreement with them and their opinion. This is the lack of trust and acceptance of self.

Now; I express to you that in addressing to your issues in the area of fearfulness, you may begin to move more freely into the expression of interactiveness in intimacy with other individuals, and this may be lessening greatly of your conflict within your focus. Are you understanding?

DARYL: Yeah. I know that I have spent a lot of my life isolated, and I also know that the fear has kept me there, and when I’ve tried to venture out, then the same thing with duplicity would happen, and hurtfulness and stuff. But it seems like I really do need to open to interaction again and keep on trying it, even though part of me is just sick of it ’cause of what’s happened in the past.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you are moving in a direction of pushing yourself into certain expressions and experiences to be reversing certain actions.

Now; this also is a very common misunderstanding of the information that I am offering to you, for it shall not be creating less conflict for you and it shall not be creating efficiency and ease of movement for you if you are forcing yourself to be creating actions merely for the reason that they are addressing head-on – so to speak, in your terminology – issues that you hold. (13)

Point in this situation: If you are moving in the direction of intentionally seeking out interaction with other individuals to be moving in opposition to your fearfulness, this shall not create the outcome, so to speak, that you are desiring, for you continue to hold the underlying expectation that this shall not work, and in this underlying expectation, you also anticipate the action of hurtfulness. Therefore, it matters not that you push yourself or force yourself to be engaging other individuals as you are continuing to hold these issues. I express to you, turn your attention to self, but allow yourself the openness for all that you draw to you.

Now; in this, you are drawing to yourself, through your natural expression of your orientation, interactions and relationships with other individuals continuously. This is a natural movement that you create within your focus, but once drawing those situations to yourself, you immediately move into the expression of protection and barriers which isolate you.

Therefore, you are as the knight that seeks out the dragon and is continuously drawing to himself many, many dragons but viewing them all as being dangerous, therefore standing ready to be slaying each of them as they appear, never recognizing that these dragons may APPEAR ferocious but are not hurtful and may be engaged as companions and may offer great helpfulness to the knight, but the knight is very occupied within himself in the direction of slaying these dragons, and therefore offers no opportunity for interaction with them.

You present yourself with this type of situation and you move in the direction of seeking out more interactions, pushing yourself into situations in which you must be interactive with other individuals, but you are continuing to be slaying of them in your interactions, for your expectation is overriding your thought process in your direction.

Therefore, in this, I express to you, view yourself. Continue to be examining your issues in fearfulness, and in this, recognize that YOU are who is hurtful to you, not another individual. Another individual may express ANY type of expression that they may choose, and it is your choice as to whether it shall be hurtful to you or not.

In this, as you become more accepting of you and allow yourself to be trusting of you and recognizing – as I have stated to you previously – that you are worthy, that you are good enough ... once you are expressing this genuinely to yourself, you shall also allow yourself the vulnerability or the openness to be accepting interaction from other individuals, and in this, allowing yourself your natural expression in conjunction with your orientation.

Isolation does not suit you! (Smiling)

DARYL: Okay, that gives me a lot to think about.” [session 417, July 01, 1999]

JULIE: “I’m having a lot of trouble resolving my relationship with Kevin. We just recently went separate ways, and I’ve created a pretty nasty kidney infection, and I have a feeling that the two are related.

ELIAS: You are correct, and you are wishing for information concerning this matter?


ELIAS: Very well. Let us examine the situation and why you create certain events, certain situations, and certain circumstances within your focus, and once you are availing yourself of information as to why and how you are creating certain directions within your focus, you may more efficiently address to these areas and move through certain issues that create obstacles for you.

In this, in examining the directions that you choose in the area of relationships, you move in certain types of directions in drawing yourself into relationships with other individuals in intimate manner to be reinforcing of certain aspects of beliefs that you hold very strongly.

Now; in this, you have created a certain direction throughout your focus. As you entered into this particular focus presently, you have presented yourself with many different types of challenges, but in the expression of these challenges, the underlying movement of them has been very similar and has created certain evaluations within yourself in this focus to move you in certain directions.

Now; let me also express to you that this is influenced by other focuses, and your entering into this focus carrying certain aspects of belief systems with you already. Therefore, you had already, in a manner of speaking figuratively, predisposed yourself to a certain type of direction and reinforcement within these certain belief systems. Now I shall be more specific.

JULIE: Is that concerning sexuality?

ELIAS: Not merely sexuality, but also in areas of worth and areas of personal responsibility.

Now; within the combination of these issues, it creates a movement which within your focus has created a very particular type of line of probabilities, in a manner of speaking, for as you continue through your focus, you merely change the circumstances or the situations, which are the objective outward manifestations, but the underlying issues remain the same, and this filters out into all of your reality. It is affecting of many, many areas of your reality, which we have spoken of previously in other discussions together with respect to your creativity. This combination of issues is the same. It merely manifests itself in different manners.

Now; in this, let us recount, so to speak, for as you entered into this focus, carrying these beliefs with you into this focus, you quite purposefully set into motion a specific direction and a very specific pool of probabilities which you have continued within throughout your focus – as a child, as an adolescent, and now as an adult. You have continued in your creations in the same direction, holding personal responsibility for other individuals, but simultaneously holding very strong issues in the area of worth of self, and therefore creating issues in your designs in relationships. This is not merely within relationships of intimacy as to partners, but also within what you term to be family. You create this in any type of relationship that you view to be intimate or close.

Now; in this, you create different expressions with different types of relationships. Let us examine this also.

In relationships that you choose with respect to individuals that you draw to yourself to create a partnership with, you create a specific type of movement with these individuals. With relationships of intimacy in family, you create a different type of expression.

In relationships with partners, you draw to yourself individuals that excite you objectively and create much distraction within your experiences. Therefore, you create a lack of boredom, but you also create a barrier that you shall not allow another individual to penetrate. Your energy field becomes very strong, very solid.

In this, you shall allow participation of experiences and activities and events with another individual and you shall allow yourself your expression outwardly of emotional expressions, but you shall not allow the receiving of other individuals’ expressions, for you have created this barrier quite strongly. This is created in response to your perception of worth, and as you feel and perceive within yourself a tremendous lack of worth, you also block the expression of other individuals.

As to intimate relationships with family, you create this same type of action, but in a very different type of expression. With certain individuals of family, you objectively repel interaction with and create a thickness, for this reinforces the barrier that you place between yourself and them. With other individuals, you do not create this type of an expression, but you create the type of expression of helplessness, which also creates a barrier, for although surfacely and objectively it APPEARS that you allow a closeness in this type of expression, and objectively it APPEARS that you allow closeness and a receiving from another individual, in actuality, you do not. You merely camouflage in a different manner. This is directly influenced by your issue with personal responsibility for other individuals.

You wish not to be offending of another individual. You feel obligated and responsible for other individuals, and you feel within you and perceive in your reality that you need be offering continuous helpfulness to other individuals. Therefore, your design of creating that type of expression is to create within you a type of helplessness in your expression, which then offers the other individual the opportunity to be helpful to you.

(Directly and firmly) Are you following how this turns?


ELIAS: Very good. Now; in this, your camouflage has developed very strongly throughout your focus, but you have been practicing with this camouflage for many, many years and you have become quite accomplished at it. And all of this camouflage is projected to be protecting of yourself, for within your perception, it shall not do to be exposing yourself and to be open and vulnerable, for if you are expressing in this manner, not merely yourself shall know the truth of your unworthiness, but all other individuals shall also recognize and be exposed to your great unworthiness.

For we are quite aware that you fall short of the mark and are not quite good enough, as a partner, as a sibling, as a daughter, as a friend, as an artist, as any particular given expression that you may create within your focus all fall short of the mark, for this focus of Lanyah [Julie] is not quite good enough.

JULIE: Yeah, I’m working on that!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

JULIE: I was going to say that there is some good news that I wanted to share.

ELIAS: Ah, and you may, but let us initially address to this, for this holds importance, and now – within this present now – you hold the readiness to hear. Previously, I have expressed very similar information to you, and you have not heard, for you have not held the readiness. You held the desperation and the frustration and the wanting of solutions, but not the readiness to look to self. Now you move into the area of readiness to look to self and to hear that this may be how you perceive yourself, but your perception is not the measure of your worth. Not even your perception or your experiences may measure your worth, for it is independent of these expressions.

I express to you also that in recognizing these patterns that you express so very efficiently, you may also recognize how and why you draw to yourself certain relationships in partnerships, for you draw to yourself individuals that hold many differences from yourself. You draw to yourself individuals that hold different orientations from yourself. You draw to yourself individuals that you shall hold difficulty in creating this type of relationship with, and therefore you do not create relationships in lasting manners, but you WISH to be creating relationship in a lasting expression. The reason that you do not is that you draw to yourself individuals that shall reinforce your issue that you hold in the area of worthiness.

In this, you shall express in your movement with them helpfulness and caring and devotion, and you shall express yourself quite positively, and this also reinforces your issue of worthiness, for subsequently you may express to yourself, ‘What am I creating wrong? I am offering kindness and lovingness and loyalty and acceptance of this individual, and it is not returned, and why shall this be?’

But this is the same type of camouflage as the helplessness with family, which does not allow penetration. It holds at bay the energy of another individual, and other individuals recognize this holding at bay. They recognize the obstacle and that they may not penetrate. Therefore, their attention turns, for you shall not continue to move in certain directions if you are not receiving your payoff.

NO individual shall continue in directions that do not provide their payoff, and if an individual is seeking the payoff of intimacy and is not receiving that, they shall not continue to be moving in that direction, and in the situation that you create, you do not allow other individuals to become intimate with you.

And NOW you are creating even further, in creating dis-ease within yourself and therefore repelling even farther, for who shall be involving themselves intimately with this unworthy creature who not only shall provide them with obstacles in intimacy, but shall also be expressing dis-ease, which may become a contagion?! My, my! (Chuckling, and Julie sighs)

I shall express to you that you ARE accomplishing much more efficiently and much more within acceptance of self in the area of your creativity.

JULIE: True. That’s what I was thinking, actually. I have sort of a new environment that I’m inspired by, and I feel more independent.

ELIAS: And you are allowing yourself much more trust in this area and much more acceptance, which in turn allows you much more freedom in your expression of your creativity, does it not?

JULIE: Oh, it definitely does!

ELIAS: And in this, you reinforce yourself also in the circle, in viewing that the freedom allows you greater ability within your creative expression, which appears to you, in very physical terms, to be better and better! This you offer yourself as an example of the other side of the coin, so to speak. You are viewing many areas in relationships which create conflict and confusion and anxiety within you and move in the circle of reinforcing a lack of trust and a lack of acceptance with self, but you also provide yourself with another area of your focus which holds great intimacy with self, and you express accomplishment in that area and reinforce in that area the acceptance and trust of self. The reason that you are providing yourself with these two very dissimilar expressions simultaneously is that you may continue to view the expression within your creativity, and you may translate this into other areas of your focus.

JULIE: Well, that’s encouraging!

ELIAS: Quite!

JULIE: That’s encouraging!

ELIAS: You are very correct!

... Now; do not misunderstand what I am expressing to you. I am not encouraging you to move into directions of what you in physical focus might term to be blandness or a lack of excitement, for I am ALWAYS encouraging all individuals to be moving into areas of pleasure and fun. This may involve excitement, but excitement may be expressed in many different manners, not merely in areas of sensationalism. This is not to say that excitement in areas of sensationalism is bad, for it is not, but individuals shall be creating of certain expressions for certain reasons, so to speak, within their experiences.

In this, some individuals are creating great excitement throughout their focus and this creates no conflict within them, and they may continue throughout their focus and they hold no confusion and no conflict with their expressions. They also hold no conflict with the lack of interaction or the temporariness of interaction of other individuals, for many individuals within physical focus do not magnate continuously to expressions of great continuous excitement. In this, as I have stated, this type of creation is not bad or wrong. It is merely to be assessed within the individual as to whether it offers you conflict or confusion or not.

Within your situation in your focus and what you create, you do magnate to extremes in excitement, but you also create this type of movement as a distraction, a diversion, and a camouflage, and it DOES create elements of conflict, for within the extreme of the excitement, you allow yourself the extreme of emotional expression, and in this, you also create the extreme of anxiety in your discontinuation of the excitement.

In this, you are not creating a balance. You are creating the continuation of the pendulum swinging from one extreme to another.

The individual that you draw yourself to now does not hold the excitement of previous partners, but this individual does hold commonalities in creative expressions – in an understanding of creativity – in being of the Sumari family. This individual also moves easily in and out of temporary creations and expressions, which offers diversity; not in extreme, but also not to be boring! Ha ha!

This individual also holds more attention in the direction of self and in certain areas of calmness, and holds a leaning in the direction of exploration of more elements of their reality than merely what may be viewed objectively. This moves in conjunction with the alignment to the Milumet.

Now; this is not to say that this individual does not hold issues also, for they do. I shall also express to you that this individual also does not hold the same orientation as yourself, but I am not expressing this to be discouraging of your relationship in this area, for you draw yourself presently into a creation of this relationship to be offering yourself information and opportunities to move through certain aspects of these issues that you hold.

As I have expressed previously in discussions in conjunction with orientation, individuals that draw themselves to other individuals holding different orientations in intimate partnership relationships shall experience difficulties, for they are, in a manner of speaking, speaking different languages, and this does create difficulties and confusions and conflicts, but I have also expressed that this may be temporary and is a choice.

It is not an absolute that if you are drawing yourself to an individual of different orientation that you shall automatically not hold the ability to create an intimate relationship. I am not expressing this. I am merely expressing that you shall move into areas of difficulties as you allow yourself or do not allow yourself to translate each other’s language, but individuals experience a similar situation in drawing themselves together as thought-focused and emotionally-focused individuals. This would not be quite as extreme as the differences within orientations, but it is similar in concept.

Therefore, I express to you, in actuality and speaking quite genuinely to you, I may express to you that this particular relationship and the direction that you are moving in presently and the probabilities that you are creating presently is not the most probable probability within your line presently for creating what you would term to be an ongoing, lasting expression of relationship, and shall more probably be temporary. But this is not to say that you may not avail yourself of much information in that temporary time framework, and also be remembering that these are all probabilities, and you hold the ability to alter this within any moment.” [session 432, July 28, 1999]

JO: “... we believe that Paul is of the common orientation?

ELIAS: Correct.

JO: And I am soft?

ELIAS: Correct.

JO: Well, based on what you’ve said about people ... you made a very strong comment regarding people having difficulty in relationships because these orientations are set up for conflict. I’m paraphrasing here, but I wonder what you would say about our relationship, and being in a very comfortable, intimate relationship, and what we should be doing with this information now.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, first of all, I am not expressing to any individual that combining orientations in intimate relationships of partnerships is ‘set’ for conflict, so to speak.

I have stated previously that if you are choosing to be engaging in relationship of intimate form of partnership with another individual that holds a different orientation from yourself, you shall be experiencing elements of conflict.

Now; in this, I am not expressing that you may not be creating a relationship of this type, and I am not expressing that within your physical terms you are doomed if you are creating this type of relationship. What I am expressing to you is that each orientation, figuratively speaking – which shows itself objectively quite obviously – speaks its own language, so to speak.

Therefore, in combining different orientations, you shall experience conflicts temporarily, and this ‘temporary’ may vary greatly, for you shall be speaking different languages. Therefore, your perceptions are, in a manner of speaking, quite different from each other.

The reason that you experience conflict is that you have set your reality in motion in a certain type of direction based upon your belief systems, and in this, one of the expressions that you create within your reality is a lack of tolerance of difference and an insistence upon conforming each other to yourselves.

You move in the direction of expressing your point, so to speak – your opinions, your perceptions – to each other and attempting to sway another individual to your perception, which is a very similar expression to the attempts that you create within your focuses of creating another individual’s reality, which you hold an awareness now that you may not be accomplishing, but you continue to attempt.

You camouflage your attempt in expressing to yourselves very many different types of excuses for your expressions. You express that you are being helpful. You express that you are offering more information. You express that you are offering more of an ease for another individual’s direction. You may express many different types of directions in your camouflage, but the base line in this area is that you are not accepting the expression of another individual and you are attempting to alter their reality for them.

In this, as you DO all move in this direction so very automatically, if you are creating a relationship with an individual holding a different orientation from yourself, you shall be automatically creating an element of conflict, for you shall be bringing surfacely these differences and creating obvious expressions of these differences.

Now; you may express to me that you hold confusion in this area, for you have created a relationship of complete harmony and this moves in contrary expression to what I am offering to you in information, and I shall express to you that I beg to differ, for....

JO: I don’t remember saying ‘complete harmony!’

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! (Paul and Jo crack up)

In this, you hold a very strong awareness within you each that there are areas that you DO speak different languages and you DO attempt to be offering your perception to each other and attempting to sway one another to the conversion of your individual perceptions. This is quite common within physical focus.

Now; what I AM expressing, quite realistically within physical focus and influenced by your belief systems and your automatic expressions within physical focus, [is] that if you ARE choosing to be entering into intimate partnership with another individual of a different orientation, there is more of a probability that you shall not continue in a lasting relationship with that individual; not that it is not possible, but that you within physical focus choose not to move into the direction of engaging the energy that is required for the translation of the languages.

You may be translating of these different languages and you hold the ability to be creating this quite efficiently, in very like manner to physical languages. If you are so choosing, you may be introduced to one particular language within your physical focus – as what you term to be your native language objectively – and you may be choosing to incorporate another language, and you may speak another language quite fluently and you may hold an objective, efficient understanding of that other language.

In like manner, you may be accomplishing the same in the area of orientation, but many individuals do not choose to incorporate more than one language, for this is requiring of concentrated energy in understanding, interpretation, translation, practice, and many individuals choose not to be moving in this type of direction and manipulating their energy in volume in this type of expression.

Therefore, I may express to you that many, many, many relationships of partnership do not continue if they are engaging two different orientations, for you view this to be exhausting and fatiguing of yourselves and quite frustrating at times, so to speak. But there ARE individuals that DO move in this direction and DO choose to be translating and interpreting and understanding and learning the other language.

Therefore, I express to you that this is not an absolute, that you must be engaging relationship in intimate partnership with another individual holding the same orientation as yourself, or you shall always be doomed to failure if you are not engaging another individual of your same orientation. I am merely offering you explanation to what you create within your reality, that you may be understanding why certain thicknesses occur in natural form within your physical expressions and how you create your reality and how you may alter that reality if you are so choosing.

It is quite difficult to alter your reality objectively if you do not know what you are altering! If you do not realize objectively that you hold the ability to alter, you shall not necessarily move in the direction of attempting to alter, and in this lack of movement, you merely perpetuate the belief systems that you hold. The point of this shift is to be accepting belief systems and allowing much more freedom of your expressions and your abilities and your creativity.

In this, if you are not holding an awareness of your beliefs and if you are not holding an awareness of your natural expression and what you have created within your physical dimension, how shall you objectively alter it?

Therefore, I offer you information, that you may view yourselves and hold a more efficient understanding objectively of yourselves and of each other and of your belief systems, and in this, you offer yourselves the opportunity to view all of your reality much more widely, and as you view a wider awareness of your reality, you also offer yourselves less limits and more opportunity to be expressive of yourselves with much less conflict.

JO: Thank you. That’s very helpful. The orientation information really helps to describe the language barrier that we’ve sensed all along. We just never were able to ... we really didn’t know where that was coming from, so that’s very helpful. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

In this, let me also express to you that one of the reasons that individuals holding different orientations encounter and create much conflict within their relationship is their perception, which is directly influenced by their orientation, for in this, you perceive yourselves and your world differently. Therefore, you also respond to yourselves, to each other, and to your world quite differently. Your expressions are foreign to each other, and it may appear at times as though you occupy entirely different planets, not merely different countries, for your reality IS very different.

In this, mass belief systems enter also, for the mass belief systems express to you that there ARE absolutes, that you DO hold certain areas of perception within your reality that are the same, and I express to you that this is incorrect. Each of you holds your own unique, individual perception.

Now; you may hold similarities in holding the same orientations, but your individual expressions of those similarities are different. The point is to be recognizing all of these differences, all of this diversity, and realizing the wondrousness of all of these expressions. You need not be the same. It matters not!

You have created your reality quite efficiently to be accommodating of all of these unique differences. Therefore, you need not be placing all of the pegs into one shaped hole. (Chuckling)

JO: We even seem to have different perceptions about how much conflict we have based on these differences. It seems like we even view this situation very differently.

ELIAS: Quite, and this also is an expression of the differences of orientation. Individuals holding the orientation of soft may be expressing in certain areas that the conflict experienced is intense in its expression, but in other areas that pertain merely to the individual, they may express little conflict. Let me clarify.

An individual that is of the orientation of common may express tremendous concern in areas that are directly affecting of themselves, and may be in your physical terms quite sensitive to situations and creations and emotions and thoughts in relation to individuals that they view themselves to hold closeness to, but their concern and their direction shall move in relation to their perception and shall encompass what is directly affecting of themselves in some manner.

Now; in difference to individuals holding intermediate orientation, individuals of the orientation of common shall allow an affectingness of other individuals surrounding them in their immediate company, so to speak – those individuals that they hold relationship to in family, in friendship, in partnership – but it shall be filtered through what may be directly affecting of them in some manner. This shall hold importance.

Now; an individual holding the orientation of soft may not necessarily be affected merely by events or concepts or emotions or thoughts that are directly, objectively affecting of themself. They may be affected, so to speak, by many other elements that appear to be outside of themselves, and they hold a direct responsiveness in affectingness, and this holds importance.

Therefore, within the two individuals directly engaging each other, their perceptions of what may hold importance or intensity may be quite different. You may choose any subject matter that you wish to view and you may express much differences in your perceptions, and this shall be quite influencing of the intensity of the engagement of your interaction in relation to these subject matters.

JO: For example, my connecting with information about relationships, for example, and sexuality. Even though it doesn’t directly affect me necessarily, the ideas of it are something that I resonate to more than Paul does, and that is influencing of me more than him.

ELIAS: Individuals holding the orientation of soft are great cause-bearers – ha ha ha! (Paul and Jo crack up) – for they are objectively aware of the interconnectedness of all individuals. Therefore, they also are objectively affected by all of your reality within this physical dimension.

I shall venture to express to you that given the opportunity – or allowing themselves to present the opportunity to themselves – they may be connecting with other-dimensional focuses and allow themselves to be quite affected also.

