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belief systems; an overview, pt. 2

Note: this is the second of two parts on belief systems. Go to belief systems; an overview, pt. 1.

ANON: “You’ve talked a lot about the belief systems we have. I read in one of your transcripts that if you believe you’re going to get sick, you actually become sick. So if you get sick and you really don’t want to be sick, how do you change that belief system?

ELIAS: Interesting question, and not so very easily accomplished within that particular creating. Many individuals move in this direction of inquiry also.

First of all, your creation and the uncreating of your creation is dependent upon the individual and the reason that they are creating of their illness. Individuals at times create these illnesses quite purposefully, and they objectively at times wish to be uncreating of that particular situation, but underlyingly they are NOT wanting to be uncreating of the situation. In moving in the direction of uncreating an element of dis-ease or what you may term to be illnesses, it is important to be viewing the issue which has created the illness to begin with.

Many times individuals are creating of illnesses merely to be excusing themselves, in a direction that they may be allowing themselves a time framework of a sort of relaxation and disconnection from areas that they view to be obligations. Therefore, they offer themselves a break, so to speak, and they are creating of an excuse, that they may offer themselves permission to be creating of this break.

At other times, individuals are creating illnesses or dis-ease for the reasons of blocking energy within them or not addressing to certain issues that they hold, and in this they hold the energy in certain areas of their physical body.

Therefore, each situation, although it may hold similarities to other situations and other individuals and their creations, is unique to the individual who is creating it. The one common element that may be addressed to is to be looking to the reasoning behind the creation.

If you have created a situation of dis-ease merely for a break, it matters not that you are uncreating of it, for you shall uncreate this situation when you feel you have accomplished enough of your break. In other situations that you have created dis-ease in relation to issues, it is necessary to be viewing these issues and evaluating why you are creating this and addressing to the belief systems influencing these issues, and this shall be lending energy to you to be uncreating of these situations.

Now; you also hold your physicians that offer you what you may term to be ‘quick fixes,’ for they have moved in the direction of your medical sciences and your pharmaceuticals, which are temporary inventions of cures, so to speak, and you move in the direction of believing that these cures shall be accomplishing their purpose. Therefore, YOU uncreate what you have created temporarily, in compliance with your belief that these pharmaceuticals are alleviating of what you have created. Your belief is so very strong in this direction that you accomplish quite well in uncreating within very short time periods any element that you have created that your pharmaceuticals hold the ability, within your belief systems, to be curing.

In other situations, you may be creating of physical ailments that you do not hold medications for to be curing of your ailments. In this situation, you move outside of an allowance of the belief system to be helpful to you in energy, therefore continuing within your creation and only allowing yourself to be uncreating of these particular situations.

As I have stated, it is quite dependent upon the individual and what they are creating and for what reason they are creating of each situation. Many times though, I express to you, the mere identification of the issues and the belief systems involved with these issues may be enough to begin to be uncreating of certain ailments. At other times, this may not be enough. You may be identifying of your issues and your belief systems, but you may also be holding to these issues and not addressing to them even in your awareness of them, and in these situations you shall perpetuate the physical ailment that you create in conjunction with these issues.

Many individuals that create physical ailments as their individual expression of held energy create repeatedly in similar fashions in conjunction with the same issues, and even when they have addressed to those certain issues, their creation of physical ailments is a familiar creation to them. Therefore, as they move into addressing OTHER issues, they shall be creating of very similar types of ailments, for this attains their attention.

You create physical affectingness to attain your attention in different directions. If you are not attempting to gain your attention, you shall not be creating of physical ailments, for it is unnecessary. This is a method, so to speak, to be gaining your own attention in certain areas, to be addressing to certain situations.

ANON: ... I know that like we have these belief systems, and we’ve got the good and the bad and we sort of judge things here in this focus, and I’m wondering if like part of our shift in consciousness is for us to neutralize those beliefs, like to become less judgmental? Or is that just a part of our experience, where it’s okay to like think something’s bad or not like it or not have an affection towards something?

ELIAS: This is the point of this shift in consciousness, to be neutralizing these belief systems and moving into the direction of accepting these belief systems; not eliminating the belief systems, but recognizing them for what they are, belief systems, and neutralizing their power, therefore eliminating the element of judgment.

The acceptance of a belief system is the elimination of the judgment which stems from the belief system. Therefore, you continue to hold an opinion or your own view in certain areas, but it is no longer affecting of you and you hold no more judgment in these areas.

This action is quite insidious, for I have been speaking of the bird cage of belief systems and all of the aspects of the belief systems, which are all the birds that are contained within the cage, and many of these birds are quite camouflaged, and in this they are not so very easily viewed. And although you may objectively move in the direction of expressing to yourself and to other individuals, ‘Oh, I hold no judgment in this area in connection to this belief system,’ this may not necessarily be the situation, for until you have examined all of the birds contained in each of these cages of belief systems and allowed them to fly free and not be contained any longer within the cage, you shall continue to hold judgments, and as you continue to hold judgments, you are not accepting a belief system. And this is the point of this shift in consciousness, to be accepting of the belief systems.

This analogy of this bird cage serves its purpose quite well, for in this individuals inquire, ‘How may we continue to hold a belief system, but not hold a belief system?’

The bird cage is the belief system. The birds contained within the cage are all of the aspects that are affecting of you, all of the actions of the belief system, all of the manifestations and all of the expressions of the belief system itself. The belief system itself is neutral, but all of the birds are not neutral, and the birds are those that are affecting of you in conjunction with the belief system. And as you open the door to this cage and allow the birds to fly free, you empty the cage. And what you are left with is the cage, which becomes ornamental, but is empty and holds no affectingness any longer.

Just as the cage in physical terms is merely an object, but as it contains birds, it contains what? In your terms, it contains life and it contains affectingness, for you must be feeding of these birds and tending to these birds, and they are interactive with you, for they are not merely statues! They flutter, they sing, they create sounds, they move about, they shed feathers, they make a mess at times! Therefore, you see there is much action occurring within this cage, but if the cage is empty it is merely an ornament, and no action is occurring within it. It may merely be viewed as an ornament that you may hold an opinion of: ‘I view this cage; I see it as yellow.’ Another individual may express, ‘I see it as gold.’ And your response may be, ‘I am accepting of your perception that it is gold. It matters not.’

ANON: What about things like killing people in our society, which has some pretty serious consequences to it?

ELIAS: These are actions which are also very influenced by your belief systems, and in this, if the belief systems are neutralized and there are no judgments placed upon the actions and choices within your creations, there also is less motivation to be moving into areas that you view to be undesirable. (Pause)

Look to small children. Small children move automatically in the direction of expressing of their impulses, but they also respond quite intensely, as we have discussed at a previous session, to be directed and ordered. If you are attempting to be dictating to them how to be creating their reality, they shall be rebellious temporarily in this area, for they are closer to their subjective awareness and have not fully moved into the totality of their objective awareness. Therefore, they do not hold tightly to the belief systems that they shall acquire as they move more and more into their objective acceptance of reality.

But if you view the actions of small children, if you are moving in the direction of dictating to them how they shall be creating of their reality and enforcing your belief systems upon them and your judgments, they shall be quite rebellious with you initially. They shall eventually comply, for the most part, for this is your officially accepted reality, but initially they shall not be in compliance with you and they shall automatically move in the direction of rebelliousness.

In this, they are expressing a natural movement into a lack of acceptance of other individuals dictating their reality for them, but they are also demonstrating another aspect of your reality, which is quite efficiently being created and has been created for millenniums, in that if you are being dictated certain behaviors, your curiosity shall be sparked and you shall automatically challenge what you have been dictated to.

The underlying action in this is that you are expressing a knowing of self and the desire to be trusting in self, but objectively you do not hold this awareness of this motivating factor. Therefore, the actions may be distorted and move into areas of creating events that are not officially accepted, and they are created merely to be opposing the officially accepted rules.

But if there is no judgment placed and individuals are not blocking their own impulses and are allowing themselves to be listening to their own language, there is not so very much motivation to be moving into these areas that you view as negative. It is unnecessary to be challenging the officially accepted reality, for your understanding becomes reality to you, that you hold the knowing of self. Therefore, it is unnecessary to prove yourself to any other individual.

All of these elements stem from fears, and fear is an expression of a lack of acceptance of self and a lack of trust of self. The action of this shift is to be allowing you the remembrance and the awareness of self, the acceptance and trust of self, and therefore be eliminating of many of these dead mice (20) that you insist upon batting around and allow yourselves the freedom to move into new areas of your own creativity and exploration, for this dead mouse has become boring. Now you open your awareness to new avenues of creation and stimulation in these areas.” [session 316, September 12, 1998]

ELISABETH: “Yes. I think the difficulty is to identify the belief systems, to see them and to identify, ‘Oh, this is a belief system.’

ELIAS: ALL that you move within, within physical focus, is influenced by a belief system. It is ... regardless of what you create, you are operating within the influence of a belief system.

You choose to be adorning yourself with certain attire. This is influenced by a belief system. Your appearance is influenced by a belief system. The way you walk, the way you comb your hair, how you sleep, how you eat, even how you breathe many times is influenced by your belief systems. This may be sounding quite extreme, but I assure you, there are many individuals that are quite noticing of their own breathing process, especially as they are creating of what they term to be a meditation! They shall be quite attentive to their breathing, which is also influenced by a belief system.

There is no action that you engage within physical focus that is not influenced in some manner by a belief system. Therefore, each action that you choose, as you allow yourself more information you may be offering yourselves the identifications of which belief systems you are identifying with and which are influencing of you. As we move on within our discussions futurely in the area of belief systems, it may become more easily identifiable for you in the areas of belief systems, for I have opened the discussion of this belief system of relationship not merely for the reason that it is addressing to this particular wave in consciousness which is occurring now, but also to be offering you all more information in the area of belief systems, that there are fewer actual belief systems than you realize, but there are many more aspects to each belief system than you realize.

In this, so to speak, there are fewer bird cages but many more birds within these cages, and this shall be continued within our discussions, that you may all realize many more of the aspects of belief systems [rather] than attempting to move in the direction of classifying every action that you create within physical focus as an individual belief system in itself.

For in actuality, although there are several belief systems – or few more than several – within your physical focus, there are not countless belief systems within your physical focus. There are NUMEROUS aspects to each belief system, but the belief systems that encompass the aspects are fewer than you realize.

You shall be more noticing of your own belief systems and you shall be recognizing more of the aspects of these belief systems as you allow yourself to be connecting and interactive more with yourself and noticing more of your own actions, events, and behaviors within your focus. Interactive with other individuals is quite helpful also, for they may be identifying of aspects of belief systems that you may not necessarily allow yourself to view, and this shall be helpful to you also.”

(Vic’s note: Elias did say ‘interactive,’ not ‘interacting,’ in the above paragraph. He seemed to have a bit of trouble selecting words during this session. A less ‘interactive’ focus of Elias, perhaps?) [session 319, September 17, 1999]

EDWARD: “I want to see if I’ve understood something that you’ve said here correctly, about our belief systems and the other focuses’ belief systems and how we’re not immune to them. So if I’m understanding this correctly, if I’m aware of self and I’m comfortable with myself, this is how I would be able to make my belief systems change if I wanted them to? In an example like the mending of the foot: I decide that I’m going to mend my foot, and it doesn’t work because really I haven’t made myself immune to other belief systems of my other focuses because I’m not fully aware of myself? Is that correct?

ELIAS: You are moving in the direction of eliminating belief systems, and I am expressing to you that this is not the point.


ELIAS: You do not move in the direction of eliminating belief systems, but accepting belief systems, recognizing that within physical focus, your belief systems ARE YOUR REALITY. Without your belief systems, you do not engage physical reality. They ARE your reality. It is not a question of eliminating the belief systems, for in eliminating the belief systems, you eliminate the physical reality. Therefore, this is not the point.

You choose to be creating this physical reality for experiences, and within this physical reality, you hold belief systems. Acceptance of these belief systems neutralizes the belief systems. The belief systems are not good or bad, but as you place judgments upon the belief systems and upon all of the aspects of belief systems, you create much power within the belief systems, and therefore all of the aspects of them are very influencing and affecting of you, for they have been lent much energy. But if you are not placing judgment and you are accepting of the belief system, you are not lending energy to all of its aspects and therefore neutralizing its power, and in THIS action, you allow yourself tremendous freedom to be accomplishing much more of your creativity.

You may be concentrating upon your foot and your bone which is broken, and as you are placing a judgment upon any of the aspects within the belief system of healing and you are struggling and creating conflict in this, you shall not be concentrating upon this bone and mending this bone by your mere concentration. But if you are accepting of the belief system, you have neutralized its power, and it matters not. And in this, you may choose whichever direction you are wishing to be creating within, and it shall create. If you are choosing to be creating of healing through concentration, it shall be affected.

EDWARD: Thank you.

BEN: So, you can’t fix your foot by concentrating on it if your belief is that you can’t do it. But if you decide, ‘Okay, I accept the fact that I can’t mend my foot myself,’ then it will mend??


EDWARD: No, then you can choose the way you WILL then mend it.

ELIAS: You are continuing with a judgment.

BEN: Okay.

ELIAS: Listen to your own words and what you are expressing: ‘I accept the fact that I cannot concentrate and mend my foot.’

BEN: And that’s a judgment.

ELIAS: Absolutely.

BEN: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You MAY mend your foot. You hold the ability, but you do not believe that you do.

BEN: But you also hold a belief that you can’t.

ELIAS: Correct.

BEN: Stronger.

ELIAS: Correct, and you have created a conflict of beliefs.

BEN: Because you think you can and you think you can’t.

ELIAS: And THIS is the belief system of duplicity, which is intermingled with ALL belief systems.

EDWARD: Sort of the idea of good and evil, that one can be good and one can be bad, and those are the judgments that we put on our belief systems? ‘This is a good one, this is a bad one,’ and it doesn’t matter. There’s not a good one or a bad one.

ELIAS: Correct.

EDWARD: You should be moving in the direction of accepting the belief systems as they are for you.

ELIAS: Correct.

EDWARD: These are what they are.

ELIAS: Correct, and in this, it matters not.

EDWARD: Which puts a big kink in one of my major belief systems! (Laughter)

EDWARD: ... One of my main duplicitous belief systems, or one of the hardest things I have, is the non-acceptance of God and then this overwhelming feeling towards God, and it becomes very ... I don’t know. It becomes very much like a war inside, almost.

ELIAS: This in actuality is an objective outward expression in mirror action to the duplicity that you hold within self, for God is a mirror image of you.

God is not a cosmic entity, sitting and passing judgment upon you from some distant area of consciousness! God is YOU. Your ideas, your concepts of God are all your own projections, mirror images of what you know yourselves to be, and you project this knowing outwardly in an objective manner and create the perception of an element outside of you which you term to be God, and as you battle with self, you also battle with God, for they are synonymous.

EDWARD: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

EDWARD: Well, that would explain a lot! (Ben cracks up) No, I’m just thinking that if time is simultaneous and the self is God, to me, that brings forth somewhat of an explanation, from the cave man that’s painting on the wall to the Egyptian who raises the pyramid to the person who builds the Vatican, that it’s the ongoing battle with self projecting outward.

ELIAS: Correct, and this is the creation of your gods.” [session 327, October 03, 1998]

DAVID: “I guess the first big question I have is about my mother. Yesterday we had a big fight, and essentially we’re two really different people. She’s Christian, and she really wants me to be in some kind of conventional field, and ever since I started reading Seth and getting into a lot of spiritual things, I have been in her opinion too idealistic, and maybe ... I don’t know, not doing what she wants me to do. And yet, her view of realism has merit. I’m just not sure how to handle our relationship. I don’t know what she wants me to do! (Elias chuckles) I just want something general to work with here.

ELIAS: An interesting concept that you have developed within physical focus – realism versus idealism. Interestingly enough, they are all one in the same. They are merely different aspects of the same concept.

Within religious belief systems, there are many elements of idealism in what you THINK of as idealism, but they place these ideals into a philosophy that they believe to be realism. And within idealism, you place those same concepts of realism into the area of ideals, and place your ideals into the area that you think of as reality.

Let me express to you that this particular subject matter correlates to our recent discussions in the belief system of relationships, and also may be instructive in the area of acceptance of different perceptions of individuals within their given creations of their individual realities.

Many individuals align very strongly with religious belief systems. You have created your reality for very many centuries in this direction of attention, placing much of your energy and focus in the development of these religious belief systems. Therefore, they hold much energy and great strength within your societies and mass belief systems. They are an intricate part of your officially accepted reality and not so easily abandoned, so to speak.

As we move into the action of this shift in consciousness, there becomes a struggle which is created with the acceptance of these religious belief systems by the individuals that hold them very strongly and the masses that lend energy to them, and those individuals that find themselves moving more easily away from the official religious belief systems.

But let me also be reminding you that ALL of you are influenced by underlying religious belief systems.

In this, I shall offer to you, in helpfulness, the suggestion that you be approaching this situation in an acceptance of this individual’s expression and alignment with her own held belief systems, recognizing that it matters not which direction you are choosing to be moving within. Each individual is moving within their own value fulfillment and their own intent. Their expression of this matters not.

In this, you may also allow yourself the opportunity to be realizing the similarities between your own held belief systems and that of this individual and the belief systems that she holds very tightly, for underlying, many of the principles, so to speak, are the same. The information within its basic core is not so very removed. It is just presented in different language and in different manners.

It matters not that one individual looks to what they think of as a god, per se, and that another individual allows themselves the awareness that they themselves are in actuality what you may term to be the god. Underlying, the information is basically the same.

The one main difference that is held in this area is that individuals that align very strongly with religious belief systems look outside of themselves for their abilities and their creative sources, so to speak, whereas individuals that are allowing themselves a widening of their own awareness within this physical focus begin to recognize the lack of separation and begin to understand that this concept of god and religious belief systems are merely mirror images and projections of that which you already know within you of yourself. They are projections that you create of what you know to be as yourself, being essence, and in this you have created belief systems to surround those elements which you have forgotten within physical focus.

It is unnecessary to be moving in the direction of judgments placed upon the belief systems of other individuals or the choices of other individuals, and is also, in a manner of speaking, defeating of the point of this shift in consciousness presently. You need merely offer yourself the information that you are all – upon your planet within this dimension – moving in the direction of actualizing this shift in consciousness, and that all individuals within this dimension shall be moving in this action regardless of which belief systems they hold or align with.

Now; I am also understanding that individuals hold emotional attachments to other individuals within very many different expressions of relationships, and in these relationships they wish to be helpful to other individuals that they hold fondness for within physical focus. I may express to you that your most helpful action in this regard is to be focusing your attention upon self, addressing to your own belief systems, and to be attempting the acceptance of other individuals’ belief systems, not placing judgments in the area of right or wrong with regard to their belief systems.

In this, you display the action of the straight little sapling, which shall be much more effective in influencing other individuals than would it be were you to approach these types of situations by being argumentative with another individual or moving in the direction of attempting to be altering of their thought process or their beliefs or their emotional attachments to certain beliefs.

In actuality, you may not be altering of another individual’s reality. You may be influencing of other individuals’ realities, but many times, the expression that you engage in attempting to be influencing of another individual’s reality is creating of the very expression that you do not wish to be creating, for within your judgments of other individuals’ expressions and belief systems, you are lending energy to the very element that you are opposing.

Are you understanding?

DAVID: Yes. Yes, that makes a great deal of sense. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. But one of my other questions is concerning, what about when my mother’s interests concerning me and my own interests conflict, when they contradict? For instance, if I have – and we’re interdependent too – so if I have something that I wish to do that is against her belief system, but she has to pay for it ... I mean, it’s her money. So, that seems like a really big conflict that I’m not sure how to resolve.

ELIAS: These are issues that are involving a very large aspect of belief systems, which you term to be within physical focus of control.

This is a very strong element that individuals project within physical focus, for within the held belief systems, individuals move in the direction of focusing their attention upon many different elements of their reality that they feel they need be in control of, and are not quite understanding of the reality that no individual within physical focus controls any element of physical focus or of consciousness. It is not a matter of control. This is a deception, and in this you ALL participate, for one may not participate in this situation of exerting control in any direction if another is not compliant with that situation. Therefore, there must a participation and an active cooperation to be enabling this type of situation.

These are difficult areas for individuals to be addressing to, for within your belief systems you automatically move in the direction of looking to all of the aspects of your belief systems and aligning with them. This be the reason that you create your concepts and your realities of individuals that are within the role of victims. I express to you that there are no victims, and that you always hold choices.

If you are placing yourself within a position that you find uncomfortable and unsatisfying, for you feel that you are allowing another individual to be controlling of your choices, I express to you that you may be focusing your attention upon self and questioning yourself in the direction of how you are participating in this creation, for no other individual may be creating of your reality. YOU are creating of your reality and all that occurs within it, and if you are moving in directions that you are not satisfied with, you hold the choices to be altering of this reality.

Now; I am also understanding that these belief systems all hold tremendous energy and that it is quite easy for myself to be expressing to you that you need merely be stepping off of your hamster wheel and creating of new choices, but within the creation of the participation of these belief systems within physical focus, this may not always be accomplished quite so easily with yourselves. I hold great understanding in this area.

Therefore, I express to you that you may be moving in the direction of two actions simultaneously. Be aware and addressing to your participation, your motivation in your participation, and how you lend energy to the creation of the situation that you view as distasteful. Also, simultaneously you may view the participation of your mother and the motivation of that individual, and in looking to the motivation and the situation of your parent in this cooperative creation, you may allow yourself the opportunity to be accepting of that expression, knowing also within yourself that YOU hold the free will to be creating of YOUR choices regardless of the influences or of the wishes of another individual.

Now; this is not to say that you may disengage this session objectively with myself this day and be engaging your mother and expressing, ‘I wish not to be participating with you any longer. You are wrong and I am right, and I shall create my reality how I am so choosing regardless of your wishes.’ Very, very, very incorrect! I am not expressing that you be creating of conflict and that you be creating of confusion.

The point is to be accepting; to be recognizing your own creation, not to be concerning yourself with the creations of other individuals but to be concerning yourself with your own creations and your own participations in these belief systems which perpetuate the very situations that you attempt to eliminate.

(Intently) The more you move in the direction of conflict and friction, the more you are creating of friction.

Are you understanding?

DAVID: Yes, That addresses my question very, very well. Okay, I think that’s all for that issue.

My next question is about something ... it’s about love, and I guess finding my soul mate. That’s something that I’ve been obsessed with on and off for several years, and I’ve been trying to create a long-term, intimate relationship for a very long time, and I thought I’d dealt with limiting beliefs that had been blocking me, but it still hasn’t manifested in my reality. I would like to know, what’s blocking me in the area of bringing love into my life?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that within your individual situation – and this shall apply to many other individuals that move in a very similar direction – one of the most affecting elements in this area is your very concentration upon a specific belief.

There is a great preoccupation with the concept of soul mate, and as you allow yourself to focus your attention so very intensely in this direction, what you are creating is a narrowing, more and more and more, of your vision and of your focus of attention.

You are blocking out your periphery. You are creating in this particular area what you may term to be the opposite type of expression as you would be choosing to be creating in widening your awareness. As you open yourself to more elements of consciousness, you incorporate more of your periphery, so to speak. You open and widen your vision. You widen your awareness. As you concentrate upon one particular subject, one particular direction, you are creating of an opposite effect, in a manner of speaking. You narrow your periphery and you narrow your vision.

The more energy that you project into this type of action, the more you are narrowing your vision, and in this you limit your choices, and just as you may limit your physical vision by placing physical blinders upon your eyes, you are creating of a very similar type of action within your objective awareness as you concentrate so intensely in one direction. In this, you do not allow yourself to notice all that may be presenting itself to you.

Now; let me offer you a small analogy that I have offered previously to individuals. You hold this metaphor within physical focus of your ship of opportunity coming to port, and that you may be missing your ship if you are not paying attention, and you may miss your opportunity for that which you seek within your individual focus.

I have expressed many times that your ship, so to speak, arrives at your port many, many, many times throughout your focus, and continues to return. It is merely a question of whether you are focusing your attention and vision to be viewing this particular ship. You may be standing upon your dock, and you may be focusing your attention upon the pretty little shops and all of the trinkets that are offered within the shops, and to your back, your ship arrives, and you do not notice.

In this, as you focus your attention so intensely in the direction of attempting to be creating of this situation of finding and creating a relationship with what you term to be your soul mate, you are creating of the same action. You are focusing your attention upon the trinkets, and you are not noticing as the individual may be approaching you.

Let me also express to you that this is, in its camouflage, another expression of this same aspect of belief systems which we term to be control.

As you focus your attention in attempting to be manipulating of energy intentionally in this direction and creating of this type of relationship, you are placing expectations and conditions upon the flow of energy, and in this you are exerting your attempt at controlling your creation and the creation of another essence. In this attempt to be controlling of the flow of energy, you thwart your own efforts, and you are once again, in like manner to the situation with your mother, you are creating of the very expression that you wish not to be creating, and you are also creating of MORE elements, for you are frustrating yourself and confusing yourself and creating of much conflict.

DAVID: Oh, wow. So essentially, I’m frustrating my own efforts by trying too hard. How can I get more in touch with my own flow of energy and get out of my own way?

ELIAS: Ah! Now you move in the direction of inquiring as to the expression of more efficiency. In this, as you move your attention more in the direction of focusing upon self – addressing to self, exploring self, allowing yourself to move into the direction of acceptance and trust of self, and addressing to your own held belief systems – you automatically emanate energy that shall draw those elements of your desire to you.

Be remembering, in this particular type of situation you are looking to be fulfilling your desire in the area of realization – in objective terms – of your connection with what you term to be a soul mate, and to be creating of a type of relationship within this particular focus in that direction. In this, you are forgetful that this is a participation, not merely of your own creation, but a shared creation. Therefore, it is an agreement that you create to participate within, a shared creation with another essence.

In this creation, as you are focusing upon yourself and addressing to your own belief systems, widening your awareness within yourself, you shall project within consciousness outwardly a beacon, so to speak, in figurative terms, that shall be recognized by those individuals or those essences that manifest within physical focus that may be considered to be your soul mate, and that one which engages like intent and focus within this particular manifestation shall be drawn to you within this focus.

Let me express to you as I have expressed many times previously, in many of your clichés and sayings, so to speak, within physical focus, there is an underlying truthfulness, for there is an element of known workings of energy and of consciousness. In this, you hold an awareness that individuals may express many times that they are finding the very element of their desire when they are not looking.

What is meant by this underlyingly, in the knowing of consciousness, is that when you are focusing your attention upon self and addressing to your own acceptance and trust of self, this shall be recognized by other individuals within physical focus which shall automatically magnate to you as they share like intent, which you may term to be like spirit. And in this, the very object of your desire shall be realized, not by your overt manipulation of energy in controlling and intentionally attempting to be creating of this desire, but as a byproduct naturally expressed, as other individuals shall naturally hone to you in the recognition of the very energy that you express.

In this, individuals within physical focus hold much greater knowing than they hold an understanding objectively of. I have expressed previously that there are no secrets within essence, and in this, individuals within physical focus ARE aware of energy, regardless of their thought processes or their beliefs within objective terms.

They automatically draw themselves to each other within like spirit, in your terms. This would be expressed differently in our terms, of like intent or like desire. These types of expressions are expressed automatically within energy and within projections of your very energy field, and this transcends physical locations and proximities.

As you term this to be ‘moving out of your own way,’ as you address to your own acceptance of self and are moving in the direction of trust of self, you also project throughout consciousness this beacon, so to speak, which allows a window for other essences to view more of your expressed energy. As you are not accepting of yourself and not trusting of yourself, you are holding to your energy and therefore blocking the message, so to speak, and in this, thwarting your own objective efforts.

Movement in this area is quite effortless. You move together, in objective terms, to be incorporating soul mates in a very effortless manner. In this, individuals that allow themselves these types of connections within objective terms and realization within physical focus shall express to themselves, to each other, to you, great surprise in their connection with this soul mate, for no effort has been exerted. They have merely come together within an effortless manner and they are amazing of themselves that they have created such probabilities to draw themselves together, regardless of situations, circumstances, creations, or physical locations.

And THIS is the wondrousness of consciousness, that it DOES move in the direction of effortlessness.

You draw to you those of like expression. Presently, within your individual creations and your situation and the belief systems and the held energy that you create, you draw to yourself individuals that shall mirror your own expression and shall be projecting of controlling elements and situations that you find to be undesirable, for this is your expression and your own creation. You shall draw to you individuals that mirror the same expression to you. You do this purposefully, that you may be focusing your attention in areas that you choose to be addressing to. As you allow your energy to flow freely, you also shall draw to you other individuals that allow their energy to flow freely, and this shall create much more of an effortless situation within the area of relationships.

Are you understanding?

DAVID: Yes. With reference to this kind of creation of greater experience, I’ve noticed that creating differences or changes in the physical body often seems to be much simpler or easier than creating something like a relationship. It often happens more quickly and with more efficiency, and I was wondering why there’s a difference.

ELIAS: First of all, let me express to you that your physical form is your individual expression. Therefore, you individually may be manipulating of it in any manner that you so choose, and this needs no involvement of any other individual or any other essence. Therefore, you may quite easily be expressing any type of alteration within your physical form that you are so choosing, although there are many individuals within physical focus that find this manipulation quite difficult, for their belief systems move them into expressions of a lack of ability to be manipulating in this area. In actuality, as you are choosing to be manipulating of any element of your physical form, this may be expressed quite easily. In the area of relationships concerning other individuals, this would be a cooperative expression. It is not singular to yourself.

The most affecting element of relationships, in every and all directions and areas, is the expression of expectation. As each individual moves in the direction of placing any expectation upon another individual, you are affecting of the relationship and you are blocking energy, and in this you are creating of judgment, which is also a lack of acceptance and is quite affecting in the area of relationships. This is affecting in the area of relationships with yourself also, for as you create an expectation of yourself and a judgment upon yourself, you also move yourself more into the expression of duplicity. But within the area of relationship of another individual, this may be quite affecting in what you term to be negative terms, for it is creating of much conflict. It also perpetuates the belief system of duplicity, within yourself and within other individuals.

DAVID: I see. In that case, when it comes to mass realities and global challenges – for instance, things that involve a great many people – how can we understand it in those terms? Instead of reading the newspapers and what the politicians and the media say, are there any ways for us to understand these things in terms of mass beliefs?

ELIAS: Look to your individual belief systems, and you may compare these with the mass belief systems, for mass belief systems are created by individuals collectively. You may not create groups without individuals. Therefore, the mass expressions are collective reflections of the individuals’ expressions. In this, they are not quite so very difficult to be understanding. You may also view within the mass expressions that there may be movements in these societal expressions that surfacely appear to move in one direction of great judgments in certain areas, but underlyingly, they may also be affecting quite strongly in alignment with this shift in consciousness, bringing to individuals’ attention the inefficiency of many of these belief systems and lending energy to the individuals in moving through these belief systems and moving more in the direction of acceptance of these belief systems.

You experience within this present now many expressions within your societies upon your planet, mass expressions of very strongly held belief systems which are being addressed to and are affecting of the individuals and how they are beginning to view these belief systems, not necessarily in alignment with these officially held belief systems. In this, as you continue to examine the individual belief systems, you offer yourselves more information in understanding how you have created mass belief systems.

You may also look to your religious and scientific belief systems and view how very strongly they have been accepted en masse throughout your globe and are very aligned with. Even individuals that express that they are moving away from the religious belief systems hold many underlying religious belief systems, and move themselves into an alignment with your scientific belief systems very much as strong as they have held religious belief systems previously. In actuality, your scientific belief systems are merely a different type of expression, different language of the same types of belief systems as your religious belief systems.

In this, let me be reminding you also that belief systems in themselves are not right or wrong. Therefore, I do not encourage you to move in the direction of placing more judgments upon the very belief systems that you hold, for you occupy your attention within physical focus, and this physical dimension is created with the basis of belief systems. Therefore, it is a basic element of your reality, and without your belief systems, this particular dimension and reality shall not be physically expressed. This is not the point. The point is to be examining of these belief systems and to be accepting of these belief systems, that you may render their power, so to speak, neutralized and you may not be so very affected by them, and in this, you may open your window for greater creativity.

All of this information shall circle ‘round to the base point in every area, in looking to self, addressing to your own acceptance and trust of self, which within your language and within this objective expression may APPEAR to be sounding very elementary. But this, in its basic element, is your most difficult challenge, for you have created your officially accepted reality for millennium in the direction of not looking to self and in the expression of projecting outward to all other elements and looking to other individuals and other sources, so to speak, for your directedness. In this, I express to you within this concept an entirely different direction of your attention, in looking to self for your acceptance and trust and recognizing that YOU are creating of your reality, not looking to any other outside element to be expressing to you how to be creating of your reality, for you already possess the blueprints for creating your reality, and all is within your disposal. You need merely be focusing upon self to be accessing all of this information.” [session 330, October 11, 1998]

DALE: “Recently I read a book by Jeff Stern about Taylor Caldwell, and under hypnosis, she said that during the stoning of Mary Magdalene, Jesus said, ‘Let him who had not lain with this woman throw the first stone.’ If this is true, there was no implication of man as a sinful self. Is that true? I mean, was that a distortion?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Ah, you incorporate two different subject matters within this questioning! First of all, in the direction of the truth of the statement as an expression of actual occurrence, I shall express to you that this is a story.

DALE: Oh, okay. I get that.

ELIAS: As to the concept in your reference, there is no sinful self. This is a belief. This is a religious belief that stems from the idea of the projection of a mirror image of self, which has created a separate being of God, which resides outside of yourself and holds all of the power that you do not hold, and also holds the judgment that you DO hold. This is a projection concept which mirrors what you know subjectively, but what you do not allow yourself to remember objectively. Therefore, you create this projection.

You project yourself into the image of this god, and you attribute to this god all that you know within your subjective awareness, that this god holds all of these abilities. But you also project what you know objectively, and you attribute your objective qualities to this entity that you have created.

In actuality, this is merely a projection, a concept of yourselves, as you have created this separation of objective and subjective awarenesses. It is, as all other belief systems, another explanation to yourselves of that which you have forgotten.

DALE: So that’s why it seemed so relevant to me? Actually, I want to make sure that I’m getting this correctly. The reason why this seemed so relevant to me is because I was ... not because. I am projecting subjectively what I know, but also objectifying it in my belief systems too?

ELIAS: Correct.

DALE: Okay.

ELIAS: You are correct.

DALE: It was very relevant to me!

ELIAS: These are very strong aspects of belief systems that you hold, in expressing to yourselves this element of duplicity: that you hold this aspect of self that is glorious, but you also hold this very distasteful element of self, this base instinct which is quite lowly and an aspect of self that must be attended to, to be eliminated. This be the sinful self, and this....

DALE: I’d like to get rid of it!


DALE: It’s accepting it instead of....

ELIAS: Your attention in this direction merely is perpetuating! (Pause, staring at Dale)

Each time that you are placing a judgment upon yourself in ANY area, you are perpetuating the belief system of duplicity, and you are reinforcing your own strength in energy in holding to this belief system. You are not accepting of this belief system. (Pause)

DALE: Isn’t even rejecting it giving it power too?

ELIAS: Absolutely, for you are continuing to be creating of a judgment.

DALE: So is it more like acknowledging, and then letting go?

ELIAS: Quite, recognizing that this is a belief system, that you hold choices within this belief system, that you are not eliminating this belief system but that you are placing no judgment upon this belief system or its expressions. You may continue to create within the belief system, and you SHALL continue to create within the belief system, for you create your reality within this dimension with belief systems!

I have expressed over and over again, you shall not be eliminating your belief systems! This dimension that you have created within a physical focus is based in your belief systems. It is an intricate element of your physical manifestation within this particular dimension. It has been created purposefully. If you are eliminating of your belief systems, you are also eliminating of this particular physical dimension expression! Therefore, this is not the point.

Your belief systems within themselves are not bad or good. They merely are. They are your own explanations. They are influencing of your perception, and your perception is your tool that you use to be creating of your reality within this dimension.

Let us momentarily all visualize a game. You are the object of the game. Within your hands, you hold a stick. I shall inquire of you if any one of you is placing judgment upon the stick presently.

DALE: Yes!


DALE: Of course!

ELIAS: A very bad stick! (Laughter)

DALE: Oh, no, no, no! Actually, no!

ELIAS: A very good stick! (Laughter)

DALE: No, I wasn’t placing judgment on it. I described it to myself though, which I immediately – of course – thought that I was a BAD person for even thinking what the stick looked like! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Now we shall clear this energy (blowing once) and we shall begin again! (This ‘blowing once’ is Elias’ ‘clearing energy’ joke)

(Humorously) You are holding a stick. It is not a good stick; it is not a bad stick. You are not good or bad. You are merely standing, holding a stick.

Now, you move in the direction of engaging a game. You place a ball upon your ground, and you push the ball with your stick. The ball is not bad or good either, and it matters not which direction you are pushing the ball with the stick. You are merely pushing.

You are also not racing with another individual, for no other individual is playing the game with you. You are playing the game yourself. Therefore, there is no competition, there is no race, there is no winner, there is no loser, and there are no rules.

You may push the ball for as long as you desire or as short as you desire, and in whichever direction you desire. It is merely the action of pushing the ball with the stick.

You are you, the expression of a focus of essence physically manifest. The stick is your belief system, and the ball is your perception.

CATH: Can I just throw something in here? What if you get bored with the stick and you want to pick the stick up ... I mean the ball up in the air, or you want to aim it toward a little hole? Or, you want to make life more interesting?

ELIAS: It matters not. You may be moving the stick and the ball in whichever direction or expression that you are so choosing.

CATH: Trying to accomplish something, you’re setting up goals for yourself? ‘I want to get that, and I want to hit it just right.’

ELIAS: If you are so choosing. It matters not.

The point is that the stick is neutral. It is a tool to be creating of an action. The ball is accomplishing the action. The stick is facilitating the ball. The ball is accomplishing the direction and your intent. YOU are manipulating and directing the stick to be moving the ball in the direction that you choose. The stick is not good or bad. It is a tool. The ball is not good or bad. It is an expression within a motion, to be accomplishing your direction.

Now; you may become frustrated with the ball if you are pushing the ball with the stick, and the ball is moving in a direction that is not matching your thought, and you may stomp upon the ball and you shall be creating conflict, for you shall be irritating yourself.

CATH: I see it as being competitive with yourself. I’m very competitive with myself. Not with someone else; with me.

ELIAS: Which you very successfully camouflage as motivation. In actuality, it is merely a camouflaged expression of the lack of acceptance of self, that if you are not challenging yourself, you are not creative enough to be motivating.

CATH: Hmm!

ELIAS: You are automatically motivated, for you are essence, and your natural movement and expression is to be becoming. Therefore, in becoming, you are continuously in motion and motivated. But your belief systems ... even those that you consider to be good, for good is a judgment also, quite equal to bad!

Therefore, even in your expressions of GOOD aspects of belief systems, you are camouflaging the birds, and you are creating an acceptable expression of these bright birds that you may play with, and they continue to hold their power within energy, for you continue to lend energy to your belief system of duplicity. You merely do not pay as much attention to your expressions of good as you do to your expressions of bad, for bad is your dead mouse!

DALE: And paying attention to our bad parts is good!


DALE: Or so we think!

ELIAS: And you shall quite convolute yourself in this expression, shall you not?

DALE: Yep!

VICKI: ... Okay, I have a question based on the first part. So, when somebody else’s ball connects up with your ball, then there can be an altering of your perception, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: My question goes back to this allowance/penetration/buffer thing ... if you could maybe give some information about how to create this buffer a little more efficiently than I seem to be able to create presently.

ELIAS: This is in actuality directly related to your own acceptance of self. I have expressed to you all many times that your initial direction is to be concerning yourself with self, and subsequently you move in the direction of the acceptance of other individuals, for this automatically is a natural byproduct of your own acceptance of self, for in the areas that you are not accepting of self, you also are not accepting of other individuals.

It may take different forms, but your lack of acceptance of self is that which you project outwardly to other individuals in the expression of lack of acceptance of them and their expressions.

You may express to yourselves that you are quite accepting of another individual’s expression, but you are not accepting of your own expression within this same situation. This may hold true – in a manner of speaking, in your terms – but underlyingly, your lack of acceptance of self shall project to another individual in a lack of acceptance of them within a similar area. It merely appears camouflaged, but it is a mirror action.

Therefore, although you are all influencing of each other, you are not creating of each other’s reality, and that influence which is projected may be discriminated upon within your physical focus. You may choose what influences to be accepting and what influences to not be accepting, in the manner of penetration.

Not that you are not accepting of the expression of another individual – you are allowing the allowance of the other individual pushing their ball – but you do not necessarily need be allowing their ball to collide with your ball. This is the penetration action. As you allow their ball to collide with your ball, you have allowed the penetration. But you may, as you view the approach of the other ball, move your ball, in physical terms.

In terms of energy and consciousness of self, you do not necessarily move your physical self away from an energy projection of another individual – which is an expression of another individual – but you do not allow the penetration of the energy into your energy field. You allow your energy field to be the buffer.

Now; the action of allowing your energy field to be the buffer that the energy expression projected shall bounce off of is the action of acceptance of self, and therefore not holding to your energy field; not holding to the movement, the motion of your energy centers within you which are creating of your energy field which surrounds you. But as you hold tightly to your energy field ... let us continue with our example of your stick and your ball.

You stand with your stick and your ball. Another individual enters your area – not your game, but your area – and engages playing their game. They push their ball with their stick, and you view this ball approaching your ball.

In this, you move quickly, snatching up your ball and your stick and holding tightly to your ball and your stick, and in this action of holding so very tightly to your ball and your stick, you are quite occupied, and the other ball strikes your toe! (Laughter) For you are preoccupied with holding to your ball and your stick, that they may not be struck, and you are guarding them preciously, and your attention is fixed, and therefore you create the allowance for the other ball to strike you.

But if you are not snatching your ball and your stick, and you are not holding so very tightly within your grasp, you may respond to this approaching other ball by pushing your ball with your stick in another direction, for your attention is not fixed upon your grasp. It is allowed the periphery. It is allowed the openness of view, to be watching the approach, and also viewing within your periphery all of the other area available to move your ball.

CATH: Can I ask a question? It’s exactly the opposite of what she asked. What if the ball enters your area willingly, but plays a kind of dances with wolves with you? You want to engage the ball, the other ball, and it comes closer, then backs off and comes closer, and you want the energies to meet, but they can’t quite. You’re talking about keeping separate. I’m saying, how do you come together? Do you follow me?

ELIAS: Quite! This involves agreement, for you are not manipulating of the other ball.

CATH: Right.

ELIAS: You may manipulate your ball, and you may push your ball with your stick and you may be colliding with the other ball, but it is also the choice of the other individual playing their game to be colliding with your ball subsequently and to be engaging your ball.

This is an agreement that you may enter into, and you may push your balls together for a time period if you are choosing within that agreement, but you may not be manipulating the choice of the other individual pushing their ball, for each individual holds their own choices and is manipulating of their ball in their own expression.

You may influence by colliding with their ball. They may be traveling a straight direction and you may collide with their ball, which shall be influencing of their ball to veer in another direction. But this may be temporary, for they may choose to replace their ball upon their line and continue within their straight direction, or they may choose to be creating of a new direction. These would be agreements that are created within shared experiences of individuals.

(Intently) You do not engage experiences with other individuals without agreements.

CATH: But what if you have a half-agreement? The other ball wants to play, but keeps pulling back, afraid. As I said, the dances with wolves, where they come closer and then back, come closer and back, where they can’t quite make it. It seems to be short-circuiting. The connection between the balls doesn’t quite make it. It almost comes together, and then back....

ELIAS: And are you expressing an inquiry to a solution of this dance?

CATH: I suppose, on how to handle it, how to approach this particular situation.

ELIAS: To be addressing to your own wants, recognizing that the expression of the other individual is their choice and is their expression and needs not be affecting and is not dictating of your direction, and in this, you may be focusing your attention upon your want in the action of the dance and examining your motivation, so to speak, in the area of your want.

I am not expressing desire, for this is a different action, for your desire follows your intent, and this is a different subject matter.

But your wants many times are expressed by your lack of trust and your lack of acceptance, and this is creating of wants.

You WANT an element that you perceive you do not have. Therefore, it is an element to be acquired, but there is no element for you to acquire, for you already hold all of the elements. Therefore, the want is the expression of an area of lack of trust and acceptance within yourself, and this is YOUR expression of the projected energy to another individual or situation.

This also involves our very famous little aspect bird of control, which we are all so very fond of and are quite engaging of this little bird! For within physical focus, within this particular dimension, you have created feeding this little bird of control quite well, and it is becoming quite fat and also very demanding, for you are quite insistent upon playing with this bird, and when you may not be playing with this bird with another individual, you shall play with this bird with yourselves, and you shall be controlling of yourselves and of all that you perceive surrounds you, for this feeds another bird, of safety.

If you are feeding the nice fat bird of control, it in return is quite obliging and feeding the little bird of safety, and these are all more aspects of belief systems that you have lent much energy to.

And what do you perceive that you shall be needing safety within or from, if all is you? If there is no separation, there is no other essence that is not intermingled with you. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, all-that-is, is YOU. And what shall you require safety from within yourself? For how shall you betray you, and how shall you be hurtful to yourself? In actuality – other than through your perception of your belief systems – but in actuality, there is no hurtfulness. It is merely a perception.

CATH: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. (Pause)

VICKI: So what about when somebody else is in your area and their ball gets really stuck in the mud, and they’re yelling and screaming and asking for some help to get their ball unstuck from the mud, and in the action of focusing on their ball being stuck in the mud, you realize that you’re altering the direction of your own ball? How does this work with what you’ve been talking about with ... well, for example, the sapling story?

ELIAS: This is not inconsistent with the sapling story. If you are engaging an action of compliance with another individual, with their ball as it is stuck within the mud, so to speak, they are asking for helpfulness, and it is your choice to be offering or to not be offering. It is your choice, if you are engaging helpfulness, to be entering into agreement with this individual. You ARE altering of your game and you ARE altering of your direction, for you are engaging joint action in helpfulness to another individual as requested, but you have CHOSEN to be offering this helpfulness. You have CHOSEN to engage this agreement. This is your choice.

I express to you once again, NO OTHER ESSENCE MAY BE CREATING OF YOUR CHOICES. No other individual within your entire dimension is creating of ANY of your choices. YOU are creating of your choices. YOU create your probabilities. YOU create your choices. YOU direct your energy. THEY do not direct your energy ... the infamous ‘they,’ which is you!

These are all areas of agreement, and you hold the choice to enter into these agreements or to not enter into these agreements, and there is no judgment, for it matters not. It is merely a choice of experience. The judgments appear as they are influenced by your belief systems, which is influencing of your perception. Therefore, your perception is that which is creating of your judgments.

VICKI: Well, I think my entire question was phrased within making a judgment on perpetuation of one’s own belief systems or another person’s belief systems, and in actuality, that would be unnecessary also, I suppose.

ELIAS: Quite, but these are beneficial areas for you to be observing within this subject matter of addressing to belief systems and all the aspects of belief systems, that you may offer yourselves the opportunity to view how very automatic you have embedded these aspects of belief systems within yourselves, and you have lent so very much energy in this area that you have created automatic responses.

You hold no thought process in many of these responses. It is unnecessary to be projecting energy in the area of thought. You may move in these directions automatically.

This dimension is created based upon what physical manifestations of expressions? (Staring at Jen)

JEN: Is that a question? (Laughter)

ELIAS: What physical expressions of manifestation is this particular dimension based upon? (Still staring at Jen)

JEN: Well, it seems to be based on our belief systems.

ELIAS: Your belief systems are a manifestation. They are explanations to yourselves. They are an intricate element of your creation of this dimension, but they are not the base element of your manifestation. They are not the reason that you have created this particular dimension.

JEN: Oh. Physical and emotional experience.

ELIAS: Emotional and sexual.

JEN: Oh, sexual. Excuse me.

ELIAS: And what shall be the first expressions of experience in response to your perceptions and your belief systems before you are even creating of a thought? You shall respond emotionally, or you shall respond sexually.

JEN: If we’re to get to a place where we’re able to neutralize our belief systems so that we’re aware – just a basic or a higher level of awareness, if you will – does that mean that we will have more experience of emotions and sexuality on a different level? I mean, perceptions and belief systems are clouding that experience?

ELIAS: It shall open to you more elements of your expression of creativity in these expressions and within the exploration of these experiences.

Therefore, in a manner of speaking, there is an element that you DO cloud, so to speak, or block your experiences and your expressions as influenced by your belief systems, for these belief systems shall dictate to you that certain elements of the expressions are bad, and therefore you shall not engage, and in this lack of engagement you limit your own creativity and your own expressions within your experiences, for you deny yourselves your own abilities in the area of your own creativity and your own abilities.

BOBBI: ... So in letting go of those aspects ... I guess I’m concentrating on accepting those aspects, thinking they’re belief systems, but in actuality, I would be letting go of those, hopefully working back to....

ELIAS: This be the reason that I have offered the analogy of the bird cage, for the cage itself is the representation of the belief system, an element that is neutral within itself, merely what you may term to be an object which holds no quality within itself but is a thing within itself. But the birds that are contained within the cage are the aspects of the belief system, and THESE are quite alive and moving and fluttering and demanding, and they ARE requiring of your attention! You shall not pay very close attention to the cage, but you shall pay very much attention to the birds within the cage!

CATH: Do we have more than one cage?


VICKI: There’s not very many though, huh.

ELIAS: Not as very many as you think, but there are many more birds within these cages than you think!

BOBBI: So in acceptance, that’s accepting the bird cage, not the birds that are aspects? Is that correct?

ELIAS: No. The cage you are already within acceptance of. The birds you are NOT accepting of! Within your acceptance of these birds, you are opening the door to the cage and you are allowing the birds to fly free and empty the cage, and as the cage is empty, it holds no power, for it holds no more motion, and you may place the cage wherever you choose. You may manipulate the cage in whichever area you choose, but you need not tend to the cage, for it in itself does not demand of you. The birds demand of you!

CATH: What if we enjoy the birds? You said something about losing the power. What if we accept that as part of our artistic creation?

ELIAS: And you DO, and you place a judgment upon this and you express that it is good, and where you place a judgment that these birds are good, you automatically – within this physical dimension – also place a judgment upon other expressions and other birds that are bad, and you lend energy to the very elements that you wish not to lend energy.

CATH: Going back more to the thing where you said, ‘If we didn’t have beliefs, we wouldn’t be manifesting in this dimension.’ So we need beliefs, right?

ELIAS: Quite, but you need not hold judgments upon the beliefs. You shall continue to hold the cages, and you may manipulate the cages and you may reform the cages. You may melt the metal of the cages and you may reform these cages into new cages if you are so choosing, or you may divide these cages and be creating of many more cages, but the cages themselves are neutral. They are merely tools in your creating within your reality, as your stick.

CATH: Where do emotions come into this? Where are they in relation to the birds and the cages? Which comes first, the birds or the emotions?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) The birds or the eggs? (Laughter)

Emotions are not belief systems. Emotions are an element of your expression that you have chosen to be the method, so to speak, of your expression within this particular physical dimension. This is not to say that other physical dimensions do not incorporate emotion, for some do, but within this particular dimension, it is one of the base elements of your creation of expression.

In this, the emotion exists regardless of the belief system. The experience of emotion is created and exists and is expressed with or without the belief systems, but you are incorporating belief systems into this particular dimension. Therefore, it is not necessarily a question of which you have created first, for you create them together, but they are functioning differently. The belief systems are influencing of your emotions, but emotion is a translation of a tone quality of essence. It is a translation into a physical dimension for the reason of physical experience. Belief systems are not an aspect of essence. They are a creation, a tool to be manipulating perceptions within physical dimensions that influence and create your reality.

CATH: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

BOBBI: I have to go back to the birds again. Okay, the birds are aspects of belief systems.


BOBBI: So if I look at this bird and I find I want to let it go ... I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be accepting that bird or letting it go. I see that as a difference somehow.

ELIAS: There is no difference. The acceptance of this bird – of any bird – this action of the lack of judgment upon this bird creates the action of opening the door, and as the door is unlocked and opened, the bird itself shall fly free. Therefore, it shall be let go.

BOBBI: Okay. That just sounds so much like eliminating the bird.

ELIAS: This is merely what you may term to be diffusing energy, and in this action, the energy is allowed to be reforming. You are not holding the energy. Your ball may not roll upon your ground if you are holding your stick and your ball! You may not play your game in manipulating your ball in any direction, upon your ground or within your air, if you are holding your ball. But if you are letting go of your ball, you are also re-engaging your game and allowing yourself to engage your ball and manipulate it in many different directions.

In like manner, if you have locked the door to the cage, you are holding the cage. You are quite in control of the action of the cage and of the birds, and the birds are subject to you. And therefore, in translation, the energy is confined to you in the same manner as your ball is confined to you as you hold your ball, but as you place your ball upon your ground, it now holds the ability to roll. You may push it, but it shall roll. It shall be within its own momentum. You are not continuously touching your ball, pushing. It shall roll. You shall tap and it shall roll, and you need not be controlling its roll. You have directed it already, and you have allowed it to roll. This is the action of probabilities.

In this same manner, you are holding to all of the aspects of the belief system by locking the door, and in this, the birds remain contained and you are manipulating of their action. You may feed them or you may starve them, but you shall be paying attention to them, and they may be squawking quite noisily and you may not retreat from their squawking, for you are holding the cage. But as you unlock the door and you allow these birds to fly free, you need not be paying attention to them any longer. You may not be feeding them any longer or listening to their squawking, for they have embarked upon their own journey.” [session 331, October 16, 1998]

DEANE: “Speaking of belief systems ... now, our values are based on our belief systems, are they not?


DEANE: Let’s say that I discover my wife is having an affair with my best friend that has continued for thirty years. Am I not to judge? Am I to say, ‘Well, it’s only the belief system of faithfulness that makes this wrong’? Am I to accept her actions and not feel bad because of the realization that this is just one manner of believing?

ELIAS: These are difficult areas for individuals within physical focus, for your belief systems are very strong, and the mass belief systems that you have established within your officially accepted reality hold great strength and energy.

Now; let me express to you that in the presentment of your inquiry, you are also expressive – without actual words but within your tone and your feeling – of a negative quality of acceptance of belief systems, for your expression moves in the direction of, ‘Shall I merely be accepting in the manner of, ‘It matters not. Oh well. It is merely an alignment of belief systems’?’ In actuality, this is quite correct, but notice your expression of this statement and the emotion that accompanies this.

In this, I have been expressing from the onset of these sessions that the first area of acceptance is the acceptance of self, and in this, addressing to your individual belief systems and your alignment with mass belief systems. As you look more and more to self and you begin to allow yourself an objective understanding of the reality of your belief systems and how they are affecting of you and all that you create, you may view more and more that these expressions ALL lead back, so to speak, to each individual’s lack of acceptance of self in any given area.

I am understanding of the difficulty in moving into the realization of the reality of these aspects of belief systems, but this would be the point and also the reason that I have expressed many, many times that there shall be trauma associated with this shift in consciousness. You do not necessarily so very easily let loose your hold upon these very large aspects of belief systems!

Now; in the situation of this hypothetical action – that your wife may be engaged in a relationship with another individual for a time framework and you are holding a responsiveness to this – I express to you that every situation holds many choices. NONE of the choices that move in conjunction with each situation are negative or wrong or bad. They are merely choices.

Therefore, in your partner’s choice of experience, this is not wrong. But also, your choice of response, regardless of which direction you move within, is not wrong either. But they ARE all influenced by your mass belief systems.

Now; within the action of this shift in consciousness and moving in the direction of alignment with that shift, it behooves you to be addressing to your own belief systems and identifying why you shall hold an expression of hurtfulness in response to another individual’s choice of action.

Let me be reminding you that no other individual is hurtful to you. Although they may be influencing of you in many different manners, they are not creating of hurtfulness to you. YOU are creating of this response and emotion or feeling, in response to areas of self that you are reinforcing in the area of lack of acceptance of self.

Are you understanding? For I may clarify, if you are not.

DEANE: Well, I think that I do, but my question was really directed at so many different belief systems, and if we’re here to experience emotions, how can we not experience them without values being stressed? If you accepted all belief systems as belief systems, then there would be no reason to feel emotions at anything that went right or wrong. Am I not right?

ELIAS: Ah, not necessarily! You are very accustomed to associating your emotions with your value systems and your moral systems and your belief system of duplicity: the right and wrong, the good and bad.

But acceptance of belief systems is not the elimination of emotion, but that you shall allow yourselves to experience emotion in a new manner, not necessarily in conjunction with the confines of your belief systems. You may be experiencing quite a fullness of your emotion and this may not align with your belief systems at all, but merely with your choices, and the choice to be experiencing pleasure or to not be experiencing pleasure.

In this, you continue to be creating of the experiences of your emotions, but you allow yourself the realistic understanding of what you are creating with your intent, and in this you offer yourself the ability to experience more fully.

(Intently) You are not limiting or eliminating aspects of your reality and your experiences. You are opening and allowing yourself to experience these elements more fully.” [session 342, November 24, 1998]

KATIE: “I also had another recent dream. Actually, it was more like a month ago. I dreamt that my father was with me, and he was holding me and praising me for all of my accomplishments and loving me in a way that I never experienced with him in life, and then he told me that there were some coming challenges, but that he would be with me throughout those. Was this actually my father, or was this imagery I created for myself?

ELIAS: This is imagery that you have presented to yourself in conjunction with tapping into energy deposits of this individual – not necessarily connecting with the focus itself, but connecting with aspects of the energy of that focus which are deposited within consciousness – and you have offered yourself this connection to be reassuring to yourself and to be validating yourself in the area that you may be receiving helpfulness through consciousness regardless of the situations that you may be encountering and creating within your physical focus.

KATIE: Okay. The challenges that he described – actually, that he didn’t elaborate on, but mentioned – are they related to some of the difficulties I’ve been having lately, particularly with my roommate?

ELIAS: Partially. This would be an example of these types of challenges as they relate to the identification of belief systems and the movement into the area of viewing and interpreting and beginning to be accepting of the aspects of belief systems, which may be a difficult process, in your terms, for these are the very elements of this shift in consciousness that we identify as being those elements of trauma as associated with this shift in consciousness, which may also be viewed as challenges as you move through these areas of viewing and allowing yourself to be confronting, so to speak, these different aspects of belief systems.