Now; you do not hold an objective understanding or recognition of other physical dimensions, but were another physical dimension to be presented to you in any area that you would deem through your belief systems to be ’cause worthy,’ so to speak, you would automatically allow yourself to be quite affected, for it matters not.

This is an objective responsiveness to an objective expression – not merely subjective – of interconnectedness with all other aspects of consciousness; all other individuals within your physical reality, all other situations, all other creations, not merely what you create individually, for there is an awareness that it is all affecting of each other.

Therefore, the expressions are quite different within the orientation of soft and the orientation of common, for individuals within the orientation of common are creating outwardly. Orientation of soft, be remembering, is creating inwardly AND outwardly.

What I am expressing in this is that the objective and subjective are moving in a particular type of expression that translates objectively. Common creates their reality through their perception outwardly, which is the expression of objective imagery.

Do not be confused. This is not to say that individuals creating the orientation of common do not create subjective movement also, for they do. You all hold subjective movement. You all hold objective movement. This is not concerning that subject matter. This subject of orientation is concerning the subject matter of perception and how you are creating your reality, how you are interpreting, how you are translating all of the imagery within your reality.

Individuals of the orientation of common translate their imagery, subjectively or objectively, in an objective manner. They view outwardly. Therefore, there is a very distinct difference between these two expressions of orientation, for individuals of soft combine these expressions of subjective and objective, in their perception, in their expression of their perception, into an objective expression.

We shall not be discussing individuals of intermediate presently, for this is not relevant to your experiences with each other.

In this, many times also, individuals holding the orientation of soft may experience difficulties in translating into language all that they are experiencing, and objectively shar[ing] these experiences with another individual holding a different orientation.

This be the reason that many, many, many individuals magnate to ongoing relationships with individuals of the same orientation, for there is an automatic, natural understanding. There is also an automatic, natural movement into acceptance. There is no necessity to be converting the partner to a different perception, for there is a natural understanding and knowing, for they hold a very similar perception. This is what is creating of the lack of conflict between individuals that hold the same orientation.

Now; in this, you may be continuing within your relationship of partnership and you may be viewing these challenges, but do not delude yourself into another area of camouflage by expressing to yourselves that you shall accomplish, for this is noble and for the reason that you are so very enlightened, for this shall NOT accomplish the translation.

The accomplishment of the translation is a genuine expression, not merely of curiosity but of appreciation of difference, and in this, there becomes an allowance of acceptance in the expressions of difference, not a frustration and more of a thickness.

Many individuals may avail themselves of this information that is being offered now and shall move into areas of conquest: ‘I shall engage in interaction and relationship in intimate fashion with a partner of a different orientation than myself, for this shall be a conquest and it shall be a medal.’

I express to you that this type of motivation is to be examined, for the genuine expression that shall create the natural flow and the movement into an ongoing lastingness – in objective terms – of relationship of this type is the willingness to explore within curiosity the differences of languages, and the willingness of acceptance, and the genuine knowing that it matters not. Are you understanding?

JO: Yes, thank you. The cause that I’m currently bearing (Elias grins) is very outside of beliefs about relationships and about the kind of relationship that we have, and I would like some feedback on that, as well as my allowing a bleed-through from another focus who has different beliefs about sex and relationships, and how that is also influencing my perception. (Pause)

ELIAS: And shall we be clear as to your identification of what you are addressing to in this questioning?

JO: I guess it’s the ‘thou shalt’s’ of an exclusive relationship. I seem to be connecting with someone who would probably rather die than be married and is persecuted for having beliefs about sexual freedom, and I don’t know why this is supposed to be helpful to me. I believe that it is, but I’m not sure how it is. I think I rebel in theory with a lot of the necessity to vow to someone when this other person enjoys such a variety of relationships, although I can’t say that I believe it non-theoretically in this focus because I’ve also created a wonderful exclusive relationship with someone. So I guess I’m just confused about what’s happening here in this exchange with this other focus in Judea.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that there are natural movements that you incorporate within this physical dimension, and there are belief systems which are incorporated around natural movements. There are belief systems that extend beyond your natural movements.

Now; in this, the concept of holding within a relationship in singular fashion, of one individual expressing devotion to one other individual exclusively throughout the entirety of a focus, IS a manifestation of beliefs, but it also stems, so to speak, from a natural movement. This is how you confuse yourselves, for you create belief systems that deviate from your natural expressions.

Now; within your natural expressions, there are no rules that express to you that you must be devoting yourself in relationship to one individual throughout the entirety of your focus, but you also do move in natural expression in magnating to a partner that holds the same orientation, the same language, the same expressions as yourself, and moving in cooperation with that individual in partnership.

Now; this is not created for your religious reasons of procreation. This is not created for your reasons of beliefs that you must be monogamous, that this is the manner in which you were intended to be expressing your reality. It is merely a natural flow.

Look to yourselves and look to your curiosities and your expressions and your questionings and how very often they move in the direction of soul mates and split-aparts. You hold a fascination in this area. Why do you hold a fascination in this area? For the reason that I have expressed to you many times previously: your beliefs are based in truths. They deviate quite far from these truths; they are quite distorted from these truths, but their base lines are springing from what you know underlyingly. Therefore, in this, you do automatically naturally move into the expression of partnership.

Now; this expression at times may vary. In its natural movement and natural form, it may not be exclusive to one particular individual. It may be expressed in two or three or perhaps four individuals, not necessarily paired through your beliefs of pairing genders either. But you have expressed so many aspects of belief systems that you have complicated your reality and you have limited yourselves quite strongly.

In your belief systems presently, you move in the direction that you shall move through your focus, you shall choose a point within your focus, and you shall create the institution, so to speak, of marriage and establish a relationship singularly with one other individual – preferably of a different gender – and in this, you shall continue throughout your focus and create your focuses together in harmony, and you express great confusion and conflict in wondering within yourselves why this does not express in the manner that you imagine.

But you are not remembering the natural flow of your creations, the natural flow of yourselves, within your orientations, within your creations in this reality, and not influenced by all of the countless aspects of your belief systems. I express to you that you naturally magnate to partnerships for reinforcement, for validation – which you term to be companionship – for stimulation, for exploration of all that you present yourself with within your physical sojourn.

In this, you experience the interconnectedness of other individuals in emotion, in energy, in thought, in abilities, in creativity, in all of your exploration of your physical reality.

You have created a reality that is expressed objectively singularly. You have created individual physical forms, you have created unique and individual personalities, you have created individual perceptions, you have created individual realities. In this, your manner of lessening separation, of offering yourself the objective sense of interconnectedness and the reminder in objective terms that you are not singular, is to be creating partnerships and experiencing your reality in physical terms in conjunction with other individuals.

Now; in this, this be the reason that you create the manifestation of the orientation of intermediate less frequently than any other orientation, for this particular expression of orientation magnates much more singularly and focuses their perception, their attention, very intensely upon self and easily moves into the expressions of a lack of interaction with other individuals. This is an experience that essence chooses to be exploring within this dimension, but also, as I have stated, creates this expression less often than any other type of orientation, for you ARE naturally expressing in the direction of interconnectedness. All of consciousness is interconnected.

Now; as to the beliefs of monogamy and all of the terms that you place in conjunction with this concept – loyalty, devotion, commitment, love – these are aspects of your belief systems; not that love itself is the expression of an aspect of your belief systems, but in many of its expressions, it is.

Therefore, I express to you that you may hold the awareness that you move in a natural direction to seek out another individual or individuals that shall share your sojourn and your exploration in objective terms with you throughout your focus, and this be the natural leaning and inclination, to pair yourselves with another individual, but it is the expression of your belief systems that moves you into the constraints of that natural movement.

Now; within your expression, you move in this direction slightly more intensely in your attention for the reason of your recognition of differences within orientations. Therefore, as you have magnated to each other in different orientation, it also magnifies certain elements of your reality that you shall turn your attention to in magnifying the differences between you.

Each of you hears what I am expressing to you now, within this present moment. Each of you hears it differently.

Each of you holds an understanding of what I am expressing to you. Each of your understandings are different.

In this, as we disengage our conversation, I express an experiment for you. Do not move in the direction of competition and do not move in the direction of expressing discussion of what I have offered to you in information this day, in the direction of expressing to each other, ‘Elias has expressed this.’ But rather, listen to each other in offering each other your individual perceptions of what I have offered to you, and as you are listening to each other, allow yourselves the openness to be moving into it matters not.

I shall express to you also quite genuinely, at times objectively, you shall not understand each other. Your perceptions are so very different that they shall not gel together, but it matters not, for it is quite acceptable that you hold these differences. There is no conversion necessary, for one perception is not better than the other perception. One perception is not right and the other wrong. They are merely different, and the same may be accomplished with both.

One may plant a tree in a pot, and one may plant a tree in the ground. Both trees shall grow. You may tend to them differently. Your experience may be different. Your perception of the care of the tree may be different. But the trees shall both grow. It matters not. Are you understanding?

JO: Yes, thank you. That was.…”

(Vic’s note: And here, we run out of tape at 2:55 PM. I hate it when that happens! It’s kind of like missing the end of a good movie.) [session 433, July 28, 1999]

FEMALE: “So Elias, are the relationships we have in this physical focus right now the same relationships we have in all the other focuses, or are we just having a relationship with ourselves? Does that make sense?

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding what you are expressing, (grinning) and I shall express to you in part, both.

You are continuously interactive in a relationship with yourself, for you are continuously exploring and investigating all of the elements of this physical reality. You are exploring your abilities, you are exploring your emotions, you are exploring your thought processes, and all that you may create in any focus. But you also, in the area of relationships, create relationships in interaction with the same essences in many focuses.

Essences quite commonly move in the direction of groups. They group themselves together and create many different focuses in conjunction with each other. Essences also many times choose to be creating certain types of relationships repeatedly in many different focuses.

Now; in conjunction with relationships, this is also one of the reasons that many times individuals within one particular focus may feel certain familiarities with certain individuals, for they are participating in other focuses with those individuals, with those same essences simultaneously, and they are affecting.

Many times essences may also be creating several focuses that hold the same type of relationship together. This is what you objectively identify to yourselves as “soul mates,” for the essences create a specific type of relationship physically focused many times. This may be a romantic relationship or an intimate relationship with another individual that is occurring many times simultaneously, and there is a recognition within the individual focuses that this is occurring, and in like manner to your belief of reincarnation, you hold the belief, in conjunction with linear time framework, that you have experienced many past relationships with another individual, and you hold a recognition of this, and this is what you identify as a soul mate. You also may hold many relationships in conflict with another individual.

Whereas I have stated, generally speaking, essences do manifest in groups, and therefore they focus many different attentions together within those groups. It is quite amusing to us, as we interact with all of you, that you display such surprise in your recognition that you have participated in other focuses with individuals that you meet within this focus. This is very, very common.

All of the individuals that you meet within this focus you have most probably engaged within other focuses, in one capacity or another. You may in one focus hold a relationship with one individual, and within another focus you may merely meet them upon a street, so to speak, but you shall encounter each other in some capacity, for the essences are focused in conjunction to each other.

You also focus yourselves in these groups in like physical locations. Within one time framework, you may focus in this group in the area of Asia within your globe, and within another time framework, all of these essences may focus in the physical location of your Americas, but they shall manifest within groups. This offers you familiarity.

Physical focuses, physical dimensions, are unfamiliar in consciousness. The action of birth and death and a very small time framework of participation – the limitation of that action is very unfamiliar within essence. Therefore, you offer yourselves an element of familiarity in manifesting in groups. This offers you an element of comfort in your physical manifestations.” [session 488, October 20, 1999]

ELIAS: “I propose that we shall discuss questions concerning how you create your reality in relation to creating a relationship with yourselves. Ha ha ha! (Very humorously) Shall this not be intriguing? (Much laughter) Not with other individuals, but relationships with yourselves, and therefore allowing yourselves to be creating an openness in relation to other individuals. (Chuckling) This shall be [a] ‘concentrate upon self’ session. (Chuckling)

Welcome, my friend, Zacharie [Rodney]!

RODNEY: (Laughs) I have a question!

ELIAS: Ah, of course! (Laughter)

RODNEY: We talked about it last time, only briefly. How does sexuality play a role in how we create our reality?

ELIAS: Ah, quite a broad question. Shall you...

RODNEY: Not about biology or gender, but I asked you ... emotion’s base function is communication...

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: ...and consciousness polarizes into emotion and sexuality.

ELIAS: In this dimension.

RODNEY: So I asked you, ‘What is the function that sexuality plays?’ other than the obvious.

ELIAS: Quite.

RODNEY: And you said, if I remember correctly, ‘Its other function is manifestation.’ ELIAS: Of physical reality.

RODNEY: So this evening you said you were going to talk about how we create our reality...

ELIAS: In relationship to self.

RODNEY: Oh! So sex is out, huh? Okay.

ELIAS: Ah! (Laughter) Let me express to you, Zacharie [Rodney], sexuality is not merely the expression of sex, in your terms.

RODNEY: I know.

ELIAS: This is quite a limited expression, merely one function of sexuality, a small function, in your terms. It may be creating tremendous generation of sensation, (chuckling) but it is a small function. (Laughter) Ha ha ha ha!

In this, sexuality is the aspect of this dimension, the base element of this dimension, that creates all of your physical manifestations. Emotion creates the communication. Sexuality creates the physical manifestation of all of your reality.

I have expressed to you all from the onset of this forum that you identify all of your reality in terms of sexuality. This be the reason we have chosen this terminology of sexuality as the identification of the base element of your reality – one of the base elements – for you incorporate the identification of gender in all that you create, even energy. All movement is defined in relation to gender and sexuality in this physical dimension.

RODNEY: By us?


RODNEY: Or is that a base truth, so to speak?

ELIAS: Ah! This is not a truth. A truth, as I have expressed, may be defined as an expression that holds throughout all dimensions and throughout all aspects of consciousness.

Many of the expressions that you create within this particular physical dimension are relative to this dimension and NOT applicable within other dimensions or other areas of consciousness, even mathematics. (Laughing) This is not the universal language! Ha ha ha ha ha!


KATHLEEN: Hi Elias, I’m Kathleen.

ELIAS: Welcome!

KATHLEEN: Thank you. I have a question. I’ve been seeing someone for the past seven months. For weeks it’s great, and then all of a sudden we hit conflict, and we get stuck. Is it true that when you have an attraction to someone, the stronger the attraction the more they are going to show you you?

ELIAS: THIS is a question in alignment with our subject matter! (Laughter)

RODNEY: I’ll say no more!

ELIAS: HA HA HA HA! Now; as to your association in wondering of the accurateness of ‘the more you are attracted to another individual, the more they shall mirror or reflect yourself to you,’ I may express to you, no, not necessarily.

Now; you may pay attention more, but the reflection is not necessarily greater. Every individual that you encounter within your focus, in every moment, is a reflection to you.

You draw to yourself other individuals quite purposefully. There are no accidents, and there are no coincidences. Each individual that enters your sphere of your reality you have drawn to you, to be a reflection of some aspect of yourself.

Now; this is not to say that you objectively pay attention to all of these reflections, and this is one of the reasons, in a manner of speaking, that you are unfamiliar with yourselves and that you have NOT created a genuine relationship with yourselves, for you are NOT paying attention to all that you offer to yourselves in information through reflection. Not only individuals reflect to you, but your creatures reflect to you, and all of your reality that you perceive reflects aspects of yourself.

You pay attention more clearly to other individuals than to other aspects of your physical reality, and you pay more attention to individuals that you create intimacy with. They are not reflecting more, but you are paying more attention to what they are expressing and therefore offer yourself the opportunity to view the reflection more clearly.

KATHLEEN: So, when you say I’m viewing the reflection, it’s ... okay, I didn’t look at the reflection in someone else five years ago because I wasn’t ready to see? And I’m ready to see now what this person’s trying to show me?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. Many times you shall not be paying attention to the reflection of another individual for you are not willing to be viewing yourself. This is the creation of holding your attention outside of self, and in holding your attention outside of self, you also block your creation of a relationship with yourself.

Now; let me also express to you that this statement of ‘creating a relationship with self’ is many times confusing to many individuals, for you hold specific definitions of your terminology. The terminology of ‘relationship’ implies, in your terms, a participation of more than one element, more than one individual, more than one entity. You create relationships with other individuals; you create relationships with creatures; you create relationships with vegetation; you may even create a relationship with that which you term to be nature or your planet, or other planets. But there is an implication that is expressed that a relationship is created between more than one entity, and you view yourselves to be one entity. Therefore, the very statement of ‘creating a relationship with yourself’ creates confusion, for how may you be creating a relationship with yourself if you are one individual? What shall you participate with? What shall you interact with?

But I may express to you, the manner in which you create your physical reality in this physical dimension IS all you. You do not directly interact with any other individual as an expression of another essence. You do not directly interact with any other manifestation outside of yourself although you hold your attention outside of yourself quite frequently, quite consistently; for your beliefs express that you are interacting with creations that are outside of yourself and that are not an element of you.

I may express to you, in this present now, each of you is an individual present within this space arrangement. Each of you is a manifestation, a focus of attention, of each of your essences, and each of you are creating your projection and your perception of every other individual in this presence.

What you directly interact with is the reception of each individual’s energy which is projected to you, and you receive the energy and you create a translation. The translation is offered through your individual perceptions, and from the blueprints of the energy that you have received from every other individual in this presence, you create a projection of each of these individuals. But THIS is what you interact with, your perception of each of the individuals.

Therefore, as you engage a relationship with another individual... (Elias shifts his gaze to another participant) Be paying attention! (Chuckles) As you engage a relationship with another individual, you shall create what you expect. You create what is influenced by your beliefs, for you are creating your perception of that individual.

You create what you expect, and through your own influence of your own beliefs and your own assessment of self, your own viewing of yourself, this is what is projected outwardly.

The other individual expresses energy, just as do you. It is not projected to you individually, singularly concerning you. It is projected as a demonstration of energy as choice of each individual. You all create this function. You also all create interpretations and translations of all of this movement of energy. And what influences your translation and your interpretation, and therefore is projected through your perception into an actual reality, is what YOU have created.

Now; you express to myself, you create a relationship with another individual and within your perception you may be experiencing a time framework in which you enjoy pleasure and you do not engage conflict, and then you engage a time framework in which you engage conflict. The question is not concerning the other individual; the question is not concerning the relationship. The question to be addressing to is self, and what are you creating in these moments, and what are you experiencing in these moments? What are your own communications to yourself in these moments? What do you express to yourself in the communication of emotions?

For I shall state once again, for the benefit of individuals that have not been privy to recent sessions and interactions, emotion is NEVER a reaction. Emotion is ALWAYS a communication. Therefore, as you are experiencing emotions, you are communicating to yourself, and that communication contains an identification of precisely what you are creating and your associations in the moment. It merely appears to you that emotion is a reaction, for your attention, in familiarity, is held outside of yourself, and therefore you are paying attention to the objective experience or action first. This is not to say that the emotion is not present; you are merely not paying attention to its presence. You pay attention subsequently, for your attention generally in this dimension – as it has been designed for millenniums – is to be directing your attention outside of yourself and subsequently turning to self in any situation.

You are altering, literally, all of your reality in this time framework. You are experiencing and participating in a shift in consciousness which is altering ALL of your reality, literally. And in this, you are redefining many aspects of your reality, and in redefining you are widening your awareness and you are allowing yourself a clearer understanding of precisely what you create and how you create in this physical reality, and in that movement you are beginning to allow yourself the realization that ALL that you create is what YOU create – not what other individuals create.

Your objective imagery is abstract. It is changing continuously. What holds significance is your perception, for this is the mechanism that creates your actual physical reality; and what influences that perception, that mechanism, does not change as often as your objective imagery.

I may express to you all, every individual within this presence this evening has engaged experiences or time frameworks in which they have offered to themselves many or several different types of expressions, of experiences, and subsequently have offered themselves information in what you in your mundane terms express as ‘connecting your dots,’ and you express to yourself, ‘Ah ha! I have created several experiences that are all attempting to offer to me the same message!’ Have you not? (General agreement) This is quite common within this physical dimension.

For your objective imagery ... that which you view within your environment, within your world, within any expressions that you term to be outside of yourself, all of these creations are your objective imagery, and objective imagery is abstract; it is continuously altering. It is continuously changing, for you are extremely creative beings, and without this continuous creative expression, you are bored! (Laughter) Therefore, you create many different objective expressions to offer yourselves the same message.

EDWARD: One second here...


EDWARD: ...but she’s talking about the conflict.

ELIAS: Yes, Colleen [Edward].

EDWARD: There are two people ... well, there can be more, but in this particular case we’re talking relationships and there happens to be the two ... or it can be yourself!

ELIAS: Quite.

EDWARD: Okay, so one person is offering up the conflict in a certain way, maybe aggressively or ... and the other one is passively trying to either walk away or deal with it, whatever may be the case.


EDWARD: But it seems like either way, if you’re trying to walk away or whatever, you’re still somehow creating the same ... how do you stop the cycle of creating that?

ELIAS: Ah! This is the question! I am quite acknowledging of you, Colleen [Edward]. For the question is not WHY you are creating it, but WHAT you are creating, and how you may be altering that creation.

Now; in recognizing that the other individual is reflecting some aspect of yourself to you and that you are in actuality creating this scenario, you may stop and allow yourself to pay attention to what is being expressed and examine within self what YOUR association is in what you are creating, what you are expressing within yourself. What are you denying in your own choices in this conflict? What is your fear? What are you discounting within yourself?

For I may express to you, generally in conflict you are denying yourself a choice, and you perpetuate the conflict by expressing defensiveness, and you ALL express defensiveness automatically.

EDWARD: Who? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Now; in what you term to be practical terms, let us engage this example that you have offered. Let us express that another individual may be approaching you and may be expressing in hostility. In that moment, what shall be your response?

EDWARD: Personally, I shut down.

ELIAS: Automatic defense.

EDWARD: Yes, just to shut down.

KATHLEEN: You’re a guy – all guys shut down! (Laughter, and Elias laughs loudly)

EDWARD: Well, that’s too easy! Because the person I live with, my partner, is also a guy, and that person isn’t shutting down, so that’s too easy of a...

ELIAS: You are correct. This is not an expression of gender. This is an expression that MANY individuals create. It is another expression of defense, and in your terms, there are MANY expressions of defense, this being merely one. Another individual may be quite engaging, and they may be expressing defense also. It is merely a different camouflage, a different expression of the same association of defense. This is an automatic action that you all engage.