KATIE: Okay. So how am I doing at moving through these? Because right now it sure doesn’t feel like I am, (Elias grins) particularly with regard to the difficulties with my roommate.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Let me express to you that as you allow yourself to move more fully into the area of viewing all of these different aspects of the belief system of relationship, you may offer yourself more helpfulness, and you may also offer yourself more elements of acceptance of yourself.

In this, individuals may be becoming confused in certain areas related to this subject matter. In your experiences, you may also, in like manner to many individuals, move in the direction of attempting to be accepting of OTHER individuals and their behaviors, and in this action, if you are not viewing the aspects of the belief system that YOU hold, you are defeating the point! (21) For in viewing the aspects of the belief system that YOU hold and addressing to these, you also automatically become less affected by the actions and behaviors of OTHER individuals, recognizing that they have not moved into the area of viewing these particular aspects of belief systems.

Now! I caution you in this, that you do not allow yourself to be moving into the trap of what you in physical focus term to be self-righteousness, viewing that you are more advanced than another individual within your movement, for this also is defeating of the point, for it is merely creating a judgment in another direction. It is merely altering your viewing of one bird and distracting yourself into the viewing of a different bird, but you have not allowed either bird to fly free from this cage of belief system.

Therefore, I express to you that your most helpful engagement with yourself in this area is to be allowing yourself to view each aspect of what you experience in the area of conflict and irritation, and each time you are experiencing these elements, you may express to yourself that you are confronting yourself with an aspect of the belief system, and in that, you may address to the aspect of the belief system that you are viewing and allow yourself to be accepting of that, and therefore lessen your own conflict. As you hold to these aspects of the belief system and justify within yourself, you merely reinforce the belief system and all of its aspects, and in that action, you are moving yourself into what we have designated as the trauma of this shift, which we are offering information to be avoiding that action.

KATIE: Okay. Well, I’ll endeavor to examine those beliefs a little more closely. One has come up that I think is a part of it, and it’s around my sense of security and fear of being out on my own entirely.

ELIAS: And this would be a very large bird! In this, let me express to you that within physical focus, you have developed these beliefs that there are needs within your physical focus, and in these needs you have also developed much fearfulness, for you hold the fearfulness of not meeting these needs, so to speak.

But let me also express to you that contrary to your thought process, the more you allow yourself to be trusting of self and letting go of your hold upon these belief systems and the energy that you hold within them, the more you offer yourself the freedom to be manifesting the very elements of your desire. The more you hold to this energy within the aspects of these belief systems, the more you create the very element that you do NOT desire.

That which you hold as fear, you move in the direction of creating, for fear is a very powerful movement of energy. The more attention you lend to your fearfulness, the more that you move in the direction of the actualization of the manifestation of that very fear and the creation of it. As you allow yourself to move away from these elements of fear and you allow yourself more of a trust, you also offer yourself more validation to be reinforcing your trust.

Let me express to you that at times, individuals may initially move in the direction of expressing to themselves that they are trusting in the universe, so to speak. Temporarily, this may serve as an efficient method, so to speak, in moving you more into the area of allowing yourself to be trusting of self, for eventually you may translate universe into self and recognize that YOU are the element which is creating of all of the actions of your reality.

But temporarily, you may allow yourself to be trusting in this outside force, so to speak, of the universe, and express to yourself that all of your needs, so to speak – which are not in actuality needs, but wants – shall be provided for adequately if you are allowing yourself to be trusting in this.

As you allow yourself to validate this trust by offering yourself examples of how the universe, so to speak, may be providing for you, you shall also be reinforcing your acceptance and trust of self, and in this you may subsequently allow yourself to move into the direction of trusting that in actuality, YOU are the element or the force, so to speak, that is creating of all of the provisions within your physical reality of your needs, so to speak.

Security is an illusion, and is an element of belief systems that you have created within physical focus. You hold the ability to be manipulating quite efficiently every aspect of your reality, and to be creating WHATEVER you are choosing. It is merely your beliefs that are creating restrictions upon your creation.

You do not believe that you hold the ability to be adequately providing your wants, and this is reinforced through your belief system of duplicity, that it may not be GOOD for you to be providing yourself with your wants. Therefore, you create this wheel that you continue to rotate upon, and reinforce all of these belief systems.

I express to you that you hold the ability to quite efficiently be providing any aspect of your reality that you are so choosing for yourself. There are many examples within your very physical focus that you may attach to, and allow yourself the validation of this actualization of creation.” [session 343, November 29, 1998]

ELIAS: “This evening we shall open to your questions, if you are so choosing, and you may have the floor.

CAROLE: I have a question. At our last session here, at the end of the session, you spoke to Thomas and mentioned an essence that wanted to manifest in physical focus, and told him to give that information to Bridget. About a week-and-a-half to two weeks ago, in the dream state, I had this dream that there was a big suitcase, and I was searching inside the suitcase for what were my children, or I was calling them my babies, but they were very, very tiny, almost like the size of mice, and they weren’t in there. They were gone, and I was saying, ‘My babies, my babies! They’re gone, they’re gone!’

And then I heard this information, or somehow I got this information, and it said, ‘They’ve been stolen, either by foreigners or aliens.’ Then I got the three names, in this order: Thomas, Elias, Bridget. And then when I woke up, I thought, ‘I wonder if that means that those essences have decided to manifest someplace else, either as foreigners in this country and manifest somewhere else in this country, or aliens – what we would term aliens, you know – in some other physical focus.’ (Pause)

ELIAS: What you have offered yourself in this dream imagery is the information that there are more aspects to individuals than merely what may appear to be manifest within this particular dimension.

In this, you are looking for the whole of the individuals within an encasement. You are searching to find these individuals, and you view them to be very tiny and that they shall be within this case.

This is the imagery that you present yourself that one focus, in certain terms, may be considered very tiny as to the whole of essence, but you do not find even these tiny people within this case, for the imagery also suggests to you that regardless that you search for the individual focuses, they may not be contained within an encasement.

Your view yourselves, as I have stated previously, singularly, and to be encased in occupying physical focus as you manifest with this body. But this is not an encasement, and it is not quite as solid as it appears to be within your perception. This be the reason that you may not necessarily find what you are seeking within the case.

In this, you are offering yourself information in conjunction with this information that I have offered at our last meeting – that although there be an essence choosing to be manifest within physical focus, it is not an encasement of one small entity, but this focus holds all of essence.

The reason that you present yourself with these namings is that these two of the parents engage in the agreement or consider the agreement to be entering into with this other essence, in allowance of a new focus.

You image myself in this dream imagery, for I have offered the information and this appears to be unusual, which it is. For the most part I am not offering of this type of information, but as I choose to offer certain elements of information, they are purposeful for those individuals and the direction that those individuals are moving in within that time period, and the information offered may be beneficial and encouraging to them dependent upon the situation and circumstances that they are creating, which may be creating of much conflict within their focus; which these individuals have been creating much elements of conflict, and in a manner of speaking have placed themselves within their creations in the position of not viewing the light at the end of the tunnel. Therefore, encouragement was offered in a manner of allowing a distraction of thought process, that they may choose not to continue to be circling within the groove that they are cutting themselves within.

In this, you image myself in your dream state as participating in this activity and offering helpfulness to them. Therefore, I appear in conjunction with their creation.

You image yourself in participation, for you lend much energy in this direction, and you also participate quite strongly within the belief systems and the officially accepted actions and behaviors of family.

CAROLE: That’s true.

ELIAS: Therefore, you offer yourself imagery within your dream state, in one respect to be offering you information as to the vastness and non-containability of essence, and in another respect to be reinforcing of your own alignment with your belief systems as with regard to family.

Let me also express to you that as I state that you may be in alignment with a particular belief system, this is not wrong. It also is not bad. Certain belief systems that you hold limit your interactions and your creativity, but certain belief systems also offer you comforting, for they are familiar.

It is quite easy for you to view belief systems that you THINK of as negative, and in this move into the direction of discounting them, OR allowing yourself to view yourselves to be very wide (humorously) and examining the aspects of these belief systems, and expressing that you shall be accepting and letting go of these belief systems!

In actuality, for the most part, you view aspects of your belief systems, you label certain belief systems as negative or non-beneficial to you, and in this you attempt to alter, change, or dismiss these belief systems.

But in moving into the area of belief systems that you align with, that you view to be beneficial to you, you become quite comfortable with [these] and you view there is no need to be altering of these belief systems! Your terminology for this is that they are ‘working’ belief systems. (Grinning, and laughter)

They offer you no conflict, and you are correct – some belief systems do NOT create conflict with you. I shall express to you that holding to your belief systems, regardless of your view that they be positive or negative, IS limiting you in some areas.

ALL of the belief systems that you hold to and you are not accepting of shall be limiting you in your creativity and your expressions. This is not bad!

I am quite understanding that this is a very difficult concept for you to understand, for you automatically move into the area of judgment and expressing to yourselves within your thoughts that all of these terms, these words, hold negative connotations.

In your reality, in what you experience, yes, we may express that they may be negative. In a wider viewing of these concepts, they are not negative. These are choices.

But even within those belief systems that you view to be working belief systems – those that you align with and they offer you no conflict – these also are limiting of your own creativity and of widening your awareness, and if allowing yourselves to move into ACCEPTING these belief systems, you may be allowing yourselves to widen your awareness, that you may be accomplishing much more and offering much more, not only to yourselves but to all other individuals within physical focus, in your expression of energy.

Let me be reminding you that holding to the belief systems and not accepting them creates expectations and judgments. All belief systems create judgments and expectations, and these two elements create much of your conflicts, and this is what you seek to be eliminating – your conflict.

I may also express to you that although you may view many belief systems presently as working belief systems, presently – as this shift in consciousness progresses and gains even more momentum in energy – even working belief systems shall be addressed to, and if you are choosing to hold to them, these are the elements that shall be creating trauma.

And as I have expressed to you many times, this be the reason that I speak to you, to be avoiding this trauma that is associated with this shift in consciousness, and you shall hear myself express this more and more, for as you approach the turning of this century – as you approach your new century – this shall gain momentum, and you shall be witnessing and experiencing more and more elements of trauma associated with this shift in consciousness as individuals continue to hold to what they view to be familiar, and this would be holding to these belief systems and holding to familiar behaviors.

Within this shift in consciousness, in the acceptance of belief systems, what you are accomplishing is neutralizing the judgments and expectations.

At our previous meeting, I expressed to you the belief systems that you hold in every aspect of your focus – even to your shoes – and I also expressed to you that although you hold belief systems as to your shoes, that if your shoes are wide enough, it matters not which foot you are placing them upon and they shall fit and they shall not be creating uncomfortableness, but as you continue to hold to not very wide shoes and place them upon opposite feet, you shall be experiencing painfulness.

This tiny little example offers you, slightly, an idea of the action of these belief systems. View them as the shoes that you wear now. They shall not be very comfortable in placing them upon different feet, but if you are stretching these shoes, regardless of their style, it shall matter not, and this would be the point.

(Vic’s note: The shoe analogy is a great example, go to session 339, November 13, 1998.)

ELIAS: I am not expressing to you that your alignment with belief systems of relationship in the area of family – of your emotions, of your compassion or love in the direction of family members – is wrong.

I am merely expressing to you that there is a very strong influence of the belief system of relationship and the aspects that address to family, and in this it may be limiting to you, for it automatically sets expectations and judgments in these areas and automatically also sets yourselves in positions for disappointments, for you experience disappointments when expectations are not met, and THIS be the area of the limitations; in which, if addressing to these areas and allowing yourself an acceptance in this area, you also offer yourself the freedom to view and perceive these individuals with freedom and be accepting of all of their actions and choices, recognizing that they are vaster beings than what you merely view physically and that they are efficiently creating their reality, regardless of any other individuals’ opinion. (10-second pause)

CAROLE: Yep! I know that’s true! There are times when I forget that it’s true, but I know that it’s true.

ELIAS: I do not offer this information that you be chastising yourself or that you be discounting yourself, for this is very unnecessary. It is merely an opportunity to view how you may widen your periphery, not to be expressing, ‘I have not accomplished and I have created wrong behavior once again.’ No, no, no, no, no!

It is not a question of wrong behavior. It is not a question of wrong belief systems! It is an opportunity to view how you may widen your periphery and encompass more of your own creativity and abilities, and in that expression, the automatic byproduct is the allowance of other individuals to be expressing freely also.

CAROLE: So that you’re not placing any expectations on them, whether it’s verbalized or inferred.

ELIAS: Correct, and this lends energy to the whole.

I am also aware that you each view yourselves as these tiny little persons, (grinning) and that you are so very singular and individual and small! And how may you be affecting of the mass, as you are merely one individual? But one individual is affecting of ALL, much more than you realize.

Each of you is not only affecting of all of the individuals that you physically encounter, but of all consciousness ... and do not think that you are NOT affecting within consciousness! Regardless that you physically view your affectingness, it matters not. It IS occurring.

Even within your physical day, you do not allow yourselves the awareness of HOW you are affecting, within all of your movements, within all of your moments.

Just as we have offered the exercise in clarity (22), that you may become more aware of your own outer senses and the manipulation of them ... for you do not pay attention to your own manipulation of your own senses. You also do not pay attention to your affectingness throughout one day – each individual that you encounter, that you touch – and the affectingness that is occurring in the energy exchange that you offer with every individual that you interact with.

For the most part, were I to inquire of you, ‘How many individuals have you encountered this day? And recount to me each individual! What was your interaction?’ For the most part, you would not be remembering, for you are not paying attention. But you are affecting of each of these individuals that you encounter, for you are creating an energy exchange with each of these individuals in every action that you create throughout your day.

Think to yourselves of all of the mundane actions that you have engaged within this one day and all of the individuals that you have encountered, and what has been your energy exchange with each of them? You have exchanged, and you have been affecting!

Now; you may express to me, ‘How is this relating to me and my experience and my belief systems?’ If you are interacting with your belief systems and you are placing yourself in conflict in response to your belief systems and holding to your own energy, as we spoke at our last meeting, you shall be affecting of each individual that you encounter in what you term to be negative energy, and this is what you shall project, and it SHALL be affecting, and it shall also be reinforcing of the energy to be holding to belief systems, which is set forth throughout consciousness in like manner to any preacher upon their soap box expressing the doom of Armageddon, of the end of your world. Their expression is no greater than your growl to an individual within an exchange in your market, for there is no measure of these expressions. One is not greater than the other. They are ALL affecting.

YOU look to expressions and measure them. Some expressions are small, some expressions are large. Within consciousness, they are all affecting. Therefore, it matters not that you may be shouting to many individuals of negative prophecies or that you may be lending energy in holding to belief systems – you are accomplishing the same action. You are NOT moving in the direction of lending energy to the acceptance and to the movement of this shift in consciousness.

I am quite aware that what I express to you holds great responsibility and appears to you as a very large job for each of you to be accomplishing, but be remembering that you have drawn yourselves to this forum.

Therefore, you have chosen to be moving in this direction and accepting this information, knowing that you hold the ability to be helpful in accomplishing yourselves first, and in that, offering helpfulness to other individuals as the sapling, (pause) which shall be MUCH more effective than much of your language.

(Smiling) Individuals have listened to language for centuries. Other individuals are not so very different from yourselves! You are tired of talking, and they are tired of talking too. You look to actions, examples, and in this you look to the saplings ... and YOU are the saplings! Be remembering, the ‘they’ is you!

CAROLE: There’s this feeling that I get a lot, as I keep learning more and more about the things that you teach us and understanding and coming to realizations by myself – this is going to be really hard for me to verbalize – and all of a sudden I feel like sometimes I’ve learned so much and I know so much and had it become a part of me that I really know it, that I’m not just trying to decide if I know it, and it almost feels like nothing that I can say is worth saying anymore. It just seems so much bigger than that. I’m not explaining it too well, but it’s like, I just feel like just quietly shutting down and living my life, because it’s way too big to say these things or anything or to try to figure out how to say it, so it seems easier not to say it, and that’s kind of where I’m at lately.

And then sometimes I just feel like, well, if I’m helping the whole of consciousness by all these things that I’ve learned and really understand, and saying it is just going to be more talk, and some people will interpret it just to be more of what they’ve read maybe in the last five books ... and then it just seems like, why am I still here? What am I still doing here?

ELIAS: This is a question that many individuals inquire within themselves. I express to you that in accomplishing within self, you may choose a direction of being the slapling. In this, you continue to lend energy to the movement within this shift in consciousness.

It is not requiring of a crusade! You are not within the middle ages! We are not engaging the Crusades for Christianity! We are engaging a shift in consciousness, which is global and which moves with energy, and not necessarily in the conventional terms, so to speak. But ALL of your movements lend energy to lessening the trauma of OTHER individuals within their movements.

In this, you may choose to be moving in the direction that is offering YOU pleasure, in which YOU find comfort, and in which YOU experience what you term to be happiness – all of which is an element of your value fulfillment – and in THIS expression, you lend energy to the accomplishment of this shift.

CAROLE: So, don’t worry, be happy! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Quite! And I have expressed often, seek pleasure! For this is the natural inclination of essence, and allows you less thickness within energy and more of an ease in your movement within your focus.

Ah, but your belief systems dictate to you that pleasure is taboo, for there are many, many ‘wrongs’ surrounding much of your physical pleasures ... and your physical pleasures are certainly not very spiritual! (Grinning)

All of your focus encompasses spirituality, for spirituality is the whole of you. Denying any element of it is not experiencing all of your spirituality.

CAROLE: ... When people trust themselves and they’re just chock-full of obvious, blatant belief systems, is that something that’s desirable? Because it just seems like they have a confidence of attitude, but they’re just belief systems. It’s not ... do you understand what I’m trying to say?

ELIAS: As I expressed to you in our last meeting, every element within your physical focus moves in conjunction with a belief system. Therefore, one individual may be expressing in a manner that appears overt as expressions of belief systems, and another individual may not be as obvious in their expression of belief systems, but you ALL express through the perception of your belief systems. Therefore, there is no difference, in that you hold belief systems.

Now; there are differences in how you may hold to your belief systems, for some individuals look to their belief systems and ARE viewing the aspects of their belief systems and ARE addressing to these and ARE letting go and ARE moving in the direction of acceptance, and this creates quite a difference in perception and behavior. There are other individuals that hold very tightly to their belief systems and continue in this manner, and THAT is creating of conflict and judgment.

An individual that is holding very tightly to their belief systems and pompously parading themselves about with these belief systems, as you are expressing, is not expressing an acceptance of self. It may appear in this manner outwardly to your thought process or to what you hear, but these individuals are not truly accepting of self, for in the acceptance of self, you begin to lessen your hold upon these belief systems.

(Intently) This be the reason that I am so very advocating of your acceptance and trust of self first – BEFORE ALL OTHER ACTIONS – for this automatically facilitates your movement into acceptance of belief systems.

For many of your judgments are based in your own lack of acceptance of self, and in accepting self in all areas, it becomes unnecessary to be justifying self in ANY area, and if you hold no need to be justifying self in any area, you are not placing judgment upon self and you are not placing judgment upon other individuals, and this automatically lends to the acceptance of belief systems.

If you look to your ideas – your concepts of your domino theories – you may view self and the acceptance of self as the one pin that may push over all the other pins.” [session 347, December 11, 1998]

KRISTIN: “The main reason I’m doing this right now is because I feel that I’m at an impasse in my life. I have some excellent opportunities in front of me. I have an opportunity to stay in the United States and teach and build a good career here, or I have the opportunity to go to Europe and be with my boyfriend Frederick and hope to do something productive there. I know that you can’t make the decision for me, but I’m hoping to get some insight on all this. I know I have belief systems getting in my way, things like that. Can you give me some insight on this?

ELIAS: Very well. Addressing to this situation, you are dealing with mass belief systems that concern the appearance of being responsible and productive within your society.

KRISTIN: Yes, exactly.

ELIAS: In this, the reason that you experience what you may term to be this tug of war, so to speak, is that you influence yourself by aligning with the mass belief system that you SHOULD be creating a productive, responsible contribution to yourself and your society, and in this, the choice would be to be remaining in the location that you are presently and engaging your career, in a manner of speaking.

Now; in moving outside of the mass belief system and allowing yourself to venture into the unfamiliar, and also into a wider awareness by opening to your periphery, you may choose to be removing yourself from this situation and physically moving your location to this other area of which you speak. In this, what you are presenting yourself with is not merely the movement outside of the mass belief system, but you are mirroring this movement in physical objective action by altering your physical location and placing yourself in the objective imagery of unfamiliarity. This provides you the opportunity to objectively practice your trust of self and move more efficiently into your expression of acceptance of self and your own creations, allowing you more and more to be trusting your own creativity and your own abilities. Are you understanding?

KRISTIN: Absolutely.

ELIAS: Therefore, although you are correct – I shall not be expressing to you the direction that you SHOULD be moving into, for this is your choice and you shall be following your value fulfillment regardless. But I shall offer to you that have created a line of probabilities before you that you may quite efficiently move into and be accomplishing much within your own movement, shall you be choosing to not be aligning with the mass belief systems and to allow yourself the opportunity to move into the area of unfamiliarity.

KRISTIN: You mean Europe, if I choose Europe.

ELIAS: Correct.

KRISTIN: Okay! That is a brilliant answer, and very, very helpful.

ELIAS: Be understanding that I am quite aware of the difficulties within physical focus that this shall be presenting to you, and you also hold an awareness. Regardless of the romanticizing of this movement, there are also quite realistic situations involved with this type of movement that may be creating of certain elements of conflict. But within these conflicts, you may be eliminating the conflict by offering yourself and allowing yourself the opportunity to be trusting in your own creations, and not allowing yourself to be influenced and swayed by other individuals that shall align with the mass belief systems.

KRISTIN: Okay. You’re quite right; it does bring up many conflicts. One conflict, as silly as this might sound, (Elias grins) involves my dog. I took on the responsibility of a small dog a couple of years ago, and I would like her to be with me eventually in Europe, but I don’t want to put her on the plane and put her in a bad situation where she might be uncomfortable. That’s just one such conflict. Are there ways of dealing with these types of conflicts?

ELIAS: This also, be realizing, is quite influenced by your belief systems, for your belief system of comfort is influenced by your perception, and vice versa. (23)

In this, I have stated many times that your belief systems are creating of your perception, and in certain situations, your perception may be also influencing of belief systems that you already hold, in reinforcing them.

What I am expressing to you is that at times you may hold certain belief systems, and subsequently offer yourself experiences or information via other individuals or circumstances that shall influence your perception. Therefore, your perception, then, is reinforcing and influencing of the belief system that you already hold.

In this, you hold belief systems in the area of comfort for this creature, and other creatures also. In this belief system, you create a fearfulness within yourself that harmfulness may befall this creature if you are engaging transportation within the mode that is available to you presently in movement to another country.

In this, you may not transport this creature by land. Therefore, this creates doubtfulness within you to the safety of this creature, but I express to you that this also is an opportunity for you to view how you are creating your reality in conjunction and agreement with this creature, by trusting yourself and your creations and your influence.

As you turn attention to trusting the safety of this creature and allowing yourself the knowing that no harmfulness shall befall it, you also shall influence the creation that is manifest jointly between yourself and this creature, and it shall arrive safely at its new destination. Are you understanding?

KRISTIN: ... Okay, this is excellent information, and I appreciate it! My next question is, do I still have the same essence family and alignments that I had last time we met?


KRISTIN: Okay. It’s Milumet?

ELIAS: Correct.

KRISTIN: With Sumari and Tumold, is it?

ELIAS: Tumold, yes. (Correcting pronunciation)

KRISTIN: Tumold.


KRISTIN: Why do I have two alliances [alignments]? How does that help me?

ELIAS: At times, essences choose to be incorporating more than one essence family or more than one essence family alignment. This offers them a difference in more of a diversity within their intent, and therefore is offering them of a different type of experience within physical focus.

Incorporating these two families, as aligning with them in this focus, offers you a playfulness in conjunction with healing aspects.

Therefore, you allow yourself not to be so very serious in the area of healing, which also offers you the direction of movement into expressions of healing that may not necessarily be aligned with the mass belief systems of healing, and therefore, you may be expressing of this action in quite creative actions.

KRISTIN: Have I been healing others, and if not, how do I move more into that type of action?

ELIAS: You are quite influencing in this area already, although individuals may not necessarily recognize this action in the terms of healing. But if allowing yourself to be questioning other individuals, you may also find that they hold an awareness of healing aspects that you offer to them in fun-lovingness and in your ability to not align with mass belief systems, and also in your ability to be offering a light-heartedness in different types of situations.

In this, your presence offers a healing element, and the energy that you exude merely within your presence is that element that offers the healing aspect of your intent.

KRISTIN: Okay! Speaking of intents, I’m starting to understand a little bit more about my intent. Can you help me to understand MORE about it? What is my intent here on this earth in this lifetime, and how can I better fulfill my potential?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you ARE fulfilling your intent and your value fulfillment, and you may continue to move in this direction efficiently by addressing to your own individual belief systems and moving yourself into more of an expression of acceptance of self, for as you are accomplishing of this, you are also increasing the energy that you project outwardly to other individuals and you are offering them the example in the manner of the little sapling, which provides them the opportunity to also be looking to self, and this is influencing within consciousness, in lending energy to their acceptance and trust of their own creations.

This would be the element of your intent within this particular focus, quite aligning with this shift in consciousness.

Also within your intent, you offer the example and the information to other individuals – incorporating the Milumet – that the genuine expression of spirituality is NOT an action which is to be attained and outside of yourself, but that the expression of spirituality is to be incorporating ALL of self, physical and non-physical, together in harmony, not discounting any aspect of self as non-spiritual, and allowing one’s self to be moving into the freedom of spontaneity and trusting of each individual’s own creations, not necessarily aligning with the mass belief systems. Are you understanding?

KRISTIN: Yes, I am! So I’m kind of what I feel like I’ve always been. I’m definitely a learner, but I am partly also a teacher.

ELIAS: Quite.

KRISTIN: Okay, but at the same time, I still am aligning with some mass belief systems that have caused me great pain this last year. I’m speaking now of some of my anxiety attacks, feeling like I have to be responsible ... can you go into this area and help me clear that up? I want to work on the areas in which I still have to improve myself.

ELIAS: In this, as I have stated previously within this particular session, as you allow yourself to be more accepting of self and more trusting of your own expressions and your own creativity, you also shall begin to relax your hold upon these issues and these belief systems.

Be remembering that each belief system holds very many aspects. Therefore, as you allow yourself to view all of the different birds within each of these bird cages of belief systems, you shall also allow yourself to view how much more efficient it may be to be discontinuing feeding these birds and allowing them to fly free out of these bird cages.

In this, each time you are experiencing conflict and confusion, you may turn your attention to your belief systems and view which bird you are presently giving attention to, and in this, you may refrain from continuing to feed that particular bird, allowing yourself more of your own freedom of expression, and this shall be reinforcing of your own trust of self.

I express to you that each time you are allowing yourself to view the accomplishment of your own trustfulness of self, you shall reinforce your own acceptance, and in this, you shall move more and more efficiently into the effortlessness of your own expressions, which shall be enhancing of the expression of your intent within this particular focus, and it shall be influencing in discontinuing your creation of conflict.

In this, CONFLICT IS UNNECESSARY. It is a manifestation of the limitations that you place upon yourself in alignment with your own belief systems.

Now; be remembering – and also ALLOWING – the influence and expression of your Milumet, in the remembrance that belief systems in themselves, as the cage, are neutral. Therefore, do not be placing judgment upon the belief systems, expressing to yourself that they be bad or good and that certain belief systems need be eliminated.

Merely allow yourself your own spirituality to be expressed in the recognition that the conflicts arise in your expression of the aspects of belief systems, in which you place judgments and in which you reinforce the belief system of duplicity.

KRISTIN: Which belief should I start with if I want to start getting through this? Is there a particular belief that I can begin with?

ELIAS: You may begin with the belief of responsibility.


ELIAS: In this, as in the expression of all other belief systems, there are many aspects that are contained within the belief system. Therefore, in other terms, there are many birds within the cage, and they may disguise or camouflage themselves quite efficiently.

In this, the bird of justification aligns itself quite efficiently with many of the birds in the cage of responsibility.

Therefore, I caution you in the area of the aspects that you view to be good, not necessarily to be focusing so intensely upon the areas of this belief system that you view to be bad, so to speak, for as you identify negativity in this belief system of responsibility, these birds present themselves quite obviously! But the birds that disguise themselves as good are not quite so obvious for your viewing, for you automatically are accepting of them and continue to be feeding them. Therefore, your attention is not necessarily turned objectively in viewing the birds that you view to be good.

KRISTIN: ... Okay! Very helpful. My other question is about my writing. (Sighing) I’ve had luck with my writing, with my acting, with a lot of things, and that adds to my frustration. I don’t know what to really pursue full-time. Writing is something, though, that I would like to pursue because it gives me so much freedom of movement. Can you give me any insight into this?

ELIAS: I shall express to you that all areas of creativity are open and available to you within your choice of expressions. In this, I may also express to you the suggestion that you not be limiting yourself. If you are choosing to be focusing your attention upon writing, this is quite acceptable and is your choice, but do not limit yourself to merely one expression of creativity, for you have chosen within this particular focus to be exploring many aspects of creativity in what individuals within your society may term to be artistic areas.

Therefore, if you are limiting yourself to merely one expression, you may also be creating of frustration and conflict within this particular focus.

This also is another aspect of the issue and belief system that we are speaking of, in which you hold issue in responsibility, for one of the aspects of this particular belief system expresses that you need be focusing your attention in a disciplined manner and not allow yourself distraction.

In this, if you are limiting yourself to merely one creative expression, you shall be reinforcing this issue and continuing to be feeding the birds within this particular cage.


ELIAS: I am not discouraging of you in the area of writing. I am quite encouraging of your expression in this manner. I am merely cautioning you not to be creating an intensely focused direction in merely this one area, but to be incorporating natural time and allowing the expression of your impulses and impressions. Therefore, if you are choosing the direction of writing, you may express this to be quite acceptable, but allow yourself also the freedom to be responsive to your own impulses within the framework of natural time.

Therefore, as you engage the activity of writing, also allow yourself the openness to spontaneously engage other creative expressions within your time frameworks of writing. Are you understanding?

KRISTIN: Absolutely, one hundred percent.

ELIAS: Very well.

KRISTIN: So basically, how I kind of feel right now is, I do want to just kind of go out there, explore, play, find all different types of expressions. So I think I’m understanding that I should go with this feeling!

ELIAS: Quite! I am quite encouraging of this action, and be remembering, fun is good!

KRISTIN: Yes, I agree! (Laughing) Also, I feel that since Frederick is supporting me financially right now, I have to kind of get away from the feeling of being irresponsible and accept it as a gift that he’s giving me. Is this correct?

ELIAS: Quite correct!


ELIAS: This is another element or another bird within this cage, and also I may express to you that many individuals, yourself also, hold great difficulty in the area of receiving.

In this, be remembering that each individual is creating of their reality, and creating of their choice of expression.

As you are not accepting of another individual’s expression, you also lend energy to the lack of acceptance of their own expression, and your lack of acceptance of another individual’s expression is the outward expression of the lack of acceptance of elements within self.

KRISTIN: Huh! Do you mean that if I don’t accept this gift he’s giving me, of being allowed to create without worrying about money, that that’s ... is that what you’re talking about?

ELIAS: Quite!

KRISTIN: Okay! He does get something out of it. I see that.

ELIAS: Quite!

KRISTIN: On this subject briefly, what is this action between he and I? Of course, I’m tempted to ask, ‘Is he the right one for me?’ and all that kind of stuff, but I won’t! But I do want some insight on that whole situation. He seems to be very good for me!

ELIAS: And you may continue to be moving in this direction within your thought process, for this is helpful to you in allowing you to express your own acceptance of self, for he is choosing to lend energy to you in reinforcement of your own acceptance of self, offering you helpfulness in allowing you to view new freedoms outside of the mass belief systems.” [session 352, January 13, 1999]

JIM: “In the area of food and weight, and that certain foods are fat – and you kind of mentioned before that we could be eating dirt and still exist – and that vegetables are good, that’s mainly where the belief system holds in that? You believe that if you eat a big hamburger, you’re going to get fat from it. That’s entirely a belief system? Is there a way of working through those ... accepting that one food is not better or worse than another that you intake? (24)

ELIAS: Let me be reminding you that although this be an actual expression of reality – that it matters not what you are consuming and that your consumption of any element within physical focus is influenced and dictated to you by your belief systems – I remind you that you shall be creating in conjunction with your expectations, which are very influenced by your belief systems.

Therefore, if you are believing that if you are consuming certain foods, you shall be increasing your weight physically, this shall be what you create! And you may stand before your mirror one hundred times and express aloud to yourself, ‘I do not believe this. I view myself within a different expression of physical form.’ And your physical form shall not change, for underlyingly, you DO believe that you shall be affecting of your physical weight if you are consuming of certain types of substances.

In this, your greatest affectingness shall be to acknowledge these aspects of belief systems and not be placing judgment upon them, accepting that you hold these belief systems [and] allowing yourself to move into a temporary expression of this, that you may also allow yourself to let go of some of the energy that you project so very strongly into these aspects of belief systems.

Let me express to you that individuals identify an aspect of a belief system, and subsequently they move into the direction of objectively denying or attempting to move in what they perceive to be an opposite direction of that aspect. In that particular type of expression, they are lending equal amount of energy to the perpetuation of that aspect of the belief system.

But if you are viewing the aspect and allowing yourself temporarily to be moving in conjunction with it, you are also lessening your expression of judgment, and if you are lessening your expression of judgment, you are lessening the energy that you lend to the perpetuation of that aspect, allowing yourself to move more efficiently in the direction of letting go of that particular bird.

Therefore, if you are viewing that a particular food substance shall be affecting in what you view to be a negative manner – of your physical form – as you are consuming it, and you view another food substance as being good and helpful to your state of health, so to speak, my suggestion to you is that you allow yourself to move in this direction temporarily and not be fighting with your energy, creating conflict and therefore also perpetuating the reinforcement of the belief system.

If you are viewing that cheese shall be a helpful expression to your physical form, and if you are viewing that the consumption of beef shall not be a healthy expression to your physical form, I express to you that although in actuality you may consume any element and it matters not, I shall also express to you that you shall be lending less energy to the perpetuation of the aspects of the belief system if you are allowing yourself to be consuming cheese, and in this, not creating the struggle or the conflict in these aspects of beliefs, allowing yourself to move into the expression of the actualization of creating the manifestation of your expectation, and acknowledging to yourself that the reason you have created this certain expression is that you have created in conjunction with your expectations.

In this particular type of creation, as you are expressing it temporarily, you are not lending energy to struggle and you ARE lending energy to more of an expression of effortlessness, which also lends energy to acceptance of self, and as you lend more energy to acceptance of self, you also begin to move into directions that you shall not hold so tightly to these different aspects, and within your linear time framework, eventually you shall loose your hold upon these aspects, and it shall matter not which direction you choose in these areas, and they shall no longer be affecting in the manner that they are affecting presently.” [session 356, January 31, 1999]

BOBBI: “Well, I have some questions today that I’ve been thinking about for quite a while, and I’ve managed to confuse myself pretty well about them, (Elias grins) and so I was hoping for your input.

My first one would be in the direction of, I’ve had an issue with my weight for most of my life, and I’m really tired of thinking about it, and so instead of thinking about dieting and all that stuff again, I would just prefer to be accepting of self and accepting what I’ve created here, but that’s not been particularly easy either. I know there’s imagery presented in the body type that I’ve created, but I would like to know what exactly the issue is in my case. I’ve identified many of the beliefs I hold about it, but in accepting it and understanding it better, I’d like to understand what exactly it is I’m accepting!

ELIAS: What you are offering yourself the opportunity to view is an expression in objective terms of the acceptance of self, and in this, you present yourself with an issue that you have held for much time framework. The issue of physical form – and aligning with the mass belief systems as to aesthetic beauty concerning physical form – is that which is creating of the belief system, as you are aware. But within this time framework, you are moving in the direction of the realization that in addressing to this issue, it is not necessarily the presentment to yourself to be altering your physical form, but rather to be accepting what you have created and moving yourself outside of the mass belief systems.

This is an element of what you may term to be the process of accepting aspects of belief systems, allowing yourself to move outside of the influence of these mass belief systems and the officially accepted reality, for in moving outside of this, you no longer allow the influence of energy for yourself in these areas, and this allows you to be liberating of yourself in allowing yourself to be accepting of your own creations regardless of your choice in how you are creating them.

Let me express to you that I have recently offered information to other individuals in very similar manner in this same subject matter.

In this, the base line of the acceptance is to be recognizing all of the aspects of the belief system which you are involving yourself with, and in this, as you recognize the aspects of the belief systems, not to be placing judgment on any of the expressions, but rather to be moving in the direction of acknowledging your own movement, your own alignment with certain aspects of the belief systems, and recognizing that you are much more affecting as you allow yourself to be accepting rather than forcing energy in what you term to be ‘against’ certain aspects of the belief system.

Let me offer you an example that I have offered to other individuals also. If you are holding an aspect of the belief that certain elements that may be consumed shall be creating of weightiness within your physical form, my suggestion to you is not to be moving yourself into a thought process of denial of that alignment with that aspect.

Such as: If you view that sausage shall be creating weight within your physical form if you are consuming this element, addressing to this efficiently would not be to view this aspect and express to yourself, ‘This is merely an aspect of the belief system and it matters not,’ for underlyingly, you are aligning with that aspect.

Therefore, as you fight with that aspect, you merely lend energy to its perpetuation. Therefore, if you are consuming of this sausage, it shall be producing of weight, for this is your expectation, regardless of what you are expressing to yourself objectively within your thought process or within your language.

You may express to yourself and to other individuals, ‘I do not believe that this holds truth, and I shall view myself in the mirror, and I shall will myself to be holding a thin physical form,’ and you shall continue to create the physical form that you hold presently, for your underlying expectation is not in alignment with your thought process. In this, as you allow yourself an acceptance and not the judgment of your alignment with certain aspects of these belief systems, they become less and less affecting and less and less important, for you are lending less and less energy to them.

What I am expressing to you is that each time you are concentrating upon the issue of the weight – each time that you are moving in the direction of attempting to be altering this situation objectively without acceptance of self in this area – what you are accomplishing in actuality is perpetuating the creation that you have already chosen. You are reinforcing the aspects of the belief systems and lending energy to them. You are also reinforcing your own expectations.

But as you allow yourself to relax your focus and your hold upon your energy in this area, and therefore allow yourself to be accepting of your creation without judgment – for in actuality, it matters not – subsequently you may be altering of your physical form, or you may not be, but it shall in reality matter not to you, for you shall be accepting of your own choices and creations ... and you shall not be placing judgment upon yourself, and in that, also reinforcing your own duplicity. Are you understanding?

BOBBI: Yes. So, I would guess or I would imagine then, as I am accepting of this and issues come up, then I would just deal with those one at a time, those beliefs, and move through it that way?

I was wondering if there was one particular belief that was ... I guess I’m looking for the key to the whole thing. I don’t know that there is one particular issue that I have with this that’s sort of the basis of the whole thing. I guess that’s what I was wondering.

ELIAS: The key is what I have expressed to you. The basis of the situation and the key to this creation is the expression of lack of acceptance of self, in whatever you are choosing to be creating.

You are placing judgments upon your creations, and this is creating conflict. If you are accepting of your creation, then it shall matter not the physical appearance, for you shall be accepting of that also, in recognition that however you choose to be physically manifesting yourself is worthy, adequate, and glorious!

It matters not that it does not fit into the officially accepted reality and the confines or the narrow parameters of your societal beliefs. These are merely the perceptions en masse that are lent a tremendous amount of energy, but I express to you that although perception may be projected en masse and this IS creating of mass realities, they are all influenced by individual perceptions. Let me express to you that perception itself is highly individualized, and each of you is creating of your reality as through your perception. In this, it is greatly influenced in how you view yourself and if you are accepting of yourself and if you are not accepting of yourself.

I have expressed this many times, and individuals – and yourself – continue to not quite understand that this is the base line to all of your creations and all of your conflicts in every area, involving every aspect of every belief system. The key is to look to self and to allow yourself to begin the acceptance of self in every area of your expression. In doing this, it shall matter not, and you shall eliminate your conflict.

BOBBI: Well ... I do understand that. It’s just difficult putting that to work sometimes.

ELIAS: Quite! This be your most difficult task, so to speak, is to be accepting of self. Individuals are inquiring and questioning of me continuously to be offering them a method of what you term to be easy routes, so to speak, in accepting belief systems, but the key is to be accepting of self FIRST, and subsequently you shall allow yourself to also be accepting of belief systems. But this is the area of the most conflict and the most difficulty, for this is quite unfamiliar to you all in acceptance of self. Although you objectively offer yourselves information and express to yourselves and to each other that you are quite accepting of yourselves, in actuality, you are not!

BOBBI: ... Okay. I have a question also from Kristin – Stephonee – who is wondering about her extremely severe allergy to dairy products ... if you could give her some information on that?

ELIAS: This also is an underlying aspect of belief system as to what shall be acceptable and what shall not be acceptable to be consuming. This particular expressed element of a creature is viewed to be – within underlying aspects of belief systems with this individual – as unnatural, and therefore unacceptable.

As you within your species hold the ability to be providing and creating milk, so to speak, for your own species, there is an underlying aspect of belief system that she views [as] the wrongness of incorporating milk products of another creature to be offering to individuals of your species, as you hold the ability within yourselves to be creating of these products yourselves.

Therefore, it is a rebellion, which is expressed outwardly in creating a repulsion to these particular products, which manifests in what you term to be an allergy.

BOBBI: Well, this seems to be something that she was born with, so would these be belief systems from another focus?

ELIAS: They are influenced by another focus, carried into this focus, but they are also held within this focus.

Be remembering that as you are entering into physical focus, you are not what you express to be these shiny, clean plates! These are your religious belief systems – that are expressed – in play.

You may be holding some elements of belief systems immediately as you are entering into physical focus. You are not acquiring all of your belief systems as you move through your physical focus.

You do acquire some, but you are accepting of certain belief systems instantaneously as you choose to be manifest within this dimension, for these are elements of the base line of creation within the reality of this dimension.

This particular dimension is based in belief systems, and as I have expressed previously, if you are eliminating of your belief systems in conjunction with this particular dimension and reality, you also shall be eliminating of this particular reality. Therefore, as you enter into manifestation within this dimension, you automatically assume belief systems.

Many of these belief systems are influenced by other focuses, for one focus only is designated as the beginning focus, so to speak, although these are quite linear terms. But even within what you designate as the beginning focus, there are assumed automatic belief systems that are incorporated immediately upon choosing to be manifesting within this physical dimension.

BOBBI: Okay. Getting back to Kristin’s specific difficulty with her allergy, she also wonders, is there anything she can do about it in this focus?

ELIAS: Yes. Now; this may be addressed to by addressing to the belief system – the aspects of the belief system which I have expressed to you already – and also in conjunction with connecting to another physical focus which holds very strong energy in opposition to the incorporation of these particular creatures, what you term to be cattle.

In this, the individual holds another focus in which there is viewed interaction and treatment of these particular creatures which is viewed as unacceptable, for it is viewed by that individual as cruel. Therefore, it is quite influencing of that individual’s belief systems, and that is lending energy to this focus and the responses in the creation of the allergy within this focus.” [session 358, February 01, 1999]

MIKE: “… in one of the last sessions, you gave me a way of detecting, I guess, so to speak, expectations and beliefs through looking at the disappointments and certain reactions in situations, and I was curious as to a method of sorts, of uncovering underlying expectations. (Pause)

ELIAS: You may be identifying your expectations by recognizing your own responses to different events within your reality in conjunction with your belief systems.

Now: I have offered the previous method, so to speak, that you may be practicing with, for this offers you the opportunity to view more of your responses within interactions more clearly, and as you become more familiar with your own responses, this lends an ease to identifying your own expectations more clearly in less obvious manners, in objective terms.

In this, it is important that you are familiarizing yourself with all of the aspects of your own belief systems, and also familiarizing yourself with your own responses to each given situation, for within every situation or event, you shall hold a response. If you are paying attention within the now, you may be allowing yourself to notice your own responses.

Now; I am quite aware that this may be expressed quite easily, and I may be expressing to you that you may be noticing automatic responses that you hold, but the actualization of noticing these automatic responses may not be quite as easy, for in this, you have created certain expressions within your reality that have become, in a manner of speaking, natural to you.

Therefore, they are accepted within your focus and you do NOT pay attention, for you do not even recognize that you ARE creating an automatic response.

In this, as you move more fully into your exploration of your own responses, behavior, and belief systems, and all of the aspects of your belief systems, you shall also begin to notice that you shall require of yourself more and more discipline within your attention, noticing more and more of your own behaviors and creations. This action moves you more and more fully into the now.

I have been expressing for much time framework that this is your most efficient direction, is to be noticing and interactive with yourself and with all of your reality within the now, within every moment.

This is quite difficult for individuals within physical focus, for it is unfamiliar, but this action of noticing your own behaviors and your own aspects of belief systems automatically moves you more and more in the direction and into the action of allowing yourself presence within the now.

In this, as you are attentive to each moment within the now, you also offer yourself the opportunity and ability to be altering your own responses, recognizing that you hold choices within the now.

Many difficulties arise with individuals, for they do not recognize that they hold choices, for they are NOT present within the now. Their attention is not focused within the now.

But as you continue in this action, I shall express to you that you may anticipate your own movement into [the] realization that you require of yourself much more discipline within your attention than you automatically allow yourself presently. Are you understanding?

MIKE: Yes.

ELIAS: These concepts, although in one respect are quite simple, in their actualization within physical focus in relation to all of your belief systems are quite difficult to be enacting. I am quite understanding of this element of your reality.

It may seem at times that these concepts may be quite simplistic and that they may be holding simplicity in their enactment, but in actuality, with the consideration of the strength of energy of all of your belief systems and all of the aspects of your belief systems, there becomes much difficulty in your movement into these areas, for you are quite undisciplined in your physical focuses.

Look to the exercise in clarity, in focusing your attention merely upon your outer senses and the manipulation of these outer senses, and how very difficult you experience the attempts in manipulating these outer senses, for you allow them automatic expression.

I express to you that you also allow yourself, within your thought process and your emotional expressions, much automatic responsiveness, and in this, it is requiring of a great deal of discipline to be noticing and to not be moving into the area of automatic responses.” [session 363, February 21, 1999]

JAMES: “In the coming shift, as I understand it, we’re going to be eliminating duplicity, and also, the separation is going to be lessened to some extent. But do those two things necessarily go hand-in-hand, or might we have devised a shift which does one of those two things without the other?

ELIAS: Let me clarify to you.

In actuality, this shift in consciousness shall be accomplishing less separation between focus and essence. Therefore, within the creation of physical reality, you shall hold a greater awareness of essence objectively, but you shall not be eliminating duplicity. This is a misunderstanding. You shall be accepting the belief system, but this is quite a different action from eliminating the belief system.

This physical reality which you have created within this dimension holds, as a basic element to its reality, belief systems. Therefore, if you are eliminating the belief systems, you also shall be discontinuing this particular physical reality, for you have created this reality in this manner for the purpose of this type of experience.

In this shift in consciousness, you are not eliminating belief systems, and this also is the expression with regard to the belief system of duplicity. You shall be neutralizing this belief system of duplicity by accepting the belief system, but you are not eliminating the belief system. It shall continue. It shall merely be the cage without the birds.

JAMES: My understanding of acceptance has essentially been removal of judgment from those belief systems.

ELIAS: This is correct. The removal of judgment within the belief systems IS the action of acceptance, but this is not the removal of the belief systems. It is the removal of the judgment within the belief systems.

JAMES: Right. I was equating the removal of judgment with the disappearance of duplicity.

ELIAS: Incorrect. The belief system of duplicity shall remain, and you may continue to hold an opinion or a preference in certain areas concerning this belief system of duplicity. But the aspects of the belief system which are contained within the belief system shall be neutralized, and therefore shall not be influencing or affecting any longer.

This be the reason that I have offered the analogy of the bird cage, that you may view that the actual belief system shall continue within existence, for it is a basic element to this particular physical dimension, but the influencing aspects of that bird case, which are all of the myriad of birds contained within it, shall not be affecting any longer.

In this, you shall continue the knowledge of the existence of all of these belief systems, which also are influencing in your creation of your reality.

Let me also offer you a type of example. A belief system within your physical reality is that of relationships.

Now; this is an element of your reality. It is a designation of an action and interaction that you participate within and you create within your reality. The element of relationships shall continue. This shall be based upon the belief system.

Now; understand that the belief system itself holds no right or wrong or good or bad within it. It itself, without all of its aspects that it has acquired, is in actuality neutral. It is merely an action. It is merely a definition of an action that you create within your reality, such as relationship. This is an action that you engage and create within your physical reality. You also have acquired many attachments to this action that DO hold right, wrong, and good and bad. These are the aspects of the belief system that have been acquired throughout your ages, and this is what you are addressing to in accepting a belief system and therefore neutralizing it.

As I have expressed, what you are accomplishing in the action of this shift in consciousness is the completion of your circle. You are moving into position of the remembrance of ‘before the beginning’ and the remembrance of essence, acknowledging the creation of your belief systems in this dimension as a foundational point of your reality, but not allowing the affectingness within the judgments that have been attached and acquired in conjunction with these belief systems.

JAMES: ... Would you tell me what the belief systems are? (12-second pause)

ELIAS: You are inquiring of the belief systems in conjunction with this blocking of action?

JAMES: No. I was inquiring in general; the belief systems in total that we hold; the bird cages.

ELIAS: Ah! You are inquiring of a listing of all of your belief systems! (Grinning)

JAMES: Yes, correct.

ELIAS: I shall express to you that you hold fewer belief systems than you think, although within these belief systems, you hold many more aspects than you think.

In this, (pause) you hold belief systems of relationship. You hold belief system of duplicity. You hold belief system of sexuality. You hold belief system of truth. You hold belief system....

(Vic’s note: here, at 1:08 PM., the phone starts ringing) (25)

ELIAS: Continuing, as you have disconnected your communication! (Chuckling)

JAMES: Can you tell us what happened there?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This has been an interruption within your communication, but we shall continue briefly, if you are so choosing.

JAMES: Yes, please.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall continue with the identification of your belief systems.

This being also those in conjunction with emotion, and perception. You also hold the belief system of certain senses. You hold religious belief system, which we shall identify as spirituality, and you hold scientific belief system, which shall be the designation of physical reality and the elements of it.

These are the basic belief systems that you hold within this particular reality.

You hold one other belief system also, which may be viewed to be more encompassing, and this would be the belief system of your physical creation of your universe, which is slightly different from your scientific belief system or your religious belief system. In this, that particular belief system involves the aspects of coincidences and accidents.

As I have stated, these are the basic creations of your belief systems within this dimension, but each of these expressed holds a tremendous amount of aspects within them. Therefore, although the designation of the belief systems – the cages themselves – may be few, the aspects or the birds within them are very many, and many of these birds may appear in manners that you do not even associate with these particular belief systems.” [session 364, February 24, 1999]

TOM: “One thing I’d really like to learn about today – and I know you’ve spoken on this matter many times – is the whole concept of creating our reality, and understanding the difference between creating things that we believe we must create because of some belief system and creating what we truly want to create. Does that question make sense?

ELIAS: You are inquiring as to the difference of these two elements?

TOM: Right.

ELIAS: First of all, let me express to you that you are aware that you hold belief systems and that these belief systems are very influencing of your perception, and your perception is that element which is creating of your reality in its entirety.

Now; in movement outside of the mass belief systems in the creation of your reality, initially you must be noticing the mass belief system and identifying this belief and noticing that you may hold a difference in your belief.

Now; in addressing to deliberately or intentionally creating your reality outside of the mass belief systems, you may notice and identify the mass belief. In this, you may also choose not to be compliant with this mass belief, but in your movement within your choice to be creating outside of the mass belief systems, there is required your own trust and acceptance of self, that you may be creating of your own reality regardless of the dictates of the mass beliefs.

Now; this presents the pitfall, so to speak, for many individuals may be identifying of mass belief systems, and subsequently may also identify that they wish to be choosing a different type of creation and situation. They also may not necessarily be actualizing their want in their creation, for they continue to hold alignments with these mass belief systems, and underlyingly they do not trust themselves to be actually creating their want.

Also in this process, in a manner of speaking, there is another element which involves intent, for this may be creating of a conflicting situation also. Your wants do not always follow your desire. Your desire is that movement which follows your intent, and many times your desire is a subjective element. Your want is always an objective element. Your want may not necessarily follow your desire, and therefore you may not necessarily be creating of your want. But if you are creating within your intent, following your desire and not creating a conflict in this area, you may be actualizing any of your wants within your objective awareness.

The only key in this situation is that you be accepting and trusting of yourself, knowing your own ability and knowing that you may be creating of any element in your reality that you want.

This be the reason that it is important to identify not merely the mass belief system, but also to identify your own beliefs in these areas, therefore identifying how you may be aligning and lending energy to the mass belief systems and therefore also creating your reality within the mass expressions.

TOM: ... In connecting – this is a question for my mom – with our larger or complete self, the avenues being raised create a reality that more constitutes less mass belief system involvement?

ELIAS: Let me remind you that you shall always be creating with the element of belief systems, but you may be creating in what we term to be movement outside of mass belief systems as you address to the aspects of these belief systems that you individually hold and neutralize those particular aspects. Therefore, they subsequently shall not be influencing of you any longer. In this, I express yes, it shall be efficient in your addressment to your own belief systems to be moving outside of the direction of mass belief systems and not allowing yourself the influence and affectingness of mass belief systems.

TOM: Then one of the elements that you change by doing that is time?

ELIAS: In widening your awareness and in recognizing that time is a relative creation and expression and is not absolute and is bendable and flexible, yes, you may be creating a wider perception in your understanding of the element of time and how it interplays, so to speak, with your creations within your belief systems, remembering that time, although being a mass expression, is also highly individualized in the same manner as perception. Therefore, in this you have presented a very good question, for in looking to the element of your creation of time within this dimension, you may equate it very similarly to perception.

Now; en masse you hold perceptions that you also hold individually, but you may alter your individual perception, and this may be influencing in the mass perception also. En masse you may create through the thickness of time certain elements of matter. You have created an accepted perception of time collectively, and in that, you also create a collective perception of certain elements within your reality. But you may also recognize that although you create a mass perception, you also create individual perception, and the individual perception may be different from the mass perception, and as you alter your individual perception, it shall also move you outside of the participation within the mass perception.” [session 375, March 20, 1999]

PAUL: “I have a question, Elias, about belief systems. A while back, James asked you about belief systems, and you presented him with ten different belief systems – the umbrella concept, as it were. You mentioned duplicity, sexuality, relationships, perception, emotion, science, physical creation of our universe, truth, spirituality slash religious, and the last one ... I’m clear on all of those, I believe, but the last one you termed ‘certain senses,’ and I’m just curious if you could elaborate on what you meant by certain senses. Does that incorporate the inner senses, etcetera?

ELIAS: I expressed that you hold belief systems in the area of certain senses, for with some inner senses, you do not necessarily incorporate the involvement of aspects of belief systems merely for the reason that you do not hold an objective identification of them.

Case in point – your inner sense of conceptualization. You do not even hold a recognition and identification of what this particular sense is or how to be engaging it objectively or what its function is. Therefore, you also do not incorporate aspects of belief systems in relation to it, for you do not identify it.

PAUL: So, when you were mentioning that we do hold belief systems ... let me try this again. You’re acknowledging that within certain inner senses, in the subjective aspects of self that use those for perception, there are not belief systems involved in that action?

A complimentary part of that is, with the objective self, the five physical senses – obviously we have belief systems around that – is that what you’re referring to in this area of belief systems?

ELIAS: What I am expressing is that yes, you do hold aspects of belief systems incorporated in conjunction with your outer senses. Yes, you do hold aspects of the belief system in relation to some of your inner senses. The belief system itself is an explanation to you objectively of some element of your reality. You have created definitions and explanations to yourselves of all that you create within your reality.

Now; I am not expressing to you that you do not incorporate the inner sense of conceptualization, but within objective awareness, you do not identify it. Therefore, you also do not incorporate aspects of belief system concerning it, but you DO incorporate aspects of this belief system concerning the other senses, inner and outer.

The belief system is the senses. The aspects are concerning all of the senses and their functionings.” [session 455, August 25, 1999]

JOE: “Elias, in this session, if you’d be willing, I’d like to basically dissect an event and evaluate the outcome as to the belief systems that affect and are affected by this event. Basically, what it is ... I meant to make an outline of this, but I didn’t get to it. But anyway, I think you can follow along, if you would.

There was on ‘60 Minutes’ the other night a program, and as I watched that program, I kept thinking, this would be an excellent example for me to ask you about, and to kind of take it apart and take a look at it, because there were two opposites – and I mean opposites – in the evaluation of the performance of these individuals that were involved in this. Would you be willing to go through this with me?

ELIAS: Very well.

JOE: Okay. Here’s what it was. At Berkeley, in California, there were two students. They were in their late teens, and they were out on the town one night. They went to a casino, and one of these students picked up a little seven-year-old girl. He took her into the bathroom, and the other one followed him. They were playing around a little bit, and then the one guy took this little girl into a stall, and the other guy went into the other stall and looked over the top of it and said, basically, ‘Be careful what you’re doing,’ because he didn’t like what he saw, and he left. And then the other guy came out twenty minutes later or so, according to the security cameras. But anyway, he had raped and strangled the little girl.

Now, the guy who had observed it never said a word to anyone, and he defends his position to this day. And in what I’ve been studying through the transcripts and through Seth and everything, that there are no victims and all the rest of it, I can kind of understand what he has done, but public opinion is so against him. The students at Berkeley were so against him that they did not see that any type of belief system could play into this.

Now, it was a horrible crime, even though there’s basically no good and bad, but it seems to me that this is a good example to kind of dissect and get a better understanding of belief systems and how they work and how they are so affecting of everyone. This guy who kept silent has basically been ostracized, but he also said that he felt there was going to be an understanding that justice was done because the person who actually hurt the little girl was arrested and will probably be spending the rest of his life in prison. Can you comment on that for me, please?

ELIAS: And which direction would you be wishing to begin with this subject matter?

JOE: Okay. Basically, what I would like to do here – and I should have had my outline presented, but I don’t – is to take a look at the mass belief system as it affects this instance, and the individual belief system of the person who did not say a word but allowed this to happen silently.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that in this situation, as in any situation similar to this situation, there is a tremendous expression of the influence of mass belief systems.

Now; in this also, the individuals participating in the event also align with the mass belief systems.