If you are perceiving that you are being projected to in energy in threat, if your perception is that you are receiving [a] threat, you shall automatically express defense; and [a] threat may be expressed not merely in aggression but it may be expressed merely in the simplicity of difference. For as you engage differences in perceptions, you view this to be threatening, for you validate yourselves through sameness. You seek out sameness. If other individuals express differently, this is unacceptable, and you express to yourselves that you do not understand.

Let me express to you, other individuals are not in actuality different from you. They may objectively display different choices or express behaviors differently, for they are accessing different qualities of consciousness and expressing them through objective physical reality, but you are ALL consciousness. You all hold the SAME qualities. You merely choose to tap different expressions of those qualities, and as you choose to tap certain qualities, you focus your attention upon those qualities, exploring your own expression of them to the exclusion of acceptance of other expressions of qualities for they are different, and you are paying attention to YOUR choice of qualities.

This is not wrong; this is not bad. But within this time framework in this shift in consciousness, you are offering yourselves the opportunity to widen your awareness and become accepting of all other individuals’ choices of expressions, recognizing that they are also yours, for they shall not be within your reality if you are not choosing these expressions also.

EDWARD: So that can explain the whole idea of ... because in relationships, one of the things that happens in most conflicts is you start self-destructing. Does that mean you start shutting down on the awareness that you’re not the same ... you want to be the same as them instead of recognizing the differences? You decide to basically ... almost an inner self-destruct mode, whatever it is.

ELIAS: Quite, and the more that you create discounting and a lack of acceptance of yourself, the more you project that outward and the more you perpetuate the circle, for the other individual also shall reflect this to you. Therefore, what is the method to be interrupting this circle, so to speak, for it is a continuous perpetuation, and it is automatic? It requires no thought process. You automatically engage these types of actions.

The manner in which you may be practicing at interrupting this type of circle is to allow yourself, first of all, merely to be noticing that you are engaging it. Once you are noticing that you are engaging this automatic expression and response, you may also allow yourself a momentary stop point; and in that stop point in your practicing initially, express to yourself, ‘The other individual does not exist. I am interacting with myself. I am creating conflict and fighting with myself. What am I fighting with within myself?’ for it is not outside of yourself.

And I may express to you quite genuinely, I hold an awareness of the challenge that is expressed in what I am stating to you, for this is quite familiar behavior and interactions that you engage; and in your moments of familiarity and passion, you are so very unfamiliar with listening to your communication that you offer to yourselves in emotion that you incorporate those emotions as a reinforcement of your circle, almost to the point of a weapon to yourselves and to other individuals – but most especially to yourselves. In no less manner than your medieval knights have incorporated weapons of destruction outside of themselves, these manners in which you turn the signals of your emotions into an expression of a weapon are quite extraordinary.

RODNEY: Could you give an example of that?

ELIAS: Quite. Hypothetically shall we say, two individuals may be engaging conversation. One individual may be expressing in a manner that is perceived by the other individual as irritating, initially. Therefore, the second individual is expressing an emotion of irritation. What is being acknowledged and received is the signal; the message is being ignored. The ringing of the phone is being acknowledged, but the receiver has not been engaged. (14) Therefore, the signal of the emotion, which is what you term to be the feeling, continues and builds.

Now; as the message has not been received, the communication has not been recognized, and the signal continues. The individual begins responding to the signal.

Now; the signal has been identified as irritation. The response is to be projecting outward that energy in intensity.

Now; as the individual automatically responds to the signal and projects that energy outward, it is projected to the other individual, the first individual, and it is relayed once again back to the second individual. The second individual continues to NOT receive the message, the communication, and is merely paying attention to the signal.

The signal thusly becomes more intense, and the individual experiencing this unreceived message or communication and the continuation of the signal turns that signal into an expression of energy which is created in the form of a type of weapon, so to speak, to themselves, for they begin to block their own energy. They begin to discount themselves. They begin a lack of acceptance of self, devaluing their experience and their worth, and denying their choice, holding themselves in the position of merely continuing the signal.

RODNEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

Now; the individual may disengage the signal also, eventually. Perhaps in this hypothetical scenario the individual may disengage the signal within what you may term to be few of your minutes – but the message has not been received. Therefore, the signal shall arise again. It may be offered in a different scenario, but it shall arise again, for you offer yourselves the signals of these emotions and the communication of the emotion to be familiarizing yourself with you. Therefore, you offer yourself many opportunities to become familiar with you. You merely alter the objective imagery which you engage to accompany your messages.


FEMALE: I have a question regarding what you are talking about. I receive many signals when I’m gardening and when I’m working with soil. Just last weekend I was planting foxglove seeds, and I knew that I needed to plant more foxglove seeds and didn’t know where they were, but I knew they were in my house. I did, in fact, find some more. But when I was planting these seeds, I felt like a jolt of some sort and have many times when I’m working with this particular plant. I feel like I’m getting some kind of signal, and I was wondering if you could tell me what that is. What could the signal be for? Why would I be getting information from this particular plant?

ELIAS: It is not information from the plant. It is the action that you are engaging and the familiarity of the action.

Now; let me express to you, all of your communications are not what you term to be negative. In actuality, none of your communications are negative or positive, they merely are communications. They are neutral. But in your terms, in your assessments and how you view your reality in terms of positive and negative, many of your communications are validating. Many of your communications are encouraging and expressing to you the validation of your choices in the natural expression of essence in seeking pleasure.

Now; the point is that there IS a communication. This is what I may term to be an excellent example of the statement that emotion is never a reaction and is always a communication. You need not be engaging an event to be experiencing the communication of emotion. It may spring forth, so to speak, without an event.

In these moments, you are allowing yourself what you objectively term to be a concentration of your energy. You are merely engaging this particular action as a focal point. You are concentrating your energy in a manner which is paying attention to you. You are not distracting yourself with outside expressions. You are focusing your attention in the quietness of you, and allowing yourself merely to experience your energy.

And in this, you are practicing our subject matter this evening of creating a relationship with yourself, familiarizing yourself with your energy and its rhythm and its expression, and how that appears to you, how it feels to you. You merely engage this particular action as an expression of familiarity, and in this, you do not distract yourself even with the action that you are engaging, but allow yourself an opportunity to be LISTENING to you.

FEMALE: So there’s no little foxglove stream like a telephone line into some other realm that I’m communicating with? Because that’s what I think is happening at the time.

ELIAS: What you are communicating with is you. It is not the plant that is offering you this expression. You are merely engaging that objective imagery as a focal point in which you allow yourself to pay attention to your own energy.

Now; this will allow us to move quite nicely into the identification of how you may be creating a relationship with you, as you view yourselves to be merely one entity. But listen to the expression you have offered in this present now to myself: it appears to you, for you create an association, that there is a communication that is being engaged between yourself and some other aspect of consciousness – for you are vast expressions of consciousness.

And I may express to all of you present this evening, none of you holds an awareness in familiarity with all of the aspects of yourselves. Not one of you is familiar with all of your expressions of energy and how wondrous an adventure this shall be to engage, to be viewing and introducing yourself to all of these unfamiliar aspects of you and all of these unfamiliar expressions of your own energy.

FEMALE: But why would we ... I also have an experience of things that are iridescent that is similar to my foxglove connection, I guess, with myself.

ELIAS: I am aware.

FEMALE: So then, what was the point of having all of these different aspects of ourselves?

ELIAS: For you are engaging the movement of this shift in consciousness, and the point of this shift in consciousness is to be dropping the veils of separation and allowing yourself the expression of acceptance, and widening your awareness to be incorporating the recognition of all of these other aspects of you and the recognition of the vastness of you as essence in consciousness, dropping the veils of separation and incorporating what I have expressed as the remembrance, which once again is not memory but is, in your terms, a state of being, the remembrance of essence, the remembrance of self, which offers you – which is the point – many more avenues in this physical dimension to be creating and exploring much more fully.

JOHN: … What you’re talking about, which if I got it right, is reality creation in terms of relationship with the individual, and seeing that’s what you’re talking about and that specializes quite a bit along the lines of sexual orientation, I’d be interested in what you have to say about that: common verses soft verses intermediate.

ELIAS: This also is an involvement of perception, as you are aware. For each of these orientations, as I have illustrated previously, is in a manner of speaking a particular hue of lens in which the individual views their reality through their perception. Therefore, figuratively speaking, if you view yourself to be a camera and you place a particular colored lens before this camera, it shall be influencing of the picture that you produce, correct? Correct. Each of these orientations incorporates, figuratively speaking, its own hue, its own color, and therefore it is influencing of your perception.

Now; in relation to what we have been discussing this evening of a relationship with yourself and your interactions in relationship with other individuals, there is an interplay which is involving the individual orientations. For as you allow yourself a familiarity with each of these orientations, their interaction with your dimension is different.

Individuals that hold the orientation of common generally and naturally do focus their attention outwardly. In this, understand I am specifically stating that they focus their attention outwardly, but not necessarily outside of themselves. You may be focusing your attention outwardly and also be holding your attention upon self; it is just the manner in which you are expressing your attention and your perception. But for those individuals that do hold the orientation of common – which, you are aware, most individuals within your physical dimension are holding the orientation of common – move much more easily in the expression of directing their attention outside of themselves, and therefore may be experiencing challenge in turning their attention and altering their perception to be focusing upon self in each present moment.

Individuals that hold the orientation of intermediate may be holding their attention upon self, but also projecting their attention periodically outside of self. But it may be, in your terms, somewhat less challenging for an individual of the intermediate orientation to be concerning themselves with self and paying attention to what they are creating and not holding their attention outside of self, to the extent that those individuals that hold the orientation of common shall.

In like manner, individuals holding the orientation of soft shall be allowing themselves less challenge than those of the common orientation in holding their attention upon self. Although, I may also express that a challenge that arises with those individuals incorporating the orientation of soft is that they, in a manner of speaking, naturally incorporate attention with the entirety of your physical dimension. Therefore, their attention moves naturally in association with other individuals throughout your planet and with situations and circumstances throughout your planet. They also experience the identification of interconnectedness with all other individuals. Therefore, the challenge in relation to individuals incorporating the orientation of soft is in the expression of distinguishing their own energy from the energy of other individuals, and therefore allowing themselves to concentrate their attention upon self and not become distracted with the expressions of other individuals.

Therefore, yes, there is an interplay of each of these orientations in relation to this subject matter. In simplicity, those individuals holding the orientation of intermediate shall engage the least challenge in this type of expression, holding their attention upon self.

EDWARD: Can you change orientations? Because I feel like I’ve changed mine over the last few years.

ELIAS: You have not. (Laughter)

EDWARD: Why the withdrawal?

ELIAS: I may express to you that it is not a rule, therefore it is not an absolute, that you hold one orientation within one particular focus; but I may also express to you, in the design of this physical dimension you do not change an orientation in one focus for it is quite unnecessary. You hold many focuses of attention and express the experiences of each of these orientations in many focuses. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be altering your orientation within one focus.

Now; I may also express to you, this is not an unusual or uncommon expression in relation to your orientation, what you are expressing. Many individuals in this orientation, although requiring in your terms interaction, may also in your terms be expressing types of isolation or withdrawal.

EDWARD: What was the orientation, just real quickly?

ELIAS: Soft.

BEN: I could have told you that! (Laughter)

EDWARD: I didn’t ask you! (Laughter)

ELIAS: In this, you may be creating time frameworks of isolation, and this is quite generally expressed within individuals holding this orientation for there becomes an overwhelmingness of experience and what you may term to be input, for you are continuously engaging the objective and subjective awarenesses. Neither is removed from you, in a manner of speaking, in objective terms. The subjective is very closely associated surfacely, in a manner of speaking, and this continuous interplay of these two awarenesses, in the manner in which it is expressed, at times may become overwhelming to the individual if the individual is not aware of the manner in which they may objectively be understanding and interpreting this action, and therefore these individuals do create time frameworks of what you term to be withdrawal or even isolation. But there is a continuous draw and what you may term to be requirement of all of these individuals to continue some aspect of interaction.

KATHLEEN: Elias, how do you know what your orientation is? What would mine be? (Pause)

ELIAS: Orientation in this focus, common.

KATHLEEN: What does ‘common’ mean?

ELIAS: Individuals that incorporate this orientation of common are quite objectively focused. Their attention is held in objective imagery. Therefore, they are engaging what you may term to be the display of outward creativity, outward expressions, and noticing and paying attention to all that is expressed outwardly. There is a clear interpretation and interaction and understanding of what is expressed outwardly and objectively.

I may express to you, most of the manifestations within any time framework in this physical dimension are expressed in this particular orientation, therefore the choice of the term or identification of this particular orientation being ‘common,’ for more individual manifestations are engaging that particular type of orientation than any other type.

This also directs the main expression of your physical dimension, which at times creates confusion and some aspects of challenge for those individuals incorporating the orientations of intermediate or soft for they attempt to be fitting themselves into the expressions of those that are created by the orientations of common; for this is what you may term to be the norm within your dimension, not merely within a culture but throughout your globe.

EDWARD: … Well, back on the creating of self, and especially in relationship to our relationship with others, is that part of ... the whole idea of us choosing to focus in physical form, is that to interact with others?


EDWARD: No. So, okay, then the big question is, ‘What’s the point?’

ELIAS: You choose to be manifesting within this physical dimension in exploration.

Now; I have offered previously the simplicity of response to this question in expressing that you choose to manifest within this physical dimension for experience.

Now; what is meant in this statement is that you have chosen to be manifesting in a particular design of physical dimension, a physical manifestation which incorporates a very strongly expressed separation. I have also expressed, the reason that you designed this dimension with this expression of separation is that you offer yourself the purity of the experience.

Now; in further explanation of these two statements – that you manifest for the experience, and you manifest within separation for the purity of the experience – is the identification that in this manifestation of separation you have elaborately created a design of physical dimension to be discovering self in a physical expression to be exploring a different expression of consciousness which does incorporate separation, that you may, in a manner of speaking, rediscover self as essence, as consciousness.

Let me also express to you, Colleen [Edward], I have expressed many times, this is a GAME. This physical existence that you incorporate is an exploration, is an adventure, and is not as serious and complicated as you perceive it to be; and in this, it may be viewed as a game.

You have designed an intricate labyrinth in this physical dimension, and your objective is to be entering this labyrinth which circles to its beginning. This labyrinth you do not enter at one point and exit at another. This labyrinth ends where it begins, and the point is to maneuver yourself through this labyrinth of experiences, to drop the veil of separation, and to rediscover yourself as essence but within the design of your physical manifestation; and you present to yourself continuous reflections of yourself throughout your journey.

EDWARD: So why would I, why would ... WHY? I mean, that’s like the whole idea of creating your own enemy at that point. If I’m already an essence and I already exist, why would I pull myself down to what I would almost consider a different level to find myself again?

ELIAS: You are not pulling yourself down.

EDWARD: Then what am I...

ELIAS: You are creating a new expression of discovery.

EDWARD: A new expression of discovery? But you already know it!

ELIAS: Not to be discovering what you already know! You are creating a new aspect of consciousness. You are expanding, in a manner of speaking, consciousness in becoming. You create a new game to discover more of you. For this is the nature of consciousness, to continuously be creating itself and continuously be exploring itself in creativity. It matters not that your beliefs express to you that some choices are bad and some choices are good. These are matters of your perception, and you do hold the ability to turn your perception and not incorporate the judgments of good and bad. THIS is your stuck point!

EDWARD: It IS a stuck point! (Laughter) If you don’t ... YOU are not choosing to be in this focus, and you are telling and giving us some great information, so I’m thinking about it this way: why would I have bothered to go from point A to have to have myself be told again what I already knew to begin with? I mean, there’s a certain...

ELIAS: I am understanding of what you are expressing, Colleen [Edward].

EDWARD: I’m confused.

ELIAS: I am aware. (Laughter) I am not offering you information that you may be discovering what YOU term to be that which you were before. You already have this.

You within this physical dimension are creating a new design of this physical dimension, and in this new design, you have incorporated questioning within consciousness to be helpful to you. Not to be recalling what you were – be remembering these are your terms and what you understand in this physical dimension – but to be discovering what you are becoming, and offering you helpfulness in understanding what you are becoming. For each movement that you create is not known; you are continuously becoming. Why shall you rediscover what you already know?

You are allowing yourself the incorporation of the remembrance, dropping the veil of separation. But I may express to you, my friend, you need not engage conversation with myself to be engaging that action. You already know within yourselves what is true within consciousness and what you are, and you already hold an inner awareness of consciousness, regardless of your beliefs and the influence of them.

What you are unfamiliar with is what you are creating now, the movement that you are engaging, the direction you are moving into, which is unfamiliar and which is unknown, for each probability that you engage has not be engaged previously. It is anew. You are continuously creating anew. This is the nature of consciousness. This is the nature of essence.

Even my engagement with you, what you view this to be, the students and the teacher – no. Do you view that I may be learning from you? No. But I am creating new expressions of essence, new discoveries of manipulation of energy.

I am not teaching you, my friends. I am merely offering information that may be helpful to you in your journey of discovery, and you are not less than. You are not less than yourselves, and you are not less than any other expression of consciousness.

You are continuously creating anew, and THIS particular movement of newness within this physical dimension is massive; it is so very immense and so very different from what you have created throughout your history in this physical dimension. THIS is the reason that you incorporate interaction with essences such as myself, to be helpful to you in easing your movement and validating and reinforcing in expression that you ARE creating this. For you also hold strong beliefs in relation to your realities, and quite easily move yourselves into the association that you are experiencing lunacy – and you are not! (Laughs)

Therefore, this is the purpose of our interaction; not that I may be reminding you of what you are, but that I may be expressing validation to you that you are creating what you suspect you are creating and what you doubt you are creating, and that you are not experiencing lunacy. (Chucking) I have expressed to you, there is challenge in this movement! Ha ha ha ha!

EDWARD: You also didn’t say it would be good.

ELIAS: I did not! (Laughing) And I have expressed that you shall be incorporating trauma. (Chuckles)

MIRIAM: … Elias, could you talk about physical ailments, disease and how that’s an expression of the relationship with one’s self? I have a pain in my back, and don’t know what that means about me.

ELIAS: This is a communication.

Now; I may express to you, at times individuals hold energy and at times individuals block energy, and this may be expressed also in physical exhibitions or affectingnesses; but all of your expressions that you incorporate within your physical body consciousness are also an incorporation of a communication that you are offering to yourself, which offer you information concerning what you are creating in the moment.

You may be noticing, if you are allowing yourself to be paying attention, physical affectingness is a creation which is incorporated in each moment. There are interruptions. You may view or believe that you incorporate a constancy of pain or discomfort or even dis-ease, but in actuality, there are moments in which you do not create that. You generalize within your associations, and therefore you view that there is a consistency or a continuation. But you create affectingness physically in moments, and in each moment that you are creating that physical expression, you also are expressing a communication to yourself in relation to your own movement within that time framework, even within the choice of dis-ease.

Some individuals choose to be creating dis-ease and do not incorporate conflict, and are accepting of their choice in their expression of dis-ease and do not choose to be altering of their expression. Many times in these situations, the individual holds an awareness of what they are creating and how it is affecting; for every expression that you create is not merely affecting of you, it is affecting of all of consciousness. Therefore, it is affecting more obviously of individuals that you are interactive with, but it creates a ripple within consciousness that is affecting of all essences.

Now; as to the physical affectingness of your back, the manner in which you identify what your communication to yourself is is to allow yourself a stop point, a noticing point. In the moment of the painfulness, allow yourself to be incorporating an awareness of other associations, your beliefs and which beliefs are being engaged in the moment.

Example, hypothetical: an individual incorporates what they assess as painfulness within their back in a particular time framework, subsequent to prolonged movement or walking. This may be objectively explained by the individual, ‘I have incorporated this action of walking. It is irritating to my physical spine, and therefore that particular aspect of my physical body radiates tension and creates painfulness within the surrounding muscles.’ This is an objective explanation, holding much logic and rationale – and may be not associated at all with what the individual is actually creating.

Within the moments of the painfulness, the individual may be expressing to themselves their desire to be paying attention to themselves and not necessarily incorporating the action that they are incorporating. You may also be influencing your perception through your beliefs, that the action of walking upon certain surfaces creates a type of impactfulness which is unnatural to your physical form. You may be incorporating the communication to yourself to merely be paying attention to what you are incorporating in actions within the moment, or interactions in the moment.

Many individuals incorporate painfulness within this particular physical location in relation to their beliefs and associations with their supportiveness of themselves, not necessarily the supportiveness or lack of supportiveness of other individuals, but what they may be offering to themselves or not offering to themselves, and this may manifest in any particular moment.

As I have stated, your objective imagery is abstract, even the creation of physical exhibitions within your physical body form. If you incorporate one type of imagery in one situation and you do not gain your attention, you may incorporate a different type of objective imagery to present the same message to yourself.

Many times individuals – yourself also – create repetition in imagery if it incorporates painfulness, for painfulness shall obtain your attention. You DO offer yourselves your attention if you incorporate pain in any manner, in any form, be it emotional pain that you identify, or intellectual, mental, physical – it matters not. Any type of painfulness does attain your attention, for you place strong judgments upon painfulness, and these judgments are very influencing of your perception.

I may express to you quite literally, your perception is what creates the actual affectingness, for that same sensation may be perceived quite differently and your association shall not move in the identification of pain. I may express to you, quite commonly within your physical dimension individuals may be incorporating pain in your identification to extremes at times, and may express objectively to you that the sensation alters and is no longer identified as pain. What attains your attention is the mildness of pain. For you do not wish to be incorporating extreme painfulness, but just enough painfulness to be attaining your attention. (Chuckles)

Therefore, as you experience this painfulness within your back, my suggestion to you is that you be allowing yourself an awareness in paying attention to what you are creating in that moment. What are you associating with in that moment? It may not necessarily be a physical action. It may be an interaction with another individual. It may be a denial of your own choice in that moment, a forcing of your energy to be incorporating an action that you wish not to be incorporating, and therefore you force your energy to create a choice that you wish not to create. This many times, in your individual creation, is the scenario.

MIRIAM: Yes, thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

JOHN: … there were definitions in terms of personality types that you said you were going to talk more about, so I wondered whether this might be a good time to talk more about them. It was the emotional, religious, political, thought, in terms of what we’re talking about here.

ELIAS: Ah. Once again, I shall express to you, in relation to the identifications of these personality expressions and more of an offering of information as to their qualities and their expressions, this shall be requiring of its own session time framework shall we say, for this is an intricate subject matter. But I shall express to you, yes, in like manner to orientations, there is an affectingness of each of these personality types upon how you shall be interactive with yourself and with other individuals.