You collectively have formed an officially accepted reality within your society, and in this, there are projected directions in energy that create mass belief systems that you, for the most part, identify with and align with collectively, and in a situation such as this that you have presented, even the individuals that are participating in this event align with the officially accepted mass belief system within your reality.

The individual that you identify as the perpetrator of the offense, in your terms physically, identifies with the mass belief system and incorporates this mass belief system. The behavior may not be in alignment with the mass belief system, but he also recognizes that within the dictates of the belief system itself and within the expression of the belief system of duplicity, he identifies that the action that he is incorporating is wrong.

There is no question, within his evaluation of his own actions, that he is creating a type of behavior that he identifies as wrong.

Now; be remembering, I am not expressing that this is right or wrong. I am expressing what YOU all believe within the mass belief system, and that this individual identifies with that same mass belief system also.

The individual that witnesses the partial creation of this event also is in alignment with this mass belief system.

Now; what occurs within this particular situation is that both individuals choose to move outside of the expression or the dictates of the mass belief system and create a choice to participate in an event that is not in alignment with the mass belief system partially, for as I have expressed previously, there are many, many different types of expressions that may be created within your physical reality that ARE in alignment with mass belief systems, although you do not identify objectively that they are in alignment.

I have expressed previously that there are certain expressions that may be incorporated within the mass belief systems and the alignment of those mass belief systems, and other individuals may not be engaging that type of behavior, but they also are not necessarily moving outside of the mass belief system in their expression, and therefore they also are lending energy to the perpetuation of the mass belief system.

Now; in this particular situation, in one area, both individuals chose to be moving outside of one particular aspect of the mass belief system, in how they shall be directing their behavior in an acceptable manner. This is the element of the belief system that they moved outside of, but in another aspect of the belief system of duplicity, both of these individuals participate in this behavior in the perpetuation of the expression of duplicity.

Therefore, it also is, in a manner of speaking, bringing to the attention of the mass the concept of acceptable and nonacceptable behaviors and the aspect of duplicity which is in play, so to speak, in this type of expression.

Let me also be offering a reminder to you that although I express to you that within consciousness and within the reality of expressions of essence and consciousness, there is no good, bad, right, or wrong – all that you create is merely a choice of experiences – this does not negate that within your physical reality, the belief system of duplicity has been incorporated. It is exceptionally strong and it IS your reality. Therefore, regardless that within consciousness there is no right or wrong, within your physical expression of your reality, there IS right and wrong and good and bad, and it is quite real.

I offer you all the information of this as a belief system, that you may recognize the influences and the affectingness of your belief systems within your physical reality, and that beyond your physical reality, these elements that you hold to as absolutes are not necessarily relevant and are NOT absolutes.

This allows you the opportunity to question, to look to self, and to evaluate your belief systems and how they dictate your behavior to you, and therefore offers you the opportunity to be widening your awareness and addressing to these belief systems and moving into the expression of acceptance.

But returning to our scenario that is presented, within the mass belief system, there is a reality of right and wrong, good and bad, acceptable and unacceptable behavior within your societies. There is also a very strong aspect of the belief system addressing to cause and effect. If you are choosing to be engaging certain behaviors, you shall anticipate certain consequences that shall accompany those behaviors.

Therefore, you allow yourselves to view many different aspects of these belief systems.

Now; these types of expressions have been created throughout the entirety of your history. This is not a new creation, in a manner of speaking. The difference is held within the time framework.

Within the time framework that you express now, you are incorporating the action of this shift in consciousness, which draws your attention to belief systems and the expressions of belief systems and your individual movements into acceptance of belief systems.

Therefore, although these types of events, actions, behaviors have been created many, many, many times throughout your history, you offer yourselves the opportunity now to view them differently, to alter your perception in these types of creations, recognizing that in your creations of judgments of any of these expressions or behaviors, you are also lending energy to the perpetuation of the very expressions and behaviors that you view to be offensive and unacceptable.

This particular type of situation offers a very clear picture, in objective terms, of this action of which I am speaking, for if you are viewing within the expression of mass belief systems and the collective, not merely the individual, individuals lean in the direction in viewing, through mass expressions, a depersonalization, in a manner of speaking.

What I am expressing in this is that they may look to this type of expression of behavior, and within their assessment of it, they do not view their participation, for they view themselves to not be directly involved, in a manner of speaking, with the actual creation of the action and the behavior. Therefore, they separate themselves, remove themselves, and view these types of expressions as an element that they are not participating within.

But I express to you that you are ALL participating in ALL of the events that are created within your physical reality, and your expressions and your responses are affecting.

In this, the individual that chose to not be incorporating the actual act or the actual perpetration of the behavior, but merely observed, was a key participant in this scenario, for this individual is the representative of the mass which does not necessarily participate in certain actions, for within the mass belief system, it is dictated that certain actions and behaviors are wrong and are unacceptable within your reality, and therefore they view themselves to not be participating, and JUSTIFY themselves and their actions and their behaviors as not necessarily good, but not bad.

(Firmly) They also identify themselves – you all identify yourselves – as NOT perpetuating the action or the belief system, NOT involving yourselves, NOT lending energy to these types of expressions, for you are creating what YOU term to be a conscious choice to walk away and to not physically participate. This is also a very strong expression of an aspect of the belief system of duplicity that deludes you, and offers you all a very neat and complete camouflage to yourselves that your expressions are good and that you are not lending energy to these types of behaviors, and offers you the justification in your expressions to be condemning of the choices of other individuals that engage in this type of behavior, for all of YOU are not participating in this type of behavior!

But I express to you, yes, you ARE participating and you ARE lending energy, in the same manner of the witness in that very scenario, for as you choose to be allowing these types of expressions and you choose to move in the direction of judgment – which IS your allowance of these types of expressions, although you view this to be the reverse – you are merely lending energy to the perpetuation of the belief system, which lends energy to the objective expressions of the behaviors that move in conjunction with the belief system.

More simply, what I am expressing to you is that the individual that created the action that you identify as a perpetration offers you the example of an individual that in part, in behavior, moves outside of the dictates of the mass belief system, but in part aligns with the mass belief system, and therefore is creating of the actual action.

The victim provides you with the example of how you believe that you do not create your reality individually, that other individuals or circumstances may be overriding your ability to be creating your reality, that there are certain times and situations and circumstances in which you do allow yourself to be directing your reality, but within other situations and circumstances, you are not directing your reality.

Therefore, she allows for the example of the perpetuation of this same aspect of the belief system in which there ARE victims within your reality, which reinforces to all of you that view this type of action that each of you hold areas of vulnerability that you assess to be negative, that each of you holds the potentiality of being a victim, and that all of you do not create all of your reality. This is a very strong belief system!

The individual that observes is the example of all of you that do not actually participate in the behavior or the actual action within the scenario, but all of you that judge the behavior and the action and the choices, and therefore lend energy to the continuation of the belief system and its actualization in behaviors within your physical reality. Are you understanding?

JOE: I don’t understand it all, and I don’t pretend to; I’m trying to. What I did was, as I was watching this ... I’ve been trying to increase my awareness and I’m trying to be nonjudgmental and I’m trying to understand alignment with belief systems, and I’m watching this act unfold on the television screen before me, and I just kind of felt that this particular scenario was a very, very good example.

My understanding of the event, as it was played out by the actors ... I was trying to understand the interplay of the belief systems, but also what was in fact actuality and not simply a play or an alignment with the belief systems. I kind of watched this thing, and I felt that I understood that there was an agreement between the predator and the victim. I also felt that the person who did not say anything ... was in fact not saying anything. He didn’t lend energy, but he didn’t help, within my own belief systems, which I would abhor such an action myself. But I was trying to understand this as it unfolded in actuality, and not necessarily with the lending of thoughts based on the belief system.

So with the fact that there would’ve had to be an agreement between the predator and the victim, and knowing that there was an alignment with specific belief systems here ... I’m not quite sure I understand the duplicity here, but knowing that good and bad in these particular situations does not exist in actuality, I was kind of hard-pressed to see the basis for the moral condemnation of the guy who did nothing.

Could you comment on that, just the way that I seemed to look at this thing quite differently than the authorities looked at it or that the other Berkeley students looked at it? I was trying to look at it as I saw it being played out in actuality, as a play on probabilities.

ELIAS: But you yourself have expressed, within your very words of your language, that you abhor this behavior of this individual to not be interceding and to merely be walking away.

JOE: That’s true. Basically, I couldn’t help it. I also felt that this was a morally bankrupt action, to stand there and allow a little girl to get killed. But yet I was also trying, by the same token, to see past that alignment with that belief system.

ELIAS: Correct, and your confusion enters into your thought process as you view the responses and the reactions of masses of individuals that also are in agreement with yourself in your expression, that abhor this behavior that this individual would not be interceding, and in this, what they are expressing is a responsiveness to a mirror action.

Now; in this, I am not expressing that any other individual may have chosen to be creating the same type of objective response. Many individuals may have chosen to be interceding. But it matters not, for what individuals are viewing in this type of situation is a mirror action, a recognition subjectively that they also are participating in other areas within their focus in any type of expression in which they create the same type of expression – in which they may not be in agreement with the actions of another individual, but they do not express objection – and this, within your mass belief systems, is very strongly held as wrong.

It may not be expressed in the extreme of the behavior of a violent action that you identify as this particular scenario, but you ALL participate in actions within different scenarios throughout your focus in which you may not be in agreement with another individual in alignment with the mass belief system, but you choose objectively not to be interceding or you choose not to be interacting, and there is a subjective recognition in that choice of how you are lending energy to the perpetuation of the expression of the mass belief system.

Therefore, although individuals do not objectively recognize what they are responding to, they merely identify that certain behaviors are right and certain behaviors are wrong, and therefore they are responding in this manner: ‘This is a wrong behavior. The individual should have been creating a different choice which would be acceptable, and the individual was choosing not to be expressing in that manner. Therefore, the rest of the individuals are justified in their judgment.’ This is the objective assessment of this scenario.

The subjective motivation in these expressions is the recognition of the mirror action, in viewing these types of scenarios, that you ALL participate in this type of action within your focuses. It may not hold the extreme in your expression, but you all are participating in the same types of behaviors. You merely identify them differently objectively. But subjectively, in essence, you recognize that the degree or the measurement of an expression objectively matters not. The expression of the belief system is the same.

Regardless that you objectively identify as a large expression or a small expression, within essence, they are all the same. (Pause)

JOE: In viewing this, in what way would there be no lending of energy to the action or the belief system which more or less motivated the action? Total viewing with nonjudgment in any particular way?

ELIAS: An expression of a non-lending of energy in this situation first of all would move in the direction of engaging your empathic sense and your sense of conceptualization in recognizing the choice of other individuals and the purpose, so to speak, of the choice of these other individuals, for many times, what you view to be devastating events or very bad events within your reality may be very beneficial to many individuals, and may be in actuality an offering of the participants for the benefit objectively of other individuals.

In this, I explain to you that a lack of lending of energy would be the recognition of what is being objectively expressed and the creation of a choice within yourself – holding no judgment, as you have stated – to be interacting or not interacting dependent upon your direction in recognition of your intent within your focus, but key is the element of no judgment.

When I am expressing this to you, I am not expressing to you that the ‘right’ expression or the expression of essence is to be interceding, but I am also not expressing to you that the right expression or the expression of essence – which are not synonymous – is the expression to be not involving yourself. I am not expressing either direction to you. This is an individual choice, and this choice is influenced by your desire, your intent, your recognition of the situation as it is occurring, and your direction of judgment within your individual responsiveness.

Now; what I AM expressing to you is that in acceptance of belief systems, there is no judgment, and in the expression of no judgment, you are not lending energy to the perpetuation of the belief system, and in not lending energy to the perpetuation of the belief system, you also contribute, within the collective consciousness, to the lessening of the very expressions of behaviors that you now deem to be unacceptable.

Individuals move into these types of expressions for the reason that there IS so very much energy which is lent to these belief systems. The expression of the objectification of these types of behaviors may be much less within your objective reality as there is not such an intensification of energy which is projected into the reinforcement of these types of behaviors. The more you are reinforcing these behaviors, the more they occur. (Pause)

JOE: So in actuality, this play was actually presented, played out among the actors – victim, predator, the person who did not try to stop the predation – in agreement. For whatever their own reasons were, they opted to go through with these choices and act them out in objective reality. In observing these without judgment, without the alignment of the belief systems that obviously affected this whole event, I do not lend energy, and it is absolutely my choice as to whether there is any lending of energy or not, and that in being nonjudgmental of these actions, I am in no way insuring or in any way helping to see that they happen again, as it is an individual choice. Correct, not correct?

ELIAS: Correct, if you are accomplishing the actualization of acceptance and if you are in actuality not creating a judgment in relation to this scenario.

JOE: It really is an exercise in seeing how very, very strongly belief systems are affecting of thoughts and actions and impressions.

ELIAS: Quite, and I have been expressing this to you all for much time framework. I am not expressing figuratively in this area, but quite literally, that your belief systems are extremely intense. They are very strongly held, and your movement into acceptance of these belief systems that you hold IS quite difficult. I have been expressing from the onset of this forum and these sessions with all of you that you shall be experiencing trauma in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, and I am not expressing to you a figurative term of trauma!

The difficulty that you hold in moving into this unfamiliar area of acceptance of belief systems and all of the aspects of all of these belief systems IS creating of trauma within individuals, for these belief systems hold tremendous energy and are automatic within your responses and your reactions and your perceptions. Therefore, in viewing the tremendous strength of these belief systems, you may also realistically present to yourself the tremendous difficulty and confusion which is experienced in your movement into the expression of acceptance.

The mere identification of the term of acceptance creates tremendous confusion within individuals, for you move in automatic directions, within the belief system of duplicity, of viewing your reality in either/or, black and white, right and wrong terms. Acceptance does not fall into the area of these opposites. Therefore, you within physical focus would turn your attention into the area – and DO already – of the concept of eliminating belief systems or changing belief systems much more easily. This type of expression is much more acceptable and understandable to you objectively than the concept of acceptance.

This be the reason that you ARE experiencing great confusion and that many individuals ARE experiencing trauma within the movement of this shift in consciousness, for you are moving into an area of actualizing a new expression of reality within your physical dimension that is entirely unfamiliar and moves into the expression of a concept that you objectively do not even hold an identification or an understanding of.

This be the reason that you avail yourselves of information in many directions, and avail yourself of information that I also offer to you. All of these avenues of information are presented to you within this time framework in response to your collective outcry, so to speak, within consciousness for helpfulness in this massive undertaking that you are creating within this shift in consciousness.

You are moving into the direction of creating a global mass event, which is the insertion of the expression physically of a Source Event which has been created already within consciousness. This is a grave undertaking and is the expression of tremendous energy, and therefore there is also tremendous responsiveness to this movement of energy.

Now, these individuals, I shall express to you, have not created this particular scenario for the benefit of the masses in conjunction with this shift in consciousness as their purpose, so to speak, in their individual creations. They have created their participation in this action for their individual reasons, but within the movement of collective energy within this shift in consciousness, you now move into the expression of evaluation of these types of creations in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.

Therefore, the viewing of these types of expressions now moves to the expression of your responsibility in how you shall receive the information in those expressions, in the demonstration of these types of behavior, and – within your responsibility of your creation of your reality – how you shall direct your attention in conjunction with your individual belief systems and your acceptance of them.

JOE: Elias, I think you’re exactly right. One more thing: if I had viewed this ... and even right now, within my own awareness, this seems a little bit outlandish, but I’m starting to accept it. If I had simply viewed ... are you there?


JOE: Okay. If I had simply viewed this as interplay between three individuals for their own reasons and with an agreement between them as to the experience, would I be much closer to understanding the actuality of this event, like within or incorporated within the lessons that are being learned within this shift in consciousness?

ELIAS: In the acceptance in viewing this behavior, yes, in a manner of speaking, for within the expression of acceptance, you also incorporate more of an understanding of the movement of consciousness and the choices of essence, recognizing that within your rational thought process, you may offer to yourselves that all that you create within physical expressions in physical dimensions – or within all of consciousness – is an experience, and that this is an element of exploration, of being; that there is, outside of your physical dimension, outside of your physical belief systems and perceptions, a recognition that there are no judgments concerning ANY choice of ANY creation throughout consciousness. It is created as an experience.

Now; I shall express to you, once again, there are situations in which individuals collectively may be choosing to actualize certain expressions to be gaining the attention of the mass within your physical dimension to bring attention also to expressions which are perpetuated in certain belief systems and lending energy to the acceptance within those belief systems, but within the ‘big picture’ of consciousness, even those expressions are merely explorations of experiences.

JOE: Would an example of this be like one of the major religious plays – Buddha, Jesus, Brahma?

ELIAS: Yes, these are examples of these types of expressions, and also your creations en masse of mass events in the areas of wars, dis-eases ... different types of mass movements are creations of these types of expressions many times to be offering expressions within mass consciousness, gaining the attention of masses of individuals objectively to be addressing to certain aspects of belief systems and allowing you to move into the acceptance of those aspects of belief systems.

Presently, as I have stated previously, you create a mass expression in dis-ease in the area of what you identify as AIDS. This is a mass expression to be gaining the attention globally of individuals throughout your dimension, addressing to the aspect of the belief system of sexuality and lending energy to the identification of differences in orientations and choices, and therefore lending energy to the movement into acceptance of differences within perceptions, differences within choices of preference, and differences in the expression of orientations.

JOE: Would the stigma that’s attached in some people’s minds, in the abhorrence of those folks who objectively show signs of AIDS, be an example of the trauma that you speak of in this ongoing shift in consciousness?

ELIAS: Partially. It is dependent upon the individual in actuality.

Many expressions of trauma shall be a tremendous expression of turbulence and distress; dissatisfaction within self; an objective recognition of the lack of acceptance of self and the tremendous conflict that this is creating in conjunction with your belief systems.

In this, as you are experiencing trauma in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, although there are expressions of mass trauma, there are also always expressions of individual trauma, and this is the spring from the lack of acceptance of self, and therefore the recognition of the lack of acceptance of the belief systems that the individual holds. (Pause)

JOE: Okay. Well, that today was certainly a lot that I have to think about. I know when I get this transcript, I’ll be using the highlighter.

ELIAS: HA HA HA! And we may continue in this subject matter quite extensively, for we have merely touched the tip of your iceberg in this area!

JOE: Yes, I think it’s absolutely fascinating. I just wish I could assimilate it faster, but it’s a time thing, and I can assimilate only so much at a time. It takes time to adjust the alignments with the belief systems and the understanding and all the rest of it.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And you shall!” [session 463, September 02, 1999]

ELIAS: “I may express to you that you may begin in allowing yourself to be genuinely recognizing your beliefs, and recognizing the camouflage that you present to yourself, which is not in actuality what you believe, (pause, smiling) but it is the projection of the facade of what you WISH to believe.

... In this, you DO believe that there are limitations upon your abilities. You occupy physical focus within a physical dimension, and in this, you believe that you also are incurred with physical limitations. You WISH to believe that there are no limitations. I may express to you, there ARE no limitations, but you do not believe this, (grinning) and this creates limitations.

Now; in this, I may speak to you for much time framework, and you shall continue to believe that you hold physical limitations, to the point that you express validation to yourself that you may accomplish, that you are not overestimating your abilities.

For although you may express intellectually that you may not overestimate your abilities, I may express to you presently, you do believe that this is arrogant, and therefore it IS possible to be overestimating your abilities, and the expression of that overestimation is bad ... and you are quite not alone in this expression! (Grinning)

For I may express to you that every individual present this evening also holds this belief, that there is a limitation to what you may create, and that you must be holding yourself in check, that you do not become arrogant, or that you do not allow that expression of self that you identify as ego to run away with you.

These are the beliefs that create obstacles and obstructions in your movement, and in your allowance of yourself to BE expressing your abilities. In actuality, you DO hold the ability to be creating whatever you may imagine.

You are not occupying a lower plane. You are not within physical focus as a punishment or as a learning experience, that you may move to a more enlightened plane. You are already enlightened. You already hold all of the information that is possible to be held, for you are already all of consciousness. Therefore, what shall you not accomplish, except for what you express to yourself that you cannot?

In this, ALL of you express limitations.

Now; I may express to you that you may begin to be moving these obstacles and obstructions from before you, in a manner of speaking, by genuinely familiarizing you with you, becoming aware of your beliefs in genuine expression; not merely in theory or in concept, not merely within thought, but become familiar with yourself in all of the expressions of you.

You lean in the direction of identifying yourself and thinking that you are becoming familiar with you through thinking. Thought is merely one avenue of communication that you possess. There are many, many, many avenues of communication that you express and engage in this physical focus. You have created many types of expressions that offer you communication continuously, but you do not pay attention, for you are busying yourself paying attention to your thinking, and your thinking moves into analyzation and into dissection and into philosophizing, and you distract yourself, and you do not pay attention to the other expressions that are offering you information.

The two aspects of communication that you pay attention to the most within physical focus are your emotions and your thoughts. These are tremendous avenues of communication, but they are not the only avenues of communication.

In this, your beliefs, figuratively speaking, if being viewed in similar manner to entities in themselves – the aspects of your beliefs as we express them in analogies of birds within bird cages – they are quite cunning, and they know your thoughts and your emotions also. YOU know your thoughts and your emotions, and you, through your beliefs, know quite well how to be manipulating your thoughts and emotions to be confirming and reinforcing what you believe.

Therefore, it is a circle. The manner in which you step out of the circle of this perpetuation is to become familiar with you, to recognize the beliefs that you hold; not merely those that appear surfacely, but as I have expressed this day also earlier, what motivates the expressions of these beliefs, for what is motivating of the surface expression of beliefs are underlying beliefs. Beliefs influence beliefs, and beliefs influence perception, and perception creates your reality, period.

Therefore, as you become aware of your motivation of your beliefs and what is underlying the surface expressions ... and I am not speaking of your science of psychology and your ‘subconscious’ expression!

I am speaking of your objective awareness, but that aspect of your objective awareness that you are not paying attention to. It is quite obvious. It is quite expressed within all of your focuses, but many actions, many elements are expressed within your focus that you pay little or no attention to objectively. They are automatic actions. They are automatic responses.

In this, you express that you face yourself with a crossroad, that you know not which direction to proceed within. You create difficulty and challenge in viewing and creating choices if you are not allowing yourself the objective recognition of what your choices are, and you allow yourself to view your choices by becoming familiar with you, not with all that is outside of you.

This is quite changeable imagery. It may change moment by moment, and it matters not. For you may create any expression of imagery outside of yourself, and you may change it momentarily, and it shall all be beneficial. It shall all be purposeful.

It matters not what you are creating outwardly. This is imagery that you are creating. In a manner of speaking, it is the illusion. It is the game.

What holds significance is you and the manipulation of your perception, and the recognition that your perception IS creating your reality, and the KNOWING that you hold choice. This is a powerful instrument, and also may be one of the most limiting, in the lack of recognition that you hold choice. (Pause)

Therefore, my friend, go forth! Seek your choice! Familiarize yourself with you. Allow yourself to identify what is the object of your desire, not merely your want. They are different. (Pause)

ANTONE: I guess I don’t understand the difference between the want and the objective desire.

ELIAS: Your desire moves you. Your desire moves your manipulation of energy through your beliefs and influences your perception and creates your reality.

You do not always create what you want! (Grinning, and much laughter) You ALWAYS create the object of your desire.

ANTONE: Really! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Desire is not necessarily the expression of pleasure or what you like objectively, but your desire shall always move you in the direction of creating what is beneficial to you and what you seek within your exploration of this physical dimension.

You may choose to be creating that in not a pleasurable manner. You may choose to be creating that expression in a manner that you find distasteful. These are expressions of your beliefs. This is not to say that your choice is not beneficial or that it is not purposeful.

You wish me to be offering you a direction. You shall offer yourself a direction, for you are the only individual that may offer your direction!

ANTONE: So you’re saying that how to decide what I want is to be investigating me. (Elias nods) But it also sounds to me like you’re saying that by the manipulation of thought and emotion, that I think I’m really investigating myself when I’m really not.

ELIAS: At times, yes, you are correct.

ANTONE: Well, then how do I stop that?

ELIAS: By allowing yourself to become familiar with you, not merely one aspect of you.

Shall you be familiar with the entirety of your physical form and its functioning if your concentration is continuously focused upon your foot and its function? Shall you understand objectively and be familiar with all of the other aspects of your physical body form if all you are paying attention to is your one foot? No, you shall not. You shall be unfamiliar with that which is intimately you, for your attention is focused in one area.

This is not to say that all of the other functions of your physical body form cease, that they shall not continue. They shall, and they shall be functioning quite objectively and quite available for your attention, if you are allowing yourself to turn your attention from your foot to other areas of your physical form.

In like manner, you hold your attention between two expressions, thought and emotion, as your means of communication – your means of input of information and your means of output – and in this, you are not paying attention to all of the other expressions that you are creating that continue to move and function, but do not gain your attention. Therefore, you are not familiar with you.

Let me express to you, my friend, this is quite a common expression within many, many, many, many individuals throughout this physical focus, and I may express to you once again, every individual within this forum this evening experiences this same expression and are all quite unfamiliar with themselves in very similar manner to yourself, for all of you create a focus of attention singularly.

You express to yourselves that you know who you are. You know what you are. You know what you want ... and you express great confusion why you do not create this! ‘I know my direction. I know what I want. I know how to accomplish what I want. Why do I not create what I want?’ For you do NOT know, for you are not paying attention.

You are paying attention to illusions. You are paying attention to projections future, you are paying attention to memories past, which are not now, and you create your reality NOW; not then, not then, but NOW.

You project your attention outwardly to your environment, to other individuals, to interactions, to circumstances, to situations, and these are distracting, and in this, you do not pay attention to you. Even within the time frameworks that you THINK you are paying attention to you, many times you are not paying attention to you. You are paying attention to what is occurring TO you, in your perception, or what you may be participating within, but not what YOU are choosing, what YOU are creating, what you are DOING. (Pause)

For your attention is outward, and the difference is to be turning your attention inward. I have expressed this many, many, many times, (laughter) and this appears to be quite simplistic.

And I may express to you also, many, many individuals express to me, ‘Elias, why shall you speak so long?’ (Everybody cracks up) ‘Why shall you elaborate so often upon these concepts? Why shall you DRONE?’ (Everybody cracks up again) ‘Why shall you not offer us the simplicity of an answer?’ And I express to you the simplicity of the answer – turn your attention within – and you express, ‘And what shall you mean in this? Elaborate upon this!’ (Much laughter) ‘Expound. Continue. You may drone now.’ (More laughter)

This IS the answer. It is merely the challenge of allowing yourself to move beyond the block of your perception, which is held very tightly in its singular direction. But in allowing yourself to move EVER SO SLIGHTLY in your perception, you alter a tremendous amount in your reality.” [session 711, October 21, 2000]

ELIAS: “Let me express to you, if you are interactive with another individual in this present now and the other individual creates a choice or a manifestation, an action, that you view to be wrong, you create an automatic immediate association. There is an automatic immediate judgment. This is a limitation and it is a blocking of your own expression, for the judgment is not merely expressed in relation to the other individual, it is also directly expressed in relation to yourself. This eliminates many of your choices.

You hold many choices. If you engage merely the automatic response, you eliminate all other choices, and you focus your attention merely on one choice which is automatic, and you limit your perception.

Let me express to you, another individual may create a choice, an action, and you may be interactive with that individual, and in relation to your beliefs, you assess that the action of the other individual is wrong.

Now; that is an automatic response. Without recognizing that as an automatic response, you narrow your perception. You allow for no other choice.

In that same interaction with another individual, NOT discounting the reality of your beliefs, NOT changing or eliminating your beliefs, you may view the choice of the other individual. You may initially express the automatic judgment, but if you are allowing yourself an openness and an acceptance of that belief, you shall allow yourself to stop, to recognize that the other individual is merely creating a choice, that you may be in disagreement with that choice but that does not necessarily express a judgment in relation to the other individual’s choice.

You do not need be in agreement with another individual’s expression; you may incorporate differences in preference, difference in opinion; you may be expressing disagreement concerning certain choices – this is not an absolute expression of judgment. And in recognition of your own beliefs and the influence of those beliefs, you may allow yourself to turn your perception and express to yourself, ‘It matters not. I choose this expression. This expression, this choice, is my preference. This individual chooses another expression, a difference in choice. It matters not. My choice is not right; the other individual’s choice is not right. The other individual’s choice is not wrong, and neither is my choice. They are merely different.’ And once you allow yourself to view the difference, you may move into another layer of exploration in which you allow yourself to view the similarity of the differences.

THIS is what I am expressing to you, not to be creating judgment upon other focuses [i.e. not even the ‘bad’ ones, like war criminals] and their expressions, not to be creating judgment upon THIS focus and your expressions, or to be creating judgment upon your beliefs. This is futile. This is not the point of this shift in consciousness.

I have expressed many times, you shall continue to be engaging belief systems in this physical dimension. Even within the incorporation of this shift in consciousness, belief systems are a base element, an intricate expression of the blueprint of this particular physical focus, this physical dimension. Without these beliefs, you may eliminate this particular dimension, for you have created this dimension with the incorporation of these beliefs for that particular type of experience. There are myriads of physical dimensions. This is merely one. This one incorporates this type of belief systems. They shall continue. What shall be altered is your interaction with them, your acceptance of them, your recognition within yourselves that you DO incorporate beliefs, but you are not subject to them.

To this point within your reality and your linear time framework – your history – throughout your history you have allowed yourselves the expression of being subject to your beliefs, in a manner of speaking as though they themselves are entities dictating to you how you shall create your reality, what you shall create within your reality, how you shall allow your own expressions or not, what you shall offer yourselves permission to be creating, what you shall vastly NOT offer yourself permission to be creating. The belief systems themselves have become so vast in their strength, which you all collectively have expressed, that they become almost entities in themselves and you their pawns.

But they are expressions of your reality; they are expressions of you. YOU hold the power of energy, NOT the beliefs. The beliefs may remain, it matters not. But in acceptance of them, the mere recognition of their existence and not allowing the automatic expression of them, not allowing the automatic dictation of them, you offer to yourself vast freedom, for you allow yourself to incorporate trust.” [session 819, April 08, 2001]

NEAL: “I would like to discuss this movement that I’m trying to accomplish, in my way of expressing it, allowing more and seeing through the eyes of source and seeing with compassion, not only the person but also their eternalness. I’m doing a retreat for ten days, coming up in about a week, and that’s going to be the focus of the retreat. I’d like to hear your understanding of that.

ELIAS: And how shall you be directing in this retreat?

NEAL: I’m not sure of the question, but my answer would be it’s a retreat in solitude. I’ll do meditation and I’ll do clearing or accepting of the fear that is associated with that kind of surrender to source.

ELIAS: Hmm. Therefore you shall be engaging other individuals, correct?

NEAL: I’ll be doing this alone. I’ll be alone and in silence for ten days. I’ll be engaging individuals not so much physically as I will emotionally and spiritually.

ELIAS: Very well. And your objective is?

NEAL: A beginning of that consciousness that allows me to see through the eyes of compassion. It allows me to know what to offer them in that moment, even if it’s simple gentle kindness.

ELIAS: Very well. In this solitude, focusing your attention upon yourself and your understanding, you may open a window, so to speak, to allow yourself to experience into other individuals and offer yourself greater understanding, not merely of them but of yourself, also. For in this process, you may be noticing how you translate the experiences of other individuals.

Your objective is to be, as you have stated, viewing into the source of yourself and of other individuals. In this, what you offer to yourself is information in how you as an individual translate the experience, or that which you term to be the source, of other individuals, and this offers you more information in relation to your source. Are you understanding?

NEAL: Yes, I am. (Pause) Could you offer me some insight into the personal beliefs I have that limit that flow of energy within me, within my perception?

ELIAS: Remember, beliefs and perception are different. Beliefs influence your perception, but perception is what generates your reality. In this, it is a matter of how you direct your attention in association with beliefs that influence or alter your perception.

Now; in relation to this subject matter of the activity that you are planning on engaging, it is not necessarily a situation of beliefs that may be limiting or hindering your action that you shall be attempting to engage. It is actually recognizing the action of your translation as you proceed within your action and therefore allowing yourself to recognize what beliefs influence your translations, which thusly influence your perception.

In this, as you pay attention to yourself and to how you are translating information, you shall allow yourself to recognize not merely what beliefs are being expressed but also that you incorporate the freedom to choose to be expressing them or not, which is significant.

It is not a situation in which you or any individual shall be NOT expressing beliefs, for all that you engage within your physical reality filters through influences of beliefs. But what you objectively are forgetful of is that you incorporate ALL of the beliefs within all of the belief systems, and therefore you also incorporate tremendous diversity in choice. Merely acknowledging that you do express any particular belief offers you the freedom to redirect your attention and choose ANY belief that may serve you, so to speak, in an expression of clarity. Allowing yourself the awareness is most significant.

Therefore in this situation, with you individually, I would not express to you that there are certain beliefs that may be limiting or hindering of your objective, for this is not the situation that you are moving in. You are not expressing beliefs in a manner in which they are being a hindrance presently. Therefore in this situation, realize that your objective is not necessarily to be addressing to beliefs, but rather to be paying attention to your translations, which therefore affect your perception. In allowing yourself an openness to yourself and genuinely paying attention to YOU in this process – as you simultaneously are paying attention to what you allow yourself to tap into in relation to other individuals – you shall offer yourself a tremendous volume of information, and this may be your avenue into a genuine expression of appreciation of self.

NEAL: Mmm. I like that. (Elias laughs) I like that! I’ve shared a lot with a lot of people that circle of love that we discussed in one of our prior conversations, of appreciation and knowing and love and acceptance. That has helped not only me but a lot of people.

ELIAS: I am understanding. In your terms, my friend, you have generated an interesting path, so to speak! (Chuckles)

NEAL: It’s been fun... Well, most of the time.

ELIAS: Which offers you a tremendous expression of freedom, does it not?

NEAL: I have one of the most incredibly free lives that I can imagine.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And this is the point!” [session 1198, December 04, 2002]

ELIAS: “This day, we shall be discussing not necessarily your automatic responses but the influence of your beliefs in association with what you do, and we shall be interactive as per our last group interaction in your participation with this subject matter also.

Now; what we shall be examining initially you may be associating with a belief of protection, for many of you express very strong associations with protection and are not even aware of how strong your alignment with this belief is. But what we are actually examining this day is how you move, how you create actions within your day that are influenced by beliefs that influence significant events within your focus. For you move throughout your day reinforcing beliefs continuously, and are objectively unaware of what you are actually doing or what is actually influencing.

I have chosen to begin with Castille [Letty], for Castille [Letty] and I have discussed an exercise of this very subject matter. (26) (Looking at Letty) You may offer briefly to the other individuals present this day your assessment of your successfulness with that exercise for merely one day in paying attention to all of your actions and all of the influences of the beliefs. And what do you assess was your successfulness in that one day?

LETTY: Everything you do from the moment you get up and you brush your teeth or comb your hair, there is a belief system attached to it.

ELIAS: Correct.

LETTY: The exercise was to pay attention for one whole day to what I was doing every day. So I went along saying to myself, ‘What am I doing? What am I doing?’ It was incredible to find the belief systems that I never paid attention to.

ELIAS: And were you recognizing of many repetitions in these beliefs?

LETTY: Oh yes, many of them.

ELIAS: Correct. Within one day, you engage countless actions, and each of those actions is influenced by a belief.

Now; the point of this exercise is not to be expressing judgment concerning beliefs that are being expressed, but rather to allow yourselves to recognize what beliefs are being expressed and the influence of those beliefs in association to your actions and your choices.

This is not to say that once recognizing the influence of the belief that you may be choosing a different belief to be expressed. You may choose to continue to express the same belief that you have been, but you know that you are choosing and this is the difference. For, throughout your day you express many, many actions, and you are moving in what you term to be automatic pilot. You are NOT paying attention to what you are expressing, what you are doing.

The significance of this paying attention in mundane, what you term to be insignificant actions throughout your day is that the influence of those beliefs in association with your actions in each day are very often the same beliefs that influence what you view as significant events.

You all incorporate events or experiences within your focus that you deem to be uncomfortable and negative and that you express to yourself you wish you had not created; and your automatic response, which we discussed in our previous group session (27), is to be inquiring of yourself, why have I created this?

Now; we have examined those automatic responses and you have offered yourselves the opportunity to be examining yourselves and evaluating what your most common automatic response may be. Now we shall examine what you express most commonly throughout your day as an influence of beliefs. For those beliefs are the why, in association with the events or the experiences that you generate, that you question, that you dislike.

This also is quite empowering. For as you allow yourselves to become more clearly aware with what you generate even within one day, you allow yourselves to recognize your choices. I may express to you all quite definitely, I have offered information to all of you that you are not eliminating beliefs and you are not changing beliefs – but what are you doing?

You incorporate every belief which is contained within all of the belief systems, each and every one. You incorporate EVERY belief that is associated with all belief systems, but you express few. You choose in association with how you choose to manifest, the culture you choose to be manifest within, what you align with, your families, your orientations, your preferences. You choose certain beliefs that you shall be expressing, and these also are associated with your opinions.

Now; as I have stated many times, you may be expressing acceptance in entirety of your beliefs and continue to express your individual opinions and your preferences. They are not at odds with each other. Acceptance is an expression in which you do not incorporate judgment. This is not to say that you may not incorporate your individual preferences and individual expressions and your opinions, but knowing that they are your opinions and your preferences and they are not better or worse than any other individual’s. They are merely different. The acceptance is expressed in difference, and difference is quite challenging to be accepting. You automatically express the want for sameness, for if you are the same you validate yourself and each other. If you are the same, you are expressing that you understand each other objectively, and this is good.

Now; as I have stated, the significance of recognizing what beliefs are influencing your actions throughout one day is that this offers you an intimate awareness of yourself. It allows you the freedom of choice. Do not misunderstand, automatic responses are choices also but they are limiting, for you are not intentionally directing objectively these automatic responses.

I am not speaking of thinking continuously, for choice does not require thought. Action does not require thought. But thought is a powerful tool that you incorporate within your physical reality. It is an objective tool that translates information to you. It allows you, at times, more clarity in your understanding of what you are creating.

Now; many times it does not offer you clarity. It offers you confusion, for you are not offering your thought mechanism information to be translating accurately. Therefore it translates generally, then you become confused and you spin upon your hamster wheel. (Smiling)

Now; what do you incorporate in your average routine within your day? (Pause) You all awake! (Laughter)

SHARON: All your beliefs?

ELIAS: This is quite general. I am specifically inquiring of your actions.

ARTHUR: A job.

ELIAS: You awake, eat, and...

SHERI: I’ve got to go pee!

ELIAS: Very well! This is your initial action, and how do you approach that action? (Much laughter)

SHERI: Well, I squat down on the seat... (Laughter continues)

ELIAS: How do you arrive at your water closet?

SHERI: I open up my eyes, and I say, ‘Here it is! I think I’ll sit!’ (Laughing) I’m not sure of the question.

ELIAS: Do you incorporate any action between these two? (Laughter)

SHERI: I usually get out of bed before I pee!

ELIAS: Do you incorporate any thought process?

SHERI: After the fact, I go, ‘I guess I had to pee!’

ELIAS: Very well. This is a normal function.

Now; every action that you incorporate is influenced by a belief.

SHERI: A belief in elimination?

ELIAS: Which expresses what? (Pause)

SHERI: You guys can help me! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Quite! (Humorously) For you all incorporate the likelihood of engaging a similar action when you awake. (Laughter)

BEN: That there’s a correct way to do it.

PAT: And a correct place to do it.

WENDY B: And that you have to do it to be more comfortable.

STEVE: And that if you go through the night without getting up and going, you’re going to have a full bladder in the morning. It’s been producing urine.

ELIAS: But you do incorporate specifics in how you express this action. For within your time framework presently, you incorporate what you may term to be modern plumbing.

Now; do you incorporate rules in association with that plumbing?

STEVE: The toilet seat should be down.

PAT: That women don’t stand up! It’s a little harder. (Much talking over each other and laughter, and Elias looks very amused.)

LAURA: Not in the shower.

ELIAS: But are you incorporating your shower immediately, or are you incorporating this elimination first?

LAURA: I usually ... in the shower.

ELIAS: Very well.

LAURA: Because it’s all one, so...

ELIAS: Ah, and what of individuals that may incorporate a belief that expresses that this is an unacceptable action?

LAURA: Yes, I know it is, and I believe that it is, and I know that other people would find it unacceptable that I do that. But I find it economical, I find it ... I’m not wasting the water in the toilet. I go in the shower... (Much laughter, and the group begins expressing varying opinions on this subject)

ELIAS: Ah! MANY beliefs! (Much laughter)

RETA: I might add, medically, if a woman stands up she’s better off.

ELIAS: Ah, another belief. Very well! Once you have eliminated or you have incorporated your shower ... how do you incorporate your shower?

(More overlapping group discussion and laughter about what is involved in taking a shower: taking off clothes, getting hot water, opening and closing the shower door, not wasting water or using up all the hot water, clean towels, not flushing the toilet while someone’s showering...)

ELIAS: Now; we have perhaps your initial one-half of one hour that you have incorporated within your waking state, and you have already incorporated many actions, and each one incorporates beliefs.

Now; what are the beliefs that influence these actions?

RETA: You have to take care of yourself.

PAT: Getting relief! If you have to go, you have to go!

JO: You know you’re going to feel better if you are clean, and Laura’s looking after the environment. (Laughter)

PAUL: Many beliefs surrounding personal interactions, on what actions to take to be less offensive to other people.

ELIAS: Therefore concerning yourself with the perceptions of other individuals.

LAURA: Even at my work, I wash my hands after I pee at work but I don’t do it anywhere else, because the belief is I need to get rid of my germs before I go back and perform my job, and it’s the only time I ever do it.

ELIAS: And what belief influences this action of washing your hands?

(2:35 PM; 8 minutes, 45 seconds of session was not audio taped. Audio tape picks up again at 2:44 PM.)

ELIAS: Which generates what action?

KIM: I believe that it would generate protection to focus in a more productive way.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, for it is a defense. For it is an action that may be motivated by the belief that you do not incorporate capability of steering yourself efficiently throughout your day. Therefore, you incorporate this action to focus your attention more clearly and more fully and incorporating other energies that shall be helpful to you to steer yourself in an efficient manner throughout your day.

KIM: Exactly. So, what would be the more efficient way to believe about it?

ELIAS: Ah. (Laughter)

PAMELA: What if we do these things out of enjoyment? I mean, what if you go to the bathroom because you like the way you feel afterwards? You take a shower because you like the way your skin feels afterwards, and you eat breakfast because your taste buds enjoy what you eat, and you meditate because you like the feeling that you get with it as a preparation for the day.

ELIAS: Now; this is a clear example of what I began with in this conversation. Your response presently is automatically assuming that any of these beliefs that are influencing any of these actions are bad or negative.

PAMELA: My saying that if I do something because it makes me feel good...?

ELIAS: The manner in which you have presented this statement and this question to myself is defensive, and is expressing what you view to be an opposite opinion in defense of perhaps you merely enjoy engaging any action. I have not expressed that any of these beliefs are bad, or that you may choose to change them.

PAMELA: I was only saying, though, that all of the things you’ve talked about could also just be a preference...

ELIAS: Correct.

PAMELA: opposed to thinking that we needed to do it.

ELIAS: Correct, but how shall you know objectively whether it is a preference or whether it is an influence of automatic responses to beliefs that you perhaps do not prefer if you are not aware of what you are doing and what is influencing that doing?

And this is the point, not that any of your beliefs are bad. They are all neutral. You attach associations of good and bad, and those associations are associated many times with your preferences, which are not bad. But what becomes confusing and at times conflicting is that you associate your preferences as good, and if you encounter other individuals and express different preferences, they are not as good, and there are automatic responses that occur in association with those expressions continuously.

What do you generally express to myself many, many, many times: ‘How may I be helpful to other individuals? I desire to be helpful in the action of this shift. I am engaging conflict or challenge with my daughter, my mother, my father, my son, my friend. How may I be efficiently interactive and be helpful? How may I be accepting?’ These are questions that are posed within this forum continuously, and my expression to you all continuously is to be accepting. And what is meant [by] ‘to be accepting’?

ARTHUR: Non-judgment.

ELIAS: And how do you accomplish that? How do you accomplish no judgment?

FRANK: Accepting yourself.

ELIAS: Correct, and how are you accomplishing of acceptance of yourself?

FRANK: By not placing judgment; being aware of your own beliefs and not judging them.

JUNE: And not comparing.

ELIAS: A lack of comparison is very strong. This is a very strong belief.

Q: (Unintelligible)

ELIAS: Correct, but the requirement is to be intimately aware of you.

ARTHUR: Noticing?

ELIAS: Continuously; but to know, not to judge your own preferences or the other individual’s, not concerning yourself with any other individual but viewing yourselves and not judging your preferences or comparing your preferences to other individuals, for they may not be the same, and in acceptance of your beliefs and your preferences and your choices, and in recognition, knowing of your choices – not automatic responses, not automatic pilot – but recognizing your own individual unique preferences and allowing yourself the freedom of that expression of them without judgment, recognizing that other individuals express their preferences also and [that] it is unnecessary to be judging of another individual’s preference. For how is this altering your reality? Where is the threat?

As an example, in your society you incorporate strong beliefs in association with your physical body consciousness, very strong mass beliefs.

Now; I may offer two examples. One, you may be an individual that is quite aware of what you consume as food, and you may incorporate specific beliefs in relation to what is healthy, what offers you a higher vibrational quality in certain foods. Many individuals incorporate these beliefs. They are not wrong, but they are beliefs.

Now; you may encounter another individual which may incorporate very different preferences and expressions and perhaps consumes types of foods that you view to be quite disgusting and extremely unhealthy. (Laughter)

Now; they are expressing their preference and you are expressing your preference, but YOU are expressing your judgment that they are consuming unhealthily, [and that] this is very bad. And they may be expressing judgment to you, that you are a lunatic for you are incorporating these beliefs associated with lighter energy food. They are merely differences!

But in this simple encounter, you express tremendous judgments. Is the other individual harming you or creating your reality for you if they are choosing to be consuming foods that you view to be disgusting? Are they altering your reality?

PADDY: Not if you don’t let them.

ELIAS: How may they possibly be altering your reality in their choice?

PAT: They could have gas. (Loud laughter)

ELIAS: It is your choice how you shall interact with that.

PAT: (Unintelligible)

ELIAS: It is your choice how you interact with that, is it not?

PAT: Eat the right things and we don’t have to deal with it.

ELIAS: Ah! Therefore attempt to be creating the other individual’s reality for them. And your choice is that...

PAT: But their reality, in this case, is directly affecting my reality.

ELIAS: If you allow it.

PAT: Well, apparently in that scenario I would be allowing it, so I would try to...

ELIAS: You may or you may not. You may engage what senses you choose.

PAT: (Unintelligible)

ELIAS: In actuality, it is. But as to your comment, how is another individual creating your reality?

PADDY: It’s not creating your reality unless you allow it to be.

ELIAS: Even in this scenario, it is not creating your reality. YOU are creating it in association with your beliefs that you are a victim. The other individual is not creating ANY of your reality, not even with flatulence! (Loud laughter)

PAT: I have a hard time with that.

ELIAS: (Emphatically) You create every aspect of your reality.

PAT: Well, I had this dog, this yellow lab. He was the greatest dog in the world, but man that dog had gas. Now, you’re telling me that I created that? The dog was very efficient at his creation...

ELIAS: If it is expressed within your perception, YOU have created it.

PAT: Wow, that’s hard to understand how I ... he’s gone now. But it’s a very difficult concept.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and this is the point. And this is the shift. (Grinning)

JOHAN: I think the danger of judgment is that it really relies on the personal experience of neutrality. I think one of the things we’ve got to learn is how we experience neutrality, to allow and to be allowed, because I think the job for us while we live here...

ELIAS: The paradox, in your terms, which is not in actuality a paradox, is that you express the neutrality but you also express the preferences, which are not necessarily neutral. It is the allowance of yourself to express your freedom of your preferences and your opinions but also simultaneously not express judgment in relation to yourself or other individuals.

I am not expressing this term of ‘judgment’ to be a negative; judgment is also what you term to be a positive, therefore not expressing the judgment in association with yourself in recognizing your preferences, that they are good or that they are better or even at times that they are worse, for you are comparing with other individuals, but rather to recognize your preferences and be accepting of them, knowing objectively that they are your preferences and they are acceptable, and that the differences expressed with other individuals are acceptable also.

Another example: an individual may be expressing within their focus their preference associated with their beliefs that it is healthy and good to not be incorporating certain substances within your physical body, perhaps one that is commonly expressed within your society of your cannabis, your marijuana. Some individuals incorporate very strong beliefs that this is bad and that you should not be incorporating this substance. Other individuals may be incorporating this substance continuously and functioning quite well. The individuals that may be incorporating the belief that it is not good to be incorporating this substance perhaps shall interact with that substance and generate a very strong response and create unusual experiences. The individual that does not align with that same belief may be incorporating this action of this particular substance and function quite normally and not experience what the other individual shall experience. But both individuals may be generating judgments of each other, or one individual may incorporate judgment and one may not.

The point is to be recognizing where the judgments are expressed and what influences them, as generally speaking, for the most part you generate judgment in association with beliefs, lack of acceptance and difference of choice.

This is merely what is occurring: individuals are engaging in choices. One choice is not good and one choice is not bad, even to the extent of murdering each other. They are merely choices. They are experiences. It is your association with your beliefs that generate judgments.

You may continue to incorporate the beliefs that you are expressing and recognize that they are your preferences, for the beliefs within themselves are neutral. But the point is to be aware of what your beliefs are, what their influences are.

We shall break, and you may engage in one of your scenarios that are so challenging to be accepting and that you enjoy creating! (Laughter) And so may you all, if you are so choosing!

BREAK at 3:04 PM.
RESUME at 4:09 PM.

ELIAS: Continuing. (Pause, and laughter) Or not!

MARGOT: Elias, while I was outside with Mary we talked about something that I think is common as dirt because it’s a mass belief. The thing that interests me about it is that it’s a mass belief that is felt very strongly, that nobody should drink before five in the afternoon. (Laughter)

I did not grow up with that belief, but I acquired it quite early in my life because somebody around me always did have to wait until five. It’s not my belief, except that ... and this is why I’m asking you this. Let’s say sometime during the afternoon I decide that I’m tired, I’d really like to have a drink. The first thought that comes into my mind is, is it five? I always check, and I think that’s pretty stupid of me to do that, because I don’t care. If I want to have a drink at three, I’ll have a drink at three, but that phrase comes into my mind.

ELIAS: This is significant, Giselle [Margot] [Margot], for this is an illustration of beliefs that individuals incorporate and think that they do not, but choose not to necessarily be expressing.

What is occurring, that you express that to yourself in association with your communication to yourself and then you translate that thought process, is you are offering yourself a communication and your thought process is translating that communication that you express to yourself, in the questioning of the time. (28) For, what your communication is expressing to you is an identification of a belief that you do incorporate, but you are choosing not to express it.

Now; this becomes confusing to many individuals and they may express very similarly to what you have expressed now: ‘I do not incorporate this belief, but I am aware of the identification of this belief continuously.’

Now; you do express this belief. You do incorporate this belief, and you are aware of this belief. But you choose not to be expressing the alignment with that belief, and therefore offer yourself the choice and may be expressing differently. This is not to say the belief is not in existence and that you do not incorporate it, for you do; but this is an example of incorporating a belief and offering yourself choice, not necessarily expressing it; recognizing its existence, recognizing that you incorporate it and offering yourself choice of how you shall incorporate action, knowing that the belief exists but also not necessarily in that moment aligning with it and expressing it. Which you are correct, this is quite a mass belief in association with our previous discussion in alignment with other substances.

Within your culture and your society, this particular substance also is tremendously controversial. Individuals incorporate very strong beliefs in association with this particular substance, and within your society you generate distinctions of what is natural and what is not. I may express to you, you create all that is within your reality, whether it be chemical or what you identify as natural, organic, so to speak. You create them both; they are both expressions of yourself. Therefore, in a manner of speaking they are both natural. They are extensions of you.

In this, you merely generate beliefs associated with what grows and what you manufacture, but you manufacture what grows and you manufacture what you produce in either choice. In a manner of speaking, they are the same. They continue to be extensions of yourself, products of yourself. It is merely your beliefs associated with these differences that generate your difference in interaction with them and your judgments associated with them.

As I have expressed to many individuals, you may be consuming whatever you choose, whether you deem it to be natural or not, organic or synthetic. Your response to that, your interaction with it, is quite associated with your beliefs associated with it. You may be consuming ANY substance within your physical reality and incorporate no response to it.

ARTHUR: Like that guy who ate a whole bicycle? (Laughter)

ELIAS: You may consume any element within your reality and it matters not, for it is not necessarily damaging or affecting of your physical body consciousness. It is dependent upon your beliefs associated with what you consume.

Your physical body consciousness is a highly efficient creation. It incorporates capability of consuming any – ANY – substance that you may physically imagine within your reality.” [session 1252, January 18, 2003]

PAUL: ... Just one more question then for today, old friend. (Elias laughs) The idea of – let me frame the question, I realize that’s so important in the way you answer – in the context of this acorn-sapling-tree developmental stages in time (Elias nods several times), from this focus of attention, from the essence focus of attention, it’s a simultaneity, recognizing that – as we go through that, the ten belief systems that you’ve presented to us (29) as general areas of beliefs that work together are present in the acorn, they’re present in the sapling, they’re present in the tree to different degrees, and therefore….

ELIAS: Not to different degrees. They are all present continuously. The distinction is that they are not all expressed.

PAUL: Right. Okay. And, okay….

ELIAS: They are….

PAUL: As they get expressed, as we develop and go through our developmental stages – and this is a moral question (Elias nods). Okay, this is a tricky one. This is duplicity, the belief system of duplicity is present. And let me just ask you this question – in your context, the belief system of duplicity would be the area where we would look at morals and ethical belief systems?

ELIAS: (Nods) Yes.

PAUL: Where we judge good and bad?


PAUL: As opposed to the other nine, which deal with relationships, I mean, and that as you stated the belief system of duplicity is nested within the other nine…

ELIAS: (Nods throughout) Correct.

PAUL: …and so that moral judgment is always present…

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: …and with our relationships, with emotion, sexuality, and on with the others. So all I’m just trying to get is that this belief system of duplicity, it changes in time also. It goes through a, what we could loosely call, an acorn, sapling, and tree stage.

ELIAS: That would be quite figurative…

PAUL: (Laughs) Okay.

ELIAS: …for it is not a development. Do not misunderstand. You incorporate all of the beliefs within all of the belief systems from the moment that you choose to be participating in this particular physical reality. Now; you express relatively few beliefs within each belief system. I am aware that it appears to each of you that you express many beliefs in association with each belief system, but in relation to the countless beliefs which are contained within each belief system, relatively speaking, you express few.

Now; those are not absolute either. They change. The beliefs do not change, but which beliefs are expressed may change. Some beliefs you continue to express throughout the entirety of your focus, but some you do not. You may move your attention in association with different directions that you incorporate within one focus and that may alter which beliefs are expressed.

An indicator of this that you may obviously objectively recognize is preferences. Preferences change. You may incorporate certain preferences in one time framework and within another time framework you may incorporate other preferences. Preferences are merely preferred expressed beliefs. And in viewing how your preferences change, you also indicate to yourself that other expressed beliefs also change and may become non-expressed beliefs and exchanged for other beliefs to be expressed. (30)

PAUL: That makes sense.

ELIAS: This is the significance of genuinely generating an objective understanding of what you actually incorporate within this physical dimension – that beliefs are not your enemy and that they are not to be eliminated, but rather that you move your awareness to a wider expression and recognize that you actually incorporate a myriad of beliefs to choose; which rather than your familiar association with beliefs in automatically viewing them as bad, the point is to recognize that they are an integral expression and design of this physical dimension and to be incorporating optimum movement and creativity within this physical dimension to allow yourself to be incorporating the choice of all of them. Use them rather than attempting to eliminate them. And the manner in which you use them efficiently is to neutralize them in association with judgment.

Now; as I have stated, duplicity is a belief system also, and it incorporates beliefs also. And those are not to be eliminated either, but rather to be recognized in relation to preference or the lack of preference, not in absolutes. But you may continue to incorporate your opinion and your preferences, knowing that they are relative to you, and not an absolute.

PAUL: Right, and at some point, at some point in linear terms, the awareness, the focus of attention becomes aware of what you just said – preference, opinion – as opposed to absolute.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: So it’s not inherent in the acorn stage, necessarily, or is it?

ELIAS: That awareness?

PAUL: Yes, that awareness.

ELIAS: The potential of that awareness, yes, is.

PAUL: But oftentimes, more often than not, that potential is not anywhere near fully realized in the preconventional stages.

ELIAS: (Nods) Correct. In this time framework and throughout your history, you are correct. But this is the reason that you are incorporating this shift in consciousness.

PAUL: So are you suggesting, then, that post-shift (31) that the preconventional stages will be more aware of that potential awareness, will be more fully manifest in the preconventional stages?


PAUL: Oh, that’s good news. See, there, I made a judgment! (Both laugh) But that makes sense as far as the shift, and that would be a huge shift from where we are presently.

ELIAS: (Nods) Yes, you are quite correct. (32)

PAUL: And just the last question then. The ten belief systems – they’re general, you know, we could divide them up other ways too, I suppose, but it covers a spectrum – those ten are inherent in the blueprints.


PAUL: So that as an essence, when it manifests, say, 1200 focuses – woof! – those ten are in all 1200 focuses.

ELIAS: (Nods) Yes.

PAUL: Yeah, okay, that’s consistent with your model as you’ve explained it so far. Well, I guess that does it for me today, old friend!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Very well. (Paul laughs) I shall be anticipating our next discussion. Ha ha ha!

PAUL: And so shall I.” [session 1357, May 29, 2003]

LAURA: “I’ve been really observing my life from the position of I create all of my own reality. As much as I remember to do that, I’ve been doing that. If, for example, my daughter says something to me, I may react to it in an ordinary fashion at first, but then I’ll go back and evaluate, and say, ‘I created that expression to be in my awareness,’ and so I’ll look at that expression. I’ve been trying to do that in a lot of different ways. I sort of fell off the wagon the last few days in a certain way, but I’ve been focusing on doing that more, looking at what I’m actually doing rather than just what I’m thinking about, that kind of thing.

A couple of days ago my daughter brought up one of my big issues, which is that she feels sad that she wasn’t really, really good at something, like better than anybody else at something. Of course, she’s only six, but I realized when she said it that that’s one of my issues. I’ve always wanted to have mastery in some area of physical life, I guess. I was wondering if we could discuss the belief system behind that and how that works in my life.