Now; I may also express to you that generally speaking, the one personality type that may experience more challenge in relation to this subject matter of creating a relationship with self and allowing that familiarity and recognizing of their communications to self shall be that of the thought-focused individuals. For thought-focused individuals pay less attention to the emotional communication and attempt many times to override emotional communication through the incorporation of thought, which it is not designed to be incorporating that action; but there is less of an objective understanding of the emotional communication with thought-focused individuals.

This is not to say that they may not become aware and incorporate as much of a familiarity with this type of communication as any other of these personality types, but there is an incorporation of more challenge for these individuals. The other three incorporate less difficulty in allowing the expression of emotional communication.

Now; let me also express to you, this is not to say that emotionally-focused individuals create the most ease in interpretation of their communications, for they do not; for you all have defined emotional communication as reaction and not as communication. But individuals that are incorporating an emotional focus are much more familiar with paying attention to their emotional expressions.” [session 800, March 18, 2001]

GILLIAN: “I guess I’ll get straight to the point of the issue that is causing ... or I’m causing quite a lot of conflict with myself over it.

I was wondering if you could tell me something about my relationship with alcohol. I call it ‘relationship’ because it’s been part of my life for so long – sometimes a friend, sometimes a foe. Now I really wish to experience my life without the use of alcohol. It’s causing me a lot of problems. When I don’t drink I get agitated, and when I do drink I get agitated later. If you could shed some light in this direction, I would really appreciate it.

ELIAS: Very well. First of all, offer to me your impression as to what you are expressing to yourself.

GILLIAN: I’m expressing to myself that I am changing my beliefs that it is bad for me, but at the same time I’m also recognizing I’m blocking out all my evening activities with the use of alcohol, any exercises or clarity exercises I wish to do in the evening or reading. I suppose also I’m saying to myself, ‘You haven’t accepted yourself completely yet; this is why you are struggling and fighting against mass beliefs at the same time.’

ELIAS: Correct. Very well, shall we explore this creation that you have engaged, and discuss the beliefs that are influencing of this situation?

Now; in this, as you are aware, there are mass beliefs associated with the consumption of this substance in certain circumstances. Your societies accept this type of action in certain settings, so to speak, in social engagements and also in moderation. But in other types of expressions, your societies express en masse a lack of acceptance in relation to this participation or, as you have termed it, this type of relationship, which I shall be acknowledging of you in your terminology. For in actuality, you are correct, you have created a type of relationship with this activity – not with the substance itself, but with the involvement of the activity in its engagement. And what you have created is a relationship with an aspect of yourself; but in that creation, you view this type of relationship to be unhealthy.

You also influence your perception concerning this subject matter with the belief that this engagement of this activity creates an automatic lack of choices, and therefore you assess that you block yourself in engaging the types of activities that you wish to be engaging. But, as you are aware, you continue to be creating the activity that you are creating, and you do not motivate yourself to move in other expressions.

Now; let me express to you my friend, first of all, your choice is not wrong and is not bad. It is merely the influence of your beliefs that express to you that you are creating an activity that is unacceptable. Simultaneously, in widening your awareness and offering yourself information, you are questioning the validity of those beliefs. You are questioning the influence of those beliefs, and are challenging yourself in your own movement in the attempt to be accepting of those beliefs and therefore accepting of yourself.

In this present time framework – and in previous time frameworks – you have created a false sense of acceptance, expressing to yourself objectively that this is merely a choice and that you are creating no wrong doing in this choice; but underlyingly, and also partially known within your objective awareness, you express to yourself a discounting of yourself, and you create this association of trapping yourself, holding yourself in isolation, and THIS is the influence of your perception that we may be examining together.

Now; I am understanding that within physical focus, ideas that are contrary to mass belief systems may be quite easily expressed (15), but expressing in ideas a contrary movement to mass belief systems does not necessarily create an actual movement of your perception into a genuine expression of acceptance. It merely camouflages your genuine alignment with certain beliefs, and in that action, you discount yourself and you deny your choices.

Now; let me inquire to you what your impression is concerning your fear of movement in relation to this particular activity, for there is a genuine expression of fear that you are creating in relation to this situation. May you identify that fear?

GILLIAN: I’m not very clear. I know that there is a fear, possibly a fear of looking or knowing myself, even though I desire this so much, to know myself inside. It is definitely time related. It is definitely an evening-time fear, and something related to an aloneness, possibly.

ELIAS: Very well. Let me express to you that you are partially correct.

In this, you choose to be not engaging this type of activity within certain time frameworks, for you associate those time frameworks within your morning and your day as being the hours of productivity, and within those hours, you hold an expectation of yourself that you may be expressing yourself in a certain manner and be interactive in a certain manner to appear acceptable in relation to other individuals. Within the evening hours of your day, so to speak, there is more of an acceptability in engaging this type of activity.

You also do hold a genuine desire to be creating intimate time with yourself that you shall allow yourself more of a familiarity with your own energy and your own expressions, and creating an intimacy with yourself, but you do not create this action within those time frameworks, those hours of your day that you create what you term to be an aloneness. This also is motivated by the expression of fear that you have created in relation to other individuals, and your fear of how other individuals shall perceive you.

Therefore, you create this movement in a type of circle, in which you create the camouflage or facade within certain hours of your day of acceptability. You project a type of energy outward that you perceive shall be perceived by other individuals as acceptable, and therefore you shall receive what you are not offering to yourself in acceptance. Within the evening hours, the fear becomes expressed more strongly for the camouflage wears thin, and as the camouflage becomes less thick and more transparent, the fear is expressed more strongly.

Now; as that movement begins, you choose to be isolating of yourself in the expression of fear that you shall be exposed and viewed by other individuals in genuineness.

Now; let me express to you, my friend, in actuality, in genuineness, the fear is also camouflaged in its expression in relation to society and other individuals. For in actuality, the fear is not that you shall be exposed to other individuals, but that you shall be exposed to yourself. Although you hold a genuine desire to be creating an intimate relationship with yourself, you also hold a strong association objectively that some of your experiences and your choices within your focus have been unacceptable, and therefore this creates an intense block of your movement in allowing yourself to be creating this intimate relationship with yourself, for you do not allow yourself to move beyond or around this particular mountain that you have created within yourself, concerning your perception of you, and that you are not the wondrous and acceptable lovable individual that you wish to be.

The mountain that you have created is quite solid, and it is an expression that you offer to yourself in unacceptability. Therefore, rather than allowing yourself to be genuinely viewing yourself and moving into the expression of intimacy with yourself, you create an action which you believe shall block and eliminate your ability and your attempt to be viewing yourself.

Now; in this, the substance is not what creates the lack of your movement. The substance itself is not what is affecting of you. For I may express to you, the affectingness of the substance is created by you.

GILLIAN: Yes, I know you’ve said this many times before to people who’ve asked you about substance use. I agree that it’s my perception, and I’ve been trying to shift that perception. I can’t move around the mountain, Elias.

ELIAS: Let me express to you my friend, the attempt to be shifting or moving your perception in relation to the substance is for the most part, in this layer of your expression presently, futile. For this type of attempt is movement in the direction of attempting to change a thing that you believe to be quite solid.

Let me express to you a small analogy. The attempt to be changing your perception concerning the substance may be likened to your attempt to alter your perception that a building is not a building. I may express to you my friend, within this present now you may stand before a building and concentrate objectively upon the structure of that building, and I may genuinely offer to you that you shall not view the building as a lake. You shall continue to view it as a building. This is the strength of your perception.

In like manner, attempting to alter your perception concerning the affectingness of this substance in this present now is futile, for your perception is held quite strongly. Therefore, what you may be creating in success is not necessarily the alteration of your perception concerning the affectingness of this particular substance, but turning your attention. And as you turn your attention to you and allow yourself to begin listening to yourself, recognizing this mountain that you have created, and NOT attempting to eliminate the mountain but viewing the mountain as an aspect of your own creations and therefore allowing yourself to begin movement in acceptance of this mountain, you shall be greatly influencing of your perception, and in THAT affectingness of your perception, you shall also begin altering your expressions, your behaviors, and your engagements with activities.

Now; let me express to you, in difference to your mass beliefs, I shall not offer to you the expression that you need be or must disengage this activity and this engagement or relationship, so to speak, with this particular substance. This is not the point. This is merely the objective imagery. It matters not whether you choose to be continuing in that activity or not. I am quite recognizing that there are aspects of engaging this type of activity which within physical focus are quite pleasurable, and I may also express to you that a natural movement of essence is to be creating pleasure in ANY form.

Therefore, the engagement of the outward imagery and activity is neither right nor wrong, and is not the point. You may continue to be consuming this substance and engaging a pleasurable experience, and ALSO allow yourself to be moving into an engagement of this mountain, and therefore create the relationship with self in intimacy. It is not a situation of either/or.

Let me also express to you, in relation to this mountain, allow yourself an exercise in which you may be present in the now within your awareness, holding your attention upon self, and creating a visualization of this mountain. As you create this visualization of this mountain, allow yourself a calmness as you view in your visualization this mountain.

Now; let me express to you, I hold an awareness that initially your viewing of this mountain may not necessarily be what you may term to be beautiful. You may initially create a mountain which spews molten lava, and holds the blackness and darkness of heavy energy (humorously). But as you view this mountain that you have created, allow yourself in that calm to transform your visualization, and create a majestic mountain of blues and purples and wondrous cool snow atop its peaks. And as you begin transforming your mountain into this majestic wonder, you may allow yourself, in this exercise, to approach this mountain. As you approach this mountain, viewing it to be a majestic wonder, allow yourself to engage a calm appreciation of it.

Once you have allowed yourself this exercise and this visualization, allow yourself the objective recognition that this mountain is you. You need not eliminate this mountain; you need not transform it into a pebble. But you may be accepting of this creation as a powerful expression of yourself.

Let me express to you my friend, within your physical focus and manifestation, you have created powerful expressions of your energy. You may view your experiences and your creations as negative at times, and as blocking or as expressions that do not allow for your movement; but in relation to your alteration of your viewing of this mountain, allow yourself a parallel recognition of the genuine strength of all that you have created within your focus. For in the recognition of the strength and power of what you view to be conflict, you have created that – which may now suggest to you that as you choose to be creating any strength of expression in what you assess to be negative, you also hold the ability to be creating choice that shall express that same strength in what you want and what you view to be positive.

I shall express to you, the acceptance of the darker hues of your focus offers to you the genuine appreciation of depth and creativity that you hold. It creates dimension within you. Are you understanding?

GILLIAN: Yes, I’m understanding, Elias, and I really do appreciate this because you’ve reinforced for me ... I have been recently looking at those past negative, so to speak, experiences and marveling at how beautifully I did create them in the entire depth of it.

ELIAS: Quite! And in this, you also allow yourself to view your travel within the experiences of this physical dimension, and as you create these wondrous depths of experiences, even those that you view to be quite bad and dark and negative, what do you offer to yourself in wondrousness? You offer to yourself the objective understanding of your wondrous creativity, and in that recognition, you also offer to yourself the opportunity to drop the veils of separation.

For in the offering to yourself of appreciation, not discounting and not judgment, but genuine appreciation of all that you have created in your experiences within this focus, you also automatically offer yourself a genuine understanding and appreciation and compassion of your fellow travelers within this physical dimension; and as you create THAT recognition, you drop the veils of separation, and you create a genuine expression of acceptance, and this is a wondrous offering of freedom.

GILLIAN: Yes, I agree with that, Elias, because I recognize that through those experiences, I have gained greater empathy with my fellow travelers.

ELIAS: Correct. NOW the challenge that you present to yourself is to offer that expression of appreciation, empathy and compassion to self.

GILLIAN: Thank you for that, Elias. I will look on this exercise you have given me. I could actually picture this majestic mountain while you were speaking of it.” [session 811, April 01, 2001]

MARJE: “Can you give me some insight into my relationship that I just walked away from? Did I leave this relationship as a result of knowing that I needed to focus on myself and pay attention to myself, or was it because I was beginning to trust in my intuition and my instincts as to what was going on outside of the relationship – if that makes any sense.

ELIAS: I am understanding. I may express to you, what you have translated as your intuition concerning what has occurred outside of the relationship was not your motivation.

MARJE: Was not what? I’m sorry.

ELIAS: Was not your motivation, and in actuality matters not. This is an automatic association with mass beliefs to offer yourself a rational excuse or permission to be expressing the choice that you have engaged. But the actual motivation which generated this choice was a communication to yourself, almost in what you may define as a point of desperation, to be gaining your attention concerning you.

You have been generating signals to yourself for an extensive time framework and you have not been listening to the message, and in this choice you have moved into a direction of beginning to listen to you and to allow yourself to receive the messages.

MARJE: But again I took it to an extreme and felt the need to remove myself from a relationship in order to do that.

ELIAS: It matters not.

MARJE: Well, why does it feel so strongly like it does matter? I’ve tortured myself. (Emotionally)

ELIAS: For you are also confronting very strongly expressed beliefs that you incorporate. And be remembering, my friend, in the movement of this shift in consciousness, you are not attempting to change or to eliminate your beliefs but merely to recognize that they are incorporated, that they do exist, and that you do align with many beliefs but that you also are not subject to them, that you incorporate choice.

Therefore, you may also be recognizing that you are generating a tremendous movement in this time framework to the point at times of overwhelming yourself (Marje laughs), and in overwhelming yourself you create these time frameworks in which you express this action of sobbing.

Now; let me express to you first of all, in relation to this action my suggestion is that you allow – and we shall emphasize this particular word as your affirmation to yourself, temporarily: allow, allow, allow! – allow yourself to discontinue forcing your energy against this action, for what you are creating with this action is a natural release of tension.

You have become so very familiar with incorporating tension within your energy and within your physical body consciousness that you do not recognize the extent of this expression of tension, and therefore you continue and continue to intensify this tension to the point of holding so very tightly to your energy that in not allowing yourself to express that energy, it erupts.

(Emphatically) Energy shall be expressed! It may not be continuously contained. You may attempt to contain energy temporarily, but in the incorporation of such tension and such force in containment you create what I have associated previously in an expression of ‘geysers.’ Some individuals create these geysers in the expressions of anger, some individuals express geysers in physical extremes, some in expressions of sobbing. The action of crying is not always associated with an actual emotional communication. (Pause)

MARJE: But it is.

ELIAS: In your beliefs, but in actuality the action of crying is not always associated with an emotional communication. An individual may generate the action of crying and subsequently offer themselves an emotional communication, for you believe that emotion is accompanied by crying in certain expressions and that crying is a reaction of emotion; but I may express to you, the action of crying is an eruption of energy. It is the physical body consciousness’s incorporation of action to release tension, to release energy.

MARJE: Whatever possessed me to try to rein in my energy in the first place? I don’t know what made me think that I had to be something for someone else, or control myself, or not be who I wanted to be or do what I wanted to do, and ultimately rein in my energy and spend so many years so tightly wound up.

ELIAS: Yes. This is in association with mass expressed beliefs. But I may express to you that now you may allow yourself, for now you are beginning to recognize what you have been generating in automatic responses. And DO NOT COMPOUND your overwhelming expressions in expressing JUDGMENT also (Marje laughs) upon yourself for what you have generated pastly.

MARJE: Oh, much easier said than done! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Allow yourself to recognize that all that you have created has been purposeful and has been beneficial, for you are recognizing in this now, are you not?

MARJE: Yes, I am.

ELIAS: And what you have generated in experiences and what you have created pastly has also been beneficial, for these experiences offer you a tremendous clue concerning you and what you express as a natural generation of your energy.

And what is it that you may recognize in wonderment of yourself that you have created consistently throughout your focus? Regardless of how you judge all of these experiences that you have created pastly, what is the wonderment that is expressed so VERY consistently within your focus, my friend? Shall I offer it to you?

MARJE: Please, because I drifted and I’m not sure now.

ELIAS: Passion.

MARJE: Oh, absolutely!

ELIAS: You express a TREMENDOUS passion within your focus in MANY different diverse expressions...

MARJE: Yes, I do.

ELIAS: many different directions. You consistently express, in whichever direction you choose, a tremendous passion.

Now; you may allow yourself to view your experiences that you have created pastly, and rather than expressing judgment to yourself concerning these experiences, in viewing them allow yourself the wonderment of the passion that has been expressed so consistently. (16) Regardless of whether you deem the experiences to be good or bad, they contain the same expression of energy.

MARJE: And in so doing, will it allow me to let go?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. Rather, I shall express to you, perhaps in allowing yourself this recognition, you may allow yourself to embrace yourself rather than to let go of yourself. Ha ha ha!

MARJE: Oh, okay! (Laughs)

ELIAS: And appreciate your efficiency in expressing this passion and perhaps incorporate this term of ‘allowance’ without restriction, for you shall generate this passion regardless!

MARJE: (Laughs) How true!” (Elias chuckles) [session 966, November 24, 2001]

NEAL: “Let’s start with my daughter, my daughter Amber. Our relationship is challenging, to say the least. I know she’s reflecting back to me my beliefs, but I’d like some help in that I can move forward in our relationship together.

ELIAS: Very well, and first of all, express to myself the nature of your concern in what you generate.

NEAL: I feel that I have a closer connection with my sons than I do with my daughter, and I want to nurture my daughter as best I can. It seems to be that we’re always at loggerheads with each other. There are no small upsets; everything is a big upset.

ELIAS: Very well. Express to myself in any particular moment that you generate these conflicts, what are you noticing concerning YOUR expression?

NEAL: I find that in those situations I’m almost immediately to anger, and while I understand that she is expressing to me, mirroring my own beliefs, they’re of a nature that I just can’t seem to move into trust in the value of myself in those situations.

ELIAS: Very well. Therefore you identify that one expression that you view clearly is that you create an automatic response of anger.

Let me express to you first of all, interacting with another individual and viewing that interaction as a reflection of yourself is in itself a quite unfamiliar action; therefore it may be quite challenging. In situations in which you view conflict to be being expressed, it is more challenging. For the automatic response is to be viewing the other individual in a familiar manner, that you are interacting with another individual entirely and that what the other individual is expressing is being generated by them: you are not creating their choices, you are not creating their reality, therefore what is being expressed is separate and apart from yourself.

Even in attempting to view the other individual’s expression as a reflection of yourself somehow, the association remains that this is an expression outside of yourself, and beliefs concerning what you express in controlling what you may not control are quite strongly associated with. For in addition to recognizing that you do not create other individuals’ choices, you also underlyingly – and at times not so underlyingly – express within yourself that you do not control another individual or their expressions or behaviors, and therefore you attempt to force your energy and your perception into an expression of acceptance, which is in actuality futile for you are attempting to be accepting of some expression that is perceived to be generated outside of yourself that you incorporate no control over.

Now; remember control also is an aspect of beliefs, and in actuality there is no expression of control or, in actuality, the lack of control. This is an illusion in itself. But in relation to interaction with another individual, as I have expressed previously, what is actually occurring is that you ARE interacting with the other individual’s ENERGY expression. Therefore there IS an exchange that is occurring.

But what is being created in relation to the actual projection of the other individual in a physical expression is created through your perception, and this is a key point. For the other individual is not merely reflecting to you; you are creating the reflection, for you are creating the interaction which is occurring between yourself and the other individual. I am recognizing that this, in this time framework, is a difficult concept to be inserting into actual objective reality. But nonetheless, this is the manner in which you create objective interaction and imagery.

Now; in this, as you recognize that you are interacting in conflict and you allow yourself to recognize an emotional signal of anger, you are offering yourself information. In the moment that you are experiencing this signal, this feeling of anger, what you are expressing to yourself is [that] in that moment you are offering yourself no choices. This is the extreme of frustration. You are expressing a blocking of your view of yourself, and therefore you are blocking your opportunity to view any of your choices.

Now; the significant information to pay attention to is what YOU generate within yourself, to allow yourself to examine your automatic associations with certain expressions. What are you generating within self which creates a threat? What are you perceiving in difference which creates the threat? Allowing yourself to identify what is actually being generated within self is the manner in which you shall offer yourself choice and therefore not continue to express automatic responses which, as I have stated previously, are precisely that, they are automatic. They require no thought process and they are immediate, but they also create a movement in which you lock yourself into an expression of only one choice, the automatic expression. And although this is a choice, it is merely one choice. Therefore you are not allowing yourself the freedom to view what other choices you incorporate.

Now; allowing yourself to evaluate your own expressions and allowing yourself in that evaluation to discover the nature of the threat shall allow you to become more familiar with what you are denying within self, and in that discovery, what the other individual chooses matters not, for in this you allow yourself the opportunity to turn your attention to you.

Now; in this you are expressing a want. You express to myself that you WANT to be creating an interaction with this individual in less conflict and more of an ease. First of all, recognize what you expressed to myself as a motivation. You expressed you want to be creating a relationship with this individual that shall be more nurturing and understanding with this individual. Now hear what you have expressed.

You are projecting your attention even in your expression of your want to the other individual and holding your attention upon the other individual. What you may question within yourself is what do YOU want to be generating in relation to yourself? Do you want to be more nurturing and understanding within self and therefore as a natural by-product express this outwardly to other individuals also?

NEAL: Yes.

ELIAS: But in actuality, although it may be an element of what you are expressing, there are many more expressions and associations with beliefs that are occurring in this situation that you are generating. One is an underlying association with gender as being almost two different species which speak different languages. (Neal chuckles) This is an association with mass beliefs that you align with. Another is your association in beliefs concerning the roles of parents and children. Another is an association with beliefs concerning behaviors associated with certain ages of children.

You also deny yourself the opportunity to create a relationship in the manner in which you want for you incorporate associations with beliefs and rules concerning intimate relationships and compartmentalizing them, creating separations. You may be creating an intimate relationship with certain individuals and not necessarily with others, for it is unacceptable. This also is in association with the roles of parent and child and in association with gender.

Therefore, my friend, I may express to you, in this one subject matter you have generated quite a glistening web of beliefs that are affecting in how you interact with this individual – not merely one. (Chuckles)

Now; although you have created this wondrous web – ha ha ha! – fear not, for all hope is not lost! (Laughs) The untangling of the web may begin in paying attention to you and in recognizing in the first step, so to speak, that what you want is to be creating an intimate relationship with this individual. In identifying that as a want, you may offer yourself permission to begin creating that, and the manner in which you begin creating that is to genuinely turn your attention to self and HOLD your attention within self in the time frameworks in which you are actually interacting with this individual.

Pay attention to what YOU are generating; it matters not what the other individual is expressing. What holds significance is your translation of that projection and your interaction with it and what you choose in relation to it. For how YOU interact with the energy expression determines what shall be physically created in actual manifestation.

Therefore, even within a situation in which you may be perceiving that you approach this individual in what you term to be a lighthearted manner and friendly, so to speak, and you perceive the other individual to be flinging energy towards you in what you assess as a quite negative expression, as the energy is expressed to you it is your choice how you interact with that and what you create in relation to your perception.

One manner of examination of what you are generating and where your perception is moving is to be allowing yourself in any particular moment to notice and examine what you are experiencing and expressing to yourself as threatening in that moment. Shall you attempt to offer one example and attempt to identify your association with threat? (Pause)

NEAL: It would be that I’m not enough as a single parent, but a lot of it has to do with also what you mentioned about being unable to communicate with my daughter. But I would say that what I would feel as the core at this moment would be that I’m not enough.

ELIAS: Let us examine more specifically. This that you have expressed is quite general.

Now; in examination of this interaction, offer to myself one example of an actual interaction of conflict, and we shall examine it together.

NEAL: All right. She came home late one night. She’d been with a friend of hers and she was with her brother as well. They were out late. They usually call if something happens, if they’re with a friend. It turns out that her friend had run away and they had to track her down; she didn’t want to go home. And when I asked them where they were, the energy was like everything was hurt and as if I didn’t feel ... they didn’t feel I deserved an explanation.

So when I just tried to question them on where they were and what they’d been doing, who they’d been with, and just reminding them that they need to call just to let me know where they are, she immediately ran from that to how much she dislikes living with me and how she just wants to move out, and why can’t I let her move out now, go to a friend’s house. At that point I tried to walk away. I walked away upstairs, and she followed me and just screamed louder, just the same things over and over again, moving into how much she hates me and how she can’t wait to get out.

ELIAS: Very well. In this example, let us examine what is occurring. You have incorporated rules and you also incorporate an expectation concerning the behavior of these children that they shall or should comply with these rules. (17) I am not expressing to you a judgment of good or bad, I am merely expressing to you an identification of what is being expressed. Are you understanding? (Pause) In this, as you perceive that the expectation has not been met and the individuals return and interact with you, your initial expression is to be questioning with the expectation of an explanation.

Now; in this, your thought process and your perception of what you are generating in that moment is reasonable and acceptable and quite within the guidelines of the role of the parent. Therefore, in your assessment, there should be an acceptance of this [by] the other individual and there should be a compliance by the other individual without conflict. It should be merely an exchange of information. BUT there is an energy expressed.

Now; let me express to you, regardless of what any individual may be expressing in language and verbal communication within a particular moment, what is recognized immediately by the other individual is the energy which is being expressed.

Energy is real. Energy is expressed and energy is received in communication immediately between individuals, and it is translated more accurately and precisely than language. Therefore, once again there is great significance in paying attention to self and what you are actually generating. For in this, you may perceive yourself to be incorporating words and a tone that may be neutral, but your energy may be expressing quite differently, and this IS recognized.

Now; what is occurring in this situation is a strong expression of expectations which is being projected to the other individual.

Now; let us turn this situation and view it in a different angle. Let us view you. What is your response in a moment in which you recognize the energy of another individual and you recognize that the other individual is expressing an expectation of you? What is your response?

NEAL: Off the top of my head it would probably still be anger.

ELIAS: Quite, for you are recognizing this expression of energy. Regardless of what is being verbally communicated, within the expression of energy you recognize the expectation, which creates immediate limitation. It creates an immediate association of a lack of trust. It creates an immediate response of resistance, for the immediate association is that you are not being offered – or are not allowing, in actuality – but in your association you are not being offered choice.

NEAL: Got it.

ELIAS: In paying attention to you and not projecting your attention outwardly and holding it upon the other individual, you genuinely do alter your expressions and you genuinely do create a different reality, for you turn your perception.

In expressing that you want to be creating an intimate relationship with another individual, regardless of who the other individual is, what are you ACTUALLY expressing? Not that you want the other individual to express themselves in a particular manner, not that you want to be receiving specific expressions and behaviors from the other individual – these are expectations.

In genuinely wanting to create an intimate relationship with another individual, what you are in actuality expressing to yourself is the desire to be expressing yourself, generating expressions of appreciation and affection in freedom, without limitations and without expectation. You are expressing that YOU want to be expressing this energy outwardly, not that you want the other individual to express this. For in allowing yourself to express this, you shall automatically generate that outwardly and therefore it shall be responded to. This is an automatic by-product of your expression.

Therefore, this is a movement of turning your attention and recognizing that it is not a question of what you want FROM another individual, but what you want to express yourself in freedom, recognizing that you do NOT want to block your expression, you do not want to restrict your expression, you do not want to deny your expression. You do not want to express to yourself, ‘No, stop.’ What you want is to express to yourself, ‘Yes, allow.’

Now; in this, in your example – continuing – you also express that as you recognize this resistance in the other individual’s energy, your choice was to be moving away.

NEAL: Yes, got it.

ELIAS: Now; you express to myself your want to be creating intimacy in relationship with this individual, and what do you choose? You choose to move away; you remove yourself. And what is the expression of the other individual? To follow, to continue interaction with you; be it what you perceive to be negative or not, the individual continues the interaction. And what is the individual expressing? This is the reflection my friend; pay attention. The other individual is expressing, ‘I want to move away. I want not to be interacting with you.’ And what are you doing? What are you choosing? To be moving away, to not be interacting. This is your reflection.

This is the significance of paying attention to you and what you are generating, and examining what you want. I am not discounting your recognition of influences of beliefs and associations that you generate with regard to yourself in the role of a parent and your ability to be creating that effectively. I am recognizing of your discounting of yourself and the expectations that you express of yourself.

I am also recognizing how you restrict yourself in relation to this one individual, and as I have expressed to you this day, one very strong influencing belief concerns gender. In not incorporating a family unit with another parent, a female parent, you create strong limitations in association with yourself in expressions of a lack of understanding: this individual incorporates a different gender, and you do not incorporate an understanding of this gender and the functioning of it or the associations of it; as I have stated, almost in association with another species, and you are not. Let me express to you quite definitely and quite simply my friend, gender is merely a physical manifestation incorporating a function. It is NOT an association with perception. You do not speak different languages. You both incorporate beliefs, quite similar beliefs. You both associate with energy expressions. You both pay attention to energy expressions – of each other, but not of self. Merely that you incorporate different genders matters not.

There are many beliefs associated with gender within your physical dimension which create many expressions of separation. They also create expressions of separation in relation to roles. In allowing yourself to move outside of the association of roles, my friend, you may offer yourself much more freedom in interaction with this individual. For other than expectations that you place upon yourself in relation to roles, you also incorporate many judgments upon self in relation to your role, and you allow for an expression of fear of what other individuals’ perceptions may be concerning your role and your expression of it, and that creating an intimate relationship in these roles of father and daughter may be suspect.

In allowing yourself permission to move outside of the automatic association of the roles, you may begin allowing yourself to interact as individuals. You are not in competition, my friend. You also are not shaping this individual. You are not guiding, you are not shaping, you are not molding. You are presenting an example, and what example are you presenting? You are not presenting an example as to what the other individual should be. You are presenting an example of self as a fellow individual, and what example do you want to present? An example of an individual that incorporates trust and acceptance, one that incorporates an attention upon self and generates an appreciation for all that you create? Or shall you present an example of restriction, expectations, judgment and fear? It is your choice.

The other individual is creating their reality. In terms of shaping or guiding, they provide themselves with these actions. You are fellow travelers. You are generating the same movement in your own unique individual expressions, and the movement is exploring. And what are you exploring? You are exploring your reality. You are exploring self. She is exploring the very same as you. (Pause)

What I may express to you also, in a recognition of difference between energy expressed and verbal communication, in this one example I may express to you that although the verbal communication of this individual to you is ‘I do not want interaction with you. I want to move away,’ the choice of what is actually created and what is actually being generated in action and in energy expression is the reverse: ‘I want to be in interaction with you and I am following.’ This is the action that is incorporated, which is the actual choice.

Let me express to you, my friend, it matters not how many times the individual may express to you, ‘I wish not to be in interaction with you. I wish to move away.’ This is not what is being chosen. This is not the action that is being incorporated.

If this was the genuine choice, it would occur. Regardless of your actions, regardless of your choices, if she is choosing to not be incorporating interaction with you, to not be occupying the same dwelling as yourself, she shall not be, for this is HER choice. But this is not what is being generated.

And I may also express to you, my friend, there is a payoff in this situation. The payoff, although uncomfortable for you both, is attention. Now in recognizing choice in paying attention to self, you may allow yourself to choose to offer yourself permission to incorporate that attention without the conflict, for this is not the only manner in which you may express attention to each other. But we are speaking of you; therefore, remember in this to pay attention to YOU and to what YOU are expressing.

NEAL: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend.” [session 966, November 20, 2001]

SHERI: “I have a few questions. First of all, my male friend – his orientation, please?

ELIAS: Common.

SHERI: Not intermediate?


SHERI: Well, that changes some of my questions! (Laughing) What is this cave thing he goes into, then? We thought he was intermediate, and he thought so because he goes into that inner space.

ELIAS: Which is not unusual.

SHERI: It’s a common thing?

ELIAS: Yes, in your terminology. Individuals that hold this orientation of common, as I have expressed previously, easily may express time frameworks in which they may be quite focused upon self.

Now; within these time frameworks, although they may be less interactive with other individuals, they continue to express outwardly in association with their orientation. In this, the expression is objective. It is an outward expression of energy. There is a direction which is natural to these individuals to be creating some type of productivity in a manner of speaking, an outward expression of themselves in objective imagery or in manifestation.

In this orientation, individuals, as they are quite objectively focused, project energy outwardly to allow them an objective viewing of what they are creating, through imagery or manifestations or even reflections of elements surrounding them within their environment or through other individuals.

SHERI: How is that different than when I do it as soft? Because it seems like I look at the objective and see how it’s reflecting what’s going on in me. Is that the same type of thing or...?

ELIAS: No. Individuals holding the orientation of soft interpret quite differently.

Now; let me qualify once again, this is not to say that individuals that incorporate the orientation of soft may not be interactive with individuals that are common and translate languages quite efficiently. Let me also express to you, individuals that hold the orientation of soft translate, in a manner of speaking, efficiently with the orientations of common or intermediate. (18) Individuals that are soft may be, figuratively speaking, viewed as the middle position and may efficiently translate languages of intermediate or common.

Now; individuals that incorporate this orientation of soft also incorporate more difficulty in interaction with another individual who is soft, for the mirroring is quite intense, and if the individual is not focusing their attention quite intently upon self, there may be fertile ground for conflict between two individuals of the soft orientation.

Now; in your orientation – which is quite coloring, so to speak, of your perception, as each orientation is – you may project outwardly at times and generate objective imagery to be creating a reflection of yourself that you may view and interpret, but you also generate subjective communication with self. Therefore, the actions that are occurring are quite different. An individual such as your friend may choose to be incorporating a time framework in what you term to be alone, but shall continue to manifest outwardly objectively and shall be interactive with the objective imagery to offer himself information.

Now; in time frameworks in which you, incorporating the soft orientation, choose to be removing yourself from interaction with other individuals, you may present some objective imagery to yourself, but that time framework in which you are creating the aloneness shall incorporate much more communication of a subjective nature. You, in your common vernacular, shall be introspective in a different manner, holding your attention objectively more in the direction of emotional communications, impressional communications, sense-data communications, impulses, intuition. You shall correlate your thought process – your translating mechanism – with your communications.

SHERI: Can you give me an example of that?

ELIAS: Offer to myself an example of your individual withdrawal, a time framework – it matters not – in which you recognize that you are creating less interaction with other individuals.

SHERI: A major one, I think, was when I lived in Washington. I didn’t work for a year and just had a few people I interacted with.

ELIAS: Correct, which is also quite commonly expressed with individuals of the soft orientation. You continue to interact with some individuals in limited capacity, for there is a recognition of this continuous natural flow of interactiveness. But you also view yourself to be withdrawing from interaction with many individuals or [from] environments in which you translate to yourself that you are forcing yourself to be interactive in a continuous manner.

Now; within that time framework, you may be generating some objective imagery that you may be paying attention to, but more so your attention moves to all of your emotional communications.

SHERI: That was when I was getting all those insights. I could read a TV Guide and give an insight.

ELIAS: Your feelings are more pronounced. Your attention is moving to emotional communications, the feelings that are generated, and incorporating the thought process to translate what you are expressing to yourself in the projection of these feelings. The intuition is expressed and paid attention to more closely; imagination is paid attention to. Expressions of sense data, visual, hearing, touch, smells, even tastes – these senses are not necessarily heightened, so to speak, but your attention is moved more to them, and you are more attentive to these types of expressions which move in the expression of the subjective awareness. They are translated objectively, but they are mechanisms of your physical expression that are directed by the subjective awareness.

The subjective awareness incorporates many avenues to communicate to the objective awareness. Be remembering, they are not separated and they are moving in harmony continuously, but they generate different types of imagery, so to speak. The objective imagery is much more abstract. The subjective imagery is quite concise. It does not incorporate the abstractness that the objective incorporates.

Therefore, as an example, within one moment you may generate an emotional communication, which is a subjective communication to the objective awareness, which may be expressing a signal of a feeling, and within that moment the subjective awareness may be expressing an acknowledgment precisely of what you are generating within that moment. It may be expressed with the signal of happiness or contentment, and the communication that is being expressed is an identification by the subjective awareness: ‘within this moment I am trusting and appreciating’ – quite precise and simple. The objective awareness may incorporate many different types of imagery that shall reflect that simple message.

SHERI: I’m feeling like I’m getting it! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Within consecutive moments the objective imagery may change many times and in those changes it is reflecting the one message, but that may be translated in many different types of imagery, many different types of actions. You may be offering yourself that communication, and as you recognize the communication – for you have acknowledged the signal of the feeling – you may generate objective imagery in incorporating listening to music that reflects that feeling, and simultaneously you may be incorporating consuming chocolate. You may choose to be physically engaging another individual in an embrace, you may choose to be incorporating an action of dance, [or] you may express some creativity. There are many expressions that you may generate objectively, for the objective imagery is abstract.

Now; as I have stated, you, in what you term to be the ‘cave,’ are quite attentive to the subjective communications. An individual that holds the orientation of common is also expressing subjective communications but is paying attention to the objective translations in objective imagery.

SHERI: This brings me to another question that I hope you’ll give me an answer on. Are he and I wanting to learn about each other, or about ... I guess more like just expand? Can you give me some insight as to what’s going on here with me and him? Another part that might be incorporated in that is the vacation we were going to take together, that we both thought we wanted subjectively and objectively. Somewhere along the way we didn’t create it. I’m trying to understand that.

ELIAS: Very well, we shall begin with this. (Pause) You do incorporate the orientation of soft, and you do allow yourself to be attentive to the objective displays of subjective communications. This is not to say that you automatically objectively understand or accurately translate what you are communicating.

Now; this is significant, especially within this time framework, for the movement within consciousness now, as you are aware, is escalating. As I have stated, you are objectively inserting this shift, and in that movement and the escalation of it individuals en masse, and yourselves also, are moving into an expansion of awareness of self. In this expansion of awareness of self, you are allowing yourselves to explore not merely what you are communicating to yourselves or what you generate or what you create – for you are aware and are paying attention enough to objectively recognize WHAT you are creating – you are now moving into the exploration of HOW.

SHERI: That’s my question. How did we do this? (Laughing)

ELIAS: And the key, which I am aware appears to be quite monotonous but is quite significant, is paying attention to self.

Now; what is meant in this term of ‘paying attention to self,’ and ‘within the now’? Being objectively aware of what you are physically engaging – or what you think you are physically engaging – in the moment is one aspect, but allowing yourself to become aware of the different expressions of yourself and moving your attention to these different expressions to accurately interpret what you are creating and how you are creating is quite different. For in this, what you are familiar with is moving your attention to your thoughts. Therefore, your automatic assessment of your situation in any particular moment is whatever you are thinking.

As an example, you may be generating a thought process and you may express within that thought process, ‘I wish to be creating a limited time framework in which I shall incorporate a trip.’ Let us express a specific time framework of two of your days. And you may incorporate this idea and express this with another individual, and you may exchange with each other and generate an objective agreement to be incorporating this trip of two days. You arrange to be incorporating this trip within a future time framework, but a brief future time framework, and as that time framework approaches you generate other imagery and you create other scenarios. The day approaches that you have agreed upon to be incorporating this trip, and you alter the choice and you do not incorporate this trip, and you incorporate disappointment. For you have been following in your attention your thoughts, and in following your thoughts with your attention, focusing your attention upon thoughts, you are not paying attention to other expressions that you are generating.

Now; this is the key in paying attention to yourself in the now, paying attention to what you are actually generating, what you are actually choosing. Choice requires no thought. Thought is reality, but it does not create your reality, and it does not precede the creation of your reality. You do not generate a thought and therefore then create. Thought is a mechanism which is incorporated quite efficiently in this physical dimension as a translator. It translates what you are communicating to yourself, what you are generating through your perception. It translates what you are doing, and what you are doing is displayed in what you are choosing, and what you choose moves in conjunction with your direction.

Now; you may not necessarily objectively be aware of your direction in any particular time framework. But what you are choosing objectively, as the objective and the subjective are in harmony, reflects your direction. Therefore, if you are paying attention to what you are choosing, you offer yourself much clearer information as to how you are creating and, in your terms, the infamous question, WHY you are creating.

SHERI: (Laughs) Part of that question really does incorporate the ‘how.’ But a lot of it’s ‘WHY?’

ELIAS: Quite!

Now; as you turn your attention to what you are choosing in the moment, and you allow yourself to move your attention ... from the thoughts to the choice, you may begin viewing differences.

SHERI: Have I done this at all? It feels like I’ve done little snatches of it.

ELIAS: At times, yes.

SHERI: The other question I have is those times when I’m sitting, being in the now, just here, just now, and I’m not thinking, is that more in line with what you’re saying?


Now; let me clarify. You are always incorporating thought. Thought is a mechanism which is as physically intrinsic and functional to your physical expression as your breathing or your heartbeat. You need not concentrate your attention upon your breathing or your heart beating for it to function.

SHERI: So when I’m not aware of my thinking, it’s still going on.

ELIAS: Your attention is moved.

SHERI: And that’s closer to what you’re talking about.

ELIAS: Yes. Thought is continuously being generated, but your attention is not always focused upon thought. The snare that has been created in relation to this mechanism of thought is that your attention has moved intensely to thought, and in that, beliefs have been generated in relation to thought: If you concentrate your attention upon thought and what you are thinking, you shall create.

SHERI: Right, I haven’t noticed that to be true. (Laughs)

ELIAS: For it is not. For it matters not that your objective concentration is held upon thought, for this is not the concentration that creates movement that generates what you create. The subjective concentration in relation to beliefs and associations is what moves your direction and therefore generates your choices, which is not always translated accurately through thought.

Therefore within our scenario, as you recognize your disappointment for you have not created what you thought you wanted to create in your trip, as you turn your attention to your choosing within that time framework and your communications to yourself – which precisely express to you in any moment which beliefs are influencing your perception, whether you are allowing yourself certain choices or not, what issues are being expressed within the moment, for the subjective is quite precise and direct – in paying attention to THESE aspects of yourself, you begin to allow yourself a more accurate translation through thought. You allow the thought process to be incorporated in its genuine function, not to be generating your reality but to be translating your communications and what you are choosing. This is its function.

Now; in this, as you begin paying attention to what you are creating, your natural inclination is to be questioning yourself ‘why?’ As you identify each ‘what’ that you have created, you may pay attention to that expression of what you have chosen in each moment and what association is being generated with that choice. What is the influence of which beliefs that are influencing this particular choice? What is my genuine want?

Now; if I express to myself, ‘My genuine want is to be incorporating interaction with another individual,’ and I am not creating that expression, what is the expression I am creating? In viewing what I AM creating – ‘I think I want this expression’ – what is the distortion of the thinking? For the most part, your thought process shall not be entirely incorrect. But it may be distorted, for your attention is held on the thinking, therefore you are not allowing your attention to be moving in the directions of the communications, and if your attention is not in the direction of the communications or choices, it shall not be offering information to your thought process, and if the thought process is not being inputted with information through your attention, it shall inaccurately translate. It shall translate partially what you want, but it shall be vague. You THINK that it is specific: ‘I want to be interactive with this individual.’ This seems quite precise. But in actuality this is the distorted translation, quite narrow. Where is the attention? Not upon you, but upon an outside expression of the other individual. This is key.

SHERI: And how do I get it ... because I’m wanting the interaction, so it feels like it’s on me.

ELIAS: No. What do YOU want, not in relation to the other individual? This is your key. In your thoughts, as you generate the thought concerning the other individual, you may recognize that you have incorporated the distortion.

SHERI: So what do I want? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Precisely. What is it that you are expressing to yourself that you want to be generating and expressing?

SHERI: Love and interaction.

ELIAS: Regardless of the individual.

SHERI: Right.

ELIAS: Now; as you continue in this questioning of yourself, as you eliminate the specific of the other individual and you turn your attention to you, you continue to explore and investigate more and more precisely what you want to be expressing and how you may generate that yourself. You may be incorporating another individual, but as you are projecting your attention to the other individual you are not allowing yourself to pay attention to you and offering yourself permission to generate the expression that YOU want.

For your attention becomes preoccupied with the other individual and what you perceive they want, what you perceive in expectation of yourself in relation to the other individual, and you also open the window for what you perceive the expectations of the other individual are in relation to yourself and therefore opening more windows to be discounting of yourself, to be limiting yourself, to be cautious, to be protective, and thus you spin the web. And thus, you do not create what you THINK you want. For what you genuinely want is to express the freedom within yourself to freely flow with your energy and express yourself in the manner that you want, unrestricted, without anticipation, without expectations, and without limitations.

SHERI: That sounds good! (Laughs) I like that!

Can I ask another question?

ELIAS: You may.

SHERI: My friend and I both, but him especially, this new back surgery he’s having, can you give us some insights into how, why, he created that one?