ELIAS: Very well. And what do you identify?

LAURA: In a certain way I think I have hurt myself with that ideal in my life. It’s like I have this ideal Laura, and I haven’t measured up to that ideal. As I’ve looked at some of the other focuses that I’ve identified, there’s that same theme, I believe, in some of these other focuses of mine.

ELIAS: Which is quite understandable for, generally speaking, in investigating other focuses you shall draw to yourself those focuses that express similar experiences or similar directions, even if the experiences may be different.

LAURA: So that I can look at that?


LAURA: So it’s not true through all my focuses, that they’re all interested in mastery in some area of physical expression?

ELIAS: No. But in some, yes, there is a type of theme in that expression and the desire to accomplish in that manner.

Now; what do you identify in your expressed beliefs that may be even one that is influencing of you in this scenario?

LAURA: Another focus that’s influencing me? I don’t understand the question, I’m sorry.

ELIAS: No. What do you identify in a belief, even one belief, that is influencing you in association with this movement?

LAURA: I’m not sure of the belief system, but I can tell you one of the birds in the cage. I don’t know what the whole cage is – put it that way. There’s a belief that in being a master of something, say in piano or dance or something like that, if I was to master a skill like that, then I would feel joyful about that.

The creative expression that I’ve worked on a lot in my life has been the piano, and I always end up at a place where I hit a wall. I haven’t allowed myself to get beyond this place with it, and I disappoint myself there. I’m not sure how to put that into ‘I believe blah, blah, blah,’ but that’s the experience that I have with it.

ELIAS: Very well.

Now; in attempting to identify the belief more specifically, you incorporate the action of examining what your motivation is and what you view is the outcome that you shall achieve and the payoff that you shall achieve if you were to allow yourself to accomplish this action. Are you understanding?

LAURA: I think so.

ELIAS: In examining what your motivation is in association with this drive, so to speak – for this may not necessarily be identified clearly as a want but more as a force that you are generating – there are expressions that motivate you in that direction, in which you push yourself to be accomplishing, but you also disappoint yourself in not accomplishing in what you expect of yourself.

Now; in the examination of that information, what do you speculate may be an influencing belief?

LAURA: Does it have something to do with the belief system of relationships? I’m just thinking about when I was growing up. I would play the piano and somehow it would set me apart or something. I would spend so much time practicing, and that was weird and different than the way my other friends lived their lives. I liked to read a lot and so I had a very good vocabulary, but in order to fit in with my friends, who would laugh at me for using big words, I sort of suppressed that aspect of myself so that I could fit in. I’m wondering if it has to do with that, that along with the joy of playing the piano, there was also this fear that it would make me odd and not fit in, so I suppressed that ability to be as skillful as I would like to be.

ELIAS: Partially.

Now; the reason that I am engaging this direction of questioning with you is, in a manner of speaking, to prompt you to be viewing more specifically and allowing yourself to identify expressed beliefs that you incorporate that are influencing. This is significant, that you allow yourself not merely to pay attention to what you are doing and paying attention to yourself and holding your attention in the now. Initially that has been important and a step, so to speak, in this process of shifting. But you and many other individuals now are becoming somewhat familiar with noticing, with paying more attention to yourselves and holding your attention more efficiently in the now. I am aware that you do not generate this action consistently, but you are becoming more aware of the action and more familiar with the action.

In this, now, within the process, you move into another layer of it, so to speak, more specifically. In this more specific direction, you may begin – as you may be noticing now in this discussion – that you may allow yourself to identify a general category of beliefs, but you are not yet being specific with yourself as to any one particular belief – not a belief system, but a particular belief – and allowing yourself to recognize the influences that that belief expresses in relation to your perception, and therefore how it is affecting of you in your automatic responses, in your choices, even influencing your thinking, for it is expressing information which your thinking translates in conjunction with the concentration upon the belief.

LAURA: As you were talking, my observation of my whole life and my thinking process got wider and wider. It’s a common theme throughout my thinking process, this theme of perfectionism, isn’t it?

ELIAS: Yes, which this is influenced by several beliefs. But our point this day is merely to identify one as an example, that you may begin to familiarize yourself with the process of identifying any one belief that is affecting and therefore allowing yourself to recognize how many influences one belief may incorporate within your focus in association with many different expressions, many different scenarios, not merely one.

Now; in this, you identify that you are paying attention to and aware of a direction and a behavior and an association that you generate in viewing yourself to push yourself in an expectation of perfectionism and excelling in certain directions in certain expressions to a point of excellence that sets you apart from other individuals, in your perception; but you do not accomplish that, for you do not wish to be set apart from other individuals.

Now; this is an identification of two of the influences. These are identifications of influences of a belief.

Now; one belief that you incorporate as an expressed belief is that if you are generating some outward ability that evidences excellence in some manner that you shall be viewed as valuable. You shall view yourself as special and therefore valuable, and other individuals shall view you as valuable.

But what occurs in not allowing yourself to identify and examine a belief, such as this one that is identified, is that you generate automatic responses to it, and it may be influencing of your choices and your expressions in manners that at times may even appear to you to be contradictory to the belief itself; but in actuality, they are not contrary to the belief. Beliefs express many, many, many different types of influences and affectingnesses in association with their expression.

Now; in not identifying them and in not recognizing them, you limit your choices and you do not incorporate an objective understanding of how to move in other manners, and therefore you restrict yourself. In this, although the belief that is expressed concerns the display of excellence, which shall generate a valuing of yourself and from other individuals, it also couples with duplicity.

Now; how shall the element of duplicity be influencing with this one belief? For all beliefs are not black and white, and they are not absolute. Therefore, there are many, many variables in how they may be influencing of you.

Now; as you couple the element of duplicity with this one belief, now you move into other influences. For if you are setting yourself apart, this may be good or it may be bad. It may be good in some scenarios. But in other scenarios it may be bad, for it may be viewed as elevating yourself above other individuals, and your automatic response to that influence is negative.

LAURA: Right. I have to always find the common ground.

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; let me express to you that the key term in this belief is ‘value.’ Therefore, you examine what it is that motivates you to seek the value of yourself in other individuals through the action of excelling to excellence. (33)

Let me qualify and express to you that there is no wrong expression in generating excellence in any action, in any expression. What is significant is what motivates that. If you are generating what you term to be excellence in association with playing the piano and it is motivated from a genuine appreciation of that action and a genuine preference, and you are generating that excellence as a free expression of yourself, this is one motivation. If you are generating forcing your energy to accomplish that action and that expression with the motivation that other individuals shall value your expression and therefore value you more, or that you shall value yourself more if you accomplish this action – for your worthiness is only expressed in the accomplishment of the excellence and the better, and if the better is not accomplished, it is reflective of your own value and your own worthiness – this is quite another type of motivation, one that warrants examination.

LAURA: I’ve experienced all of the above. As far as the piano goes, it’s been one of the loves of my life, and it’s also been very painful because of these conflicting beliefs, I think. So I’ve just ended up not dealing with it, but it keeps coming back because, of course, I want to deal with it.

ELIAS: Perhaps you may allow yourself to recognize your preference in association with this expression of creativity and allow yourself to merely appreciate your ability to be generating that action. In appreciating how you incorporate that action and incorporating the creativity, knowing that it is a recognized preference, your energy changes and you allow yourself to relax, and in that type of energy you also allow yourself to naturally accomplish more of what you want.

But it is significant to identify what it is that you want. Do you want to incorporate this action of playing the piano for it is a genuine preference and you genuinely appreciate the action and it is an expression of genuine pleasure to you? Or do you want to accomplish certain actions in playing the piano to be expressing some expectation of proof to yourself or proving to other individuals your value?

LAURA: Right. Are you asking me what I want?

ELIAS: I am merely presenting...

LAURA: Playing out what the possibilities are.


Now; also recognize, my friend, that you are a unique individual. You express unique qualities. Therefore, in your terms, you already are special, for you are your own unique individual and all of the qualities that you express are unique to you in how you express them. Therefore, in one manner of speaking, you already are set apart from other individuals, but in another manner of speaking, you are not. You are a participant in a collective in which you fit, for it is not necessary to discount your uniqueness to accomplish ‘fitting’ and the lack of separation.

LAURA: It’s interesting to me how difficult this is for me to get to, because I thought I knew myself pretty well. But for whatever reason, it is hard for me to express myself about this whole thing. What you said earlier is very appealing to me, the genuine appreciation of the action of playing the piano and generating excellence as a free expression of self.

ELIAS: Correct.

LAURA: I think I’ve always had that inner awareness that that’s the truth about it...

ELIAS: Correct.

LAURA: ...yet there’s all of this other stuff mucking up those works.

ELIAS: One very strongly expressed belief that you incorporate that is tremendously influencing is concerning position – your position as an individual and how you express yourself, and that your position should not be above or below any other individual, but equal to.

LAURA: Oh, yeah! I know! (Laughs) But when you say it, my first thought was isn’t that how it’s supposed to be, that we don’t elevate ourselves above or think of ourselves as below anybody else, that we’re all equal? Yet at the same time, I see how I’ve hindered and hampered my expression so much because of that belief.

ELIAS: Correct, for this IS a belief. It is not a truth. It is a belief and it is expressed, and it is tremendously influencing in many, many, many different manners, even influencing in generating the expressions of being above or below and not equal, and generating associations that either of those expressions is bad.

What you are examining in this one action of incorporating playing the piano does not concern being above or below any other individual. It concerns you and your preference and your joy, not whether you are better than another individual or worse than another individual. You are uniquely you. The more that you allow yourself that freedom to be uniquely you and to express yourself in your creativity, in your passion of it, the more you express your own unique excellence.

LAURA: I’m glad I walked down this road with you today. What I hear you say is this is a core belief with me.

ELIAS: It is a strongly expressed belief, yes.

LAURA: My personality has been strongly, strongly influenced throughout this focus.


LAURA: I see that. I’m thinking about the other issue I was going to ask you about today and now I’m seeing how this belief completely influences that other seemingly unrelated topic that I was going to talk to you about.

ELIAS: This is the point, my friend, in what I am expressing to you. These expressed beliefs are tremendously influencing, and they influence in many, many different manners which may appear surfacely to you to be quite unrelated, and in actuality, they are concerning the same beliefs – which is what we discussed in our group interaction, was it not? (34)

LAURA: Yes. This is it! This is the one. It’s not a hidden belief; I just hadn’t put it out there as ‘this is what I need to really understand.’

I talked to my husband about it and we have the possibility or a strong probability of building a new house here on our property. I think he and I share this belief in a certain way. Is that true? I think he has it less strongly expressed.


LAURA: I think he shares it in a certain way. We have all this land, we have maybe a lot more in certain ways than other people have materially, and that’s uncomfortable for us in one way. Yet we desire it just for ourselves and our own joy in another way.


LAURA: The other theme I was going to talk to you about is since I can see the steps clearly in front of me to take so that we can build this house that we want to have, I’m not taking those steps. Every day I have an opportunity to take another step and I just don’t do it, and what I’m seeing now is that that’s because of this position belief.

ELIAS: Correct!

LAURA: That is, if I walk down that road. Right now I feel like I can still be a little equal because even though we own three houses, they are three kind of crappy houses! (Both laugh) So there’s the equalizing factor, right? My friends have one nice house and we have three kind of semi-crappy houses, so that’s all equal! (Both laugh) But we want one really nice house AND three not-so-great houses.

ELIAS: And in this, as you allow yourself to genuinely examine these influences of this expressed belief, you may begin to recognize that it is a belief. It is not a belief that shall be eliminated; it is a belief and it continues to exist. But you also incorporate choice, for it is not a truth and therefore it is not an absolute.

Regardless that you incorporate the belief that all should be equal and that you should not be presenting yourself as higher or lower or better or worse or more affluent or less affluent than any other individual, recognize that this is merely a belief, it is not an absolute, and choose not to be forcing energy in association with it, merely recognizing that you do incorporate this belief but you also incorporate choices, and turn your attention to your preferences.

LAURA: Right, and focus on the enjoyment of the preference.

ELIAS: Correct. Let me express to you, preferences are merely PREFERRED beliefs. But those preferred beliefs allow you the expression of your freedom. This is the wondrous element of your physical dimension, that you incorporate a few belief systems which in them incorporate countless, literally countless beliefs within each belief system.

You all, every individual within your physical reality, incorporate ALL of these beliefs within all of the belief systems. Therefore, they are all available to you. You express merely a few, relatively speaking, of each belief system, a relative few of the beliefs within each belief system. Therefore, you incorporate a tremendous untapped resource.

For just as preferences change – not meaning the beliefs themselves change, but your attention changes and you move your attention in different manners; therefore, your preferences change throughout a focus – you may incorporate one preference in one time framework and incorporate an entirely different preference in another time framework. This is an action of moving attention – not changing beliefs, but changing which beliefs are expressed and which beliefs are preferred.

LAURA: My husband has been expressing a lot of dissatisfaction with his work life lately. I was wondering if there’s anything that I can do about that. I’m holding the position at this point of just listening and recognizing that he creates his own reality...

ELIAS: Correct.

LAURA: ...and not necessarily trying to fix him or fix his reality or change it in any way.

ELIAS: Correct. Offer supportiveness in acceptance of his choices. But also, in your listening, pay attention to yourself also and the energy that you are expressing and allow yourself to express a sharing of your experiences. Even if they appear to be unrelated, you may be addressing to very similar beliefs which are generating the discomfort or conflict.

LAURA: As you’re saying that, I’m seeing a similarity in that he’s extremely talented and he’s gotten himself in this position, coming from a he-creates-his-own-reality point of view. From a conventional point of view, he’s been put in this position. But since I recognize he created this position himself, I’ll put it that way, that he’s not at all able to express the great talents that he has, that he says he would like to express but he’s not choosing that at this time. Is it a similar belief system about the position?

ELIAS: Yes, and restricting of self in projecting attention outwardly rather than focusing attention upon self and allowing that free expression and creativity, but projecting his attention outwardly in association with other individuals and circumstances of which he is allowing himself to be a victim to, and allowing other individuals and circumstances to dictate his choices rather than generating his choices in what he wants in association with his preferences and his freedom.

LAURA: We have talked a lot about that. I don’t see him quite there, I guess, as seeing that he’s the generator of his experience.

ELIAS: Correct, which is one of the reinforcements of being the victim.

LAURA: It’s interesting, because either I’m noticing this about him and I’ve never noticed it before, or maybe it’s because he’s going to be 43 next week and so that sort of disappointment thinking he would have created something different by now or something is coming out. I haven’t thought of him as someone who had a victim mentality before.

ELIAS: It is not a matter of a mentality.

LAURA: He’s just a very, very happy person and one of the most prolifically creative people I’ve ever met, and I have a lot of creative people around me! So there’s something going on that seems different right now.

ELIAS: Correct. There are many influences. This also moves once again to this belief concerning position and the expectations that you place upon yourselves in relation to that, of what you should be accomplishing and your disappointment in what you are not accomplishing.

Now; my suggestion to you in your interaction with this individual perhaps may be to be gently reminding him of what he has accomplished and what you possess now, what you have incorporated and what you have expressed. Therefore, in that appreciation of what has already been expressed, and in many areas continues to be expressed, that may influence a different perception by interrupting the direction of concentrating upon what he is NOT accomplishing.

LAURA: If you could get your crystal ball out for a minute (both laugh) and polish it up, I think in this one area I would like, if you are able to provide it, maybe some affirmation or confirmation. I do feel that by examining with you what I’ve examined today and my continuing to observe beliefs and their influence in my daily life, choosing what I prefer, that our dreams of a new home and Alan’s joy in his work and creative pursuits that we have dreams about and ideals about are well within our grasp and that we will accomplish those things.

ELIAS: Correct. Quite simple, but not! (Both laugh)

LAURA: As soon as that came out of my mouth, the little thought goes through my head that if you look at our lives, my husband and me, we’ve created this fantastic life, of course. Most people would look at our lives and be like, ‘What could you even want? What are you even talking about?’ (Elias laughs) I think it has more to do with us, because I’m aligned with Sumari and he’s of the Sumari essence family, that creative expression is the most important thing to us, not just survival or having nice ordinary experiences. For us, we have more ideals of creative expression.

ELIAS: Yes, and you both express a tremendous passion, which in time frameworks in which you are stifling that passion you generate frustration and you discount yourself and you express disappointment.

LAURA: I just noticed, I also discount myself by thinking ‘am I ungrateful for all that we have and all that we have accomplished?’


LAURA: So that’s a way of discounting myself.

ELIAS: Correct, for it is not a matter of being ungrateful. It is a matter of moving your attention and preoccupying yourselves with forcing your energy and projecting your attention outside of yourselves, therefore losing sight of your appreciation and losing sight of the now, projecting into the future and into what might be, speculations and expectations, and generating disappointment, for you discontinue allowing yourself the appreciation of yourselves now and what you have.

LAURA: My suggestion to Alan last week when he was expressing a lot of disappointment was just try to look for fun and do more fun things in his life, that’s the direction.

ELIAS: This is an adequate distraction, yes, and an interruption of the discounting. (Pause)

LAURA: It’s adequate, so it’s not quite one point.

ELIAS: (Laughs loudly) Ah, and once again you express a discounting – not quite good enough!

LAURA: Elias, I have to get an A!

ELIAS: Ah! (Laughs)

LAURA: I am the straight A student!

ELIAS: Ah, but you do not create his reality. You are merely offering suggestions and sharing information and sharing experiences. You are not creating his reality.

LAURA: I get it. Good, a lot to observe.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Much to be paying attention to!

LAURA: As always.

ELIAS: I may be acknowledging of you in this exploration, for you are accomplishing quite well, and you are paying much more attention to yourself in the now than you have previously.” [session 1360, May 30, 2003]

BILL: “Elias, this is Bill again. I have a question about choice. I seem to be coming to grips with the fact that thought translates, and when thought is getting enough information, my want is in alignment with my desire, and I get what I want. So thought doesn’t choose, it seems. What is it that chooses, what part of me makes the choice, because I know it’s not thought anymore. How do I get to that part that chooses?

ELIAS: That element is not as hidden from you as you perceive it to be. And it is not a thing; it is you. Your choices are expressed in what you do, and this is the reason that I continue to express to you repeatedly to pay attention to what you do, for that is your evidence of what you are choosing.

BILL: So the you that you say ‘you choose,’ is that essence or is that another... I’m just trying to connect with...

ELIAS: It is you, Bill, this you, this attention, in this manifestation, you and all that you consist of. That is what generates choice, and you do it quite objectively. You merely do not pay attention to what you are doing. You pay attention to what you are thinking...

BILL: A lot!

ELIAS: ...but you do not necessarily pay attention to what you are doing, and what you are doing is the expression of what you are choosing.

Now; ‘what influences what you are doing,’ that is more what your question is referring to – what is behind what you are doing. That concerns your beliefs and the influences of your beliefs, and every belief incorporates many different influences.

BILL: So when I’m making choices that my thought tells me I don’t want to make, basically I’m not paying attention to what I’m doing and then going further and finding the influences?

ELIAS: If you are paying attention. The influences are expressed whether you are recognizing them or not. The belief is being expressed whether you are identifying it or not. But the manner in which you begin to recognize is to be paying attention to what you are actually doing.

This is significant, for I have expressed this statement many, many times. I am aware that for most of the individuals that listen to that statement, your automatic association is to think concerning what you are doing in specific events or what you anticipate doing in specific events, and you are merely paying attention to what you assess as significant or large choices.

I have expressed previously, I am not speaking to you of paying attention to an anticipated event or choice, but to be paying attention to what you are actually expressing now in this present day. What type of energy are you expressing? What actions are you incorporating? For those mundane actions that you move within automatic pilot with are the actions that are indicating what beliefs you are expressing and what type of energy you are expressing.

Those actions are the evidence of what direction you are moving within and therefore are also your indicators concerning those large choices or those anticipated events. THOSE are the actions and the choices and the doing that you are not paying attention to, and they are significant.

BILL: The trouble is, I thought I was paying attention to what I was doing. I think about certain beliefs that are involved with the doing and I still wind up doing the same doing, so maybe I’m just not going deep enough into the beliefs that surround the doing that I don’t want to do? You understand?

Like I started smoking and I’m a long-distance runner, and I’m just weirded out to the max by that. I’m accepting of it, it’s a choice that I made, and I’m thinking what am I doing, I’m smoking? Most of my beliefs about smoking are the mass beliefs, but I’m not beating up on myself about it. I’m sort of sitting with it and I’m still trying to figure out why I’m smoking. It gets to be like being on a hamster wheel with this...

ELIAS: I am understanding.

BILL: ...because it’s not going away.

ELIAS: Which is your indication that you are choosing this action, for you are doing it.

BILL: (Laughing) I know it!

ELIAS: But you are also not expressing fighting with that doing, regardless that you assess that you believe in similar manner to other individuals concerning the action of smoking.

Now; let me express to you, believing and beliefs are not the same. What you believe is not necessarily an indication of what you incorporate as an expressed belief.

What is your conflict with this scenario?

BILL: The conflict is that the mass belief about smoking is going to keep me from reaching this goal I had, a particular race a year from now.

ELIAS: And what is your assessment?

BILL: I get a little bit conflicted by that, because I also trust that I’m going to make the goal anyway.

ELIAS: This is the point. This is the point of being aware of what you are doing, being aware of your beliefs, not necessarily what you believe, but your beliefs and what influences they are expressing or what influences you are allowing and examining your motivation for your doing.

In this, you have already expressed your answer to your question. Your belief is that you trust your physical body consciousness, and therefore regardless of the mass belief concerning this substance, regardless of whether you believe that it incorporates the potential to influence you to create physical harmfulness to yourself, you also incorporate a strong belief associated with your abilities in physical expression that overrides. That is a stronger expression and a stronger alignment and therefore is more strongly influencing, and in this you continue to choose the action of the smoking in curiosity.

BILL: It’s really interesting; I’ve been smoking for about a year now, and my races are getting faster.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, you are merely curious and exploring your abilities in the face of odds, so to speak, and testing whether you actually generate your reality and whether you can create regardless of mass expressions.

BILL: That’s great. There are a lot more aspects to that, but I’m going to let other people talk. I appreciate it; that was very helpful.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

BARRY: This is Barry, because now I’m very confused. (Laughter) I don’t do something because of what I believe; my beliefs come from what I do.

ELIAS: No! Your beliefs influence all that you do.

BARRY: But when I have to make a choice, I do what I feel will bring me happiness or something.

ELIAS: At times.

BARRY: So if I was a runner, which I’m not, if I was a runner and I started smoking, I chose to smoke, I would then have a belief that, as you explained to him, that I am testing my belief in my physical ability.

ELIAS: That belief has already been incorporated. He already incorporates a belief in strength and a belief in practice which generates more strength and a belief concerning the mechanisms of the physical body form and his ability to manipulate that. That is already expressed, whether he incorporates an awareness objectively of that or not. The belief already is expressed.

Now; he may incorporate thought processes and express to himself that he believes that the action of smoking is bad, but that is not necessarily affecting. That is a translation, a thought process. Thoughts do not create reality; they translate. In this, you all incorporate different expressions of identifying different elements that you believe, but that is not to say that you necessarily incorporate the same expressed belief, and the belief is what influences your doing.

An individual may express to myself, which in actuality occurs quite often, ‘I do not believe in religious expressions. I do not believe in religious elements,’ or ‘I do not believe in religious beliefs,’ and I may express to them, ‘This is ludicrous. Yes, you do.’ If you express, even in conjunction with this information, that essence is greater than you, you incorporate religious beliefs and they are expressed, regardless of whether you believe you express them or not.

BARRY: I’m still confused.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

LORRAINE: Maybe I can add to that a little bit. This is Lorraine. I’ll say it for myself: sometimes I would say something like I don’t believe that I discriminate against people, I don’t believe that I dislike blacks or gays or whatever. But then you find yourself doing something in some way in which you actually are discriminating. You can say intellectually to yourself that I don’t believe I discriminate against anybody, but I will find myself doing it.

ELIAS: Correct.

LORRAINE: Basically my beliefs are one thing, but what I think I believe is another thing.

ELIAS: Correct.

BARRY: That is not what I’m speaking of. I’ll use an example. I’ll try to use the smoking. I have a desire to smoke, so I’ll smoke. Whether I run or not I guess is irrelevant. But I have a belief that smoking is bad, but I know I want to do this and I just do it. Therefore I change my perception to smoking is not bad, because if it were bad – which of course I’m now confused because it is a judgment – I wouldn’t do it.

ELIAS: Not necessarily. You may choose to be incorporating the action anyway, even knowing that you incorporate this belief that is expressed with you that it is bad.

You may choose to incorporate that action for many different reasons: perhaps to challenge yourself, perhaps to challenge your belief, perhaps in curiosity to examine what you might create in association with that. Perhaps to actually generate a physical affectingness, and that may be incorporated for many reasons. You may choose to be generating that action and creating an actual dis-ease and you may choose to create that for a myriad of reasons, not merely to disengage, but that may also be a reason. It may be a method.

BARRY: I understand now.

VERONICA: Excuse me, Elias, could you return to the belief that we are engaging religious beliefs, although we may deny it, with the belief that essence is greater, if I believe that my essence is greater than I?

ELIAS: It is you.

VERONICA: So I am using the analogy of god, something outside of me, is greater than myself? (Elias nods in agreement.)

BARRY: I have an example; I’m sorry to take up time with this. I have a belief, I was brought up to believe that God judges and punishes and rewards. That is my belief. I have a feeling to do something – I can’t think of an example – and I realize that that is what I must do, that is what my essence is telling me to do, and it’s telling me not to make a judgment about something, anything. So I then choose, I then have this choice, I will no longer make judgments. Then I go to my religious belief, which is a God who makes judgments, and that’s not my belief. So what I’m doing about making this choice of not judging is I’ve changed my belief.

ELIAS: No, you have not changed your belief. You have allowed yourself choice, and that is an action that you incorporate in ACCEPTING the belief, not challenging it, not judging it. You have not changed it and you have not eliminated it, but you are allowing yourself choice.

BARRY: But I no longer believe that God judges. I changed that belief. That’s what I don’t understand.

ELIAS: You have not changed the belief. You have neutralized it, for you are not expressing in alignment with it and you are not generating conflict. Therefore you have accepted an aspect of that belief and allowed yourself choice. The belief continues.

BARRY: But it doesn’t; I don’t have it anymore. I don’t have that belief anymore. I have nothing from what I was taught, nothing. At least I think I don’t. (Laughter as Elias grins) You’re telling me that I do.

ELIAS: You do, but it...

BARRY: But when I make a choice it has nothing to do with that. I don’t understand.

ELIAS: I am understanding how you are intellectualizing in this manner. What I am expressing to you, you are not an exception to this reality. In choosing to participate in this reality, you also choose to agree with its blueprint and with its design, and its design and its blueprint incorporate all belief systems, and all the beliefs within all of the belief systems...

BARRY: As long as people still believe them.

ELIAS: No. [All the beliefs within all of the belief systems] are incorporated by every individual that participates in your physical reality. Not all of them are expressed, and in the acceptance of a belief you may choose whether it is expressed or not. And that is what you have done. You have not eliminated.

And I may express to you, what you have done is not set in stone. It is not an absolute, either. That is a choice in each moment, to continue to express in that manner, to continue to accept a particular belief and therefore neutralize it and choose to not allow its influences, or to choose to allow other influences that you more prefer in association with that belief.

But you have not eliminated it; it is not gone. None of the beliefs are eliminated. They are not changed.

BARRY: But they don’t influence my choices.

ELIAS: Correct!

LORRAINE: But you don’t align with it. I think that’s what you mean, that we don’t align with it anymore. They’re all there, all billions of them, but we just don’t align with that particular one in this moment.

ELIAS: Correct!

LORRAINE: In the next moment we may realign with it.

ELIAS: Correct!

LORRAINE: So it’s semantics. (Elias chuckles)

DANIIL: So I have a different scenario. If I have a belief that I cannot walk through the wall, I can only go through the door, no matter how hard I try I cannot go through the wall, that’s an indication that I have a belief I cannot go through the wall. Now, if there was a shaman that he or she could go learn to go through the wall, but even though they could, they would still have that belief. They would not align with it maybe, but they would still have it.

ELIAS: It may not be expressed.

DANIIL: Because if we didn’t have it at all, we would be in a no-time, no-space kind of thing, and there would be nothing to go through.

ELIAS: Correct.

LYNDA: Get down, Danny! (Elias chuckles)

KAUSTUBH: Elias, I’m trying to connect what you’re saying with another source or another channel by the name of Abraham. I don’t know what his intent is, but certainly not entirely unlike this discussion. What he’s trying to say is that if you think a thought from a position of black, like if you were unhealthy and from that feeling you try to say or think that you want to become healthy, you would not become healthy. But however if you think that thought from a positive emotion, then you would in fact attract what you want. So how does this connect with what you were trying to say? (Pause)

ELIAS: I am in agreement. Thought does not change what you are actually creating. Emotion is a communication. Therefore, it is expressing to you an identification of what is influencing what you are creating and what you are expressing.

Now; if you recognize through the emotional communication what belief is influencing your creation of a physical manifestation, you may choose to be generating a different energy and you may choose to not continue. That may be somewhat tricky though, at times, for it also concerns your motivation.

You may not necessarily be experiencing comfort in what you are creating, but the examination of what is motivating you to create that is significant. For you may express within thoughts that you are uncomfortable, that you do not like what you have created and you do not want to be continuing to create it, but there may be some element within your experience in which you actually do want to continue that experience.

Therefore it is significant that you pay attention to what your motivation is and what type of energy you are expressing, to allow yourself an evaluation of what you are generating.

KAUSTUBH: What exactly is his intent, like what family does he do that for, his channeling?

ELIAS: I would express to you to pose that question to the other entity.” (Chuckles) [session 1532, March 20, 2004]

BILL: “I’ve been playing lately with this belief of cause and effect. It occurs to me that virtually everything – relationships, something makes me feel this way, science – everything is cause and effect. Then you talk about influences, and it seems that at the very bottom of the tier of influences is cause and effect. It occurred to me that ultimately I am the cause. In working with that, I am starting to notice so many different things that my beliefs tell me – that certain leg problems are caused by this – but ultimately I’m the cause. I wonder if you could talk a little bit about how pervasive, or what that cause and effect... It’s almost like it’s not just a single bird in the cage. It’s its own cage. Could you address that?

ELIAS: It would not be a belief system, but I am understanding what you are expressing. In that, I would agree that you are correct in that what you generate or what you project outwardly in your bubble you attract or you draw to yourself, regardless of whether it is a pain or an interaction or a situation. You are the source. Therefore, whatever energy you are expressing, that is what attracts any situation or experience to you. This also is the reason that it is important to be present, for in doing so, you can be more aware of what type of energy you are projecting, in paying attention to what you are doing inwardly and outwardly.

I expressed previously, you are the source. You create, hypothetically, a type of bubble that surrounds you in every possible direction. That bubble is comprised of your energy. It is very magnetic, and it seeks to attract whatever matches it. Therefore, whatever you are doing, and generating specific types of energy, you will also draw to yourself. Therefore, it can be viewed as cause and effect in that manner, which would be more accurate than what you generally view as cause and effect. For many times you may be generating actions that would seem would create quite specific effects, and it may not, for it is dependent upon the energy that you are expressing.

As I have expressed previously, an individual may be crossing a road and may be struck by a vehicle. Now in that action, you would generally expect that the cause of the vehicle striking the individual would create the effect that the individual would be injured, but the individual may arise from this collision unharmed. Or an individual may be shot in an area of their body that you would expect would be absolutely fatal, and they may survive. In this, you can view cause and effect as being accurate, but in association with energy, not necessarily actions.

DANIEL: In Russia, where we did a lot of amateur research with the state of intoxication, being drunk, we talked about drunks having a certain luck. There were cases where a person who was drunk would fall from the sixth floor and get up unharmed. What is in play in those situations? When I’m so drunk that I don’t remember that something happens, cause and effect seems not to work in the same way. How would you comment on that?

ELIAS: Once again, this is associated with energy. If an individual incorporates the belief, which most individuals do, that the consumption of alcohol will be affecting of them in what you term to be an intoxicating manner, their energy changes. They are responding to that belief that the substance creates a particular state of being. In that state of being, the individual may appear to be more reckless than they would in a state which you term to be sober. They are less cautious, they are less fearful, and therefore, they incorporate less caution, for they are not anticipating harm.

In this, an individual can generate the same action in association with a vehicle and can collide with a wall. The vehicle can be complexly crushed, and the individual may emerge from the vehicle unharmed, for their energy is not concerned with protection. They are generating a more relaxed state in their energy. They are not anticipating harmfulness; they are not being protective of themselves. Therefore, their energy is projected in this manner, and they do not attract harm to them.

That is not a blanket state, for some individuals will continue to generate a type of awareness and their beliefs in association with harmfulness will continue to be expressed, and they may draw to them damage. But there are many situations which, in association with cause and effect, would appear to defy this idea or this belief of cause and effect. For what is expected as the effect does not necessarily occur, and that is associated with the individual’s energy. It is ALWAYS associated with your energy.

Whatever occurs in your experience, you have initiated. This is a difficult concept for many individuals, especially if they are involved with other individuals and some conflict arises or what they perceive to be hurtfulness. In this, the general expression is ‘I did not want this to occur. Why would I draw this to myself?’

Whether you want an experience or not is not the point. What is the point is what type of energy you are generating that attracts the experiences that you have. Once again, this is the reason that it is important to be present and therefore know what type of energy you are projecting, and in that, generate the ability to intentionally manipulate what you are doing and your energy, and therefore create what you want rather what you do not want.” [session 2377, October 20, 2007]

ELIAS: “Good afternoon!

GROUP: Good afternoon, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) We began this new wave with the identification, for the most part, of the first aspect of it which was addressing to the belief system of senses. And in this time framework from the announcement of this wave we have been discussing that aspect of this wave – senses – how affecting they are, how intricate they are, how absolute they are, and in that, how they are your main avenue for triggers for associations. We have engaged several conversations in relation to that subject. If you are all remembering when I introduced this new wave I expressed to you that there are TWO belief systems being addressed in this wave in difference to other waves previously. This wave concerns senses and also the creation of universe. Or creation AND universe.

Now; this is the second aspect of this wave and we have not discussed this aspect of this present wave. But when this wave began most of you were not quite ready, yet, in experience to be inputting information in relation to the second aspect of this present wave, which is creation and the universe. Now you have incorporated enough time to be experiencing this present wave and paying attention to senses, but also moving forward in shifting. And many of you are beginning to experience the second aspect of this particular wave.

Now; the point of shifting and the point of these waves in consciousness are to offer you avenues in which you will be becoming more aware of self. And in shifting, one great action that you are engaging is becoming aware of the difference in identity between attachments and your genuine self, and what your genuine self is, and therefore, who you are as your genuine self without the attachments that you are familiar with that you have previously defined yourself with in relation to who you are.

Attachments, as we have discussed previously, are not expressions that you are necessarily eliminating for they do serve a purpose in some capacities. We used the example of independence as one attachment and that there are influences of that attachment that may be hindering to you, but there are also other influences that you may choose to continue to engage, that you may actually appreciate certain aspects of this particular attachment, as with any attachment. But the point is the recognition of attachments and therefore generating a new ability to see beyond those attachments that cover your genuine self in very similar manner to a shell. And in that, the type of shell of, let us say a snail.

The snail generates a shell which serves a significant purpose, but is the shell actually the genuine essence of the snail? No. In this, a snail lives within the confines of the shell and uses the shell for protection and also for storage. And in that, it benefits the snail, but the snail is very soft and vulnerable within the shell.

You, within yourselves, incorporate the essence of yourself which is your genuine self, which is covered by the shell of attachments. Attachments incorporate their uses, but they are not to be mistaken as your identity for they are not. They are not who you are. They may influence what you express or what you do, but they are not who you are.

You are moving into a new direction, a new age, of discovery and expression of your genuine self. And in that, there are some very significant changes – very significant changes – that you will incrementally become aware of, and the purpose of this discussion is to clarify those changes that they may be easier for you to identify and for you to move through.

One very significant change that is occurring that is different expressed by your genuine self, is passion. Passion, to this point in your reality - and I’m not merely speaking of all of you present here, but throughout your history, through the history of your species as humans - passion has been motivated by outside goals. What you strive for. What you strive to do. How you motivate yourself to move farther, regardless of what it is.

One passion that you all share at some point in your existence in this physical reality, commonly, that you can most obviously identify is sexual. You understand sexual energy. You understand sexual passion. You know what that is. You know what it feels. And you may think that that is not motivated by goals. Oh yes it is. Even in the act of engaging sexual activity with yourself or with other individuals, in any capacity, it is goal-oriented. You are striving for a particular outcome, a particular feeling, a particular sensation. And in that the point is goal is defined by what you do not already possess. There is no point in striving if you already possess, even in a simple passion such as sexual energy. You do not already possess a climax. Therefore, you strive to express it! And to experience it and to feel it. This is merely an obvious, easy example.

Even your most holiest of monks and priests that deny all physical attachments are goal-oriented. They strive for nirvana. They strive for enlightenment. They strive for heaven. This is an expression that you have developed throughout the history of your species. You are always striving for what you perceive you do not already possess.

Now; this is a very different and immense change that is occurring, for in the recognition of genuine self and in the being of genuine self and expressing from that beingness, you know you already possess all. Therefore, the passion and the motivation is not goal-oriented. It is generated very differently. It is not the attainment of what you do not have, or what you do not possess, or what you have not expressed yet. It is the movement and the choices of expressing any passion in new manners or in whatever manner you choose. But the point is that the passion exists, but in a very different capacity. And it is expressed, but also in a very different capacity. This is creating. This is creation. And this is your universe.

The formula for creating is very simple. And this is the basis of your genuine self. And the formula includes three components: you project energy, you reflect energy, and you either react to the reflection or you choose in relation to the reflection. This is the formula. This is the basis of your genuine self. This is the other belief system, creation and your universe. For all of your universe has sprung from each of you, individually, differently, in configuration, similar, but not all the same. And each expression of your universe has been projected long before you see it by what you projected in energy first.

Now; the reason this is so very much important is this is the manner in which you create your reality. If you want the secret to how you create your reality it is this formula. This is it. And in this formula, the most difficult aspect is the projecting or the awareness of the projecting. The projecting is easy, you do it continuously. Every moment you are projecting energy. Knowing or being aware of what type of energy you are projecting in any moment is not as easy for it is very unfamiliar to you. It is not hidden from you, for you have created this marvelous design in your reality in which every moment that you project you are reflecting. Therefore, the reflection of what you are doing is always in front of you. How you pay attention to that reflection is questionable. What you do with that reflection is the tricky aspect, for what you generally do with most reflections is react to them!

Now; let me also clarify. In many times, your reactions are not necessarily what you would perceive to be bad. They are automatic reactions.

Let me offer a very simple example. If you choose to travel a short distance to a specific designation and you choose to engage a vehicle of some type. An automobile, a train, it matters not. Long before you leave your home you have already projected energy to configure interacting with your mode of transportation. If you are engaging an automobile it will be physically in the location you expect it to be. When you enter it and you place your key in the ignition and you turn the key, for the most part, you will engage the engine in the manner that you expect it to be engaged for you have already projected that energy for those actions to occur. Once the engine engages you have reflected what you projected and you react by driving the vehicle. Those are reactions. You are not intentionally objectively aware of choosing to engage the vehicle. You merely do it. You are reacting to your senses in relation to the vehicle, the energy that you projected, and the reflection that occurred.

Now; let us change this simple scenario slightly. You leave your home. You move to your vehicle. You enter it. You place the key in the ignition and it does NOT engage the engine. And it generates a strange sound. And you are conflicted and baffled. And you react again, but in a different manner. Now you react in frustration, or irritation, or confusion, and you begin thinking, and you are anticipating your destination, and the time framework, and you begin to include many, many other ideas and feelings that are now changing your energy more. You were already projecting an energy that included some type of agitation that affected the reflection to engage a malfunction with the vehicle. You were already projecting that. Now you compound that and you begin projecting a more agitated energy and likely speaking, from that point, your day will include significant challenges, or many small challenges, but it will be a series of challenges, for you are already projecting that energy of dissatisfaction.

Within that day, for the most part, do you think to yourself, do you evaluate, “My first reflection was with the vehicle and it was not functioning in the manner that I expected. What was I doing before I engaged the vehicle?” Generally, no. Generally, you continue with your day and you continue to meet each reflection in a manner that includes some type of agitation.

Now; you can approach this formula from one end or from the other end - the beauty of this formula. You can approach this formula from the end to the beginning or from the beginning to the end. You can pay attention to your reactions and evaluate what you are reacting to in the reflection and thereby begin to evaluate what you were projecting that created that reflection. Or you can approach the formula from the other direction and you can pay attention to what you are doing, and therefore what you are projecting, and therefore not be surprised by the reflection, and choose what you do in relation to the reflection.

There are two components of paying attention to what type of energy you are projecting. It is a matter of paying attention to what you are doing and what you are feeling in the moment. Not either of those exclusively. If you are only paying attention to what you are feeling you are likely to offer yourself misinformation. If you are only paying attention to what you are doing, once again, you are likely to offer yourself misinformation. It is only the combination of these two expressions that offers you accurate information in relation to what your energy is doing.

Now; there are also two aspects to what you are feeling. There is the what you are feeling now in this moment in relation to what you are doing physically. And what is the underlying feeling? What is the ongoing feeling that may be occurring? This is directly related to associations.

In my previous group interaction I explained that there is a difference between now-feelings and then-feelings. Then-feelings are the feelings that accompany associations. And with some then-feelings, some associations are different than other associations, which we discussed.

Within certain time frameworks of your physical lifetime, your physical focus, there is a period of time from birth through – not to, but through – adolescence. This time framework you generate associations and experiences differently than you do within the rest of your existence in one focus, for you have not yet developed attachments in those ages. In not having attachments yet, you are generating more from the perspective of genuine self. How many of you are familiar – all of you – with adolescents and how difficult they may be in your perceptions? And if you have not encountered other individuals as adolescents you know yourselves as adolescents, and all of the qualities that are ascribed to being an adolescent. And in that, you are within a point of your existence that you are developing and moving closer to adopting and developing attachments, but you have not yet. This is the reason that individuals within those years of existence are so volatile, that they express such intensity of feelings, but are desperately attempting to function and to behave as if they had attachments. They are moving close to them, but they have not developed them yet.

In all of those years of your existence your body consciousness mechanism to alert you to danger or threat is expressed in a manner that is more obvious and more intense, for it is the little snail without the shell. Therefore, any danger to the shell, to the snail without the shell, is perceived to be much more grave than with the shell. Those experiences, those memories, those associations are held differently in the body consciousness than other associations. They are held surfacely, therefore they are easily triggered. They are, in a manner of speaking – regardless of whether you objectively recall the associations or the experiences, it matters not – the memory is held in the body consciousness in a very surface manner which creates a vulnerability.

When you generate experiences in that time framework before you have developed attachments, you carry those associations with you. And they are very easily triggered. And they are triggered considerably, repeatedly, throughout your lifetime. And the one most significant manner in which they are triggered, for the most part the only manner in which they are triggered, is through one of your senses. Any of your senses. Your senses are continuously inputting information every minute of your existence, regardless of whether you are waking or sleeping, your senses are always inputting information. And that information triggers these surface memories. Once again, regardless of whether you recall objectively those memories or not, they are being triggered. In this, they influence you in how you create whatever you are creating in your reality. In this, this is that aspect of the formula, the two parts of what you feel. There is what you feel now in relation to what you are doing now, but also the inclusion of what you are feeling in relation to old associations that are very present.

Therefore, evaluating what type of energy you are projecting is a matter of paying attention to what you are doing outwardly and what you are doing inwardly. What you are doing inwardly is what you are feeling and what you are engaging, not necessarily what you are thinking. For in relation to feelings, thinking can be very distorted. Thinking is a translating mechanism. In translating it always seeks information to translate. If it has no new information it will seek out old information to translate and repeat it. Therefore, it may not be accurate in relation to what you are actually doing.

But the feelings are very real and they may not be overt or extreme. They may be very subtle, but they are present, and they exist. Paying attention to these feelings is an important part to evaluate what type of energy you are generating in the moment and therefore, what you are affecting in your reality, what you are creating.

Another factor in this, which is a part of expressing from genuine self, is the dropping of this expression of separation that you automatically express between what is outside of you and what is within you. There is no separation between what you project and what you reflect. Therefore, there is also no separation between what is outside of you and what you are doing inside of you. This is another significant change and can be very challenging for you are very accustomed to viewing whatever is outside of you as being outside of you and different and not the same as what is inside of you. And it is not different. It is merely the physical projection of what you are doing, what you are expressing, and whatever you directly engage in your reality, regardless of what it is. This room that you are presently occupying, for each one of you, before you stepped into this room you already projected energy to configure it and you personalized it. You placed your signature upon it. Therefore, it reflects precisely in every minute detail, to every thread in the rug, to every grain in the wood, to every aspect of the room, you personally configured in detail in creating that reflection of what you have projected.

Now; in like manner, surrounding this room that you occupy, that you have personally each created, there are many other structures, other buildings, other configurations of manifestations. You are aware of them. They exist. Whether you are paying attention to them or not, they exist. But in a manner of speaking, figuratively, they are somewhat of a blur. They exist, but they are periphery, for you are not personally engaging them. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to be entirely detailed. You may in your reality create the façade of a building and not necessarily project the detailed energy of what is included inside of the building. It exists in your reality, but it is not as detailed as what you are actually physically engaging.

But that physical manifestation, such as this room, was created before you even arrived. You already projected the energy whether you incorporate a thinking idea of its appearance, or not, it matters not. You so effectively and efficiently projected that energy to create the room, the building, in every minute detail, that when you enter it, it is all formed. And it matters not whether you are personally engaging an aspect of your reality in a physical location, or a picture, or a song. It matters not. You are personally engaging that in the moment, and therefore you have created its history. You have created its configuration. What, how it appears. What occurs with it. You have created all of it. There is no separation between what is outside of you and what is inside of you.

Yes, you interact with other individuals, and you are all interconnected, and you each generate your own choices, and you do not create other individuals’ realities, but you do create the image of every other individual within this room. You aren’t creating them, but you are creating your own image of them, your version of them. And yes, they are interacting with you. But you have projected, already, an energy to specifically include those specific particular individuals in your interaction in each moment rather than fifty other individuals. You have specifically drawn those particular individuals to be interacting with. You can choose between billions of individuals. You have chosen these, each one. You have projected an energy and attracted, or drawn like a magnet, those energies that match and those are the other individuals present. In all of their differences, in all of their expressions, in all of their different forms, they each match what you projected, and therefore they are present for you drew them.

There is not one aspect of your reality that you have not already projected before you even engage it. This is creation. This is how it operates. This is how it functions. This is what you do without even thinking. You do it automatically, easily. It is not difficult. Did you think to yourselves of every individual in this room and visualize every single form? No. Was it effort for you to create all of these different individuals? Was it an effort to construct the building? No. You merely did it. And I hear so very often how difficult it is to create my reality! (Laughter) You do it continuously with no thought and no effort. And how difficult it is to create what I want in my reality (with mock anguish). Use your own examples. How easy is it for you to create what you do not want? You create that very easily and very powerfully. At times you may even be miserable in relation to what you do not want that you created with no effort and no thinking. And you can create what you do want as easily and with as little thinking. It is merely a matter of being aware of what you are doing and paying attention to what you are expressing. That is the key.

Now; I will also express to you that another factor in creating your reality being expressed from genuine self, as it is not goal-oriented, a significant change is the recognition that all that you do is actually a choice. And one choice is not necessarily better than another choice if it accomplishes what you want to experience. It is your beliefs, your experiences, your associations that shape that idea of what is a better experience and what is not a better experience. What choice is a better choice to accomplish what you want, and what choice is not very good? In actuality, it matters not. A choice is a choice, and if it accomplishes what you want, it matters not. It is your guidelines that decide whether it is good or bad.

I’m not advocating anarchy (Laughter), but I am expressing a point that expressing from the genuine self, many of those lines of rigidness, what you consider to be better or worse, are very blurred for you are not operating from that perspective. You are not concerning yourself with what is right, or what is wrong, or what I should or should not. Those are goal-oriented. You are concerning yourself more with who am I and what do I want to express? And how do I want to express in any capacity? What is interesting to me? What is my curiosity? What do I want to explore?

And in that, exploration is generally not a consideration of whether it is right or wrong. It is an exploration. You are discovering. How can you evaluate what is right or wrong if you do not know what it is? If you are discovering it you have not generated an association yet. What is an association? That evaluation of an experience that includes a judgment of good or bad. Is this experience good or is this experience bad? Is it comfortable or uncomfortable? That is an association. You do not have an association for what you have not experienced. It is new. It is a discovery. This is the perspective of genuine self. The newness even within what is known. It is always an expansion. It is the new.

In that, this aspect of this present wave – creation and the universe – you are the universe and you are continuously creating. And you shall be creating very differently very soon. You are stepping your toes into your ocean, embarking upon the new journey to traverse the ocean. But all you have engaged thus far are your toes and you have an immense, vast expanse in front of you to explore. And in that exploration it is important to know what you are setting into. What is the new adventure? And the new adventure is expressing creation and how you develop your universe. What will it be? How will it be configured? How will it be expressed? What new stars will you discover? What new nebulas? And what new expressions in interaction with each other in recognition of your interconnectedness, which becomes not a threat any longer, but an expression to be embraced and appreciated for it is support. For the more you embrace that interconnectedness the more you bring to you supportiveness and you are not alone.” [session 3074, October 22, 2011]

Note: this is the second of two parts on belief systems. Go to belief systems; an overview, pt. 1.

End Notes:

(20) Paul’s note: Elias uses the metaphor of a cat playing with a dead mouse to represent our endless fascination with creating and experiencing conflict, fear, and trauma.

ELIAS: “Within our early sessions, I expressed examples of individuals and experiences. If you are experiencing joyfulness, happiness, a gift, you are receiving of this, you are experiencing this, and you allow this to fly away. You do not hold to it. Therefore, you view happiness or joyfulness as fleeting, for you merely view it for what it is – an experience – and you allow this experience to fly away. You do not hold to this experience. But if you are creating of what you believe to be a negative experience – a painful, a fearful, a hurtful experience – you hold to this. You play your game of your cat and mouse; and even as the mouse is dead, you continue to bat with the mouse and play and examine and toss about this dead mouse, for it fascinates you!

Within essence non-physically, you do not hold negative. There is no positive/negative, right/wrong, good/evil. You merely are. You merely experience these elements for you hold belief systems that suggest these elements to you and influence your emotional state FOR the experience. Within your logic, express to me: Is it not logical that you would CHOOSE to be exploring elements that ARE unfamiliar to you, that you would choose to bat the dead mouse for it is unfamiliar? This be why you hold a fascination with these elements, and they attain your attention, and you pay much more attention to them than you do to joyfulness. Although joyfulness is not an element of non-physical focus either, within your belief systems it is closer to familiarity than fearfulness.” [session 253, December 28, 1997]

(21) Vic’s note: I have changed “their” to “your” in the following sentence, as indicated by [your]:

“In their [your] experiences, you may also, in like manner to many individuals, move in the direction of attempting to be accepting of OTHER individuals and their behaviors, and in this action, if you are not viewing the aspects of the belief system that YOU hold, you are defeating the point!”

(22) Paul’s note: the clarity exercise is a tool that sharpens the physical senses by enhancing our ability to concentrate, observe, and focus in the present moment. While fine-tuning the five physical senses, its purpose is also to maintain the clarity of focus in altered states and projections of consciousness.

ELIAS: “The point of the exercise in clarity is to be allowing you the opportunity to be manipulating outer senses, which may also offer you more of an understanding of how to be manipulating inner senses more efficiently and to be using your inner senses in conjunction with each other as you use your outer senses in conjunction with each other, but you do not allow yourselves to be efficiently manipulating your OUTER senses, which you are quite familiar with!

Therefore, I have offered that particular exercise that you may become more familiar with manipulating these senses that you hold familiarity with, and in this you may offer yourself the opportunity to more efficiently manipulate your inner senses, which shall be offering you more information within consciousness, and also, it shall be helpful to you in manipulating energy within the action of this shift.” [session 336, October 27, 1998]

Exercises: find out more about the clarity exercise.

(23) Vic’s note: Elias pronounced vice versa as vice ver-say’, which I don’t think he has ever done before.

(24) Vic’s note: Thanks for going back to this subject, Jim. There are many folks, myself included, that have questions in this area, and wonder about how to deal with these types of beliefs.

(25) Vic’s note: This is what I observed on the videotape: Right after saying the words ‘in this,’ Elias lifted his clasped hands and set them back down, apparently hitting the speaker phone in his lap. At this point, he paused, stared at the phone, and then continued.

When the phone rang, Elias just sat there for about five seconds, and then it was another twenty seconds before Mary ‘returned.’ This was different from most ‘pop-outs,’ as this usually only takes a second or two. Mary appeared confused, and then picked up the phone and said ‘Hello?’ At this point, she realized the answering machine was in operation, as James was calling back. So, she pushed a button on the answering machine, had a short discussion with James, and then the session resumes at 1:10 PM. Elias arrives in five seconds.

(26) Paul’s note: Elias refers here to the noticing non-acceptance exercise that he originally presented to Letty on June 28, 1997.

Exercises: find out more about the noticing non-acceptance exercise.

(27) Paul’s note: Mary only holds 4-5 group sessions per year at this point in the overall sessions (January, 2003). So Elias refers here to session 1167, October 26, 2002 held earlier in Fresno, CA.

So there have been eighty-five private sessions in-between the two group sessions, and yet Elias maintains a sense of group continuity, since many people in this session (Castaic, CA) were also present at the Fresno session, but have no access to the intervening private sessions that have yet to be published.

(28) Bobbi’s note: Originally expressed as: “That you express that to yourself in association with your communication to yourself, then you translate that thought process, what is occurring is you are offering yourself a communication, and your thought process is translating that communication that you express to yourself in the questioning of the time.”

(29) Paul’s note: the following are the ten primary belief systems (memes) according to Elias. He adds that there are many, many, many aspects within each belief system. However, they are not discrete, separated parts, but primary aspects (holons) that work together seamlessly within objective and subjective awareness. They also overlap. For example, aspects of the belief system of duplicity are present, in varying degrees, in each of the other nine (originally presented in session 364, February 24, 1999):

> relationships
> duplicity
> sexuality
> truth
> emotion
> perception
> the senses (physical senses/inner senses)
> religious (spirituality)
> scientific (elements of physical reality)
> physical creation of the universe (including accidents and coincidences)

Digests: find out more about belief systems; an overview.

Together, these primary belief systems form a worldview typology that we can track over the course of a lifetime. From the body “level” we can track them through the stages of infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Combined with the mental “level,” we can also track them through various preconventional, conventional, postconventional, and wider stages.

Examples of existing typologies include the Myers-Briggs and the Enneagram. In our integral conscious creation model, they are systemic snapshots of overall traits within the collective body/mind in relation to individual body/minds through time.

According to Elias, the ten belief systems are inherent within the “blueprints” of our dimension (what Wilber calls “involutionary givens”). Every focus personality participating in a simultaneous cycle of manifestation translates this typology in an intentional, cultural, social, and behavioral context. Thus, the pattern of evolution is unique to every individual though measurable to some degree.

Moreover, these typologies are never set in stone – they are latent potentialities that evolve in Framework 1 terms. Their counterparts – blueprints, Source Events, and other “involutionary givens” – are also dynamic aspects of Frameworks 2, 3, 4. Together, they provide more complete snapshots in any given moment point as we explore science, art, and morals in body, mind, and spirit.

Other typologies introduced by Elias to date include:

> Essence family belonging to – aligning with
> Orientations (common, intermediate, soft)
> Beginning (initiating) – continuing (remanifesting) – final focus
> Thought – emotional – religious – political-focus

(30) Paul’s note: notice how Elias continually reinforces the idea of the simultaneous perspective of subjective awareness whenever I articulate things in too linear or objective a fashion. So even though I incorporate various psychological stage models that are readily apparent from decades of research, Elias reminds us that since all belief systems already exist in the blueprints (as “involutionary givens”) before we’re born, they can’t possibly evolve in terms of developmental stages.

However, he concedes that our preferences or expressed preferred beliefs do change-in-time. So that is all we’re mapping with our stage models. This serves as a reminder that it’s important to include subjective and intersubjective perspectives in our theories, models, and storylines. Otherwise, we map only the tips of the icebergs and reduce all submerged aspects to tip status. The result is a woefully incomplete map!

(31) Paul’s note: Elias has stated that the shift in consciousness with be complete by the third quarter mark of the twenty-first century.

“This shift in consciousness began at the turn of this present [twentieth] century and has been building throughout this century. You approach your new [twenty-first] century and the beginning of your new millennium, and within this coming century, approximately within its three-quarter mark, this shift in consciousness shall be accomplished in its fullness, and your reality shall be very different than what you view presently. ALL of your reality shall be different.” [session 284, May 30, 1998]

Digests: find out more about the shift in consciousness.

(32) Paul’s note: developmental psychologists use the basic stages of preconventional, conventional, and postconventional as a general way to describe various mental abilities that develop in concert with body stages (e.g., morals, cognition, emotions, sexual, self-needs, self-identity, logical-mathematic, linguistic, musical, etc. through infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood).

However, every focus personality begins at stage 1, or preconventional during infancy. So even after the completion of the shift in consciousness, all children will still be born at the preconventional stage 1 and develop from there.

What’s significant is that Elias hints that the preconventional stages themselves will morph and accelerate into conventional, postconventional, post-postconventional, and so on (since there is no set end point to this overall unfolding-in-time). Therefore, none of these general stages are ever set in stone, but are subject to the continual dynamics of evolution (Framework 1) and involution (Frameworks 2,3,4).

Based upon what Elias says here, we should be able to monitor the unfolding of the shift in consciousness during the next eighty to one hundred years. In other words if what Elias says is true, then we should be able to systemically track on a global scale the rates of change in sample populations using continually refined integral methodologies.

For more info on preconventional, conventional, and postconventional stages of development see session 1246, January 16, 2003, endnote 17.

(33) Bobbi’s note: originally expressed as “Therefore, you examine what it is that motivates you to seek the value of other individuals in yourself through the action of excelling to excellence.”

(34) Paul’s note: Elias refers to session 1167, Saturday, October 26, 2002.

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Note: this is the second of two parts on belief systems. Go to belief systems; an overview, pt. 1.

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