ELIAS: This, once again, is an objective expression, an outward expression of his energy that creates a productivity, a product, imagery that he may view. He has created this particular expression in physical affectingness in symbology of moments in which he is faltering within his support of himself, and therefore creating an association that he is requiring outside helpfulness to be supportive, for he is not being supportive of self.

There are many beliefs that are being incorporated within your friend’s expressions presently, that within certain expressions of emotional communications he is not paying attention to. I am not expressing right or wrong, good or bad. He is merely generating choices, but he is incorporating duplicity in relation to his choices and not allowing himself to pay attention to his communications. In the time frameworks in which he does not pay attention to his emotional communications he generates physical communications, for this is another clear avenue of the subjective communication to the objective awareness. If you are not paying attention to the emotional communications, the subjective awareness shall generate a manifestation that shall be quite obvious to the objective in a physical expression.

SHERI: The duplicity, is that with the wife and everything?

ELIAS: Both.

SHERI: Both? What do you mean both? Me?

ELIAS: You are quite aware!


ELIAS: Yes, which is not to be incorporated by yourself as your responsibility, for it is not, and not to be incorporated as discounting of yourself. Hold your attention upon you and appreciate you. These are his communications and his expressions of beliefs that he is not paying attention to.

SHERI: Am I right in assuming that he’s bringing these things to his attention, whether he’s paying attention or not, because he wants to?


SHERI: So I’m going to continue to be around?

ELIAS: Yes. He is offering himself an opportunity to pay attention and to address to these beliefs and recognize that he does incorporate beliefs concerning other individuals’ perceptions and their expectations. Although he expresses objectively that it matters not, this is quite incorrect, for within his beliefs it does matter. He may wish it not matter, but it does matter.

In this he is presenting himself with objective imagery to pay attention to self, and offer himself the opportunity to address to these beliefs and therefore genuinely recognize that it matters not, that you are merely incorporating choices, and each individual creates their reality – which I am quite aware within the expressions of you as individuals are words.

I may express to you all, each individual creates their reality and you are not creating their reality for them, and if they are incorporating anxiety or anger or any communication, it is their communication to themselves and it is concerning themselves; but this is not incorporated for the most part by you as individuals genuinely, but more in an expression of excuse in relation to your interactions with each other.

What I am expressing to you is the genuine knowing, and therefore incorporating the genuine expression of compassion which is defined in understanding and the recognition that each individual creates their reality. This is what your friend is presenting to himself to address to, to pull together the balance of a genuine recognition that each individual creates their own reality and that none of you are responsible for any other individual’s reality, but also incorporating the balance of the expression of essence in genuine compassion.

SHERI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 983, January 18, 2002]

LISA: “... I usually I have very good relationships with people. But there is one person in particular, my brother-in-law, who I have a lot of conflicting feelings about. He acts very nice on the surface to everyone but he is the type of person that behind your back or other’s backs he talks badly and even says things that are very untruthful about people, not just myself but other people.

It’s something that brings me great irritation, but he has some other good qualities as a father and he is good to my sister. I’m not really sure how to deal with it, because it does make me very upset. It makes me want to stay away from him, so then it makes me kind of avoid my sister and her children as well. I didn’t know if you would have any suggestions on how to deal with a particular person like that, or is it something I just have to accept, that that is his particular problem and generate a more positive focus for myself not to expect that behavior from him?

ELIAS: I shall express to you that the most efficient movement that you may generate in association with another individual is to be focusing your attention upon yourself and not concerning yourself with the choices and the expressions of another individual. I am recognizing that this presents quite a challenge many times for individuals within your physical dimension.

But quite genuinely, in turning your attention to yourself and not concerning yourself with the expressions or the behaviors of another individual, you may allow yourself to recognize what YOU are generating. For as you present yourself with this type of scenario, in actuality what you are generating is a reflection. If the other individual is bothersome to you, you are presenting yourself with an expression to allow yourself to examine beliefs that YOU incorporate and that are influencing of YOUR expressions.

Now; in examining your beliefs and your judgments of another individual, you allow yourself choice, and this allows you to alter your perception.

Now; this is significant, for altering your perception alters your actual reality, for what you interact with in relation to another individual directly is an energy expression, a projection of the other individual’s energy. What is generated in actual physical manifestation is a projection of YOUR perception. Therefore, you may alter that physical expression. The other individual that you are interacting with in actual physical manifestation is a projection of your own perception, and you do incorporate the ability to alter that physical expression.

Now; in addressing to or examining what YOU are generating within yourself, what associations you hold with beliefs in conjunction with another individual, you may offer yourself permission to alter your projection of your perception. Let me express to you, each of you presents to yourselves interactions or expressions of other individuals quite purposefully to allow yourselves a reflection of yourself.

Now; once you have recognized what the reflection is expressing to you, many times you realize that it is unnecessary to continue to present this type of reflection to yourself, and you alter what you create.

Now; the manner in which this is evidenced in actual physical reality is that in examination of your beliefs and your associations with your beliefs and allowing yourself to alter your perception, you may actually generate interacting with this individual and the individual shall not express this type of behavior any longer within your reality.

Now; this is not to say that this may not be generated in another individual’s reality, but you may alter the expression entirely within YOUR reality through your perception.

LISA: So the meaning is it was something, a behavior, that was noticed by say several people that were close, and I guess even though it might still be somebody else’s perception in that group, I can alter my perception?

ELIAS: Correct, and not interact in this manner and not generate that experience in relation to yourself. Each individual generates the experience and the manifestation of their perception to be offering themselves each certain information concerning themselves and their beliefs, and they generate these reflections individually and uniquely. It may appear to you collectively that you are all generating the same manifestation, but in actuality each individual’s perception is different.

LISA: I think I understand. Let me just ask you another question in reference to this. Say I decided to confront the particular individual about the way that I felt and the things that I saw. Does that really make a difference versus you’re saying if I can just alter my perception, that would be all really that would need to be done? I wouldn’t have to get into further conflict?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the individual, for some individuals allow themselves more of an expression of allowance of their own abilities to be altering their perception if they are expressing an outward communication. For, at times with some individuals, this allows them more of a solidity, so to speak, in acknowledging their own choice and their own abilities. Some individuals may choose not to be expressing outwardly in this type of manner and may allow themselves merely to address to their beliefs and their perception within themselves.

LISA: Thank you.

ELIAS: Let me express to you my friend, in your examination, allow yourself to present to yourself your least-conflict scenario (19), and in this, offer yourself permission to generate your movement in association with your least conflict. This shall generate the most ease in your movement.” [session 1031, March 10, 2002]

BEN: “... Since the last time we talked, my sex life has been all over the place. When we talked before, we talked about me going to yoga class and scanning the room or whatever. Then the next week it was a completely different thing, which was hilarious to me. I became interactive with Joe again; I had the best sex of my life; I had all kinds of things. I got into a situation where I had the choice of being in a three-way. It’s been so weird to me that all this stuff has been going on in the past month. There’s a lot of movement going on there.

ELIAS: Correct, and what is your assessment?

BEN: I think about it in terms of just what you were talking about, it being about me and not about anybody else, about my willingness to express myself or whatever.

ELIAS: Correct, and offering yourself the freedom to enact that and experimenting with allowing yourself to generate what you want. And in that experimentation, you challenge yourself to be defining what you want in many different directions, and an element of that challenge is defining what you want in the creation of an intimate romantic relationship.

BEN: But I keep going back to this idea of this validation from other people or this thing of wanting to have some kind of complementary aspect to ourselves by other people. It’s just like when I say, ‘Oh, you like someone else because they share the same interests you do,’ but why do you even need that? If you already have the interests, what difference does it make if someone else has it or not? But yet we like it when there’s something to be able to share: ‘I like this just fine myself. But if you like it too, that’s even better, because now I can share this! I’m not just doing it alone.’

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; this is an innate quality within you all, and the reason that you express this is in association with the reality of interconnectedness, and in a manner of speaking, attempting to offer yourselves evidence of the lack of separation. For within your perceptions you generate the influence of this belief of separation in many, many manners, which reinforces a sense of isolation within the individual.

You generate singularity. You generate a singular physical body form, which reinforces this belief of separation quite strongly. For as you view yourself objectively as an entity, you associate yourself as being separated from every other expression within your reality. You do not view yourself as generating all of your reality and your reality as being an aspect of you.

Therefore, the manner in which you allow yourselves to translate objectively some expression of interconnectedness in familiarity is to create friendships and intimate relationships with other individuals, offering yourself expressions of similarities and preference similarities and also intimate romantic relationships, in which, within the guidelines of your beliefs, you shall allow yourselves more of an expression of interconnectedness, for you also allow yourselves the expression of sexual activity.

What you are actually expressing is this innate quality and knowing of this interconnectedness and that you are not a separate entity. In this, you choose to be continuing to enact certain directions in association with relationships with other individuals in the old familiarity.

Now; the challenge with that action is that you are moving in a shifted reality. Therefore, you continue to attempt to generate the familiar expressions and rules, but you also recognize an inner dissatisfaction with those expressions and those directions. The inner dissatisfaction is generated in association with your expanded awareness and with your movement in allowance and freedom in association with yourselves, and in offering yourselves information which you are assimilating concerning how you create your reality and the significance of incorporating a relationship with yourself, and therefore not generating those expectations in association with another individual.

But this type of movement into an intimate relationship, especially in association with a romantic relationship, is quite unfamiliar. Therefore it is not yet clear within many of you how you may be paying attention to yourself, offering yourself freedom to generate what you want, but also continuing to incorporate the type of relationship that is familiar to you.

As you continue to widen your awareness and you continue to create a familiarity within yourself and offer yourself the freedom to express yourself in what you want, you shall become clearer in the manners in which you may also be incorporating intimacy in relationship with another individual – not in that old familiarity, but in the expression of the shifted awareness and not generating the expectations in relation to other individuals.

In a manner of speaking, my friend, you are incorporating a type of transitional time framework in which you are actually generating more of an insertion of this shift in consciousness into your actual reality, actualizing it in altering your perception and generating quite different expressions.

BEN: I can see that. But you know, one of the things that you bring up and when we were talking about the expectations of the other person, I sit there and think okay, I can have whatever it is I want, and then I’m looking to this other person and saying, ‘Well, for whatever reason, this person is not what I want.’ If I continue to agree with myself that I want something else, then it seems like I’m saying basically that I want someone else and not expecting the other person to change. It’s just like you continue going if you’re honest with yourself and this is what you really want, you’ll stop looking at this particular person to provide it for you. You’ll just look for someone else.

ELIAS: Not necessarily, for underlyingly...

BEN: I know! In your way, if I just agreed to whatever I wanted, the whole world is going to turn around and agree with me, right?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, either. (Chuckles)

BEN: Okay, somewhere in the middle! (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Laughs) You are merely recognizing that it is not a matter of replacing one individual with another individual.

BEN: No, for me it’s just the question of... We just go back to the whole idea of the motivation and the want to express yourself or whatever; that if you, for whatever the circumstances, are not expressing yourself in a particular way, you just basically are hanging onto the idea of wanting to express yourself and not looking outside yourself for anybody else to want to share that with you, anybody specific you want to share that with you.

ELIAS: I am understanding. But be remembering, you also express quite naturally this desire to be expressing intimacy with other individuals as your objective expression of the lack of separation, and this desire is quite strong.

The transitional expression is attempting to express a clarity in allowing yourself your freedom, not generating an expectation of the other individual, offering yourself the ability to generate what you want, and recognizing your preferences and not forcing your energy.

What generates confusion many times are your associations in black and white and absolutes: if you incorporate the ability to generate whatever you want in the moment, you should incorporate the ability to create the other individual precisely as you wish them to be manifest. What you do not recognize in that scenario is that you are interacting with the energy of the other individual, and you do not pay attention to your natural expression of PREFERENCE in association with the expression of the other individual’s energy.

BEN: Can you clarify that? The way you’re emphasizing the word ‘preference’ I feel like I’m missing something.

ELIAS: I offer to you all information. You incorporate this information, for you draw it to yourselves. You assimilate the information to a point (Ben laughs), but you also quite naturally and understandably incorporate the information in familiar manners.

Now; you do allow yourselves to widen your awareness and incorporate unfamiliar movement, which expands your understanding objectively and also is tremendously affecting of your perceptions. But in this scenario that we are discussing, this is a very commonly expressed direction of movement that is generated in old familiarities, for the concepts of creating the perception of another individual becomes confused and clouded, for you automatically associate in absolutes.

Now; you become preoccupied with the ideas of creating the other individual as a challenge to yourselves, rather than actually paying attention to your individual preferences in association with the energy projection of the other individual.

Even within yourselves, there are some expressions or actions or behaviors that are preferred and some that are not preferred, and therefore you generate the actions that are preferred in the moments that you recognize what your preferences are. Many times, you do not incorporate an objective awareness of what your preferences are, for you have not allowed yourself that intimacy with self. Are you following?

BEN: Yes.

ELIAS: Therefore, as you incorporate this information, you become distracted with the idea of creating the perception of the other individual, and this becomes an absolute: ‘I am creating the other individual.’ No, you are creating the IMAGE of the other individual, but you are not creating the other individual. The other individual exists within its own right.

You do directly interact with the energy projection of the other individual, which, as I have stated, you configure and project into an actual physical manifestation, and all of these actions are purposeful and not accidental. You do not draw individuals to yourself accidentally but rather to offer yourselves an avenue of reflection that you may offer information to yourself concerning what you are creating, what you want, what your preferences are. These are all reflections to allow you to become more intimately familiar with yourself.

The distraction is created in moving your attention to the idea of creating the other individual, and the snare is that if you are creating the other individual you should incorporate the ability to create the other individual in precisely the manner that you want. This becomes a distraction, and more consuming of your attention and your energy than recognizing the opportunity to familiarize yourself with you and your preferences.

Now; as you allow yourself to become familiar with your preferences and you interact with another individual, you may allow yourself to evaluate how the other individual’s energy expression is associated with your preference or your lack of preference. Therefore, it is not a matter of if this individual is expressing an energy that is not in alignment with your preference that you disengage interaction with this individual and incorporate another individual, or if this individual is not moving in association with your preference that you attempt to alter your perception to create the individual to BE an expression of your preference, but rather allowing yourself to generate the preference yourself.” [session 1091, May 25, 2002]

DANIIL: “As a couple and as a family, my wife and myself, do we have a character or a specific purpose that draws us together and that we need to explore?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, individuals draw themselves together not necessarily for what you term to be a purpose that shall be expressed in a specific manner or to accomplish a specific direction, so to speak. Individuals draw themselves together in familiarity and in providing themselves with reflections of themselves through each other, and in what you may term to be a type of compatibility in certain expressions that offers an ease of each individual to be generating their particular exploration of certain aspects of their individual intents.

One of the strongest draws of individuals in coupling is the recognition of familiarity of energy, which is generally expressed in association with sharing many focuses of attention with each other in different capacities, which generates an objective familiarity of energy.

Now; this is not to say that in some cases, or many actually, that the individuals shall continue to generate this coupling with ONE individual throughout the entirety of their focus – some do and some do not. But it matters not, for every individual that you draw to yourself and couple with, you generate a familiarity with that individual. You also create this purposefully, in your terms, in allowing yourselves to reflect certain expressions to yourselves, and therefore offer yourselves greater opportunity of familiarizing yourself with you, for the other individual does reflect you.

You and your partner have and do share many other focuses of attention in this dimension with each other.” [session 1130, July 12, 2002]

JOANNE: “I was wondering if my focus – I’m not talking about focus as in presence; I’m talking about my focus, how I go about things in the world – becomes very narrow in a lot of instances. Maybe that’s a negative connotation, but it sort of continues on with our previous discussion about what I’m creating in my work situation. (20) A lot of things seem to be rolled up in a lot of confusion, and emotion is being built up in this area.

I’m a master of repeating things over and over. I won’t call them mistakes, but I don’t learn my lessons quickly at all; I do repeat. One of the things I am repeating is I give a lot of myself, I extend myself a lot, which leaves me open to manipulation, especially if I’m attracted to someone but even in a work situation. I’m always surprised by that, because I’m just sort of me and then people seem to devalue that giving in some way. I’d really like to understand what I’m creating here and why.

ELIAS: Very well. Let us examine this scenario. In one sense you generate an association that openness and vulnerability is good for it is noble; but in another sense you associate that openness and vulnerability is bad, for it offers an avenue in which you perceive that other individuals shall be manipulating or taking advantage.

Now; the key is to evaluate and objectively recognize what your genuine associations are and what motivates that, what are the beliefs that are influencing of your perception and of what you do.

Now; in this scenario, the identification of the good aspect of openness and vulnerability is a camouflage, for although there is an association that this type of expression is good, as I have stated, there is also an association that it is noble. This is the indication of camouflage, and this is the information that allows you to recognize that there is a camouflage action being expressed. For in actuality, there is a motivation of expectation which influences this choice to be projecting this openness or vulnerability.

In actuality, what motivates that action within you is your expectation that if you generate this type of expression, other individuals shall be more accepting of you or other individuals shall be recognizing your value and your worth. But you also generate an association with the belief that openness and vulnerability is bad, for as I have stated, it creates an avenue in which other individuals shall take advantage or manipulate.

It is valuable to you to understand your beliefs and how they influence your choices. For once recognizing what is influencing your choices and what you express, you may evaluate what other choices are available to you, and you may recognize what actions you are choosing which are influenced by discounting of yourself, and in what moments you are generating expectations.

The reason that you surprise yourself is that you are expressing conflicting beliefs; but in actuality they are not necessarily conflicting, for the one is merely a camouflage. The other is much more influencing. But this offers you information concerning yourself, in which you may turn your attention to you and you may inquire of yourself how you may offer your validation to yourself and therefore generate an acceptance of yourself and not seek this out in the expressions of other individuals.

As I have stated previously, you create what you concentrate upon, and your concentration is not expressed in thought. It is expressed in the dominating beliefs that are influencing of your perception. Therefore, you attempt to be expressing outwardly an openness, but you generate precisely what you concentrate upon in association with the dominant belief, which is if you are open and vulnerable, other individuals shall manipulate. But the other individuals are not manipulating. YOU are creating that, for you shall create in association with your beliefs and generate an outward manifestation of that to reflect what your beliefs are expressing.

This is actually purposeful, for it offers you the reflection and offers you the opportunity to actually physically view the reflection of what you are generating inwardly.

JOANNE: I find the situation – I’ll use work because that’s what I’m sort of absorbed in right now – very interesting because I’m creating different relationships with different people. There’s one person that I guess I’m dealing with a personal attraction, that type of relationship. Another one is a very accepting relationship, where I will go and have interaction with this person and I feel totally accepted and totally wonderful afterwards. And then another person is exactly the opposite.

I find it confusing, and it comes down to the issue for me that I’m just too much, like we talked about me having a zealous nature and a passionate nature.

ELIAS: Let me offer to you information in association with this presentment, for the manner in which you are viewing it is quite black and white.

Now; this is what generates the confusion and the frustration. In actuality, what you are engaging is generating different types of interactions to allow yourself to become more familiar with your preferences and with what you want.

This is actually quite purposeful, my friend, for as you are aware, as we have spoken previously, at times you generate confusion in relation to identifying precisely what you want. You generate a general knowing of what you want, but in narrowing that to specifics it becomes less clear as to what you actually want precisely in association with relationships. For the most part you generate a clarity in association to your creativity or what you term to be your work, but in association with relationships there is less clarity.

Therefore you are offering yourself experiences, in a manner of speaking to be experimenting, allowing yourself to experience different types of interactions, which offers you information with regard to yourself and your preferences and the types of interactions that you may recognize that you dislike and those that you like, those that you prefer, those that you do not prefer, and in this familiarizing yourself with you more clearly, not necessarily to be generating a relationship with any of these individuals presently in intimacy, but rather offering yourself information which allows you to more clearly view yourself intimately, in which you may thusly apply that information in generating a relationship with another individual.

In actuality, my friend, I am acknowledging of your method, for it is quite efficient. You are generating an opportunity to physically view different types of interactions and evaluate a recognition of your individual preferences, which is quite efficient.

JOANNE: I’d like to target one of the relationships just so I can see some clarity, and that’s with the president of the company. There is struggle there. I don’t know if it’s personality or ... I’m just not clear what I’m creating with him, but it’s very uncomfortable. I love my work and I love what I do; I love the creating and I can just keep going. Where my interaction with one person may cause me to feel more motivated and keep going, as soon as I have a conversation with this person, I just feel like backing off and just saying no. You want to give as much as you can, because I do give a lot; I work hours that are incredible. I don’t know whether he’s affecting it, or as long as it’s to his advantage... I don’t know, I don’t feel comfortable with that relationship at all. If nothing else, it causes me to be completely almost not wanting to go to work anymore, which is a huge change for me.

ELIAS: And what is the reflection?

JOANNE: I’m not clear what you’re asking me.

ELIAS: There is a reflection, and you have expressed it in your explanation. You generate challenge and difficulty with this individual, for as you have stated, you do not express conflict with engaging many hours of work and concentrating much of your attention in association with your job.

Now; in this, you express that in interaction with some individuals your response is to be generating more motivation to continue creating what you do. But in relation to this one individual you experience conflict and a lack of motivation, and your identification of the reason is that you assess that this individual expects or perhaps even demands that you be generating this type of action.

Now; do you view the reflection within yourself? YOU demand this within yourself and YOU expect this within yourself, but you also, which is quite clearly associated with your previous question, generate an expectation of other individuals. You expect their appreciation and acknowledgment, for you are attempting to offer to yourself a validation and appreciation through the expressions of other individuals rather than offering that to yourself and therefore naturally generating that in the reflection of other individuals as a natural by-product of your own acceptance. Therefore, you present yourself with another reflection, that you may offer yourself information concerning what you are generating.

You are not offering yourself the acceptance and validation; you are seeking it from other individuals. You accept that from other individuals in the moments and scenarios in which you may offer that to yourself, and not consistently; but that is a manifestation of your expectation. You also present to yourself an individual that does not express that to you, but expresses to you a mirror of what you are generating within yourself. This creates what you may identify as an irritant to you, for this is the aspect of yourself that you are not allowing yourself to view.

But this is significant, for it is the direction in which you want to move, which we discussed previously. You want to move into an expression of freedom within yourself, which requires acceptance and trust and validating yourself rather than seeking this out as an acquisition from other individuals, for other individuals cannot actually offer this expression to you genuinely. It is your choice to be expressing that within yourself. And in this scenario, you have quite efficiently created an interaction with an individual that clearly mirrors you to you.

JOANNE: It’s funny; I’ve got one extreme, another extreme, and someone in the middle. My impressions have been that the someone in the middle, who was a motivating factor for me for that type of attraction issue as well, I’m starting to get some of the negative feelings as well, the taking advantage.

Anyway, with the negative individual, how do I change that? I understand about acceptance of self – well, I understand the concept! Do I know how to apply it? Well, I’m working on that! (Elias laughs) Because my behavior’s almost like, ‘Well, you know what? It doesn’t matter.’ I hate feeling that way. I hate not having the passion about something, but that interaction causes the passion to just leave me.

ELIAS: No, YOU generate that. It is not the other individual that is creating that; YOU are creating that. Therefore, it is an opportunity to view what YOU are doing and offer yourself choice, for what you are generating in this scenario is denying your choice. You allow yourself this passion if the conditions are correct. You generate guidelines within yourself concerning conditions, and if the conditions are correct you shall express your passion. If they are not, you shall not. And you associate these conditions quite strongly with other individuals.

What you are essentially doing is crediting your reality and your choices and your abilities to other individuals: ‘If I generate certain conditions in relation to certain individuals based upon their personality and their energy expression and their acceptance, they shall allow me to freely express myself and my passion and my creativity.’ You have allowed the other individual to direct your choices and you have discounted yourself. You have credited the other individual with your expressions, and that actually discounts the other individual also. In like manner, you generate the same action in reverse: ‘Based upon the personality and expression of another individual, I credit that individual with sabotaging my motivation and murdering my passion.’

Where are YOU steering your ship in all of these scenarios? It is quite clear how you are allowing other individuals to steer your ship into the open sea of freedom or colliding into enormous glaciers. But where are YOU steering your ship?

JOANNE: You’re asking that question?


JOANNE: (Sighs) At the beginning of the relationship – I’m talking about the work relationship that’s entwined with all these other relationships – I was experiencing huge freedom and huge passion in myself, and I was just creating this almost effortlessly. I was surprising myself at how much I could create and how much energy I have. Then I got scared and starting creating the complexities in these relationships.

Yesterday is a perfect example. I was in a meeting with three other men, and I’m the only female here. I realize I’m a strong female, though. I was very vocal. I was the most vocal one, and I was passionate and all of that stuff. I left the room, I came back in and I started being passionate again, and I could see not withdrawal but almost annoyance on their faces, and I backed off at that point. I thought, ‘Okay, I’m being too much.’

I guess that’s my fear coming into it. I’m not allowing myself a complete freedom, and that’s what I’m reflecting in other people or other people are reflecting that back to me.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: I want to stop that. It just feels like a ball and chain, and I’ve dragged it for most of my life. I’ve suppressed myself and my passion for most of my life. But I’m also afraid that if I let that loose, not only in work where I’m more able to do that, but even in personal relationships, that I’ll intimidate people. In fact, I say that – I say that I intimidate people! I can’t intimidate someone without their permission, but this is what I’m reflecting.

ELIAS: And this is what you continue to create, for this is what you believe. In this, you are concerning yourself with the other individual, NOT paying attention to you and not paying attention to your natural flow of energy, and doubting yourself, concerning yourself with how you shall be perceived by other individuals. You shall be perceived by other individuals in the manner in which you project, and if you are trusting of yourself, you shall be received in this manner. If you are doubting of yourself, you shall also create the perception of other individuals precisely as you have, in impatience or annoyance.

Now; in this, experiment. As you present yourself with your next scenario of this type, allow yourself to pay attention, notice. In the moment in which you notice that you are beginning to generate this type of reflection of impatience or annoyance or any of these negative associations as you term them to be – which you do notice quite immediately – once noticing, literally eliminate the other individuals from your perception. Pretend the other individuals do not exist. Therefore, you now are occupying the room alone and you may express whatever you choose in whatever manner you choose to express it – in tremendous passion, in enthusiasm, in a tremendous projection of energy – and it matters not, for there are no other individuals present to express judgment. Experiment!

JOANNE: That’s wonderful. I will.

ELIAS: This may be a method in which you may allow yourself to move beyond that automatic response of altering your expression in association with fear and discounting yourself.

JOANNE: In the moment when that happens, what I end up doing is acknowledging their behavior or their response to me, and then I react to that.

ELIAS: You are acknowledging your PERCEPTION of their response to you, and reacting to that expression and altering your expression in association with that perception. But that perception is quite influenced by your beliefs and your discounting of yourself. Therefore, if you eliminate the other individuals, you also are choosing to not generate an automatic response. You are offering yourself a choice. You are not eliminating the belief, but you are choosing a different response.

JOANNE: So when I do that, then I would naturally flow. I wouldn’t be pulling myself back or discounting of myself or laughing it off with them that I’m being too much or anything like that. I’d just continue on doing what I do.

ELIAS: Correct, and the more that you express your acceptance and trust of yourself and the lack of doubt of yourself, the more you reflect that. You shall reflect to yourself what you project. If you are discounting of yourself and you are not trusting, you shall reflect that in other individuals. In like manner, if you are trusting of yourself, this also shall be reflected in actual physical reality.

But I am quite understanding the familiarity of interaction with other individuals, and all of the beliefs and associations connected with that interaction and how influencing it may be. In that familiarity, many times it is quite difficult to not be reacting. Therefore if you are offering yourself an alternative, a manner in which you may shift your perception temporarily to one that is unfamiliar, you allow yourself different choices.

Therefore in moving AROUND the fear, recognizing that it is being expressed but allowing yourself to move around it in pretending that the other individuals do not exist temporarily, you may offer yourself a new freedom to express yourself, and this offers you a practice to be acknowledging of yourself, to be expressing freely, to not be creating limitations or obstacles, and to steer your own ship and not allow the other individuals to steer your ship.

JOANNE: So that will equate to, once my natural flow is flowing, I will create with however much passion and energy I have. When I’m tired I’ll go home, when I’m motivated I’ll work, and if someone says, ‘Great job!’ or ‘Wow, I’ve really got you ratcheted up to do a good job!’ or ‘You’ve got more work to do,’ it will just roll off.

ELIAS: Correct. Allow yourself to view what you have expressed. In the beginning you freely expressed; you experienced effortlessness; you allowed a free flow; you expressed a passion and a joyfulness in that passion. Subsequently you began to concern yourself with the perceptions of other individuals, and in that turn you move into the familiar of projecting your attention outside of yourself and allowing other individuals to dictate your choices rather than allowing yourself to generate your choices.

JOANNE: I guess that would lead into part of what I wanted to talk about, which was not being clear on my boundaries. If we’re living in self, and I know we talk about it and the concept is wonderful, but in reality it’s also very difficult to apply sometimes, or a lot of the time, and it takes a lot of practice.

Do we need boundaries? Do we need the ability to separate what is the other person and what is us?

ELIAS: No, for it is all you. And what is the expression of boundaries? Protection. And what shall you generate protection in relation to? Yourself? Why?

JOANNE: Well, the other person. But then, if we’re creating it, then what we’re inviting the other person to mirror back to us is...

ELIAS: Correct. Boundaries are unimportant and unnecessary, for it is an expression of protection, and the expression of protection implies that another individual incorporates the ability and the power to create some of your reality, and they do not.

JOANNE: It’s starting to make sense. It’s just practicing it that I need to practice! (Elias laughs)

Part of it is I also push. I guess as I become more accepting of self and trusting of self, that pushing and struggling may fall by the wayside. Is that related?

ELIAS: Yes, for it is unnecessary to push or to force. Merely allow, and you shall generate much more freedom.

JOANNE: I have one more relationship issue. I love to build with people, just bring them out and see them blossom. It’s a wonderful experience for me. I’m realizing that I love being with people and I’m good with them, where I was questioning that before.

I am creating this in this work situation as well. I was doing that with an individual and then we had to lay him off. I intended to go and speak to him very humanely. It wasn’t my decision to lay him off, but I have a managerial role there so he may have perceived that. But anyway, it severed the building of that relationship. I didn’t have the noogies to go and talk to this person just like a person. I felt sad myself that he was laid off, and I didn’t know how to handle that with him without wanting to fix his disappointment. I feel frustrated and I feel guilty, and I know guilt is useless. I feel sad and I regret not having done that.

ELIAS: And every moment is an opportunity for another choice.

JOANNE: But can I fix this? Or just let it go?

ELIAS: It is not a matter of fixing; it is a matter of offering yourself a choice. What do you want?

JOANNE: I wanted to be able to speak to this person as a human being and accept my compassion and open a dialogue.

ELIAS: And if this is what you want, offer yourself permission to generate that. One choice in one moment is not absolute and solid and unchangeable.

JOANNE: He’s not there anymore, so... Well, that one I’m going to have to stew about for a bit, because it still doesn’t sit well in my tummy, but we’ll go from there.” [session 1132, July 13, 2002]

LORRAINE: “... I have been creating a lot of things this year, and I’m sure you’re aware of that.

The one thing that I created recently, about three months ago, was the end of a relationship. I think it’s kind of a thing that this year there’s a lot of relationships that are ending, it seems. I guess my question about that is I know in my head that I created that, I know that it was time for it to end, and I feel that my reason for ending it was because I want to be able to work on myself without the distraction of being in a relationship, but there’s this part of me that is having so much trouble letting this go.

I don’t know if it’s just missing that person or if it has to do with my discounting of myself, the rejection thing, the ‘I’m not good enough’ thing. I’m having a problem with that. It’s not as often as it used to be. So I would like to know, is that communication to myself telling me that, that I’m discounting myself? Is that what that’s about?

ELIAS: Yes. Shall you engage an exercise?

LORRAINE: Shall we engaging an exercise – is that what you said?

ELIAS: Yes. Allow yourself within the time framework of your next week to generate an experimentation. In this, allow yourself to be generating an action of flirtatiousness with any individual that you choose, with no expectation of response from the individual but merely allowing yourself to express.

Now; this exercise may be quite beneficial, for this offers you an opportunity to freely express you without limitation, also allowing you to express yourself without expectation, and shall offer you an example of freedom, which shall reinforce your value of you and may also prove to be quite fun.

LORRAINE: Well, I can certainly do that. Flirting is something I’m good at. I think the hard part of that is going to be without expectation, because I think that normally when I do flirt with someone I have expectations attached to it.

ELIAS: Quite, but this is a specific exercise. It is not intended to be generating a response from another individual. The exercise is specifically designed to allow you to express yourself freely and offer you a recognition of the lack of limitation that you may be expressing in merely generating an action that normally you generate in association with another individual to be invoking a response; therefore, your attention is being projected to the other individual.

This exercise is to offer you the opportunity to pay attention to you and what you feel in generating that type of expression – how you view yourself, not how the other individual shall view you, but what YOU are expressing within yourself.

LORRAINE: I’ll do that this week at least once, maybe more.

When you talk about paying attention to self and focusing on the now, ideally it sounds like what I need to do is basically accepting and trusting myself, and I would sort of just go through life not thinking about the future or the past, just sort of living in the trust that everything is going to be okay, that ‘que sera sera’ (21) kind of thing, you know, whatever is going to be is going to be and it’s going to be good, that kind of a carefreeness. Is that basically what you’ve been telling us that we need to do?


LORRAINE: So it’s that simple, huh?


LORRAINE: So when I think about my past relationship and I start getting sad about it and I’m thinking about the way it used to be or the way it might be in the future, that’s definitely a waste of my time and energy?

ELIAS: Not necessarily a waste of time and energy, for there is no waste of time or energy in actuality, but figuratively speaking, yes.

LORRAINE: It’s just inefficient?


LORRAINE: It’s something I really need to learn to stop doing. To stop thinking is a really good idea?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, you shall always incorporate thought, for it is a natural mechanism associated with your physical manifestation not unlike breathing, but it is not necessary to turn your attention and hold your attention upon thought continuously.

LORRAINE: I’m trying to get something straight in my mind that you’ve talked about in some of the previous transcripts that I’ve been reading, when you say that we create 100 percent of our reality and that we don’t co-create it with other people.

ELIAS: Correct.

LORRAINE: I want to use this past relationship of mine as an example. This relationship that I had for six years with Pete, now that it’s over – and in his mind he says it’s never going to happen again, we’re never going to be back together – I know it matters not, but my question is if I am working on myself and I am becoming accepting and trusting of myself, then let’s say that five years from now or ten years or whenever, I’m at a point of a lot more trust and acceptance than I have right now, I could choose at that time to create a new relationship with this person? I’m looking at the relationship I had with him for the last six years that I have created myself, that’s all my creation, and that’s like a version of him, version one. So in the future as I change inside of me, if I choose to create another relationship with him, that version of him would be a really different version based on me...

ELIAS: Correct.

LORRAINE: ...what I am, have done, or how I am inside.

ELIAS: Correct.

LORRAINE: And it’s a possibility.

ELIAS: Correct.

LORRAINE: It’s my choice at the time.


LORRAINE: So one last thing about that – when I have a relationship with a person, as in that case, that person’s energy is there?


LORRAINE: I can’t have a relationship with that person without his energy being here, present near me, right? I mean ... I guess that makes sense. It makes sense to me but I don’t know that it’s true.

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

LORRAINE: I mean an objective physical relationship with that person.

ELIAS: I am understanding. You may tap into that individual’s energy. Yes, you do interact with the individual’s energy.

Now; you may interact with an individual’s energy directly or you may interact with an energy deposit of the individual. In that scenario in which you are interactive with an energy deposit, you configure that energy in different manners.

You are always configuring the energy from another individual into an actual physical manifestation. Yes, this is your creation, but generally speaking you do configure the energy in very similar manner to which the other individual is projecting it. In the configuration of physical manifestations interacting with energy deposits, you configure that energy into an actual reality through your own guidelines, in a manner of speaking.

LORRAINE: Do we do that often, or is that very rare?

ELIAS: This is not rare at all. Individuals generate that kind of action many times. You may be engaging a relationship with another individual and at times you may be directly interactive with the other individual’s energy projection, and at other times you may be interactive with energy deposits of that individual.

What shall be an indication to you of the difference is that you may generate an experience with the other individual or perceive to be generating an experience with the other individual, and as an example, you may express to the individual in a particular time framework a recalling of a conversation, per se, and the other individual may express to you, ‘No, we have never engaged this conversation.’ You may be insistent that you HAVE engaged in the particular conversation and the other individual may be just as insistent that the event never occurred. This is an expression of evidence of two very different perceptions.

In your perception, in your reality, you did generate the conversation with the individual. You did create the actual physical manifestation of the other individual and engage the conversation. [But] the other individual has no recollection of that event, for you were not directly interacting with an actual energy projection of the individual in that moment. You were interactive with an energy deposit of the individual, which is helpful to you to manifest the actual physical projection in which you are interactive with a solid individual in flesh, so to speak, but not directly interactive with their energy projection.

LORRAINE: Last night when I spoke to him on the telephone, was I speaking directly with his energy, his essence?

ELIAS: Yes.” [session 1161, October 18, 2002]

BOB: “... I’m recognizing patterns in my relationships, where from childhood onward I’ve developed a caretaker role. I see the duplicity in that, because the partners that I’ve been generating have been getting more and more and more intensely scary. (Elias laughs) The last one is still not completely over it, highly co-dependent, in terms of my financing his home purchase right now. But it was worth it to move him 2000 miles away. (Elias laughs loudly)

But working with acceptance on that field, how do I go about that? I generally have always seen myself as a kid siding with the friendless kid on the playground, to the extent that I would have friends that would be more in the “popular crowd” and I would eschew that grouping to go with these people that nobody else was paying any attention to and really judging. I would try to love the unlovable.

ELIAS: Ah, the nobility of associating yourself with the underdog!

BOB: Exactly, and all the little ego strokes that come with that, too! (Chuckles)

ELIAS: Quite! Let me express to you what may be a significant aspect of information concerning this type of action and choice: you are not being helpful. In the actions of attempting to rescue, what you are actually generating is a projection of energy to another individual of discounting them and discounting yourself also.

In this, as you attempt to fix another individual, you are discounting of their ability and you reinforce the continuation of discounting their ability, and you also discount yourself. In this, what you express in energy – which I may express to you quite definitely is immediately received and understood – is that they are inefficient at creating their reality and that their choices are less than acceptable. In generating that energy to another individual, you also discount yourself. The manner in which you discount yourself is if you are attempting to be fixing or rescuing another individual, you express that you incorporate an ability to create their reality better than do they themselves.

Now; initially this may not necessarily appear to be a discounting of yourself, but in actuality it is. The responsiveness to that energy is the evidence of how it is discounting of yourself. For what you are expressing to yourself also is that you question YOUR abilities to be creating the type of reality that you want; therefore you shall interact with individuals that you view to be less efficient than yourself and therefore this offers you the justification to be expressing some association of worth with yourself, which is a significant discounting of yourself. For you do not need to be incorporating any other individual in association with your worth and your value. It is intrinsic to you.

BOB: How do I work going about changing this pattern?

ELIAS: In recognizing, first of all, that you are not being helpful to another individual. This initially may be the most significant expression to be noticing. For you are not being helpful to another individual, and are you actually being helpful to yourself in generating a scenario and an interaction which expresses need? No, you are not. For in actuality, within your physical dimension as essence there is NO expression that you actually need. You may THINK you need, but you actually do not. You incorporate the ability to express all within yourself.

Now; this is not to say that you may not incorporate a preference or a want to be sharing experiences and interactions and intimacy with other individuals, and this is quite natural. But this is a want and a preference; it is not a need. In this, I may express to you, my friend, you generate yourself nor other individuals any favors in attempting to be caring for or fixing or being helpful to in the manners that are familiar to you with another individual. It is genuinely a discounting of you both.

Now; what IS helpful and IS influencing in association with other individuals and with what you want is to be paying attention to you and allowing yourself the freedom to express yourself and what you want without limitation. In this, in the moments that you are thinking of a relationship with another individual, what is it that you think you want in the definition of a relationship?

BOB: In terms of the messy ones that I’ve created thus far or in terms of what I would like in future ones?

ELIAS: In terms of what you want or what you think you want.

BOB: Actually I see it more of a partnership of people, where experiences are shared by two whole individuals instead of ... I’ve never been one who believes in merging into one person, because I don’t think that that’s reasonable. But I tend to attract people that want to become whole by glomming onto me.

ELIAS: Correct, and you allow this. Therefore this is a reflection of your choices also.

Now; in recognizing that this is a reflection of your choices and your beliefs also, but the recognition of what you think you want – and partially this is accurate, but not specific – that you WANT to be incorporating a sharing and an intimacy with another individual in a relationship of equality, how do you view you shall accomplish that?

BOB: Well, I think the big thing is to become whole myself, and assuming that that becomes healthy, it’ll attract the same sort of energy.

ELIAS: Correct. Now how shall you accomplish that action?

BOB: That’s a good question. (Elias chuckles) That is THE question!

ELIAS: The manner in which you accomplish that is to be paying attention to you and familiarizing yourself with you and your expressions, recognizing what it is that you naturally generate in your expressions, what you naturally do, [and] what your preferences are in association with yourself, not in association with any other individual. For as you begin to become familiar with your own expressions and your own preferences, you also shall offer yourself information concerning certain expressions that you deny yourself and that you withhold from yourself in relation to fear of its acceptance from another individual. As you continue to become familiar with your expressions and what you want more and more specifically within yourself, what you want to be expressing outwardly, you may begin offering yourself permission to generate that.

Now; I shall offer you a suggestion, and if you are so choosing you may incorporate this suggestion or not. (Chuckles) I offer the suggestion to you that you may be allowing yourself to incorporate an interaction and sharing with Michael [Mary]. For it is not an accident that I incorporate this energy exchange with Michael [Mary]. As I have expressed previously, Michael [Mary] is the objective example of this information that I offer to you and therefore is the focal point of this forum, for he incorporates the action of implementing this information. And in association with these subjects that you are expressing to myself, I have offered you information – which I am aware in this present now remains [a] concept – Michael [Mary] may offer you examples in physical application, which may offer you somewhat of a clearer understanding of how you may be accomplishing these actions.

BOB: Excellent. Well, I know that we’re getting close to time here, so do you have anything else that you want to say before closing up?

ELIAS: Be paying attention, my friend. Your greatest tool is noticing. I have been expressing this from the onset of this forum and shall continue to do so, for this is the most significant action that you may be incorporating in helpfulness to yourself and allowance of yourself to be moving in the direction that you want. For if you are not aware of what you are doing, you also shall not offer yourself an awareness of choices in how to move your attention and generate different choices to accomplish what you want.

Therefore, I express to you to be aware objectively and notice. Notice your communications; pay attention to what you are actually DOING. This is significant. It offers you a tremendous volume of information and may clarify the difference between what you are doing and what you are thinking. And remember that thought translates merely what you allow it to translate in association with your communications, and it translates merely what you pay attention to. In this, if your attention is not focused upon your communications, thought shall translate those communications in generalities and not specifics.

What you want in relationships, in your work environment, is to be freely expressive of yourself and offering yourself a genuine appreciation of your expressions and not limiting of yourself. In that offering to yourself of that type of freedom, my friend, you shall also allow yourself to draw to yourself other individuals that shall reflect the same, and this shall generate your complement.

BOB: Thank you.” [session 1184, November 18, 2002]

DALE: “This past week I exposed myself and the first thing I noticed was a huge pull to stay with the familiar. Even though I had altered my perception, I still felt a huge draw to go into the familiar disappointment, even though I had nothing to be disappointed about anymore. But after noticing that, I also noticed a lot of activity in my yellow energy center that I think had to do with fear of being able to choose differently, that I felt unable to, which also tied into my beliefs about my choices being dependant upon somebody else’s choices. That’s what I recognized about it. Can you tell me anything else about that?

ELIAS: Now; in your recognition of what you were expressing, what other information have you offered to yourself? In recognizing that you are addressing to allowing other individuals to dictate your choices and that you feel that you do not incorporate choice, what have you offered to yourself in examining that?

DALE: I think mostly what I’ve offered myself is a just a recognition of the belief and also noticing that I can choose differently but that I feel unable to. Like to choose whatever I want, not dependant upon anybody or anything else, is ludicrous! (Laughs) Although I know it’s not ludicrous, I noticed my belief that that is ludicrous.

ELIAS: And what is your belief? What have you actually identified? (Pause)

DALE: I guess I’m not sure.

ELIAS: What is the belief that influenced you to allow another individual to dictate your choices? (Pause) Offer explanation of scenario.

DALE: Which scenario?

ELIAS: Of allowing another individual to dictate your choices.

DALE: Well, when someone says that they don’t want to have a relationship with me and I do want to have a relationship with them, then I automatically think both. I think that it’s my choice and I also think that it’s still co-dependant, that it’s a cooperative venture.

ELIAS: Co-created. Therefore, what actual beliefs are you expressing?

DALE: The belief of co-creation.


DALE: And responsibility for others?


DALE: That I don’t create all of my reality?

ELIAS: And? These are quite general. What are you specifically expressing?

DALE: I don’t get to have what I want?

ELIAS: Yes. And that if you are creating a relationship with another individual, you must wait for an indication from the other individual first before you allow yourself to act.

DALE: I must first allow them the permission before I’ll allow myself the permission. (Laughs)

ELIAS: It is not a matter of allowing the other individual permission...

DALE: I meant in my beliefs I think that.

ELIAS: No, within your expressed beliefs you are waiting for an indication from the other individual. Not offering them permission, but you are waiting to offer yourself permission in conjunction with the expressions of the other individual. Therefore, one of the expressed beliefs that you incorporate is that in relationships, you must follow.

This is an aspect of co-creating, but it is a specific belief concerning your behaviors and how you shall allow yourself certain expressions, that your role is to follow the indications of the other individual. Therefore, you limit your choices and your freedom of your expressions.

Now; recognize the influence of merely this one belief. This one belief...

DALE: I’ve been doing it in every aspect of my life!

DON: It’s interesting. Just as it happens, I happen to have that belief too, really strongly, to express that one really strongly. I hadn’t realized that.


Now; in this, what I am expressing to you is it is quite important at this point now, as you begin to move into a direction of actually allowing yourselves to intentionally create what you want, it is important to recognize what is influencing you in regard to your beliefs – recognizing that they are not your enemy and they are not absolutes – but they are very affecting in many, many manners. It is important to recognize those influences, not merely to identify the belief.

That in itself, as you are aware now, may be quite challenging, for you automatically attempt to identify a belief and what you identify is a generalization of beliefs, somewhat more of a category than an actual specific belief. You express an identification that you are allowing a belief in co-creating or that you do not create all of your reality to be influencing you. This is correct, but it is also quite general. It is important that you allow yourself to be more specific in your evaluation of what you are actually expressing. That allows you to address to that, to incorporate much more clarity and therefore allow yourself choice.

This is the reason that [as] you identify this generalization, you also recognize that you are aware intellectually that you do incorporate choice but experientially you do not know how to implement those choices. The reason that you objectively see yourself as not incorporating the ability to actualize choices is that you are not offering yourself clear information as to what you are actually addressing to, what the actual beliefs are and what their influence is.

Many times you may in actuality identify a specific belief but not incorporate an awareness of how influencing it is in many different manners. Once you recognize how a belief influences you and influences your thinking and your choices, you may thusly offer yourself the freedom to express differently and to incorporate choice, and your choices may be much more obvious to you, much less vague. Therefore, you also reduce your confusion and your frustration significantly.

Now; this belief in following the indications or the cues of other individuals is quite strongly expressed.

DALE: And it’s not just to do with people either, is it? I mean, it has to do with the entire belief system of relationship to anything, in a way.

ELIAS: Yes. But it is much more strongly influential in association with other individuals. But you are correct – I may express to you, even with your creatures as they express certain behaviors, many times you as individuals respond in association with their cues. Many times you generate conflict and you limit your choices of what you want in association with waiting for those indications and cues from the creature.

DALE: Or from authority figures or from anything that we have a relationship with, which is everything.


DON: It occurs to me now, and I realize you’ve said this in various ways at various times, but I’ve had a hard time identifying specific beliefs, only being able to come up with general ones. It seems now, just listening to you talk about this, all I really need to do is just relate... If I come up with a general belief, just look at the details of the scenario.

ELIAS: Correct.

DON: Just look and say, ‘Well, in this case, with this general belief, how is that general belief being expressed specifically?’

ELIAS: Correct, and your indication is evidenced in your actions, in what you actually do and what you are actually choosing.

Now; also recognizing and evaluating your thought process, for it is a matter of paying attention to all three aspects of yourself: what you choose, what you think, and what you communicate to yourself. Your offering of information through these three functions is tremendous if you are paying attention. You offer yourselves many indications that one or more of those functions may be out of balance if they are all not expressing the same direction. For example, you may generate a thought that expresses you want to be generating a relationship with a specific individual. Therefore, you are offering yourself somewhat of more specific information through this translation.

Now; you may also be generating actions – which are choices – that are not actually creating what you think you want, and you may be expressing an emotional communication which may actually be more in alignment with what you think than what you are doing.

Now; as these three functions are obviously not in harmony with each other in this scenario, this is an indication that you are not offering yourself clear information, and an indication that it would behoove you to identify what beliefs are influencing you. For it is not so very black and white, that if you are generating certain actions that are contrary to what you think that that indicates that your thinking is completely distorted or wrong. It may not necessarily be. Your thinking may be somewhat accurate but incomplete, for it is not being offered enough information to translate a complete, accurate expression.

Now; in this, you may be expressing this thought process that you want to be engaging a relationship with a specific individual, but you also notice that your actions continue to thwart that want. Your emotional communications are disappointed or distressed or even sad, for you are viewing what you are doing and it is not consistent with what you think you want.

Now; the automatic response to this type of scenario is that the individual shall express to themselves, ‘Ah, I must not actually want this relationship for I am not creating it.’ That is not necessarily correct.

Now; it may be correct but it may not necessarily be correct, and this is the significance of genuinely evaluating what beliefs are influencing you to more clearly recognize what you actually want and how you may generate that.

Now; let us suppose, hypothetically, that you actually do want to be creating a relationship with a specific individual and that individual appears to you to be less responsive than you would prefer.

Now; this is the point in which these expressed beliefs begin to trigger, and you begin to allow them this influence in relation to your perception and your choices.

Now; if you incorporate an expressed belief that you must be waiting and following the indications and the cues of the other individual before you allow yourself to express yourself, you continue to generate the disappointment; this influences your actions, and you may restrict yourself and recede and not necessarily pursue as rigorously, or perhaps not pursue at all, and not allow yourself to express yourself in association with the other individual.

Now; what does this create? In a manner of speaking, it is figuratively a type of domino effect. For as you recede and you do not allow yourself the freedom of your expressions, you also project outwardly a type of energy that is less attractive to the other individual; therefore, they also respond with less interest. For if you are discounting yourself, you are not paying attention to yourself and YOU are not interested in yourself. Therefore, this is the energy that you project and this is what is responded to in reflection. Are you understanding?

DON: Yes.

DALE: Quite.

ELIAS: Now; conversely, if you are identifying that you incorporate this belief concerning waiting for indications and cues from the other individual – which is a belief associated with co-creating and allowing other individuals to dictate your choices, but it is more specific – once identifying that, you also begin to recognize the influences of your choices: Ah! I do not respond unless the other individual expresses some interest. Ah! I may be somewhat expressive of myself, but I restrict that and I am guarded in how I shall express myself for I am waiting for those indications.

What other influences are being generated by this one belief – I am not allowing myself to express my appreciation of myself; I am not allowing myself to express my appreciation of the other individual in the now; I am projecting into the future or into the past in association with this individual; I am comparing.

There are many, many, many influences that are expressed by one belief. Therefore, even identifying one belief and all of the influences that you may view that you have actually experienced in association with that belief is quite enlightening and empowering. For once you are recognizing all of these beliefs [and] influences of the belief, you may also evaluate what you genuinely want – not what you want from the other individual for that is irrelevant, for you shall naturally generate that if you are allowing yourself to express yourself in what you want from yourself.

Now; the automatic response is what I want is the other individual to be attentive to me and to be expressing in a specific manner in appreciation of myself and in affection to myself. No. What you want is to allow yourself to be freely expressive in your affection and your passion, and that being expressed naturally generates an energy that shall draw that type of expression to you also in reflection.

But what also do you want? You want to express yourself freely, initiating your own choices and not waiting and not constricting yourself. You want to be expressing a genuine appreciation or love and affection and not hinder yourself or hesitate, not generate in the moment the thought of perhaps I should not express this; perhaps I should not touch this individual for that may not be well received. That is an interruption of your movement. That thought process is being expressed in association with your expressed belief, not necessarily in association with what you want and not in association with your freedom in your choices, but it does affect your choices.

For as I have expressed, your thoughts are the expressed seat of your beliefs, and in this, your thoughts move so much in conjunction with your beliefs that the belief that is expressed but not identified is so strong that it may influence your thoughts to a degree that you actually generate a fear, even in an action as small, in your perception, as generating a single touch of another individual.

You may be generating a communication in emotion to yourself in genuine identification of what you want in a moment, and in that moment it may be a very strong communication to yourself to touch another individual physically. As you receive that message, you immediately translate what you are concentrating upon in thought, and what you are concentrating upon is the belief. Therefore, your thought immediately moves to opposition of your communication – no, do not engage that action. And it continues and you justify the thought in association with the belief by offering yourself further explanation – do not engage the action, for you are uncertain of how that shall be received by the other individual. Perhaps the other individual shall be distressed with this action and it shall irritate them, or they shall express in a manner that shall be quite disappointing or even hurtful to myself. Therefore, oh no, I shall not engage this action.

DON: But then if one does engage it, with those beliefs won’t the energy... Since we create with energy, how do we stop from creating what we expect in that scenario?

ELIAS: By recognizing what you are expressing in association with the belief, recognizing that influence of the belief and that it is influencing you in hindering your freedom and your expressions.

Therefore, even if you are expressing in association with thought a slight apprehension or even fear, if you are genuinely recognizing that this is an actual influence of the belief and that what you genuinely want is to be expressing in a particular manner and you allow yourself to intentionally relax in that moment – hold your attention in the moment, not future or past – and allow yourself the freedom to express, you actually are altering your energy that you are projecting. For what you are doing is trusting yourself, paying attention to yourself and not concerning yourself with the other individual or how they shall respond. I may express to you quite definitely, my friends, you may be quite surprised at what you generate in that type of scenario, that the other individual shall not be responsive in the manner in which you expected previously.

DALE: Yee-ha!

DON: Would you confirm that in my recent experience I’ve been giving myself the slightest experience of what you’ve been talking about? It has felt a little different.

ELIAS: Yes, slightly. But it is a beginning. Ha ha!

DON: It is slight, but even with it being slight I notice the difference.

ELIAS: There is a significant difference, but the manner in which it is accomplished, the key point, is that in the moment you are trusting yourself and you are recognizing your freedom and you are genuinely not hindering or concerning yourself with how the other individual shall respond. For in that trust of yourself and knowing your motivation, being genuine, [and] you are not expecting from the other individual, you are merely choosing to express yourself with no expectation. That type of energy projection is received and responded to in like kind.

DON: Well, I said my recent experience was slight. (Elias laughs)

DALE: I feel like I have actually done this quite a few times and I keep going back to the familiar. So it’s really just my remembering I can choose differently.

ELIAS: Correct.

DALE: It’s totally illogical, you know! (Elias and Dale laugh)

DON: It seems pretty logical to me. (Elias laughs)

DALE: Yes, in the shifty way.

ELIAS: And perhaps you are redefining your logic. Ha ha!” [session 1350, May 19, 2003]

KEITH: “I have this question about that I find that I’m antisocial – just to put a label on it, the judgment that I have of myself – and that I always want to get something out of a relationship. It seems like I want a woman to be attractive and I want the people that I’m with to be generous or to be intelligent. I’m always afraid people are judging me and I judge the heck out of other people. I think a lot of that’s defensive, but I’m not sure. Maybe I judge them before they judge me.

My question’s kind of about that maybe I’m asking for some coaching from you, if you know what that means. It’s like I’m just spinning my wheels over here in America. I’ve talked to you before about when I go to Indonesia that I feel a lot more freedom, but when I’m here I’m so kind of confined by all this judgment that I have and the way I configure people’s energy.

Last night I went to the Elias gathering in one of the hotel rooms, and the way I showed up was I was listening to everybody else as if they just hated me or something. Either that or they were boring me. I left feeling really lonely and angry and rejected, and wanting to make them wrong for not appreciating me.

I’m pretty clear that I’m the one that’s creating this, and yet why do I keep choosing to do that? Why is it so hard for me to be generous and loving with people and accept people the way they are, without expecting the beautiful women to come after me? I can’t be satisfied being in a room with beautiful women that don’t pay any attention to me. But when I try to talk to them, I configure their energy as upset or irritated that I am hitting on them, like sexually trying to get them into bed or something. Then again, that is my agenda; but is there anything wrong with that?

So I’m just one confused puppy when it comes to living in America. (Elias chuckles) I’ve been doing it for 46 years, so I’d like some coaching. So, I’m gonna shut up now.

ELIAS: Very well. (Chuckles) Incorporating some strongly expressed beliefs! One quite strongly expressed belief that you incorporate is an assessment of yourself in comparison to other individuals, and in that assessment, your belief is that you are a particular type of individual. You incorporate a persona of yourself and you expect other individuals to be the same.

In this, what you incorporate as a strongly expressed belief is that other individuals are less than yourself in many different capacities: that they are less intelligent, that they are less enlightened, that they are less aware, that they are less attentive, less observant, and that you incorporate more of an intelligence than most individuals. Therefore, they do not meet your standards.

Now; if they do not meet your standards, they are inadequate. Even if they may be beautiful, they are not adequate in other expressions than attractiveness physically, for they do not meet your standards. These are the standards that you hold with yourself. Therefore, that becomes generated into an expectation of other individuals.

As we incorporated discussion yesterday, this is a tremendous challenge in many different capacities for many, many, many individuals throughout your world within this time framework especially, but not confined to this time framework. It may merely be more emphasized or more obvious in this time framework, but it has not merely begun now. It has been occurring for centuries, in which individuals compare themselves with other individuals.

Now; it is a natural action to seek out like kind, so to speak. But the snare is that the attraction to like becomes an absolute, a truth, and thusly differences become unacceptable and you narrow your allowance of your interactions, and that grows. It continues to perpetuate. For the more that you express these expectations of other individuals, the more you reinforce your truth and the stronger it becomes, and the more you narrow your allowance for your interactions.

That may become confusing also, for the automatic response in conjunction with this information is to turn in the reverse manner of what previously may have been familiar. Rather than blaming other individuals for what you lack, you blame yourself, you discount yourself, and you express that you are incorporating wrong action.

What is significant in these type of expressions is not merely to be precisely identifying the belief that is expressing these influences in relation to your behavior and your perception, but to recognize what type of energy you are expressing outwardly. Remember, you create what you concentrate upon, and concentration is not thought. It can be, but generally it is not. It is your attention to expressed beliefs.

Now; in an expressed belief that other individuals do not incorporate the same awareness as you or the same intelligence as you or the same passion as you, you generate this automatic expectation. The energy that you are projecting outward in that expectation is an automatic assumption that you cannot connect with another individual. You turn the expectation outward to the other individuals and you perceive that they are expecting of you. In actuality, you are generating the expectation and they are responding. Energy is a much more efficient avenue of communication than any other language, and in this, it is immediately perceived.

You may express to myself or to another individual that you enter a room, as in your scenario of your experience yesterday, and that your action is that you are merely observing and listening. Therefore, you may justify yourself that you are not engaging any obtrusive action; you are merely observing and listening. But the energy that you are projecting is not the same. That is the camouflage; that is the excuse.

The energy that you are projecting is a shield, for there is a fear of exposure. If you actually engage other individuals, you must expose. Let me express to you, exposure is almost a prerequisite for receiving. For if you do not expose, you shield. And if you shield, you cannot receive, for you block your own reception.

Now; in your expression of entering the room and placing yourself physically amongst other individuals but not actually genuinely participating, you are camouflaging with your shield and justifying yourself, but you are not allowing the receiving. Individuals immediately recognize. They may not necessarily translate into thought what they are doing or what they are receiving, but they know and they may feel. They may offer themselves enough awareness to feel the energy that is being projected, and they automatically respond also.

You all generate automatic responses to energy expressions, and many, many, many times you do not incorporate any thought concerning what you are doing; you merely automatically respond. And you respond in a more genuine and accurate manner, for you are responding to the individual’s energy, not other languages, not what they do physically, not what they express in words, but what they are projecting in energy, and you all receive that and recognize it.

As you project an energy of shielding and isolate and refuse to express that openness of exposure and allow the receiving, the other individuals respond in reflection of that. Therefore, you assess their behavior is that they do not like you or they are unconcerned with you, or that they move in other circles of conversation and ignore you, or that they do not appreciate you. What shall they appreciate? They are being offered nothing.

KEITH: My shield. They could say, ‘What a nice shield you have.’

ELIAS: And perhaps if an individual is aware enough and is paying attention enough to your energy, they may express that to you. Generally speaking, most individuals, unless they offer themselves a reason, do not necessarily incorporate the effort to be paying attention to your expression of energy if it is shielded.

Now; this is dependent upon the situation, the interaction, and also it is quite dependent upon you. For you may be shielding, and if what you are creating is that shield and that reluctance to be offering any exposure, what you are creating is a reflection of that. Therefore, why would an individual approach you and express, ‘Nice shielding?’

KEITH: Oh, you know I’m kidding about that.

ELIAS: I am quite aware. I am offering a point. (Chuckles)

Now; in certain situations you may encounter an individual that may express some recognition of that. Whether they actually offer a verbal confirmation to you or not is dependent upon whether you allow that or not. For even if another individual in your terms sees or recognizes your shield and your holding to your energy, they may express verbally to you a recognition of it, and in your perception, you may not hear it.

As to your want of relationship or interaction with a female individual, what you want is not wrong. If you want to be coupling with another individual merely to engage sexual activity, this is not wrong and it is not bad. But there are many beliefs concerning that, and you project expectation that other individuals automatically incorporate an expressed belief that that is bad.

KEITH: So they configure my energy, my expectation? They see that as bad and...

ELIAS: They configure your energy almost precisely in the manner that you project it. For...

KEITH: ...then they have belief systems that that’s bad.

ELIAS: They are responding to your expression. YOU incorporate the belief that that is bad, for it is shallow. It is not; it is merely a choice and an action. But that, once again, does not meet your expectations and your standards of yourself and therefore also of other individuals, that if you are incorporating sexual activity without the committed relationship, which are all tangles of beliefs, that this is a shallow expression and not to your standards. Therefore, that is what you reflect to yourself.

As you begin to recognize these beliefs that you have generated into absolutes, these truths, and evaluate them and offer yourself the recognition that they are not actually true, you may offer yourself choices and that your value does not lie in whether you are what you term to be a deep or a shallow individual. Every individual incorporates choices and actions that you assess as deep or shallow, and what is that? They are judgments of your standards.

KEITH: ... I definitely got a lot from what you said. Thank you. (Elias chuckles) I’m done. I feel that the analysis that you gave me is something I already know, but on the other hand it felt really good having you sort of sum it all up. The advice about how I hold my energy is something that I want to try to work on, but I’m not sure how to work on that other than try to expose my energy, expose my shield.

ELIAS: I am aware that that may be quite challenging and even difficult. In this, I offer the suggestion that you not overwhelm yourself, but in increments allow yourself to incorporate steps, so to speak, in which you may allow yourself in one moment to dare to engage and to be aware of how your energy is being expressed, and incorporate the action as a game, not in such a serious expression. For as you view it to be so very serious, it becomes dire and that reinforces the difficulty. But if you are experimenting in playfulness, you may offer yourself more of an ease and less difficulty.

KEITH: Got it. Thank you.

ELIAS: Very well! I express my encouragement and my supportiveness to you. And as always, I continue to offer my energy to you continuously. In tremendous affection and great fondness, au revoir.

KEITH: Bye.” [session 1497, Janaury 18, 2004]

Note: this is the second of two parts on relationships. Go to the belief system of relationships, pt. 1.

End Notes:

(9) Paul’s note: Elias uses the analogy of three different means of reproduction and bearing young to describe the three basic orientations – common – intermediate – soft. These orientations exist as part of a larger discussion on the belief system of sexuality, gender, and orientation.

Transcripts: find out more about the egg layer, marsupial, live-bearers analogy.

Digests: find out more about the belief system of sexuality; gender, orientation, and preference.

(10) Vic’s note: for the record, Elias distinctly said “aforeknowledge” rather than “foreknowledge” in this excerpt. This might be a case of Elias creating his own words again, as I can’t find “aforeknowledge” in any dictionary, but for some reason, it sounds like a word I remember....

(11) Paul’s note: Elias refers to the dream he discussed with Marcos in session 341, Novermber 21, 1998, in which Marcos connected with an aspect of his own essence in a very intimate and loving way.

Transcripts: find out more about Elias’ interpretation of Marcos’ dream.

(12) Vic’s note: I gotta agree with you, Marcos – this IS a wonderful session. I have learned so much about my dear friend Cathy (Shynla), and I bet she’s learned a lot about herself!

(13) Vic’s note: I have changed the word “efficient” to the word “efficiency” in the sentence indicated.

(14) Paul’s note: Elias uses the phone analogy to describe an avenue of communication from essence in which we receive the signal but don’t quite get the message in the signal. It was derived from a dream by Gail where the phone kept on ringing but she never answered it.

Digests: find out more about the phone analogy.

(15) Bobbi’s note: I have changed this phrase from, “Now; I am understanding that within physical focus it may be quite easily expressed ideas that are contrary to mass belief systems...”

(16) Bobbi’s note: originally stated as: “...allow yourself the wonderment in viewing them of the passion that has been expressed so consistently.”

(17) Bobbi’s note: This originally was stated: “You have incorporated roles which you also incorporate an expectation concerning the behavior of these children that they shall or should comply with these roles.”

(18) Bobbi’s note: Originally expressed as: ‘Let me also express to you, individuals that hold the orientation of soft in a manner of speaking translate efficiently with the orientations of common or intermediate.’

(19) Paul’s note: the no conflict exercise is Elias’ version of the path of least resistance. In other words, if what you are doing is creating conflict, then stop doing it. Seems simple enough.

Exercises: find out more about the no conflict game

(20) Paul’s note: Joanne refers to two previous sessions: 1090, May 24, 2002 and 1111, June 12, 2002.

(21) Paul’s note: this is latin for “what will be, will be” or in contemporary parlance, “go with the flow.”

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Note: this is the second of two parts on relationships. Go to the belief system of relationships, pt. 1.

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